Nigerian media are junks, useless, blogger Omojuwa says, as controversy rages over comment on Gani

Blogger Japhet Omojuwa

A blogger, Japhet Omojuwa, has described the Nigerian media as junky and useless, in reaction to a Channels TV publication  which suggested that he underestimated the struggles of late human rights fighter, Gani Fawehinmi.

“Any Nigerian news I miss on these foreign news channels will be delightfully missed,” Mr. Omojuwa said. “Too much junk here. Reason these politicians don’t speak to the local press. Most are as good as useless!”

A war of words had ensued on twitter between Mr. Omojuwa and some other social media users on Sunday after the blogger was accused of trivializing the impacts of the dogged fights of the late radical Lagos lawyer.

Mr. Omojuwa, who appeared on a Channels TV youth programme, Rubbin Mind, had tried to argue that social media activism is a more innovative way of mobilizing protests against the government.

When the presenter, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, suggested to the three guests on the programme that protests might be more productive if taken to the streets the way late Mr. Fawehinmi and Mr. Olisa Agbakoba did, Mr. Omojuwa intercepted, asking, “What did those protests change?”

He then added, “I protested against a particular airline without carrying a placard. If you say that is not a protest, mention my name in their offices and you understand how….”

Many people on twitter interpreted the comment to mean that Mr. Omojuwa triviliazed Mr. Fawehinmi’s protests and contributions to Nigeria’s development.

The blogger’s comment became even more controversial after Channels TV posted a short clip of the programme on its website with the headline “Our ‘noise’ on social media is achieving more than Gani did”.

Among the first to react was London-based activist, Kayode Ogundamisi, who said via his twitter handle @canary, “Now I am going to bring out koboko (whip) and flog my brother @omojuwa openly, still does not change my view about him as one with great potentials.”

He described Mr. Omojuwa’s comment as a serious error of judgment and then went on to educate the blogger about how protests by Gani Fawehinmi “changed a lot!” of things in Nigeria.

“Let me start by saying Gani Fawehinmi saved over 370 Nigerian students from unlawful expulsion, Mr. Ogundamisi said. “I can list over 68 Students that Gani Fawehinmi saved from unjust expulsion using the instrumentality of law. That is change you can vouch for.”

He added, “Gani Fawehinmi did not only protest, he led an exemplary life, spent his money and resources. Never received a dime for his activism and protests.

“I analyse Nigeria on social media but the true hero is that Nigerian on the street daring an armed policeman insisting “I won’t give you a bribe.”

But another commentator named F., with twitter handle @unofidel disagreed that Mr. Omojuwa’s comment was an error of judgment.

“It is not an error of judgment,” he said. “It was a cocky, thoughtless statement by someone who felt he was more influential.”

Abuja-based lawyer and activist, Abdul Mahmud, was even angrier at the comments ascribed to Mr. Omojuwa.

“Pity! That youngboy has never smelt the inside of a police cell, so I grant him his stupidity,” Mr. Mahmud tweeted.

The lawyer was to publish several other tweets educating Mr. Omojuwa on Mr. Fawehinmi’s giant strides in the defence of freedom and democracy.

His final tweet for the night read, “If Gani didn’t succeed, please, ask your dad and mum if they ever voiced opposition to Buhari/IBB/Abacha publicly.”

But Mr. Omojuwa soon issued a denial saying, “Whoever said I said that is a liar. If I did, those who watched it (the programme) wouldn’t have had anything else to discuss after the show.”

The blogger then descended on Channels TV describing the station as a mediocre junk news platform and its tweets blasphemous.

He said, “@Channels_TV You are a shame to the ethics of this job. A big shame. You will rot where liars rot for that headline. LIARS OSHI!

“You are absolutely irresponsible. Absolutely. Bow in shame for this. Bow in shame!”

At a point he tore at the local press describing them as junky and useless, and suggested that he would begin to consume news only on foreign channels.

“Any Nigerian news I miss on these foreign news channels will be delightfully missed,” Mr. Omojuwa said. “Too much junk here. Reason these politicians don’t speak to the local press. Most are as good as useless!”

Watch a clip of the controversial interview below.


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  • kc

    I stopped following dis guy a long time… wonder y pple take him serious

  • Ibukun

    Sometimes when you talk too much it puts you in an unwanted trouble- Omojuwa needs to be more cautious

  • Godson Ikiebey

    Omojuwa is not an activist, he is a business man who because of his number of followers makes money from advertsing when he tweets campaigns or promotions. He is dull, immature, dubious and a nobody and it is time to place him where he actually belongs.

    • Geeky XX

      Biko, place him where he belongs. Don’t be jealous, the guy is fulfilled.

  • Ahmad

    Doesn’t this prove his point? He apologised for his response to the Channels headline but your “balanced” has carefully left that out. and to Godson, Omojuwa has clearly said he isn’t an activist so I don’t get your point about saying something he already said. Nothing in the video suggests what he said. This is another low for Premium times. If you like don’t post this comment, it won’t matter either way.

  • Yus

    Watched the video, nothing controversial!

  • Salisu

    KC, since you stopped following him how many people have followed him? You stopped following him on twitter but you are dropping a comment on a news story that had his name on it. sorry but you are still stuck on him.
    You should get over your obsession for this guy. He was not created by the Nigerians media so the Nigerian media has nothing on him. Premium Times are looking to pay him back for his position on their Sanusi story and all you losers are here abusing someone who doesn’t even know you exist.

  • asewewere

    he is a proper nigerian

  • Innocent

    To all that follow omojuwa or take him seriously, that guy is a business man. Omojuwa sells tweets for a few thousands to politicians and businesses. FYI.

  • Amazed

    This guy is on the verge of destroying himself. He does not seem to have humility at all. He is so haughty and proud. And one does not even know the basis of his peacock pride.

  • Blessyn

    I have always made the point on twitter that this young man does not stand for anything. He cares only about his stomach. Or how else does one understand his mercantile ways. He is now abusing the Nigerian media. Who does he think he is?

  • Afam

    What do you expect of el-rufai boy? he will always behave like his sorry for him and his likes..

  • UsaveOne

    Please may we take it easy with this Omojuwa’s issue..and not be distracted before those poli-thiet-cians in government runs the nation dry. Gani is epitome of an activist! The End!

  • Zii

    First of all, the big head for nothing Omojuwa is a proper opportunist, hes not a businessman.

    I have met him a couple of times and i realized how broke and hungry he is……hes always abusing the president calling him names and seeking his attention on twitter.

    People should know that he is Bi-Sexual, he does guys and girls…….in short he is GAY!

    As for Premium Times, I am dissapointed with you for giving this faggot such publicity, don’t you guys have something to do with your time?

  • Agnes

    Gani fawehinmi is well respected both at home and abroad, how dare you…..Japheth (Old School name) for your parents to have named you japheth means theyre backward set of people cos i remember my great granfather was japhet……..and nobody answers that name anymore..
    Who is your father???? you are dissing Gani Fawehinmi….You cannot last beeni

    You will open your mouth on Twitter and insult other peoples father, so its Fawehinmis turn

  • Agnes

    This hungry boy making noise about his ipad, making it such a big deal, i know more than 3 people that lodged their complains on twitter and they got positive response. calling respected journalist in Nigeria ‘useless’HABA

  • Niyi

    Its not his fault. He is becoming arrogant everyday because he enjoys more followership on tweeter. He believes is success on twitter during the subsidy days has equipped him to talk anyhow in public. How can he compare himself with GANI FAWEHINMI?

  • Onosobedi2000

    This is what you get when History is taken off the school curriculum. If Omojuwa knew what it meant to face a succession of military junta he would speak with a lot more reason and wisdom. Pure ignorance and hubris!