Aviation Minister, Stella Oduah in fresh fake doctorate degree scandal

Stella Oduah

Twenty-four hours after her claim to have acquired a Masters degree from the  St. Paul’s College in the United States was punctured, PREMIUM TIMES has uncovered another false claim by our embattled Minister of Aviation, Stella Oduah.

This time, the minister lied on oath to the Nigerian Senate, claiming another American ‘university’, Pacific Christian University awarded her an honorary doctorate degree in 1998.

Mrs. Oduah made the claim in a 7-page resume she distributed to Nigeria’s 109 senators during her confirmation hearing on July 2, 2011.

On page four of the document, the minister claimed the university, which she said was based in Glendale, awarded her an honorary doctorate in Business Administration.

Download the resume Minister Stella Oduah submitted to the senate here.

It was based on this document that she was grilled and eventually confirmed by the lawmakers.

But investigations by PREMIUM TIMES suggest that no university called Pacific Christian University exists in the United States.

The U.S. Department of Education, through its National Centre for Education Statistics, keeps an up-to-date database of all public libraries and educational institutions in the country – public, private  and colleges.

PREMIUM TIMES reporters spent hours on Wednesday searching this database.

Our reporters searched by state (California), city (Glendale) and name of institution (Pacific Christian University). Yet, nothing came up in the name of the university Mrs. Oduah claimed gave her an honorary doctorate.

According to the database, there are six colleges (universities) in Glendale,  a city of 191,719 inhabitants in Los Angeles County, in the state of California.

The colleges are American Medical Sciences Centre, Brand College, Glendale Career College, Glendale Community and North-West College.

There is no such university known as Christian Pacific College as claimed by the minister.

The spokesperson for the National Centre for Educational Statistics, Susan Ad, could however not be reached for comments.

She is yet to return calls and reply an email sent to her by this newspaper.

The spokespersons for the minister appear unwilling to comment for this story.

Efforts by PREMIUM TIMES to get them to react to this new revelation were unsuccessful.

Joe Obi, her special assistant on media, did not answer or return calls.

Yakubu Datti, the spokesperson of the aviation agencies, who usually speak for her, answered our call but immediately said he would call back. He is yet to do so as at the time of publishing this.

Meanwhile, in the same resume she submitted to the Senate, Mrs. Oduah did not indicate that she got a Masters from St. Paul, raising questions on why she made that claim in her official citations and profiles posted on the Ministry of Aviation website, her personal website and her Wikipedia page.

She only claimed in the document to the Senate that she obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from St. Paul’s College in 1982, a claim that PREMIUM TIMES is investigating.

The spokesperson for the Nigerian senate, Enyinnaya Abaribe, tried Tuesday to extricate the senate from blame as Nigerians criticize the lawmakers for conducting a sham screening exercise that allowed Mrs. Oduah to get away with lies and deceits.

Mr. Abaribe said the lawmakers depend largely on the nation’s security agencies to help them investigate claims by appointees of the president.

He said in conducting screening exercises, the senate relies largely on reports forwarded to it by the security agencies.

Mrs. Oduah, and her associates have spent the last several hours scrambling to clean up the minister’s biographies on the Internet, following allegations that she lied about her academic qualifications.

Already, Mrs. Oduah’s biography on the website of the Ministry of Aviation has been revised, with references to St. Paul’s College now wiped out.

The Wikipedia page of the minister was also edited and it now has no reference to the university Mrs. Oduah attended. The last edit on the Wikipedia page was done at 14:41 p.m. Nigerian time Tuesday.

All links and reference materials on the Wikipedia page capable of linking the minister to the university that has disowned her have also been deleted.

Even the minister’s personal website  has been reviewed to remove any reference to St. Paul’s College.

Mrs. Oduah had since October been enmeshed in a a N255million armoured cars scandal in which she was accused of compelling an agency under her supervision, the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA, to buy her two exotic bullet cars at clearly inflated prices.

The purchase of the cars generated outrage for weeks because its cost was inflated, and it was neither listed in the government-approved budget nor did it comply with the Nigeria’s public procurement law.

The House of Representatives has since asked President Goodluck Jonathan to sack the minister but the president has failed to act.


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  • Black Moses

    Why is GEJ so prone to associations that have scandals, dubiousness, and moral vanity?

    • Mr Igbo Sanity

      Because Dumbo himself most likely bought his fake doctorate hence he reads like a kindergarten and not a college educated mind. pdp is DEAD!

    • PureNigerian

      Because he is one of them

    • Ide4u

      Everything about this woman is fake, even her face!!

  • Nwa Aba #Lets Break Up Now

    pt accepting that you’re wrong is a very hard thing you will ever do. you guys are not so smart

    • Aba

      After Stella oduah cleaned the damaging lie she told from ministry of aviation website?

  • Yahuza Sani Sagagi

    Is this damage control by premium times?

    Please apologise to the woman. As her being corrupt does not meant everyone should fabricate lies against her.

    • Jimoh

      Damage Control? (i) A minister(Stella Oduah) claimed on her ministry’s website -aviation ministry (a govt website) that she has a MBA degree from St Paul. It was discovered to be false. Immediately the news broke, aviation ministry took off the information. (ii) Stella Oduah claimed she was given a honorary doctorate by a non-existing university. Findings show the university does not exist. And the story is published. What is damage control in that?

      • Achi

        Don’t worry my Oga, they are paid propagandists…they are doing their job. Some one said on this site below “Why is GEJ so prone to associations that have
        scandals, dubiousness, and moral vanity?” True to God that is the problem
        in the country today.

      • Tunji Olarewaju

        Yahuza has tuwo’ndawa for a brain, fret not thyself about him,brother

      • Yahuza Sani Sagagi

        Stella is smarter than premium times.

        Having now cleaned the mess on the websites (if they ever existed) where do you get the evidence to indict her? Besides, the CV used for her screening did not talk about the masters degree.

        • omo 9ja

          Somebody is saying you have ‘tuwo’ndawa for a brain’ and you are confirming it. What gives you the impression Stella is smart. Has she been able to erase the PH.d she claimed in her CV to the Senate when the awarding university is alledged to be non-existing? You seem to be supporting this fraud!

  • Tufiakwa

    In order words the woman never claimed she earned an MBA from St Paul as you and tribal cohort, Sharia Reporters, claimed. By not offering an apology, I am beginning to think that your journalism ethic is worse than Nigerian politicians’ ethics. Woeful. Tribalism at work.

    • Needful

      Please do the NEEDFUL!

      • Tunji Olarewaju

        Lwkmd o!

    • Tina

      The woman claimed the following (i) on her ministry’s website that she has an MBA from St Paul (ii) in her resume before Senate that she has a honorary doctorate from a non-existing university. Can you deal with these two and avoid muddling as usual?

    • Bayo

      She claimed she stayed back immediately after graduating in 1982 for a masters she got in 1983.

      • mary

        I think Mrs Stella Oduah should inform Nigerian tax payers who pay her salary the university she stayed back in (presumably in the US, I say presumably because this woman lies in an open-ended way so as to escape) in 1983 to get her masters degree.

      • Afam

        And did she submit any document on that to the senate? No..please let us face the issue of Doctorate degree..i need more informations on that..let us face the documents she was cleared with..

        • jonathan

          yes she did afam. Your sponsor Mrs Stella Oduah submitted a resume to senate where she claimed that a non-existing university gave her a honorary degree. And that kind of ridiculous lie is a big deal afam . it is unfair fir a minister to lie in her resume to senate. it is not good afam. face the fact.

          • Afam

            Mr man stop ranting,Yesterday you and your group levelled allegations about MBA today it turns out to be false and you guys have turned to PH.D..In as much as i don’t support fraud but media trial is what i hate.

          • jonathan

            afam, what is your problem? Why are yu annoyed. You asked a question. I answer your question. I am telling you that I used MY EYES to read in her resume where she claimed that she received a honorary doctorate from a non-existing university. Now if you want to conform what I READ AND SAW with my EYE , you can download the resume too. The deception (about a honorary phd) from Mrs. Stella Oduah is CONTAINED in the section on Honors/Award. Please READ and SEE and TELL your readers what you SAW and READ. But do not be annoyed. eh? You will destroy your health for nothing if you become angry. Take it coool and do what I asked you to do-Boy go and read Madam Stella Oduah resume.

          • Adrian McAndy

            And U can Swear to have seen and read this CV in question???

    • PureNigerian

      So let her tell us what University she got her masters from. What is so difficult. If I were in her shoes, I will throw my certificate in their face and advice them on where and how to obtain the information on where I completed my masters program. It is not rocket science.
      Why do we make simple things so difficult in Nigeria?

  • Odeyemi Clara Bukola

    Where is Reuben and Okupe? Kindly inform Mr president to do the needful please.

    • Tunji Olarewaju

      Clara, even if they do, do you think he’ll do the ‘needful’?

  • armrod

    I have my personal opinion about Oduah and which is that she should consider it an honor to resign and face other challenges because it seems that Nigeria has been put on autopilot for destruction and Premium Times and Sahara Reporters are willing tools to destroy her reputation.
    Their are non performing minister in Jonathan’s government but they are bent on destroying this woman that every body is seeing her good performance.
    Premium Times and Sahara Reporters are now destroying themselves in a bid to destroy this woman. I no longer have the desire to visit this website that I cherished. I believe that their contribution will encourage robust debate to help build our nation but it appears that agents of darkness have hijacked their noble intension.

    • Ireti Fatomilola

      armrod, Stella Oduah should have the honor to resign or be fired if the stories are true. If she does not resign and the stories are true then she is a liar and a disgraceful and graceless woman. But if the stories are not true, I think she should stay, fight them and actually sue them.

      • Alex

        Sue them ke? While that might be appealing to her supporters in the short term, but Stella herself knows better. When you sue, more things would be unearthed by very clever lawyers for the defence. Think of it this way, if Stella had resigned after the BMW stench, this certificate issue would never have come up. She is staying put now, do you know what will come up next week or the week after? Very soon, you will find people digging deeper into her so-called achievements with the airports, and when that happens, you can bet some stench will come out. The problem with Stella is that she thinks she is smarter than every one else and she has huge ego go with it. As for me I just dey siddon look.

    • Adoki

      At this point, it is a classic case of a damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don’t situation. If She resigns, then all those who wanted her out in the first place would go to town with statements like ‘we were right about her all along’! Plus, the president is still hard pressed to move one way or the other against one of his key cabinet members.
      On the other hand, if she doesn’t, then the pressure continues, and the increasing liability to the administration becomes more real than imagined.
      Frankly, I presently do not envy the president’s position (or that of his advisers) on this Oduah matter.

      • olusaanu

        Adoki and armrod, are you confirming that the allegations against her that she lied are true? Look, if she did not lie, why should she shake? Why should you suggest that she resign if she did not lie? I think she should stay if she didnt lie and there is no liability if she did not lie. She should actually SUE if she did not lie. But if she lied, then she knows what to do. I think it is a stright forward thing. Your suggestions appear like muddling a straightforward issue about facts for or against. What do you think?

        • Adoki

          My brother you don’t really have to keep editing your ID from “Aba” to “Bonge” to “Nicodemus” to “truth is bitter” to “olusaanu” to “Jonathan” etc etc. We can all debate this thing and enlighten each other as honestly as possible if we stay open and upfront about it (unless of course you have other agendas).

          • olusaanu

            Adoki Im joined you to armrod because you took his/her case. Okay. And my own question is a straightforward one to you.Okay? And my pooint is very very straight forward. In your help for armrod, you claimed or implied Stella Oduah is or may become a liability. I disagree with you. Why? A honest person can never be a liability. Okay? if she is honest, then she cannot be a liability. And I said if she is honest, she should do what every right thinking person would do, sue to clear your name and help President Jonathan. what is wrong with that? But I added that if she had lied that she knows what to do. I asked you: what do you think? You can call me any name you want. It does not really matter for such distraction is a clssical distraction of those who have nothing to say or who have lost the crucial point. so i will ignore your distraction and ask you to answer my question: what do you think about the main issues brother Adoki?

          • Adoki

            By “main issues”, I assume you want me to state whether I think she lied or told the truth about her qualifications. If you asked me a while ago, before this second story by PT, I would say unequivocally – RESIGN OR BE SACKED. That was when PT said “Mrs. Oduah had in a resume she presented to the Senate as a ministerial nominee in 2011 indicated that she obtained a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) from St. Paul’s College Lawrenceville, Virginia, United States”. Now, they have changed the story to “in the same resume she submitted to the Senate, Mrs. Oduah DID NOT indicate that she got a Masters from St. Paul”.
            This for me is a crucial piece of evidence so I can no longer answer that question as conveniently as I would the first time. After all, I didn’t see the contents of the websites before they were allegedly edited. I simply believed what PT said about it just as I believed what they said about the documents she submitted to the senate.

          • olusaanu

            You can go ahead and defend your principal. That is your choice. You can go ahead and begin to prepare a soft landing for her-again that is your choice. My point is simple-you do not need to ask her to resign. I have said two things. If Stella Oduah is honest, she does not need to resign and she should not. Why? A honest person cannot be a liability to her employer-eg Goodluck Jonathan. And I added that she has a right to actually sue all those who malign her if she is honest. And some of us will support her if she can stand her ground. But then I added that if she lied, then she knows what to do. She cannot sue if she had lied, and she knows what to do if she lied. This is what I think you should respond to mr. or miss or ms or Dr. or Professor Adoki. In other words the issue is: Should she resign or not?

          • Adoki

            Well, if you want to turn this into a personal attack, I will ask you again: Why did you suddenly begin to EDIT and change the ID on your posts from “aba” to “Bonge” to “Nicodemus” to “truth is bitter” to “olusaanu” to “Jonathan” etc. etc. What are you hiding? Ehn? Tell us. Maybe we can start to understand how a honest person truly behaves.

          • olusaanu

            You want me to join in that distraction? Never! Because you have been trapped by simple common sense which I am using, I will pin you down and will not allow you distract readers . Your goal is to distract. I will not allow you do that. So focus on and answer my simple question. And I am not speaking Yoruba or Hausa or Fulfude or Igbo or Izon or Edo or Ebira etc. I am speaking English language as ordinary as I can. My question is: Should your sponsor -Princess Stella Oduah resign or not? If she is not a LIAR, she does not need to resign. And she should sue Premiumtimes and Sahara Reporters. Some of us want her to sue Premiumtimes and Sahara . We will support her rights to press defamation charge. But If she is a LIAR, then she cannot sue, she should resign. What do you think Adoki media aide to Stella Oduah-the “honorable” minister for aviation?

          • joe

            Sue ke? You want lawyers to ridicule her in the course of cross- examination! They will make a mince meat of her.

    • PureNigerian

      Premium Times and Sahara Reporters told Stella Odua to lie on her CV and to buy a used 2008 BMW for $800,000? She is destroying herself the reputation of Nigeria.

    • JJ

      Good radiance to rotten rubbish…thank God!

    • JJ

      Good radiance to rotten rubbish…thank God!

  • Adoki

    PT – “Meanwhile, in the same resume she submitted to the Senate, Mrs. Oduah did not indicate that she got a Masters from St. Paul….”.

    Premium Times, it seems you are trying to take us all for a ride. Did you not have this senate document before you went to press the first time?

    • jonathan

      And somewhere else our dishonorable minister for aviation claimed she “stayed back” to get a Masters degree in 1983. Two questions:(i) masters degree in what? (ii) and from which country? (iii) and from which university? Adoki since you are one of the media managers of Stella Oduah can you inform us please?

      • Adoki

        My dear brother, I don’t do sentiments and emotions but simple, verifiable facts (that is why I usually quote copiously and verbatim most of the time – something all these sensationalists and propagandist are afraid of doing).
        In the first PT story, they quoted explicitly from the Senate spokesman. Why did they not inform us then about the documents she presented to the senate? Why request information from the senate on a matter you knew (it is now apparent) they (senate) knew nothing about? Why go ahead to make it look like the senate had information and did not act on it? Frankly I feel personally betrayed because I had been mislead into placing blames where they do not belong (or probably exist).
        To be sure, I know there are countless evidences of rot in the system; I also concede that we all have our preconceptions and we would like to be proved right on all counts. But i only hold onto mine in situations of reasonable certainty. And I always like to be fair wherever and whenever I should. Like the good book says: “what you do not wish others to do to you….”

        • jonathan

          Some questions: (i) Stella Oduah is the defacto minister for aviation. why did she claim on the government website of the ministry of aviation that she has an MBA from St Paul College? (ii) why did the information VAMOOSE immediately the story broke which doubted her claim on aviation ministry website? (iii) why did Stella Oduah claim that she has a honorary doctorate degree from a non-existing university? Granted that you do not need all these degrees to serve, but why must the minister of the federal republic of Nigeria lie this way, this shamelessly? These are my questions. And these bother me as a Nigerian youth?

          • Adoki

            No, aba my brother, I wasn’t going to say “you do not need all these degrees to serve” blah blah blah. And I didn’t come here to defend anybody, or to swear about what the truth is or isn’t. It so happened that while I was reading the PT story, it suddenly hit me like brick when i came upon the portion about the senate document I quoted above. I had to go over it more than once. Then I became really angry that I had been practically led by the nose by a publication that I frequently visit for up-to-date news.
            It is really disappointing what our politicians do to us, but I hate it more when journalists and ‘men of God’ try to exploit us. After all, these two are supposed to be our last recourse. It is very simple: Give us all the facts, if you have it; and if you don’t, just say so. It it why your case becomes really compromised if the judge (or even your own lawyer) catches you lying on any point in a court of law.

          • jonathan

            These are what I am disappointed about . And I will repeat them. Mrs Stella Oduah is my country’s minister of aviation. On the website of her ministry-ministry of aviation, she claimed she had an MBA from a University. Report said this is not true. As people were reading the report, Mrs Stella Oduah immediately with drew reference to MBA and St Paul University from the resume she posted on the website of the ministry she heads. That bothers me because it is DISGUSTING of a minister to do that. Shortly after that, I read that the same minister claimed in the resume she gave the Senate that she has a “honorary doctorate degree from an American university. these “bloody” reporters said they searched and have not found out that the university that Mrs Oduah claimed (IN HER RESUME TO SENATE WHEN SHE SOUGHT FOR THE JOB OF A MINISTER OF AVIATION) gave her honorary doctorate exist. In other words their finidings and searches have not revealed or showed that the university Mrs Oduah said gave her honorary degree exists. This is ridiculous to say the least. Now if the university does not exist and Mrs. oduah claimed in her resume to senate that the university gave her honorary doctorate degree, adoki, what will you call Mrs Stella Oduah? How will you describe her?

          • Ahanuwa Igbinosa

            why are copies of the resumes to the senate and the unaltered
            web page claimed to such not available? Could these media
            be lying and ganging up to smirl her and the prez?

          • omo 9ja

            All we need on this platform is superior arguements (like yours) it is enough to keep reasonable people quite (though unreasonable guys will never accept defeat). People posting abuses should learn to be tolerant and decent at all times!

      • Tunji Olarewaju

        He is a doki,Hausa for a horse

  • Truth is bitter

    Stella Oduah says she was born in 1992. Really? She went o study for her first degree in 1978 meaning she was 16 years?. When did she finish secondary and got admission to University in U.S.A. I SMELL A RAT. Is she lying about her too?

    • mamman

      You are right oooo….If truly she went to school in the east and she went to the university in 1978,it is not humanly possible for her to be born in 1962. Most schools in the east were shut between 1967 & 1970 as a result of the civil war. Unless if she spent only a year or two in ptimary school. …Nigeria we hail thee….how can we move forward if.a Minister holding a sensitive office is not trustworthy?

    • tiji

      You are a smart person.

    • Afam

      Are you saying 1992 ? please check your comment and correct yourself..

    • Koye Billionnaire

      born 1962, got her 1st degree in 1978, at 16? This woman sef no go kill person with all these yamayaman!

      • Hamiltoneze

        You cannot even download the CV yourself to verify the information you are given. This kind of laziness is what Sahara reporters and Premium Times are exploiting. She finished secondary school in 1978 and got her first degree in 1982.

    • kayode Olufade

      Going by her resume as posted by Premium Times her year of birth is 1962, also in 1992 she left the NNPC for private employment. Now, I only got to check such details after the fact so i do not know if it is the altered documents i viewed or the original one

    • Hamiltoneze

      You are an illiterate. You cannot even read someone else’s CV correctly. She finished secondary school in 1978 and got her first degree in 1982. Please go back to school before coming here to insult your betters. Premium Times know that there are loads of iliterates in. Nigeria and they are exploiting that gap to tell lies against prominent patriotic Nigerians. Stella is a great minister and no amount of lies being dished out by Babalakin and co will stop her.

  • bonge

    There are a number of Nigerians with PhD from thee same school – check out Senator Azuka Mbata, Prophet Asuzu, Dr Ujile Dogood and others!

    • Nichodemus

      And Professor and doctor of economics and economy-Ngozi!

  • Oleku

    What we Igbos have been yearning for since 1960 is freedom, self-determination and Biafra Republic–not to be govern by Tinubu ideas–which SaharaReporters ati Premium Times have been forcing on our throats. Jonathan must not succumb to the pressure by the wazos to sack Stella–if he does so then that’s the end of Ndigbo support to his re-election bid. We Igbos have stated in unequivocal terms that Stella Oduah is our own daughter and we would stand by her no matter what–just like the wazos stand on their own. Stella Oduah is not going anywhere until we say so–the bandwagon APC media noise can blow off for all we care–of what use is one Nigeria when an Igbo is not allowed to head an ordinary ministry–a visit at our airports today will speak for itself the works of the minister. Yes Ndigbo has an airport of their own–Igbos are not allergic to Int’l airport–we have one now. SR ati PT can’t cajole our psyche by gagging us up with her watery ideas. Nonsense.

    • Ajumobi

      oleku, separate the issues. I believe very strongly the country should break up into autonomous countries. But that is a different issue from the lies and dishonesty of a minister of the federal republic of Nigeria(as presently constituted before we all go our different way)-mrs. stella oduah, present Nigeria’s minister of aviation.

      • Oleku

        Tell me which naija politician that hasn’t told lies before–Tinubu forged a toronto cert, Oshiomhole ati Femi Kayode degrees are questionable–who among the top shots in naija who didn’t fake his or her degrees–let them present theirs to the media for verification–the ethnic profiling of Igbos must stop before we sign the divorce white paper–we are not slaves in this country. Cheers

        • PureNigerian

          I don’t care about who else but this one that is already revealed.
          You go and do your investigation and alert us on those with fake certificate like your sister and we will deal with them all. But for now, we are on Odua the cheat and the fraudulent..

          • Chiwuike

            I had thought we all should have condemned premium times and her allies for false information. They earlier alleged that she claimed to have have MBA in her CV to the Senate. I had expected Premium times to apologize to the Nigerian public for feeding them with such wrong information now the said CV is made public. On the current allegation of claiming honorary Ph.D, its unfounded.

          • aliflabconsults

            Do you follow news at all or you are just their to make mischief;
            Did you read her citation to the National assembly where she claimed a master degree?
            Did you see the screenshot of the aviation ministry website premium times posted before it was changed?
            The issue of honorary Phd was raised when her CV was found

          • Chiwuike

            @aliflabconsults:disqus We are currently dealing with facts. When this allegation was first made, it was said that she stated her MBA qualifications in her CV as presented to the Senate. Screenshot of the website can be doctored using any available software. I would be glad if you can provide a link to the citation as read by the National Assembly during her screening. There are many degree mills out there in the USA. This is made possible due to the loose accreditation process in the US. As result, she may have been deceived accordingly. Personally, I condemn forgery, but, am currently not happy with the current madness and predetermined ploy to lynch and destroy the aviation minister. Think well, think deep!

          • aliflabconsults

            “We are currently dealing with facts. When this allegation was first made, it was said that she stated her MBA qualifications in her CV”—–this is wrong. it was rather claim Master degree was included in her citation read to the National assembly. search this keywords;

            Aviation Minister, Stella Oduah scrambles to cover up certificate forgery scandal

    • aliflabconsults

      i know oleku is a bigoted tribalist

  • Enemona

    But that her CV is dry sha! Where did we go wrong? A country with highly talented and experienced individuals and these are the kind of people we can select.

  • Fingerlyjay

    I thought they said she claimed to have an Msc during her senate screening? The document premuim time is brandishing now has no indication of that or was it also altered as far back as 2011? U dont quote wikipedia becuase information accessed there can be edited by anyone and no one owns the source. Please all these slanders should stop. if u want to dent someones image, investigate the person properly

  • sirjoka

    Mr. President, Please do the ‘NEEDFUL’

  • ceecee

    I keep wondering if such a lady is the best we have to lead the aviation ministry.
    The problem is that we have a corrupt and weak president. Our president is loosing grip of his presidency and such will cost him dearly. He has failed to tackle corruption and when a person who will fight corruption comes, he will face the music.

  • Just Say it as it is

    When are we going to get over these official scandals in government? Why is it so easy to deceive the Senate during screening? When things like this happen without being detected on time how can the government truly and successfully fight crime in the country. The greatest tragedy that can befall a nation is to have an imbecile as a president. It’s better to have crippled but mentally sound president than to have an able bodied but mentally crippled president. God help Nigeria

    • jonathan

      yes you are right, Goodluck Jonathan is an imbecile president who presented a liar as a minister to a willing senate.

  • Afam

    Meanwhile, in the same resume she submitted to the Senate, Mrs. Oduah did not indicate that she got a Masters from St. Paul, raising questions on why she made that claim in her official citations and profiles posted on the Ministry of Aviation website, her personal website and her Wikipedia page.

    She only claimed in the document to the Senate that she obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from St. Paul’s College in 1982, a claim that PREMIUM TIMES is investigating.

    ok do fast…That means she did not say to the senate she has MBA…Sahara reporters take note…

    @PT let us know the koko about the

    doctorate degree

    • jonathan

      afam under the section HONOR/AWARDS of her resume, she claimed she was given a PHd (Honorary) Business Administration from this California based university. Since, you are one of Stella oduah’s onlne media people please help us find out if this university exists. Meanwhile these “bloody” “illiterate” reporters claim the university does not exist. Please afam discuss with madam and help to clarify this.

      • Afam

        Yesterday it was her MBA that was reported fake,today you internet soldiers are have turned to PH.D on her CV…Just as i said,please premium times should dig deeper and tell us the koko….

        • jonathan

          afam, gave you an assignment. Have you done the assignment? I asked you to (i) download Princess Oduah’s resume. (ii) check section on Honors/Awards, (iii) there you will see where the minister said she got a honorary doctorate in Business Adminsutration from a university that has turned out not to exist. Do this assignment and come back and tell readers what you saw and read.

    • Alabo

      Hmmmm ok ooooo

  • Afam

    And did she submit any document on her alleged MBA to the senate? No..please let us face the issue of Doctorate degree..i need more informations on that..let us face the documents she was cleared with..Pastors add DR to their names nobody has question them.

    • jonathan

      Afam, Stella Oduah my country’s minister for aviation submitted a resume where she said a university gave her a honorary doctorate degree. And reporters claim that this university does not exist. Can you inform us if the university exists? Secondly, why did Mrs Oduah , my country’s minister for aviation post on a govt website of the ministry she heads the information that she has an MBA from St Paul University? Why did she hurriedly withdraw that claim when it was discovered that it is a lie?

  • Dina Temitayo

    #DearReuben (@abati1990), shame on you and your boss… You won’t dare defend this woman…. surprise me please.

  • Issei

    Please Mr President do the needfull and relieve this woman of her job,the distraction is too much,and also to the and of Mr Preident join me in appealing to him to do the needful.

  • konyan

    Pacific Christian College was renamed Hope International University in California. A proper research should be done

    • yankon

      konyan, thanks so much for the information. This is helpful. When was Pacific Christian College rename Hope International University? Please help konyan.

      • abiolaosun

        It was renamed in 1997 a year before she claimed to have got her honorary degree in 1998 and she did not know it was renamed?
        secondly, the school was never in the city she claimed.
        i think she was trying to be smart by claiming she got a doctorate from a school that that recently ceased to exist in 1998 thinking nobody would ever need to do due diligence to know.

        • yankon

          Thank you abiolaosun. God in his inifinite mercies will bless you for the information and clarification. But something bothers me about dates and veracity of the information konyan gave and your clarification. You abiolaosun said Pacific Christian College was renamed Hope International University in 1997. But I just visited Hope International University, and here is the information I have :

          “Hope International University is a private Christian university
          founded in 1928. HIU’s mission is to empower students through Christian
          higher education to serve the Church and impact the world for Christ.
          HIU is regionally accredited and offers bachelor’s degrees, master’s
          degrees, certificate programs, and credential programs to more than
          1,400 students world-wide.Programs are offered through a variety of
          delivery models including on campus, online, and a combination of the
          two. Education Centers are located throughout Southern California and
          near Seattle, Washington. With a highly favorable 14 : 1 student to
          faculty ratio, HIU offers students a uniquely personalized education
          dedicated to the ultimate success of each graduate.”
          You abiolaosun said “Pacific Christian University where the honorable minister of aviation claimed she got her honorary doctorate degree from was re-named Hope International University in 1997” But the information on the website of Hope International University says that Hope International University was established in 1928. Can you clarify this yawning discrepancy please. May God Bless you for your help.

          • aliflabconsults

            Sorry the school started as a bible seminary then upgraded to “Pacific Christian college Not university then was upgraded to Hope International University in 1997 meaning if you claim to have been awarded with any degree post 1997 your degree should bear Hope International University not the name that has already been dropped

          • yankon

            but in her resume she said Pacific Christian University and not as yu claimed Pacific Christian College.

          • aliflabconsults

            There is nothing like Pacific Christian University, you can check your self. It was initially called Pacific Christian college.

          • yankon

            so why should she say “Pacific Christian University” even if no “Pacific College or University” existed in 1998 when she claimed she was given a honorary doctorate? Perhaps her media people writing in her defense on this platform and Reuben Abati/Doyin Okupe and Reno Omokri and the other GEJ media people can help Mrs Stella Oduah clarify this.

          • aliflabconsults

            If truly she had got the Honorary PhD then that should bear Hope International University

          • yankon

            this is why I said that GEJ media people -Abati/Okupe/Rno Omokri should help this woman sew her story very well. They should coach her how they do it.

          • yankon

            and was there anytime any school named “Pacific” was in Glendale as claimed by the minister?

          • reporterunsensored

            There is no such thing as a honorary ph D,you only become a Doctor of Philosophy(ph D) in a particular area of knowledge by the sweat of your brow,which is different from a honorary doctorate(which comes with many different abbreviations)

        • sam

          why all this arguments?,a thief is caught on a broad-day light like this red-handed and people here still arguing.?this is sad.this woman should not only be removed she must be jailed.the way things are right now.i dont believe her age she claimed.she is a complete fraud.but dumbo jonathan bird of the same feather with her may not fire her and send her to jail.

    • aliflabconsults

      Hope International University is a private Christian University identified with non-denominational Christian Churches/Churches of Christ, and was founded on October 9, 1928, as Pacific Bible Seminary.

      The school purchased campus property in Long Beach in 1936, and construction started in 1940. In 1962, the school’s name was changed to Pacific Christian College and achieved regional accreditation. When the Long Beach campus was no longer adequate to house the growth of the college, they relocated to Fullerton in 1973. In 1997 the institution achieved university status and took the name of Hope International University.

      College of Business & Management

      Master of Business Administration *

      General Management

      International Development

      Marketing Management

      Non-Profit Management

      Master of Science in Management *

      General Management

      International Development

      Marketing Management

      Non-Profit Management

      College of Education

      Master of Education *

      Elementary Education Concentration with Preliminary Multiple Subject Credential

      Secondary Education Concentration with Preliminary Single Subject Credential

      Gifted and Talented Education Concentration

      Master of Arts *

      Education Administration with Preliminary Administrative Services Credential

      Credential Programs

      Preliminary Multiple Subject Credential

      Preliminary Single Subject Credential

      Preliminary Administrative Services Credential

      Graduate Certificate

      Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) *

      Pacific Christian College of Ministry & Biblical Studies

      Master of Arts: Ministry *

      Biblical Studies Concentration

      Christian Leadership Concentration

      Church Planting Concentration

      Intercultural Studies Concentration

      Pastoral Care Concentration

      Spiritual Formation Concentration

      Worship Concentration

      Master of Church Music (Korean)

      Graduate Certificate



      Pastoral Care

      College of Psychology & Counseling

      Master of Arts *

      Marriage & Family Therapy


      • aliflabconsults

        Another question can a school award an honorary degree even if the school doesnt offer any PhD program?

    • Bibi

      One should reasonably expect that, if no one, she will, at least, know the name of the university giving her an award. Right? Mr Konyan.

  • kayode Olufade

    So what about our dear minister is true?

  • deji

    I do not blame Oduah and Jonathan for taking Nigerians for a ride. I blame the Nigeria masses who voted for Jonathan in 2011 and those who allowed the election rigging in some parts of the country to stand. Shame on everyone that helps in foisting this calamity on the nation.

  • akpos1

    IBB, OBJ, Abdul, Shonekan, Gowon, Yar Adua,Ibrahim Abacha, etc did not forge certificates but they embezzled and stole & almost all also assassinated except perhaps Shonekan. So what the hell about certificates?

    Na continent Nigeria problem be that now? Do u know how many spills concurred laweek in Niger Delta? …and u’re here writing about certificates. Nonsense.

    The SS/Niger Delta Republic wants its own country. It is no longer willing to allow aliens from other regions to steal & waste its resources as they’ve done for 51 yrs before Great Jona came in just 2yrs ago. Qutar is just 895,000 people and they are hosting FIFA world cup in peace. Bayelsa is 2.1m people and wants its own country. Period. The SS&SE peoples are by no means allergic to presidency. Nonsense

    • bimbo

      akpos1 citizen of Republic of SS and SE, you are correct that IBB,OBJ, Abdul, Shonekan, Gowon, Yar adua, Ibrahim Abacha etc stole. You even forgot that Sani Abacha died on a prostitute. Having said all these my question is:Before we end Nigeria and we should end Nigeria so that each country go its own way, there is a Nigeria we must deal with before we terminate it. So question is, what is the relevance of what you have just posted to the fact that Princess “Dr.” Stella Oduah a potential minister in the Republic of SS and SE but who is a current minister of the federal republic of Nigeria deceived Nigerians about her qualification on the website of the ministry she is a minister of and also lied to have been given a honorary doctorate from a university that does not exist? This is the question akpos1. Can you give me an answer? My question does not mean we should not dismantle Nigeria. For me Nigeria is gone. But answer my question.

  • Ty


    I’ve started the petition “Sahara Reporters and Premium Times: To remain neutral and dedicate itself to unbiased news reporting through fact based evidence reporting; and resist being the mouthpiece of opposition politicians in Nigeria.” and need your help to get it off the ground.

    Will you take 30 seconds to sign it right now? Here’s the link:

    Here’s why it’s important:

    For almost 54 years, selfish leaders and a few elites have ruled Nigerians without recourse to the average citizen. Over time, members of the media and some courageous patriots have stood up and fought for the interests of the people. Many like Dele Giwa, Saro Wiwa, Gani Fawehinmi, Fela Kuti, Dangiwa Umar, Femi Falana and others. They paid heavily.

    Today, the onslaught against the people is still on, with politicians aligning themselves in various parties for their own gain. The people need brave men and the media to stand up for them. Unfortunately, most of the media in Nigeria is either owned by or ran by the same elites. Sahara Reporters started as a force to confront the elite but of late, it has become a mouth piece for the opposition APC, focusing only on President Jonathan led government.

    From what we have seen all these years, PDP and APC are the same, with identical actors and interests. They are all liable for the rot in the system. Sahara Reporters/ Premium Times should stop being a platform for Governor Amaechi, El-Rufai and APC to launder their image and hide their true intention. Sahara Reporters/ Premium Times should reveal to us if they have received funds from any politicians and for what purpose.

    Support this call on Sahara Reporters/ Premium Times to return to its original mandate of holding ALL our leaders accountable and not just a few. Sahara Reporters should continue the rich tradition of fighting for the masses that can’t fight against the elite for their wellbeing.

    Sahara reporters/ Premium Times should stop cooking up fake scandals about “waivers”/ Okonjo-Iweala, while diverting our attention from real ones like the NNPC remittance of $10billion. Sahara Reporters should do better investigation into the affairs of APC Governors like Amaechi and the money he has spent on Mega Hospital and Monorail of 70 Billion without results. Report on PDP governors and how they have managed the resources of their states. Report on the total rot in the system and all those responsible.

    Sahara Reports/ Premium Times should just do a good job and do it fairly without compromise.

    You can sign my petition by clicking here.

    Teinye Akobo

  • Abutu

    Pls guys, iam begging for madam Stella. Let’s give her a chance to do great things at the aviation ministry. Or lest leave to God who will pass judgment.

    • abudu

      even when she is a liar?

  • Rico

    They’ve all taken us for a very big ride and there is nothing we can do about it as long as we are still on our seat and ranting online, if we are really serious about our future, it is time to go out and claim it back, this woman and many like her will still be around for a very long time, she is only 51 years old, going by the age of Tukur and Co, she will still be around with us and around the corridor of power for many years to come irrespective of who or which party is in Aso rock, she is a smart woman and she can still find her way around in the future, mark my words. When we depend on only the social media as our source of protest, then they will keep taking us for rides for as long as they are alive.

    • Sada Maigari

      That is right my bro.

  • Admirer

    Poor Stella, she is at least pretty and to her enemies in and out of the media, integrity is not everything please, Abeg!!

    • Eddie Nwobogwu

      She is “pretty”??!!?? Lol. Man, lets NOT hangout together to chase babes. I fear your taste

  • emmanuel

    Adoki you have done a good job and your comments are indeed presentations from a sound mind.

    PT is trying to rescue itself from a mess by inciting more gullible Nigerians.

    Is there no regulatory authorities to control the corrupt journalism in Nigeria today?

    It is a shame that media houses are now worst than the political class in debased values!

  • Aisha Mahmud

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaa! Lord of Meeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrcy! Save us frm this administration!!!!!!!

  • Steve

    Did you read Oduah’s CV presented to the Senate which Premium Times published? Did you see MBA in it? The CV ended with Bachelors gotten at St. Pauls. Whoever published the false news quoting Wikipedia, authored the Wikipedia profile and all aimed at discrediting the woman. Though many Nigerians have been accusing Sahara Reporters of manipulation in the past, I did not come to grips with it until Sowore’s attempt to rubbish Dr. Daniel Olukoya of MFM. I was physically present when it happened but he tried to paint a different picture. I pity those that have time for news manipulators.

  • Adrian Kapoor

    I call this vindictive journalism. “Investigation” that is focused and one -sided but does not give readers the background to certificate forgery in Nigeria. Maybe after investigating Nigeria’s chief certificate forger, Mr Bola Ahmed Tinubu who Gani Fawehinmi took to court more than ten years ago for claiming to have certificates he didn’t and for claiming to have attended schools that do not exist in Chicago, we will take this “investigation” serious. For reasons best known to you, you and your team are after this woman like people paid to do a job. It is sad for Nigerian journalism. I hope readers see through your jaundiced reporting.

  • Ken

    PT it’s about time you ate the humble pie and agree that you lied against this woman instead of trying to push the discussion to another angle.

  • Ahanuwa Igbinosa

    @Reporter, hope you or your organization have copies of
    the unedited pages of the minister that reflects the fraud
    you are alleging before they were altered? Otherwise you
    will have no proof she ever claimed to possessed what
    you are accussing her of.

  • Ahanuwa Igbinosa

    I am yet to see any copy of her resume that states she possess
    mba, or phd for that matter. Is a copy of qualifications credencials
    she tendered to senate for her nomination approval available from
    record? Does it contain this purported fraudulent claim of MBA degree?

  • Coco B

    No matter what people will say about gej women lovers,he will not sack them

  • omo 9ja

    Somebody need to also confirm if the minister is truely Stella Oduah or the identity is stolen! However, most Nigerians in one way or the other have credibility issue with their CVs especially in the areas of Age and Cognate experience. One evil will never justify the other, so let the cleasing start with the know thief then we will handle the unknown thief when he/she is caught!

  • Omo Odua

    Please I want to ask one question here. For whatever reason, NYSC is completely missing on the CV. We need to notice this. Was she issue NYSC certificate or not? If yes, when? And where did serve her primary assignment?

  • Hamiltoneze

    U people should be ashamed of yourselves. This woman is doing a great job. Go to MMIA and see for yourself. She has totally transformed the airport. You are here trying to pull her down because she has overturned the corrupt arrangement obasanjo had with Babalakin and Babalakin has paid Sahara Reporters and Premium Times to rubbish her image. You can no longer deceive Nigerians. We are seeing her handiwork and she will reman the minister because she is performing.

  • Friday Obande Omakpo

    lies and hypocrisy among our leaders just as captured by ugandan’s henry barlow in his satirical poem, ‘ building the nation’ 1976.

  • Sienna Michaels

    Stella Oduah was born on the 5th of January 1958.