PDP ignores Rivers court ruling on Amaechi

Rotimi Amaechi, governor of River state

The ruling party said it is not aware of any ruling.

The national leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has ignored the ruling of a River State High Court sitting in Port Harcourt, restraining it from taking any further action against the State Governor, Chibuike Amaechi.

The party said it is not aware of any ruling, saying what happened in the court was merely an “action.”

Mr Amaechi was suspended by the National Working Committee of the party on Monday last week over the removal of the Chairman of Obio/Akpor Local Government Area of Rivers State, Timothy Nsirim, and 17 councillors from office.

Dissatisfied with the party’s action, the governor approached the court to challenge his suspension.

The court, presided over by Emmanuel Ogbuji, had last Friday restrained the PDP from taking further action against the embattled governor pending the hearing of a substantive suit challenging his suspension from the party.

The court also asked the governor to serve the PDP the necessary court processes by pasting them on the walls of the national secretariat of the party in Abuja.

However, the National Publicity Secretary of PDP, Olisa Metuh denied that the party was restrained from taking further action against Mr. Amaechi, saying there was no ruling on the matter but that there was an action in the court.

“Have you seen a copy of the ruling you are talking about?” Mr. Metuh asked PREMIUM TIMES in a telephone interview on Wednesday.

“If you have seen it let me know. There was no court ruling, there was a court action.”

The PDP spokesman confirmed that the 11-member committee set up by the party to investigate the Rivers State governor has been sitting, adding that it has already invited memoranda from people to give evidence.

Asked if the committee’s sittings and actions are not illegal since the issue is already in court, Mr. Metuh said though he was not mandated to speak for the committee, its chairman, Joe Gadzama, is a senior lawyer who would do everything within the ambit of the law.

Meanwhile, there are no indications that Mr. Amaechi posted the court documents on the walls of the PDP secretariat.


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  • Ndidi

    Amaechi is being used by Northern politicians to split the unity of Southerners because they want to frustrate GEJ in every way possible. Did one of them not say that Nigeria would become ungovernable if GEJ becomes President? It is best if Amaechi is out of PDP and I sincerely hope the new APC will reject him or he will again be used there to cause havoc (especially for Southern interests). Amaechi is looking for public support and sympathy. But did he request our opinion before acquiring a private jet for his own use – which now we are finding out he is flying illegally. Enough of this man, I say.

    • Adamolekun

      Ndidi, the questions are : Is the action of the PDP against Amaechi legal under our nation’s laws? I am not sure you should run away from this, which is the question of legality. Shouldn’t PDP which is the governing party respect our country’s laws again? Haba!

      • spiff

        Have they actually taken FUTHER ACTION against him? Let the committee continue to sit; the thing is they cannot implement their decision, even if they find him innocent. That means he remains suspended until the court lifts the order of FURTHER action.

        When these lawyers run to court to procure injunctions, they should understand the implications.
        The media should also stop spreading ignorance on matters they have little understanding about.

        • Adamolekun

          I based my post on law. You based your post on politics. It does not matter. In a modern society, I want to be rule and law governed and not governed by the whims of someone. The PDP has stated what they said they would do to Amaechi. If Amaechi disagrees, then as a citizen of a country that purportedly has a constitution and that purportedly operates on the basis of law, Amaechi has a right as a citizen to challenge that PDP policy. You spiff can still suport the PDP policy, but under the LAW, you cannot take away Amaechi’s right to challenge the policy. And that is my point-it is about LAW. As a citizen, I prefer to live in a law governed society. I do not want to live in a jungle under the whims and caprices of human subjects. And that is the basis on my post. I believe this should help you.

          • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

            your post is not based on law. The order party must be served before you can expect them to obey the order. This article made it clear that PDP has not been served. Amaechi team has been asked to paste the order on PDP head office. They have not done that. You are one ignorant lawyer.

          • Adamolekun

            baby mpitikwelu, welcome under your thru name. We have been reading you thru your other names. This is good. So let us go. In your response thru nididi you said the “North” is using GEJ to break “southern” solidarity. I replied and said “focus on the issue at hand now which is Amaechi’s court action. So my point and the point is: Does Ameachi have right to go to court and challenge PDP/GEJ decision? You should answer that. Next question: how does the fact that a citizen go to court to challenge an illegality mean as you/ndidi said and a I quote “Amaechi is being used by Northern politicians to split the unity of
            Southerners because they want to frustrate GEJ in every way possible”. baby that is my point , it is a point about LAW. Ameachi has a right to challenge an illegality . PDP/GEJ are not above LAW. There will be a Nigeria after Goodluck Jonathan and that is important to me as a citizen. Some of us work for this country before the PDP crowd came, and we shall continue to do so. And the basis of that Nigeria that will be after Goodluck Jonathan and PDP is LAW and respect for LAW. Please challenge this. This is the point.

          • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

            I will answer you, scumbag. See mr scumbag, The northern elders of no-thought, including ciroma, Atiku, Junaid etc, said back in 2011 that the ‘north’ will make this country ungovernable if power does not return to the ‘north’ in 2011. So most Nigerians believes they have actually carried out their threats. Most people I talk to thinks Amechi is a mere pawn on the chess board in this regard.
            No one has condemned Amechi right to go to court. All I have asked is that before you accuse someone of disobeying a court order, you MUST first, mr scumbag, served the other party with a copy of the order. Let me spell it out, because I think you are very slow. Some one who has not seen a court order can not be said to have acted above the law, as you alleged.

          • Lastma

            Did you read my post at all? If you want to talk about legal technicalities, let’s stick to legal technicalities. What is in contention here? The court said “stop FURTHER action”. Further action means further disciplinary action. They have not pronounced further sanctions on Amaechi, so, up to that point, they are obeying the court order.

      • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

        PDP have not been served. Read the article before commenting. Amechi is yet to paste the order as mandated by the court

    • Soji Alade

      ndidi, which “Southern” unity are you talking about? if yu say “South-South” unity, that is fine. You cannot talk of a bogus “southern” unity when people talk about “my oil/our oil” . So please the “oil people” can take “their oil” , they have a “right” to it. But please and please DO NOT talk of a “Southern” unity when people are concerned about “their oil”. They should continue to talk about “their oil”, but please DO NOT snick in any phnatom “Southern” solidarity. That is too late in the day. The wind has blown. We have seen the behind of the fowl, in other words, the egg has broken, you cannot re-make the egg again. Let the “oil man” drink his oil tire. At the end of the day we will all take a decision and ask hard questions.-so focus on “our/my oil/oil in my backyard” etc, -for that has been the sing song.

      • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

        Ondo state has oil. Ondo state are oil people.Just saying.

        • Soji Alade

          Unfortunately for you mpitikwelu, I am from Ondo state. So that says a LOT about my position as a Nigerian from Ondo state. you/akpos1/conernednigerian/afam/deri/mr.peter2000 have this slogan “FORWARD ON TO REPUBLIC OF SS AND SE BECAUSE IT IS OUR OIL” . baby mpitikwelu, where does Ondo state come in here? No where. There is nothing wrong with your slogan. I kind of like it. So I am ONLY saying that YOU ALL SHOULD SICK WITH IT. There is no SOUTHERN SOLIDARITY in FORWARD ONTO REPUBLIC OF SS AND SE BECAUSE IT IS OUR OIL” See what I mean? it is simple logic. If you are banking remotely on what Mimiko did with GEJ/PDP/Jang’s God blessed fraud at the NGF election, then you are mistaken. As for other issues which are not relevant, each citizen will take his or her decision with his or her vote at the right time. I will not instruct you or the PDP and GEJ you campaign for on this and other issues. Just stick with your slogan and be consistent. That is all I am saying. It is my hope that this helps you.

          • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

            Will be nice to hear your view on Buhari’s recent statement on BBC,’ that the war against Boko Haram is a war against the north’.

          • Bala R

            You don’t know Buhari and they will never allow you to know him.

          • Sadiq Garba

            Do not involve Buhari with these issues.
            Buhari has no oil in his backyard.

    • One Nigeria

      Ndidi beta go wash ur stinking cunt. Wat do u know? And close ur dirty mouth with ur divisive utterances.

      • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

        typical comment from a vile paedophilic muslim. No surprise cos you have the same respect, Mohamed has for women.

      • ilebaami

        If Ndidi is female then she has been unduly insulted by @One Nigeria comment. One Nigeria please be polite, in 2013 people are aspiring for more polish.

        • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

          the guy is typical Fulbe muslim with no respect for women. You shouldn’t be surprised

    • Bala R

      No wonder Azazi from Sokkoto went about bombing churches in the North.


    Ondo State governor, Dr Olusegun Mimiko, on Wednesday, challenged his Rivers State counterpart, Rotimi Amaechi, to substantiate his claim that he (Mimiko) voted at the disputed NGF election by producing the video evidence of the claim, insisting that Amaechi could not take ecclesiastic refuge for his anti-democratic dispositions.

    Reacting to Amaechi’s claim that he (Mimiko) voted at the election, Mimiko said Amaechi should not hide under religion to cover up his anti-democratic dispositions, insisting that nothing stopped Amaechi from proving to the world that he voted by using the same video he had been using to tell the public that there was an election.

    “If Amaechi is saying I voted at the election, then I think he should prove it to the whole world that I did.

    “I sincerely believe that a process must have led to the declaration of result contained in their few minutes video clip. That later part can’t come in isolation; I challenge him to show the entire proceedings, including where I voted,” he said.

    Berating Amaechi for what he called his anti-democratic disposition, Mimiko, who is the vice chairman of the Jonah Jang-led NGF, said “Amaechi could not take ecclesiastic refuge for his undemocratic dispositions by dragging the church into the forum’s disputed election, as a way of covering up his anti-democratic tendencies, stating further that Nigerians have been deceived for too long.”

    Mimiko accused Amaechi of what he termed betrayal of his colleagues.

    • Kemi Adegoke

      ola pedro, just reading your post shows you are a hired PDP advocate. And that is fine. There is no problem with that. But I have a question: On what basis does Jang rest the “legitimacy” of his so-called “chairmanship” of NGF? Jang presumably a christian used his own mouth to say God rigs. So he bases his “election” on rigging. Does it mean that his “legitimacy” is based on a “God” rigged election? Remember that the only thing this fellow called Jang bases his “election” on is endorsement. Given the simple meaning of endorsement, does endorsement amount to election? I think GEJ and PDP burnt their hands in this whole thing, and there is no way personally that I can have respect anymore for Goodluck Jonathan and PDP. Their wretched hands are written all over the place on this issue-too bad.

      • Lastma

        Please address the issues he raised. Why are you running away from the allegation that one governor may not have voted, but that 35 votes were counted?

        • Goodluck Patience Jonathan

          Lastma, perhaps kemi is saying and referring to the BIG issue which is that Governor Jonah Jang said GOD RIGS. You see it is important that even Oritsejafor has not called Governor Jang to question on that!!! What do you think about that Lastma? In a federal republic of Nigeria and in a black man’s country, a sitting PDP Governor used his own mouth to say God rigs. So if God rigs, and the election was rigged by God for Jang, what issues remain Lastma? Nothing. It means the Jonah believes in rigging, and this is where he is drwaing his so-called “legitimacy” from. The issue is resolved-and we should expect the same thing to happen in 2015 whereby God will rig for Goodluck Jonathan on behalf of who God rigged in the 2013 NGF election. Mr. Lastma, can you now see the BIG PICTURE Kemi gave to you and Ola Pedro?

          • Lastma

            Can you go and check again to find where Jang said “God rigs”? Is it this kind of falsehood you call “the BIG issue”?

      • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

        just reading your post shows you are hired by fake APC.

        • Kemi Adegoke

          Ola Pedro/mpitikwelu Can you please respond to my post? That will help you and other Nigerians. And if you cannot, that is also okay. I will know that you lost the argument and the conversation. Thanks

          • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

            You have not said anything that required a reply. To the best of my knowledge, Jonathan did not vote in that election. of course, you have a right to conspiracy theories and tales by moonlight. I just choose to ignore those drivels.

          • Lastma

            “Jang presumably a christian used his own mouth to say God rigs”. When exactly did he say that. You bear false witness, and then you expect people to dignify you with any kind of response?

      • Es3

        Jang’s chairmanship is based on the fact that his opponent (Amaechi) did not qualify for a 2nd term based on their constitution that every member has a copy!
        The one Amaechi used for the election is claimed to contain clauses that do not exist in the one that all members met and first approved for use by the body?!

    • Sadiq Garba

      Mimiko claimed he has not voted, right?
      What was he doing at the venue of the election on the election day?
      Why is it only after several excuses failed that he’s coming up with this?
      Who made him the deputy chair of the forum?
      The little respect we had for Mr Iroko may be lost with this kind of stand.

      • Es3

        Elections could have observers and especially when you are contesting, you may not be entitled to vote!
        Another is that for an election to be regarded as democratic and fair, you cannot preside over your own elections but an independent body acceptable to all parties must conduct the elections!
        Was that the case with NGF elections?

        • Sadiq Garba

          That was the case with NGF elections, in as much as Goodluck Jonathan was Nigeria’s president on April 16, 2011.
          As for the observer status you are giving Mimiko, He has never claimed to be an observer in the election. Delta State governor was there as agent and he said it. What must have stopped Mimiko from telling us that he was not accredited to vote? That he has not voted at the time the results were announced?
          The truth is, they went to the election with the hope that all those governors that were forced to sign undertakings at the villa will vote for Jang. But some of them played a better game by allowing their conciese to guide them.
          Now that the game is over, it is one reason today and another tomorrow all in effort to discredit the election.

          • Es3

            Mimiko’s revelation confirms one and only thing – that the NGF election result was rigged!
            if the whole 3-hour processes was recorded as has been revealed, let Amaechi and his group release the full video to all and we all would have seen where Mimiko actually voted only to deny later?!
            If not, let Amaechi admit rigging the NGF elections for there is no way they would have gotten that number of votes if Mimiko did not vote as claimed!!!

  • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

    As usual, Premium Times continues to spread ignorance to the public. The reporter made it clear that PDP has not been served yet the editor chose to headline that PDP has disobeyed a court order. How can a person disobey an order he is yet to receive? Why do Premium Times persist in serving malicious falsehoods to members of the public? How is this journalism?

    • Sadiq Garba

      A responsible government will obey court orders.

  • emmanuel

    In all these things, Nigerians are more than conquerors – NGF gangsterism is ebbing to an end.

    The tower of Babel is replayed in Nigeria. Never again will a few thieves hold the nation to ransom. We are waiting for an amendment on immunity clause and Our resources would be mindfully used and not mindlessly stolen!

  • hedreez

    be wise awusa, do you believe pdp and gej cam wud come out and accept that they have recieve a court ruling telling them to hold the suspension giving to amaechi, are u not a nigerian………..abi u be swaggu niiiiiiiiii