I’m and will remain committed member of the Awolowo family — President Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan

The Nigerian president condoled with the family of the deceased.

President Goodluck Jonathan on Saturday visited the matriarch of the Awolowo family, Hanna Awolowo, in Ikenne, Ogun State, to commiserate with the family over the death of Oluwole Awolowo, the Publisher of Nigerian Tribune Newspaper.

Mr. Jonathan landed in Ikenne in a chopper marked NAF 571 at the Ansar Udeen Primary School from where he moved to the home of the Awolowo’s. The president was joined in his official car by the Deputy Governor of Ogun State, Segun Adesegun.

Mr. Jonathan, in the condolence register, said he was sad by the death of the late publisher and son of Premier of the Western Region, Obafemi Awolowo.

“Ordinarily, at three scores plus, one will be grateful to God,but still, this death of Chief Oluwole Awolowo is very painful to all of us. May God grant his soul a peaceful rest and let the family have the fortitude to bear the loss,” the president wrote in the condolence register.

While speaking to the family of the bereaved, the president said he was short of words to condole the Awolowo family.

“It’s a period that we lack words, even though as a teacher and politician, in some cases though, I’m generally somebody of very few words. But in some situations, even the very few words disappear. So we really lack words to express our feelings,” the president said.

“Ordinarily at that 70, which is why I have said that from Biblical injunction, three scores and ten, is an age where you thank God to attain, especially in a country where the average life span is quite below 50. But under the circumstances, his death is painful to all of us.

“To me, I’ve seen the way the Awolowo family has taken me as their own and I would have loved to be here almost every day. Gbenga Daniel (former Ogun State Governor) can attest to that. You have taken me as your own; this is not the period to say it and I have the opportunity to say that and the whole world can know.

“I remain grateful to you for integrating me into the great Awolowo family. That is why I asked the first time I heard about the death that have they informed mama? It was Douglas that told me that they have not informed her and I asked him to go to Lagos and follow this’.

“I pay my personal condolence to mama and the entire members of the family and I also condole with the children, especially the younger ones that are still expecting significant parental care.

“I join the Bishop to say God knows everything and he knows the reason for everything. On our part, we will continue to be members of the family and any little thing that God has given us the privilege to do the children, they are my children and my brothers.

“So mama, it is painful but God knows best and we pray that you don’t experience this again and God will see you through. Mama, I’m your son, I will continue to be with you,” Mr. Jonathan stated.

Earlier, while welcoming the President, the eldest child of the Awolowo’s, Tola Oyediran, expressed the family’s appreciation to the Federal Government.

“On behalf of the family, I want to really appreciate you. You have no doubt identified with us in this journey, even when we thought it was too big for us to carry, you were there to help us carry the load.

“We did not think at all that you would come and see us. What you have done today, it will remain forever in our hearts and we pray for you and your entire family that you will never know sorrow in Jesus name. Everything that you desire in your heart, we pray that the Lord will grant it to you.

“I want to welcome you on behalf of Awolowo family and mama and to assure you that your stay here will be peaceful,” Mrs. Oyediran said.

In a related development, the National Coordinator of the Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC), Gani Adams, also paid a condolence visit to the family and prayed for the soul of the deceased to rest in peace.

“We have lost a brother, a progressive and ideology in this country. I pray that God should (grant) him an eternal rest,” the OPC leader wrote in the condolence register.


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  • Onoruoiza

    May The Lord comfort those he left behind, especially, his children.
    Let the Presido know this: his visit has no political value to him. He may continue to allow himself to be deceived by Gbenga Daniel and company. The moment The Tribune sold its soul to reactionary forces such as OBJ, PDP, etal, something the founder would never have dreamed of, that moment was the beginning of th eclipse of the Sage’s political dynasty. Let the Yoruba Ronu.

    • Renny Akinyemi

      Shoeless and clueless president, you rushed to Ikenne at the speed of light to condole the Awolowos hoping to score a cheap political gain. Where were you when the most recent motor park explosion occured in Kano?. As the number 1 citizen you ought to be there to sympathize and identify with the people of Kano over the unfortunate incident. Instead you allowed Bola Tinunbu to take the shine off you.

      Mr President,for your information, you cannot fool the people of SW with your meek out look anymore. If you like relocate your office to ikenne or you can continue to kneel down before Daddy Adeboye from now till 2015, people SW won’t vote for you. You’ve had your chance and allowed it slipped off your hand

    • Toholo

      You are obviously a very bitter and twisted humanoid. So bitter that you cannot even allow real human beings to exchange sweet pleasantries in mourning the dead. So twisted that your vision cannot see the humanity in the visit, only the politics. Onoruoiza, follow your own advice – go and think about your life!

  • Lanre

    Mr. President. Thank you for visiting the family of our Leader, Chief Awolowo at this difficult time. May God guide you aright and His Light so shine upon you, that you will do right for Nigeria. Amen.

  • And I say Amen and Amen to that. U will never lack for paying that visit to the Awo family-forget about the views of the turn coats-I really appreciate your condolence visit top the Awos-hardly did I ever think even PT would carry this story the way they did! That alone means a great defeat to our internal tormentors in APC-Awo never dies!

    • Shocker

      Shame on you then Deri/Mpiti/Afam etal who only appreciate opinions favourable to your warped Jona-cause. You shouldn’t think PT would carry the story that way for, to you, whenever your boss is criticized by the media, it is sponsored…Learn to respect objective criticisms as you find here…

  • Mamman Bako

    Well written and thoughtful, Mr. President, I think you should be writing your speeches yourself. Your advisers are not good enough.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    No Mr president Jonathan you are not a member of the Awolowo family because perusing your government policies and anti people economic programs of fuel price increase,Naira devaluation,death trap roads,poor education,archaic health services,failure of security and sky high unemployment of graduates and youths ,there is no trace of any of Chief Obafemi Awolowo people oriented programs of free education,free health and massive infrastructural development.
    Because of your ineptitude and non transparence couple with anti citizenry draconia economic policies,you can never ever be consider or classify as late Chief Awolowo follower/family member.

    • Dr. Prof. HND, Masters akpos1

      Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan ,

      The Awo family will count themselves lucky as Great Jona identifies with them. There is no benefit whatsoever derivable from identifying oneself with an economic war criminal turned yoruba god. Absolutely NOTHING. Be guided.

      Take note: The United Rep of the SS&SE is not ready to continue monthly bail out in form of subventions to unproductive countries of Oduduwa & Arewa Republics.

      Long live the United Republic of the SS&SE

      • Tripple A

        Demented and Psychotic “akpos 1”, be guided if you could – Only an “Ogoro” head like you will exhibit strong chauvinism for a so-called utopian SS&SE republic that only dwells within the realms of your wildest fantasy. One day you will get over this dangerous hangover of yours and face the reality of the hopelessness of your tribal cause. A bloody tribal bigot you are.

  • Afam

    please no one should discredit GEJ for nothing just to score cheap political point…he never said so…just watch the video

  • Afam

    please watch the video..and write what the president said..

  • Edo Borno

    Another fake Awoist. Is by their policies towards the less priviledged, we shall know them.

    • akpos1

      Who is the real Awoist? ……He who goes prostrating before Terrorist Buhari? Nonsense!!

      • Edo Borno

        Poor you! You are thinking upside down. It was your fathers that handed Ken Saro Wiwa to Abacha, to be led to golgotha where he was crucified for fighting for your survivals. It was only the southwesterners that stood with the man till the end, while your traitors fathers were dining with Abacha. Also, it was the Southwesterners including their press that made it possible for Jonathan to be acting president and finally the president today. Check your history, idiot. The time is fast coming when you will all look up to the southwest for help again, ingrates!.

      • ide4u

        Buhari is far better than your hero who ran away during the war.

  • Tripple A

    It is highly welcome and not inappropriate for the president to visit the Awolowos at times like this. But for him and his political advisers to think such a move would yield favourable sentiment and translate to political support from the South-westerners is tantamount to a slight on the intelligence of the Southwest (SW). It would be a misdirected political manoeuver for the President to visit and identify with the Awolowos during their bereavement trauma. It would yield no political gain. The SW (especially the Yorubas their main target) cannot just be hoodwinked into accepting such a bunkum from a President who had over the years demonstrated everything but nothing that Awolowo stood for. He is visionless, anti-development, pro-corruption, a core tribalist, intellectually-deficient, materialistic and vainglorious. O.K now, Deri and Akpos start crying.

  • igbiki

    He’d better become a Tinubuist because he is the man in charge now.