Akwa Ibom Governor, Akpabio, admits rigging senatorial primary election on live TV

Godswill Akpabio
Godswill Akpabio confessed to rigging the 2007 senatorial primary elections in his state.

The Akwa Ibom Governor made the statements during the ‘Good Governance Tour’ visit.

In a barefaced confession to electoral fraud, Governor Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State, who is at the centre of multiple “gift” scandals involving state funds, has admitted on live television, to falsifying a senatorial election result and personally replacing the winner with his preferred candidate.

Mr. Akpabio spoke during the federal government’s contentious “Good Governance Tour” in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

Information Minister, Labaran Maku, led several government officials and journalists on the tour which many Nigerians have dismissed as a jamboree.

While addressing the visiting delegation on his government’s achievements, Mr. Akpabio, seeking to impress his sense of evenhandedness on the audience, said he struck off the name of the winner of the Akwa Ibom north senatorial in his party’s primaries, and replaced same with Aloysius Etok.

Mr. Etok went on to win the main elections, and is currently the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Establishment and Public Service matters.

Mr. Akpabio, who in the past, claimed elections in the state were amongst Nigeria’s freest and fairest, laid bare in the speech to the federal delegation, captured on camera, how he deliberately masterminded a flawed process that produced Mr. Etok.

“The people of Ikono and Ini (Local Government Areas) from 1960 have never produced a Senator,” the governor narrated.

“I used my own hand to strike out the name of the person who has won before, and I said it is important for me to give that region a Senator in 2007, and I produced Senator Aloysius Etok for you; that’s where he comes from,” the governor said, before gesturing to Mr. Etok, who attended the session alongside his colleague in the Senate, Ita Enang, to “take a bow”.

The disclosure jolted the audience and the governor’s associates who exchanged awkward glances.

Several minutes later, an aide to the governor passed him (Mr. Akpabio) a note, apparently drawing Mr. Akpabio’s attention to the devastating consequences of his comments.

Mr. Akpabio gave the note some attention, before backtracking on his earlier comments.

“So I must say that I thank all of you, including the members of the national assembly; led by Senator Aloysius Etok. And when I said that I made Aloy(sius Etok) to become a senator in 2007, I need to explain it so that you don’t think that I wrote his name and he became a senator,” the governor said.

“During the primaries of PDP, we zoned the senate seat to his federal constituency. And from the federal constituency, he made first in the primaries. That happened in the PDP. So we said since he was the first among the people who came from his federal constituency for the primary, then he must be the one to become the senator.”

Then after that, we “presented him before the general public in the election and he won. And in 2011, with my support, he had the highest number of votes by any senator in the entire national assembly.”

Mr. Akpabio has been at the centre of the storm over his controversial use of state funds for donations and gifts to celebrities, journalists, party officials, and others.


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  • Innocent

    “I used my own hand to strike out the name of the person who has won before, and I said it is important for me to give that region a Senator in 2007, and I produced Senator Aloysius Etok for you; that’s where he comes from,” KAI!!! Nigeria may never survive this rape.

  • Femi Mathew

    Even himself did not win governorship. He rigged the whole election in Akwa-Ibom State and now he is ‘vomiting’ his fraud. Nothing is hidden in this life. I think he is making too much noise about his performance despite the huge resources he is earning. How many people are in Akwa-Ibom State compare to Lagos? Even Gov Fashola is not throwing money away like is doing. He is using money to buy cheap publicity. He was and would still be PDP’s rigging machine.

    • Freedom

      Over Sabi dey worry the guy. Aloy should be ready to loose his seat in the senate soon or ready for a new election.

  • moustapha soumare

    Leave Akpabio alone.

    • offi

      Mustapha u must be made

      • moustapha soumare

        This is a federal Republic. The money spent belong to Akwa Ibom. The seat, Akwa Ibom. Face your state. You did not vote for the man because you are barred by law. People from his state and constituency did. That is to tell you that it is not your business.

        • alabi

          you are wrong moustpha soumane. Whatever happen in one state rob off on another state. I am a Nigerian citizen. When I go abroad and I show my face, non_Nigerians look at me thru the images they see about Nigeria regardless of which state you come from. SO IT IS UR BUSINESS and THE BUSINESS OF EVERY NIGERIAN that everyone follows the law and some basic morality and ethics. Akpabio has not done this. HE HAS RIGGED election even before the election, so there was no election. And that is a crime against ALL OF US. It is not good. It is an ETHCAL thing. IT IS NOT AN ETHNIC THING!

          • moustapha soumare

            If you go to court on this matter you will understand that it is not your business. You do not have loqus standi in akwa ibom matters.

          • Are you even a Nigerian? I don’t think so going by your name. looks Franco phone guy. therefore keep quite.

          • moustapha soumare

            Go to court over what Akpabio does or doing in Akwa Ibom and you will learn to mind your business. You do not have locus standi on this matter.

        • alabi

          It is about ETHICS. It is NOT about ETHNIC.

          • TUNDE BELLO

            I like that: ETHICS, not ETHNICS

          • m bukar

            The shortest and BEST answer. Thank you

  • florence

    Nigeria is getting better by the grace of God. The end of all these TYRANTS is @ hand. God bless Naija

  • Tunde

    Mr Super power, you made him the senator. This can only happen in Naija. You can even say u stole the ballot paper no one will investigate u.

  • Akinonthelam

    Sick and disgusting!

  • igbiki

    Democracy, PDP’s style.

  • Adebola

    The confession of a vote robber.

  • Going bonkers! Power has really entered his brain, and is probably making him mad. Kai! Sen. Etok was rigged in..what a shame.

  • esaulogbon

    These are the criminals some section of the country particularly igbos are fighting for to continue beyond 2015 in power… what shame!!!

  • This story was originally published by Agba Jalingo, who has been contracted to do a hatchet job on the Gov. Akpabio.
    Even President Yar’adua admitted as much.
    Can Jalingo swear that elections in his native cross river state are any better?

    • Och

      You, Sir, are a disgrace. Someone has been captured on live tv , not under any format of coercion or trickery, saying he personally changed the name of the candidate and you are here talking about hatchet jobs and asking if things are better in the journalist’s state?

  • Its time some of these boko haramic media outlets are told to stop their destabilization acts which they undertake in the name of journalism against Jonathan-Cant the so called editors in this media houses use their editorial judgement in handling stories-there was nothing like Akpabio rigged an election for for a senator-in that story! This is worst than junk journalism! The governors was only saying that it was wrong for a particular ethnic group to always produce senators for the zone-that he had to force a member of the same tribe who won again to step down-with a view to creating a sense of belonging among other ethnic groups in Akwa Ibom! What is wrong with that? Haas the Fulani North-not been ruling 9ja 4 over 40yrs-are there no other ethnic groups in the North-apart from Fulanis? Yet the same Fulanis would not allow an ijaw man complete his tenure-how many Gwaris have we had as heads of state in 9ja-even as Ministers of FCT! What about Nupes, igalas among other ethnic groups in the North? Is Nigeria meant for only Fulanis to rule? Look at the list of the Fulanis whose views hold sway in 9ja-Dangote-El Rufai- Buhari- Atiku- Ribadu-Sanusi-Tambuwal-show us the list of ijaws in the government of GEJ-Only 2–Orubebe and madam Madueke! Yet the south south produces the bulk of our wealth-9ja will be dead hours after the SS secedes-The Yorubas and Fulanis should stop working to destroy 9ja with these types of stories-if they want to secede fine-let them go in peace-we have had enough of these gra gra politics-is it by force for Tinubu to impose buhari on us-what type of rubbish is that-the same people who made it impossible for late Gani to rule us-now want to impose a serial loser on us-has buhari not been there b4? He left blood tears and sorrow for us!

    • Ibrahim

      Why are you so myopic because of sentiment and hatred for Fulanis, while your Governor is openly admitting he rig an election you’re here talking of other people instead of you to see the fault of what e say.Ethnic bigot like you are the one destroying Nigeria. If you don’t have anything to say please stop blaming others for your peoples’ failure.

    • Efe1

      Your ranting is looking more like PDP is holding you hostage and you are made to write rubbish like this. Even you when they free you, will apologise for your actions.

    • Abubakar Sokoto

      Haba!!!! I thought the song you mpitikwelu_na_afam_Yussuff was Republic of SS and SE now or never in defence of GEJ? You are the ones campaigning to secede. Oh election 2015 is coming!!! So saying that you will secede because of “oil” is no longer fashionable-!!! Those Nigerian citizens who reject President Jonathan have combined that moral rejection with a staunch demand for the inviolability of Nigerian unity. But President Jonathan’s paid apologists have told us that it is Republic of SS and SE . Sadly they do this on behalf of President Jonathan. Too bad.

    • Ide4u

      IBB is a gwari man fyi. The South-South region has six states and the Nigerian constitution guarantees a minister for each of them. Japan, Italy, Switzerland, Taiwan and many other countries have no oil and they have better economies than Nigeria. There’s more tears and blood now than when Buhari was in power and your uncle Tam David West will testify to that.

    • idris

      You hv not said anytin positive to justify the reason akpabio did what he did, rather u travelled all d way to lagos to claim tinubu did same for his wife,son in-law, daughter which is an admission that akpabio actually did it. Same you is now blaming BH news paper and journalism for this plot. You can force your own impressions on what akpabio did down our throats because u were d only one that watched what he said. Apkapio came back to re phrase wen he realised he had goofed #DamageControl. What has over 40years hausa fulani rule got to do with what akpabio confessed himself? Only in Nigeria are people like akpabio and corruption celebrated. Everyting shouldn’t be policised.

    • Nasbawa

      ok mr. man since you justify that statement by Akphabio,justify the money he gave to party delegates

  • akpan

    These criminals are now so power drunk that they now boast about riging themselves into power, no wonder Jonathan made this man chairman of pdp governors. No wahala we are all waiting for 2015

  • Alex

    I’m shocked at the people actually defending Akpabio? Are you people alright in the head? This man just publicly admitted to rigging an election! That’s an impeachable offense!!! And pple are defending him??? Nigeria is in trouble!

  • is tinubu better than Akpabio who imposed his wife and in-laws on the electorates-then went on to deny and threaten others against contesting the elections against his wife-have Nigerians forgotten so soon how Tinubus wife a became a Senator-his son inlaw a member of the house of Rep-and the daughter a honorable member of the state house of assembly

    • ekpene

      afam_na_deri_mpitikwelu_kerley_na_Yussuff, it may be a great contribution to our democracy for you to tell us what you will think if Mr. Joel Brinkley writes about this shame and sham.

    • Ide4u

      This is why Niger-Deltans are suffering today in the mist of plenty. Knuckle heads benefiting from the crumbs of Akwa Ibom demi god Akpabio will say or do anything to keep the pieces flowing. Here is somebody who openly confessed to replaciimg the bonafide winner of an election with his own preferred candidate and some idiots are clapping their hands instead of castigating him. The same shameless idiots praised Ibori right into his prison cell in far away united kingdom. The same idiots are praising their sons and daughters who are loothing their assigned choice ministries and using the proceed to develope areas they perceived as enemy territories. When will you guys come to your senses?

    • HAA

      weither Tinibu or Akpabio, election rigging is criminal

  • have Nigerians forgotten how Tinubus wife became a Senator-his son inlaw a member of the House and the daughter a dis-honorable member of the house-one law for akpabio anoda for tinubu abi

    • Zeenike

      Deri Orbuka, so has the fact that Tinubu did it make it right?

    • ademefun

      kerley George-sorry deri mpitkwelu, can you please tell us how this is right?

    • Yola

      Does that make what Akpabio said and did right. Please stop this your ethnic sentiment and question your leaders on what they are doing with all the wealth entrusted in their hand for the people.

  • olumide

    We know those that contracted this stupid jornalist T̶̲̥̅Ơ̴͡ βε̲̣ attacking Akpabio . Opposition parties, please leave a performing Governor. Go T̶̲̥̅Ơ̴͡ T̶̲̥̅̊h̶̲̥̅̊e̶̲̥̅̊ state A̶̲̥̅̊₪d̶̲̥̅̊ see things ƒσя your self A̶̲̥̅̊₪d̶̲̥̅̊ stop telling T̶̲̥̅̊h̶̲̥̅̊e̶̲̥̅̊ publics lies T̶̲̥̅Ơ̴͡ H̶̲̥̅̊α̣̣̥v̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ your way.

  • otegabu

    That is Nigeria for you…come to think of it, are we surprise for Mr. Akpabio confession? our late president Yar’Adua also confession during his time


    I havee little blame for Akpabio bcos he is demonstraating who he is and what he feeels best & right to do. He couldn’t have and can’t do better than what we are seeing. My worry is that the institutions we have cannot bring him to order. My worry is on those who know but refuse to or are afraid to advise him as well as those who attempt justifying his actions by pointing to others who did the worst or similar things. This country is gone. We are just pretending. Only God can save us. Let’s not stop praying.

  • BeeKD

    It is such actions of governors like Akpabio that have kept the South-South at the bottom
    rung of every measure of the Nigerian Human Development index.
    Igbinedion, Ibori, Alamieyeseigha are all ex-governors and they have all
    been convicted of stealing money meant to lift a region that is so
    blessed and fortunately, the least populated, out of poverty. Currently,
    Bayelsa State with a population of about 5million is so indebted, with
    over 125 political appointees and nothing to show for it, that its IGR
    for several years to come, at the current rate, will be insufficient to
    cover the debt. Yet, South-south apologists still see everything with a
    clearly jaundiced and myopic ethnic vision. It is a downright shame.

  • Enemona

    “Senator! take a bow” ………and the people cheered. To me, this is the height, I give up.

  • Enemona

    “Senator! take a bow” ……..and the people cheered.

  • Law. Oroke

    Even if he had not struck of the former winner (incumbent), that could’ve gone back by rigging. So what are saying?


  • och

    The journalist dressed up as Akpabio like in Scooby Doo and said these idiotic things on camera sbi

  • smart ikenga

    where was Akpabio gotten from? this is the type of person Mr. president wants to use, any way they are the same type. Akpabio is not intelligent the reason why he can not have a logical and chronological presentation of his statement, he needed to have written it like mr president’s wife so as not to forget them.

  • smart ikenga

    Mutapha, you do not know any thing. you lack sense of judgement. a man who on his own made this confession and you are saying he should be left alone and talking about going to court.we are talking about morals and how to better this country, and if some one in authority like Akpabio should be making this kind of statement and you are supporting him, then which way Nigeria? please dont respond just because you want to.

  • Paudoma

    Even if Akpabio has done that it was with the best interest by giving Aloysius Etok a long robe thinking that he will repent. It is rather unfortunate that Aloysius has become the most dangerous crafty criminal representative that we have had in our time. That is not all l wish to categorically reveal the secret to you that if Aloysius like let him continue to invest Ikot Ekpene Senatorial district funds in ‘Alantic Caprice’ sooner or later he shall greatly pay dearly for it as far as AKS is concern. The evil pretender must not go unpunished. Again l will rather advice that you leave Akpabio alone because the man has done wonderfully well in his governance. Sorry to tell you that Aloysius is one of the unfortunate beasts we are having in AKS along with some pocket commissioners who are playing the gallery, but be rest assured that whoever is leading AKS at any level with greediness and self centeredness will pay dearly for it.