Sectional politics: ploy to hoodwink Nigerians – Ribadu

Nuhu Ribadu, former Chairman, EFCC
Nuhu Ribadu

Mr. Ribadu addressed student leaders at the Ahmadu Bello University.

A former Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Nuhu Ribadu, has condemned the rising trend of sectional sentiments among politicians, calling it a ploy to further exclude the larger populace by widening imaginary socio-religious differences among the people.

Mr. Ribadu, who was the presidential candidate of the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, in the 2011 election stated this on Saturday at a public lecture organised by the Students Representative Council of Ahmadu Bello University, ABU Zaria.

Mr.Ribadu lampooned what he called extremist politicians who, like religious extremists, “spread hate message to serve their selfish interests”.

The anti-corruption crusader also advocated for disregard of institutions or individuals who preach against unity of Nigeria arguing that “unless we put our patriotism away from greed and any undemocratic advocacy, our collective struggle to install a popular government will remain a mission impossible.”

He lamented that “our democracy has become modelled into an avenue where sentiments are highlighted by pro-exclusion politicians to corner the votes of their kinsmen because they cannot do so on grounds of their individual reputation or records.

“This careless stratagem is a pathway to self-destruction begging for our collective, and very immediate, effort at snatching our future from the hands of those who ride on such ethnic, religious and regional sentiments towards self-enrichment,” he said.

Mr. Ribadu faulted claims that Nigeria is a contrived nation, adding that no nation is made up of the same people with uniform racial and linguistic identity. He therefore called on Nigerians to dismiss “ethnic irredentists” whose purpose is to divide the country along sectional lines in order to cover up their corrupt tendencies and incapacity.

“Our ability, in spite of the divides, to come to a consensus or sacrifice a cause or compromise a stance, is what makes us a nation. But we have chosen to play the politics of exclusion where the trust of the people is first for their kinsmen or religion before alignment with the nation.

“This dangerous departure from patriotism, which saw to rise in ethnic advocacy, nepotism, bigotry and militancy, has been used by enemies of change to subdue and destroy any quest for the Nigeria of our dreams—a Nigeria where we abandon our bloodline in our service to the nation,” he said.

While charging the youth to remain steadfast as leaders and participate actively in bringing about the needed change, Mr. Ribadu admonished them to make good use of the social media for political participation by translating their internet activism into actual real life participation.

“Change, in this era of internet evolution and revolution, is the maximisation of the privileges offered by the internet in which every man with a laptop or tablet or mobile phone has a valid voice that must be heard.

“The increase in internet access enhances the speed of dispersion of ideas. It happened in Tunisia. It happened in Egypt. It’s happening here. But, we must be devout apostles of change to realise our dream of Change,” he added.

The All Progressives Congress, APC chieftain warned the youth not to allow themselves to be used for “any campaign that attempts to colour the internal borders of our country. We are doomed as a nation the moment the youth get hoodwinked by the bickering of bitter politicians who ride to relevance on sentiments that only inspire distrust among citizens.

“My experience so far in politics has taught me that age does not guarantee maturity to responsibly play the role of a patriot in an atmosphere of tensed political antagonisms. Thankfully, this is the Age of the Internet; borderless interactions in and out of cyberspace have opened a new door of social and political influences for the youth and the oppressed.

“This age of information has revealed that no people can ever be entirely wrong at the same time; the evil among us are so because of certain disorders in their superficial orientations, education or even mental state. That Boko Haram insurgency was launched in the north does not incriminate the entire northerners or Muslims; neither is kidnapping and the previously ill-famed militancy in the South South translates to crimes of the entire people of Niger-Delta.

“Similarly, the recent massacre of our security officers by certain elements of the largely good-natured Eggon people of Nasarawa state must not be adopted in interpreting the ethnic identities of these people. There is no man on this earth who smiles at the injuries on his body. And these militants, kidnappers, extremists and other agents of exclusions among us are injuries on the collective body of the nation. These events only call out loudly for careful and people-centered leadership. This is our call, and we must be fair to our history,” he said.


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    Ribadu, were u not part of the problem-the man who introduced regionalism into the fight against corruption? So name the fulani governors that u locked up in your gulag -the ones u gave the same treatment as Alams–or are u just waking from your consensus slumber which the North introduced via Ciroma -Was Jang not nominated by the NSGF-

    • jonathan

      Mani_kay_na_KenManiresuurected_na_mpitikwelu_na_olapedro_na_afam_deri_na_GoodluckJonathan_na_kingsley kuku_na_asari dokubo!!!

      How body? hope yu dey well well-me i just dey laf at your funny names ooooo. I just dey laf shaaa!

  • Mani_Kay

    From the Eagle Square primaries arena Atiku Abubakar started the hauling of insults on Goodluck Jonathan and since then every Almajiri in the North from Tambuwaal to Babangida Aliyu to El Rufai and indeed to virtually all of Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani men and women, young and old have made it their daily duty to make the country ungovernable for the President and to confront, obstruct, insult, abuse, disrespect the office and the person of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Goodluck Jonathan. For over forty years other ethnic groups in Nigeria kept silent and thought that though tribe and tongue may differ, in brotherhood we stand. But we were mistakenly. The born-to-rule Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani had their own selfish agenda to lord it over other groups. They started by callously killing Major General Aguiyi Ironsi and over seven million Ibos for what was purely a military coup planned by clearly identifiable individuals that could be arrested and prosecuted. The Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani hiding under the cover of a so called revenge mission went berserk in order to implement their hidden agenda. Thereafter, they killed Major Isaac Adaka Boko, they followed with the killing of the innocent Ogoni 9 including Ken Saro-Wiwa. Next was MKO Abiola and presently they are now openly killing persons from the South who reside or travel to the North especially Christians. They are burning churches , destroying properties and businesses of Southerners while businesses owned by Lebanese are left untouched. They are even mercilessly carrying out a genocide and ruthless ethnic cleansing against Christians of Northern origin; all in a bid to vent their anger that the one presently occupying Aso Rock is not one of their own viz religion and tribe. They insist that he has to convert to their religion and vacate Aso Rock. There is so much rubbish the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani are doing everyday and getting away with it. But it is instructive for the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani to note that they not seen anything yet in terms of the reaction of other ethnic groups and other none Muslim religious sects. My people say that it is not immediately you cut a tree that the leaves turn brown……it takes time but it will surely turn brown. The Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani have cut your tree in Nigeria and your leaves will surely turn brown when the South eventually stops feeding the “the greedy, idle but destructive greedy and unproductive Baboon”. This Ribadu message is for the born-to-rule Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani who have gone completely crazy because the present occupant of Aso Rock is not their own. I just hope they get it and mend their ways.

    • Thomas Kolo

      @ Mani Kay: Isn’t that what Ribadu is talking about? Let’s be fair to the good men among us. Ribadu has shown difference as much as I know. And seriously he is the only marketable northerner in the southern Nigeria.

      • Mohammed Haruna

        Hmm, so you said Ribadu is the only marketable northerner to you? Man you are completely wrong even though you have tried to maintained some neutral stands

    • Mohammed Haruna

      Unfortunately people like mani kay went to school to learn how to speak english only because you want to become a criminal and a political militant from the niger-delta region instead of you to learnt and properly educated so that you will know about the people like tafabalewa and saudauna. Of sokoto, akintola all killed by the military of igbos extractions whose the same igoronsi hide in Ghana and reluntantly refused to bring to face course of justice that led to him been overthrown and killed and Gowon a christian northern minority took over then the declaration of the independence of biafran state which led to the declaration of war by gowon then the Head of state. Please go back to school and learn well to be properly educated man

    • Garden-City Boy

      Whatever they argue over with their anal logic won’t change anything. Awusa is done as far as Nigeria is concerned. Their barbaric conduct is the one stereotype that dug them into a bottomless cesspit. The shameless clan is not known for anything except for but anything that is bad under the sun, both internally and internationally. Omar Farouk Abdulmutallab is a blooming awusa person. Dishonest awusa elite blame their barbaric conduct on poverty.This son of Umaru Mutallab cound be driven by poverty. Awusa can make one puke with their lies.

  • Sam Oladele

    Well done, Nuhu Ribadu. You speak like a patriot!

  • Waziri Zainul

    Woooooow…. Words of a Sage!

  • Ndidi

    It is best if Nigerians can unite under one common goal – the good of the country. I also agree that politicians are trying to split us according to tribal and religious lines. However, much as I respect Ribadu, he has failed to address some issues. The truth is that Northern rulers have been treating the country as if it is theirs alone. Some months ago a Senator said that of the oil blocks owned by Nigeria, 80% belongs to Northerners. We are still waiting for that list of oil block owners. There are 250 tribes in Nigeria but Northerners insist in either being President or VP AT ALL TIMES. Why? Is that fair? Northern politicians are again stalling the passing of PIB. I could go on and on. Nigerians are now saying that we will no longer tolerate Northern injustice, if we are to remain one country. To pretend that this Northern agenda does not exist will not help. Northerners must now begin to play fair, then agitations will stop and politicians will not be able to split us on tribal or religious lines.

  • Garden-City Boy

    We cannot run away from the fact that Ribadu is an awusa man and a moslem, or pretend not to know. For one thig, you would risk slitting your throat if , by some mistake, you call him a Christian/infidel. His islamic faith permits him to lie to gain an advantage over his enemies –a conduct that is both culturally and religiously is extolled. This fact meters the decency springboard for an islamic awusa to audaciously “…..lash(ed) out at some leaders, who according to him, were using ethnic and religious
    factor as a political weapon to sustain themselves in public office , and urged
    the youth to shun such divisive tendencies”. An overblown feeling of self-worth beclouds
    his every sense of responsibility, and fraudulent instincts took right of way.
    Ribadu conveniently avoided clarity, holding back the identities of these ‘some
    leaders’ his gullible ‘youth’ audience must shun. Lawan Kaita, Buhari, Adamu
    Chiroma, Atiku Abubakar, Ango abdulahi –all awusas and moslems- are notoriously
    divisive, and so are their “TENDENCIES”. Ribadu urges awusa people to “work together
    for a strong and united Nigeria”. Of course awusas are ‘working together”,
    as we can all see, for a STRONG UNITED OIL code-named ‘strong united nigeria’. He
    indoctrinates awusas to disbelieve “in the cry heard from various corners
    that Nigeria is an unnatural entity coerced together “. For Ribadu, 1914 AMALGAMATION did not ever happen, and “such thinking was a veryinaccurate judgment”.

    • Mohammed Haruna

      mr. Ct boy or what do u call yourself? I understand that you are literate but highly uneducated to know how to comment on the matters of national interest, do you think if hausas or northerners want to remain on power they can’t? Mr man better go back to school and be educated before you start commenting on the matter that is of national interest

      • Garden-City Boy

        What are you waiting for? Why don’t you go get it, if you think you got so much out of school and that educated?. You do not wish to comment on the barbaric behavior of your people, do you? You awusas are simply shameless. Must you be part of us? Why are you so afraid of pressing your pet ARABA these days. You should be better served by AREWA where you can behave as the wild barbaric animals that you are? You are told the home truth about what we think about you awusas and you talk about ‘literacy’ and ‘education’. See awusa, see education. Or you don’t know that you are the most hated clan, not only in Nigeria, but across West Africa? Any further questions?