Owner of Abuja’s Wonderland Amusement Park, Amigo Supermarket linked to terrorism

The JTF said Fauzi Fawad is on the run.

Nigerian security agencies have linked a co-owner of two major ongoing businesses in the nation’s capital as a ring leader in a major terrorist operation in the country.

In a statement by the spokesman of the Joint Task Force in Kano, Ikedichi Iweha, Fauzi Fawad, the co-owner of Amigo Supermarket and Wonderland Amusement Park, was named as a member of a Lebanese Hezbollah terrorist cell in Nigeria.

Wonderland is Abuja’s biggest and most popular amusement park, while Amigo is one of the largest supermarkets in the Nigerian capital.

The JTF said Mr. Fawad’s name was mentioned by “all those arrested,” for being in possession of heavy weapons, and other terrorism related activities.

Mr. Fawad is now on the run, the JTF said.

The JTF said it arrested three Lebanese suspected of owning the large cache of arms recovered at a bunker in the city.

The Brigade Commander, 3rd Brigade, Nigerian Army, Iliyasu Abba, said one of the suspects was arrested on Tuesday at a house on Gaya Road in Bompai area of Kano.

He said another suspect was arrested in Abuja while the third suspect was apprehended since May 16, at Aminu Kano International Airport, on his way to Beirut, Lebanon.

“The one arrested at Malam Aminu Kano International Airport had a sum of 60,000 US dollars in his possession”.

He said one Abdullahi Hassan Tahir Padalla, who was the owner of the house in which one of the suspect was arrested was still at large.

Mr. Abba said among the weapons discovered during the operation on Tuesday were 17 AK 47 rifles, 44 magazines, four land mines and 12 RPG bombs, 14 RPG charger, 11 66 mm anti-tanks weapons, one SMG magazine, one pistol and magazine.

Also, 11, 433 rounds of 7.26 mm special, 76 hand grenade, rocket propelled guns, 122 calibre artillery and anti mines weapons were recovered.

“What you are seeing here are weapons of mass destruction in terms of our situation here right now in Nigerian.

“If these things have been brought out only God knows the type of destruction they will cause to innocent persons in the state or in the country,’’ he said.

He said the Department of State Security Service (SSS) in Abuja had been investigating the case for long.

In a remark, the state Director of the SSS, Bassey Ettang, said that the three suspects had a link to the Hezbollah group in Lebanon.

He said the suspects have for a long time been using the bunker in the house to stockpile arms and ammunition.

He restated the commitment of the SSS and other security agencies to continue with the ongoing war on criminals nationwide.

Read the full military statement implicating the Abuja businessman below:

See full text of Press Release:

On 28 May 13 a combined team of the JTF involving the NA of the 3 Brigade here in Kano and the Kano state DSS conducted a thorough search of this house located at No 3 Gaya Road off Bompai Road Kano belonging to one Abdul Hassan Taher Fadlalla a Lebanese national who is currently out of the country. After painstaking search of the whole premises, the search team uncovered an underground bunker in the the master bed room where a large quantity of assorted weapons of different types and caliber were recovered.

The bunker was specially constructed for this purpose. It is worth mentioning to say that the weapons include anti tank weapons, rocket propelled guns, anti tank/anti personnel mines among other dangerous weapons.

All the weapons and ammunition recovered were properly concealed with several layers of concrete and placed in coolers, drums and bags neatly wrapped.

These discoveries were not accidental but the outcome of an ongoing robust counter terrorism investigation by the Department of the State Services Abuja in the past several months. The investigation also confirms the existence of a Hizbullah Foreign Terrorist Cell in Nigeria. Consequently, the DSS on 16 May 2013 arrested one Mustapha Fawaz the co-owner of the popular Amigo Supermarket as well as the wonderland Amusement Park all in Abuja. Thus, his arrest and confession unveiled other members of the foreign terrorists network which led to the interception of one member of the syndicate named Abdullah Tahini a Lebanese national at the Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport with undeclared amount of sixty thousand United States Dollars on him enroute Beirut. Thereafter on 26 May 2013 one Talal Roda also a Lebanese with Nigerian Passport was arrested in this same house.

All those arrested have confessed to have undergone Hizbullah terrorist training and further implicated one Fauzi Fawad, also a co-owner of Amigo Supermarket and wonderland Amusement Park. However, the fellow is now at large. The arms and ammunition were targeted at facilities of Israel and Western interest in Nigeria, however, the security agencies are making frantic efforts to unveil the true situation. At the end of investigation, all those involved will be prosecuted.


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  • akpos1

    I dey laugh. One Nigeria indeed. When akpos1 one talks about the United SS&SE Republic, my brothers from the West will begin to tremble. But the SS&SE MUST leave & steer the ship of it state. There is no basis to continue with the vampire, terrorist & Soldier beheading West & North of continent Nigeria.

    We cannot continue to bail out on a monthly basis, unproductive states/countries of Abuja, Lagos, Kano & the rest. It is NOT sustainable.

    In any case, General Iheijirka should send our F99 stealth fighter jets to bomb this Amigo fast food & amusement park. Arrest all the customers & staff. They are either terrorists or potential suicide bombers.

    But, wait first oh, is it possible to have these people in Kano without the Kano people, Governor & Terrorist Dasuki (Security adviser) knowing? Haba! See what I have been saying? The only time you guarantee security in continent Nigeria is when you break it into its component countries.

    Verily verily I say unto you, Nigeria is not a country but a continent. Break up NOW!

    • talknado

      can I have what you are drinking?…………

      • akpos1

        Oh yes you can…if and only if your brain is developed enough to accommodate it.

    • dankyle

      Mr. Psycho, cheap crack is brain-degrading… Take water often.

    • Soji Alade

      akpos1, we know you are a villager and an ignorant person. I reply you just because you may create a wrong impression on the minds of youths and those who may be reading you for the first time. I want to refer to your point about :”When akpos1 one talks about the United SS&SE Republic, my brothers from the West will begin to tremble…” Please be literate a but by reading more about successful countries all over the world. Ask what make them powerful and successful. I will NOT tell you. But I will say ONE THING WHICH IS THAT NO PART OF NIGERIA WILL SUFFER FROM A BREAK OF NIGERIA. I will NOT even give you the reasons because sensible people do not open their mouths loud and talk rubbish the way you talk. But no Yoruba person any Nigerian citizen from other parts of Nigeria “trembles” about any break up. You see you can continue to say your garbage and make yourself happy. Sensible people are always economical with words.

    • Kehinde

      U are a bloody ignorant person! I hope ur family will be there as workers and!customers when they go to bomb the place. U igbos can think of nothing but violence! If u are that dumb to not know anything better to say,shut ur mouth,afterall,everywhere u go,its igbo people that work there!!!

      • Obi Ike Sorres

        Hello! Take it easy, the guy is pretty annoyed that foreigners have encroached into our system and country and conniving with BH to do us all these harm. I don’t think he meant doing that, but expressing his anger for action to take place to deal with these criminals.

      • ogkuku2

        U must be an ethnic bigot! Does d name akpos sound ibo to u? I really don’t knw whr all dis hatred 4 d ibo race is cumin from. If u dnt like any1’s view, deal it rationally dnt drag every1 into it. Pls practice wat u preach shut up wen u hv nufin 2 say. Instead of cumin up with ideas 2 save us frm d menace @ hand ur trivilizing d matter 2 ethnic rancour…smh

      • CP

        Kehinde, what has his comment got to do with the Ibos? Do you really hate the Ibos or are you just jealous of them

      • Adabel

        @Kehinde, have you been blinded by hatred or are you part of those yorubas who think that anybody who is not from the north or west is an igbo person? Educated Nigerian indeed. Akpos is an igbo name and Igbos are violent right? or they are the victims of most of the killings that go on in Nigeria? Well, it is no longer bussiness as usual as boko haram does not spare anyone even you and I. The under wear bomber Mutallab is Igbo and the two Ade’s that just slaughtered the british soldier and boko haram are all igbos…Igbos are really violent.

        • Colonel Patriotic Nija

          People like this Ibadan man called Kehinde who sold his birthright are one of the numerous problems we have in this country, retrogressive human beings…I be yoruba Man and most of friends are igbos, straight forward guys, not pretenders, and they never betray like most yoruba men i know, my best friends are hausas and they are muslims of course, and truth is we really get along and don’t give shit about this religion program… get a life kehinde or go kill yourself…

    • mjay

      U’ar speaking like an asshole…….I fink u’ar among those who hatez nigeria……dumb ass

  • Afam

    There are high profile individuals who operate under cover with the suspects,so JTF should come up with more suspects,i will not be surprise to see a senator or house of reps member as one of the suspects…Indeed one Nigeria…Where animals are living with human beings…



    • Bala R

      Believe this you will believe anything. CHASE.

      • Es3

        It does not matter whether you believe it or not. What matters is that the war is on the Boko Haram (and their allies) are losing grounds and fighters at a very rapid rate!
        If not, why are they mostly on the run now? Cowards that they are!!!

        • Bala R

          Low level Human Being.

      • domnze

        You don’t believe it because you have very senior customs officers who collude with the terrorists to bring in weapons into the country and there are top politicians in the north who are behind BH.

        • Bala R

          Pls wait for the end of this drama. What has this country got to do with Israil/Hesbullah issue? Somebody somewhere wants to link this country with terrorism. If this nation goes on fire the arms seller will make more profit than the fighters. If you don’t know the arms sellers you are sunk then.

        • mjay

          What’s the name of the snr custom officer cought??????can u tell me?

          • Don

            That’s d question we ought to be asking…..bcos d weapons didn’t just walk into our country…..

    • Ofuruye Ofurukanme

      Ask former northern military heads of states especially Babangida and Abacha.
      All of them in Kano use green passport. Wicked people!

    • enlightener

      @Your first question: the same way all the Nigerians in diaspora got theirs. By folkiwing immigration laws..

    • Boli Atepa of Ny Aleysund

      They got ti by applying after they were qualified, stupid

  • Pivo679

    This is what CORRUPTION has done to us as a people. For those of us priviledged to visit other countries it is very annoying and extremely frustrating to see how foreigners do whatever they want in our country. I am not calling for a backlash on all foreigners in Nigeria who respect themselves and our people. As far as Lebenese are concerned, they are Kings in Nigeria and it has all the hallmarks of Corruption. They typically do not have respect for Africans in general and out of ignorance our fellow citizens consider them ‘white’. They are Arabs and extremely dubious as a people so they thrive in societies where corruption is rampant. It is simple, If I was GEJ, because of this case alone, all Lebanese with Nigerian passports should be reviewed and those found wanting, their citizenship should be revoked and be deported with immediate effect. All others should be tagged and monitored closely, if they do not agree, they should be expelled immediately!…There are many ways corruption is killing Nigerians and we must do our best no matter how little to deal with this menace.

    • domnze

      You are very right. These people have Nigerian collaborators and nobody is talking about that. You are talking about monitoring them, which I agree to, but are you sure the arrested ones will not vanish from their cells over night? These people know Nigerian politicians and public service workers so well that they routinely get away with all the atrocities they commit in this country. I want to commend the present federal government administration for uncovering some of these things due to the appointment of good officers to some strategic security positions. These people have been in Nigeria doing all their dirty jobs for a long time without detection. The government needs to do more to track these dubious foreigners and their Nigerian friends.

    • Colonel Patriotic Nija

      You know the truth is most lebanese can’t even live in the own country, they are highly despised by other Arabs, While I was in Doha, I told my arab friend i wanted to visit Lebanese, he was furious, he said why do you want to go there? He said Lebanese are the worst of any kind of human beings, that Black Africans are even more welcome to Doha than Lebanese, these people are terrible people, we should not wait for the government to act, we should start “Operation Kick Out Lebanese and Indians” then encroach and destroy they never inject prosperity into the economy, they are leeches, they suck the life out the economy and move else where…

      • anonymus

        i swear you are racist, if you think carefully boko haram started in maiduguri not in Abuja, and if they had any thing to do with boko haram they would not set up big businesses that are progressing if at the end they will be chased out of the country and besides they have big houses it cold have been one of their house boys that use his house as a store. and if you are thinking why did he run away i am probably sure if you are about to be sent to jail on a crime and you had an opportunity to run you probably would.

  • Ndidi

    Part of the problem is that we Nigerians treat oyinbos as if they are gods. We give them the best housing, let them go to the front of the queue and act as if we are their slaves and that they are superior to us. These oyinbos therefore go strutting around. But do we get the same treatment when we travel abroad? No! Instead we face racism and discrimination. God said that He created all men equal but if we refuse to obey God and want to act inferior towards these oyinbos, then God will leave us to reap what we sow. This is the time for Police to begin to stop and search oyinbos – let’s not forget, recently Russians were found smuggling weapons into Nigeria.

    • Jamm

      First of all you don’t give lebanese the best housing, it’s bot for free, they pay for it with their own money, second you people love money so much that a millionaire would carry 20 naira bill off the ground.these forigners are here since before some of you kids who are talking were even born. it’s not like that and not easy to talk about thing i just read about or heard of it.you need to know history first then you can talk.third, The weapons shit who’s everyone is talking about is false and what all they wanted is the money, a rich man would hide his money inside wherever it takes not be found.they took the money and planted the weapons instead so that the robbery would be dark.just think about it and about the history of those people.have you ever thought that these places owned by them or other forigners offers jobs for your families?shame on your thoughts!

    • CP

      Ndidi, Lebanese people are not Oyinbos! They are Arabs. Point of correction.

      • enlightener

        Lebanese are not arabs. Read your history. Arabs speak arabic. Lebanese speak …well, Lebanese.

  • Izzylyf

    Kudoz to the members of this team and more grace and ability to do your job critically and undaunting. I will suggest the next search should be Dangote, IBB and Buhari’s houses.

    • olu

      I support you! The three of them are suspects.

  • Ette

    Corruption, nepotism, religious intolerance and political killings have made us laughing stocking the comity of nations.thank God for the emergency rule and the order to search any way I. Efforts to secure the country. Well done JTF, ands may God lead you to discover many other such places where weapons of mass destruction are hidden. God bless Nigeria.

    • Akpobome Ufuoma Rosemary

      U guys take it easy on urself

  • Ofuruye Ofurukanme

    Legislative retards stepped down an Internet monitoring contract in a security concerned country, Nigeria yesterday because retarded political tweeters and social media wannabes kicked against it. Mother of democracy like America monitors its Internet for intelligence. UK don’t stop at that they also monitor phone conversations yet we want to be secured. God is judging you all the ignoramus of our time. Fake journalists and politicians!

    • Otitoju Adamolekun

      Why do you want to mix up the points. Britions monitor for their country Britain. Americans monitor for their country American. Jews monitor for their Jewish state of Israel. Nigerians should monitor for our country Nigerian. That is the point. Why should Jews monitor for us if the Jewsih state will not hand over its security to Nigerians or any other foreigner. OFURUYE OFURUKANME YOU ARE THE RETARDED ONE!

      • dan

        Do you have the technology yet to monitor for yourself? Why not partner with the Israeli while gradually develop the technology, instead of throwing away the idea completely on the ground that it will infringe on citizens privacy?

        • Pivo679

          For how long are going to continue to mortgage everything about ourselves to foreigners?. What does it take to have this technology?. We can as well bring foreign police and military to protect us by your logic. We MUST and be able to take control of our destiny as a people it is very long overdue in the 21st century!.

          • Akpobome Ufuoma Rosemary

            l totally agree

          • XaidUraid

            Everyone who developed leveraged of someoneselse such has always been the way of things. No one is saying we should not be independent of forgiene involvment in security matters, but the question remains can we handle this matters on our own, do we have the skill, technical know how and technology to effectivly mitigate this risks? The answer is no….because if we did, over 2000 people will not be in graves today as a ressult of terrorist activities

      • xaiduraid

        Otitioju can Nigieria monitor for itself? Cut your coat according to your size these countrys have the tools needed to effectively monitor and mitigate such situations whilst we do not. If they are offering to aid, then why not take it, after all it would promote accountablity and transparancy something we all know that politicians do not want.


    The JTF in colaboration with SSS will rescue Nigeria from this boko haram threats. Thanks to JTF and thanks to SSS for safe guiding the lifes and propertise of Nigeria. The almighty God will always protect you as u fight for the nation.

    • tolu


  • Sikirulahi Hassan

    May God link there secret

  • Mali man

    Jamm, you just wait, time will tell if you will be able to stand it and loose your life. Better run when you can!

  • kirko bangz

    nigerians think and do not be easily fooled have u see the pictures of rusted weapons that we have been shown right before election time would u put it past our government to implicate foreign nationals and give us d story we want to hear .. think for urself why is d government all of a sudden just finding solutions now dat election time is near dont be shallow and start looking at every foriegner as d enemy all of u with big mouths if d nigerian govt accused u of any crime which one of u would dare wait to try to clear their name and face d injust system dat will kill u before they try u