God asked Jonathan to pardon Alamieyeseigha, others- Arthur Eze

[Photo: leadership.ng]

Presidential pardon granted Mr. Alamieyeseigha was divinely revealed, Mr. Jonathan’s billionaire friend has said.

It was God that directed President Goodluck Jonathan to grant pardon to Diepreye Alamieyeseigha and other ex-convicts granted pardon by President Goodluck, a close ally of the president has said,

Arthur Eze who recently donated a princely sum of N 1 billion for a church building at Otuoke, the president’s home town, made the acclaimed divine revelation known to State House Correspondents on Tuesday.

He dismissed controversies trailing the presidential pardon granted former governor of Bayelsa as misplaced.

“What Jonathan did is what a man who fears God will do. If I have an opportunity as president of Nigeria I will do the same. All of us are human beings. What he did was correct. We are not fighting war.

“Jonathan took advice from God. God has told him to show mercy. The bible says blessed are those that are merciful for they shall see God,” he said.

Mr. Eze also said the American government has no right to dictate to Nigeria because she is an independent nation.

On his over N1 billion donation to a church in the president’s village, Mr. Eze said his critics are confused people.

“God gave me the money to contribute to the church. The money is not meant for Jonathan to put in his pocket. We are thinking of thanking God for what he has done for Otuoke. It was abandoned for many years. They had no water, no electricity until when God brought Jonathan to change that place. Let the people have a place to worship God. Those criticizing me are confused people,” the billionaire said.


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  • bitrus

    sir, it is your money. spend it as you wish. fortunately, you are using your money to work for, and serve, God, not the devil. every nigerian must pray for nigeria, and, indeed, president jonathan. pray for the peace of nigeria, for in it lies our peace, security and blessings

    • otitokoro

      which includes granting a criminal Alamieyeseigha-pardon. Also, note that money laundering is linked to drug trafficking, and is linked to terrorism. Which means what? When God says “grant a money launderer pardon” God is also saying”pardon terrorism, pardon drug trafficking” This is the logic. If Mr. Arthur Eze wants to come into this political issues, he is welcome. It is a democracy. But he must be ready to take the critique-because it is an open space. The God I know will not ask us to pardon crime, drug trafficking and terrorism-full stop.

      • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

        another brainwashed nigga. Alams has been punished and his money confisticated. What do you want? His head on a plate?

        • Dickson

          What i want? What we all should want is justice. He should serve time for the crimes he committed, not to be given oppoturnity to steal again . You are typical Nigerian thinking

          • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

            he has served two years in prison. please be informed before you comment.

        • otitokoro

          mpitikwelu, I think after punishing the 419 boys we should also pardon them so that they return to their 419 act. Okay? what is good for the goose is good for the gander. what is good for Alamieyeseigha the criminal is good for the 419 boys the yahoo yahoo boys- so WE MUST PARDON THE 419 BOYS, JUST AS WE PARDON THE HOMESEXUAL RAPIST!!! mpitikwelu you are so cooooool

          • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

            you see my friend, convicts need to be reintegrated into the society. it is common sense practiced world over.

          • otitokoro

            I know we cite satan to prove the Lord Jesus and that God exists. Now this is my response to you. First in re-integrating criminals you MUST NOT be selective. It means having “re-integrate” the criminal Alamieyesigha-we MUST RE-INTEGRATE all the 419 boys. Second, what do you use re-integration to achieve? Decent and Civilised societies use it as positive signals to the civil society that crime is forbidden and that you should NOT do it again. MPITIKWE-JONATHAN-NA_DERI-NA-AFAM YOU DO NOT RE-INTEGRATE AS A FORM OF REWARD. IT IS ONLY BARBARIC AND PRIMITIVE SOCIETIES THAT DO THAT. PRESIDENT JONATHAN HAS SENT SIGNALS OUT THAT PARDONING A CRIMINAL AND THIEF LIKE ALAMIEYESEGHA IS A REWARD. THAT IS WHY THE PARDON IS OBSCENE AND IT IS CORRUPTION PROMOTING PARDON. Please tell president Jonathan this when next you go to collect your pay check.

          • igbiki

            Any society without law and order, reward and punishment is doomed. Criminals needs to be punished, that was achieved with conviction and property confiscation. Ex-convicts needs to be reintegrated into the society, that was already done by early release following good behaviouof convict while in prison.

            CRIME DOES PAY and ex-convict has been rehablitated into the society to go back to his old ways.

            His acolyte needs him to help raise slush funds for his war chest in anticipation of the coming war in 2015.

            Lets call a spade a spade.

          • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

            and the criminal has been punished. Alams has served two years in prison with his assets seized. please try and be informed before commenting

          • igbiki

            Mr copy&paste, you copied and pasted this same trash somewhere else.

            What is the basis of your argurment on this issue mr?

      • bitrus

        i agree with you sir. but remember, my argument rest on the issue of his donation. unfortunately, i am apolitical. all i care for is that nigeria should enjoy, progress and security. hardworking nigerians should be free to move about to fend for their families. about God, except for the sin of blasphemy, there is no sin that he can not pardon.

      • otitokoro

        Mr. Eze became politcal when he said God asked Mr. Jonathan to pardon a criminal. Nigerians will like to know when God spoke to Mr. Jonathan. Also, I must ask Mr. Eze if God also spoke to Mr. Jonathan to pardon the homosexual rapist. Finally, if God as Mr. eze informed us that it was God who spoke to President Jonathan, then we need God to speak to President Jonathan to pardon ALL THE 419 BOYS and the drug traffikers and Boko Haram terrorists, and MEND creek terrorists. That is all I am saying mr. Bitrus. I am only ASKING FOR CONSISTENCY, yo do not need to be political to be consistent. So you MUST JOIN THE PRESIDENT TO PRAY TO SEE GOD SO THAT GOD CAN ASK THE TWO OF YOU TO PARDON 419 BOYS, YAHOO YAHOO BOYS, BOKO HARAM DESERT TERRORISTS, MEND CREEK TERRORISTS.

  • Dan maikoko

    In stealing Bayelsa state blind, Alams showed no mercy. I wonder what kind of God will direct GEJ to show mercy to Alams. Certainly not the God of the Bible or the Quran.

    • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

      the same God that showed mercy to the two thieves at the Minna Hiltop Mansions.

      • Dan maikoko

        Birds of a feather.

        • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

          flock together. equals must be treated equally.

      • alabi

        Yes the Minna hiltop mansion thief and the thieving current Otuoke president and the thieving Alamieyeseigha ARE ALL GUILTY AND THEY WILL GO TO HELL

      • Abubakar Sokoto


        Do not be jealous of the Minna Hiltop Mansions thief. At least the Otuoke thief in Aso Rock has taken back the contract money he gave Mr. Arthur Eze. At least Mr. Eze don give Oga otuoke 1 bilion naira in lieu of the contract Oga Otuoke thief gave to Mr. Eze. Since you are jealous of the Minna Hiltop Mansion, I believe the Otuoke thief and criminal can now use the 1 billion naira to build his own Hiltop mansion. At least na our oil money. di oil dey our backyard. But wait I thought Madam Petroleum helped the Otuoke thief to keep his money. Didnt she? I am just wondering why the Otuoke thief will need Mr. Eze’s 1 billion naira to build his hiltop mansion. Anyways-take good care of yourself-both Minna hiltop mansion owner and the shoeless Otuoke criminal are robbers- but the point is that we do not even know the family of the Otuoke thief. we need to know. where are his children if any? I hear say e get some. who be di mama of the pikin of the otuoke thief. we need to know.

  • igbiki

    Somebody tell the Dunukofia parasite that Mathew 5.7 said, “Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy”.

    But its a pity there won’t be any mercy for Mr Jonathan when the time comes.

    • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

      so the bible lies?

      • igbiki

        Yes it does, but in this case no.. Just check out my quotation and what he said.

        He just misquoted the bilble in order to sell us crap.

        Any more questions Mr Mpiti???

  • Ambrose Onyekwere

    ”If corruption is not good for the common people then why should corruption be good for the politicians?” -Comment from a book: CIVILISED SOCIETY by Ambrose Onyekwere
    Jonathan pardon will breed more corruption practices in Nigeria.

  • Michael

    Mr. Arthur Eze, we know the ways of Nigerian ruling elites. So I put it to you that God also asked President Jonathan to pardon a homosexual rapist.Right? Nigerian so-called elites are going down as some of the strange creatures on earth. To evoke God to bless a this immorality in the land says a Lot about our belief in the true God. I thought it would have been better to donate your money -wherever you got it from and keep quiet. To bring God to such a sinful act by the President is sinful.

  • Dickson

    Who is this clown? Goodluck might as well kill somebody and you will tell us God asked him too. You can not justify this.

  • Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are. Who is this AUTHUR NWANKWO donating I BILLION naira for a church building at GEJ village. He should be told to stop using God,s name in stupid wordly pursuit. we are sick and tired of all these rubbish statements.

    • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

      At least get the name correct before you comment, bros.

  • Nze makes his money from Bayelsa state governmentI mean the SS! go and investigate the number of contracts awarded him alone in that zone-but are the ibos not the ones championing the death by hanging of Alams-the only governor to be tried and convicted among the 33 rogues ribadu told us about-No shaking for jonathan-

    • Enemona

      How is granting him many contracts a good thing for the state and what does that have to do with donating such amounts? So it’s ‘scratch my back and I scratch yours’. You’re sure a great supporter of corruption, mismanagement and ineptitude.

    • DR. VICTOR

      You’re a foolish man,what can Arthur possible want from any state government?
      It’s obvious you don’t know this man,that owns upto 40 oil blocks in about 17 countries.
      For your information,the donation was $12million dollars or #1.8billion naira.

  • awella

    Dat God of urs shld also let u knw dat pple are dyin everyday in bomb blast;so donate wisely!!!!

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