EXCLUSIVE: Asari-Dokubo establishes own university, names it after King Amachree

Asari-Dokubo already has soccer institutions in Benin and Nigeria train youth free of charge.

The leader of the Niger Delta People’s Volunteer Force, NDPVF, Muhajid Asari-Dokubo has joined the swelling rank of private university proprietors with his establishment of a university in the neighbouring Republic of Benin.

Mr. Asari-Dokubo, who already owns a soccer academy in the West African country and another one in Abuja, said the university, which will be known as King Amachree African University, KAAU, had already been accredited to commence degree programmes beginning September 2014.

He told PREMIUM TIMES in an interview in Abuja that the proposed university, named after his ancestor, was a product of his two existing institutions in Benin Republic, namely King Amachree Automobile/ICT Royal Academy and King Amachree Arts Academy. Both of them, he added, currently award Diploma to their students.

Mr. Asari-Dokubo said he chose to establish the institutions in Benin Republic because he does not only live there, but has adopted it as his country.

“What we have now, we are awarding only diploma now. “By next September, Insha Allah, the university will start,” Mr. Asari-Dokubo, who dropped out of University of Calabar, he said.

“For now we have King Amachree Automobile/ICT Royal Academy and King Amachree Arts Academy. Two of them were merged. We have merged the two of them into king Amachree African University.

“King Amachree is my great ancestor. He was king of the Kingdom of new Calabar.”

On his soccer academy, the 50 year old Mr. Asari-Dokubo, an indigene of Rivers State, who refused to be tagged a former militant, said it was established to train the youth in soccer free of charge.

“We plan to engage the youths. It is free. We have a soccer academy in Abuja and we have another one in Republic of Benin,” he said.

More Nigerians are forced to go to Benin Republic, Ghana, Togo and other neigbhouring countries to acquire education due to the incessant labour disputes and industrial actions within the Nigerian university system as well as the deplorable state of education in the country.

Currently, students of both the federal and state universities in Nigeria are at home due to the strike embarked upon by the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, over the refusal of the Federal Government to honour its 2009 agreement with the union.

Other unions within the education sector, including the Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities, SSANU, have also embarked on solidarity strike while the Nigeria Union of Teachers, NUT, and Non-Academic Staff Union, NASU, are reportedly on the verge of doing towing that path.

Students of the over 50 private universities in Nigeria, whose fees can only be afforded the rich, are however, in session.

Mr. Asari-Dokubo is, like former Niger Delta militants enjoying massive patronage from the current administration, believe to be very wealthy but his source of income is largely unknown.

There were speculation he made his fortune stealing crude oil in the Niger Delta. But he denied engaging in such practices, telling PREMIUM TIMES he had never been part of any act capable of endangering the Delta.


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  • Just Contributor

    You can imagine the mentality of this “Nigerian”- establishing university in Republic of Benin- not in his Nigeria! The reason while Nigeria will not get better and perhaps, the dream Niger Delta republic stands to die in independence.

  • Mohammed

    Terrorist university built with blood, and stolen money. God relieve is from these thieves.

    • Daniel

      Let Boko Haram establish one in Sambisa Forest. If you think other parts of Nigeria is waiting for you, then you better think again. We are marching forward.

  • Frank

    This is better than spending the money on flamboyant lifestyle…. kudos

  • nikoroorire

    This is a University for terrorists. God bless the the ‘students’.

    • Daniel

      Jealousy stinks. Go establish one!

      • Efe1

        I just wonder if we are a serious nations!

  • Mani_Kay

    The Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani States are nothing but huge Almajiri producing factories.

    It is on record that they produce over 100,000 jobless and unemployable Almajiris weekly.

    I hope they will learn from our illustrious son and leader Dr Asari Dokubo and commence the establishment of Automobile Mechanic workshops, ICT Centers etc. etc. etc so that these Alamjiri will learn a trade and become useful.

    Notwithstanding, my worry on a related note are two-fold viz:

    1. In compliance with the Federal Character principle, many of these uneducated Almajiri end up occupying top strategic positions at all levels of our government including the Armed Forces and the Police. The result is endemic poor performance that severely affects the entire country.

    2. To make matters worse, the Niger State Governor Alhaji Babangida Aliyu who also doubles as the Chairman of the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani States Governors Forum has said that the production of jobless and unemployable Alamajiris is a critical part of their culture and religion (Islam). He shamelessly vowed that nothing under the sun can make them stop the production of Alamjiris.

    • Dan-Hausa

      That is why the biafra warlord Ojukwu had a muslim daughter raised in the north (Tani Hamman). I’m very sorry for you people because the more you look the less you see. He man knew he can manipulated you people easily due to your myopic thinking lured you into civil war.

    • Lincon

      I wonder whether most of u from the east/ss do take kain kain b4 makin comment on this forum dat suppose to exclusively be for reasonable and objective comments! Finally, did u even pause to ask ursef, why asari, dat always laments backwardness of east/SS refused to establish his so called University in that region? If truelly he has the love of the region at his heart as he made us to believe, atleast it cud have helped the host community a lot!

  • Efe1

    Need i say more? The goat is not a Nigerian! He lives in Benin and he want to set Nigeria on fire so he can run back to Benin when the fire gets too hot.

    • Mani_Kay

      Are you really a human being? You need to go and check yourself for mental problems. Dr Asari Dokubo is not a goat ….. I repeat he is not a goat. I will like @Premium Times take note of your abusive language.

      His decision to live in Benin Republic is a huge personal sacrifice for peace to reign in Nigeria at the expense of the Niger Delta people.

      • Efe1

        That is why he is a goat!

        • Daniel

          Foul and empty language! Please raise the bar of the debate, rather than allow personal frustration consume you.

          • Efe1

            Foul language is preferable to stealing and killing which are Asari stock.

          • Daniel

            Wrong still !

          • Tonnero

            What debate? How can you debate with idiots? Better to call them what they are and move on.

          • Efe1

            I just don’t get it! I watched a documentary about Ghana today, and I was ashamed to be called a Nigerian. They reference Nigeria saying they don’t want to make the mistakes we made and continue to make.

          • Tonnero

            I am actually on your side.

      • Joseph

        Efe why are you using Major Gideon Okar picture after using him for a failed coup which he paid the ultimate price. Why don’t you use pictures of The rogues Major Mukoro and Lt Col Nyam? You stupid Niger Delta fisherman or fisher woman ogogoro consumer, with no address in the creeks. Asari Dokubo is a rogue and a terrorist. He should establish university with the stolen money to train militants instead taking them overseas where they disgrace Jonathan.

      • segun

        you write and sounds dumb to me,is this really your pix?

      • Bala R


      • Kolawole Awojide Olusegun


    • Daniel

      What is so worthy of a Nigeria, if some people cannot live their lives freely due their religious beliefs or western education? We need a better Nigeria or we peacefully go our separate ways.

      Is Nigeria going to be the first country to disintegrate? Sentimental attachment to an unworkable system cannot take us anywhere. We have many examples around the world to show.

      At least Asari Dokubo has a worthy legacy to bequeath to the world, go make your history. Being an internet tiger should not become our stock in trade.

      • Efe1

        I want you to list 5 things we have done as a country to make it work! I don’t mean self serving jamboree. We are lazy, we have not tried. Look at America, every tribe on earth is represented in that country. The reason it works, is because they have laws and the laws are fully enforced without favour. I will say first we should try making good laws, and enforcing them before we talk of breaking up. And when you break up, the dis functional laws will still remain and the brain dead Nigerians too lazy to apply ourselves will still remain, so the problem persist.

        • carrot

          is it by force to remain one with people who do not share the same ideas? when the time comes, i hope you and your sons will be in front of the battle field.

          • Efe1

            Tell me do all the igbo, yoruba,urhobo or ijaw share the same view amongs themselves? I always wonder why we fail as a country to make significant progress in anything we do. Instead of asking the vital question of our leaders and of ourselves, we are doing what we do best in this country, focusing on the insignificant. Is the north that cause kidnapping,oil spillage, arm robbery, corruption, bad civil service and many more issue that confront this nation? I beg to differ that our problem ends with division.

        • Daniel

          Who will enforce the laws and on whom? I guess Boko Haram. Comparing America with Nigeria is like apples and oranges.

          Islam is a way of life, so we cannot have an egalitarian society like America’s even in hundreds of years to come. You cannot refine a religious fundamentalist. It is taking his personality away from him, thus creating identity crisis.

          That is why Pakistan broke away from India; that is why the Soviet Union could not survive the Cold War; that is why South Sudan is now an independent country.

          Let me ask you this: do you think the security problems we have in the North was caused by Jonathan? Or you think fighter jets will simply solve the problem? Were you in this country when some people threatened fire and brimstone if Jonathan won the election? Are they fulfilling their promises?

          Were you have a people who believe the president they have is not qualified to be because he is simply not one of them, what do you expect? Peace?

          In the history of America, I want you to tell me those who said education was a taboo. Nigeria’s issues are so fundamental that we cannot but sit down and talk, a second civil war is inevitable. History of other countries tells me so.

          • Efe1

            You did not answer my question

          • Daniel

            I guess you want straight answers. I vote as a citizen, pay my bills and keep my environment clean. I also obey the laws of the land.

            Now there is a president in office whose policies are being resisted by reactionaries. However he has done so much.

            1.passed the Freedom of Information bill
            2. Implemented the minimum wage.
            3. Power reform is awesome
            4. Agriculture is has unbelievably been transformed(acknowledged by Madam Eze Ekwesili, just yesterday)
            5. Favourable economic policies for Dangote and other patriots (imagine the jobs being created and to be created)
            6. Standard and Poors rated the economy yesterday as solid and stable
            7. Inter-state roads being dualized and rehabilited e.g Abuja-Benin
            8. Containing robustly the orchestrated Boko Haram and their agents
            9. Reviving the railways and so on…
            10. Following judicial procedure to fight corruption

            Then see the laudable areas being resisted:

            1.Fuel Subsidy removal
            2. PIB
            3.A road map to fix our education system,i.e. Universities
            4. Constitutional review
            5. Constitutionalism ( Jonathan to run for 2015)
            6 The fight against polio ( remember the health workers killed in Kano )
            7 Peace ( refusal of Boko Haram to dialogue) and other shenanigans in the kitty of the opposition…

            Jonathan and I who voted him have done very well in the present unfavourable local and global conditions. Let us appreciate the complexity of Nigeria and its multi-faceted problems…

          • Efe1

            You have done very well answering a question i did nt ask. I asked what have we done beside all the pass jamboree to address the tribal, religious and social strife that has been a pain to this nation since independence. You and many other advocate division, but you know our problem is not the fact that we are one country,but our problem is our general refusal to address the real issue.

  • Ahmed

    Mani Kay or whatever u call ur self.U ARE A FOOL with serious lack of respect for a fellow human being.Anyway,I don,t think Ure one.STUPID IDIOT.U even Hv the guts to ask someone whether he,s human.Are U?


    Prince Adeleke Niger Delta republic is not develop with Looted money Develop your Village Ijaws need University not Benin .Hospital, Asiri is running away from War. Coward you insulted OBJ, IBB ,Democracy .Treating War 2015.Republic of Benin is OBJ territory to capture Asiri is Like chicken Ode.

    • Daniel

      They are so bitter because they thought Asari Dokubo could not amount to anything worthy. Now they are so disappointed and jealous.

  • political commentator

    Asari kudos, ur practice is a practical description of the term MONEY LAUNDERING. Ur act shows the positive impact of money laundry, how i wish its established in Nigeria. But let our present corrupt leaders follow suit but let dem put their investment in the country, at least unemployment will be minimized, not stealing and taking to be utilized in other countries, since we can separate corruption from them, let them pls show sympathy on nigerians by re-investing money government cant invest.

    What about others, what are they doing?


    It still eludes me why Mr Asari Dokubo and self acclaimed Dr. Has nott deemed it more beneficial to establish dis University in Nigeria or more specifically in Niger Delta? Would’nt dat be part of d Niger Delta struggle for self actuallisation of d Emancipation dream? Why Benin Republic? Is it dat Niger Delta is not enough 2 host Asari Dokubo’s University or Dat Niger Delta is bigger than d University? I wonder d essence of d struggle? Wether its about establishing essential developmental project elsewhere rather than in Niger Delta? And how can Asari stand to boldly criticise anybody for negleting Niger Delta when he him self refuse 2 act when he has d opportunity? It clearly shows that his struggle is selfish and aimed at enrishing himself or he has been clouded by a selfish ambition.

    • Daniel

      Let the governments at every level maintain the ones we have for now.


      Let the Government maintain the present institutions of learning we have first b4 loking for another one.

  • Dumbo Dumbo

    Everyone knows that it is impossible for this rogue to get a license to operate a vocational centre in Nigeria not to talk of a university thus his reason for going to Benin. Another reason being that he is looking for an escape route from the war he has always propagated. If eventually Dumbo Dumbo is not reelected come 2015 is this rogue going to prosecute the war he has been clamouring from Benin? Dumbo should know his lieutenants better.

    • segun

      good of you,that was a sound comment

  • kingston

    Na wa oooo

  • arise_9ja

    Is this news worthy? Has Asari ever stolen anything from your fathers compound? Has he ever carried gun to rob you on your street? Bigger thieves like IBB, Tinubu, El-Rufai, Odili, Danjuma, Atiku and Obasanjo are moving around freely with their oil wells, parading themselves as leaders but Asari must be criminalized afterall he is from a minority trip which has no voice to defend him. Time to break up this country so that Yorubas will blame Yoruba thief, Hausa man will blame Hausa thief, Ibo man will blame Ibo thief. These invaders called Nigeria seized Asari’s land, polluted it, used the money to build Lagos and Abuja then turn around to hang small thieves like Asari

    • Tonnero

      No other comment is required for your post except that Nigeria seems to have too many idiots like you. Pity.

  • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

    I cried for Nigeria this morning again.

    How can a make give what he does not have?

    Food for thought.

  • akpos1

    This is good news. But I advise Sir Dokubo to set up a training institute for Revolutionists & positive radicalism free of charge to the people of the SS Republic. This is what we need now so that we can take back, repair & protect our South South ecosystem/ecology/environment which Nigeria via its colluding foreign oil companies have destroyed.

    Long live the oily SS Republic

  • Gidado

    Cant wait to see the day “shekau” will be addressed as “the Leader Boko Haram people’s volunteer force”…. Whats wrong with this country?? God bless Nigeria

  • Comfortkay

    How can a school dropout established a Unversity.
    I weep for Nigeria,.

    • Scatter

      Maybe because he has now seen the light. And so wants for others what he foolishly lost in his prime and now deeply regrets. It may well be his own way of repentence. All I hope is that the school will be truly what he says it is. Wish him well.

  • esaulogbon

    Illiterates now establishing universities!

  • Jophita Ozota

    no body should ask him his source of income. he is a good man,I have been given him a respect before now, and from today I will increase that respect. my chairman docubo carry go and may Almighty God bless u in Jesus name.I will be happiest person if can be able to get ur contact. my bomber is 08030909638.