Jonathan’s bodyguard blocks Amaechi from greeting president

Former Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi

There was mild drama on Wednesday night at the Banquet Hall of the Presidential Villa, Abuja, venue of the Presidential dinner organised by President Goodluck Jonathan, news website, The Eagle Online, is reporting.  

A presidential bodyguard stopped embattled Rivers state Governor, Rotimi Amaechi, from getting close to President Jonathan to pay homage.

Mr. Amaechi, who is the chairman of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF), and his loyalists arrived the venue when the event was already in progress.

They came in from the Rivers Governor’s lodge where they met earlier for about 15 minutes and then adjourned to honour the President’s invitation.

On his entourage were Governors Kayode Fayemi (Ekiti); Ibikunle Amosun (Ogun); Adams Oshiomole (Edo); Sule Lamido (Jigawa); Rabiu Kwankwanso (Kano); Abdulazeez Kyari-(Zamfara); Muritala Nyako (Adamawa) and Magartakada Wamakko (Sokoto).

Governor Amaechi, after settling down, got up and made his way towards where President Goodluck Jonathan was seated in company of Presidents Joyce Banda of Malawi and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia, apparently to pay homage.

However, a presidential bodyguard blocked the governor from meeting the President. The Governor resisted for a while but had to return to his seat when it was glaring the bodyguard won’t allow him.

Also, Governor Amaechi, who was seated in company of the chairman of the PDP Governors’ Forum, Godswil Akpabio, was not recognised at the event while Mr. Akpabio was introduced  as chairman of the PDP Governors  Forum.

The paper also reported an altercation between Amaechi and Akpabio. The duo reportedly accused each other of being undemocratic.

“You are not democratic”, Mr. Amaechi told Akpabio and the latter insatantly fired back, “You too, you are not democratic”. Few minutes after that, Governors Amaechi, Fayemi and Oshiomole left the venue.

On his way out, Governor Amaechi fielded questions from journalists. The following conversation ensued between him and State House correspondents.

Is your presence here with other governors an indication that the problem in NGF has been resolved?

Amaechi: Was NGF sick? I don’t know about factions. We are holding NGF meeting and we agreed that those of us who were there should honour the President and attend the dinner, we have attended, you saw all of them, some have left and I am leaving too

Did you tell Governor Jang there is meeting now?

Amaechi: He was invited. What is my business if he is not there? 16 to 19. Are you not a Nigerian? 16 governors voted for him, 19 governors voted for me. If he does not accept the 19, he is undemocratic. Anybody who supports him, including television houses, are also undemocratic.
I have said it in a statement that if at any point in time we cannot uphold what 19 governors said, then we should be afraid of 2015.
If the PDP is suspending me for that reason, too bad.
We must learn to be democratic. I am not aware that the party has given any reason for suspending me, if that is the reason, too bad. The party is yet to give any reason for my suspension. I am not aware that the party suspended me for winning an election.

What is the way forward?
Amaechi: That is the question to ask Jang and those who are supporting him. Those with me are in majority.

We have the permission of Eagle Online to republish this story.



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  • Ter

    This GEJ is just bringing shame to the office of President and C-in-C of Nigeria, even Abacha never did such. Power is temporary my President, before you there were many, after you there will still be others.

    • dele

      GEJ had no business being the President of Nigeria in the first place if OBJ had allowed a natural selection process that would have allowed the fittest and the brightest to emerge in a process. OBJ scuttled that by fostering on Nigerians GEJ, a man clearly out of his depth in issues of governance. Here is a man who confessed his ineptitude to the America Ambassador, Robin Sanders, who can barely control his excessive wife, who can barely manage his cabinet and cannot run a country, now telling us he wants second term! His fight against Amaechi, no matter the faults of the latter and elevated to this level shows clearly the man does not understand that the whole country is his constituency and the powers of the Presidency, while Amaechi is just a governor of one of the 36 states in that constituency. Of course, he no longer the president of the country but a south south president.

    • I don’t blame most of you because you have been influenced by the virus that is spread by anti-government agents.
      Why do we have to politicize everything that is done by the President?

      • Kelechi

        you are so insensitive an unintelligent. did you go to school at all? i bet if you ever passed your WAEC senseless thing, your type are our problem. Mrs President.

        • Well it hasn’t reached to the extent of calculating achievements dear, bear it in mind that those that are senseless are quite the bunch that makes most sense.

        • David Prosper

          Your comment says otherwise that you did not attend any school either because manner are taught in school and and i don’t see you portray any.

    • David Prosper

      Are you trying to say what amaech is doing is right? My brother please speak the truth

  • Dominic’s

    A big shame n immaturity 2 d exalted office of a President, wat he ( GEJ) is exhibiting is dat of civilian dictatorship not of a duly elected democratic president, sorry Nigeria we r in 4 doom if we don’t action fast n decivively in 2015

  • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

    Problem is here is that GEJ is making this very personal rather than professional. In his attempt to bring disrepute to the office of the governor of Rivers State, he is soiling the reputation of the office of the FGN.

    But then, if that office had any honour, its occupants’ characters would be hallowed, not puerile!

    Amaechi has shown more maturity in this exchange.

    • Ena Jr

      …professional? How professional can GEJ be? Maybe when it comes to looting, but what else?

  • koo

    not until Nigerians stop being sentimental, we will never move forward, what’s about a President’s bodyguard stopping a gov. from interrupting an ongoing activity.. more so he was not the only one stopped yet we want to pick up a fight from that..Amaechi would do that to even his commissioner if they enter his meeting late

    • Es3

      You got what a lot of ‘blind bats’ on this forum missed and will never get around to seeing!
      Besides the fact that of avoiding unneccessary interruption and distraction at the event with foreign heads of government already seated, Amaechi knew that protocol demands that he and his ‘gang’ be seated before the president enters with the foreign dignitaries?! If Amaechi so loved and respected the president and was seated before he came in, he would have indicated his desire to greet the president at the event much earlier and the security details would have taken note of that to make provision to accommodate that exchanges, but no?!
      Why? ‘god’ Amaechi has his head in the clouds and was only wanting to use that event to score cheap political points that even though unsuccessful, his ‘blind worshippers’ are up singing his praises?!!! We will see how far all these rubbish will take Amaechi!
      Tinubu handed over Rivers ACN to him causing Sekibo to resign in protest and he now thinks he can win Rivers State? Can Amaechi really win elections without the PDP in Rivers? In a group of 36 governors, Amaechi still could not win an election fair and square because it was decided by vote, then what hopes for the whole of Rivers State?!!!

  • Fula


    • 1jay57

      You will be totally supprised come 2015!!

      • Richy Amechi Fidel

        not only him, Jonathan Goodluck will also be surprised too.

        • 1jay57

          Frankly, the North statement that the next president must be a muslim of Northern extraction who do you think will be comparable to Johnathan?

          • Richy Amechi Fidel

            wait till 2015, we will know who’s coming out to contest.



  • Amaechi D-Traitor

    Look at what this people are doing to me. I just want to greet the President and they are blocking me. What have I done; I kill person? Just because of annoyance of court case I only sacked common (I mean common) Local Government Officers that is why they are all out to kill me. They have suspended me from PDP and they are now blocking me from shaking the President. I am just confused. I thought APC will give me Vice President in 2015 but the way Rochas is following Tinubu it is clear that APC will not grant my desire. Just yesterday I went with Rabiu Kwankwanso to see Obasanjo at Ota to explore ways of forming our own party only to discover that Baba has quit politics for Evangelism. Look at what Bola Tinubu is doing in Lagos and no one is challenging him despite the fact that he is not the sitting Governor. Just yesterday he made his 19year old but married daughter the leader of all Markets in Lagos. The girl herself have never visited a market in her life and she is not a trader. She lives in Ikoyi and places her shopping orders from home and for home delivery. In fact, my friend Hon Aminu Tambuwaal Speaker of the House of Representatives have just informed me that next week he would move a motion in the House to rename Lagos State. He assured me that the State will be renamed from Lagos State to Bola_Tinubu State.



    • Sadiq Garba

      No president behave like that of Nigeria.

    • Edo

      No. Let Nigerian President learn how to respect Nigerian people and the rule of law. We don’t have monarchical presidential system of government in Nigeria. Whatever he wants does not amount to law, but what the constitution says, does. President comes, president goes, Nigeria remains.

    • Richy Amechi Fidel

      If the president respects himself the governors will respect him, “respect is a reciprocal”
      If you respect me, I respect you. Jonathan is not a King of Nigeria, he’s just a president. Obama cannot belittle himself just the way Jonathan is belittling himself, Obama can never turn an election upside down, even if the winner is a republican candidate.

  • wax

    Amaechi suspended some LGA chiarmen including the mayor of PH city for coming late to a meeting. i.e they came after he (amaechi) had entered. It is also known that he has severally locked out sum of his aids for late coming. We all sympathise with him for what he has bin goin tru, but we will not condone an insult to the office of the president. Let’s face facts pls nd stop talking bullshit out of hatred for GEJ. Amaechi will be worse if he wia 2 be the president of Nigeria. Ask urslves, where are those his friends who helped him win the last election in Rivers state? Now he has new friends cos he has an ambition. Wat will become of them wen he gets wat he wants?… Think

    • Sadiq Garba

      Amaechi’s not under compulsion to attend this dinner. It is a valuntary gathering different from the ocassions you mentioned earlier. Besides Amaechi would have been happier if he’s locked out of the president’s dinner.

    • Omo Odua

      Please you need to differentiate between a meeting and a dinner. Then what did GEJ did to the office of the President in Adis Ababa? Do you forget? A whole Nigeria could not give speech at the silver Jubilee of OUA/AU! What a ridiculous

  • Frank

    When Gov Tinibu opposed certain undemocratic and anti-people policies of the then president OBJ,some gullible Nigerians said he was fighting the president,he wants to VP to Atiku,he’s a traitor of the South west,today put Tinubu’s relevance in today’s Nigerian politics with that of OBJ your judgement is as good as mine,today there’s a repetition of the same scenario with Gov Ameachi and Jonathan starring this time,I do not have any doubt the result would be same,time would tell.

    • Dominic’s

      My broda u r perfectly correct, u know in dis country we do not confront any president with d truth, d moment u do dat u r an enemy of d state, time will surely tell

  • simeon

    Freedom of speech everywhere…

  • K Benakole


  • Hamza

    GEJ should focus on how to put food on Nigerian’s table not how to fight Amaechi.

  • Ena Jr.

    It’s their fight, let them gauge each other’s throat!

  • Kelechi

    Frankly speaking, both the President is been undemocratic here, let us face the fact, why inviting this young man if the intention was to disgrace him in the dinner party?
    The president will not tell me that he did not witness the drammer between Amechi and his aid, will the aids to Mr. President act without his instruction? Why are we so backward.
    No form of intimidation should deter Amechi from pursuing his mandate as the GF Chairman.

  • David Prosper

    A governor comes late to a dinner scheduled for 10:00pm with the
    president of this country and two other president already seated,
    Instead of taking his seat and waiting for the right time to exchanging
    pleasantries with the president he went immediately to meet the
    president which was uncalled for. Eventually he was block by the
    president’s security from meeting the president, it did not end there
    instead of him to take his seat and make up for been late and his action
    he immediately left the premises. Amaechi is been used by ACN as their
    spearhead to get to the president. The earlier he figures that out the
    better for him.He should caution himself.

  • David Prosper

    ACN should concentrate on issues concerning them and stop politicizing everything.

  • Isaac Ndukwe

    Amachi should respect the office of mr president,he should trade with care,u are too ambitious,why should choose to antagonize ur bro.