Exposed: PDP ‘Hatchet Man’ behind rival APC registration

All Progressives Congress had persistently alleged that the PDP was behind the registration of the African Peoples Congress.

The man behind attempts to register the African Peoples Congress is a card carrying member of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, who has carried out several hatchet jobs for the party hierarchy in the past.

The African Peoples Congress, in a surprise stunt, beat the All Progressives Congress, a result of a merger of four opposition parties, to commencing a registration process with the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC.

The All Progressives Congress has alleged that African Peoples Congress move was orchestrated by the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in order to stifle its operation.

This allegation, findings show, was not a wild one.

The registration

The lawyer, Samuel Chinedu, who filed the application of the African Peoples Congress, APC, to INEC, woke on Friday to see that he had become popular, a dimension he had no idea his life will take.

The Nation newspaper had, on Friday, ran a story on the lawyer detailing the manner of transaction he had with INEC by applying to register the African Peoples Congress.

The story, in which Mr. Chinedu said he was just a young lawyer, went viral.

He gave the name of his patron and the details of their transaction.

Ugochinyere Ikenga approached me sometime in February 2013 to put in an application for the registration of a political party by name African Peoples Congress,” Mr. Chinedu told The Nation.

“He paid me an initial sum of N30, 000 and later added another N50, 000 and a Samsung Galaxy phone after I had filed the papers, with a promise that he was going to settle me after the party must have been registered.

“I filed the application in the honest belief that it was just another political party because even the application I entered at INEC only bears the name African Peoples Congress. The acronym APC was not included in the application,” Mr. Chinedu said.

He said he never envisaged that there was an ulterior motive to the registration of the African Peoples Party.

“There was no way I could have visualized, whether or not there was an ulterior motive in the registration of that political party. I was, however, surprised to see my name all over the newspapers, including a sample of the application letter I wrote to INEC.

“I wish to let Nigerians know that I am not a politician in anyway whatsoever. I regret the issues at hand and the dimension the entire thing is taking,” he said.

Mr. Ikenga, the strategist

Mr. Ikenga, PREMIUM TIMES findings show is not only a card carrying member of the PDP, but has been involved in several hatchet jobs within the ruling party.

Mr. Ikenga, also a lawyer, had on March 10, 2012, approached a Federal High Court in Lagos, asking it to stop Bamanga Tukur from vying for the position of PDP national chairman.

He told the court that he is a card-carrying member of the PDP, and requested to stop Mr. Tukur on the grounds that he was not qualified to lead the PDP, having allegedly “failed, and/or neglected to re-activate his membership” in accordance with the party’s constitution, after his expulsion from the party for anti-party activities on May 31, 2001.

Apart from instituting the court action, Mr. Ikenga also led a protest to the Wadata Plaza secretariat of the party, to press home their demand for the disqualification of Mr. Tukur.

Before challenging the emergence of Mr. Tukur, Mr. Ikenga had also gone to court to seek to stop the emergence of a former National Chairman of the party, Okwesiliezi Nwodo from assuming office.

Mr. Ikenga filed a suit filed at the Abuja Division of the Federal High Court, on June, 9/2010 asking for an order of interlocutory injunction restraining the PDP or its agents from appointing Mr. Nwodo as the Party’s National Chairman.

‘Hatchet job’ beyond PDP

Mr. Ikenga had also attempted to force the extension of the tenure of former chairman of INEC, Maurice Iwu, at a time Nigerians were unanimous in their call for the professor’s sack from the electoral body.

Mr. Ikenga had on April 2, 2010 led three ‘pro-democracy groups’ to the National Assembly to stage a rally seeking for tenure extension for Mr. Iwu.

The three groups, the Alliance for Defence of Democracy, National Youth Coalition for Progressive Transformation and the Northern Patriotic Forum went to the Assembly to request for extension for Mr. Iwu “to enable him to conduct the 2011 general elections”.

“Electoral process can only be consolidated where there is continuity in leadership,” Mr. Ikenga said in his address at the rally.

He argued that section 157 of the 1999 Constitution made provision for the re-appointment of the INEC chairman, “so why are people crying even when the chairman has two months to go,” he said.

ugo Chinyere Ikenga

The rent- a-crowd

One common feature Mr. Ikenga is known for is his ability to easily mobilise a crowd for a protest in the Nigerian capital.

People who know and have worked with the lawyer in the past allege that he is available to the highest bidder as a hatchet man; and sometimes goes to satellite towns in the Nigerian capital to rent the crowd he uses for his protests.

This time around, however, he’s moved beyond public protests to sponsoring what could turn to a be a major political upheaval in Nigeria; as the All Progressives Congress have insisted that they would not change name to accommodate the African Peoples Congress.

Ikenga does not like to be disturbed

When PREMIUM TIMES contacted Mr. Ikenga to confirm if he was behind the registration of the African Peoples Congress, he declined comment.

“Why is everybody calling me about this thing? Today is my girlfriend’s birthday and these calls from journalists is pissing her off,” he said before he cut off the line.

The PDP would also not respond to the reason one of its members sponsored the formation of a rival party or if he had the backing of the party to carry out the action.

The National Publicity Secretary of the PDP, Olisa Metuh, did not answer or return calls made to his phone.


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  • Bala

    President Jonathanaaaaaaaa! Mr. Annenihhhhhhhhh Mr. Fix It, Peeee deee Peeee haaaa. And this si the president(Jonathan) I should want four more years for? This is an intellectual disgrace to us Nigerian citizens. And this is coming form the party of our president-President Jonathan. I think Mr. president and PDP should stop embarassing us globally. This is getting too much.

  • Mc’bram

    A complete shame for Anenih and Jonathan, they will fail and we will vote them out come 2015.

  • kamal

    See how foolish sum ppl are, yet sum foolish minded idiots can still come 4 his defence

  • ayodeji babawale

    My God in his infinite mercies will send President Jonathan and PDP packing in 2015. But I will not siddon look. I am going to be on my feet to do this democratically and peacefully. This fraud is getting too much. what a shame? These guys are so shameless.

  • Henry Egbelo

    I don’t believe this writeup. only foolish Nigerians will conclude and take this lies from the APC champion by liar Mohammed.

  • adetola

    This is the party of characters like mpitkwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa_Lanre_Ayo Yussuff_afam_deri_Kenmani. I guess these characters will come and tell us “oh yes African Peoples congress” or is it “ANNENIH POLICE CANCEL -election” has a right to exist!!!! If this is what president Jonathan, Alamieyeseigha and their media men in Okupe, Abati, Gulak, Maku, mpitikwelu, etc stand for then we have got reeeeeaaal demoCRAZY

  • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

    It is obvious that this man, Ikenga is anti- Jonathan, if we believe this report. If he opposes Bamanga Tukur, there is no way he could be working for the PDP leadership. I wish we all apply common sense here and leave sentiments.

    • gbenga adeniyi

      baby mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa, I am happy that we have incontrovertibel FACTS on this. But I know as usual President Jonathan’s spin doctors like you will start the spinning. but these are the deductions.(i) Ikenga is a member of PDP. (ii) It means your party PDP under President Jonathan has deliberately sponsored Ikenga to muddy the water for the newly formed All Progressives Congress. (iii) if Ikenga is a PDP member a fact you cannot deny, it means the PDP under President Jonathan’s superintendence is carrying out an undemocratic and immoral action against Nigerian democracy. Finally, please know that PDP is a business company. So? profit and economic interests change-at least same PDP that made Oyinlola secretary kicked him out to pave way for a smooth Jonathan’s second term. So please stop the fiction that Ikenga is anti-Jonathan. Given the immoral character of PDP, the logic of their immorality is that you change your position based on economic calculations. And this is what Mr. Ikenga has done and it is a norm with PDP. As a member of the PDP you mpitikwelu know that this is the PDP way-money for hand back for ground. The summary is that we now know that your party PDP under President Jonathan is behind the submission for registration of the ‘African Peoples Congress” That is on record-please deal with that.

  • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

    In another news, Aviation Minister commissions the brand new Benin Airport today 15th of March 2013. Lagos, Abuja and Kano already commissioned in past five months, with other airports, Owerri, Enugu, Calabar, Portharcourt, Yola, Jos and Kaduna to be commissioned this year of our lord 2013.
    On this day, 15th March 2013, Nigerian Railway Commission make her inaugural LAGOS TO KANO TRAIN TRIP, for the first time in 40 years. UNCOMMON TRANSFORMATION. Men are working while charlatans are gossiping. Nigerians want to see Jonathan’s achievement. Not ‘dem talk say, im say’ nonsense. Grown men should act their age.

    • segun

      On this day, President Jonathan granted pardon to a common criminal called Diepreye Alamieyeseigha, on this day that the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Jonathan granted Diepreye Alamieyeseigha pardon, western countries-US/Britain and others have informed that Diepreye Alamieyeseigha, who our President Jonathan granted pardon is STILL ON THEIR WANTED LIST FOR FRAUD AND MONEY LAUNDERING, on this day the PDP under the permission of President Jonathan re-opened the famous Association for a Better Nigeria(ABN) which once destabilised Nigerian democracy years ago- by applying to register a (another ABN in African Peoples Congress) fiction called African Peoples Congress to destabilise Nigerian democracy in 2015 by making in look like the All Progressives Congress, on this day the looting and corruption under President Jonathan continues unabated.

    • Bala

      On this day the African Peoples Congress- a proxy of President Jonathan’s PDP (which President Jonathan’s PDP is using to destabilize the newly formed All Progressives Congress) sent out emails using the address of President Jonathan’s PDP. Yet President Jonathan’s PDP said they do not have anything to do with their proxy-African Peoples Congress.!!! On this day if President Jonathan’s PDP does not have anything to do with their proxy African Peoples Congress(being used to destabilize the All Progressives Congress), why did President Jonathan’s PDP proxy African Peoples Congress use PDP’s email address to send out emails?

  • Mamman Bako

    Yeye man! Mscheeew

  • Enemona

    Can you ‘come again’ please?

  • osagie

    why is it that igbo men are always used to cause confusion in Nigeria? the more reason you people cannot get a shot at the presidency,because you guys cannot be trusted.

    • that’s why i trust my people…they will never condone a hatchet man like this…if a yoruba man does this he will be target for “wetie” any time there is riot…even if there is no riot area boys will start harassing him and his relations from morning till night …he is probably being financed by olisa metuh and co…they understand politics of their stomach only…

  • Iboro Otongaran

    Let us even accept that the registration or attempt to register African Peoples Congress (APC) is at the behest of the PDP, can anyone SHOW me what is politically wrong with that? Or what is legally off limits with such efforts?
    Iboro, Lagos

    • taye

      Iboro, so it makes sense to you that we will have a party called PDP and its branch as African Peoples Congress? Ha!!! If the all Africans are like PDP then those who say Africans are genetically inferior may have a point after all. Thank God we are not all PDP.

    • Kemi Adegoke

      Mr. Iboro Otongaran, do you remember the Association For Better Nigeria that was used to destroy Nigeria and Nigerian democracy years ago? In 2013-2015, the African Peoples Congress is Association For Better Nigeria of 15 years ago. Do you understand that? What is wrong is that our President, President Jonathan is using a proxy called African Peoples Congress to destroy Nigerian democracy. And the issue is that if this is the kind of party-PDP- that has been ruling us for the past 12 years, then this is the reason NIGERIA HAD NOT MADE ANY MEANINGFUL PROGRESS. WE JUST CANNOT MAKE IT UNDER PRESIDENT JONATHAN AND PDP. IT IS JUST NOT POSSIBLE.

  • Oge

    The name-calling against Mr. Ikenga is empty and of no effect if we honestly review the situation in the light of the fact that partisan politics is a contest not a hand-out affair. I subscribe to the position of one Nebukadineze Adiele:

    ” All this beating about the bush is besides the point. Ugochinyere and the PDP have the right to stop the opposition from emerging formidable using legal methods. So far, they have not done anything illegal. The opposition is the one that has been dumb by giving Ugochinyere the opening to thwart their plans.

    The merging parties ran their mouths carelessly by naming their proposed party’s name without having registered that name. Ugochinyere is trying to outwit them and he is entitled to do so in a democracy. The opposition has not even submitted any application for registration, wherefrom do they obtain the guts to claim the APC acronym, just because the noisily announced so?

    Everyone on these forums knows that I despise the PDP but when they play smart (though devious) politics, people should accord them respect for that. The opposition talks too much instead of being effectively strategic. If you run your mouth by letting out your potential party’s name, without having registered it, what stops your opponents from stampeding on your plan by claiming the APC acronym? No law said the couldn’t do that.

    The opposition should stop whining and go back to work. If they believe that the other APC will not meet INEC registration requirement, then they should go ahead and register their own APC right away. Whining and accusing the opposition will not get INEC to award them the APC acronym — they should register it first.”

    Nebukadineze Adiele