EXCLUSIVE: Jonathan awards $40million contract to Israeli company to monitor computer, Internet communication by Nigerians

President Goodluck Jonathan
Former President Goodluck Jonathan's

Here is a very important information from PREMIUM TIMES for the 47 million Nigerian Internet users. Big Brother, in the form of the Jonathan administration, is watching you, and your communication is no longer safe.

It is one of the most far-reaching policies ever designed in Nigeria’s history to invade the privacy of citizens.

The Jonathan administration secretly, and in open violation of lawful contracting procedures, has awarded an Israeli firm, Elbit Systems, with headquarters in Haifa, a $40million contract to help it spy on citizens’ computers and Internet communications under the guise of intelligence gathering and national security.

Elbit announced the contract award Wednesday in a global press release but was silent on the Nigerian destination of the contract. Its general manager, Yehuda Vered, opaquely announced that “Elbit Systems will supply its Wise Intelligence Technology (WiT) system to an unnamed country in Africa under a new $40 million contract announced on 24 April… for Intelligence Analysis and Cyber Defense,” but effusively claimed, in the statement, that his company is “proud to be selected to supply this unique system, which is already field-proven, fully operational and customisable.

“Elbit Systems is a world leader in the fields of intelligence analysis and cyber defense, with proven solutions highly suitable for countries, armies and critical infrastructure sites. We hope that additional customers will follow in selecting our highly advanced and cutting edge systems in these fields as their preferred solution,” Mr. Vered added.

Multiple and very reliable sources in the administration confirmed to PREMIUM TIMES that Nigeria is indeed the “unnamed African country,” and with details from the Elbit statement, our sources say the contract will now help the Jonathan administration access all computers and read all email correspondences of citizens in what is clearly, an infringement on constitutionally guaranteed freedom of expression.

No single policy of this administration has so far affected, in one fell swoop, the lives of 47 million citizens, a third of the Nigerian population and about four times the number of voters who brought the president to power two years ago.

Nigerian netizens, the horde of active citizens that use the computer and Internet, are the 10th in a global ranking that make them 27 per cent of Africa’s total Internet users, far ahead of Egypt [19th global ranking] and South Africa [37th in global ranking].

The growth path of the Internet in Nigeria has also been dramatic, rising from a mere 200,000 Internet users in 2002 to 47 million this year, according to data from the Global Internet user, one of the Internet audit groups.

This development has not always gladdened public officials in Nigeria many who have expressed open displeasure at the use of the Internet by social media activists and the power of its possibilities as an empowering medium for popular communication. The calls for regulation have been loud in both the administration and in the Nigerian legislature.

The earliest hint that the Jonathan administration had desires to invade privacy of citizens surfaced ealy April when researchers at the Munk School for Global Affairs at the University of Toronto alerted the world that Nigeria, Egypt, and Kenya were deploying Internet surveillance and censorship technology developed by an American company, Blue Coat, which specializes in online security. Blue Coat’s technology will allow the government to invade the privacy of journalists, netizens and their sources. Its censorship devices use Deep Packet Inspection, DPI, a technology employed by many western Internet Service Providers, to manage network traffic and suppress unwanted connections.

Civic groups kick against DPI because, they say, it makes it possible for censors to look into every single Internet Protocol packet and subject it to special treatment based on content (censored or banned words) or type (email, VoIP or BitTorrent Protocol).

DPI not only threatens the principle of Net Neutrality and the privacy of users, civic groups say, it makes single users identifiable and, in countries that flout the rule of law and violate human rights, often exposes them to arbitrary imprisonment, violence or even torture.

While details of the Blue Coat contract appears to have managed to evade scrutiny up till this point, PREMIUM TIMES sources say the Elbit annunciation of the contract, opaque as it was, terribly rattled top administration officials – from the presidency to the National Security Adviser’s Office, and the National Assembly.

“The presidency had wanted this contract to be a top secret,” said one of our sources. “The presidency did not envisage that Elbit was going to make it public. Monitoring computers and Internet use is a contentious issue and the National Security Adviser had tried to keep the contract secret.”

Elbit says it will take it two years to complete the project, by which time it claimed, the administration will have “a highly advanced end-to-end solution, [to] supports every stage of the intelligence process, including the collection of the data from multiple sources, databases and sensors, processing of the information, supporting intelligence personnel in the analysis and evaluation of the information and disseminating the intelligence to the intended recipient…[that] will be integrated with various data sources, including Elbit Systems’ Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) solution and Elbit Systems’ PC Surveillance Systems (PSS), an advance solution for covert intelligence gathering.”

The administration had indicated in the 2013 budget that it would procure a Wise Intelligence Network Harvest Analyzer System, Open Source Internet Monitoring System and Personal Internet Surveillance System at a cost of N9.496 Billion ($61.26 million).

Now that the contract has been awarded to Elbit for about  $40million, it is unclear if the National Assembly will raise questions as to what becomes of the extra $21million earmarked for the project.

Investigations indicate that in awarding the contract to the Israeli firm, no tenders or calls for bids were made just as there were no public announcements. The contract was awarded following a proposal from a single vendor who dictated the contract sum and the terms of the contract.

The procedure for public procurement of services as stipulated by the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP), the Nigerian agency charged with the duty of ensuring transparency in all matters concerning government contracts, were largely ignored. In addition, there are no public records indicating that the BPP approved this contract.

The manner of award directly contravenes the 2007 Public Procurement Act. While the Act gives room for single source contracts, the Elbit contract met none of the requirements under which such special contracts could be awarded.

Section 47 (3) (iii) of the 2007 Act stipulates that single source contracts are to be awarded in emergency situations such as “natural disasters or a financial crisis”.

Presidential spokespersons, Reuben Abati, and Doyin Okupe were not available for comments Wednesday.  They didn’t answer or return calls seeking comments.

Calls to Elbit’s headquarters in Haifa, Israel, were also unanswered.

Shari Clarkson, a spokesperson at the company’s subsidiary in the United States declined comments on the contract saying only Dalia Rosen, a spokesperson based in Israel, could comment. Rosen’s phone was unanswered.


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  • ayorinde

    Jonathan is a disgrace to the entire Nigerian, with his program to be monitoring and spying on his citizen privacy. Nigerian need surveillance camera on Nigeria street and public places. I think that will help reduce crime.

    • Peter2000

      So you think Internet communications are not closely monitored around the world by all countries Nigeria is just getting more secure not less.

      • Jimmy

        if you are right and you cannot draw a distinction between this $40 m contract and a general internet monitoring, then why pay $40m on this? why cant President Jonathan use to use your own words ” Internet communications are .. closely monitored around the world by all countries” ? why not use the readily available internet communications around the whole world? If this is the case why do respectable countries still go ahead to protect themselves? Why does America protect itself from China and vice versa? Why do yu defend the president this way such that we begin to lose any sense of rationality?

        • Peter2000

          The need for cyber security cannot be over emphasized. Thank God Nigeria is getting on board with this clear and present danger. The kinds of software a country like Nigeria needs to use for such an operations, is not available for free or cheap on the internet. Companies spend billions in manpower writing and securing these software. That’s why it cost money to license and support them.

          • Jadesola Fakayode

            So peter2000, you are saying we should pay a foreign country to be monitored? What exactly are yu saying? I have followed all the comments here. Why is it difficult for you as a blind defender of President Jonathan to see this simple point that our security is being mortgaged. Cant you see the point about our security in the hands of foreigners.? Okay if you do not this let us reverse it. And please answer this question straight: did Isreali govt hand over its security to foreigners? Will the Israeli hand over and contract their security to foreigners? Will the Israeli contract their security to a NIgerian firm? Is this difficult for you to see? Can yu answer this please?

          • Peter2000

            Why do you have a problem with simple comprehension.

          • Jadesola Fakayode

            Since we all agree that security is important, I am asking whether we should pay a foreign country to secure us? And I am asking if the Israeli govt and the jewish state will pay a Nigerian company for its own security. Those are the questions and I think you should answer. Do not run away from them. Okay? I understand if your sense of nationalism and patriotism prevents you from understanding these simple questions. But try to engage them.

          • Peter2000

            This is always the problem with us, just talking and making noise just for the sake of it. This technology is from the Jewish state as you call it. Nigeria is doing, what many nations do, license and pay them for support. If you have a scalable secure modular technology, that will serve the same purpose then debut it my friend.

          • Jadesola Fakayode

            I can see that you are struggling VERY HARD TO AVOID THE UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTH AND THE ODD an UNPATRIOTIC IMPLICATIONS IN PRESIDENT JONATHAN’S DUBIOUS DEAL ON THIS CONTRACT FOR OUR “SECURITY”. YOU CAN SEE THAT JONATHAN DOES NOT CARE ABOUT NIGERIA ANYMORE. AND I CAN SEE THAT YOU SEE THE IMPLICATIONS BUT YOU WANT TO RUN AWAY FROM IT. So can you calm down and answer these SIMPLE questions: Will the Israeli state award a contract on its security to a foreign company? Will the Israeli state award a contract on its security to a Nigerian company? Can you answer these two questions Mr. Peter2000? Is it important to you that our country’s security is going into the hands of a foreign company and by extension a foreign govt? Do you care about this? Answer these questions.

          • billy

            That is a very obvious answer; Nigerian companies does not have such capability that is why they have to outsource it. What are you thinking mister?

          • Jadesola Fakayode

            Oh now I understand. So the ruling elites will not invest in education. They will not invest in health. They will send their children abroad for education. Nigerian presidents will send their wives and families abroad to foreign hospitals because as usual we do not have “capability that is why they have to outsource” (your words). So? It is becoming clear that we do not have the “we do not have the capability that is why they have to outsource” view in our lives is deliberate. It is what confirms the popular view that the black man is an inferior race. Mr. You build the capability if you do not have it. Okay? . You start with what you have right away, and build it. This is a war situation. During war situations countries deploy their best intellect to build the tech they need to defend themselves during war situations. Countries do not say during war situations oh “we do not have the capability that is why they have to outsource” No Mr. respectable nations WILL GARNER ALL THEIR SCIENTISTS , GIVE THEM A MANDATE, HAND OVER AN EMERGENCY TO THEM AND ASK THEM TO PRODUCE A MECHANISM TO DEFEND THE NATION UNDER PRESSURE AND WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT. THAT IS THE HONORABLE THING COUNTRIES DO. Please go and check how countries act with a sense of urgency and emergency during war situations. I understand that our elites are so hopelessly inferior in genetic terms , they are so genetically backward,they are so criminal minded, they trade our security to make money, this is the time to make cooool money from the nation’s woes. At least one of you who are defenders of President Jonathan on this platofrm Mr.peter2000 said as of much. While hopelessly defending this illicit contracting of our securty to a foreiogn company he knew that it is wrong and that the govt is making money from our owes he wrote this and I quote him “The government spends N10,000 to buy toilet paper, that is available for N800 down the road” So this $40 m contract to a stupid israeli company is justified.!!! Can yu see the crime of the ruling elites against us? That is “Mr. peter2000” a person like you and mpitikwelu, afam, deri concenenigeria etc who defend the President Jonathan’s immoral selling of our country to some stupid Israeli company. So you people know. But you do not care that this assaults our integrity.. But since you and the President you are defending can make some quick money out of our woes, you do not care. That is the point mr. billy , mr peter2000 , mr. mpitikwelu_na_deri_na_afam_akpos1. And thank you for revealing your backs. We now know those who confirm the view in the global world that we people of the black race are genetically inferior.

            defend themselves.

          • Emma

            well why dont we have it, when was isreal established and they have good technology, why did the government fail to invest in education and research so we can have our own?all the markets in that country and churches need to be turned to schools. FOOOOOOOOLS THIIIIIIIIIINNNNNK BEFORE COMMENTING.

          • davoo

            Bros, u hav followed d comments, bt u hvnt comprehended d point here. No one is mortgaging d Nigerian security. Elbit Systems developed ds technology, and your Nigerian Govt bought d equipment for use by its security agents……(may be u shld read again). if u buy an American or Chinese phone, does dt mean u hav handed over your communications & privacy to ds countries???….i think ds is wht d writer wants to achieve; misleading people on d true nature of ds project….and he’s achieving results. I hv read abt d Wise Intelligence Technology: it is nothing portrayed here by ds writer pls. U too shld read d truth abt ds technology and prove me wrong.

          • Tolu

            shut up, Nigerians could have built this software for less, i could have built this software for less

            what are you talking about, the monitoring system can’t access encrypted data, which is what everyone including the terrorist will start to use, since everyone knows that they are being bugged.

            this is a bloody waste of $40million (N6.4Billion)

      • Ter

        Go and sit your silly ass someone Mr.Man. You have no idea what they are talking about here.

        • Peter2000

          I bet you do. You cannot even make a single sentence without insults.

          • Fatemaan

            Thank you very much Peter. He makes TIV people look bad. I wonder why all the insults. It must be his upbringing.

          • Ter

            You are a child fiddler so i won’t bother talking much, i guess it is your upbringing that has made you a child fiddler? Beware you will be lynched someday.

          • Ter

            Ok, i wish to make one without insults. Don’t just post rubbish because you had access to the internet. I guess that is diplomatic enough?…duh!

        • davoo

          lolzzzzz……….thought i was d only one dt hs noticed ds babbler. d guy hardly say a word without insults. grow up bro, social interaction isn’t about throwing insults…..it’s about sound & logical reasoning in public discuss, which u obviously do not have…..lolzz

          • Ter

            Olofofo, you should have replied me directly. You are a coward.

  • Yemi

    What is this jonathan doing to the citizen of Nigerians,this guy is a real mumu,you know what you need to do and you are not doing it,i have never criticize you before but this one is just not what we need,anyway my info is safe so far i will just have to keep of internet from now,what if they hack the company data base nko?????????

    • David S,

      Now its very clear Nigeria as a nation is still DEPENDENT.even if it has to be done must it be contracted to a foreign company?…lol looking for security in insecurity

      • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

        Can you operate it, if it is awarded to you? Be real. Lets not pretend we have the capacity.

  • olumide

    Ђδω I wish T̶̲̥̅̊h̶̲̥̅̊e̶̲̥̅̊ Editors δf this premium times Α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ delt with with all this wrong information. Pay A̶̲̥̅̊₪d̶̲̥̅̊ carry jornalist.

  • John Doe

    Even google and microsoft monitor their users but not to this extent. Imagine this in a country where there is no law. This is more like a death sentence on the citizenry without them even knowing it. I bet this is a way to curb independent journalism and promote embedded media content while diminishing privacy and freedom of speech – a basic human rights content. My opinion is, why does it have to be in a time when the economy is at its most vulnerable is $61M being spent on a piece of technology that doesn’t affect the average man on the street?

  • segun

    Does this man think he will just simply walks away like that when his tenures expires… he must be a joker. Common and useless thief

    • shola

      this is the best policy ever by any african leader, we cam now catch them terrorrist

  • That is not what Nigerian need now what we need is jobs and enployment . Jonathan is a wrong choice to rule this country

    • Goskolo

      Are you sure?

  • Sam

    Foolish Nigerian people, what is privacy when it comes to national security? Anything the government does, you don’t see any sense in it. Instead of placing constructive argument about that, nigerians tend to abuse the government. Our evil heart makes us to have bad governance. We must learn to ask questions, investigate and be constructive. May God give the government the wisdom to rule the nation

  • Junaid Jubirila Abdullah

    Very unfortunate. …

  • Williams

    It still remains an “unnamed African country.” Nigeria was not mentioned so whats the noise about? Lets wait till the government makes the announcement.

    However, if the government will do it to secure lives and curb the activities of Boko Haram, I don’t see any problem with that.

    If you don’t like it, you can make a better suggestion on how things will work.

    • Kill9jagovt.

      Williams, Your brain is as faulty as that of our Fed and states govt. can’t you and the idiots thinking of using that money to empower energy only in one state? I am always scared and feel weary once is approaching night wheneva i am in Nigeria.Williams i suggest you to travel to some countries and see what it means to have just light at nights and day time. forova 50 years now,no govt has done anything about light and they all seems to ignore that aspect of amenities cuz they all have individually invested in Generator importation in one way or the other …Have you ever seen lagos state from the air before?do you studied chemistry or Biology or even Geography while you where in sec sch maybe you didnt get to such grade in your academic pursuit,but what about Integrated science in Junior sec or science in primary.
      My dear follow countryman,i have much to say to you but is kinda of waste of time writing here when i know you will not understand my point of view at all.
      How would your plan and that of the fed govt tackle BokoHaram ,when is certain and clearly that this bloodbath idiots have no knowledge of using the computer let alone to communicate with it.There are two things that should be the basic priority of fed govt and it should be Light and Road.Mr man think wisely and see the real fact of your basic need as a country.

  • lozzyfather

    are we not taking our stupidity a bit too far? how don u think advanced countries nip acts of terrorism in the bud? do u really think its the native doctors in ur village or ur marabouts that tell them that? will he be watching ur innocuous conversation with ur WAGS? if u know u are going to commit crime, then fear, but if u know that u are not, need u fear? perhaps u do not know that almost all phone users in Palestine are bugged by Israeli intelligence. read, “the son of Hamas”.

  • Davoo

    So, even wth all ds criminal activities takin place in Nigeria, PT hs nt seen the need to apply technlogical solutions to d security problems in ds country? I see ds report as crying foul where none exist. Even in advanced countries lyk d US & Russia, intelligence gatherin hs gone beyond d old archiac methods. Isreal is able to secure its citizens against of d threats of terrorism from d Arabs in d middle east due to deployment of advanced survaillance technology. If u wanna knw how badly Nigeria needs ds kind of technology, I advise u read wht Abimbola Adelakun wrote in her piece on Nigeria needs Big Brother on Thursday April 25, 2013 edition of d Punch newspaper.

  • Abel

    My people, the source says “unnamed African country” and Premium Times concluded it must be Nigeria. Na wa for this premium times sef. but even if its Nigeria, fact is that Nigeria is fighting one of the most babaric terrorists ever known to human history. So Jonathan has to employ every means possible including drones and invading our privacy if need be to fight these bastards. So I see nothing wrong in GEJ’s actions if this is true. He who has nothing to hide needs not fear. Jonathan carry go, let the haters keep hating.

  • Abdullahi

    Why not use the same amount to provide technological driven solutions to the insecurity problem caused by the ‘boko Haram insurgency’? These people know what they do. Believing what we hear over the news is a waste of time and intoxication. We want a new president whose degree’s will speak for him and not against him. The grade 2 teacher and the various recruits turned generals appear to be practically more educated than some PhD holders from UNIPORT.

    • agushi

      Observation my lord….is not UNIPORT but its sister university the RUST…can you see the rust they so far produced in the name of philosopher in which aspect did he defended his thesis if I may asked? Who cares about it technology they are bringing. The worst is that our money is being wasted instead of improving our lives. We dont have good health systems, education, transport, commerce…named it!! Anyway the cyber criminals are his kith and kins from the south; if this is to nip cyber crimes in the bud the most affected will be his people; that knows nothing apart from YAHOO YAHOO….

  • Eguche

    Nonsense Reporting. Nothing in this report makes sense. I am in the technology business, nothing about DPI correlates the insinuations made in this report. I think we sometimes make noise over nothing.

  • Ken

    This a clear case of how journalists incite the public negatively. There is no serious government on earth that does not monitor the communications with its borders for security purposes. Trying to cast the govt in a bad light for doing it is simply wicked. Emmanual Ogala you are a disgrace!

    • Obiora Nwangwu

      “This a clear case of how journalists incite the public negatively” Well said Ken!!! The ONLY person who hit the nail on the head! Most Nigerian stories in he media are partially fabricated to stir up all the emotions you are seeing in these comments in anticipation of buying the next “hot news article” from the same media. Do you not know how much money journalists make off both the opposition and govt? That’s what we track here in Civil Defence. Shege

      • Deinde Fadahunsi

        So Mr. Nwangwu in your agreement with Mr. Ken you are saying that and I quote since “There is no serious government on earth that does not monitor the communications with its borders for security purpose”we should hand over such and I quote “… serious government monitor (of Nigerians by -mine)the communications with its borders for security purposes.” to foreigners-abi? We should contract this task to a foreign company and by extension a foreign govt. We should hand over such “serious governmental monitoring” to an Israeli company and govt. This is what you are saying. I see that you are a black man. And this is why you think this way. I am sorry , you are an embarrassment to the African race, the black race.

        • olanrewaju

          And who told you dt d contract involves d Israeli firm monitoring Nigerians?? may be u shld re-read d story & research about WiT. it’s just a technology dt is developed by Elbit, but is being purchased by d Nigerian Govt to be deployed in Nigeria & used by security agents.

  • Mfon

    Shut Up Premium Times. Its done everywhere in the world and its now a necessity with the level of terrorism. Stop being sensational and make the profession journalism responsible. Must you in a bit to discredit a leader look beyond rightful things that should be done and write nonsense. Things like this make people say that opposition sponsor cheap fucks like you because i have never read any possible thing said about Jonathan. This is great and a good move. Stupid idiots. God will punish all of you that write lies and nonsense

  • Baj. Orduh

    You dont have to fear if you dont have anything up your sleeves.For national security, a country could go to any lenght. We make too much noise for everything and keep silence for what is right and just.

  • Way to hand your countries National Security to a team of Isreali’s! Good job Dumbfuck Jonahthan

    • larry

      Doesn’t he know that Israel will now have access to all Nigeria’s information also?

      pity the fool…

  • Prince A Williams

    I read and observe some of the comments on this page with dismay. Even in the U.S.A there are what we call ”Classified Document or Top Secret” there are certain operation that the CIA or FBI would also call a Covert Operation, so whats the noise about? If the National Security Adviser deem it fit to advice his Boss that this contract award or operation need to stay out of public knowlegde, then who u to run ur mouth abouth what this administration is do or not doing. If they don’t steps like this how on earth do u think they will be able to curb terrorism. Please let think with our head before we speak. Thank u

    • Dissolve Nigeria Now

      …And those things you listed of ‘USA’ are working fantastic that you want to copy them home huh?
      Surely, ignorance is a serious disease that kills more than anything else.

  • Afam

    Jobless Premium Times journalists,don’t worry very soon you guys will enter the same problem those idiots at leadership newspapers are facing..Go to uk and surf your internet any how,tomorrow morning police will grab you…

    • Mr. Myle

      Afam i guess ur salary is fat from Oga at The top (GEJ). u r celebrating the arrest of Journalist.

      • Afam

        I must not be paid to tell your likes the truth,you guys are quick in comparing Nigeria with USA when things go wrong but will never emulate their better side of security outfit…If your among the yahoo boys then your days are numbered.

        • alix

          shut up your smelling mouth Afam God Will punish you and Jonathan

          • Afam

            God bless you but you will never benefit from the goods of it yahoo boy..

          • alix

            Do you know God? boko arram,,,,… your generation will perish

          • Afam

            Your in a sorry state..you need some medicine.

          • alix

            Do you know God? boko arram,,,,… your generation will perish

    • afamitus

      What is good about this is only if they can track the and grabs the cyber criminals called the yahoo yahoo from south…carry go mr presidents the balls of your kith will be in their hands. with this we can have a clean bill. 10th users world wide but does not translate to anything apart from cyber crimes. we shall be free of toomany questions in foriegn countries…are u a nigerian? what do you sell on the streets (i.e for the Edo italian and spain deportees) at least with this technology even e-prostitution will be nip in the bud. GOOD TRAP THEM THE YAHOO YAHOO…GROUP OF IDIOTS GIVING US BAD IMAGE ABROAD…..YOU ARE INVOLVED YES, YOU I SAID YOU….

      • Afam

        I will forgive you because your so ignorant….don’t worry they will catch you one day.

        • alix

          you and Jonathan will die on sit

          • Afam

            Thank you yahoo boy,your days are numbered.

  • Eguche

    I had to re-read this again. This guy is either so daft or just mischievous. Are you saying that a Sovereign state should not have a working electronic communications monitoring system? So, tell me, when you say speak your nonsenses on phone, you think you are not profiled in the US and UK?

    I will have been ashamed if Nigeria did not make efforts to provide a national Intelligence platform. What is laughable is that the moron who wrote this article is associating DPI and Intelligence monitoring platforms with threats to privacy of users.

    Okay, Oga article writer,those who build bombs in their houses should be left alone bcos we are encroaching on their privacy. We should have no police bcos they encroach on our freedoms. We should have no legal systems, bcos they are threats to the lives of offenders. ****BIG SIGH***

    • Laton

      But the government does even care about having a working website where you can learn about Nigeria. If the government is not savy enough to have a working website, then its desire to have internet users monitored calls for question

    • alozir

      Eguche, my thinking is that u are a moron or some crowned nitwit. Lots of countries partially monitor discreet data & voice transmissions for various reasons. ALL THESE countries use their own intelligence service! If a countries contracts another country in aspects that regard its secrets, you as a country will no longer be safe literally. It therefore means that even Aso Rock will be monitored by Israelis who will then sell these information to any of their allies for whatever cause. Even Jonathan can be blackmailed to make decisions favorable to Israel & her allies. Let me inform you that the only country really concerned about your welfare is YOU! Let me also remind you that despite all the monitoring no country can effectively stop terrorism without a very functional internal security structure. Even advanced country fall short! The Boston Bombers were on the CIA radar but did that stop them? Jonathan is an idiot. There are many Nigerians programmers capable of working with the government to secure our internet traffic but he would rather give the contract to people who will give him kick-backs. As for our phone calls being monitored, I am sure you do not know that armed robbers use the phone effectively. Have you ever heard of robbers being caught because the SSS was monitoring them? People like you really insult reason. Sure you ever went to school?

    • Innocent Benban

      A big fool like this Eguche guy ought to know that insults dont make arguments, and I say this fully aware that your masters dont expect much sense from you than the capacity to open and close your mouth. Do you think the wider your mouth is so is the depth of your thought? What a shame indeed.

      Since you froth in the mouth about the abridgment of freedom in “UK, and the US” why not take time to reflect on the substantive value of freedom and liberty in the same society, and how it is obtained and secured.

      Lick-spittles like Eguche who probably have never been victims in their lives think the measure of freedom is picking crumbs from the masters table. Sorry sir, the gentleman who did this article are the frontier men of our freedom. Every freedom loving soul in this land owe them gratitude and appreciation. But that is if you can think reflectively.

      Wait until a malevolent government slams the full force of authoritarian ethos on you and you will understand.

    • Ter

      Please go and sit your silly ass down. Is that a priority at this point? You are a foolish fella and i guess a lapdog of this government. GEJ himself said he knows those behind Boko haram and that they are in his government so what has he done about those he claims he knows? Don’t bring you stupid analogy here, take it to the toilet you mindless idiot.

    • Having a working monitoring system is one thing. Having same contracted to another country’s government is another. Whatever happened to National Security? The world has come to the age of cyber wars and having Nigerians’ on-line informations managed this way is not only an invasion of citizens’ privacies but also high level threat to National Security. Thank you.

    • goasone

      The writer Is indeed a foolish person,instead of them to support what is good.I think is hightime for Most of our journalist to have more training schools than the theory school

  • wax

    If dis is d kinnda report premium times and oda reporters alike are goin 2 b dishing out 2 Nigerians, den we rilly need dis technology in our country so we can flush u and your sponsors out. Is Nigeria d only country in africa? Was your source in d meeting wia GEJ signed d contract? Etc. No wonder most of u journalists are poor. U are not creative at all. If govt. Lies to d ppl, its left for the press to tell us d truth and not to make things worse. i also wonder why d hausas will c faults in evrytyn GEJ does… i challenge all of u 2 compare GEJ’s admin. Nd dose of all your past leaders… Pls let’s b mature in our comments about others.

  • segun

    So Are President Jonathan and the defenders of this monitoring policy saying that we should hand over our privacy and sovereignty to a foreign company, a foreign country? So it is not enough that our so-called rulers, their wives, ministers hand over and open their privacies before foreign doctors? eh? Not satisfied disgracing us before foreign doctors, we should just hand over EVERYTHING ABOUT OUR COUNTRY TO A FOREIGN COUNTRY. Is that what the defenders of this policy are saying? If so, where is our sovereignty? Second, which sovereign nation contracts to and hands over her sovereignty to another country the way we Africans do it? Is this not what we patriots and nationalists have been saying that: when you neglect education and research you are bound to mortgage the sovereignty of your country at critical moment like this? Are we not being proved right that whatever leader or govt neglects education and research will sell the country, its security and its soul? This is the point: given our neglect of our hospitals our rulers and their wives and ministers hand over their personal and privacies to foreign doctors. That IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. IT IS A SECURITY RISK BECAUSE HEALTH IS A SECURITY ISSUE, AND THE HEALTH OF OUR RULERS SHOULD AT LEAST BE A SECURITY ISSUE. SECOND IT FOLLOWS THAT SINCE WE HAVE HANDED OVER AND CONTRACTED THE PRIVACIES OF OUR RULERS TO FOREIGN DOCTORS WE WILL HAND OVER OUR WHOLE SOVEREIGNTY TO FOREIGN COUNTRY. But put simply this is unacceptable-period. Defenders of President Jonathan can go ahead and spin this, but our sovereignty ought to be uppermost in our minds. Contracting our sovereignty to a foreign company and a foreign country IS WRONG. It is security risk. Let us face it.

    • Eguche

      You are not completely right Segun. The technology may come from an Isreali company but if truly Nigeria did get it, it is getting it with the licenses and management systems. Meaning the platform will be in Nigeria and managed in Nigeria. Afterall, the existing technologies you are enjoying are from abroad, abi? Does it imply Chinese ppl see you as you take your bath in the morning using a China made shower? lol

      • segun

        Mr. Eguche, Please do not simplify matters this way. This is real security. We are not talking about politics. The Chinese once cracked into the American white house my brother. Do yu understand the implication of that? If you want to defend President Jonathan please go ahead and do so. Nigeria is bigger than all of us. And some of us take our country seriously beyond politics. Okay. These are my answers to you. (i) Even if you get “licenses and management systems” so far the owner is foreign, then the CORE of your intelligence is foreign. It is like the body on one hand(licenses and management systems) and the brain(the CORE). Yes you bought a license from a foreign company, but the foreign company RETAINS the core. Look Mr. Eguche, let me tell you the implication of this. If this story is true, it means we dare not mess around with the Isrealis. Given that the first loyalty of anyone and any company is to his country, if the Israeli wants to get us, they simply ask this company for intelligence info about us. And please DO NOT say that the company will not oblige. They WILL NOT tell you that they obliged, but they will. We are talking about raw and dirty international politics, and NOT some theory. And finally to your poser “Does it imply Chinese ppl see you as you take your bath in the morning…” With tech, that is what it implies . It implies that if they want they will get you since your balls are in their hands. That matters to me. That may not bother you since we Africans are supposed to be genetically inferior. Okay? We just take anything. But it bothers some of us. Thanks you.

        • Chikah okechukwu

          Segun you are right, I like your arguments and foresight. Others/they are just commenting with a daft focus as our…..P

    • Peter2000

      There is nothing like sovereignty when it comes to online communication. Anybody on earth with a basic ideal of internet security can track you down in ten seconds and listen to all you do online.. If you want privacy, don’t use any device.

      • segun

        These are your words “Anybody on earth with a basic ideal of internet security can track you down in ten seconds and listen to all you do online.. ” Given your answer I have a simple question: if what you have said is the issue, and if the story is true why do we have to spend $40 million dollars “Anybody on earth with a basic ideal of internet security can track you down in ten seconds and listen to all you do online.. ” Why? You see what I am saying? If you are right, why waste $40m ? Why dont we invest that $40m in research here and hand over what President Jonathan wants to achieve with the $40m to “Anybody on earth with a basic ideal of internet” If President Jonathan will do this, then I prefer that “anybody on earth…” to be Nigerian. So two questions: if you are right? why send that $40m? If you are right why cant we just ask a Nigerian to be that “anybody…” Please reflect on this before you rush to answer. I am not saying you should not defend President Jonathan, I am only saying that you should think about your first response and my answer to you before you rush to answer. Thanks.

        • Peter2000

          The government spends N10,000 to buy toilet paper, that is available for N800 down the road. Governments always run high cost operations for reasons only God can answer.

          The cost of this operation is not high when compared to what banks spend to monitor their networks.

          • segun

            So we should spend N10, 000 on what we can get for N800? Right? And President Jonathan who you are defending said he is serious about fighting corruption. Can yu see Mr. Peter2000? And that makes sense to yu? If it does then that is fine. I now understand Thanks.

          • Peter2000

            Governments are what they are, a cesspool of wasteful spending. Countries including Nigeria spend 1000% more for the same project that a private organisation can handle for just a fraction of the price.

            Defending Jonah is not the issue for me,I cannot understand the noise and the need for this story. Nigerians will man the control, the network centers and it will be housed most likely at DSS or SSS. This will be a Nigerian operation with Israeli software and tech support.

          • segun

            Okay I understand Peter2000. Let corruption reign because according to you govts are what they are. That is fine Mr. Peter2000. God bless Nigeria.

          • Peter2000

            Thanks and God bless you too.

      • segun

        Mr. Peter2000, will the Israeli ever contract their security to a foreign firm and or a Nigerian firm? Can yu answer this please?

  • No wander! But we should know that with or without Elibi you have privacy only when you have not use electronic gadget.

  • Peter2000

    what was the purpose of this article????

  • Mr. Myle

    Some of you that think arresting journalist is one good thing for Nigeria should be ashamed of themselves. we are talking of freedom of Information and yet we are celebrating criminality. The government should just come out and tell Nigerians what their motives are. and even congratulate PREMIUM TIMES for doing a good job in alerting Nigerians and for making them do the explanations.
    Maku, Okupe, Omokri, Abati… will surely respond and clarify issues. and that is the essence of Journalism not arresting and all the humiliation.

    • Mfon

      YOU are an illiterate. Because a bomb has not exploded in a church, mosque, barrack to kill or maim your relative yet. Shallow brain, you cant think broadly that’s why your brain is mono-directional….”Government is responsible for everything bad never does good”. Because Premium Times want you to think as their paymaster wants

      • Mr. Myle

        You talk like a Dog, because Dogs bark and I feel only barking in your response. It doesnt make any meaning. you could be those mentioned people claiming to be Mfon abi na phone sef. what is wrong with what Ive said. Thats my opinion. You are simply an … that is why you talk like a criminal. Mad Goat. learn how to talk.

  • Mfon

    You can refuse to publish my comment for speaking the truth, it’s yours, no problem. I also have mine, trust me i’ll make people know how despicable you are. Mcheeew!!!

  • Proobaro

    We are living in truly interesting times under GEJ. The purpse for which the good Lord permitted his presidency in all purpose and intent I believe has been fulfilled. Nigerians now you know whom and what type of leader to elect in 2015. Rather than the norms of tribe, religion etc we will seek a LEADER with true vision and a clear agenda for positive impact.

  • Well done; nice step.

  • Adam

    agreed 100 percent carry go..atleast we will be freed of Yahoo Yahooboys that de dupe others an giving the country a bad image abroad….Mr President watch them so that Nigeria will free of cyber criminals. Every where you go they asked you a Nigeria? looked you with disdain….

  • gwobezentashi janinjaka

    Goes to show that Boko na real Haram. If you no get computer then they can’t monitor you. You can resort to the good old pigeon in that case. But seriously, even when they have the information, what will they do with it? If they come for you, they will make sure they kill the whole village as they did in Baga. Or if you are rich and powerful, they will simply grant you pardon or find you a sympathetic Judge to grant you indefinite injunction. Either way, $40m would have been blown and we would still not be any safer. Shikena.

  • Emeka

    You people fall my hand in this story. am disappointed. Please anytime you don’t have story, don’t just host anything that is not good for the country. There is no country where you don’t have such tracking system. May be, this is your first time as a journalist to know that every government monitors the communication of its area. You praise America and other super powers to track down criminals a minute after the act but you are being alarmist here because such thing is about to happen here. Please, leave the President alone.

  • Afam

    Can you be a witness on where and when he said that? are you arguing this because you have access to internet where you can verbal your rubbish in the name of comment…

    • Ter

      Afam, are you a frog?

  • phil

    My only worry is seeing my fellow brothers using bad words on each other, disagreeing on Jonathan fraud contract with Elbit system. I think every country have internal intelligence who’s secretly monitor events in d country as to protect from internal and external agression. It would have been perfect if the President strenghten our defence intelligence agency. I plead with all youth to try and speak in one voice

  • Mai dele

    Hehe! What’s all this, this has better not be true

  • ItohowoWilliams

    Would China, or the US or any advanced country hand over her intelligence gathering /analysis to a foreign body? and went as far as footing the bill?. Who knows who’s hands the data collected will end up. There is no telling that the date collected from this firm will not be shared with other Governments such the US and great Briton to mention but a few. Nigerians are being disrespected, harassed all over the world, now their profiles will be in the hands of customs officers, police at airports of the country with which they are traveling to. Is this not an invasion of privacy? This is the information age where ideas are shared, business transitions are carried out over the Internet. Knowing Nigerians, Internet and phone usage will drop tremendously for fear of being monitored. Is this progress? Probably this government never comprehend how challenging governing would be.

    Engr. Kuseme Rosie Udo
    Chicago, IL.

    • Billygwo

      If you are really a serious guy and you actually live in Chicago, you won’t be attaching such nogus funny title (Engr.) to your name – what the fuck??; get real! Even Russia buy drone aircraft from Russia. Simply put, No Nigerian company possess such an advance technology.

  • Poor fella, he goes off and pay Israel $40 million for a 2 year contract for the government to watch and spy on the Nigerian people. Little does he know that he is also providing an uncontested way for Israel to also watch and spy on Nigerians also. Surely, he could have found qualified Nigerians to award that same contract to.

  • Julie Sanusi-Williams

    Most Nigerians have been reduced to paupers, who would do anything to put food on the table, by series of bad governments the country has had the misfortune to deal with. It is, therefore, difficult to convince these Nigerians that freedom of speech is something worth fighting for. Some of you may be old enough to remember when the last president of the defunct Soviet Union went to China to talk about freedom and the Chinese government literally laughed him to scorn. While the well-fed and well-connected in Nigeria may raise inorganic concern about internet monitoring, the majority of Nigerians may not care as they have no access to the internet. That said, I stand to be corrected by evidence to the contrary.

  • Abubakar

    Eguche, you don’t have to be sarcastic. Monitoring internet communication has now become a global reality and most advance countries relate to it in intelligence gathering. I believe if any of your relatives were a victim of Nigerian insecurity, you would not have responded the way you did. Moreover, do you think your freedom is more important than your insecurity?

  • pen

    The support the idea of monitoring Internet communication by Nigerians to help in national security. If the contract was given to nigerians to carry out we would have ran it down to the ground and money wasted so the best thing was to Give it to a foergin company ,BUT its giving it out to a company from Israel that I do Not buy ,why Israel of all countries? He did not see any country to give its israel he want and gave ,Its like selling our souls to the devil this country is in big trouble , from frying pan to fire. I rather stay in an unsafe country then given my safety to Israel cause its not safety at all. For such things israel and the U.S.A should be out of the question.

    • Obiora Obiagwu

      If the government were really monitoring, they would know that I was having sex with the office cleaners

  • olumide

    Please for most δf Ɣøû that Α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ naïve T̶̲̥̅Ơ̴͡ what Ȋ̝̊§ happening I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ T̶̲̥̅̊h̶̲̥̅̊e̶̲̥̅̊ world now should read a book on anti-terrorism A̶̲̥̅̊₪d̶̲̥̅̊ anti money laundry T̶̲̥̅Ơ̴͡ βε̲̣ able T̶̲̥̅Ơ̴͡ appreciate what T̶̲̥̅̊h̶̲̥̅̊e̶̲̥̅̊ government Ȋ̝̊§ doing. Its unfortunate we as a country Ȋ̝̊§ just waking up now T̶̲̥̅Ơ̴͡ T̶̲̥̅̊h̶̲̥̅̊e̶̲̥̅̊ reality on Ђδω T̶̲̥̅Ơ̴͡ fight these crims. This writer Ȋ̝̊§ very mischavious T̶̲̥̅̊h̶̲̥̅̊e̶̲̥̅̊ way ♓Ε̲̣̣̣̥ presented this article. Please do T̶̲̥̅̊h̶̲̥̅̊e̶̲̥̅̊ right thing by giving T̶̲̥̅̊h̶̲̥̅̊e̶̲̥̅̊ people T̶̲̥̅̊h̶̲̥̅̊e̶̲̥̅̊ righ information.

  • Dissolve Nigeria Now

    Hahaha…. Well, for those still living in deep illusion…, there is no country called ‘Nigeria’ to start with… But if we may pretend to assume so for a second, then at least awarding such contract to Israeli firm is more safe in human hands, than handing it over to ‘kingdom of terrorism’ Saudi Arabia, where the never recovered Yar’Adua’s ‘presidential portfolio, and other more important secrets is still kept, and controlled from.
    The man Jonathan, is only a zoo keeper managing idiots and fools, so he needs external competent hand to do the monitoring, or can he turn on a computer on his own?.

    • StillWater

      You keep your dirty fingers off the Keyboard. You clearly didnt learn anything in school. So keep shut, watch and learn from this thread.

  • no comment

  • Tolulope

    It’s a question of trust, do we as Nigerians trust the government to monitor
    our online activities? based on experience the answer will be a very loud NO.

    So assuming proper steps have been taken to make this legal, i.e changing the
    constitution. There still remains a big obvious question

    Why get a foreign company to do this critical task which has huge National
    Security Implication? why can’t this be done by Nigerians? after all it’s

    based on my computer systems engineering degree from the UK and i have
    submitted security proposals since 2008 which have gone ignored, those
    solutions cost a lot less and would be more infective than this $40million
    system which is most likely unable to read encrypted data. And now that
    everyone knows they are being monitored both good and bad will use data
    encryption and there is no way to stop data encryption because even the banks
    use it.

    However that while made efforts, to introduce security solutions the best
    answers we got was that Nigeria is not ready, so i’m surprised they feel
    Nigeria is ready to her privacy invaded.

    One could argue that the reason they are not listening to Nigerian developers
    is that Nigerian developers may not know the OGA AT THE TOP.

  • Ibikunle Oyerinde

    There is a wisdom of the head, and a wisdom of the heart.cleverness is not wisdom,..Sorry GEJ…………

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    President Ebele Jonathan is a certify criminal and apostle of looters of our state resources or how could anybody explain this type of contract to a foreign nation private outfit to start monitoring Nigerians internet communications?
    President Jonathan is a real moron and very clueless indeed in all governance ramifications.
    He seems to be like a criminal gangsters leader whose criminal activities knows no bound.

  • Saadiana – Ankpa

    dont worry… APC should revoke that contract…. but trust the smart Israeli guy.. he would push for upfront in $40m …lol

  • Dr_Hope

    How can this incompetent president insult the integrity and safety of all Nigerians by placing an outsider to monitor the security of nation’s cyber security? No nation on the planet will stood so low as to invite an outsider to guard the security of their nation’s internet highway and private citizens’ conversation. Enough is enough! Nigeria must change their government by all means possible. Read sfchronicle about the state of corruption in Nigeria: http://www.sfchronicle.com/opinion/brinkley/article/Nigeria-the-most-corrupt-nation-on-Earth-4377433.php.

  • lozzyfather

    come o, why are we
    even shouting wolf? what’s really new about this move? if your telecom provider
    can at the prompting of a court deliver your call records both voice and sms,
    does it not tell us that we have been monitored right from the word go? tell
    me, if i make a call and send sms and they are stored away, and can be brought
    out or used against me in the court of law, what other monitoring is greater
    than that? when u hear that US, Israel, UK or any other country stops or nips
    an act of terrorism in the bud, how exactly do u think they do that? using that
    native doctor close to ur village? haba! it was when i read ‘the son of hamas’
    by Yusef Hassan that i understood that almost all phones in Palestinian hands
    are bugged till today. then why have we become Lai Mohammed of ACN here even
    when we are supposed to be non partisan or are there some yahoo yahoo guys
    amongst us who are afraid that this may be the end of their job?

  • Ndidi

    It should be “Nigerian jobs for Nigerian people”. For as long as our rulers are in love with all things oyinbo and therefore lie to themselves and to the nation that our people are unskilled, we will continue to have massive unemployment. There are Nigerians (and other Africans) throughout this world who could have successfully done this work.

  • joe

    in the first place where is the internet?this thing that takes one hour to download 1mb?

  • gush

    them don hammer us…….they 1 run….no easy spy

  • olanrewaju

    I think it’s you guys (Ter, Alozir, Benban) that are being sarcastic, rude & blind in your comments. This guy ( Eguche) is just expressing his opinion on d matter, & criticizing d writer for attempting to mislead d public. Rather than giving ur own critical analysis of d subject matter, u guys are busy throwing abussive words. Funny enough, Benban argued dt u don’t win an argument by insulting people, bt his own comment is full of insults.Then i ask ‘are u not violating your own rule by calling ds guy names????’…….lolzzz…… If i may ask, do u guys honestly believe Nigeria doesn’t need ds type of technology considering d crime rate & d level of insecurity in ds nation….or what exactly ar ur arguments??? Meanwhile, i cant see whr it was stated in d article (or even on Elbit Systems’ website) dt d technology will be operated in Israel or by d Israelis. Read carefully guys, d equipment is to be supplied to Nigeria for use by d Nigerian security & intelligence agencies. It’s lyk buying an item from a foreign company so u can use it in your own country. And those of you condemning d govt for awarding d contract to a foreign firm, u ar just being hypocritical. Tell me which Nigerian company can produce dt kind of gadget. Besides, if you want 2 be sincere,how many of ur own electronic gadgets are Nigerian-made? Are your laptops, smart-phones, blackberries, television, home-theaters etc made in Nigeria??? Guess dt’s cos they are nt made in Nigeria and whr they are made, it’s often inferior compare to d ones made by developed countries….. So wht’s d noise about?? My take is dt Nigerian security forces cannot effectively fight d current security challenges in ds nation today without d use of such technology. And whr no Nigerian firm can provide such, it is better to acquire it from other nations dt hv developed it. If u think otherwise, let’s hear ur views rather than attacking people ignorantly.

  • in otherwords Israeli Hackers working for mossad paid to spy on the world…Nice!

  • *NO JUSTICE NO PEACE*…WAR! brother Bob Marley

  • Abdulmajeed Agboola

    Should have used that money to train Nigerians on “intelligence gathering & national security”. Nigerian Jobs for Nigerian People. By the way, its only to our detriment that a firm (with foreign nationals) is paid to “spy” on us! hopefully it does not backfire!