American education dept., university confirm Stella Oduah’s honorary Ph.D is fake

Stella Oduah

The American National Centre for Education Statistics has told PREMIUM TIMES that the Pacific Christian University, Glendale, which Aviation Minister, Stella Oduah, claimed awarded her a doctorate degree, does not exist, confirming this newspaper’s Wednesday’s report that the minister’s purported honorary Ph.D is fake.

The National Centre for Education Statistics is an agency under the U.S. Department of Education.

Responding to a PREMIUM TIMES’ inquiry, the spokesperson for the agency, which maintains a comprehensive and up-to-date database of all American public and private educational institutions, said, “Thank you for your inquiry. I do not see a university in our database that is Pacific Christian University in Glendale”.

She however suggested that the closest to Pacific Christian University in the database might be Hope International University in Fullerton which she believed used to be known as Pacific Christian College.

Contacted,  Every Delarosa of the registrar’s office at Hope International University confirmed that the institution used to be known as Pacific Christian College and not Pacific Christian University as Mrs. Oduah indicated in her resume.

Even at that, Ms. Delarosa insisted Mrs. Oduah could not be referring to Hope University because the institution changed its name from Pacific Christian College in 1997 while Mrs Oduah claimed she was awarded a doctorate in Business Administration 1998.

The Hope University official also explained that the institution, even when it was known as Pacific Christian College, had never had a campus in Glendale. She said the university was based in Long Beach city at the time.

“We do not have any records of any candidate by the name Stella Oduah or related names,” Ms. Delarosa said, after pouring through the university record. “Whether now that we are Hope University and in the past when we were Pacific Christian College, we did not give any such person a degree here.”

This newspaper had Wednesday reported that the aviation minister lied on oath to the Nigerian Senate, by claiming that a Pacific Christian University awarded her an honorary doctorate degree in 1998.

Mrs. Oduah had made the claim in a 7-page resume she distributed to Nigeria’s 109 senators during her confirmation hearing on July 2, 2011.

On page four of the document, the minister claimed the university, which she said was based in Glendale, awarded her an honorary doctorate in Business Administration.

Download the resume Minister Stella Oduah submitted to the senate here.

It was based on this document that she was grilled and eventually confirmed by the lawmakers.

But investigations by PREMIUM TIMES had determined Wednesday that no university called Pacific Christian University existed in the United States.

The U.S. Department of Education, through its National Centre for Education Statistics, keeps an up-to-date database of all public libraries and educational institutions in the country – public, private  and colleges.

PREMIUM TIMES reporters spent hours on Wednesday searching this database.

Our reporters searched by state (California), city (Glendale) and name of institution (Pacific Christian University). Yet, nothing came up in the name of the university Mrs. Oduah claimed gave her an honorary doctorate.

According to the database, there are six colleges (universities) in Glendale,  a city of 191,719 inhabitants in Los Angeles County, in the state of California.

The colleges are American Medical Sciences Centre, Brand College, Glendale Career College, Glendale Community and North-West College.

There is no such university known as Christian Pacific College as claimed by the minister.

Efforts by PREMIUM TIMES to get the spokespersons for the minister to comment for this story were unsuccessful.

Joe Obi, her special assistant on media, did not answer or return calls.

Yakubu Datti, the spokesperson of the aviation agencies, who usually speak for her, answered our call but immediately said he would call back. He is yet to do so as at the time of publishing this.

Mrs. Oduah, and her associates have been cleaning up the minister’s biographies on the Internet, following allegations that she lied about her academic qualifications.

The minister claimed she got Bachelor and Masters degrees from St. Paul’s College.

But after it became clear she might not have earned a Masters from that university, Mrs. Oduah edited her biography on the website of the Ministry of Aviation, with references to St. Paul’s College removed.

The Wikipedia page of the minister was also edited and it now has no reference to the university Mrs. Oduah attended. The last edit on the Wikipedia page was done at 14:41 p.m. Nigerian time Tuesday.

All links and reference materials on the Wikipedia page capable of linking the minister to the university were also deleted.

Even the minister’s personal website  was reviewed to remove any reference to St. Paul’s College.

Mrs. Oduah had since October been enmeshed in a a N255million armoured cars scandal in which she was accused of compelling an agency under her supervision, the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA, to buy her two exotic bullet cars at clearly inflated prices.

The purchase of the cars generated outrage for weeks because its cost was inflated, and it was neither listed in the government-approved budget nor did it comply with the Nigeria’s public procurement law.

The House of Representatives has since asked President Goodluck Jonathan to sack the minister but the president has failed to act.


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  • Owo

    This woman is morally irretrievably bankrupt.

    • sam

      this woman went do RUNs in the US and came back with fake masters and doctorate. this is a shame.

  • Ken

    First, Premium Times claimed that her MBA was fake. When her official CV did not show that Stella claimed to have an MBA, Premium Times then shifted attention to her Honorary Doctorate without first apologising for the earlier FAKE report about the MBA. JUNK journalism at its worst!

    • Tomisin

      Are you reading newspaper at all, this woman deleted and readjusted her CV yesterday let her comes out and defend herself or take them to the court but not you that knows nothing about what is going on

      • frank

        Deleted and readjusted? How can you readjust what you deleted?. Are you confuse or you have ran out of what to say? Please explain further because this premium times is seriously seeking for attention and lacks content in it reports. 80% of what is published in premium times is FAKE!. The remaining 20% is copied from other newspapers. God help save us from sycophants like premium times.

    • ben

      Ken, Premium times reported that “Dr.” Stella Oduah said on the ministry of aviation website that she has an MBA from St Paul College. Premiumtimes went to ST Paul College and St Paul college said they did not award “Dr.” Oduah MBA because they do not run graduate programs. Again, “Dr” said in her CV to senate that a university in California awarded her a honorary doctorate in Business administration. Premiumtimes went to the american dept of education, the equivalent of our ministry of education to confirm and the dept of education said no university called Pacific Christian University existed in Glendale where “Dr.” Oduah cited. I understand based on our different values if you based on your value say that a news medium should not publish truth. But I do not understand if you say what is obviously true is not true when the Americans who own their universities confirmed everything Premumtimes reported. Is it clear now ken?

    • Lydia

      How much is the price of a moral person in the enclave that produces scums like “Ken” and “Oleku? Obviously not more than spittle!

      • Oleku

        Shut up you dunce–we won’t fold our arms and watch mugs like you maligned my sister–for being Igbo–in naija being an Igbo is a crime–except you’re a wazo–what we’re saying is for mugs like you to focus on the transformation going on our aiports not to attack someone for not having a Ph.d. Degrees don’t perform people do–we Igbos are not slaves in naija–best thing is to split–let’s go our separate ways-biko.

        • senatorojd

          O shut your mouth. So if there’s transformation ongoing at the airport we should turn a blind eye to the issues raised as regards her credentials? If you got to discover the doctor to carry out a brain surgery on you forged his/her certificate, would you still allow the process to continue? This has nothing to do with tribe, this is a moral issue so stay on it.

        • DIKE

          Thunder fire ur mouth Oleku…WERAY!!!

  • Oleku

    Brown envelope journalism at it best. Premium Times can keep reporting falsehood for all we care–we still maintain that Stella Oduah is going no where–keep peddling falsehood for Tinubu’s delightment–who cares. Nonsense.

  • Abiodun Erediuwa

    Running helter skelter, from MBA to PHD , neither all the lies and junk reporting of Sahara Reporters and Premium Times combined, nor all the stolen money of all the thieves in APC from TINUBU to ELRUFAI can stop GOODLUCK Jonathan from another four years as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria , you people are wasting your time , you cannot blackmail a good man who is working hard and successfully for the country , he is far stronger and smarter than your small brains combined.

    • dada

      Abiodun, there is nothing wrong in your campaign for President Goodluck Jonathan . But what you need to show is that the reports that Princess Stella Oduah is involved in deception about her certificates is false. You have not shown that. This is the issue. Can you show this please or keep quiet?

    • Oloyede

      May the lives of your children be run the way Jonathan and Oduah are running Nigeria.

      • Oweja

        I beg, Oloyede, no dey curse Erediuwa’s children again. They are innocent! The man just make me laugh when he said that Jonathan dey ‘far stronger and smarter than [several] brains combined’. Na im wey I con dey wonder say if na so, how ordinary Amaechi con dey givam dis kain gbege! Nna, na lie, taah! Jonathan no dey smart enithing!

      • lakande1

        Amin o

    • informant

      use your common sense and do a little research yourself they have tried by providing the leave is left for you to verify it as true of false. Why is she editing her online profile, her Wikipedia profile was modified 9 January 2014 at 16:03. as stated in the allegation. You can use Google to compare an old site with the new one.

    • DIKE

      WERAY!!! Omo iya Aje…

  • Akaraogun

    I am curious to know what governmental agency was responsible for vetting the resume submitted to the congress before confirmation. Maybe the congress does not have a process for CV inspection to ensure that the assertions therein are genuine. More or less, if this allegation about blatant fraudulent claims of schooling are true, then Bottom Power is probably what got her into NNPC and her current position. Nigeria is a joke. I cry for my country!!!


  • frank

    premium times I sincerely believe that you guys are doing everything possible to create havoc where one is not needed. Is it only about Stella’s resume you can talk about?. Cant you report about achievements, revolutions and improvements going on in the aviation sector?. Cant you publish recommendations on what should be done to improve the aviation sector. This government belongs to all of us not just GOODLUCK JONATHAN and his cabinet. Lets all join hands in unity and support our leaders for the good of our dear nation Nigeria. Focus on the job they are doing and not there personalities. Premium times is just media not FBI, CIA or SSS that dig up peoples past.

  • Gideon Orkar

    What does Tinubu think of all this wahala?

    • Oleku

      Tinubu is having a swell time at the bourdillon quarters–SaharaReporters ati Premium Times are doing his bidding–free press is dead in naija.

      • Dr Who

        Oleku has been unmasked! He is D for r Deri (and Dumbo raised to power 2). Blind tribalistic bigot. Don’t worry. Reuben and Reno would increase your allowance and buy you another laptop. Afterall it’s all about the stomach…

    • blogNaija

      toronto or what did they call that reigning college?
      what about the PhD thesis of GEJ- surely he doesn’t give a damn!

  • Oleku

    The Yoruba does not see anything good in a non Yoruba–Awo betrayed Ojukwu after he released him from prison–today same script is being playing out by the Yoruba–there are over 50 top cabinet members in GEJ’s cabinet but what we can see is a clear case of ethnic profiling by the Yoruba media–everyday what we read on these APC media are names like Diezani Madueke, N.Iweala, Stella whilst them wazos name never comes up–bad belle journalism at play–Ayatollah Tinubu must be having a bombalistic owambe at the bourdillon quarters–popping moet for all–Stella only offence is that her face is too igboish for genocidal wazos–over 3million Igbos were murdered in cold blood to keep niaja one in the 60’s but today we’re seeing a new dimension of genocides–this time is to close down Igbos places of business, deports them at the wee hours of the night and attack illustrious Igbos–why not let us go with our Biafra-this way there won’t be any Stella to pay the price of Yoruba avowed treacherous hatred on Igbos. Cheers.

    • informant

      Lies, more like Yoruba’s are critics, Ganni criticized Tinunbu, and Yoruba’s generally does not support Obansanjo. So Yoruba’s criticize anybody from any where no prejudice unlike our indigo brothers

    • Rico

      When people like Oleku are short of reasonable points, they tend resort to ethnic card and stupid out of sense propaganda.

    • Rico

      Your propaganda makes little sense and you are short of reasonable points, hence your resort into ethnic card.

    • Ireti Fatomilola

      oleku, you can use your mouth anyhow. But do not verge into history that you do not know. Please READ before you TALK. Ojukwu DID NOT release Awolowo from prison. You have rights to opinions but YOU DO NOT HAVE RIGHTS TO MANIPULATE FACTS. And nobody does including me. Second, PLEASE PRESENT TO READERS THE WRITTEN AGREEMENT BETWEEN AWOLOWO AND OJUKWU THAT SHOWS BETRAYAL. I know the strategy is to divert from the fraud and deception of Princess, Mrs. “Prof” Stella Oduah so I will not go into an details beyond asking you to SHUT your mouth if you have not read enough to start rubbing your mouth anyhow. So, please deal with “Prof” Stella Oduah’s certificate issues. From all your posts here, in Punch, Sahara and other online news media, you are just not competent to deal with facts in serious Nigerian history. So just do your yahoo yahoo boys talk talk chit chat on “Prof.” Stella Oduah and rest there. You hear?

    • Comfortkay

      Ndigbo you all have problem, mind you in almost every Yoruba State there is Oil

      • Tonnero

        Even if there is no oil, it does not matter. Societies that promote the wrong values end up in the dustbin of history even if they were once powerful. Those that promote the right values thrive and rise. 90% of Igbos on this forum are promoting the wrong values.

    • Tonnero

      You should be ashamed of yourself. People like you have no business in a modern society that focuses on the greatest good for the greatest number and holds leaders accountable for honesty, integrity and delivering on their promises to the people. These are clearly values that are alien to you. Unfortunately, there are too many like you in Igboland for whom ones place of origin is more important than the content of their character. Let me restate it for all of you in simple language – a liar and thief does not become a saint because of where they are from. And such people have no business in public office.

  • Lincon

    A typical igbo woman!

  • Timi

    Maybe we should even verify the credential documents of all our serving leaders in this country

    • Aisha Mahmud

      True talk

  • Afam

    Una no dey tire? 2 days ago was fake MBA which turns to be false you guys then shifted to PHD …How many pastors and prophets who have Dr to their names have you guys investigated?..Can you guys tell Nigerians about APC chieftain own the jagaban of lagos certificate forgery?

    • Yahuza Sani Sagagi

      It’s for you to take the trouble of going to Chicago to find that out.

    • Yahuza Sani Sagagi

      It’s for you to take the trouble of going to Chicago to find that out.

    • Alexitoto

      Afam, without joining the band wagon on whether her academic qualifications are genuinely obtained or not, I’d like to point out to you that where people are necessarily concerned is on those whose wages and emoluments are catered for by the Nigerian State, in other words, Tax Payers Money. People can name themselves whatever they like to sell their private biz and personalities. I do refer to the pastors as business men as far as Nigeria is concerned.

  • frank

    Premium times please publish the credentials of Nuhu Ribadu and that of all the ministers that served under obasanjo

    • Obi

      Er. Is that really the point? Even if they were all fake we’re dealing with a SERVING Minister. Are you suggesting that we should never fix this issue? If she’s lied about Masters and Doctorate degrees, am willing to bet huge cash that even the BSc is fake as well.

      • frank

        Yes of course am of the opinion that this matter should be resolved once and for all in order to avoid future occurrence. You should attack the Nigerian senate for approving her nomination without doing back ground checks on her. Anybody can cook up fake certificate its left for the people or place it is been presented to dictate it. Stop attacking the person of stella odua. Instead attack her policies. I seriously think in this case that the Nigerian senate lacks credibility Not stella Odua. Do not be surprised that they know about this certificate forgery but was bribed to keep mute on it. The blame should go to the senate and measures should be taken to make sure it doesn’t happen again

  • Abiodun Giwa

    If Nigeria is a country, where probity is a watchword, Stella Oduah should have resigned from office by now to save President Goodluck Jonathan administration from negative attention. But in Nigeria, public officers don’t resign. This does not mean that the media houses that are making so much noise over her academic qualifications have got their acts right. No document has been presented to show an act of forgery. Yes, she mentioned in a citation that she stayed back to do a Master degree, but she did not say she did the Master at St. Paul’s. That we are now saying she may have done the Master at St. Paul’s is only an inference. It was said that she claimed a Master in a Resume to the House of Representatives,but instead of getting hold of the copy linked to the house, another Resume to the senate surfaced, and in that Resume no where there that a Master degree was mentioned. Now, we are confronted with another issue about a honorary degree, forgetting there are many unaccredited schools that mushroom around world offering honorary degrees and closes shop as soon the money the main reason for the honorary award has been collected. As journalists, there is a need to be more circumspect in rushing to report when investigations have not been concluded.. If investigations were concluded before this publication, there will be no need seeking a straw to hold and running around to confirm if she indeed has a Bachelor from St. Paul’s or not, after the main publication. The truth, the only defense in libel has not been established in this case of forgery in which suspicion has become an instrument of confirmation and senseless argument becomes an order.

    • sam

      na RUNs this woman go do for US and came back to nigeria with fake masters and doctorate.that is not correct that is not correct.

      • Abiodun Giwa

        Yusuf, permit to say one two things about your view. When you travel abroad to struggle for your future, it involves earning income and at same time going to school. There times you go to school you don’t finish due to one reason or another. Based on my experience abroad, I cannot fault Oduah for saying she stayed back for her master’s degree but inconclusive whether it was at St. Paul’s or another school. She may stayed back with the hope of getting it but unsuccessful in her bid. There are millions of people who tried to get the Master, but the moment your GPA dropped below 3.0, you ended it. This is apart from mushroom institution that will award honorary degree and close up soon after. As journalists, we hold the public accountable, we also should hold ourselves accountable. It is all about probity. No one should be above questioning. In this matter now, not only Oduah is questionable, the approach employed by the investigating media houses is also questionable. Where is the doctored document to prove forgery here? Are we right to employ speculative as a prove of the truth? Oduah has been allowed a breather by the manner of the investigation and it is why you hear endless argument over the issue. I have done my own analysis on the matter in ( Oduah is certainly not an angel and no one is. The only safe valve the media house has to safe their faces is to get St. Paul’s to deny her Bachelor. As the matter stands, the publications have merely created a state of confusion and a need to investigate Oduah further. They have not hold her on the wrist. Get us the Resume said to have been presented to the House of Representative and the matter will close.

      • Babalaje

        The computer was asked to give the percentage of “ready to steal if there’s opportunity “Nigerians
        The answer was 99.9%.. The whole of the society needs to change -including the rulers nd the ruled. Until then

        • Salahu Hamza Mohammed

          the computer must have contacted a virus! there are many good Nigerians but not accessible to the power circle.

    • Angryman

      I agree with you except on resignation
      Why should she resign if she has not done anything wrong
      If she does, it will become the strategy of the opposition
      Some people believe she is being targeted because of the toes she stepped on while reforming the Aviation sector
      Like you, what I am interested in is the forged certificate – where is it?

  • arise_9ja

    When the debate is lost slander becomes the tool of APC. Before Stella Oduah I hardly knew minister of aviation exists apart from FFK who was being investigated for looted funds. Go and die….

    • Rico

      Why blame everyone else but her, is it by force to be a minister with a PhD? It is not a requirement that a minister must have PhD. yes FFK is being investigated, but that’s all we hear from Ethnic card players like you and many others, instead of helping promote morality in the society, you give excuses to justify impunity, if FFK is wrong, does that make Stella right? you should be concerned about your future and stop supporting impunity.

      • frank

        please is FFK looting of public fund Morality??. Where do you really stand? Cant you see that some forces are doing everything possible to tarnish and bring down this woman called stella odua and by extension this democratically elected government?. We shouldn’t even care if she even passed through primary school our main concern should be how she does her work at the aviation sector, if she is really performing or not and the policies that are been made..These should be our worry.

        • Rico

          I bet you can understand my comment above above, FFK is being investigated, he is already on trial, does that make what Stella and others did right? simple advise – If you don’t want to be roughed up, don’t go into politics or hobnob around politicians, it is not for the simple people and not for those with too much skeletons in their cupboard, otherwise you better start making good friendship with your enemies, even with that the masses will wake up one day, there is always the good, the bad and the ugly sides in politics, there are no permanent friends, the only permanent thing they all have in common is called ‘Interests’ and God knows what their interests are.
          As far as i am concerned, even you (frank) can do the Job she is doing, but getting to that level might be your problem, but lying your way in through fake certification (God forgive me) should not be an option.

          • Rico

            Honestly, who are those no good doers in the Senate that failed to identify this in the first place? they should also be investigated, the idle money eating good for nothing lawmakers.

  • Yusuf

    Nigeria is a state without focus, as some will say it is a failed state! If not so, how on earth will these quantum of accusations and counter accusations go unverified. May the Almighty continue to be our guard and guide.

  • Ibrahim Agigi

    Well,what do you expect?Genuine academic credentials?You forgot haah!

  • efe

    she’s a fraudster. retired Igbo ashwo. American PHD in international ashawo business

  • Ernie

    Sin is a sinkers. What would it have cost her to be truthful and live a life devoid of shame and worldly compition? None the less since 2011 is this when the college itself in America is finding out? Just because she’s caught in this Web of armoured car thing or may have fallen out of some power Lords good books. Where were our senators looking? Couldn’t there have been a body responsible for resume checking after the Toronto issue? God help Nigeria my mother land. Surely we would get there. Long live FRN! Nigeria will Survive!

  • Ernie

    Again, I just took out some time to read comments made by everyone. It’s sad to say that we’re blinded to the fact that these politicians are all friends. You all come here and wash yourselves with stinking insults. I have waited to see a Nigeria where youths could come to a forum as this with such crises at hand, discussed like people who are indeed schooled and acquired certificates that aren’t fogged too. The way most of you spoke (not to mention names) shows that if you find your way to where stella is tomorrow, you would all do Worse! Can’t discussion go without abuses? Can’t you speak without tribal sentiments? I weep for a Nigeria where her young are living without love for themselves. If this forum comes up with an agreed voice and do a letter to the National assembly after getting facts, and expressing disappointment on how we are being shabbily represented and gotten more support from well meaning Nigerian to stand against these mean people coming back to represent themselves and their families rather than represent us. When would money politics become history in Nigeria? These people have all failed us. Can’t we press for a new day without violence? Is there anything impossible with God? This abuses shows simple that Nigerians in every quarter are fed up. If just 47 out of almost 200m people are this agitated, then God help Nigeria from today to may 29th 2015. I rest my Case! I love you all

    • Ime Udo-Obong

      Certain individuals “collected” money to screen her through..She is the one in PUBLIC eye
      and in a public office. Nigeria and particular politics in Nigeria is so
      corrupt that certain people think that money would “sweep problems”
      under the carpet.. This MUST stop and we have to start somewhere or our
      children unborn will not “enjoy” the only country we call our own..Those
      who collected money will get their own judgement but NOT in public
      eye…Stella Oduah may only be disgraced if genuine investigations are
      done and she is found “wanting” out of office but she would end up a
      VERY rich woman and her family..but the real people and problem would
      persist if we all do not continue this “movement”.., .

  • Benson, Switzerland

    You guys are doing a great job. May Mother Nigeria reward you accordingly. The truth is that with today’s technology almost everything could be unearthed within seconds – and from the comfort of everyone’s PC/laptop/smartphone/ipad or whatever. It’s also true that no one ever knew 10 or 20 years ago that technology would bring us this far. And that’s why those “evils” were perpetrated in those days.

    Having said that, the saddest part of the whole issue is that knowingly or unknowingly, (and I think the former) our President’s silence means consent to all the forgery allegations going around. The longer Mr. President keeps quiet, the more he tells our youths that in Nigeria the end justifies the means. Is anyone still asking why there are so much crime in the land?

  • Adewunmi Emmanuel Alaba

    Her copy of CV that I download here ,Her Master and PHD was not mention .She only used PHD in front of her name.I didn’t see where Pacific Christian University was mention under her educational background.

  • Adewunmi Emmanuel Alaba

    Pacific Christian University ,Master degree and PHD was not mention in her CV download on your site . She only use PHD in front of her name .

  • Emeka Emedom

    Most of us here don’t know anything about politics and we don’t want to know … By right sense of judgment , she is not the one to be sacked if actually the certificates are fake ,,,there people who went through her profiles and resume before the position , appointment and job was given to her …the simple and basic logic there is that those people who screened her don’t know their job too and are not qualified and educated enough to know the right thing to do asuch deserve to loose their jobs too ….She only showed up interest and submitted her resume just as every other once are doing …the people that did the screening are the once making mistake here …..THAT IS MY JUDGMENT…..

    • Ime Udo-Obong

      You are right BUT they “collected” money to screen her through..She is the one in PUBLIC eye and in a public office. Nigeria and particular politics in Nigeria is so corrupt that certain people think that money would “sweep problems” under the carpet.. This MUST stop and we have to start somewhere or our children unborn will not “enjoy” the only country we call our own..Those who collected money will get their own judgement but NOT in public eye…Stella Oduah may only be disgraced if genuine investigations are done and she is found “wanting” out of office but she would end up a VERY rich woman and her family..but the real people and problem would persist if we all do not continue this “movement”.., .