PDP suspends Nigeria Governors Forum chairman, Rotimi Amaechi

Rotimi Amaechi

The Peoples Democratic Party has suspended the Rivers State governor, Rotimi Amaechi, from the party.

The PDP stated this after an emergency meeting of its National Working Committee on Monday.

Mr. Amaechi was recently reelected chairman of the Nigeria Governors Forum against the wishes of the PDP and the presidency.

Find the communique below.


The National Working Committee at its emergency meeting on Monday, 27 May, 2013 considered the petition submitted by the PDP Rivers Executive Committee against His Excellency, Rt Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, the Executive Governor of Rivers State for violating Articles 58 1 (b), (c), (h) and (m) of the PDP Constitution following his refusal to obey the lawful directive of the Rivers State Executive Committee to rescind his decision dissolving the elected Executive Council of Obiokpor Local Government Area of Rivers State.

The National Working Committee after preliminary hearing, in exercise of the powers conferred by Articles 57 (3), 59 (3), 59 (5) and 29 (2.b), hereby suspends the Executive Governor of River State, Rt Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi as a member of the PDP and refers the matter to the appropriate disciplinary committee of the Party.

This is in furtherance of the determination of the leadership of the Party to enforce discipline at all levels within the Party.


Chief Olisa Metuh
National Publicity Secretary

Details later…



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  • Ademefun, Adewale

    This is a total shame to PDP, this shows that PDP is not capable to rule this country, they are all tricksters.

  • wilfred

    Good omen for Amaechi, The progressives where are thou? Let’s go there 2015, enough of these PDP rogues!

    • Adoki

      Can you please name these progressives in Nigerian politics, or at least their leaders?

      • wilfred

        I do not need to give you names but as long as you are a citizen of this country you would have known that men of good intents with caring hearts are waiting to finally rescue this country from the highjakers (PDP) that have made Nigeria their foot mat. Ameachi has already foreseen this and is ready to join the moving train. If you are pro-Jonathan, forget 2015 as Nigerians are wise enough to differentiate between fresh air from blast air. Irrespective of where the Messiah comes from, we are all determined to making changes come next administration. Welcome on board bro!

        • Adoki

          Please just name them, simple! Or are you ashamed of your heroes? Me, I am not ashamed of mine: Gani Fawehinmi, Emeka Anyaoku, Christopher Kolade, Nuhu Ribadu, Balarabe Musa. Name yours, please.

          • wilfred

            Of course the APC people!

          • Adoki

            Please name names.

          • Concern

            Which name? do you want to start collating your own list of names and equate it to number of votes?

            Retrogressive people!!

          • Adoki

            Just name the “progressives”, simple. It is easy to throw around labels recklessly just because you heard other use them. I bet if you have ever bothered to look up the meaning of the word, it would be easier for you to give me an answer.

          • Concern

            I do not need to give you any names, but I can see where you belong….the clarion call is for the progressive not you and your clueless leader.

          • Adoki

            Simple matter – Just tell me who are your heroes among the ‘progressives’.

          • Concern

            Goodluck Jonathan and Akpabio……the clueless team

          • trample

            You shut up friend, you are an impostor claiming to be on the side of the people when actually you are one of them…

          • Sadiq Garba

            Can you see yourself?
            What a list?
            Heroes abi progressives.

  • roy

    Free ticket to APC…PDP, collections of irresponsible self acclaimed leaders!!! Shame on Jonathan

  • Amen

    You can’t fyt a system dat u ar part of. Amaechi can nw join cpc or acn (i doubt) so he can fyt PDP. All of them ar rougues so its jux a story of leaving one rougue group and joining another… Who said dia is no GOD…

  • Anthony

    Forget it, APC have no place I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ SS A̶̲̥̅̊₪d̶̲̥̅̊ SE Amechi knows that very well A̶̲̥̅̊₪d̶̲̥̅̊ its unfutunate Ȋ̝̊§ now enemy T̶̲̥̅Ơ̴͡ his own people that made him.

  • Sahfeeyah

    In 2015, we will get OUR leaders, not theirs. All the foolish youths who support these crooks will definitely meet their waterloo! Bunch of shady characters we call leaders!

  • Adoki

    This is getting really interesting. When the Supreme Court pronounced Amaechi governor even when his name was not on the ballot, the Justices argued then, and some smart constitutional lawyers also did, that is was the party (PDP) that the people voted for, and not the individual whose name was on the ballot. Now, are these people also going to argue that, since Amaechi is no longer a member of the Party, he ceases to be governor? Very, very interesting indeed.

  • Keeptick

    Nice one everybody knows that pdp is going to an end in 2015 bet it. God has set up their grave

  • Edo

    This is a show of shame by the most corrupt and useless party in Africa, PDP. Keep on doing what you are doing. You are about to sink your own boat.

    • Tracy

      All the parties are corrupt, my brother. Don’t you see how these politicians keep moving effortlessly from one party to the other just as it suits them?

  • Dankasa

    Hausa have a proverb “in Ganga taxi Zaki to ta dauko fashewa ne” that when Drum increases sweet sound, is about to boost. PDP boat is about to sink with those Vampires.

    • Dora

      The vampires we all know now belong to APC. Remember blood of baboons.

  • Moving from pdp to apc,is it criteria for being a good leader?

  • Lanre

    This is how the First and Second Republics gradually descended into chaos. The military does not ordinarily like to intervene in Politics. But when anarchy reigns and the security of lives and property can no longer be guaranteed, something needs to be done. Politicians need to respect the rule of law and behave in accordance with the codes that guide proper conduct.

    I go further by stating that these events even strengthen the case for Confederation. Why should the events happening in Rivers affect Ondo state? But it is and it will. If in the South-South Region of Confederate Nigeria, Rivers and Bayelsa want to duke it out, so be it. There should be no intervention from the center.Every region harnessing and managing its own resources. Each region with its own well armed Security Force. The Military used only in the event of external aggression. All politics is Local. When are we going to grow up.

  • Oweja

    Fighting Amaechi up to this point is no longer healthy for Jonathan’s 2015 ambition. It is a dumb thing to do by all means. Amaechi’s original calculations included becoming a vice to someone up-north within the PDP. He would still have been working for the larger PDP,
    albeit to truncate GEJ’s ambition within the fold. Jonathan has a formidable support base in Rivers State, but with this suspension now, Amaechi will have legitimate reasons to engage in a survival fight that is bound to weaken GEJ’s support considerably. All these are sweet music to APC anyway, even though I suspect they may not have any grandiose plan for such a rough, loose cannon and cantankerous person like Amaechi. I’m a bit concerned. Is this PDP South-south nunc dimittis?

  • Dominic’s

    I tot Tukur is an elder statesman who started alongside respected leader like Ekweme d struggle to stop Gen Abacha from becoming civilian president? Y is condescending to this kind of childish behaviour? I weep for this Country

    • Adoki

      My brother, just save your tears. Why does it bother you what PDP people do with their party and their members? Or are you a member of PDP?

      • Concern

        Progressive are always move to tear when things are not working the way it should….only retrogressive people do show indifference.

        • Adoki

          This is entirely a PDP affair. Except you are telling us that there are “progressives” within the PDP.

          • Concern

            You need to see beyond your nose….have you heard that one head of state drank to stupor when he had of the NGF election result and could no address AU?

          • Dora

            Tory! Were you there?

  • Sadiq Garba

    More Suspensions are coming.
    Adamawa governor won the state EXCO against the presidency. He’ll be suspended.
    Kwankwaso declared he’ll contest presidency and is promoting “kwankwasiyya”. he’ll be suspended.
    Jigawa Governor is eyeing presidency. He’ll be suspended.
    Delta State governors moves are suspicious. He’ll be suspended.
    Sokoto governor voted for Amaechi. He’ll be suspended.

    • Adoki

      It is like you people here are all PDP members. The PDP people are suspending their members, and you are fretting. If we don’t like the PDP as we all claim, it shouldn’t bother us what happens to their members, right?

      • Concern

        stop camouflaging, you are pdp member!!!Retrogressive people!!

      • Sadiq Garba

        You may be a PDP supporter, but I am a Member of PDP in my Ward.
        A card carrying member of PDP. I don’t talk about other parties for I have no stake to protect.

  • concernednigerian

    Amaechi’s suspension is overdue. There should be discipline in PDP. It’s time to get Amaechi out of Brick House. Amaechi should also relocate to Ghana where he has substantial investments. All these arm-chair commentators certificated in hauling abuse can continue to descend on those whose comments do not tally with their warp minds. Contribute your views and desist from abusing others. Political analysis is for intelligent people.

    • Adoki

      The people I sympathise with most in all this are the Rivers people. I wonder how much time Amaechi now devotes to the socio-economic problems of the state, not to talk of the colossal amount of money (for journalists, lawyers, political jobbers, public relations experts, logistics, etc etc) being spent on his numerous post-2015 projects. Amaechi now spends more time in the air than in government house in Rivers State. Just spend some time in one of our major airports (Abuja, Port-Harcourt, Lagos), and hardly any 48 hours goes by without Amaechi moving about with his retinue of aides and political associates. I really pity the Rivers people.

  • Deekae Richard

    PDP should b careful wt hw dey play with Ameachi.Ameachi is our next leader.

  • malcolm

    discipline in PDP,my foot