EXCLUSIVE: Rotimi Amaechi talks tough, says, “No one can push me out of PDP”

Former Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi

Embattled Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi, on Monday said he has steeled himself enough to resist all the maneuverings by the presidency and the top hierarchy of the Peoples Democratic Party to push him out of the ruling party.

The National Working Committee of the party had after an emergency meeting on Monday announced the suspension of Mr. Amaechi for contravening “Articles 58 1 (b), (c ), (h) and (m) of the PDP Constitution following his refusal to obey the lawful directive of the Rivers State Executive Committee to rescind his decision dissolving the elected Executive Council of Obiokpor Local Government Area of Rivers State”.

The suspension came three days after the PDP and the presidency failed in their bid to dethrone the Rivers state governor from the chairmanship of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum.  The governor won a reelection by defeating the presidency/PDP-backed Jonah Jang 19 to 16 votes.

In anger the PDP suspended him and raised an 11-member disciplinary committee to try him.

But speaking to PREMIUM TIMES on Monday night, Mr. Amaechi said he would not leave the party for those seeking to oust him.

“The suspension is to frustrate me out of the party,” Mr. Amaechi said on the telephone. “They believe I will leave once they do it. But no one can stampede me out of our party. I won’t go anywhere.”

The governor said rather than leave the party, he would remain within the fold to challenge his suspension and victimization with every legitimate weapon at his disposal.

“I will challenge this suspension because it is illegal,” Mr. Amaechi said. “I will use all legal means possible to seek redress. They accused me of not reinstating a suspended local government council chairman who was suspended by the state House of Assembly.  Am I a member of the Assembly? Why will anyone blame me for the action of  the assembly?”

The governor described his suspension as a political witch-hunt, saying the party was merely reacting in anger to his reemergence as  chairman of the NGF.

“They were confident that they would defeat me,” Mr. Amaechi explained.  “But they were shocked that I defeated them.  They couldn’t take the defeat in good faith, and they needed to do something.”

The governor also said the party was apprehensive about his political future and that it is doing everything possible to bring him down.

“All they are doing has to do with political tussle,” he said. “They believe  I will contest for a position and they believe they should stop me now.”

The last few months have been politically stormy for Mr. Amaechi after the presidency  and the top brass of the PDP became uncomfortable with him for allegedly opposing party chair Bamanga Tukur and President Goodluck Jonathan on some important national issues.

He is also accused of using his post to strategically position himself as vice-presidential candidate of the party in the coming presidential election.

In late February, the ruling party formed the PDP Governors’ Forum, led by Governor Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom, in what analysts see as a last gasp effort by Mr. Jonathan and Mr. Tukur to dilute the perceived growing political influence of  Mr. Amaechi, who was elected chairman of the Nigeria Governor’s Forum in June 2011 for an initial two-year term.

In mid-April, the control of the Rivers state chapter of the PDP was wrested from the governor after an Abuja High Court, sacked the executive committee of the party, led by Godspower Ake, a loyalist of  Mr. Amaechi.

The court,  in a ruling by Justice Ishaq Bello, recognized the executive committee led by Felix Obuah, a loyalist of the Minister of State for Education, Nyesom Wike, the presidency’s hatchet man in the battle with the governor.

In late April, the Federal Government banned the Rivers State-owned bombardier aircraft from flying in Nigeria’s airspace again in what critics see as a ploy to cripple the government travels in and out of Nigeria.

Aviation authorities claim the plane’s clearance certificate had expired and that its paperwork was a forgery, an allegation that has been punctured by a House of Representatives Committee that investigated the matter.

The PDP and the presidency spent most of May strategizing on how to defeat the Rivers governor  in the NGF chairmanship election held on Friday. Mr. Amaechi however prevailed, and opponents are now fighting back.









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  • Dora

    I’m convinced this man don kolo. APC will welcome you with open arms. Afterall they are your pals. Abi you dey fear Tinubu. You know he cannot take nonsense from you. Ask Fashola how many times he postrated before being forgiven for much less offense (if any)

    • Botvinik

      @Dora: What do you mean by the man don kolo. He spoke the truth. If he will go down, PDP will go down with him. He is purely being victimized. They will realize this as one of their greatest undoing later.

    • Botvinik

      @Dora: What do you mean by the man don kolo. He spoke the truth. If he will go down, PDP will go down with him. He is purely being victimized. They will realize this as one of their greatest undoing later.

      • Dora

        Please what truth did he speak? All we hear from him are insults and allegations. I’m not sure PDP will miss him. If you say he has been victimised, why can’t he just relocate? Association na by force?

        • Eric

          This lady you are very criminally minded, very unnatural of a lady. I fear for this country with people like you around who will boldly ignore truth. It is a shame

          • Shenzhen

            Dora is absolutely correct Eric, nobody is bigger than his party or leadership, if he is been victimized in PDP he should decamp to other party. To be in PDP no be by force, no matter how right he think he is

      • Naija_Conscience

        Amechi has not been in unity with the party but rather a mole within the party. Tinubu would not tolerate that one bit – ask Lagos ACN and in fact Ondo ACN etc. Amechi’s bulwark of support has been the opposition so should he not just rush to them if PDP is “finished” as some naively claim. GEJ has been too cool and termed “weak” and “clueless”. Now that he is showing his firmness in this fight and also against Boko Haram, those terms have suddenly disappeared and we now see others like “undemocratic” and “dictatorial”. What a metamorphosis. Lets keep watching.

        • Ide4u

          GEJ is just making a mockery of himself stooping so low to fight a governor from his region. If he is bold, let him try it with Sule Lamido who is rumoured to be eyeing the presidency.

          • armrod

            I do not believe all these nonsense that GEJ is fighting Amaechi because of Amaechi’s VP ambition, which Amaechi himself who everybody claim to be bold have denied. However as for your comment that if Jonathan is bold let him try it with Sule Lamido, let me remind you that Sule Lamido’s son is now in EFCC net. As wise and astute politician Sule Lamido since then has remain quiet doing his own thing without making noise, he has never made inciting statement against mr president, he has not by anyway insult mr president, his actions or behavior has not in anyway suggest that he is fighting mr president. If at all he has presidential ambition I believe he is doing it with all maturity that it requires studying and making all his moves without robbing it off in mr president’s face. I can assure you that when it comes that Sule Lamido if he plans to contest with Amaechi that he would be advised to drop him because Amaechi has attracted many enemies within the party which may go against Sule because of Amaechi. Sule would be advised to watch Amaechi and his disposition towards power, so that Amaechi will not turn and challenge him. Amaechi appears not be the kind that can be led he always will like to rule. Sule may get in trouble if he chooses Amaechi as his VP. Sule now know that Amechi’s zone is against him, his calculation of using Amaechi to divide Jonathan’s vote may likely not succeed, even the PDP in River state is no longer loyal to Amaechi.

      • Es3


        Which truth did Amaechi speak? About the plane or what?

        If its about the plane, why can’t take up Caverton’s challenge by providing any shred of genuine document that can be sceutinised and proven to be from Caverton for real than wipe up undue sentiments on the issue???
        For instance, why should a plane supossedly bought by Amaechi with state government funds come with documents bearing of a Trustee Council in US and documents submitted that way to NCAA till date? Let Amaechi produce a receipt or any evidence of payment for Ceverton’s services over the period?

  • Adefila Adebisi

    RT. Hon Chubuike Rotimi Amaechi has been a good fighter on a right course, he did it against Sir Celestine Omehia. The right course that he fought for then and that he’s still fighting for, will see him through. The truth shall always prevail.

  • chuzee

    Wow! so they are planning against the Rivers state Governor…? What a shame on the presidency. GEJ should be very careful not to frustrate this country. Otherwise he cannot withstand the storm. Ameachi is even more qualified to be President for his information!

    • Afam

      Must every misfortune of anybody in this country comes from the presidency? you guys have lost the sense to know the truth…first ask Amaechi how he came to power,how he became the chairman of NGF in the first place..This association add nothing to our democracy than fight and selfish interests…No need of media fighting and attention seeking if he or Jang think they won ,they should go to court and save us this rubbish since friday.

      • Ide4u

        Why are you so gullible? Are you that oblivious of The Presidency’s antecedents? How did Bamangat Tukur became PDP chairman with two votes against Babayo with fourteen votes. Who controls the court? Did the Commissioner of Police in River State obey the court order to vacate the local government secretariat?

  • anu meka

    All of u saying amaechi is beign victimised should pls cum to rivers state and u will undastand dat nemesis is only catching up with our amiable governor. A man whose word is law in rivers state. A leader who listens to no1. If he said he has no power over the state assembly, who says GEJ has power over d NWC of the party…

    • Es3

      Amaechi knows very well that he is sinking as his numerous lies and high-handedness in Rivers State is coming home to to roost!!!
      Do not mind Ide4u and others other post comments from their comfort zone without bothering to get to the source (location) and confirm the true position of (at least) things for himself!

  • anu meka

    All of u saying amaechi is beign victimised should pls cum to rivers state and u will undastand dat nemesis is only catching up with our amiable governor. A man whose word is law in rivers state. A leader who listens to no1. If he said he has no power over the state assembly, who says GEJ has power over d NWC of the party…

  • anu meka

    All of u saying amaechi is beign victimised should pls cum to rivers state and u will undastand dat nemesis is only catching up with our amiable governor. A man whose word is law in rivers state. A leader who listens to no1. If he said he has no power over the state assembly, who says GEJ has power over d NWC of the party…

  • JOHN

    My goodness. What are Nigerians waiting for? Is Jonathan “Badluck” not worse than every previous President Nigeria had ever had? What an idiot!! What a shame? How would Obama come to Nigeria with a corrupt animal like GEJ? I’m writing from the US. Most Nigerians here are sick of hearing about GEJ. Nigerians arise now. Forget about those stupid Senators and House of Reps members that compromise and play dirty politics. Why shouldn’t GEJ be impeached? Let the mother of all protest commence immediately from PORTHARCOURT. This injustice is unforgivable. This is modern day slavery. How can our nation move forward with the likes of ASARI DOKUBO as advisers to GEJ? Tout and criminal. Oh God arise, deliver Nigeria from touts like GEJ, ASARI, WIKE, and all other PDP goats. PDP is the problem in Nigeria. Vote out PDP now. I was a member of PDP but today, I decamp to APC. Selah!!!

  • Adoki

    If I were Amaechi, I would listen to myself, and not necessarily to all these self-seeking propagandists and political jobbers around him. He should learn from others who have walked that road before him. When Atiku was winning all the wars in the media and in the courts, the people who goaded him on (and who were benefiting from the fights) made him believe he was invincible. Today, the same Atiku is jumping from pillar to post, without the sympathy or company of those people who pushed him to start a fight with the platform that brought him to power. What of Na’aba, Orji Kalu, Ibori, Gbenga Daniel, Timipriye Sylva etc etc?

    In any case, my real sympathy lies with the Rivers people, who ‘elected’ Amaechi to attend to their socio-economic problems, but he has chosen to spend all the time and resources of the state to promote ambitions that have absolutely no bearing on the welfare of the people of Rivers State.

    • we nogo die

      You may be right but are you saying that should the powers that be decides that Nigerians must include human feaces in their meal, we, including you should happily do it, cos we are too weak to resist? We are going to see where your analogy will take us to,very soon.

      • Adoki

        If you ask me, this their fight so far does not concern us. Of what use is the existence of a governor’s forum, or who even become chairman of the forum? Amaechi wants to become chairman, how does that concern you? Jonathan wants his own political associate to become chairman, how does that concern us? Amaechi dissolves the executive of a local council in his state, how does that concern me? He gets suspended by his party who may even turn around to field him as a candidate (after all their negotiations and underhand horse-trading), so how does that constitute an injustice to Nigerians?

        They all stole our mandate to get to where they are, and none of us has power to challenge them. Does it not bother you that they only fight themselves and disagree when they fight over political office, and not when they gather in one accord to chop our money?

  • armrod

    Amaechi you will be disappointing your huge internet and online political advisers who are advising you to leave PDP for APC. Once upon a time you were the one bullying Bamanga Turku. You use Sam Jaja and prince Oyinola to carry out vote of no confidence on Bamanga Turku, you rallied PDP governors demanding Bamanga Turku to call for NEC meeting. You even have the nerve to warn Mr president against declaring state of Emergency.

    The power was too much on your head to carry that you even went to Ekiti state your adopted state to declare that Nigerians are too timid, while on that during good governance tour you declared that you do not subscribe to the transformation agenda of mr president. That one have not settled you carry your private jet bought with Rivers state money and start doing cabu cabu disturbing the air space.You have the nerve to fly plane which its licence has expired because you are bold ‘nothing go happen’. While we are still trying to digest where you derive your power to have your own rule in aviation industry Zap!! you sacked democratically elected local government from chairman to ward councillors.

    While your party is confuse and wondering what to do with you, you declared that you must re contest for NGF chairman which since its inception have never use election to choose their leader, even when yourself was not selected through election. The elders in your state party advised you not to contest but you insisted that you must contest at least to make a point and prove to your party that you are an independent man and that you have power which no jupiter can stand even the presidency. Now you have given us a clue of where you derived all these power and which is the 6 months prayer and fasting you underwent in Ghana.

    As if the power you acquired in Ghana is about failing you, you are now crying wolf that people in Abuja wants to kill you. Are we going to see Amaechi going for another pilgrimage to Ghana?
    Amaechi can you believe that today the Bamanga Turku that you were bullying have suspended you from Party and that those governors that gave you the power that you have been exercising anyhow now have a parallel forum that do not recognize you.
    My last word and take it for free, what the dog saw and bark the sheep saw the same thing and kept quiet that is wisdom and not cowardice, even sule LAMIDO that is alleged to have the ambition of contesting with you as VP has not make as much noise as you have been making – Amaechi Think Think Think.

    • Ayo Yussuff

      Don kill me with laughter ooooooo


    Amechi is a better politician than GEJ

  • Ndidi

    Amaechi is just trying to deceive. If anybody was truly after him he would have used one of his illegally-gotten and illegally-flying private planes to flee Nigeria.

  • Adeleke Adediran

    I have never believed or have confidence in Nigerian politics. this is a strong sign that PDP will rig come 2015 election