Obasanjo’s letter exposes Nigerian newspapers ethical flaws

As PREMIUM TIMES exposes Obasanjo’s letter to Jonathan, Nigerian Newspapers fail flatly at the true test of ethics.

The story of a bruising letter written by former President Olusegun Obasanjo to the incumbent Goodluck Jonathan, which PREMIUM TIMES broke Wednesday, dominated all major Nigerian newspapers Thursday.

But for the media, it also revealed deep flaws in the ethical complexion of the overwhelming majority of newspapers who failed in simple editorial judgment to acknowledge PREMIUM TIMES as the source of their story.

A content analysis of major newspapers conducted by this paper revealed alarming disregard for age-old professional ethics, which forbid plagiarism, non-acknowledgment of legitimate source of information, and the primacy of attribution as a foundation to truth telling in the mission of a newspaper.

Majority of the papers published the complete text of the letter which was first revealed to the world by this newspaper, and made available via our website. There were also cases of shameless lifting of the original story published by this medium.

“This oddly adds to the existing indices of failure in our industry, and when it is about ethics, you have the sore feeling that the problem has attained the form of a crisis,” said Dapo Olorunyomi, Editor-in-Chief of PREMIUM TIMES, who said he was “weirdly tickled at the absence of humility in competitors who sought to ignore accepting they got the material from us and ended up failing to offer their readers the source of the material altogether.”

Mr. Olorunyomi added: “It were rather as if to spite their faces they sought an ingenious outcome in slicing off their noses altogether.”  He also said this crisis underscored the challenge of training, and the need to force the ethics debate back to the top of the media agenda in the country.

Many of the flagship titles of the industry led the pack in this professional gaffe. The Guardian, Vanguard, Punch, Tribune, Daily Trust and The Sun, all failed to disclose any original source for the story, neither did they acknowledge PREMIUM TIMES as their source.

The Punch, in a side-splitting reference, wrote that the letter “became public knowledge” without stating how, apparently in the effort to avoid mentioning PREMIUM TIMES.

The Nigerian Tribune, which carried a bromide copy of the letter, with PREMIUM TIMES watermark on it, amusingly mentioned in the text of their story that the letter “found its way into the public domain”.

Daily Trust, also published a full text of the 18-page letter with this newspaper’s watermark on each of the page, but uncharitably stated that the letter was “leaked on the internet.”

LEADERSHIP, which adorned its entire front page with the letter, did not state its source of the document whose full version it also published.

THISDAY and PEOPLES DAILY were the only departure from the crowd, as they duly acknowledged PREMIUM TIMES as their source of the letter.

Other newspapers including The Nation, Blueprint, National Mirror and The Sun who also have the story from the letter as their cover story, did not mention this newspaper as their source for the letter as they all kept mum over the source of the information they published.

National Mirror even went to the ridiculous extent of plagiarising significant parts of this paper’s original story on the letter word-for-word without giving credit to us.


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  • Oleku

    Stop seeking for cheap publicity for spreading falsehood. Get a grip and stop acting like super man for publishing an inconsequential letter.

    • kingbaabu

      A man who sees nothing wrong with plagiarism is less than a man.

    • Kay O.

      Falsehood? Has the letter and its contents been denied? Even the presidency has confirmed the genuineness of the letter and acknowledged its receipt. Where then is the “falsehood” here, Oleku?

      • Yahuza Sani Sagagi

        Don’t mind them.

        Anything agaist Jonathan is falsehood, Boko Haram or Northan agenda.

        • kharixmah

          And you have Gaddafi as ur profile picture! Olofofo…

          • Yahuza Sani Sagagi

            What about that?

            Should I use Goodluck Jonathan?

    • Concerned Nigerian

      Premium Times is seeking for cheap publicity, and you are always here to do the bidding of your pay masters. If PT is that unpopular, why the efforts by your likes and paymasters to always attack them? Just remain Obodo Oyibo there and be collecting your share of the loot either directly or indirectly.

    • Etomi

      Oh! The EIC of Premium Times is Yoruba…No wonder!!!! The Yorubas hate GEJ with a passion….No tribe in Nigeria has chosen to work against GEJ as they, not even Hausas…Now I understand why Premium Times, Sahara Reporters, Yoruba media generally is hellbent on destroying GEJ….And OBJ is seriously feeding their hate…Now I see…Sorry losers!!!!!!!

      • Aisha Mahmud

        Oh u r now changing ur route again? ‘Not even d Hausas’ waste of time, pls call Mani kay to help u explain.

      • Kareem Haroun

        I resent this degree of tribal myopia, Mr Etomi. Even the Ijaws have vilified, GEJ. Or did you forget about what Asari Dokubo said about the failure of Jonathan to perform just last three weeks ago? I am not a Yoruba, but I believe exposed minds don’t toe that kind of mundane analysis in a national discuss. No newspaper criticize and caricaturize GEJ like Leadership newspaper, yet it is not owned by Yoruba. Bros this President of ours isn’t what Nigeria deserves at this critical moment of our nation. If People like Godswill Apabio, Amaechi, Oshiomole, all from Niger-Delta, would contest the presidency, I will be their first supporter, and my reason is purely based on their off the hook performance. So it doesn’t matter what background they have.

        • Etomi

          @Kareem Haroun: Resent my “degree of tribal myopia” for all you want, but when push comes to shove in Nigeria or just about any multicultural competitive setting, people instinctively return to primordial roots for security.

          You contend with it or not, Nigeria is a country of diverse ethnic nationalities, yet institutions of government that ought to aid the process of genuine integration, have not been put in place. Just take a look at the seemingly unbridgeable divide between the north and south, Muslims and Christians, and you perhaps will understand. What about Boko Haram, Sharia, etc in a supposedly secular state pursuant to section 10 of the 1999 Constitution, etc, etc, etc. A national conference could have proffered remedy to this gaps. Hence ethnicity, or indeed tribalism determines and circumscribes everything.
          I know the difference between the theoretical constructs of idealism and realism, even in their extension to politics. But I choose to play realpolitik, to be down to earth, not allowing myself to be emotionally blackmailed by persons who would brand me tribalist, just because it is convenient for their argument or because it is politically correct to appear detached.

          Honestly, I believe in enlightened self-interest and in the deployment of everything in your power to protect it. And Hausas play this real well in their difficult connection with other groups in the country.
          I have come to learn from the school of hard knocks that nobody is truly detribalised in Nigeria. Look at the 1999 Constitution, for example, it was crafted by Northern tribalists, in the image of Northern predilection and supremacist complex.

          Look at all the laws governing Nigeria’s petroleum resources. They were formulated with total disregard for people of the Niger Delta, and by persons who obviously were from parts of the country outside the region, since the North had held suzerainty for decades, ahead the Yorubas, a development that orchestrated a denial of people of the delta region any stake in the resource mined from their ancestral land, other than accruals from the federation account just like everybody else.

          You can go on and on. Indeed you only may chose that unrealistic route of being “detribalised” in falsehood to your undoing.

          I live in Lagos. As cosmopolitan as Lagos is relative to other parts of the country, I see the tribalism of many Yorubas and it sickens. At some occasions it manifests in rather subtle ways; at other times in very brazen showings.

          Besides, I have learned excruciatingly that humans are more sentimental than they are objective. And so it does appear that when the Yorubas recline comfortably in their protective ethnic zones, it scarcely occurs to them as it does to others who are not Yorubas, who see this and sake their heads. This is a quotidian occurrence, to state the least.

          Thus, I have chosen to take a definite stance both in the politics of ideas as regards our embattled country Nigeria, just as I do for mere academic exercise.

          Jonathan is not the problem. By no means. You can hypotheticise for all you want about how better a president Oshiomole or Akpabio could be if dispatched to Aso Rock. That’s speculative. I am a lawyer. I deal with facts, I mean things as they are, not as they ought to be or with speculative daydreaming.

          We have seen it all. Didn’t they say Shagari was bad while his regime lasted? Buhari was evil, too, so they said, and IBB booted him out; IBB was roguish and maradonic, so they said and called for his head; Abacha was an inveterate mass murderer and people rejoiced when he died; Obasanjo was heavily hated by all and sundry while his government lasted; he even plotted a Third Term bid that nearly destroyed Nigeria. Now Jonathan…They are calling him bad as if that is new to us.

          The problem is not Jonathan. When will Nigerians rise up to think in terms of first principles? The problem has to do with the way Nigeria is politically structured. This demonic structure is at the foundation, churning out for us bad leadership from military to civilian.

          2ndly, although Nigeria is ostensibly a democracy, its people have yet to imbibe the democratic culture, otherwise civility, that will make for the success of a democracy.

          We still believe you have to be hard and violent to be able to govern Nigerians.

          So, for some, it is unfortunate that Jonathan is not hard and violent, but conciliatory, subtle, dovish.

          We would destroy a northerner just because we are not northerners; we would destroy a Yoruba man just because we are not Yoruba; we would destroy a Jonathan just because we are not from the south south…and vice versa.

          We need a national conference urgently. Or else if Nigeria doesn’t breakdown and pack up under GEJ, it surely will under the presidency of a not-Jonathan.

          Or at best, instability with continue to get the better of the Nigerian state, with all the consequences on the economy!!!!!!!!!!

          • SUNDAY

            The voice of Jacob, the hand of Esau. Now, Reno has finally given himself out. What are your points? From your grammatical callisthenics, you have not vindicated gej from brazenly bad leadership simply because the Nigerian society is structured in that way. Now, the question is what is sectional champions like you doing in the corridors of power to change the situation for the better. I believe your fundamental principle is that since cannot change in Nigeria, hence, we should not blame Jonathan.
            I challenge your belief in sectionalism. Since Gej presidency, has he turned the Ijaws to the Jews of Nigeria, save for few ones like you wallowing in temporary opulence? Since gej, iboris and other looters of niger delta took over, why have they not turned the area to paradise om earth but kept lining their pockets to the detriment of millions of suffering niger deltans.
            The fact is that your boss needs to get to grips with quality governance before it is too late. You should stop laying the problems at the feet of other nationalities or phantom enemies of gej. Imagine, a serious govt recieving a letter from sept, yet unable to respond to it until Dec before it was leaked to the public. I rest my case.

          • Etomi

            Sunday, please I am not Reno Omokri. I am a very private citizen, an attorney-at-law.. There are institutions of state, as established by the constitution and other statutory instruments. The principle of checks and balances operates between these institutions of state, namely the executive, legislature and the judiciary. They exercise oversight over each other. Obasanjo is not an institution of state. He is a private citizen. The president of the federal republic of Nigeria is an institution of state. He may only respond to established state institutions by virtue of the check and balances principle. He is not obligated to respond to the mere allegations of a private citizen like Obasanjo. And to put it pointedly, Obasanjo’s letter is treasonable. It is very far from being well-meaning. Nothing justifies publishing a letter you intended delivering privately to the president. The allegations are so wild that even the least perusal of it indicates it was meant to incite Nigerians against the president. The letter is pregnant with malicious intent; it is is seditious. In any case, some of this things are better dealt with politically, conciliatorily, making compromises here and there. Obasanjo could have approached the National Assembly with hard facts and evidence, and lobby for the house to commence impeachment proceeding against the president. That is how those who respect the office he once occupied, and who have respect for the democratic ethos would have things done. Obasanjo is a disgrace!!!!!!!

        • Uzoma

          My brother, don’t be so sure if any of these other people were to be elevated to the national level they would necessarily perform, even at the level they currently perform in their states. Succeeding as president of Nigeria is different ball game, not least because there are 160 million pairs of eyes scrutinizing your every move. Just think about all the claims that were made for Jonathan at the time.

    • Naijagogoodagain

      I always know this day will come when you finally loose your mind! Even a ten year old child won’t call this falsehood !
      There is a letter which is in the public domain so where is falsehood in that? PT have a copy and they published is……..where is falsehood ……?
      The president number two attack dog came out to talk about the letter; hence the letter is not inconsequential !
      The grey mater is not for decoration, use it!

    • Rodney

      Reno Omokir=armrod=deri+afam+akpos1+mpitikwelu=”omo Yoruba”+”wole”+”oleku=mani_kay+Mr. Reno Omokir!!! Mr. Omokri, this is what you are supposed to do on behalf of President Jonathan, this is what you are paid for.

    • Kareem Haroun

      Did I hear you say “falsehood”? Mr Oleku or who ever, please let’s be descent enough to accept the gospel even if it is coming from Satsn. Was there any statement or claims in OBJ’s letter that you would say is false? The letter may probably offend your big uncle politician enjoying Jonathan or PDP corruption but please be descent in your emotional attack on a Medium that stood for the cause of truth. Premium Times deserves respect, if not you wouldn’t have been keeping date with it

    • Yahuza Sani Sagagi

      inconsequential letter indeed.

    • mubarak

      Inconsequential ke! Do you speak English at all

  • Mohammed Bulama

    What else do you expect from a system that has perfected the mantra of ‘garbage in garbage out’? The Nigerian Fourth Estate is a product and an integral component of the very decadent and morally and ethically deficient society it is reporting and watching over, and so can hardly transcend the moral/ethical standard of that society. After all, you reap what you sow.

    • David Solomon

      Sue them all and teach them some lesson.

      • Dam Dam

        They probably know the system is soo rotten that suing them would take another 30years

  • kingbaabu

    Nigeria is a country of maggots and pirates. If they are not looting the public treasury, they are shamelessly plagiarizing the works of others. Of course be sure that no rejoinder will be published by any of the editors of these brown envelope newspapers. Where are the Babatunde Joses of the print media? Journalism without ethics.

    • Adoki

      Why does that surprise you? It is no news to some of us that Nigerian journalists are the worst breed you can find in the profession anywhere in the world. For years, they have continued fill the heads of gullible Nigerians with garbage, while they have continued to profit handsomely from spreading fiction and blatant falsehood peddled by their paymasters.

      • MO

        Dear sir , is it not the same ” worst breed” that broke this Obasanjo story and are criticising themselves through Premium Times?


        While I am as outraged as the folks out there at Premium Times over this unprofessional and unethical behaviour, I beg to disagree that Nigerian journalists at the ”worst breed you can find in the profession anywhere in the world”.

        That is an overkill and too broad a brush to paint a whole profession, very much not in your (Adoki) character as an introspective commentator.

        A number of journalists here are indeed despicable, but overall Nigerian journalists have a reputation for vibrancy, advocacy and liberalism.

        • Adoki

          True, this is a bit over the top, but on this media issue, it is a charge that I accept happily without any regret. It hurts me deeply when I realise that the media in Nigeria have simply taken advantage of the exalted status of the media in normal societies to engage in all kinds of irresponsible (even outright criminal) conduct. Even the so-called top shot journalists have taken advantage of their profession to build their personal and even economic empire. They either have one politician or the other as their personal godfather, and when a particular issue concerns those godfathers or associates of their benefactors, they simply look the other way. See Reuben Abati, he was arguably the topmost shot among the top shots in the profession. When gullible Nigerians praised him back then, I laughed. Yes, of course, they are decent journalists in Nigeria and I know some of them. But I also know a lot more who are bonafide products of the rotten society they exist in. Some of them hide under the “vibrancy, advocacy and liberalism” you talked about to perpetrate their mischief.
          Facts, they say, are sacred. The journalist’s primary responsibility is to find and present the facts – undiluted, unadulterated, authoritative and verifiable. It is not their responsibility to choose for us what is wrong or right.

          • TRUTH MASTER

            This is the problem: The man you mentioned, Reuben Abati, is NOT a journalist! Being a columnist or the chair of the editorial board does not make you a journalist. A lot of the wannabes are very visible and are ”topmost shots”, but they know little or nothing about the ethics of the profession. They were not trained anywhere; newsroom, university or journalistic institutions.

            Tunji Oseni, Segun Adeniyi and Remi Oyo did not engage in rude and crude retorts to the criticisms of their bosses as presidential spokespersons because of their training. Abati, a pig at the trough, has re-written the manual on how to be a presidential spokesperson, elevating gutter language and crudity to the fore. Don’t blame him: He is NOT a journalist! Let’s leave this for another day.

            But I will like to repeat:We cannot tar an entire profession with a wide brush of ”worst breed” just because some or even many of them are scallywags. Surely, there are good and decent journalists in Nigeria who do not fall into this category, and your blanket condemnation is nothing short of a dagger to their hearts.

          • Adoki

            It is a very significant point you made about most of these guys not being journalists, plus someone also said on this forum that most of them got into the profession as a means of livelihood. But it is a tragedy that the charlatans are the ones who seem to be leading the show. They have created a media where simple tasks like authentication have become a dispensable inconvenience; where personal allegations become”Startling Revelations” on the front pages. Opinion pieces now preponderate newspaper columns (absolutely no attempt at disclaimers on personal opinions expressed on these columns). Even so-called news reports are heavily laced with conjectures, embellishments and audacious inferences. Blatant falsehood and political propaganda, made gospel truths by the media, are now quoted even in academic literature.
            For those who were not around when the Tunji Osenis and the Remi Oyos’ practiced their trade, it it difficult for them to separate what is good and decent from what is simply junk.

          • TRUTH MASTER

            Your strong concern about the fall in standard in the media is justified. Yes, the charlatans are now leading the show because decent journalists, mortally afraid to soil their names, have tactically withdrawn to the background. I don’t blame them.

            In the media and other areas of human endeavour (politics, economy, etc), the tail started wagging the dog a long time ago. That’s the tragedy for our time!

    • Yemmy

      Don’t be surprised .How many people understand what plagiarism means?
      How many can define copyright ?How many can distinguish between the two?
      Therefore,they see no crime in flouting the law associated with them.
      Instead of opening their hearts to learning they just reach out start posting ignorantly.
      He who knows not and knows not that he knows not is a fool,shn him………..

    • paul

      DID premium times tell us the source of the letter in the first place if not why did they expect others to tell the public their source.

      Let premium times state theirs then others may follow….

      I heard him say those words and I could not properly place the words and
      what they were supposed to mean. I know the concept that says a messenger
      should be credible for his message to have believability. I thought of it and
      did not in all seriousness know where to place what I was hearing. The
      messenger, is he an ordinary person? No. Has he had opportunity to teach and
      practicalise the concepts he was talking about? Yes, was the answer. Then, what
      did he make of it? If out of 53 years of nationhood, one man had over 11 years
      of it and some of them more recent, and after, we are saddled with the most
      unimaginable kind of negative scenario and our messiah is still talking about
      old lessons in a new era; what should we term this? I rested the thought on the
      advice my senior pastor gave me recently when, after reading through a copy of
      the Sun, he said, “Ralph, it is time we beware of modern messiahs, who, when
      they had the opportunity could not understand what their mission was.”

      I had thought by now we should be tired of
      critics who only yesterday had chance to place us where we ought to belong, but
      failed woefully. But from what I see, I am forced to believe there is a mystic
      in the air that makes a good number of us love and appreciate the old path and
      styles that has kept us where we are in chains and in ruins. I am even more
      troubled by the reaction of my constituency, the press. In a pattern that is
      becoming our style, my colleagues took and gave larger attention to the part of
      the address which was obviously intended to rubbish the incumbent president’s
      efforts at explaining things to Nigerians; and made it a cardinal story. The
      question could be, after all, he is a former president whose words should carry
      weight. Yes, but past leaders’ quality and activities, including known
      antecedents should equally be taken into account before giving their speeches
      prominence. When their posturing would detract from moving along the path of
      progress as in this instance, it should be down-played, not ignored.

      • Adoki

        And I suppose that by “known antecedents” you mean the kind of fiction that you people have always cooked up and fed gullible Nigerians who, because they are frustrated and do not know any better, are desperate to believe whatever the media tell them about their country and some of its leaders.
        See, we know you people, and we know who you serve; we know they are worse characters than those you choose to malign. Don’t worry, when the revolution starts, we know where to find you people and your paymasters who have used the media to confuse and deceive Nigerians to the point that they don’t even know what is good for them. We know those people, including your fake pastors who have been possessed with the same filth and lucre that have put hapless Nigerians in the misery they are in.

  • armrod

    Obasanjo has denied writing such letter, Premium Times be ready to explain to us how you come about the letter no wonder the newspapers avoided quoting you, now you want to get yourself into trouble.

    • Rodney

      Hello Mr. Omokri, can you say that again? I did not hear that!

    • Kareem Haroun

      You publish Baba’s denial make we see. At least I go quote you and credit you as my source.

  • bernarddoro

    Premium times must sue for damages to lay good foundation for ethical journalism!

    • Kareem Haroun


  • NM

    Only illiterates see nothing wrong in plagiarism. Fools depart from facts and chase sensationalism and nepotism, tribalism, just like their newspapers, so are the faceless Nigerians who comment here with no education or common sense.

    • Adoki

      In a way this issue goes to the heart of what is wrong with Nigerians and our country. We can hardly get close to finding solutions for our well-known problems because we lack the culture of progressing from the evidence to conclusion. Yesterday, on this same issue, somebody accused me of boring him with my constant reference to “the facts” of the matter. It easier for Nigerians to believe rumours and fiction that to engage in the rigour of logic and verifiability.

    • Kareem Haroun

      Good talk

  • BlackieUmukoro

    APC gave it to them after lifting it from premiumtimes without stating their source.


      You are blatantly irresponsible to seek to trivialize such a serious issue!

  • John

    Our journalists are also part of the society, the media needs a shake up as much as other institutions.

  • Wen Airegin

    24 hours has passed since this revelation appear in public domain and Baba Obasanjo is yet to retract such letter credited to him, then I wonder why a sane Nigerian will refer to premium times as an organization peddling rumour? The heat from the kitchen will consume many people before 2015. Baba OBJ! Fire on……..

  • Boli Atepa

    What is the evidence that Premium Times alone and exclusive got the story? None and there will never be none. Do they understand journalism at Premium Times? Or do they have common sense?

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      They have no evidence indeed, except for the fact that many of the plagiarists carried and published documents that showed the Premium Times watermark!

      If that is not evidence enough for you, I wonder what will be.

  • Steve

    “That an online news medium publishes a
    document first does not by any means suggest that it is the only medium
    (print or online) with the information at the point in time. What is Premium Times trying to claim here, are you telling us that only you obtained the letter?”

    Stop sounding like Deputy Jesus abeg. Are you telling us that you have not rewritten any story from any website before. Make una go play for gotta abeg.

    • Shegola

      What PT is saying is that other media houses should state their sources, if actually they have any. But if they dont have any other source for the letter, then it means they got it from PT and should duly say so.

    • Okocha

      Agreed, but if those other media houses had their source, why are they publishing copies of the letter with premium times water mark?

  • Godwin

    That is the stuff that Nigeria’s media is made of. As I write this, I am currently listening to Channels TV. They have a guest on air who is making all sorts of wild and unfounded allegations on live TV, and they are all looking at him like spectators, even helping him to complete some of his sentences.
    Sometimes, when these journalists collect their brown envelopes, it difficult for them to be objective.

  • Tiercel

    The Media may have their challenges though, but we need to commend them atimes for piece like this. Afterall, would Obasanjo copy us all his letter to Jonathan? I am happy to read the Letter and i care less about it source. It is revealing.



    • Okocha

      What has your comment got to do with the entire post above?

      • Man Kay

        Premium Times and Sahara Reporters is a meeting point of unethical journalism. That is why they choose what to report ad what to leave out. You can go ahead and ask another rubbish question!

        • Okocha

          Again how does what you said now justify your first comment? Call it what you like. I still don’t understand the relevance of your comment to Premium-times entire write-up.

          • kharixmah

            I do understand the relevance and corelation between them and so also a lot of readers.

          • Okocha

            Your understanding of what you cannot explain does not count for much. The fact that some people (unknown) understand what you understand but cannot explain still does not mean much.

            So I ask one final time. Kindly link your comment to the Premium times post. I am not asking for much. Just explain yourself so that all will understand you not “some unknown people”.

    • Black Moses

      Gullibility is so cheap after all, and you need no rebuke for congratulating yourself on acquiring yours without payment… thanks also to such elements like you, folly run supreme in the land.



  • 9ja4life

    A good percentage of journalists in Nigeria are people who failed to make it to mainstream universities, and decided to look for a means to an end

    • Adoki

      Precisely. Absolutely. Double thumbs up from me, if I could.

  • His Ambassador

    Get your legal department busy. You deserve the credit or take them to court.


    De Guru,

    How do we know Premium Times actually break the
    news of OBJ letter to Jonathan when the story was all over the net? How
    can Premium Times prove that all the Nigerian Papers that used the story
    got it from their web? What about the reaction by Dr. Abati for
    Jonathan? who break that aspect of the News? Was it Premium Times?…
    Can Premium Times identify the news source/peg of every
    newspaper/Journalist in the country. This Premium Times should mind how
    they go about seeking self glorification and stop insulting the rest of
    us. we never got our letter by Obasanjo from Premium Times. We got it
    from source. Okay?

  • THE
    attention of the management of Vintage Press, publishers of THE NATION, has
    been drawn to a publication in the online medium, Premium Times, about former
    President Olusegun Obasanjo’s letter to President Goodluck Jonathan.

    Premium Times accused some newspapers, including
    THE NATION, of not acknowledging it as the source of the letter.

    We do not
    hold brief for other papers, but we state clearly that our source was never
    Premium Times. We got the story of the Obasanjo letter late on Tuesday and we
    were ready to go late in order to run it, but we could not for many technical
    reasons on the part of our sources. Besides, we thought we should do some
    checks before running the story. We won’t name our sources because it is
    unprofessional to do so, despite Premium Times’ puerile attempt to dent our
    integrity with its reckless accusation.

    It is, indeed, strange that Premium Times
    should think that it has exclusive right to the source(s) of the letter. We did
    not get the letter from Premium Times and there was no need to say so.

    We assure
    our readers that we remain as credible as ever and will never compromise
    professional ethics.

    Editor. The Nation

  • deji

    You are demanding credit for an “OPEN LETTER”. Quite ridiculous! What would you do for a secret letter?

  • Truth Life

    Check this for good governance if Nigeria ever has example leadership since 1914. Do u ever read of Lekki toll gate fees in Lagos??? They are all claiming to be a good leader but not.