Atiku to Jonathan: You Can’t Lead PDP Reconciliation Committee

Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has condemned the appointment of President Goodluck Jonathan as leader of a reconciliation committee that will meet with aggrieved party members across the country and resolve all pending disputes within the ruling Peoples Democratic Party.

Governor Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom had told journalists at the end of the party’s National Caucus meeting in Abuja on June 18  that Mr. Jonathan would lead a panel charged with resolving the multiple crises in the party.

But in a statement sent to PREMIUM TIMES on Saturday night, Atiku said Mr. Jonathan’s interest and ambition to re-contest in 2015 were at the core of the crises rocking the party and that the President could not be a judge in his own case.

“The President has no business setting up any committee on party matters when his interests are widely believed to be central to the ongoing acrimony within the party,”  the former vice president said. “It is therefore imperative that we establish an independent committee comprised of credible and neutral members to look into the crises of the party dispassionately and offer a lasting solution because no one can impose their preferred solution on a Party as diverse as our own. All members must be treated fairly whether or not they belong to the President’s  camp. Otherwise, we will force people to exercise other options available to them, which the Party may not like.”

He continued, “President Jonathan might harbour personal designs to continue in office beyond 2015 and it is incumbent upon him to permit the establishment of a nonpartisan committee that will have the autonomy and authority to devise the appropriate strategy to resolve the ongoing turmoil within the party without interference from the Presidency or from anyone.”

The former vice-president wondered why there was a need for a new reconciliation committee when the reports of earlier panels led by former Vice President Alex Ekwueme and Gen. Ike Nwachukwu, had not been implemented.

“Members of these committees sacrificed their time and energy to help the party with constructive and implementable recommendations capable of moving the Party forward,” Atiku said. “It is curious to many of us why the party leadership lacks the moral courage to implement those recommendations. Can impunity and imposition ultimately replace the will of the people? In the words of George Washington, one of America’s founding fathers, “No man is good enough to govern another without his consent.”

Saying as a founding member of the PDP he would not fold his arms and allow the party to continue to derail, the former vice president urged President Jonathan to leave the party alone and allow it to be run independently in the interest of all members.

He said, “I call on the executive arm to leave the Party alone and make a more productive use of its time to govern the country. It will be unhealthy and unhelpful for the government to insist on running the Party and the country at the same time. In mature democracies such as the United States, the President becomes a statesman and the leader of the whole country once his election victory is announced. He leaves party management to party apparatchiks and delve into partisan matters only at policy level. If this model has worked well for the United States, I cannot see why it should not work well for us. The presidential system has its own internal logic and protocol. We need to understand this logic and protocol if our system is to succeed.”

Read Atiku’s full statement here.


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  • Alex Akinyemi

    Atiku this is a frank talk. I hope this guy will listen to this honest advise. People like Godswill Akpabio will block his hear. 2015 will be deciding factor for Nigeria. He boasted last week that no amount of gang up will push him out of Aso Rock. We shall see.

    • Dan maikoko

      Pride comes before a fall and Nigeria is lucky that this president does not understand it (Nigeriai) at all. He has succeeded in isolating his only backers, the minority Ijaw community. We shall see indeed how the Ijaw will beat the rest of Nigeria in an election, any election wether free and fair or not.

      • akpos1

        Let it be known: That the Ijaw has the capacity to ‘isolate’ it oil&gas. I hope u understand the parable.Idiot.

        • Bala R

          A common Ijaw man like his northern partner does not enjoy YOUR OIL. Let the oil wells dry we in the north can still feed the nation so long as there is rain fall. By the way if you are a responsible citizen I am sure you buy something from the LAZY NORTHERNERS daily.Be it meat, onion, tomatoes etc. How many people buy oil daily?

        • Mohammed Haruna

          I dey laf oooo, mumu, d oil n gas 4 9ja not ijaw, if u no like go die n as long as 9ja remain dt oil n gas would remain 9ja property. Die mum

  • Moses Yakubu

    Atiku would always be quick to remind us about U.S politics and presidency, but he failed to mention that American presidents have never being this harrassed by his party faithfuls and that American presidents goes for rerun authomatically. I don’t like half truths or half lies.

  • wax

    Atiku will alwais use the US as an example because he lives a lavish life in a mansion paid with Nigerians money he looted. Let me also remind you sir that if it ​were in the US, you will be rotting in jail nd all your ill gotten wealth taken 4rm u. We haven’t 4gotten how you tried to hijack the leadership of the PDP wen you wia VP nd how you battled your principal till your last day in office. Now you are fighting for a party you once called names nd abused on public TV. Your dogs are causing problems and killing innocent Nigerians in the north in the name of boko haram. Pls call off your dogs and hide your face in shame pending your day of reconing…

    • Utere

      Dont be silly Wax. Which of them won`t be rotting in jail if it were in the US

      • wax

        @utere gud to knw u agree wit the fact that he is one of the many who belong in jail but atiku is the topic here. So am happy we r both silly

    • Omo Akin

      It is time for the editors of this forum to insist on people staying on topic or have their comments refused. Wax’s post is one such post that is unworthy of this forum. Disprove what Atiku said if you can but don’t throw in red herrings. I hope you understand what “throwing the red herring” means.

  • nija pikin

    Atiku I like your courage you have fougth many battle with real Generals and you have bn victorious so this most be figth to finish we will not accept half democrats as our leaders CHANGI DOLE IN ASO ROCK.

    • El

      I doubt we can call Atiku a hero by any measure of the word. I can’t respect a man who bounces rom party to party because he wants to be president. Atiku is no hero, Buhari is.

      • Ali Abdulkadir

        You have it all
        wrong El. Where have you been for you not to know that Atiku was tactfully
        ‘deregistered’ (kicked out) from PDP by Obj using his sycophant ‘follow
        follows’. According to our electoral laws, you cannot pursue your rightful
        political ambition without a party platform. What did you expect him to do in
        order to pursue his constitutional right of vying for a political office? The
        man only claimed his right of political association as guaranteed him, you and
        me by our constitution. When PDP’s political atmosphere became sane again after
        Obj left, he went back to help sanitize the party he played a major role in
        formulating. Please wake up and stop feeding on rumors and hearsays.

      • OSYTA.N..

        EL, mind you Buhari equally moved from ANPP to form CPC, dont think you truly know the persons you are commenting about.

  • Dankasa

    But Yakubu, no American President ever said no America without him being re-elected through any medium. GEJ is using his Senior Special Assistant KUKU and other Niger Deltan Warlords to express his mind and it is in the record. If you don’t know, GEJ saw seeds of sentiment, hater and dangerous dichotomy in the heart of people which no President ever saw in this country. You are middle belter who now see and regard me (who come from core north) as your enemy all during his Administration. We hate each other more during his time, why? He is secretly destroying our region for a reason best known to him which you are so naive to understand. Atiku whether you Mosses like it or has never been a sectional Leader, he is a great Leader.

    • dan

      I’m sure it was Jonathan that asked Babagida Aliyu, Kwakwaso, and other Hausa/Fulani governors to pick Jona Jang as Northern consensus candidate to the Nigeran Governors Forum only to go behind and vote against him. Not only that, they had the effrontery to publicly boast about it in publicly. Do the middle beltans still need anyone to tell them the upper north wish them no good?

      • Mohammed Haruna

        My friend n brother if ur classification is based on religion then I go and find ur middle-belt somewhere because I’m a middle-beltan from nasarawa living in port harcourt. So to tell u the truth people in the south don’t give a dem about u been a middle-beltan all their beleives is that u are a northerner so better get that

      • El

        I suppose the south means them well then. Please. Your divde and rule tactics won’t work, and for your information we are northcentral.

  • Abdullahi

    I dnt no why some people ar sayin sens eless isued! My question is dat if Atiku can be routing in jail acordin 2 wax, wat abt obasanjo we’re is supose 2 bi? Wax, beter close ur mout if u dnt hve anitin 2 said!

    • akpos1

      Obasanjo’s place has been secured in the hottest part of hell. So fret not.

  • akpos1

    So Thief Atiku has the effrontery to speak about morality? He himself left the position of Head of Customs as a billionaire. How did he get his money?

    …Continent Nigeria is a continent where everyone struggles to get to power in order to steal the wealth of the rich nations of the South South. This is the truth that we all know. The same truth that explains why corruption will never end if we continue in our self delusion that continent Nigeria is a country. It is a continent. Atiku’s Bokostani Republic only talks about ‘Nationalism’ bcos there is my oil & gas money to steal. Now, I ask you the simple question: If the oil in the SS&SE dries up today, will Buhari still be a presidential candidate emeritus? Will someone in Sokoto allow a fellow from Warri to share his cow proceeds? Idiots.

    …Amalgamation was a disaster. A grave error of the 20th century. Until we reverse the useless and phantom union & revert to the individual & homogeneous entities, we will continue to have problems.

    For example, the North & West are homogeneous in many ways – e.g., terrorism, dependency, religion, value for life, ‘vampire-ism’ etc So, they can become one country. They can even go with the name Nigeria. Other regions of the SS & SE can go separate ways or unite on mutually agree terms & become a superpower scientifically driven country.

    The Terrorist, fraudulent & corrupt North & West of Nigeria is just messing up the prestige of the oil producing SS&SE countries. This MUST be stopped through secession. Nonsense.

    Verily verily I say unto you, Nigeria is not a country but a continent. Break up NOW.

    • Mohammed Haruna

      Mumu go kill ursef bcx 9ja will remain united n more stronger. Tongue out

    • Ali Abdulkadir

      Tribal bigots do not have a place in our nation. Learn to be patriotic like Atiku and your life may change for the better. For now, you remain condemned in the creeks.

    • OSYTA.N..


  • Garden-City Boy

    Question for Atiku Abubakar: Who is the party leader?

    • Ali Abdulkadir

      For your information, Jonathan becomes the leader of the Nigerian nation the moment he gets sworn in as the president. Leading his political party’s reconcilliation committe while being a national president is not only biased but conningly unfair, especiallyas he is undoubtedly interested in contestingting in upcoming elections and the problem he is trying to solve was caused by his 2015 ambitions..

      • Garden-City Boy

        Is your logic premised on constitutionality or on the so-called “gentleman’s agreement” some of you sing like a mantra? When awusa was in charge, did you care if anything your people did showed bias? How many awusa are in the National Council of State? Does awusa control of over 80% of the oil blocs belonging to Southerners smack of any bias? Does the 36-year monopolistic grip on political power by awusa tell you anything about bias? What about the annulment of an election aimed to deny Chief. MKO Abiola the mandate he earned to the presidency? Awusa people imprisoned and murdered him and his wife to ensure he did not become president. Could that be bias, by any chance?
        Buhari overthrew President Shagari’s democratically elected government, citing gross official corruption as the motive for his perfidy. While Shagari, captain of the corrupt team, was allowed the comfort of his home, the dumb ass threw his deputy -Dr, Alex Ekwueme- in jail. As though that was not thrilling enough, your awusa cow-head brother clamped Chief Odumegwu-Ojukwu. Ojukwu did not hold any position in government. His crime was that he was Igbo. You would call that equity, not bias.
        You awusas have your unusual ways with viewing issues from the wrong end of the telescope. You only see it from the myopic perspective that suits your intuitive rapaciousness . That is why awusas are such a disgusting lot, unworthy of accommodation into civil society. All you want is to “RULE” never to lead so as to sustain your indolence, lack of creativity and parasitic stranglehold on the nation’s coffers. The most popular catch-phrase with your awusa governors is “State allocation” – another name for feeding-bottle for overgrown almajiris.
        Do you ever feel any embarrassment that your people are this barbaric and see nothing wrong with bloodletting? You have not wondered why awusa people are so much hated and despised with passion by society? You don’t seem to care or do anything about that. You better chill, and not go arguing like the rest of your idiotic kinsmen.

  • Ali Abdulkadir

    I wonder why some South southerners are saying Nigeria
    should breakup if Jonathan cannot continue in office beyond 2015. Question is,
    what has he done for Nigeria in almost four years that will encourage us to
    vote him in 2015? If he is however convinced that he merits a comeback, let him
    leave the process to evolve naturally without trying to use his sycophant
    supporters to manipulate the process dishonestly. Atiku is always on point and is the kind of
    democratic leader Nigeria is yearning for.

  • Akongo

    make una wait… has he said something in all he has said? even if you dont like a person, do not deny when he or she makes a valid point…sad…