Nigerian government replies Orji Kalu, warns against politicising security matters

Former Abia Governor Uzor Orji Kalu

The Nigerian Information Minister responded to Mr. Kalu’s claims.

The federal government has replied allegations by former Abia State Governor, Orji Kalu, that security agents were responsible for some of the recent bombings in the country. The government described the allegations as ‘outlandish’ and ‘irresponsible.’

Mr. Kalu had on Tuesday, while hosting members of the Abuja chapter of the Sports Writers Association of Nigeria, SWAN, said the security agencies and not the Boko Haram were to blame in some of the bombings in Northern Nigeria, saying that they were doing it to attract more funding from the federal allocation.

In his reaction, the Minister of Information, Labaran Maku, said such an allegation was unbecoming of such a highly placed former public official whose words could dampen the enthusiasm of the security personnel who are sacrificing their lives for the sake of the country.

“There has not been any month that passed without the police or the military losing their own personnel in the course of recent challenges that this nation has faced, particularly in the area of the terrorist violence in the northern part of the country.

“And the least that is expected of us as leaders and citizens is that we appreciate the sacrifices of members of our Armed Forces,” the minister said while answering questions from State House reporters at the end of the weekly Federal Executive Council meeting on Wednesday.

He said there is no family in Nigeria “that will like to lose their children who have taken up the uniform to defend the territorial integrity of this country and to secure our lives.”

“So when we sit out and make those outlandish accusations, what we do is to show ingratitude, is to show lack of sensitivity, and lack of responsibility. And this is really very sad. This is truly very sad. Check other countries, when America deploys their troops and security forces to defend their country, you see that their citizens speak with responsibility. But in Nigeria we have politicized virtually every aspect of our country including ongoing security operations.

“So the police are the ones bombing police barracks and killing their members. That is what the allegation means. I do not expect this kind of statements in my opinion from highly placed public officers. At any rate, if anyone for example like the person you mentioned has any information about this, the best that would be done is for him to forward the information properly, connect either to the next police station or report to the Inspector General of Police, look I have fresh evidence that members of the armed forces are the ones exploding bombs. Then we will now have a formal investigation,” Mr. Maku said.

He said politicians “take the soap box to politicize the insecurity in this nation and is very dangerous.”

“Because I can tell you clearly, that if our security personnel loose morale because of the kind of statement that we make, or we try to divide their loyalty in the unit of our armed forces and the security personnel by the way we speak, we will be damaging further the security of this country and its stability.”

He also noted that countries like Pakistan, Yemen, Algeria and others have experienced what Nigeria is experiencing now, yet their politicians have not been known to make such statements as was credited to Mr. Kalu.

Mr. Maku, however, said the security agencies would continue to do their best in the fight against terrorism in Nigeria as well as make the country safer.


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  • Es3

    It’s so so unfortunate that Nigerians are the only people (that I know of) in the whole wide world that play politics with the issue of security of their land???!
    Elsewhere, when the issue is on security and lives of fellow country men and women, you see opposition and even enemies close ranks (team up) with the government of the day to resist the ‘enemy’ and win lives and safety for their people! But in Nigeria, it is a platform for ‘blood politicking’ on the lives and blood of fellow citizens???!
    So appaling and repulsive!!!!!

    • modupeoluwa

      perhaps because in Nigeria, the govt itself -especially under President Jonathan-plays BIG TIME politics with security and lives of ordinary Nigerians. What do you think Es3?

      • Es3

        I think that the government is doing its very best under the circumstances! If you have access to some truthful excerpts from security situation report, you will know better than those that talk just for talking sake!
        Recall this was not an election promise (to fight Boko Haram) that Jonathan made neither was it forseen as coming? The security forces, as at the time of commencement of the attacks by Boko Haram, were not ready for them and were rather clueless on how to proceed as the new threat demanded for more of intelligence than force! They had the force but intelligence was completely lacking.
        It was even more challenging in that within the forces themselves, Boko Haram had operatives as both officers and men as such any plan gets to Boko Haram before the first step in execution is taken! The President will have security briefing and strategy session and the that same day Boko Haram will have full details of it?!!! It was that bad!
        Unless anyone wants to say that Jonathan would have picked a gun by himself to go out there to confront them all by himself, then I don’t need to say anything again?!!! If he had to rely on security forces to do the work, then the progress will have to be painfully, slowly weeding out and re-strategising while improving on intelligence capability (that was next to non existence before) to deal with the issue?!
        Now it is gathering steam and with Nigeria’s intervention first in Niger Republic and now Mali, even their sponsors can clearly see a crushing defeat in the near future and are desparate because defeat without amnesty will mean death sentence for them.
        I’ll stop here for now.

        • modupeoluwa

          Your post suggests that you are a govt official. And that is fine for it is only govt officials that have “access to security situation” This is my evidence. I have cut and pasted for you: “If you have access to some truthful excerpts from security situation
          report, you will know better than those that talk just for talking sake!” I do not have such access. You do have such access. We humble Nigerians have ONLY empirical evidence which is available to simple and mortal eyes to rely on for our honest desire to understand our situation. And our (we humble Nigerian citizens) honest view based on what we see on ground and NOT what is available to privileged people like you who have ” have access to some truthful excerpts from security situation
          report” (your words), is that President Jonathan has failed to protect us, he has failed abysmally in this area, President Jonathan is playing politics with our lives in all areas of human life, President Jonathan is playing politics with security situation in the country, President Jonathan is practically saying “I do not bother, I do not have apologies.” That observation is empirically verifiable. Unfortunately for you since you have said that we humble Nigerian citizens do not have access to “truthful; excerpts from security situation report” by saying ” If you have access to some truthful excerpts from security situation
          report, you will know better than those that talk just for talking sake!” then we can only rely on what about 150 million humble citizens of Nigeria can relate to. And what we can rely on which is available to 150 million Nigerians is that President Jonathan is playing politics with our lives and our security. I hope this helps.

          • Es3

            I’m not a government official, I never been in government at any level officially but have always contributed my quota to resolving issues that directly impact negetively on the lives of that same 150 million Nigerians, most times, free of cost! A few times cost were to involved, it was because the requirements outstripped my personal resources and funds expended was strictly on cost with no profit to me!
            I was doing this before Jonathan, still doing it now and will continue to. Now this is where the difference lies between I and most other Nigerians?! The knowledge and resource I use in assiting either governments or patroitic groups find solutions to challenges are mine and it was not acquired with funds (salaries or whatever form) from any government in Nigeria. The deployment of manpower and man hours with other anciliary cost, all personal, how many Nigerians do that (including you)???
            Modupeoluwa, if you have something worthwhile to offer in any sector, you will also have access to information that is not available to ‘150 million Nigerians’, but if either do not have or have but feels it is ‘not any of your business’, you will continue to assume that I’m President Jonathan!!!

          • modupeoluwa

            only govt officials have and those who live in Aso Rock “have access to some truthful excerpts from security situation report.” These are your words. Are you taking them back? In p.ublic discourse you need to be consistent

          • Es3

            I’m taking nothing back for as a personal policy, I do not deny my words anyday! I only thought I could help you attempt to understand my person but it’s now obvious that it was wasted effort?!
            I will summarrise thus: firstly that I’m not in government and secondly that I have access to what I have access to with no apologies. Thank you.

        • Ide4u

          Are you saying that Jonathan was not aware of Boko Haram before he bribed and rigged his way to Aso Rock?

          • Es3

            When you ask sensible question, I will respond!
            But to guide you in that task I’ll ask: when did Boko Haram start with this name and structure as we know today?