Enugu, crime capital of Nigeria – Survey


Where would you likely be a victim of crime in Nigeria? See the safest and most dangerous states in Nigeria.

Enugu State, in the south east, is the official crime capital of Nigeria, a crime perception survey released on Monday in Abuja has said.

At least 70 per cent of respondents to the survey in Enugu admitted they were victims of crime in the past year, the 2013 National Crime Victimization and Safety Survey conducted by CLEEN Foundation showed.

The national average was 25 per cent – one in every four Nigerian. The survey showed a progressive decrease in the number of victims of crime in Nigeria.

“There has been a six per cent decrease in actual experience of crime from the 31 per cent recorded in 2012 to the current 25 percent,” the report said.

The report surveyed for crimes like robbery, kidnapping, physical assault, phone and car theft, rape and attempted rape, domestic violence, attempted murder and other crimes.

The Crime Victimization Survey used data collected across Nigeria between June and July 2013.

Closely following Enugu State is its neighbour, Ebonyi, where at least 65 per cent – at least three in every five residents – were victims of crime.

Ekiti state, in southwest Nigeria, shares the same crime records with Ebonyi State. More than three in every five respondents admitted they were victims of crime last year.

Ogun State, a neighbour to Lagos is the safest state in Nigeria with only about one in every 20 citizens admitting they were victims of crimes last year.

Katsina State in Northwest Nigeria is the next safest. Only about one in every 10 residents was a victim of crime last year.

Lagos State recorded 18 percent.

Borno and Yobe, despite being the hotbed for Boko Haram attacks recorded seemingly low crime rates, according to the report. Only about one in every four resident admitted being victims of crime last year. Boko Haram militants have murdered over 1,500 people in the states since launching a vicious attack against government establishments, security agencies, religious places and the residents.

At a geopolitical level, the South East recorded the highest number of crimes with 44 per cent of respondents complaining they were victims. The North West recorded the lowest score of 18 per cent crime rate.

On a gender scale, more men than women fell victims of crimes in Nigeria last year.

“Further (segregation) by gender indicates that more men (27%) had actual experience than women (23%),” the report said.

Irony of feeling

Although Ogun State recorded the lowest actual experience of crime, almost everyone in the state fear they would become victims of crime.

The findings of the 2013 survey indicated that 94 per cent of Ogun residents fear they are likely victims of crime. In actual sense, only one in 20 was a victim of crime.

On a national scale, more than 7 out of 10 Nigerians had the fear of becoming victims of crime last year.

The people who feel safest are those in Benue and Taraba States. Only 38 per cent of residents in those state had fears of becoming victims of crime. One in four residents of Benue state were victims of crime last year, and not more than one in every six in Taraba.

“Analysing by gender, 73 percent of females feared becoming victims of crime compared to 71 percent of males,” the report said.

“Overall, these findings are meant to assist the government, police and the entire criminal justice administration system to better understand emerging trends in crime and safety in Nigeria and consequently, to refine and deploy improved strategies to resolve the country’s current challenges of security and safety,” the authors, CLEEN Foundation, said.

The survey was conducted with support from the Macarthur Foundation.

[Download the full report here]


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  • Eluma

    This piece of gabbage is simply not tenable. How can any sane person believe that Enugu has a higher percentage of criminality than Borno where Boko Haram is hacking people to death on daily basis. Or is Boko Haram onslaught on innocent Nigerians not crime? And to say that Boko Haram has only killed about 1500 people since they started is to insult the sensibilities of Nigerians. Secondly, how can Benue & Taraba residents feel safest when they are being terrorized daily by the Fulani cattle rearers?

    • Cicero Orji

      Seems you guys don’t understand the psychological warfare going on lately on the social media and main street press, all this is geared presenting Enugu in bad light to scare away people who might be planning of using the new International airport in Enugu just imagine the level of hypocrisy,lies and treachery people would descend to in order to malign their so called fellow countrymen and you call it ONE Nigeria, Indeed!

      • CPT Planet

        So the MacArthur Foundation is run by Yorubas?

        • Cicero Orji

          But I didn’t mention Yorubas in my write up, so how come you’re the one saying its the Yorubas am referring to? Are the Yorubas the one behind the recent blitzkrieg against Enugu? Just asking, since you’re calling names.

      • UK BOY

        Thanks a lot Cicero, i am happy that their are still some nigerian ready and able to think outside the box, your comment is spot on the money.

        • Cicero Orji

          Our eyes are very much open and we’re watching, if we are serious about building the Nigeria of our dream let’s do it in Justice, Fairness and Equity if Nigeria can’t be built on the alter of this then we better decide a future for ourselves because such level of Injustice cannot continue. I can’t imagine someone coming to tell the world rubbish that Enugu is the most dangerous place to live in Nigeria which is a complete white lie.

  • Dan Bahaushiya

    Enugu can not be the the crime capital of Nigeria when Portharcourt exist on the Nigerian Map.

    Is Enugu a city where a police commissioner can organise or look the other way when hoodlooms are booing vising governors? or is it a place where the CP can block governor’s convoy from entering government house?

    Poor rating indeed. Enugu State is safer than many other states in Nigeria.

  • Tony Ojobo

    This is certainly a piece of garbage meant for the trash can. It is a report of survey carried of by lazy, armchair researchers . The report lacks in the standard requirement of credibility. It is factually erroneous and intellectually shallow. The IGP had recently said that from records of crimes committed in the country, that’ Enugu State has the lowest crime rate in the country. What was the sample population for this survey, what demographics were captured . How many LGAs were sampled for this exercise . Premium Times should rise above this mediocrity and report facts and not deceive Nigerians.

  • Netanyahu

    This crap of opinion poll does not deserve commenting on. The idiots running these newspaper houses should be able to pretend at least of being factual for once. Lol.

  • Just Contributor

    This is outright violation of research methodology and abuse of common sense. The worst and dangerous piece of garbage I have ever read (….feel like vomiting)! Garbage-in, garbage-out. PREMIUM TIMES, please verify what you post- atleast use common-sense in somethings like this verbiage. If Enugu, every Dick and Harry sees to be safest in Southeast/Southsouth becomes the “crime capital”, then the entire Nigeria becomes uninhabitable.

    Please EFCC, ICPC, Police, Military should arrest the president and researcher of this false, malicious, weak, and lousy foundation ripping off the MacArthur Foundation because they are fraudulent, blight and cancer!

    • Lincon

      Is it bcox u have not fallen victim? U better watch your mouth! What do u know about research? Must we get sentimental about everything? Haba! This is just an eye opener to the commissioner and Governor of Enugu state to tighten the security of that Promising state, especially now that International airport in there Wíℓℓ be begging for patronage of more international flights, this reports may just scare them off, bcox everytin is on internet now!!!

      • james

        LINCOn plz come to ENUGU and see that what the researchers did are rubbish..You can walk in enugu and nothing will happen to you very peaceful and hospitabl

  • premium liars!!! what is ur confidence interval and sample size….morons

  • Magicman

    I think we have two Enugus in Nigeria. I happen to live in one of them and the survey was carried out in the other. The stupid foundation know the crime statistics in Nigeria better than the IGP. They should do me a favour and go to Yobe State and spend one week driving around without security

  • Ezeh Izu

    Premium Times, it looks like you missed out a few other inferences from that survey:
    1. You’re Four (4) times more likely to be r.aped in the SW than in the SE

    2. You’re Three (3) times more likely to be robbed in Ondo, than in Ebonyi

    3. You’re more likely to be kidnapped in the SW than anywhere else in Southern Nigeria.

    4. You’re Three (3) times more likely to be murdered in the SW than in the SE

    5.Your phone is twice (2) at risk of being stolen in Ekiti than in Ebonyi

    6. Your car is 2.5 times more at risk of being stolen in Lagos than in the SE.

    7. You’re twice at risk of being the victim of armed violence (other than robbery) in Lagos than in the SE

    8. If you reside in Ogun or Ondo, you’re much more likely to live in fear of crime than if you reside in Enugu or Ebonyi

    The South East is certainly one of the safest place in Nigeria. The figures are verifiable, numbers don’t lie.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Funny, but Ogala Emmanuel does not appear to be a Yoruba name!

      Must we ethnicise everything Nigerian or are we just looking at it as a simple case of “I’m bad, but not as bad as my neighbour”?

      • CPT Planet

        Just leave these bigots.

        Embarassment has made them craze

      • Ezeh Izu

        But nevertheless these are verifiable facts, and that should be all that matters.

      • These are the real persons behind this paper:
        Musikilu Mojeed/MANAGING EDITOR
        They worked in some of these papers: THE NEWS/TEMPO, TELL, THE PUNCH and NEXT
        So this tells it all where the agenda was cooked.

  • onye ulo tigbuo

    If the report had mentioned Onitsha I will have no reason to dispute it. To refer Enugu as the crime capital means that something else is in the mind of the reporters. Well, as most of the comments said, the international airport is the issue!

  • lordfedjoe

    Here we have another sponsored journalism.

  • Davison

    That’s the arrant nonsense called one Nigeria. Lagos and Ibadan are no longer crime centers but Enugu? You can see their very wicked and unrepentant evil mind against Ndigbo. This is why am always a furious person seeing Ndigbo attempting to advance the course of one Nigeria concept.

  • Hamiltoneze

    The present IG of police said on national television that Enugu state is the safest state in Nigeria. The IG is not fro Enugu state and being the chief crime buster in Nigeria,he should know. i think this so called research is garbage. Desperate fellows. I think they have made an embarrasing mistake this time. They probably do not know the difference between Anambra state and Enugu state. Even though teh crime rate in Anambra is not as much as that of Ogun state, but if they had guessed Anambra, this would have stuck. God has put confusion into the mist of our enemies.

  • Efe1

    I find it hard to accept that Enugu is more dangerous than Yenegoa, where people are kidnapped and traded in open market.

  • kelvin

    Whoever posted this or even thought of such write up is a big fool and a disgrace to human race.

  • ChuckleCC

    Na the Enugu International airport de pain them. Thye want to use this report to stall investment drive. The Nigerian state is at war with Ndigbo, the FFKs the Adeyinka grahams, the Princess Fateema Shindai

  • Onuma

    Yariba Ako Bata Fulani, cannot do more than a hanging pant, this is an old trick, Ethiopian Air ways were fully booked heading to Enugu Akanibiam international Airport from every part of the world. From now till August Next years 2014 is fully booked., Yariba cowards can go to hell, Ako bata Fulani.

  • guest1

    I dont understand why some people who at some point would not even write their names correctly would choose to venture into a big project like this. Shameless and clueless report!

  • You&Me

    Shallow mind. When your mates are going to school, you were busy learning arabic and after that, you went to adult education, hence the result. Shame on you he-goat. Akuya

  • ucheke

    Enugu crime capital of Nigeria. This survey just turned Truth upside down. Enugu is one of the safest and fastest developing cities in W. Africa.

  • Reading these comments, I am so happy that the era of junk journalism championed by SW Nigeria is over. Why must journalism be so spiteful, full of agenda-setting, innuendos, hatchet jobs etc? The wicked one is when they now import these attributes into the hallowed centers of statistics and research. Why cant they check with the Police records? Why cant they use more objective methodologies. We met some of these sectional journalists in school and they were not even performers in class. The peoples of the SS/SE should be very watchful and use blogs as this and others to vehemently refute any dastardly sort of profiling by this horrible, sectional press. The theory that this hogwash is premised on the International Airport in Enugu has merit because I recall that when the process of Internationalisation was on, such irredentists as Wole Shadare of Guardian Newspaper constantly campaigned against it as a “political” project but that al expenditure should go to Lagos airports. Omotoba, FFK and OBJ sneered at it. Now the unholy campaign has coyly moved to the performing Stella Oduah who already owned Sea Petroleum and Gas before becoming Minister.

  • Guest 2

    This is one of those scams why some foreign donors are apprehensive to give grants to genuine NGOs to implement projects that will positively impact the lives of Nigerians. CLEEN Foundation, if truly were the ones that published this trash, simply sat in their office and “cooked” up the figures. I implore Mac Arthur Foundation to compel them to refund the grant or take them to EFCC.

    Clear idiotic forgery! And to worsen matters, the hare-brained dullards were blinded by age-long, ethnic stereotypism, which they could not keep aside while “collecting” their data from their dense brain.

    What could it have cost them to recruit and train from the army of unemployed graduates a handful of young men and women as their research assistants?

    To conclude, I just want to assure the readers that no research of this nature was ever conducted in the real world. Their figures were certainly “manufactured” in the office, guided by ethnocentricity.

    Enugu is among the safest cities in Nigeria. I have not claimed that South Eastern Nigeria is the safest ( though it may be except gor crime hotspots like Onitsha and Aba)