U.S. condemns pardon for Alamieyeseigha, Bulama

The U.S condemned the action of the Nigerian government.

The United States has condemned the pardon granted some ex-convicts by President Goodluck Jonathan and the National Council of States.

In a tweet by the U.S. Mission in Nigeria, the U.S. said, “We see this as a setback in the fight against corruption.”

It said further on its twitter handle @USEmbassyAbuja that “the #USG (United States Government) is deeply disappointed over the recent pardons of corrupt officials by GON (Government of Nigeria).”

President Jonathan and the Council granted ex- Bayelsa Governor, Diepreye Alamieyeseigha and ex-boss of the defunct Bank of the North, Shettima Bulama pardon in a move condemned by civil society and other interest groups.

Both men had been convicted for corruption by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC.

Mr. Alamieyeseigha, who chose Mr. Jonathan as his running mate for the Bayelsa Governorship election in 1999, pleaded guilty to financial misappropriation and was sentenced to two years in prison.

Some members of the Council of States had told PREMIUM TIMES that it was clear from the president’s mien and actions at the meeting that the pardon was targeted at Mr. Alamieyeseigha with the others only used as smokescreen.

The ex-Bayelsa Governor’s name was the first on the list of the pardon beneficiaries read by the president to attendees at the meeting including three former Nigerian heads of state.

Mixed reactions

Nigerians have, however, reacted differently to the U.S. reaction. While some say the U.S. has by its actions showed that it would not support the seemingly pro-corruption action of the government, others accused the American government of meddling in Nigerian affairs especially when its former presidents also pardoned similar ex-convicts.

“Who condemned USA when they pardoned Oliver North and the then president over Iran contra,” a commentator by the name Ben Growp posted on PREMIUM TIMES website.

“Various American presidents have pardoned individuals, the most controversial being Marc Rich, whose wife Denise is a contributor to the Democratic Party. Clinton’s actions were done a few hours to leaving office in January of 2001,” another commentator by the username Lanre posted.

Others like Odusanya Seye commended the U.S. statement.

“As a patriotic citizen of Nigeria, i find this retarded move to pardon a convict shameful for a country whose inhabitant cry for justice,” he said.


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  • TATA

    Wetin concern dem?

    • tunde

      Dis na wetin concern them. Because many of your (Nigerian)ministers in Abuja under President Jonathan hold Green card, some of the minsiters are citizens of US, and the children of your ministers go to school in the US and they fly in and out in first class yet we beg for money from them, and also Nigerian minsiters and wife of the President go abroad to receive medical care while we claim to be poor-Mrs Diezani Alison-Madueke has gone to London hospital for “health” reasons, though our President, President Jonathan LIED about it, Mrs Jonathan has gone to Germany for her health too. So dis na wetin concern ANY western country about the IMMORALITY President Jonathan has committed by granting a common criminal like Alamieyeseigha pardon. Hope this helped?

      • Corruption let loose! This is an overt Declaration of the Federal Corrupt Republic of Nigeria by the President’s action.Steal and let steal.What a better way to wish looters of Nigerian economy “a Goodluck”

  • Lanre Ake

    The US govt must be friend/ally of Nigeria opposition groups to ever see anything wrong in this pardonable gesture to our very own Governor General of Ijaw nation (I’m not sure he still bears the title though). Sarcastic….I dey laff ooo

  • Bem Katungu

    The US has its problems and Nigeria also has his. It is not everything that they should issue a press release and try to set the people against the system. I believe Nigeria will make it even with such unwarranted criticisms of decisions taken by a competent body like this particular one taken by the Council of state.

    In such matters, our home grown decision will always prevail.

    • segun

      Bem Katungu,
      Nigerian citizens including me and my family have opposed the granting of pardon to a common criminal like Alamieyeseigha by President Jonathan BEFORE THE US MISSION in Nigeria ISSUED ITS Tweet. In other words the US MISSION in NIgeria moral and ethically just position is (i) independent and (ii) CAME AFTER NIGERIANS HAVE OPPOSED THE IMMORAL PARDON. What does this mean? It means the US MISSION In NIGERIA is NOT SETTING PEOPLE AGAINST A SYSTEM AS YOU CLAIMED IMMORALLY. We have take our position BEFORE the US Mission In Nigeria tweet. So in terms of time and space, the oppositions of Nigerian citizens to the IMMORAL ACT and UNETHICAL act of our President are PRIOR to the tweet of the US MISSION in Nigeria. My name is Segun. I comment on this platform. I am opposed to this immoral system under President Jonathan and I had taken my position independently. Actually, the tweet of the US MISSION is DEPENDENT on my position because it came AFTER the position of NIGERIAN CITIZENS. If you want to defend the daily immoralities under Presdent Jonathan , you can do so. But BE RATIONAL. I hope this educative enough. Thank you.

  • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

    In a normal circumstance, the U.S ambassador is right. But we have a different scenario here. Tom Ikimi returned about 400 million naira he STOLE under Abacha, today he is the APC merger committee chairman. Gov. Shekarau last job was as a secondary school principal before he was installed by Buhari, today he is throwing billions of naira around. Where is the source? I wont talk about Bola Tinubu, every lagosian knows.
    APC is playing dirty with dirty money and PDP needs to play their game. Alamieghesa should be bed mates with tinubu and shekarau in prison. otherwise it is injustice.

    • adex


      • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

        People like you are the reason while many Nigerians will excuse jonathan on this issue. You are suffering from selective amnesia. Suddenly you have conveniently forgotten that Nuhu Ribadu laid on the floor of the senate, evidence that Tinubu converted lagos state’s share in ECONET, in to his private pocket. The same offence, that landed James Ibori in prison. Ribadu said Tinubu’s crime is of international dimension. Have you forgotten? Have you forgotten also that Tinubu is facing criminal charges in ICPC?
        Have you also forgotten that Chief Tom Ikimi, Abacha’s former Foreign Affairs Minister and now, the Chairman of the APC merger committee accepted to refund 400 million naira to the FG in a plea bargain in 2002.
        Have you forgotten that Shekarau was a poor Secondary school teacher in 2003, before Buhari installed him as Kano Governor? Dare we not ask questions over his sudden billions?
        That said, I am not Justifying the pardon, am only saying we must not be selective on who is a thief.
        Finally, keep it clean if you expect the same.

        • Ngozika

          Since all these criminals are walking free in Nigeria perhaps we should ask why GEJ has not used his influence as C-in-C to get these ‘criminals’ like Tinubu jailed. And no, Ibori is not merely serving time in the UK because he converted ECONET shares to his private purse. He is doing time for money laundering plus theft as are the two women connected to him.

          I agree with you. We should ask questions about criminals walking about without being tried. Take it a step further and question why it is easy for GEJ to damn the consequences of setting Alams free but cannot sum up courage to order the prosecution of a man like Tinubu who everyone claims is corrupt or even Shekarau.

          This Jonathan’s action has nothing to do with APC and it is unfortunate that we have reduced everything in this country to PDP/APC arguments.

  • As a patriotic citizen of Nigeria, i find this retarded move to pardon a convict shameful for a country whose inhabitant cry for justice. where are the incorruptible judges,selfless politicians willing to serve for a good cause? Nigeria moan for justice. She cries for redemption!

  • adex

    It’s not surprising that such cld take place frm fuel subsidy to pardon of a criminal.I can not understand why the UK Gvt have not come after him all these while since they claimed he disguised himself and escaped.I am such firmly sure that it’s about 2months i watched Fr Mbaka during church service where he made it clearly that Jonathan does not know what he is doing,that he is deeply confused and confounded.This is a pure confirmation.More things worst will still come from his gvt.

  • concernednigerian

    There are certain actions the United States might take which others might not be comfortable with. The US is a sovereign country and as such has a right to ptotect its interests as it sees fit. Nigeria is also a sovereign country that exclusively relies on revenue from petroleum to finance the activities of the state. Perahps there could have been a leeway for the government of Nigeria if previous administrations did not collapse the agricultural sector. The Nigerian presidency has explained that former Governor Alamieyeseigha is crucial to the unfettered flow of oil and that he as an individual has paid a price for his misdeed and totally contrived to the extent of using his influence with his kinsmen to ensure unfetered flow of oil. We appeal to the Us as the possessor of soveriegnty over Nigeria to see this matter from the point of view of the government of Nigeria. None of the Nigerian critics can point to their contribution to the capacity of Nigeria to earn foreign exchange. There was a time when Nigeria relied on cocoa and groundnut to finance the activities of government but that era is no more. That is why the US should not be swayed by the noise emanating from the caterpillars of the commonwealth. If they are so aggrieved by the pardon granted the former governor then they have an option. That option is to help the South South and the South East to collapse the absurdity called Nigeria in 2014, the terminal date of the Nigerian project that was inaugurated by the colonial authorities one hundred years ago. Enough is enough.

  • Lanre

    There are many more problems facing Nigeria than the granting of pardon to Alamieyeseigha. The righteous continue to criticize Jonathan for his corruption. Yes we know there is corruption. What is the solution? Today, Boko Haram has killed thousands and will continue to kill. Today, less than 5% of Nigeria’s population control over 90% of the access to Nigeria’s wealth.

    Jonathan did not start corruption and will probably not end it. But as long as we continue playing ostrich with the issues of resource control and administrative governance (The sources of corruption in Nigeria), then for so long will we continue to cry and scream. Add into the whole mix the issues of Terrorism (Boko Haram and Ansaru), and you wonder if it is a curse to be associated with Nigeria as a citizen.

    Alamieyesiegha is not the first corrupt politician in Nigeria. He will not be the last. He served time and was pardoned as a convict. Various American presidents have pardoned individuals, the most controversial being Marc Rich, whose wife Denise is a contributor to the Democratic Party. Clinton’s actions were done a few hours to leaving office in January of 2001.

    To reiterate, the problem in Nigeria is that many cannot see the benefits of taxation and theirepoliticians due to corrupt enrichment. The solution is a Political Structure that gives greater control to the natural regional groupings in Nigeria; secondly Resource control to include legal property rights. Those who own the land also own the resources; Yenagoa owns oil, not Abuja.

    In conclusion, If I were in Jonathan’s shoes I probably will not pardon Alamieyesiegha. But I am not. Alams made GEJ the man he is. Alams served time and was an ex-convict. Jonathan has the legal right (in consultation with the National Council of State) to exercise prerogative of Mercy. Let us move on. This is a distraction.

    • kunle

      Lanre, please vote for President Jonathan for the next election so that we have FOUR more years of CORRUPTION.

      • Es3

        Lanre has to right to not just air his views but vote for Jonathan as well.
        It may interest you to know that Lanre is not alone in this as there are many others who have seen through the evil propaganda (well oiled) destructive politics being executed against Jonathan’s success for the reason that his success will spell doom to so many in oil and gas and other areas that corruption has been officially nurtured from independence in this country.

        • kunle

          That is precisely what I said. We should not hide-Lanre and you have that right-Vote for President Jonathan, Vote For Four more years of corruption while hiding under some concept called resource control. But like someone said here on this platform-ETHICS is everything. Resource control DOES NOT PRODUCE GOOD ETHICS. On the contrary GOOD ETHICS PRODUCES RESOURCE CONTROL. The talk of resource control is a mere ploy, a balderdash OUTSIDE ETHICS. Like someone said here, Awolowo’s position is FIRST and PRIMARILY an ETHICAL position. Whoever says something different needs to re-read his/her Awolowo properly. So you and Lanre should please VOTE for Four more years of giving pardon to criminals and moral convicts-vote for four more years of corruption under the guise of an immoral resource control that will produce new Babalakins, Alamieyeseigha, Kuforijis, Dan Etete, Iboris etc. But do NOT HIDE under resource control for resource Control outside ETHICS is more IMMORAL.

          • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

            you forgot to add Tinubu, Tom Ikimi, Shekarau and Yerima.

          • kunle

            mpitikwelu_na_Lanre_na_afam_na_deri_Na_Awusa_na_President Jonathan_na KenMani, welcome to the conversation thread. Before you rushed in our conversation was about which is PRIOR-ETHICS or Resource Control. That was a post to Lanre who presumably called himself “Awolowo’s follower” for he calls Awolowo “my leader”. I do not object to that. I am ONLY presenting to THE NIGERIAN PUBLIC the Awolowo essentials OF MODERN GOVERNMENT and PEOPLES REPUBLIC. Those essentials are not phrase mongering, those essentials are not the wearing of the fabled and famous Awolowo Cap. Those essentials are (I) IN MORAL SERVICE TO OUR COMMUNITY AND STATE, (II) ETHICS, (III) ZERO TOLERANCE TO CORRUPTION (IV) SENSE OF URGENCY IN DELIVERING SERVICE AND PUBLIC GOODS OF DEMOCRACY TO CITIZENS. This is why some of us believe that Africa and Nigeria miss Awolowo just based on basic principles and clearly stated criteria of modern governance which Awolowo espouses and represents. After the ETHICAL in Awolowo comes the political-where the argument about Federalism as a structural arrangements feature. It is under that Federalism which is preceded by a STRONG ETHICAL ARGUMENT IN AWOLOWO that the resource control talk is relevant. In other words, resource control comes up in Awolowo ONLY as a STRUCTURAL response to an ethical argument and a structural answer to how best to organize a multi-ethnic state like Nigeria. I need to go this whole hog because you need some education and people like Lanre may be misrepresenting the true essentials of Awolowo which are PRIMARILY ETHICAL. Okay? So please look at the thread and make your contribution rationally. If you do not have anything to say, you are free to goof around a bit, we will read you, take a cup of coffee and laugh you off . Actually, when we do not see your posts, we ask for them, for we want to see how Oga and Madam in Aso rock are thinking and doing. We know their minds through your posts for you represent them so well. For we know who is talking from President Jonathan’s presidency in Aso Rock when you talk..

          • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

            Wait till I talk to #my oga at the top. I don’t want to say one thing now and…you know…

          • kunle

            abi Madam don run go abroad again, abi na Madam oil run secretly go London go help check….I no go talk!!! wait… just wait…

          • Lanre

            Kunle, I see you are confused. I try my very best not to get into unnecessary, unfruitful banter. To your reference about my veneration of Chief Awolowo, there is no hiding that. Everybody knows me as an Awoist. A reason why I will never accept any government offer of a political office until certain things are put in place. Having said that, let me dignify your response to my post by saying that we have to be pragmatic. I am not dogmatic when it comes to following the ideals of my Leader, Chief Obafemi Awolowo. How do we apply the teachings to modern day Nigeria? As an Awoist, I have studied Nigeria’s problems and I have come to the conclusion that a Confederation (at a minimum) with the Regional Control of Resources is the way forward. Chief Awolowo sat down, studied Nigeria’s problems and proffered solutions in a pragmatic, practical way. That is how to be a follower of the Great Philosopher and Politician, Chief Jeremiah Oyeniyi Obafemi Awolowo.

          • Es3

            In Nigeria, we have a way of arguing for or againt anything that is not to our favour. Now resource control is your problem but it wasn’s a few decades back when it helped some others to develop their region and have advantge they enjoy today over others???!
            In as much as I believe in ethics, I will ask to tell where ethics was when with that advantage referred to above, others were denied their turn with an argument like yours just becasue it did not favour us? Where was ethics when anytime the people of Niger Delta would say ‘we are dying because you are killing us’, you march in soldiers to finish off the the few living ones???
            Not long ago, Lagos ran amock complaining of a gas fire that was burning off the coast as a result of error and accident? The LASG was worried sick about the effect of the burning gas on the health of Lagosians? That same gas has been burning fiercely before independence, to date and till tomorrow (not off shore but) in the Niger Deltan backyard, frontage, besides their house and they sleep and wake with it!!! A child is born into the heat and the fumes, matures in heat, marries in it and is buried in it and you here shouting on ethics???!
            Can you truely hammer on ethics where injustice has been instutionalised by you, me and others just because it was not our ox that was (and is still being) gored?!

    • Olanbo

      Rationally, Nigerians are not saying President Jonathan started corruption in Nigeria. Rationally, Nigerians are saying that unlike “your Leader-Awolowo”- he is not trying to end it. So Mr. Lanre this is what they are saying. So please separate the two. If you think President Jonathan is trying to end corruption, PLEASE SAY SO. We must be as analytic and as rational as we can so that we do not BECLOUD any issue. And finally, RESOURCE CONTROL does not end corruption. If you read your Awolowo very well, you will know he was not advocating federalism for its sake as you do sometime. Awolowo’s strongest point is ETHICS and not “resource control” Why? Resource control without a string ETHICS is IMMORAL. Actually, resource control without ETHICS creates MORE and FREE LOOTING of PUBLIC treasury because given relative autonomy NO ONE can prosecute you. So what is prior is ETHICS. If resource control ends corruption Akpabio will not buy the morally offensive car he bought for himself, he will not just donate citizens money to a musician when the people are struggling to live and eat good food, Kuforiji will not launder Lagos state money, Babalakin will not allegedly conspire with Ibori to launder public money, Dan Etete will not have commited the crime he commited that led to his conviction. Resource control CANNOT be prior to GOOD ETHICS as Awolowo correctly taught. And in the case of the criminal and immoral granting of pardon to Alamieyesegha by our President, President Jonathan, what people are saying is that ETHICS ought to precede resource control. It is important that we do not becloud issues.

      • Lanre

        My only and final response to you. I don’t like these unfruitful, useless online debates with anonymous handles:

        Se won ka Ethics lori igi ni – The literal translation from Yoruba is that “Can you catch or reap Ethics from a tree”. Metaphorically, does Ethics exist in a vacuum? Why are you people trying to persecute me for my adoration of the Greatest Leader in Africa to date, Chief Obafemi Awolowo. Chief Awolowo’s ethics did not exist in a vacuum. He was actually in office and even though there were accusations (Coker Commission of Inquiry) every Yorubaman that voted in elections knew that it was Chief Awolowo or nobody else. From Lagos to Oyo. Plus including Kwara. Those who saw the light in Cross River and Gongola. Many others. The Yoruba that did not vote for him, knew they were in the losing party. Why am I going through all these? You cannot mouth ethics. Ok. Is Reuben Abati now an unethical man? Was he ethical before he joined Jonathan’s government? What about Uncle Bola (Chief Bola Ige); Baba Kekere nko (Alhaji Lateef Jakande); what of Ebino Topsy (Ebenezer Babatope).

        The only reason why Chief Awolowo stands head above shoulders is not because he mouthed or wrote about ethics. No. He lived it. He cared about the people that he governed. He did not steal their money. He was disciplined. He did not drink. He did not womanize and to those of us his followers, he left a guide: Walk the Talk.

  • Es3

    And you are very sure that the tweet, if any, is from the US embassy or is there a possibility of it not being from them or cooked up???!

    • Emeka

      tweets are technical things and devices. they are open and traceable. Why dont you trace it by yourself. Moreover, the US MISSION will deny it if a false tweet is being ascribed to them. So we wait for that denial. But if they do not deny it, then we hold it to be true. Es3 does that help?

      • Es3

        No it doesn’t because US embassy does not respond to everything published about them in the papers and we know they are a lot of fake handles around!
        They will, that is if you bother to book an appointment to verify?!

        • Emeka

          Es3, the internet is open space. The Premiumtimes is read globally. The US Mission in Nigeria is a global place. The staff their are not illiterates. Part of the mandates of any foreign mission including Nigerian Mission in The US or anywhere is to monitor both local press and international press in the interest of home govts. So if this is true, the staff of a MISSION read virtually ALL local press on behalf of their govt to pick out news of interests to their countries. Now if all these are true and if we presume that the staff in the US MISSION in Nigeria are not illiterates, it is safe to presume that they would have picked the sound bites in the Premiumtimes news.Okay? That is the way modern and civilised govts and missions work. I agree with you that ours-Nigeria’s-under President Jonathan may not work that way. We know the serial incompetence that abounds in the Presidency and in the Nigerian MISSIONS abroad. But the effective and efficient way I just described to you (which may be unNigerian under President Jonathan) is the way modern, responsible, civilsed govts and states work. Based on this it is safe to say that (i) the US MISSION in Nigeria issued that alert and (ii) if they did not issue the tweet and if the staff there are not illiterates , and if the staff at the US MISSION in Nigeria are alert to their job, they will have picked the news on the Premiumtimes, they would have picked our sound bites in the Premiumtimes, and they would have come up with a denial of the Premiumtimes story if they did not issue the tweet.
          And finally, as you correctly said, there is NOTHING wrong with you as a Nigerian citizen to schedule an appointment with the US MISSION in Nigeria to confirm if they issued the tweet or not. You can email them too. And kindly let us -we Nigerian citizens know the outcome of your investigation. You shoild disclose it on the pages of Premiumtimes. We as Nigerian citizens are interested in the outcome. Hope this helped.

          • Es3

            You create the impression that it was better before Jonathan and you know that it is not true?! If you insist, I will require that you remind us when a former President or Head of State in the history of Nigeria was so deft with press monitoring and prompt rebuttals on lies against their government as you claim here???!
            The US government and their democracy has run for centuries undisrupted. During this period, strong instutuions and processes have been built consistently (without letteing off) for this same period as well. Can you say the same about Nigeria? But for Jonathan now, did you have the opportunity of knowing how much were allocated to what or how this was twisted or diverted to that before now? Di dyou have as close to a peek at the monumental rot that is called governance and processes in Nigeria? Do you think it would have been impossible to conitnue to cover them up and paper over them as has been the case before Jonathan (afterall they are people in previous governments that this is their job description)? For the very first time, someone wants Nigerians to know how they have been ‘killed’ by their governments all these decades (from independence) and instead of Nigerians taking advantage of the openess to reclaim what is rightly theirs, they are busy crucifying the one that is making this possible?! When this opportunity is lost, I ‘ll how they reclaim it back?!
            It is always fair to compare onions to onions and not onions to cucumber!

        • FOX news confirmed it

  • Ben Growp

    Who condemed USA when they pardoned Oliver North and the then president over Iran contra…..The USA should let African to rule her country the way it should be..or do they want to act like the then Alexandra the Great ?

    • Iyabo

      ben Growp, if you want the “USA to let African to rule her country the way it should…” then let the ministers in President Jonathan’s cabinet(in Nigeria an African country) surrender their American Green Card and Citizenship, you cannot eat your cake and want to have it, (ii) let Mrs Jonathan the wife of President Jonathan stop traveling to western countries for health care when the elites cannot built simple hospitals in Nigeria, (iii) Let Mrs Diezani Alison Madueke the minister of Petroleum stop going to London For medical care, (iv) Let Senator David Mark stop using our money to travel abroad for medical care., (v) let all the ministers and govt officials who train their children in American universities recall their children and bring them home to educate them in Nigerian schools. I agree that we are “independent” country, but you MUST show your independence by developing your infrastructure so that members of our ruling elites will not run away, send their children abroad for education with the money they stole from public treasury while leaving our own schools to decay. Mr. Ben , please tell our President Jonathan to do the right thing first. Do not put the cart before the horse. Until you do this, you cannot exercise any so-called independence and the dependent elites in President Jonathan’s cabinet know this.

      • Ricks

        In addition to your points, the country receives donations from this same USA for the development of the country, yet you expect them not to interfere with your rule of law. That’s ridiculous.

  • Ayo Yussuff

    Abeg this Americans and their double speak, didnt Clinton grant similar amnesty?

    NAMEDISTRICTSENTENCEDOFFENSEDavid Phillip AronsohnD. Minn.1961Failure to pay special occupational tax on wagering, 26 U.S.C. § 7203Wanda Kaye Bain-PrenticeD. Ariz.1982Mail fraud, 18 U.S.C. § 1341Antonio BaruccoU. S. Army general court-martial1945Desertion in violation of the 58th Article of WarKristine Margo BeckD. Idaho1981Bank embezzlement, 18 U.S.C. § 656David Christopher BillmaierD. N. M.1980Possession with intent to distribute amphetamines, 21 U.S.C. § 841(a)(1)Terry Lee BrownE. D. Ky.1962Interstate transportation of a stolen motor vehicle, 18 U.S.C. § 2312Joe Carl BrutonN. D. Tex.1979Conspiracy to commit mail fraud, 18 U.S.C. § 371Nolan Lynn DeMarceW. D. Wis.1983Making false statements to obtain bank loans, 18 U.S.C. § 1014Jimmy C. DickN. D. Cal.1976Conspiracy to manufacture counterfeit Federal Reserve Notes, 18 U.S.C. § 371Edward Eugene DishmanW. D. Okla.1983Conspiracy to defraud the United States and Oklahoma counties, 18 U.S.C. § 371Brenda Kay EngleS. D. Ind.1983Conspiracy to commit theft from interstate

    • Bankole Babawale

      Mr. Ayo Yussuff, Now suppose these are facts, you have an obligation and duty to God and Humankind to do the following. This is the obligation. It will come in form of questions: (i) Can you kindly point to any of these “pardons” you mentioned that were irregularly done? (ii) Can you point to one person that was initially pardoned and then re-pardoned? (iii) Can you point to a Governor that was pardoned in the data you supplied?. (iv) Can you point to a Governor that dressed like a woman to avoid arrest and who was later pardoned? “Ayo-bi a ba sunkun a maa n riran”-I believe you speak Yoruba. It is an African thought in Yoruba language. if you do , you must know the original thought in Yoruba. But the thought means “even if one is crying one must see clearly”-This is an African thought about clear analytical insight into an issue even when it appears “fogged” when it is actually not fogged-though some people may mischievously want to befog it for personal and morally dubious reasons. Ayo, there is no fog here but you are deliberately creating one. We Nigerian citizens are outraged at the granting of pardon to a common criminal -Alamieyeseigha-by President Jonathan for the following reasons-(i) Corruption is the MAJOR obstacle to our development and unity. (ii) Nigerian ruling elites(of which Governors and Presidents are part of) are the sources of this corruption. (iii) You need actual and symbolic body language from a President (in this case President Jonathan) to finally defeat corruption in Nigeria. (iv) to grant a major source of corruption (Alamieyeseigha) pardon after he was convicted is a re-assurance and a deepening of corruption, it does not reveal the mindset of a President who wants to defeat corruption. There is no fog here Ayo except the one you wish to create. So if a foreign country lends its voice behind the genuine feelings of Nigerian citizens, what is wrong with that? “Bi a ba n sunkun a maa riran- ” even if one is crying one must see clearly” You are free to defend the deepening of corruption through a defense of President Jonathan, but please do it with some clearer analytical insight-that is the moral and rational call in that African thought. Stop embarrassing Nigerian citizens-Mr Ayo Yussuff.

      • Ayo Yussuff

        Just expressing my views, everyman is entitled to is own opinion ….sitting on the fence and not having an opinion is worse…The list of felons granted amnesty by clinton is long you need to see the original list….Why do u think the pardon is irregular?, was it not approved by apporpriate body.???…ist becuase “American Felons” dont tie wrapper like Ijaw man like Alam….Clinton granted amnesty to is half brother ….make u do your research…We need to stop all this “collective Hysteria” anytime GEJ takes a decision.The American instead of condemning BH will say “na because of poverty” , but they are trigger happy Iraq and Afgahn.

        • Bankole Babawale

          You are entitled to your view. Also, If your view takes us back to stone age we are also entitled to challenge it. And this view of yours takes us back to the medieval period. Please count the number of ministers in president Jonathan’s administration that hold the American Green cards and citizenship. They hold these green cards, they are ministers in Nigeria and yet they cannot even provide us with modern governance which is equivalent to that which is available in the countries whose Green card they hold. Count the number that go abroad for health care. Count the number of ministers that have their children in American schools while they loot the Nigerian treasury dry and use same money to send their children to same American schools-country you are condemning. is the Nigerian genetically inferior? If you cannot see these issues then I think we need to begin to agree with the postulation that the black man is genetically inferior-and Nigerians top the list of the black peoples who are genetically inferior. Please do not shout racism. Since you do not see anything wrong with what President Jonathan has done, you only need to show why it is wrong to say that Nigerians who support this shame by President Jonathan are retarded and are genetically inferior to the rest of the world. I rest my case Ayo Yussuff

          • Ayo Yussuff

            I read ur retarded and disjointed post….no comment i rest my case

          • Bankole Babawale

            You cannot respond. Why? your posts support a retarded and genetically inferior set of people governing us led by President Jonathan. If you cannot see the value in the critique of President Jonathan granting a common criminal pardon, then that says a lot about you and your paymasters under President Jonathan in Aso Rock. Because you went for a red herring, by talking about Americans, I HAD TO BRING YOU BACK HOME to make you FOCUS ON THOSE WHO ARE LOOTING our treasury dry. I know your red herring, your straw man, so i shut i down deliberately by t THROWING ON YOUR FACE THOSE WHO ARE LOOTING OU TREASURY AT NIGHT, AND WHO BEG AMERICANS AT NIGHT AND PRETENDING TO BE ATTACKING SAME AMERICA DURING THE DAY. The point is that : YOU MUST STATE YOUR POSITION ABOUT THIS THE THIEVES IN ASO ROCK. That is more important baby Your masters in Aso Rock send their children abroad to America to study, they do that at night, they send you to come and condemn the Americans in day light. See how retarded you are except if you are one of them. So the question is: why condemn western society where your masters go to get health, where your masters send their children to for their education, countries whose residency and citizenship your ministers hold secretly without telling you-it is also possible you atre one of them hence you know!!! Ask them before you talk. It is Only inferior people that will send their children to school in America, hold America’s residency and citizenship secretly and during the day condemn same America for telling the truth about our situation. We are gathering data, and we will expose these at the right time. Just wait.

          • Es3

            Bankole Babawale,
            I may have misgivings about some persons in leadership position (past and present) and may agree on disappointments but with hope!
            But anything that makes you think that you (Bankole Babawale) are genetically superior to anyone in government of today (or the past) bothers on clear lunacy!!!
            Check you upstairs again!

          • Ricks

            Shut d fuck up and learn. Mr Bankole is making alot of sense here. Apparently, you’re equally as retarded as Ayo Yussuff.

          • Es3

            I can see how unretarded you are with your foul mouth that is stinking of the rot that had accumulated inside of you???! To you, a lot of sense obtains only when someone agrees with your position on an issue?!
            That classes you among the real retards of stone age!!!!

        • Es3

          Ayo Yussuf,
          You owe no one any apologies for having an opinion and venting it as you have done. Infact, it’s good to disaagree with the majority when you feel otherwise because their being majority in opinion stream does not neccessarily make them right!!

          So, hold tebaciously on to your view and possition on an issue until you are convinced otherwise. Strictly no apology to anyone!

      • Es3

        What is irregular in Jonathan’s pardon to Alams? Is it that it did not pass through were it is suppossed to or that the requisite consents and approvals were not obtained?
        If your argument is anchored on some other meaningful ground, then it would pass as a reasonable comment!!!