Jonah Jang says God helped him “defeat” Amaechi

Jonah Jang, Plateau state governor

Mr. Jang says he never had the intention to be chairman of the forum.

The governor of Plateau State, Jonah Jang, has described his “victory” over Gov. Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State, whom he claims to have defeated to become the new “chairman” of the Nigerian Governors’ Forum, as the will of God.

Mr. Jang, was speaking in Jos, Sunday, at a special interdenominational church service held at Faith-way Chapel Church and organized by the Plateau State government as part of the activities marking the forthcoming 14th anniversary of uninterrupted democratic governance in Nigeria.

His remarks came two days after a controversial governors’ forum election in which Mr. Amaechi was declared winner after clinching 19 votes to defeat Mr. Jang who got 16. The result of the election however portrayed Mr. Jang as a usurper to the NGF chairman position.

Governors who supported Mr. Jang rejected the outcome of the elections, claiming it was rigged.

On Saturday, Mr. Jang convened a meeting of the protesting governors and presided as chairman.

“I can assure you that my emergence as the chairman Nigerian Governors’ Forum was the will of God because I went to Abuja for the NGF election not with the intention to contest but northern governors and the PDP governors’ forum endorsed my candidature. When (Ibrahim) Shema of Kastina stepped down, both forums insisted I should contest; I contested and won. So, it’s the will of God.”

He said he had never wanted to be chairman of the NGF.

Mr. Jang told the church that the allegation that a faction of the NGF rigged the elections in his favour was not true.

“God is a democrat, does not support rigging but if you rig and succeed, that means God approves of it.”

Mr. Jang called on Nigerians to pray for their leaders to enable the present administration at all levels succeed.

He said the current controversies being faced by government at the moment is a foreshadow of what is likely to happen at the 2015 general elections.

“I believe that God has anointed who will be President of Nigeria in 2015 but only him knows who it is,” he stated.

He also said democratic governance was the best form of government that takes care of every sector, pointing out that even the military enjoys more during democracy.

“The military enjoys better during democracy. I’m a living example because I was opportune to serve as governor during the military era and now again as a civilian; so, to my mind, the military should not carry guns to force out democratic governance again,” he said.

During the church service, prayers were offered for the restoration of permanent peace in the country and stability of good governance in Nigeria and the entire African continent.


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  • Ette

    This corrupt man is incurring the wrath of God by associating the name of God with lies, corruption and wicked manipulations. Pity him as he cannot go far.

  • Lanre

    Did Jang just finish drinking Burukutu or Akpeteshi before going to Church?

  • Ibrahim Umar

    My God! These are the people we call leaders. People who are willing to always tell lies in broad day light. Look at Jang telling people a story they know better.

  • Innocent

    God is too merciful. He allowed Jang lie in his house. Ogun would strike immediately.

    • Tracy

      Amaechi was in church yesterday (Sunday) celebrating his ‘victory’. Are you convinced that he is the one telling the truth? Were you there when the governors voted? As far as we know, the voting was by secret ballot. Can we all wait until he convenes the first governor’s forum meeting, so that we can know for sure that he has the support of the majority?

  • Joshua Omeiza

    Hear him. “God is a democrat, does not support rigging but if you rigg and succeed and win that means God support” and he said this in a church but the pastor did not correct correct him. One, God is a Theocrat and, two, God does not support and would not tolerate rigging. Our god is Holy and Righteous. He does not probate and approbate. Gov. Jang, you have betrayed the Christian faith and you need to repent and renounce your claim to the chairmanship of the NGF.

  • Akeem Salami

    God strike liars dead in your name we pray. Amen

  • concernednigerian

    We have seen the Governors that claimed to have voted for Jang. Why can’t Amaechi parade his own governors that voted for him? Amaechi has a way of winning elections even those he did not contest. What was the essence of Amaechi taking part in the election when his party, the PDP has presented a consensus candidate? On the other hand, how come the PDP governors and their allies were hoodwinked by Amaechi to still proceed to the election proper after he had taken part in presenting a common candidate with the endorsement of majority votes? It means Amaechi had perfected a formula all along to win the election at the ballot. None of these governors is clean and Amaechi is the worst offender. The Akpabio camp is angry because Amaechi had made a fool of them with his sophisticated rigging formula that surpassed theirs. In any case, Amaechi’s action were indeed anti-PDP. He has no cause to be a member of that party any more since it is now obvious that he derives pleasure in being a loose cannon in that party. PDP cannot therefore strategise with Amaechi in their midst because his agenda is not the party’s agenda. PDP may be the devils incarnate but its members especially at the governorship must be those that could abide by the ethics of that party however dubious those ethics might be. Otherwise, you leave the party. Amaechi might not know what to do with a party he despises hence the PDP must show him the door with immediate effect. There should be no room for dialogue, compromise or detente with Amaechi on this issue. We expect the Felix Obuah executive not only to recognise the Jonah faction of the NGF which they have done but to proceed to discipline Amaechi by asking for his explanation in standing for the leadership of the NGF when the PDP had presented a candidate? His expulsion from the party should be swift in order to limit the damage Amaechi had inflicted on the PDP. That party is now a laughing stock – thanks to Amaechi. Even PDP elders in Rivers State advised Amaechi against contesting, in the interest of the state, but he ignored them and such is the arrogance of the man. Meanwhile, we do not want Amaechi in Rivers State Government House any more. Our development of our one township state is only on the pages of Newspapers because of envelopes thrown at journalists, hence all the Newspapers are in support of Amaech. It may well be that Amaechi is the best that Nigeria can produce in the political class, then Rivers State and the PDP can do without the best like Amaechi. If Amaechi does not want to jump simply because he feels he has not wrought enough havoc in the PDP, then the PDP should be courageous enough to push Amaechi into the warm embrace of APC. We do not want Amaechi again.

  • Ola onanuga

    Jang case is that of an armed robber that went to church/mosque/shrine to give thanks for a (un) successful operation.

    This is one of the reasons Nigeria has being the way it is. Every human caused problem is attributed to the Almighty God.

    Naija I dey laugh oooooo.

    • Adoki

      You people should stop allowing these journalists to deceive you. First, they create so much noise around these ‘fights’ among politicians to get your attention. Then they lie blatantly about events after collecting money from politicians. Didn’t you read that 18 governors in Jang’s camp held a meeting today? Can’t you simply do the math and decide who is not telling the truth?

      • ks

        We should stop allowing journalists to deceive us but we’re supposed to have read that 18 governors attended a meeting. Is it not a journalist that wrote the 18 governor meeting story.

        • Adoki

          Ok, let me simply spell it out for you: It is very unprofessional for the writer to deliberately qualify words with punctuations like “defeat”, “victory” “chairman” etc when reporting the position of one faction and not do the same to the other faction whose 19/16 claims are equally questionable in light of the governors’ meting with the second group on saturday. If you read the articles in the papers that reported the Jang meeting, they still chose to portray their preferred candidate as the authentic chairman.
          I am simply saying that journalists should report facts and figures (and question claims based on the facts) rather than give their own opinions according to their preferences.
          By the way, I hate the fact that we are even talking about a sham election by a purely self-serving political association which exist only for the interest of its elite members. I am even more angry at our journalists who should ordinarily be on the side of the masses, but have have chosen to take sides with a group of politicians.

          • Ide4u

            Jang never won anything! Ask yourself why it took him 24hrs before giving victory speech. It’s another PDP jaguda politics that succeeded in pulling wool over your eyes.

          • Adie

            No, the two groups (one of which you obviously support) addressed the press immediately after the election. Amaechi’s group claimed they had 19 votes while Jang’s group also claimed they had 19 votes. On saturday, 18 governors in Jang’s camp met, so common sense tells me that 18 governors are with Amaechi. So, you see, I am not claiming that anybody won the election. I don’t trust any of these guys, so I am waiting for the truth to come out eventually. By the way (I repeat again), I am only concerned about the role of the press in these kinds of ‘fights’ between politicians. If the media is not reporting objectively, then we must question their motives as responsible citizens. Except of course you have any particular interest in one of the camps.

          • Ide4u

            Thanks for being more responsible in your comment. Honestly, I only feel for those at home there. It doesn’t matter to me one bit who becomes the chairman of NGF or even the president. It’s just unfortunate that a tiny clique of people held Nigerians to ransomed for far too long running the country recklessly with brazen impunity. And guess what? They were able to achieve that fit by pitching ordinary folks against each other while theremin united in wrecking and plundering the country. May God help Nigeria!

  • bob

    Have you seen a senile old man? Jang,the so called Governor of Ptateau state in Nigeria is typical.His bilaterally cataract filled eyes are testament to a very confused man.You wonder how this joker was appointed a governor in the first place and there is our problem.I hope the courts will put him in his place And for his doctors to fill him with ant psychotic medications he desperatively needs very urgently.

  • Adoki

    Nigerians, please stop allowing these journalists to deceive you. First, they create so much noise around these ‘fights’ among politicians to get your attention. Then they lie blatantly about events after collecting money from politicians. Did you people not read that 18 governors in Jang’s camp held a meeting today? Can’t you simply do the math and decide who is not telling the truth?

    • Datti

      Then how come 16 voted for him? Even if 18 governors were there with him, that is just 50% of the total number of the governors. He needed to win more than 50%

      • Adoki

        And that, exactly, is what I am saying – if it is true, as they said, that 16 voted for him yesterday, how come 18 attended his meeting yesterday? And why is the above article sounding as if his opponent won the election? All the papers reported the meeting with names and photo of all 18 governors.

        Personally, I do not care who won or lost any election of the association of governors. I am just saying that the media should simply report facts, and investigate every claim by individuals, especially politicians.

        • Saadiana – Ankpa

          Adoki, when was jang’s victory speech ? 24hrs after abi? Amechi’s was immediately… Your argument doesn’t hold water bros..the Gej camp has bought the entire press except a few like ptimes. … Or are you another akpabio in the making…lol..

          • Adoki

            My brother, it seems you are too interested in camps and winners to understand the point I am trying to make. If you read my comment to the end, you would find that I have absolutely no preference in this matter that we are getting ourselves needlessly distracted about. If you ask me, these governors (Jang and Amaechi inclusive) should devote their time to the numerous socio-economic problems facing their respective states rather than flying all over the place chasing personal glory. Do you ever imagine how much time and money these people spend flying all over the country attending meetings of one forum or the other? Even if the media should report these activities at all, they should stick only to the facts, and not help people like you to take sides in matters that should not concern you. If 18 members of an association of 36 governors are in one group, then it means no more than 18 members are with the other group. And it also means that all 36 of them cannot even conduct themselves in such a simple matter. Why is this so hard to understand?

  • Nosa

    This is clear indication of how desperate this government is. What we can learn from this drama is that Jonathan will do EVERYTHING and ANYTHING to clinch to power come 2015. Nigerians should get prepared for this new monster in Aso rock as we must re-posses our country back from this set of criminals in government. The issue of awarding contract of $40m to spy same people that voted for him in 2011 should no longer come as a surprise to Nigerians as he has clearly defined the direction he wants to toe. I bet you this man will sink this country if he is allowed to stay a day longer beyond may 29, 2015. However if Jonathan and his criminal gang should make peaceful change impossible come 2015 then surely violent becomes the only option

  • Nosa

    I really don’t know how much you were paid to write this junk but am yet to see anyone that walked logic on its head like a dump like you. Why didn’t you ask your pay-master jonathan or any of those looters governors to parade people that voted for them in 2011. Take it from me, this election has defined what will happen come 2015, then we shall all see. Fools

    • lindy

      Nosa , you’re on course my dear. (concernednigeria) is an idiot and a big fool!

  • duke

    I begin to wonder when Jonah Jang at his ages tells such glaring lies in broad day light and more so in the so-called church he attended, what then will he bequeat to his children? I suppose he’s about 70yrs or so and should be thinking of amending his ways with his creator rather than making a fool of himself. I weep for Nigeria because we choose to celebrate nonentities such as Jang and his likes rather than those who stand for the truth.

  • Pivo679

    This is why Nigeria can NEVER move forward if people like Jang occupy the seat of State governor. This is also exactly what we have put up with in Plateau State for nearly 6yrs now. Someone who had the audacity to appoint his son with no formal education or known political career as his special adviser on political matters. Someone whose brain has been frozen in time well before pre-colonial days, somebody who has no vision and precisely nothing to add to the welfare of the State but did everything possible to become a Governor. He exploited the ignorance of the citizens of Plateau State to become the governor and the rest is a history of despair in the entire State. I hope readers will see what the problem on the Plateau has been about. The man is a demented demagogue for which only in Nigeria such a person can become a Governor….God help us on the Plateau!,,,

  • Chom

    Is God stupid? Jang is a thief!

    • Ide4u

      No, he is a dirty dog eating and brukutu drinking retard like his master whose drink of choice is ogogoro.

  • Edo

    Mr. Jang, you will soon have a revelation that would bring you to the absolute understanding that, rather than God you errorneously believed aided your phantom victory, it is Satan (in capital S) that is using you to subvert a popular vote within your rank of governor’s association. At your age, I think you should be thinking more of enduring legacies you are supposed to leave on the political scene of Nigeria, instead of allowing yourself to be a willing tool in the scuttling our democratic experiment. Shame on you old fool Jang! A fool at 70 is a fool forever.

  • Ardo Abdullah Hazzad

    the ALMIGHTY GOD does not support MISCREANTS, so stop deceiving yourself JONAH, you will be the last Governor in Nigeria to lead the FORUM.

    • Tracy

      Are you a member of the governors’ forum? If I were you, I would worry more about how my state governor is running the affairs of my state. And please don’t bring GOD into what is entirely your personal view, because only God can tell who is truly a ‘miscreant’. He (God) does not see as men see.

  • Bill Hansen

    I Jonah Jang really as ignorant as he sounds or is this merely an act?

  • Ise-Egheghe Ekorowiro Jackson

    Really God is wonmderful, for a man who got 16 out of 36 to win the man who got 19 out of 36, the God(fathers) must be wonderfully grate! Phee dee phee!