Kumuyi’s son apologizes for ‘flamboyant’ wedding; suspended by church

John Kumuyi and bride suspended from Deeper Life Bible Church

Despite tendering a “wholehearted” apology to the church’s elders, the Deeper Life Church last Saturday suspended John Kumuyi over his recent controversial wedding in Jamaica.

Mr. Kumuyi, son of the church’s General Superintendent, William Kumuyi, walked the aisle with Love Odih on June 15 in a ‘society’ wedding which attracted widespread condemnation.

The bride, decked in a flowing white gown – a shift from the traditional Deeper Life wedding dress – looked radiant at the wedding, her face dabbed with a touch of make up, including a lipstick.

The church operates a strict regimen on ceremonies which outlaws even video coverage during nuptials.

Mr. Kumuyi and his bride were even driven in an ash-coloured limousine, creating a buzz on social media with people wondering whether the church had relaxed its rather conservative rules or their leader’s son had become exempt to them.

The groom, realizing the embarrassment he had caused the church, apologized “profusely” during the mid-year celebration programme at the Lagos-Ibadan expressway last Saturday.

“We unreservedly and wholeheartedly stated that we did not intend and do not intend that our act or omissions in any way undermine the great work that God has done through the Deeper Christian Life Ministry through our father, the General Superintendent,” read the letter of apology addressed to the church and read out to the entire congregation.

The apology, however, did little to assuage the anger of the church’s elders, including the groom’s father, who recommended that the couple be placed “under discipline.”

The Senior Kumuyi and some leaders of the church attended the wedding.

“The church, Deeper Life, remains committed to the biblical practice and standard of almost 40 years Christian dressing and still remains and does not compromise on biblical Christian dressing,” said Philip Oluwi, who spoke on the church’s behalf.

“Hence, deviation warrants the displeasure and frown of God and the leadership of the church,” he added.

The couple’s letter of apology was re-read several times at the 50,000 capacity church auditorium, sending a strong message of intolerance to disobedience to the members.

“We have now realized the far reaching effect of our actions and omissions and do plead with the church for forgiveness and also appeal that any action that should be taken be directed at John and Love, as we take this time to prayerfully reflect on our actions,” the couple’s apology read.

“We take full responsibility for what has happened and this action should in no way be blamed on the General Superintendent or the leaders of the church in Nigeria, United States, Jamaica, or United Kingdom and beyond.”


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  • Mamman Bako

    Is this the will of God or the will of man. This is legalistic and quite contrary to God’s grace.

  • austine

    As far as am concern, there is no sin in their dressings and the wedding is legal. The elders should be sincere and mind their business as constitutionally there is freedom of association and personal liberty.

    • Blessing Ekpere Ogbu

      In Law, Austine, there is a principle known as the volenti non fit injuria. Once you consent to an injury, you cannot turn around to claim damages arising from the injury. This principle is applied to associations and activities that are legal. Once you submit yourself to their jurisdiction, the law will stop you from turning around to complain that you have been affected by their acts.

      • gabbi

        There is no law that condemns the dressing of a beautiful bride,which is acceptable in the bible,e.g Esther e.t.c.even the DLBC doctrine that is being used as a yardstick is not perfect,as TV and the internet is now being used by the members,it should only be regulated ri avoid misuse not condemned in its entirety

  • austine

    Marriage is done once in a life time and as single you can’t appear in marrital ceremony like a widow(opoo) so, the biblical doctrine that a man and wife will become one is better follow than a church doctrine of not wearing makeup or jewellry. What about solomon and david? Has John done half of what they did in marriage? Abeg! Make una leave them because they have fulfilled the promises of God.

    • gabbi

      I quite agree with u that wedding is celebrated once in a lifetime,so d bride must look beautiful 4 her groom on that day,they were properly dressed and shouldn’t be condemned.your relationship with God is both inward & outward,however outward is not dressing but character and behavior to the things of God and towards your fellow men.our orientation must change,we should not follow the wimps of a doctrine which only condemns the outward looks and ignore the inward.

  • Ajantala

    Let me just say the dresses were appropriate EXCEPT per Deeper Life doctrine. BUT obviously, the General Superintendent has no moral CONTROL over his own children. They knew what they were doing because you WILL not be married in Deeper Life until you attend marriage counseling; the Church WILL tell you when you’re getting married and the church tells you the dress code. Your suggestions or ideas are totally irrelevant. I know because two of my cousins got married in the church.

    • Emmanuel Oleru

      Be careful for nothing….. That’s what the bible says. Don’t get confuse of what u see. Knowing the will and plan of God is more important. The fact that Pastor W.F Kumuyi remarried is biblical. If the son disobey the father it is a sin.

    • Blessing Ekpere Ogbu

      Pastor Kumuyi married in England because the lady was based in the United Kingdom before the wedding. As a matter of fact, she was one of the elders and pillars of the Church in the United Kingdom.

      In the case of his son, the father of the bride is the Deeper Life Bible Church, Jamaican National Overseer. The bride lives with the family there, being their missionary ground. So holding the wedding there is not condemnable.

      • Ajantala

        I am NOT condemning anyone. BUT you would think someone born and bred in Nigeria and made (and still making)his gazillion of money in Nigeria will show some respect to fatherland. I guess we are ONLY meant to be prepared for “rapture” while they sent their children to Yale and marry Jamaicans.

  • teeto

    i dont think there was anything wrong with this dress o… it is well

  • fiito

    Why do we make the word of God of none effect with our human traditions? The bride was moderately dressed ,he groom also apologised to please the church yet he was purnished. Is that what Jesus will do? Its a shame.

    • Oleru Emmanuel D

      And ye shall knw the truth and the truth shall set you free. Don’t forget ‘Bad things is done by many and good things is done by a few’. Let me tell you it is not a tradition. When I was in primary and secondary school in nigeria, we are not allowed to put on makeup to school i.e for girls and even outrageous hair do for boys and girls because is not good, is not modesty and it is agaist the condoct if u do so. But when we left that stage we put on a lot of that looks and even more and we are told that we look good on it. That’s devilish. In Nigeria to day people are called bad names as a way of greeting eg ‘Bad guy’ ‘bad o!’ ‘My badest guy’ ‘mad man’ ‘mother 4ker’ etc and it is generaly accepted as a good thing. Be wise

      • Amarachi

        I thank God 4 ur life my dear brother, God still has people who know the truth and defend it at all cost, no matter the criticism from the accusers of sound truth and wrong interpreters of the bible. The word of the Lord still remains the same.

  • Oleru Emmanuel

    The world is a friend of its own. ‘Bad things is done by many but good things is done by a few’. Am not suprs that the world will say the dressings with lipstick and makeup is good. It symbolies the world and what they want. You must be different. When I was in primary school and secondary school we are not allowed to put on make up and all that to school because it is part of dspln and it is good. But now is a way of life to the world advancement. In Nigeria today calling a friend ‘bad guy’ ‘bad o!’ ‘Ma badest guy’ is a way of greeting and hailing someone of your mate. And all this is generaly accepted by many in the world ……. Be wise, be good, don’t do what you are doing for people, do it for God

  • Oleru Emmanuel

    People call you bad names as a way of greeting like in Nigeria, we use ‘bado!’ ‘Badt guy’ ‘bad guy’ ‘mad man’ and then play with it. But it is devilish…….. No body want to be call a good guy because now to be called a good guy is like you are a fool. That’s what the devil has giving to the world.
    John Kumuyi has not done well with his wife i expected the best from them and is not too late. Though it is good in the eyes of many and the world because that’s what the world wants. Don’t forget ‘BAD THINGS IS DONE BY MANY BUT GOOD THINGS IS DONE BY A FEW’. Back then in my primary and secondary school in Nigeria we are not allowed to put on makeup i.e for the girls and the boys are not allowed to put on outrageous hair do because it was bad and against the school moral condoct. But when we left primary and secondary school we do more of it all and people say we look good in that way. Wow….. Tnk u Jesus for helping me to know the foolishness of the devil. The devil will praise you to hell fire and kill you, for he came to kill and to destroy you.
    John Kumuyi and his wife you have disobeyed your fathers and is sin befor God but sweet in the eyes of men and the world….. That’s devilish.


    the lord seeth the heart not the dressing, the only reason i guess why they werer suspended is because the way of dressing might give a wrong impression on the church. and then it being the General Superintendent’s son he shouldn’t have gone to that extent. wonder what joy was gained now that he had to make several appologies and what happiness is there when the whole church aint happy with them. ITS BETTER WE DO WHAT YOU KNOW PEOPLE WOULD COMMEND YOU FOR THAN DOING WHAT PEOPLE WILL REBUKE YOU FOR.

  • raetothehizzle

    As far as I am concerned she is moderately dressed and well covered up, this is just a lesson for deeper lifes always poking and pointing that the rest of the world are sinners, look within the church first , and within your black hearts before judging the other xtian tribes as not being a chirstian, charity begins from home!

  • keisha

    I think we are even missing the point here. why do Christians Labor and stress over the things that do not matter? having a uniform for church members for over 40 years does nothing to ensure that the impact of the Word is visible in the life of a Christian. I was born into this church and grew up in it.But there are salient truths of the Word that I didn’t know until I left because the leaders of the church have glorified the outward appearance of a “Christian” far and above the internal purity that God desires.
    Btw, @fiito, I feel you.

  • AKINJO, R.O.

    Everyone should beware of what he/she utters from his/her mouth because “Every idle

    word that men shall speak they shall give account thereof in the day of judgement” Matt.12:36

    Pastor Kumuyi is not God who is omnipresent and omniscient, so Ambrose beware of your utterances against the man of God lest you incur the wrath of God as did Miriam ( Number 12;8)

    • greatguy999

      This is the NT; God doesn’t strike anyone dead for speaking out against ridiculous teachings.
      Can you cite any example where God struck anyone dead since the time of Christ because they spoke against any man of God? You can’t, because it never happened.

      All manner of evil speaking and blasphemies, even against Jesus, can be forgiven, especially if people speak them ignorantly. Only blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is unforgivable.

  • Dr. segs

    why did they not conduct virginity test? is it only gown they are frowning at? mad lunatics…..people whose brains need dry cleaning

  • Izu-Chineke Ezeremoyeulo

    This is nonsense the first son did same and this now, this boys should know better, you don’t intentionally do something and tell people you’re wholeheartedly sorry, that is nonsense, I pity those who worship this people, now the wedding is being done already, will anyone reverse it? So let no man deceived you for God is not mock, he knows those that his, not by church dogmas, Deeper is no longer what they teach, I know so many people who were discipline out it, for same reason, but for this to from GS, son there no excuse. Period, I know everything about deeper life, I was born and raised there, is a shame.

  • oro

    I pity mumun followers, pastors dey enjoyments