Hausa-Fulani have ruined FRCN, says acting DG, Samson Shaibu

Samson Shaibu

This is an excerpt of a  brief interview with the acting Director General of the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, FRCN, Samson Shaibu (SS). He is still in office even though he, by civil service rules, should have retired after turning 60.

PREMIUM TIMES (PT): You are supposed to retire on June 22, yet you have approval from the Minister of Information to travel to Ireland to represent the country on July 22. Why is that the case?

SS: It is so because I have finished my retirement from service, but I am now acting DG, and that is political appointment. And the antecedents are these. The former DG who left before me was brought from retirement. Eddie Iroh was brought from retirement, and then Kevin Ejiofor was brought from retirement. The DG’s position is a political appointment. So, people are just being mischievous saying what they are saying. There are antecedents. But, my former career as a civil servant has expired. And I am acting DG, and there are antecedents. You know if you want to go emotional, the former man who finished before me was Hausa-Fulani. He was brought from retirement to serve as DG. Are there two rules in Nigeria – one for the minority and one for the Hausa-Fulani? There was an Igbo man, who was brought from retirement too (Kevin Ejiofor) and Eddie Iro. So, people are just talking about what they don’t understand.

For further information, the assignment I am going is funded by Chinese Government and not by Federal Government. So, people are just talking from half information.

PT: The recent fire incident in the studio at the corporation, how was it handled? Any report of the probe?

SS: The fire incident was teleguided by detractors who feel they should create a crisis situation for somebody they feel is not a team player. For your information, I am not a team player in corruption. I am acting DG for three months now, and if you ask the workforce, they would tell you there is an added difference. Within these three months, I have bought a bus for FRCN. Within these three months, 22 studios that were conduit pipes for corruption in FRCN have been resuscitated, and there is light there now.  And if I have opportunity of meeting with you, I will give you a catalogue of achievements. This has not happened for the past 15 years. But, people who are corrupt in our system would not like to see the likes of me. For example, there are people being teleguided from the Legal Department and Admin who are beneficiaries of corruption in the system.

PT: There is an allegation that you don’t carry everyone along, particularly on issues of staff welfare?

SS: As a journalist, if you can please ask the workforce, through independent investigation, the people who ruled before me, who were carrying people along, what did they do? In these three months time of my tenureship, I have paid more T&B (travelling and basic tours allowance) than any other person in the last two years. Records are there for all to see.

PT: It is said that you employed over 125 people and ignored the people employed in 2012, yet there are no offices and tools for them to work with?

SS: That employment was done by the previous regime that I inherited. The former DG, Barrister Yusuf Nuhu is the one who employed people, and that employment, to be fair to him, I don’t want to condemn my predecessors, was a collective decision of management. I have not employed a single person since I came.

The former DG employed, I don’t know the specific figure. That is what I inherited. So, people are just peddling this. These are people who believe they must rule FRCN forever. And Nigeria is a country of six geo-political zones. I am saying this, not as a slight to any tribe, because I know that Nigeria is a partnership of six geo-political zones. Nigeria is not owned by Hausa-Fulani, neither is it owned by Igbo or Yoruba. It is owned by all Nigerians. There six geo-political zones in this country. The Hausa-Fulani has serially ruled FRCN, or ruined FRCN all these years. Thank you very much.


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    I hope you guys have audio/video of this interview. You have told too much lies these days at Premium Times that no sane person would dare to believe your stories until they verify from more responsible news media. Why would a man like this, who has been in the Federal civil service for so long and knows the implication of throwing up such ethnic colouration, choose to open his mouth to make a highly sectional comment like this to a journalist for that matter. This must be another lie-lie outing to tarnish the image of this man just like you took up arms against truth when you recently put words in the mouth of former Ghanian President Rawlings.
    I challenge you guys to post the audio/video version of this interview. And please be sure it was conducted as an INTERVIEW between a Premium Times journalist and the news source. I’ll not be surprised if you just posted a mere conversation you had with a man who thought he could confide in a fellow man.

    • why is punch blocking comments

      The opened his mouth and said what many Nigerians think in their hearts. Most Northern Nigeria are simply incompetent. They never add value to any government, they simply run it down.

      • Sadiq Garba

        That’s why Nigeria was grounded between 1960 – 1999.

    • Lincon

      Don’t be silly young boy! This is an exclusive interview, printed the way u put it!

  • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

    the humiliation of Christian Middle belt continues… I shed no tears.

    • Sadiq Garba

      What else can you do?

  • Mani_Kay

    We all know the truth. It is not only the FRCN that the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani have ruined. They have ruined everything with their culture of mediocrity and unquenchable appetite to corruptly source free money for their flamboyant lifestyle. They do not participate in production activities. They are only interested in consumption and in dominating political power. They call it Federal Character but we all know it is all about entrenching mediocrity and below average performance in all facets of our national to the sole benefit of the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani. That is why the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani cannot survive too long without political power and that is why they are all out to make the country ungovernable for President Goodluck Jonathan. May God in His mercy send these Baboons out of Nigeria as announced by National Hero Major Gideon Gwaza Orkar.


      Pls try and talk reasonably or be objective. You have nothing to gain by this.

    • Aminulahi Aminu

      Do u have god ? By d way which tribe are u ? dat u are talking with powerful tribe not only in nigeria but 4 d world in general, mr man unless u can go & kill ur self but d hausa fulani dat u wanted 2 c out of nigeria are beyond ur immagination, kill ur self if u don’t want 2 see hausa fulani in nigeria.

      • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

        most Nigerians think all of you are a waste of space. there is nothing to be proud about. everywhere you see an hausa-fulani man in office, a southern is doing the real job, with very tiny exceptions. you should be embarrassed.

        • Kasarawa

          I don’t know how you arrived at the conclusion that Hausa-Fulani have contributed nothing to the economic well being of Nigeria. In case you don’t know, Nigeria’s economy before the discovery of oil, solely relied on the export of agricultural products mainly produced in the north and partly produced in the south ( by south I mean south west and south east !).

          • Osagix

            So then the middle belt , mid west & the Niger delta did not produce or contribute to the nations economy???

    • Kasarawa

      You accused Hausa-Fulani that they ruined Nigeria’s economy and that they are only interested in consumption and dominating political power. How about the southerners? Are you not responsible for the bad image of Nigeria both home and abroad. Nigerians have no respect abroad because of your bad habbits which include scamming, money laundering, prostituion, child and women trafficking, fake visas and so on. Before the issue of Boko haram, your people are responsible for Nigeria’s insecurity problem – armed robbery, kidnappings etc.

  • nija pikin

    HAUSA FULANI MUSLIM, it seems this three wards strike fear in the hearts and mind of evil and satanic people, wow am proud to be one, any day and no coward will make me have enimity towards a fellow nigerian, also we have learn to leave a life out of political power let’s see if you can do the same in 2015, Ameen

  • emmanuel

    The normal game in Nigeria is for the press to hound non-Fulani’s and Yoruba’s from office using the press. So they can push ther people in. I am sure this man played into their hand.

    Imagine the level of fraud in Petroleum ministry when Rilwanu Lukman and Kopolokun held forth, yet there were the media was no were to be found. But today, if it is not Madueke, it is Ngozi, Nimasa or aruma.

    Nigerian minorities, know who you discuss issues with because they want everything to themselves and would sacrifice you for necessarily!

  • HRH Prince Farouk I

    It doesnt matter whether he was right or wrong by the statement he made. I think the publication is wrong for trying to sensationalize what he said. I read what he said and he said FRCN is not just for hausa-fulani but is for all Nigerians which is not a wrong statement when put in context. That being said, I find it irresponsible for a public servant who is apparently educated to make a statement however true castigating or singling out any ethnic group of Nigerians.

    • Prince Kemdi Kaizer Acho I

      Wise words from Prince Farouk, but the truth has to be said nonetheless. Igbo, Huasa, Yoruba…we all have issues – and it’s time to start sharing the truth openly, if we’re to move forward.

  • Dankasa

    Mr Mani_kay, if I were you I will never eat anything I know is produced by Hausa-Fulani. Because for me i will never eat KWAKI because i know is coming from your site. the fruits i eat all are produced in the North. You so much hate Muslim Hausas while you eat their meat, beans, tomatoes, onion, Peppe, potatoes, donkeys, horses, corns, millet and may be you are even living in Hausa land. There is no single day that passes without you abusing Hausa-Fulani or Islam. are you really a Christen? I believe you must have come from an unwanted family, thats why you have no regard for anybody’s religion, tribe or interest. I told you the other time that you will die with this agony in your heart, the hater you nurses against Hausas will only kill you internally if you don’t know. Mind you! we are only making time, a day we Hausas start ARABA, wallahi Wahala come to your people living in the North ooh and we are heading toward that, be rest assured and you will hate yourself, that time.

    • Mani_Kay

      The so called meat, beans, tomatoes, onion, pepper, potatoes, donkeys, horses, corns, millet etc. you talk about do not come from the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani. They come from the sweat and farming activities of Northern Christians while some of the meat come from Chad, Niger, Mali etc. The Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani do not engage in any productive activities. That is why they have to use so many strangers including Lebanese and Ibos to power the productive sectors of the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani economy; that is why you have so many Southerners living in the North. They are there to help on compassionate grounds. If they live the North, your Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani States will be declared a humanitarian disaster zone by the United Nations. I hope you get it.

      • mahmud

        Please go back 2 ur books or parents 4 history,sorry to say

  • Bala R

    Samson Shuaibu. Shuaibu is a common Hausa name.

  • h madaki

    Samson,I pity yr children,with yr idiotic hates of Hausa Fulani Muslims. what if tomorrow yr children were to work under or as boss to a Hausa Fulani.I pity you,I think you are suffering from inferiority complex.stupid dump wasted and frustrated old infidel half baked Christian useless man.

  • baba damraka

    Ethno religious malice is always used in covering up corruption. Now that elections are near, corrupt, ogogoro drunkards whose ideology is just mediocrity, who are made lazy by corruption have started making noise that they should be left to steal the country dry because they are minorities. Corruption should not be accepted from anyone whether majority or minority, clear face or scared face (as above), shoeless in childhood or shoe wearer in childhood. Nigerians will not take that nonsense from a bunch of diabolical, dishonest and dubious elite who think hatred for Hausa Fulani is enough to satisfy Nigerians in the face of massive youth unemployment (except Niger Delta), poor water & electricity supply, kidnappings, arson, terrorism/militancy, massive theft by Ijaw/Igbo ministers etc.