Amaechi, Jang in supremacy battle as Jonathan’s dinner clashes with NGF meeting

Presiding Officer, Asishana Okauru, announcing the result of the controversial NGF election that divided the Forum in 2013

The battle for supremacy between the two factions of the Nigeria Governors Forum, NGF, will again play out tonight as the two contending groups have scheduled two separate events for the same time in Abuja, the nation’s capital.

The imminent show of strength and test of popularity between the camp led by Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi and that led by his Plateau State counterpart, Jonah Jang, is over a dinner organised by President Goodluck Jonathan to which all the 36 state governors have been invited.

Mr. Jonathan had organised a similar mid-term dinner earlier this month for his party, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

However, the 8 p.m. time of the presidential dinner for governor has now clashed with the time fixed for a meeting by the camp  of Chairman Amaechi.

Mr Jonathan is reportedly putting the dinner together to mark his administration’s two years in office.

It is however not clear which of the two events was the first to be scheduled. But the secretariat of the NGF, which is still under the control of the Amaechi camp, had sent out invitation for the NGF meeting on Monday.

Osaro Onaiwu, the sole administrator of the Jang faction, told PREMIUM TIMES in a telephone interview on Tuesday night that the governors in his camp would honour Mr Jonathan’s invitation to the presidential dinner for which they were issued invitation last Friday.

He said the invitation was routed through the Office of the Chief of Staff to the President.

Describing the Presidency as “an institution which should be respected by all”, Mr. Onaiwu explained that as a mark of respect for the President, the PDP Governors’ Forum, which had planned its meeting for today (Wednesday), shifted it to another day.

But in a separate telephone interview on Tuesday night, Mr Okauru told PREMIUM TIMES that, going by the brief from his employers, the meeting of the Amaechi-led NGF would hold at 8 p.m. as scheduled. He said he was not aware it was clashing with any dinner.

He said all the 36 governors were duly served invitations to the NGF meeting.

“Yes, the invitation was extended to all the governors,” he said.

Asked if he was optimistic that the governors in the Jang’s faction would attend, Mr. Okauru said, “Are you asking me? Don’t they have the right to attend?”

The DG, however, said he is hopeful that the two groups would soon resolve their differences and reunite for the good of the country.

The invitation to the NGF meeting, the first since the May 24 controversial election, was signed by Director General Asishana Okauru, and has four items on its agenda.

Prominent among the items listed on the agenda is the disagreement arising from the NGF election, which eventually led to the splitting of the Forum into two.

Although Mr. Amaechi, who sought re-election as Chairman of the Forum, beat Mr Jang, his lone challenger, by 19 votes to 16, the latter, allegedly prompted by some of his colleagues, protested the result and went ahead to float a parallel faction, setting up an office and a website. Thus began factionalisation of the Forum, the first since its formation in 1999.

Both claimants to the position of the NGF chair belong to the ruling PDP, which has 23 members in the fold.

However, the Jang’s faction has the sympathy of the national leadership of the party as well as the backing of the Presidency.

Apart from attending the PDP family dinner where he was recognised as NGF chair, Mr Jang also led the governors loyal to him to meet Mr Jonathan two weeks ago to purportedly discuss the misunderstanding between the Federal Ministry of Finance and the Finance Commissioners of all the 36 States.

Interestingly, the FAAC challenge, which appears to been temporarily resolved, is one of the issues the Amaechi camp will discuss at its meeting on Wednesday.

According to the agenda for the meeting, the NGF chair will brief the governors about “NGF in the news; fresh and subsisting litigations; visit to the NGF Secretariat; and updated on FAAC; ECA; and Sovereign Wealth Fund; update on SPRM; and other issues”.

Others items listed for discussion at the meeting, holding at the Rivers State Governors Lodge in the Asokoro District of Abuja, are “NGF and its partners; NGF Strategy Plan (2013-2015)”, all of which are under the subheading “Moving NGF Forward.”

The structuring of the programme to address the emerging challenges on the Polio eradication initiative is also listed on the agenda.





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  • deri

    Amaechi’s invitation to governors for the NGF meeting, scheduled for today, was sent out on Monday afternoon, with details of the agenda being received at the government houses of governors loyal to his faction.

    In a release signed by Chidinma Oyenalim and sent to the media, the venue of the meeting was fixed for the Rivers State Governor’s Lodge at Asokoro, Abuja, and set to begin at 8.00 p.m.

    It was, however, gathered that the president had, weeks ago, fixed the same day, at 8.00 p.m for the mid-term dinner with governors.

    The dinner with the president, Nigerian Tribune gathered, was meant for all governors, as the invitation went to all the 36 state governors. so what is this medium telling us here-clear though that Amaechii is just trouble shooting for buhari ati tinubu

    • kunle

      deri, no it seems the issue is that we are in a democracy. Since Jonathan and PDP have the democratic right to subvert a duly conducted election in NGF where Amaechi emerged as chairman, PDP and Jonathan should go ahead with their designs. This is democracy, a federal system and not monarchy or feudalism, and govs have rights to attend any function they like. Dei are you telling me that it is morally right for Jonathan to openly fraternise and recognise Jang as chairman of NGF or what are you talking about? Sould the so-called presidency be diminished by bringing it to back a fraud Jang is committing? That is the question baby deri_na_mpitikwelu

      • Nonso

        Kunle, the office of the President is an exalted position and should not be ridiculed in the name of shameful politics. Ameachi and his cohorts are dancing a war dance which will be difficult for them to win. A word is enough for the wise.

        • Agunbiade Fagbamila

          Nonso, Jonathan should not use the presumed hallowed office of the Nigerian presidency to bless the fraud Jang is committing in NGF. If Jonathan messes up with the sacred office of the presidency by misusing that office to kiss the fraud Jang and the PDP are engaging in in NGF, then Jonathan has danced naked in the street. He deserves what he gets-period. If Jonathan did not desecrate the status of the presidency by dancing fraudulently in public with Jang, Nigerian citizens will respect that office. But since GEJ did not give a damn about that office in the first place, then he deserves what he gets. Abi wetin you think my broda Nonso?

          • Nonso

            Agunbiade my broda, i wont make excuses for GEJ shortcomings but we are Africans more importantly Nigerians. We should have utmost respect for the Office of the President. Fagbamila i know for sure that in your culture if your dad calls a meeting in your family you will not call a meeting at the same time irrespective of the misgivings you may have against him. The truth is that Ameachi no matter the misgivings he has with GEJ will be showing great disrespect to the Office of the President of our great country if he goes ahead with the NGF meeting. That in my opinion will be a grave error to him and any of the gorvernors who attends the meeting because it will show how much value they attach to the Office of Mr President and not to GEJ.

          • Agunbiade Fagbamila

            Nonso, In my culture there is a proverb that says “Adiye funfun ti ko mo ara re ni agba..” This is the English translation. Please ask anyone that speaks the language you think my culture speaks to verify this for you. It goes like this “The white (in terms of colour of the feather) cock that does not know his place, his status, his elderliness.” In other words, the “white cock”-the elderly person, the wise person, the person in position of authority and respect in my culture is expected to conduct himself with civility and great reverence for his/her status. And if he/she violates society’s expectations he/she is put in his/her junk place he/she has carved for himself/herself. Nonso, unknown to many people Africans who do not know the nitty gritty of that culture, this explains why people from my culture are critical in the public domain of people in position of authority who violates society’s expectations about leadership norms -which are that you MUST RESPECT THE STATUS OF YOUR OFFICE-otherwise you get what you deserve-opprobrium. Now President Jonathan is the “adiye funfun” the “elderly” one, the one in position of authority who openly violates society’s code of conduct of neutrality expected of people in position of authority . President Goodluck Jonathan was supposed to do either of two things in the NGF election. First he is supposed to accept the result of an open election-i.e. accept Amaechi even if Amaechi defeated his candidate-Jonathan. Second, if Amaechi’s victory is too bitter for him, then a President Jonathan ought to stay neutral. But what has a President Jonathan done? Like an “adiye funfun” that violates the civil conduct of wisdom and ethics of leadership he openly embraced the undemocratic practice of Jang and PDP. So Jonathan is telling us Nigerian citizens, that he is not president of NIgeria but president of PDP. That is an “adiye funfun”act. It is unacceptable in my culture-which is an African culture. It is not acceptable to Nigerian citizens. hope this helped you Nonso?

          • Nonso

            Fagbamila, i agree with you that GEJ has not lived up to expectation in the handling of the fall out of NGF elections but that does not translate to disrespecting the Office of the President. The issue here is not about GEJ calling a meeting but President of Nigeria. In all civilized countries no matter what the difference in opinion of politicians particularly a gorvernor of a state, it should not warrant disrespecting the Office of the number one citizen of the country. You will agree with me that there is a difference in GEJ and the Office of the President. Honestly nigerian politicians are all the same but i still believe in the sanctity of authority. Am not saying that you can not disagree with those in authority but showing open disrespect for me is a NO.

          • Agunbiade Fagbamila

            Nonso, can you please answer these questions: (i) who openly embraced Gov Jang who undemocratically called himself the ‘chairman” of NGF-Goodluck Jonathan or the office of the president of Nigeria? And who called a meeting to talk about his mid report in office-Goodluck Jonathan or the office of the president of Nigeria? Your answers to these questions will help you and us fellow citizens?

          • Nonso

            Fagbs my broda am sure you are aware that sense of reasoning prevailed on Ameachi to rechedule NGF meeting to attend the one called by Mr President. So the Mr President’s dinner is now history because it was attended by gorverners of both factions. I applaud Ameachi for making a wise decision. Respect for constituted authourity is an important part of followership as well as leadership.

          • Agunbiade Fagbamila

            Nonso, what do you have to say to this. It may interest you that as Amaechi wanted to greet GEJ, GEJ bodyguards prevented him! And the organizers of the occasion recognized Akpabio the chairman of PDP govs forum, but they did not recognise Amaechi the chairman of NGF. I think NGF is a larger forum than PDP govs forum yet the organizers did not see that!!!! My broda Nonso what do you think? The need for constituted authority to respect the wishes of the people in an election such as NGF is a basic thing Goodluck Jonathan ought to learn. Please help inform Goodluck Jonathan about this if you believe that constituted authority ought to respect outcomes of an election in a democracy for as many of us are now thinking GEJ and his people may repeat what they are doing on behalf of Jang with GEJ and 2015 elections. Or what do you think? Constituted Authority needs to learn tenets of democracy.

          • Nonso

            Fagbs, is it right for Amaechi to come into the dinner minutes after Mr President is seated? Yet he has the guts to walk up to where the Mr President is sitting to exchange pleasantries with him. My broda that is not done in any organisation not to talk of gorvernment where protocol is highly observed. Ameachi has shown and is still showing open disrepect for Mr President and that is condemable. GEJ has not lived upto expectations as far as am concerned but it will still not make it right for Ameachi to disrespect him. I was in Rivers state when Ameachi instantly suspended 5 councillors for coming late to a town hall meeting he called. Fagbs my broda, if you are work in an organization where your boss calls a meeting am sure you wont come in late and also walk up to him to exchange pleasantries or would you?

        • Sadiq Garba

          Wars do not sound like this.
          An office is an office, no matter how small. Respect of the office is another thing. The occupant must be that who can earn the respect of the majority.
          Where the occupant belittle himself with fighting and quarrelling with all manners of people, the office is also affected.

        • kunle

          Nonso, your language and use of words have betrayed you. You talked about “war dance” in a democracy? My question is: why are you people in Goodluck Jonathan’s govt this desperate as to turn demoicracy to “war” to use your words? It is sickening that GEJ will become this desperate for 2015. Too bad , just too bad my broda. Na wa o!

          • Nonso

            Kunle my broda, am not an apologist for GEJ gorvernment. The use of “war dance” in this context means something that will not bring him much good. I am glad that sense of reason prevailed on him to call off the meeting he called to attend that called by Mr President.

          • kunle

            Nonso, There are two things here. (i) perhaps you need to inform us on what went on behind the scene and why the NGF went to GEJ’s dinner after they met briefly. Did GEJ appeal or did he not? (ii) Second, From all indications GEJ and his people see his re-election bid as WAR. I understand why they should see it as WAR. Why? GEJ people appealed to his shoelessness and religion in the last election and those worked. But people have since learnt their lessons and so they asked : if you GEJ were shoeless how come you GEJ are this corrupt and your policies are anti-people? Second Christians of conscience are still shocked why someone who came in appealing to religion can be this corrupt in a most brazen ungodly and unchristian manner. I want to ask if you live in Abuja. If you do , you will see what I mean given the impunity and corruption that dominate governance under GEJ. So GEJ WILL NOT have an easy re-election bid as he did the last time. So he sees the re-election bid as WAR. Unfortunately, some of you people have bought into that and we can see that in your language. Hence I think you need to check your language. It is a federal system. If it is a true federal system, the NGF has a right not even to go to a dinner being organized by the president. And that is the tenet of democracy in a federal system. And by the way, since the NGF and Amaechi went , was Amaechi recognised? Between the NGF and PDP govs forum which is bigger for Nigerian citizens? And was Apkabio of PDP govs forum not recognised while NGF under Amaechi was not recognised at the dinner? Look my friend Nonso, I will even argue that the PDP and GEJ have rights NOT to recognise NGF and Amaechi in a PDP/GEJ dinner, this is why I am in FULL support of NGF and Amaechi not going because the so-called presidential dinner ought not to be a priority of govs in a true federal system. But since Amaechi went I hope he now has a better instruction about federalism and democracy by GEJ and his crew’s failure to recognise NGF and Amaechi. And since many of us do not even know what democracy and federal system is, you read illegitimate and indefensible meanings to position taken on basic federalist and democractic principles. President Obama holds dinners, do you think the 52 govs of the 52 American states have time to rush to Washington DC for some petty dinner? No sir, they have more important things to do, and even Obama does not and will not expect them at such dinner. I guess Obama will actually think any gov that comes has nothing to do in his state, hence he is idle enough to come and eat dinner! So Nonso, you guys see WAR on behalf of GEJ, some of us see democracy and federalist practice on behalf of Nigerian citizens. Please stop using war language on Nigerian citizens. It is unacceptable. Let us practice a corruption free democracy and federalist system-period -and everything will be well, and no one will see a common NGF election(that ought not to concern him) as do or die as GEJ has seen it.

      • Dominic’s

        My broda y r wasting ur energy to aski Deri all dis, d guy is a paid sycophant of GEJ n PDP

        • Tobibs

          Nice 1

      • deri

        @Kunle are u telling me that it was right for APC to have backed traitors like Amaechi as their confession below indicated, just to disgrace the president-and u call that democracy? The All Progressives Congress has said its governors supported Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State as Chairman of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum to disgrace President Goodluck Jonathan and the Peoples Democratic Party.

        The spokesmen for the APC told SUNDAY PUNCH that the merger of major opposition parties was to oppose the interests of the PDP and the President in the NGF election, the way opposition did during the election of the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

        The National Publicity Secretary of the Congress for Progressive Change, Mr. Rotimi Fashakin, said the opposition parties were out to oppose any attempt by Jonathan to act as an authoritarian.

        He said, “If you look at the actions of the progressives, you will notice that we have been consistent for quite some time. If you will recall that at the election of the current Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal, the PDP had already zoned the position to the South-West, because they had nominated Mulikat Akande-Adeola, who is now the Majority Leader. But because of the cooperation of the lawmakers from the progressive parties, Tambuwal got the position.

        • kunle

          I have made a simple observation. Jonathan had a candidate in NGF election. That candidate was Jonah Jang. Jang lost election. Goodluck Jonathan continued to back him in open subversion of basic tenets of democracy. And Jonathan and PDP called that democracy. If others exercise their democratic choice and right, what is wrong with that?

    • Sadiq Garba

      Jonathan’s dinner was meant for the 36 governors and not NGF.
      NGF in its wisdom decide to hold its meeting on the same day. What is the trouble here?
      Is it not for the governors to decide what is more important? The administrator of the Jang Gang has already issued a statement on behalf of the gang saying that members of the gang will attend the dinner and nobody faulted him or his masters for that. We are in a democratic and not autocratic set up. The other day, two members of the Jang gang declared they’ll never attend NSGF meetings again and nobody faulted their action. It is a matter of individual members opinion. NGF is a private valuntary (but legitimate) association of Nigeria’s elected governors.

  • Sagba

    It is the Nigerian Press that has made the so called ” feud” between the two South South brothers to fester! Good luck to them

    • Babajide

      which south south brothers? we are talking about Nigeria and issues here my friend, and not some ethnic nonsense.

      • dele

        This the problem with people like sagba. they have succeeded in reducing the presidency of GEJ to a south south presidency and not that of Nigeria. If you see the volume of vitriolic language poured on Northern and South Western contributors on Facebook, you would wonder if GEJ could have won the presidency of this country on south south and south east votes alone. All over Abuja, Sagba and his ilk are driving around in big fuel guzzling four wheel drives with bottles of spirits and whiskey celebrating their brother in aso rock. that is the liberation they wanted and they got it…selfish lots…

        • Sadiq Garba

          It is GEJ that reduced his presidency to a south-south affair.
          Look at the way he conducts himself with the affairs of the nation. Look at those around him. His mouth pieces and their way thinking will tell you the kind of leader the country have. Do not blame sagba please.

        • Sagba

          I beg to disagree with you. GEJ Presidency has not been reduced to a South South affair! If anything, he has a balanced mix of people from different parts of the country working in his cabinet. All am saying is that the Nigeria media escalated the seeming feud between the two brothers from the South South. Abi they are from the North? Please, reason beyond your tribalistic corner! Am not an ethinic jingoist like many of you!

          • Deinde Fadahunsi

            You seem to be the ethnic jingoist in hiding. You see feud between two south south brothers. I see an issue about respecting democracy and the outcomes of an election. Such issues for me are ethnic neutral. Akpabio is working on behalf of GEJ 2015 elections and they are using undemocratic means. Those are the issues and not some ethnic jingioist south south feud.

    • deri

      Soon they will tell u it was right for Amaechi to have disrespected the presidency by fixing his own meeting with governors at the same time with that of the president because we are in a democracy-so any pig can go and lie on the road so as to stop the convoy of the president cause we are in a democracy–this emerging yoruba militantacy really needs studying-thye seem to have something up their sleeves-sha! let them continue to support Amaechi–or turn the event into a Yoruba fulani fued-no wahala–we are waiting and watching

      • Yinka Adamolekun

        just like a fool can call himself chairman of NGF and an idiot leader will embrace him and back him openly in the name of democracy- abi deri wetin yu think

      • Banke Gbemisola

        just like a cow can call himself chairman of NGF and a pig president will back him openly and call that democracy.

  • emmanuel

    Will Fashola dare call a meeting when Tinubu had earlier scheduled a meeting earlier for same time, inspite of the fact that they ate both fighting on using Ikufuriji as the turf over control of who should steal more of Lagos money.

    Go do that in the US or UK and your political career is gone forever.

    • Aboaba Daisi

      Will the American president bless the undemocratic attitude of Jang and PDP in NGF election the way GEJ has IN PUBLIC accepted the undemocratic practice of Jang and PDP in the NGF election? Why are you pretending? I believe strongly that GEJ got what he worked for in supporting Jang’s dubious “chairmanship”. Next time GEJ should learn his lessons and stay off. Since he did not, then let him live with his mess.

    • Sadiq Garba

      Mad cows are not in the politics of US or UK.
      In those countries Parties respect individuals and vice versa. Nigerians political party leaders want lord over everybody. It will never be possible.

  • Dankasa

    You are right Dominic, Dere is a paid-out asshole! Are medias the one that instigated GEJ to ceded out some Oil Blocks belonging to Rivers to his State Bayelsa or not? I believe that was the cause of all this fracas between the so-called two brothers of the SS. For your information, Ameachi or no Ameachi if Tinibu-Buhari want push your Vampire PDP out of power they can do it. Kano and Lagos only are more populated than the entire S South, so bear this in mind, man!

    • Utere

      Yes Dere is an irritant in this forum. Best thing is to ignore the pest

  • sunday Dankwai

    My guys this issue has nothing to do with our press,the truth is that our politicians are undemocratic and are not ready to sacrifice anything for this country,if not,they would try by all means to see that they seatle this issue before it get out of hand. However,dispite the fact that they showed the whole world how we cannot conduct oursef,we keep on pretending that all is well.We should stop pretending and face the bitter truth that we are not practicing democracy but rather we are practicing civilian dictatorship. MAY GOD HELP NIGERIA.

  • Joseph Ejechi

    The NGF is an aberration. It lost focus the first day it was formed. It is an unconstitutional forum that strives to have relevance by suffocating governance processes in each of the state and harangue the federal government to achieve it self-serving, selfish interest. For all practical purposes, Nigerian Governors Forum (NGF) is a pressure group. A pressure group of people presented to Nigeria by differing Political platforms (Political parties) and elected to be governors.

    What beats my imagination hands down is for people elected into political offices to now turnaround and form a pressure group, with a director general! Who funds the secretariat of the NGF? That is another matter for another day but now let’s face the issue pro bono.

    What public good is NGF serving? If the governors had set themselves into Peer Review Group, one will say with some level of certitude that the group will have some direct bearing on the developmental aspirations of the people of Nigeria. But that is not the case now. A peer review group will be interested in looking at what new achievements have been recorded by member(s) in providing socioeconomic goods in their domains with the aim of emulating same or improving on it. It is a place for cross fertilization of ideas.

    But the NGF as presently constituted is an avenue to further and hones ones political suavity and ambitions. The NGF has become a political trojan gift in the body politics of Nigeria. To avoid running the risk of being called an alarmist and GEJ sycophant, though I realize long ago that truth is always not friendly to human ear, I would have stated clearly that apart from many evils, the father of it is corruption, plaguing our society for now, NGF is one of them. Nigeria is unduly being heated up by that chaff being blown by the winds.

    It is high time NGF issue is ended. If 16 is majority so be it or if natural 19 is let it be. My final say here is simple. Let the Nigerian Governors Forum join the graveyard of the failed financial institutions – the failed banks. This time, the 37th governor in Nigeria, Lamido Sanusi will not be the undertaker!

    • Sadiq Garba

      Please do not take the matter of funding to another day. as a legal entity with a Boad of Trustees, the documents filed for its registration with CAC can always answer that question. Let us not deceive ourselves, When did NGF become an aberration? Must the governors dance to the tune of the president?
      No one has ever called the NGF names during the days of OBJ and Yar’adua. But today, a major beneficiary of the NGF is calling it names due to some selfish personal ambition, which is not achieveable with or without the NGF.
      Yesterday it was the NASS and today the NGF (Judases only).
      If NGF is not relevant why then do PDF has to set up PDF-GF?
      A person’s ambition has made almost all the gang members mad. The Jang gang seems more pronounced and used. The day this Jang gang will be dumped, Jonah Jang would be the most disappointed.

      • Joseph Ejechi

        Sadiq, I hope you will read my response above. I have explained what I meant by aberration. You will agreed with me that no two persons respond exactly the same way. If neither Obasanjo or Y’aradua responded to NGF does not mean that GEJ will tow the same line. For example check your response to my comment it is different from that of Jadeshola. Neither of you understood it the same way. That is how it is with human being. So the prism you used in seeing and understanding issue may be made with same material but your focus or your set or subsets of paradigm may not be the same.

        From a most dispassionate point of view, of all the president Nigeria had save former president Shehu Shagari and perhaps Y’aradua, President Jonathan appears to me to be the most benign and tolerant of peoples opinion. He displays those democratic practices and principles which some of us attribute to him as weakness. Due to this, he has attracted unfriendly attacks by the press and some sectional vocal opinion leaders. He has been labeled and profiled.He said it himself that he is the most criticized president Nigeria has ever had.

        The point Sadiq is not whether he had enjoyed wholesome support but how well has the NGF deepen our nascent democracy. Do you want to continue the statue quo ante where the governors will agree to continue to impose candidate against the people’s will. We must look at the whole picture and see where Nigeria is headed. NGF MUST DISINTEGRATE AND INTERNAL PARTY DEMOCRACY MUST BE CULTIVATED AND PROMOTED. PEOPLES VOTE MUST COUNT! Period!

        • Sadiq Garba

          NGF does not belong to a single party. It is not about PDP, ACN or APC.
          And of what good is the disintegratration of the NGF when PDP-GF is being established for that purpose (imposition of candidates)?
          Talking about internal democracy, is the PDP HQ saying it’s the NGF that is its threat the the maintainance of internal democracy or is it the way they (PDP) define internal democracy?
          Also on criticism, GEJ was only being econmical with truth when he said he’s the most criticised. How much of criticism has he got, as if pointing one’s failure is what’s called criticism. Can GEJ stand the criticisms suffered by Abacha (of blessed memory)? or IBB who was and being rejected on whatever he aspires?
          We should not be blinded by sentiments. Let’s call each thing by its real name. Our president has failed, he’s looking for excuses for the failure and is yet to see any.

    • Jadesola Fakayode

      Joseph Ejechi,
      These are your words. I will cut and paste “The NGF is an aberration. It lost focus the first day it was formed. It is an unconstitutional forum that strives to have relevance by
      suffocating governance processes in each of the state and harangue the federal government to achieve it self-serving, selfish interest. ” This is my response. (i) NGF was not an aberration when Goodluck Jonathan was using it. (ii) NGF was not an abberation when Goodluck Jonathan thru Akpabio was trying to influence its chairmanship by presenting two govs before settling for Jonah Jang as his candidate-a PDP and Goodluck Jonathan act that is clearly a preparation for 2015 elections. (iii) NGF was not an aberration when Goodluck Jonathan supported Jang’s candidature during NGF election when Goodluck Jonathan thought Jang would win. (iv) NGF was not an aberration when after Jang and PDP commited a most heinous offense against democracy by not accpeting Jang’s defeat, Goodluck Jonathan himself accepted Jang as “chairman” of NGF. BUT and A BIG BUT, (v) NGF became an “aberration” ONLY when after Goodluck Jonathan tried all tricks against Ameachi’s legitimate victory as NGF chairman and ALL the tricks-both pre and post NGF election FAILED! Mr. Joseph Ejechi I understand the meaning of “aberration”-it is loaded with meaning-but you are only singing a dirge for the end of PDP and Goodluck Jonathan for openly backing the rape of democracy.

      • Joseph Ejechi

        Jadesola, I love your submission very well – singing the dirge for the end of PDP and President GoodLuck Jonathan. I like it because you tackle issues raised and not just responding with insults and innuendos like most people do. To this I say thank you for you have also added flesh to the discussion. But I disagree with it. Truth is that every thing on the surface of the earth has life cycle. The end will come certainly after all we have been made to understand that only two things are certain in life, namely death and tax. Death they say is the necessary end. Yes, Jonathan presidency will come to an end one day just like every other presidency since independence had terminated.

        Leadership or put in Nigerian context rulership is transitory and will certainly come to an end. Therefore my opinion, which, I am entitled to is not a dirge and can never be to any administration or person or group of persons or political parties. For your information and others who care to know, I am not a PDP apologist nor GEJ’s man, though nothing is wrong with that as people can choose who become their friends!

        When I comment on issues and if you know me, you will understand, I detach myself from issues and stand in the realm of objectivity. I do not follow the crowd or join the bandwagon of popular sentiments, that is why people grossly misunderstand. If you have been following our discussion on this forum, you may wish to read my comments on APC registration and be a better judge of my inclination.

        Now let’s go back to the comment I made, the choice of the word “aberration” is a proper one for the organization. The Oxford English Dictionary defines “aberration” as “a departure from what is normal, usual, or expected, typically an unwelcome one”. Is NGF or coalescence of Nigerian elected governors a normal organization? The answer is NO! Is there any provision in the Constitution of the federal Republic Nigeria that Governors of the state should confederate? The answer again is capital No! Is NGF a lobby group? I am afraid NOT. Can you tell me the raisons d’etre for the establishment of Nigeria Governors Forum? NGF is an abnormal organization in the context of governance in Nigeria and indeed elsewhere,whether or not it secured registration from the often weakened and emasculated Corporate Affairs Commission. Again, if we assume it is a pressure group, who are they carry placards against. Are we not the people who ought to be carrying placards against them to make them sit up? People, we need to remove the smokescreen of sentiments foist on us to be able to decipher the real intentions. The NGF is not for the good of you and I, the common man! They use it to further their veiled goals whatever those goals are.

        Again, you talked about people using the NGF to their advantage, yes it is a possibility. People might have used it in time past and believe it is possible to continue to leverage the resources the Forum has. That is, its influence and ability to muzzle electoral resources to favour candidates ‘ordained’ by political parties. But that does not make it normal. Some of us were living witnesses of what transpired during the last national and state elections. Let me tell you this story. A man, who is not known as an armed robber because he had not been caught for once, used proceeds of robbery activities to engage in philanthropy. He became very prominent in the society and received national award. He incorporated many companies with many employees. His fame spreads everywhere yet he still engage in robbery. Is the activity of that man normal? Is it not an aberration?

        In conclusion, I am not singing the dirge of any body. The bereaved family and indeed undertakers specialize in such sullen activity. For me if I need to sing I will sing praises unbridled to almighty God. God bless you all and Jesus Christ is Lord over all. God bless Nigeria and Nigerians to always do the right thing when it matters. And I say to Nigeria SHALOM!

        • Jadesola Fakayode

          This is the logic in my post: No one said NGF was an aberration when Goodluck Jonathan was using it. It is now an aberration when Goodluck Jonathan can no longer use it. The illogicality in this is all what I am saying. It is a Nigerian disease. Something X is good when we can control it. The same thing X is bad when we no longer can control it. I am not sure we can run a society successfully with this kind of framework , yet this is the dominant framework in governance in Nigeria. It is not good. That is all I am saying.

          • Joseph Ejechi

            My friend I hear you. We must accept both sour and sweet grape! I guess they are all grape, fine? If you will check my response to Sadiq. My submission is there but let me succinctly repeat:

            ” The point ….. is not whether he had enjoyed wholesome support but how
            well has the NGF deepen our nascent democracy. Do you want to continue
            the statue quo ante where the governors will agree to continue to impose
            candidate against the people’s will. We must look at the whole picture
            and see where Nigeria is headed. NGF MUST DISINTEGRATE AND INTERNAL
            COUNT! Period!”

          • Jadesola Fakayode

            It is funny how you try to isolate and become atomistic in your data. Before your analysis can be sound you must take history into consideration. The first original sin was the way GEJ used NGF. If you do not admit that, it will be too bad for your analyis. You see I am concerned that NGF must disintegrate now that GEJ cannot use it for his 2015 re-election bid! That raises serious ethical issue for its failure to take the history of use of NGF by Goodluck Jonathan into consideration. But wait a minute-(i) what about PDP govs forum? (ii) What about Northern Govs forum? (iii) what about southern peoples assembly? ah ah ah There you go. I guess what I am saying is that at each point in time, let us pursue the logic in our claim to its logical conclusion. If you do not do that the following will be your logic and it is bad: It means you are saying : If X a forum does not serve Goodluck Jonathan’s 2015 re-election then it is an aberration, but if a forum Y serves Goodluck Jonathan’s 2015 re-election bid then it is not an aberration. You will agree with me that this mode of thinking is ugly and absurd. Finally, let me note this. A similar forum called Governors’ Forum exists in American democracy. And the American president -WHETHER FROM THE REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRATIC PARTY HAS NEVER SHOWN INTEREST IN THE AFFAIRS OF THE AMERICAN GOVS FORUM. If Goodluck Jonathan following the path of his predecessors becomes this hysterical, aggressive and obsessive with NGF affairs such that Goodluck Jonathan becomes an enemy of democracy and some of us cannot see that absurdity, then there must be something genetically wrong with us as peoples of African descent, as black peoples. I need to extend this to let you see the tragedy on Goodluck Jonathan’s undemocractic meddling with an ordinary peer group association like NGF. Hope this helped.

          • Joseph Ejechi

            Jade! obviously you don’t see what I am seeing. The groups you mentioned are purely self interest focused. They want to have the best of takes for their parochial, segregative fora. They want to have most of the national cake that only few baked! You can’t equate them with NGF. Can you? It is will be a mistake to do so. How many of such fora are registered as pressure groups. An ordinary peer group ceases to be ordinary once it begins to undermine collective sovereignty which ultimately resides in people. If you and I cannot freely cast our votes and they count, any such group or organization that can degrade and subdue popular will must not be allowed to continue.

            Can you please pinpoint the valuable contributions of NGF to us, Nigerians. If anything they have helped to scuttle in some ways people votes and choices. They have imposed and foist on us mediocracy. We should not allow such group to continue. NGF is an anathema to democracy and every one who professes to be democrat must seek its demise. The issue here is not so much of President Jonathan winning 2015 election if he chooses to contest. But it is about building having a lasting legacy. Having a foundation that successive governments will continue to build to ensure we have continual dividend of good governance and have a country where you and I will once again be proud of. We don’t want a country where a cut-off point for admission into Unity secondary schools and Universities will be skewed in mediocre liked-fashion, to favour certain sections of the country. we want a country of boundless opportunities for all.

            If in your opinion they helped GEJ to become president and you also share the view, that the President has not lived upto your expectation, which in itself is a failure, must you allow them to continue. Is it not foolhardy to continue on that path with a group you know may not delivery the best again, taking into consideration applicable rules of antecedent?: That is one of the high point of this discussion, they must not continue, lest we may have another profiled non performer by the press.

            The issue is that people are fixated on particular point of view that they could hardly look at issues from wide spectra or perspectives. They always get hooked with popular sentiments. The error associated with this kind is that most often their prism of perceptions and reasoning become color-blurred. Restriction becomes a lid placed in a box to create entrapment. In this condition bliss of ignorance starts taking its tolls and complacency sets in until it gets to the acme and remain there.

            Jade, I fall short of calling you my sister, a little disambiguation is necessary here. There is nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with Africans or black people. If you think otherwise as you had portrayed, I will say it is as a result of acculturation and or possibly information the west has fed and which most of us have taken in hook, line and sinker. The problem with us is that we have continuously under-develop ourselves by the choices of leadership we have been having. May we desire the government we have. But we can change that by making wise choices. That choice does not include NGF.

          • Jadesola Fakayode

            Joseph Ejechi, you are saying NGF was useful when Goodluck Jonathan controlled it. It is no longer useful when Goodluck Jonathan cannot control it!!! I am not sure how this makes sense. So since Goodluck Jonathan can no longer use NGF for his 2015 re-election bid, let us have new forms which he will use. Living with this kind of poor and bad thinking is the reason the world does not have any iota of respect for peoples of African descent. Fortunately, this way of thinking is not pervasive among us, it does not define all Africans. This is ridiculous.

  • simeon

    Amechi has cancelled the meeting…no need to insult ourselves on this…now they are all going to dine and wine with Mr.President….My people, una don eat?

    • joseph

      eh, wonder no end. my broda simeon, do you work in the presidency to know this right away? Na wa o!