Group slams Jonathan administration on corruption

President Goodluck Jonathan
President Goodluck Jonathan

The group demanded prosecution of suspects

By Ezenwa Nwagwu

A group, Say No Campaign, SNC, has decried Federal Government’s non-compliance and effective implementation of some transparency laws in the country, saying it was capable of denying Nigerians good governance.

The group specifically lamented the refusal of the government to inaugurate the Public Procurement Council, contained in the Public Procurement Act 2007, despite several resolutions by the National Assembly requesting it to do so.

It also regretted the failure by many government agencies to comply with the Freedom of Information (FoI) law, which it claimed had continued to deny Nigerians their rights to obtain public records.

SNC, in a statement on Tuesday, which was jointly signed by its Convener, Ezenwa Nwagwu, and three others- Awwal Rafsanjani, Samson Itodo and Jaye Gaskia- said the refusal to comply with the laws appeared to be encouraged by President Goodluck Jonathan.

It said, “We are concerned that this current administration continues to violate and disrespect those laws that would improve and increase transparency and good governance in Nigeria.


“Of particular case is the refusal to inaugurate the Public Procurement Council which is in gross violent violation of the Public Procurement Act 2007. This is in spite that fact that the National Assembly has severally passed resolution demanding for its inauguration. This refusal leads to constant abuse and outright looting in the procurement in Nigeria.

“Again, lack of compliance by many government agencies with the Freedom of Information law continued to denies Nigerians their rights to obtain public records. The impunity demonstrates by the public officials appears to be encourage by the President Goodluck Jonathan.”

The group also recalled that Nigeria had conducted audit reports on the oil sector from 1999-2011, including the ones by the Nigeria Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, NEITI, but noted with dismay that all the recommendations for remediation to improve the sector had not been taken seriously by the Jonathan administration.

It expressed concern that many people reportedly collected or paid money on fuel subsidy but never delivered and yet nothing had been done to recover the money.

It noted in particular the shocking revelation of how billions of naira belonging to SURE-P allegedly disappeared in the hand of public officials, but had not been recovered.

SNC slammed the Nigerian authorities for not embracing the Open Government Partnership, OGP, which was launched by world leaders since 2011 to ensure good governments’ commitment to promote transparency, empower citizens, fight corruption and use new technologies to strengthen governance.


According to the group, “The decision to deny Nigeria membership of the Open Government Partnership is a big disgrace to the image of a country like Nigeria that prides itself as the giant of Africa.

“The denial is a clear indication that the Goodluck administration has not demonstrated sufficient will and commitment to the fight against corruption and impunity.”

On extra budgetary spending, SNC noted that spending public funds outside the precincts of the statutory budgetary appropriation had become a recurring decimal in public finance management in Nigeria, adding that it had increased the country’s debt burden.

It stated further, “While government claims to record a purported simultaneous growth in our foreign reserves, we continue to incur monthly deficits in our budget system.

“No doubt this monster fuels the embers of corruption and other despicable forms of underhand dealings in the public sector.

“SNC is concerned that should this go unabated, Nigeria will witness deeper financial crisis capable of pulverizing the nation’s economy.”

On pension scams, the group described as “great injustice” a situation where hardworking Nigerians who dedicated the better years of their lives to the service of the nation were left to live like paupers in hopelessness.

The SNC stated that the country’s utter disregard and lack of compassion for the senior citizens showed its disrespect for generational preservation and history.

It recalled, “The Nigerian governments vowed to arrest and prosecute the culprits involved in the scam. Till date, we have not witnessed any prosecution, conviction or remedy awarded in favor of these honorable Nigerians that served our great country.

“Paying lip-service to the arrest and prosecution of culprits is not peculiar to the Pension scam; we have the fuel subsidy scam which till date has no fruitful outcome of prosecuted culprits.

“The ongoing armored car saga seems to have generated the same upbeat as other scams. Nigerians fear that it will die a natural death like every other pertinent issue that questions the quality of governance and leadership in Nigeria.”


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  • Fela

    He should just resign if he truly love this country and stop skimming for 2015. With all this corruption everywhere, he should just resign and go away and go enjoy all his loot

    • e_orpheus

      Most Nigerian leaders do not have that kind off honor. Resign? Forget it. Farouk Lawan should have resigned, Oduah should have resigned, the NCAA chap should have resigned.. But then again, they stay rooted in their seats and decide to damn the consequences and then their superiors keep mum and don’t deem it fit to nudge them out of office. Just like a staggering drunk reeks of alcohol, this country stinks of corruption and is bedevilled with lethargic and mediocre leadership that lacks the will to see things done right. I am not that old, but I doubt that I’ve seen or heard of the sort of brazenness with which corruption is currently carried out in Nigeria.

      • habib rahman

        The impunity of the ruling class has reached it’s nadir and daresay no amount of condemnations from the citizenry plus that of Ngo’s can reverse this trend unless a broad consensus of all a la Arab spring type revolution

        • e_orpheus

          I have mentioned something along those lines somewhere else. We need something radical and revolutionary to get Nigeria on the right track. God helping me, I’m ready and available to press for change when the opportunity comes.

          • nonso ezeh

            If i hear? So you are doing campaign now? And who knows if you will not be worst than the people you have mentioned earlier.

      • Yahuza Sani Sagagi

        You are telling us a big thief.

        Because the names you mentioned in your example is a make up of the league of thieves.

        • nonso ezeh

          Is it Jonathan’s duty to prosecute thieves?

          • john ola

            Ask him o, only one Jonathan they want to turn him to everything, nawa for this people.

          • e_orpheus

            No. But when thieves eat at the same table with him, then as the President it is his responsibility to initiate proceedings that will result in their prosecution.

          • Yahuza Sani Sagagi

            No, but it’s his duty to shield them.

      • nonso ezeh

        Am ashamed of you. Do you expect Jonathan to do the work of the Legislature,Judiciary and still do the work of the Executive? I don’t know why you are reasoning with your Anus instead of your brain.

        • Agbor Kingsley

          Hahahaha nonso you are funny can ones use anus to reason or to pupu.

      • john ola

        Is this president going to die for your likes, why does he now have other departments if he is still has to do their works?

        • e_orpheus

          He is the President and the buck, ultimately, stops at his table. If he walks the straight and honorable, then by induction or coercion, his subordinates will fall in line. He presides over most FEC meetings and the Minister of Aviation sits at the same table. He has advisers on National Assembly matters that are present at such meetings etc..If he isn’t ready to take the heat when his teammates mess up, he isn’t fit for that office.

    • esaulogbon

      Stealing is good when you know no one can catch you… you keep skimming to continue to steal…

      • nonso ezeh

        Are you a true Nigerian?

      • john ola

        What are you saying?

    • nonso ezeh

      What rubbish are you talking about? The people that looted this country are still alive,even vying for 5th tenure. Jonathan loves Nigeria and the only way to prove it is to go for 2nd term and finish the good work he started. So that he can save us from the hands of this wolves in sheep clothing.

    • john ola

      Now i know that you do not know the kind of man you have as a president, Listen let me put you through if you are still yet to know, president Jonathan is a blessing to this nation, how many of our past presidents have done what he is doing? You will never appreciate what you have until you lose it.

    • Bala Haruna

      Are you encouraging the president to runaway just because there are challenges? Its only a coward that runs away from his responsibilities.,and obviously he is not. Rather he is brave enough to face the challenges which is why he should be given another chance.

  • Bala Haruna

    Corruption did not just start in Nigeria today.All these corrupt practices mentioned above and many more existed long before now..But Jonathan is doing his best to fight against corruption and to a large extent has improved the economy of the country. Of course you don’t expect him to do everything in just one day, it is one of the reasons why he ought to be given another chance to do more..How do you expect him to tackle problems that have existed for so many years in just four years?

    • Agbor Kingsley

      Bala Haruna,that is the issue with our country Nigeria,they don’t always appreciate good things but to engage you with different kind of work so that at the end of the day blame will be upon your head.