Embattled presidency says without pardon, Alamieyeseigha would qualify for 2015 poll

Aso Rock alternate spokesperson, Doyin Okupe

The Nigerian presidency defends its decision to pardon a convicted corrupt leader.

An embattled presidency, Thursday, issued a frenetic defense of President Goodluck Jonathan’s grant of state pardon to former Bayelsa State Governor, Diepreye Alamieyeseigha; asserting the president’s right to act and refuting criticisms about the propriety of the decision.

Presidential Spokesperson, Doyin Okupe, denied the amnesty will spur public officials to loot the state treasury, as critics have warned, and dismissed similar arguments that the pardon was to prepare Mr. Alamieyeseigha, convicted for huge fraud eight year ago, for elections in 2015.

At any measure, Mr. Okupe said, the former governor would have qualified to seek elective office by 2015, when it would have been 10 years since he was convicted, as stipulated by the constitution.

“Alamieyeiseigha was jailed in 2006, he has already spent eight years after his conviction; the Nigerian Constitution allows you to stand for any post ten years after you must have served your jail term. So whether President Goodluck Jonathan granted him pardon or not, by 2015 he will be fully qualified and eligible to run for election,” Mr. Okupe said.

But it will only be nine, and not 10 years by 2015, since the former governor left jail, invalidating Mr. Okupe’s claim.

Mr. Alamieyeseigha’s pardon, approved by the Jonathan-led Council of States on Tuesday, has ignited a firestorm for a president who lately, faced stinging backlash and public disapproval for strings of policy missteps.

Mr. Alamieyeseigha was cleared alongside seven others, one of them- Shettima Bulama- also an ex-fraud convict. But many Nigerians view the president’s decision as chiefly directed at Mr. Alamieyeseigha, a known political benefactor of the president.

Pardon doesn’t stop corruption

At a press conference on Thursday, the government’s first official briefing since Tuesday, Mr. Okupe said critics were wrong by claiming the presidential pardon showed the administration was abdicating an already shaky anti-graft effort.

That line of argument takes the criticism “too far”, he said, reading from a prepared text.

“It is out of place to suggest that the pardon is tantamount to abandoning the fight against corruption in Nigeria. This is too far from the truth,” he said.

Adopting a more conciliatory tone than an earlier television appearance, where he thumped about the president not owing apologies for the decision, Mr. Okupe appealed to Nigerians to be “open minded” on the issue, and to recognize that “the purpose of punishment,” as stated by English judge, Lord Denning, “is not to destroy the offender but rather to reform him and deter others”.

He subtly highlighted the administration’s argument that after all, the former Bayelsa State Governor’s prosecution was politically motivated.

“Gentlemen of the Press will recall that former Governor DSP Alamieyeseigha was removed from office in a manner that was suggested by many as not being entirely above board,” he said.

Nevertheless, he added, the former governor served his time, lost his position, “forfeited the property illegally acquired and has demonstrated enough soberness after he served his sentence.”

“It has often been said that there is always a season for everything under the sun, a season to punish and a season to forgive. Distinguished gentlemen of the press, fellow Nigerians, this is the season to forgive and to heal. May God forgive us all and bless our country Nigeria,” Mr. Okupe said.

More condemnations

Since the decision on Tuesday, the remarks by government officials have seemed hardly potent enough at reversing the fury that greeted the decision.

Civil society groups warned on Thursday they will oppose the president’s decision, although it is not clear how much they could achieve with the president’s powers for pardon clearly stated.

Citing a dossier of state pardons by American presidents, Mr. Okupe said Nigerians should recognize Mr. Alamieyeseigha’s role in keeping the peace in the restive Niger Delta, which is vital for steady oil sales and a running national economy.

“But in truth Alamieyeisegha since he left prison has been working strenuously and silently to assist the President stabilize the amnesty in the Niger Delta Region. Alamieyeisegha is a foremost leader of the Ijaw Nation, and his political and stabilizing influence in that region have impacted positively on the overall economy of the nation, bringing crude oil exports from the abysmally low level of 700,00 bpd, to over 2.4 million bpd!

“Therefore, it is obvious that, Alamieyeisegha has been a major player since his release from prison in ensuring that the blood that runs through the Nigerian economic artery is not cut off,” he said.


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  • DavisOmon

    I think some thing is actually wrong in that country.This is a man who is suppose to be in jail you are saying he can contest elective position with the money he stole?.Do we even need Jesus to come before judgment is deliver on some of us .We prepare a constitution with act of corruption engraved in it and all the escape routes for corrupt people.

  • Enemona

    This is corruption country, come one come all, bring on all your thieving friends, it’s free for all. The requirement is your ability to steal, no matter who you are, Igbo, Hausa or Yoruba, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the zeal and the will to steal. Steal as much as you want, the more the merrier. We love thieves, we vote thieves, we worship with thieves, we respect thieves, we honour thieves, thieves lead us, we defend thieves……. it’s the turn of the thieves from the south-south, the ones from the west left and before them came the northern thieves….. the thieves are comrades in the struggle for stealing, they only fight for their share of the loot and then gang up again to steal more.

    All the thieves of Nigeria, UNITE!

  • idris

    doyin,you are a disgraced,remember history will certainly judge you.because of money and position in govt,you guys are misleading mr.president

    • Adoki

      You are right, but I think the media is also to blame in all these recklessness. Have we all forgotten that the media were writing at the time that Obj was using Ribadu to witch-haunt his ‘enemies’, and that it was selective justice? They also said that the manner in which Alamieseigha was removed and prosecuted was unconstitutional. Did they (the media) not create the wrong impression that led to all these?

      • K. Umar

        Shut up! Don’t create confusion. The media never said he did NOT DO the crime. That the media said he was to be prosecuted within the law does not mean they rejected his conviction.


  • hamid

    Enemona is very correct. Its all about thieves and their friends. One day very soon, good people will take over.

  • Afam

    1999 constitution is clear on this section 66(c)) he is under a sentence of death imposed on him by any competent court of law or tribunal in Nigeria or a sentence of imprisonment or fine for an offence involving dishonesty or fraud (by whatever name called) or any other offence imposed on him by such a court or tribunal or substituted by a competent authority for any other sentence imposed on him by such a court;

    (d) within a period of less than 10 years before the date of an election to a legislative house, he has been convicted and sentenced for an offence involving dishonesty or he has been found guilty of a contravention of the Code of Conduct;……. the question is this,has he spent the 10 years out of political activities?

    • Babajide

      afam, let us invite ALL THE CONVICTED CRIMINALS IN NIGERIA AND HAND OVER THE SENATE, PRESIDENCY AND HOUSE TO THEM. I guess this is what you are saying and it is coooooooooool my brother. I like your sense of law and patriotism. You are so patriotic in your “analysis” . So let us ask president Jonathan to call ALL Nigerian criminals, gie them pardon and ease them into senate, house and presidency. Bobo afam dis your analysis pass me ooooooo

      • Afam

        Am not saying we should invite all the convicted criminals and send them to senate or anywhere,the truth is this,if the man wants to contest in 2015 is he qualify to contest? has he served the stipulated number of years as stated by the law? if the answer is yes it is left for his people to vote him in or vote him out…The truth is that some people hate GEJ with passion no matter what he will wrong or right they will still complain because many of them who are have taken politics as career are out of job and angry… but this is as a result of failed institution for years…we have failed to build strong institutions that will deter some many crooks from getting near to power…NASS know what to do but many of them are ex-convicts or fugitives..20 years as an amendment to this section 66 (c) will take those thieves far away from politics,20 years imprisonment on fraud cases without option of fine will drastically reduce corruption in Nigeria…NASS AND JUDICIARY ARE OUR PROBLEMS.

        • Babajide

          afam, Look stop this defense. It will not help. Some of us are comfortable with our job. We can afford to de-link from Nigeria. We work for Nigeria ONLY because of our passion for our country. We do this because of our previous sacrifices for the country, and we love our country with a lot of passion. But this is what you call hatred. You said some people hate President Jonathan-abi? Okay, that is fine , you have the right to free speech to say that even when I shake my head as you and other Jonathan defenders evoke such pristine defense. But let us look at it this way. Nigeria is a country of 150 million great people. Nigeria is so huge in the world that Nigeria produced the first African to win a Nobel Prize. By that I am evoking the greatness ALL OUR PEOPLE IN SCIENCE, ARTS, ECONOMICS, ETC form the East/South/North and WEST. Now this is the same country whose President in 2013 was so DESPERATE TO PARDON A COMMON CRIMINAL ALAMIEYESIGHA IN ORDER TO PAVE WAY FOR HIM TO RUN IN THE SENATE-A PLACE WE OUGHT TO HOLD WITH RESPECT- THIS PRESIDENT FORGOT AND INSERT THE NAMES OF PEOPLE WHO HAVE ALREADY BEEN PARDONED-Yar adua etc by previous regime. Afam, are you kidding me? Look, I am saying see what my President did. And you want me to defend this president? And you say some people “hate GEJ with passion…” Give me a break afam, I am telling you that given what Nigerians have achieved in the past Nigerians deserve some respect. And President Jonathan is morally unfit to give us that respect based on the ACHIEVEMENT OF ALL NIGERIANS FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE BOTH AT HOME AND IN THE DIASPORA IN THE PAST. I am telling you that given what President Jonathan has done and is still doing, he is not making us feel proud as NIgerians-and you sit there ill-quoting some some laws and telling us some people “hate GEJ passion..” Is it hatred if I point our that this GEJ was SO DESPERATE TO GIVE HIS MENTOR A COMMON CRIMINAL PARDON HE INSERTED THE NAMES OF PEOPLE WHO HAD ALREADY BEEN PARDONED INTO THE LIST? Can President be competent for once? How is that hatred? If you as a Nigerian can take such incurable corruption manifesting in incompetence , if you can ask your own children to take such, I as a Nigerian cannot take it, and I cannot ask my children to take it. I deserve some respect based on the WORLD ACHIEVEMENTS OF ALL NIGERIANS-SOUTH/EAST/NORTH/WEST , and I am saying President Jonathan is NOT GIVING me that respect based on his hopeless, immoral and irreversible commitment to corruption. I say this, you say “some people hate GEJ with passion”. If you can take this incompetence that is fine. I cannot take it. You can read the usual meaning to it, that is fine-the point is that President Jonathan is drenched in corruption. he drinks it. he lives it. he CANNOT CHANGE. Under him Nigerians home and in diaspora have lost all respect. And it is unfortunate. But it is worse that people like you afam, and other online defenders of GEJ do not see this, or you see this but you keep quiet for personal reasons. Personal reasons destroy countries. Personal reasons do not build countries.

          • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

            just to educate you. Yaradua et al was previously granted clemency by Abubakar military junta except OBJ who was hurriedly pardoned to enable him run for president. You remember, this was one of the ground for Falae’s suit. I trust you know the difference between clemency and pardon.
            And please don’t say things like ‘we can afford to de-link from Nigeria’. There is no wisdom in that.

          • Babajide

            mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa alias deri, alias afam, alias President Jonathan, alias KenMani, I like your answer big time. It has exposed you and the presidency under President Jonathan intellectually and conceptually. Let me first take the less important one-the fact that some Nigerians can cut Nigeria off their lives like some have actually done but some cannot but that tey refuse to because they think we can still redeem Nigeria. The talk after the pardon of a criminal like Alamieyeseigha one of President Jonathan’s mentors apart from the other convict Dan Etete is the talk of town. The question we all ask and that people ask is: “Is it worth it under President Jonathan for some decent Nigerians to help and intervene.”? Look, let me tell you, anywhere some of us go even when you are better than the other citizens from other countries the first impression of the Nigerian is that he/she is corrupt. Let me give you a factual example-in a classroom of students from different countries, I walked in, everyone was joking. I overheard a Ghanian tell the most brilliant student in the class- who is a Nigerian- “oh you NIgerians are so corrupt…” You know what mpitikwelu alias afam? This Nigerian HAD NOT STEPPED INTO NIGERIA IN HIS LIFE. HE WAS NOT BORN IN NIGERIA , BUT HIS PARENTS PROUDLY ENCOURAGE HIM TO BE A PROUD NIGERIAN. I was not shocked at the Ghaanian’s observation to the Nigerian. Why? It was NOT the first time I was hearing it. Right there, embarrassed, I struggled VERY HARD NOT TO LOOK IN THE DIRECTION OF THEIR CONVERSATION. But the reason for the Ghanian’s comment is that our President , President Jonathan IS THE SYMBOL OF CORRUPTION. Afam, the world is a GLOBAL VILLAGE. WHICH HUMAN BEING WILL READ THAT AN AFRICAN PRESIDENT(President Jonathan) GAVE PARDON TO A GOVERNOR-ALAMIEYESEIGHA A CRIMINAL WHO AS A SEATING GOVERNOR DRESSED LIKE A WOMAN TO ESCAPE ARREST WHEN HE WAS BEING CHASED AROUND LIKE A COMMON CRIMINAL, WHEN HE WAS RUNNING ALL OVER IN DISGUISE TO AVOID ARREST? And you people want to bring some silly ethnic argument into this -a strictly ETHICAL issue? On this basis, the external world actually think that we Africans, especially we Nigerians are genetically inferior for acting this way. So if some of us structurally, temporally, spatially, politically HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH PRESIDENT JONATHAN’S CORRUPTION, I am telling you that we can afford to shut down on Nigeria(for we have gained NOTHING under President Jonathan’s rule even in terms of esteeem, respect and dignity for every citizen of a country wants to be respected whereever they go and when they show their passport, so we have NOTHING to lose by just turning our backs), just like many decent people have done. What President Jonathan has done is getting too much. He looks at Nigerians straight in the face, pardon a common criminal and he says or he sent his media people to say “I do not have any apology to anyone!!!” My God, you are being paid from our taxes! And you do not have any apology to us who presumably elected you and from whose taxes you are being paid? Finally, let me educate you a bit-A country’s citizens-both home and abroad -are the country’s public relations officers. So when Labaran Maku-minister for information was talking about re-brand Nigeria-I just dey laugh. Govts do not brand a country by SIMPLE TALK and propaganda from the ministry. The officials of a country led by the PRESIDENT brand a country THROUGH PRACTICAL STEPS AND ACTIONS. and THE CITIZENS- BOTH HOME AND ABROAD DO THE REST OF THE PUBLIC RELATIONS ON BEHALF OF THEIR COUNTRY BY SHOWCASING THE COUNTRY by their own individual and private examples . So you want Nigerians to showcase a lying president-who cannot even disclose ALL his private life and who gave a criminal PARDON? Think about that before you reply.

            2. Now let us come to the clemency/pardon talk. After you have been exposed by the SOURCE OF MEANING-DICTIONARY I hope you will go to President Jonathan’s presidency and look for new arguments to defend the GREATEST SHAME OF A COUNTRY AND OF THE CENTURY. Before I wrote my initial post which you responded to I was very careful conceptually. I checked my words, I checked the dictionary. Happily you and President Jonathan fell for my post. I knew you will run around SHOUTING ABOUT THE “difference” BETWEEN CLEMENCY/PARDON. But this is what the dictionary says about THE TWO.


            PARDON-forgiveness/absolution/CLEMENCY(my emphasis)/MERCY(my emphasis)/LENIENCY(my emphasis)/remission.

            I am going to be blunt with you here because your post is an intellectual and moral embarrassment and once again disgrace to Nigerians for some people-non-Nigerians- who read your post wonder if we think at all , if we read at all, and if we use the dictionary. So I will send you back to the presidency to show them this post . And please take a dictionary with you when you do this. Call President Jonathan’s media men and women who defend him with English language-at least they use the English language when they defend President Jonathan’s fraud, call Maku, Gulak, Okupe, Abati-some of them actually have Phd right? So call them and show them this post and please take a dictionary with you. You people are a moral and intellectual embarrassment to us-Nigerian citizens mpitikwelu-na_Ugwu_Awusa/ alais KenMani/deri/afam /President Jonathan/ this is the kind of hole and ditch you run into when you want to defend THE BIG LIE AND FRAUD AGAINST A COUNTRY. All the time you shame Nigerians who struggle to make their country work, who struggle to give their country positive image. But take this to Oga, and I hope it will moderate the embarrassment you cause us all the time. So mpitikwelu, in simple English on the basis of the dictionary and with what the dictionary,-a neutral source of meaning has offered, please tell Nigerians and the world, the DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CLEMENCY AND PARDON.

          • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

            Please be less emotional and get the point. Premium Times claimed Diya et al has been pardoned twice and I merely stated that it is incorrect. Clemency simply means reduction of sentence or even go home from prison. It does not remove the guilt or the attachment of conviction. The recipient remains a convict. Diya et al remained convicts until this pardon. Pardon is an absolution. It is as if the convict has never been convicted at all in the first place.
            Get off your hubris.
            While I am not happy about the pardon granted, I also know that worse injustice is done when equals are treated unequally. Why are Shekarau and Yerima not in prison. The past governments picked on a governor of a weak constituency and destroyed him in unlawful manner to be honest. That’s is also immoral.
            Don’t get me wrong, Alamiegheser and Tinubu are in the same league. we cant pick and choose.
            Finally, I don’t work for the presidency. I need to keep saying it.

          • Babajide

            I have given you the dictionary meaning of the two moral concepts. Pardon says Clemency. Clemency says Pardon. In other words they are conceptually equivalent. Okay. If you are right then the dictionary is wrong. If the dictionary which the billions of people on earth use is right then you are wrong. So please address the issue more rationally. Speak and use the criterion-the dictionary which we ALL USE-to defend your position. I am not interested in your politicking. I am interested in rationally engaging the issue to help my fellow citizens and let the world understand us better and differently from the serial immorality President Jonathan commits everyday. At least the world must know that some Nigerians stand for something and NOT just that all of us simply FALL FOR ANYTHING. So engage this rationally using the ONLY RATIONAL document-the dictionary which we all GLOBAL CITIZENS can speak to and are bound by.

          • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

            In legal terms, they have different consequences. I think I have guided you enough. Get a lawyer.

          • Babajide

            So baby Mpitikwelu speaking on behalf of President Jonathan, I need to Lecture you a bit before I shut down. Your problem and the problem of online defenders of President Jonathan is that you do not know those who you are arguing with. I am happy that you ran away from your first challenge to me. I hope I made it CLEAR to you and your ASO ROCK corrupt crowd that some of us will not carry begging bowls to President Jonathan, for we do not need your regular hand outs to Aso Rock beggars. That is the basis of my initial comment that like many decent Nigerians have de-linked from Nigeria, some of us who still believe in Nigeria can afford to simply shut down. But we do what we do for the sake of the public and the sacrifices some of us have made to this country in the past, sacrifices we see are being eroded MORALLY because of President Jonathan and his crowd who simply fail to see any reason to govern ETHICALLY. Now let me LECTURE you on the FALSE DICHOTOMY you MISCHIEVOUSLY drew on clemency/pardon since you need some LECTURING. First in law they are the same otherwise they become whimsical, and yet they are not supposed to be capricious or whimsical-okay?. You have a minister of Justice and an attorney General-Mr. Adoke- in Aso Rock. Ask him about your false dichotomy and if Mr. Adoke has the intellectual audacity to present an argument to Nigerian public on this, please ask him to do so. We Nigerian citizens will take things from there. Second, law is NOT arbitrary. Law relies on a common document to code its legal substance-and that common document is the DICTIONARY. So? Law relies on THE DICTIONARY TO INFUSE AND BREADTH THE SAME LEGAL MEANING TO THE LEGAL AND MORAL CONCEPTS OF PARDON AND CLEMENCY . You can continue to DISGRACE yourself and your paymasters. But STOP DISGRACING NIGERIAN CITIZENS globally. This is an internet world and age. The world read these things. They will say Nigerian government and their apologists like you are not even literate enough to see that it is A FALSE DICHOTOMY to dichotimise Pardon/Clemency. The world will say it is unethical to continue to stick to a false dichotomy after things have been explained to you. If you cannot use your dictionary and legal statues properly then do something else. DO NOT EMBARASS Nigerians like President Jonathan does everytime . I believe this should help you baby mpitikwelu.

          • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

            Lol. Hubris on display! I can’t cure what is an inherent trait in you. Just tone it down because your arrogance is staggering. Please try and learn, Mr Know All.

            ‘While clemency and pardon are not interchangeable, a pardon is a form of clemency. Clemency is a general term for reducing the penalties for a particular crime without actually clearing your criminal record. A clemency can come in the form of a pardon, which is forgiveness of a sentence, a commutation, which is reduction of a sentence, or a reprieve, which is a temporary putting off of punishment while the situation is analyzed further. Therefore a pardon is always clemency, but when someone receives clemency, it does not necessarily mean a pardon.’

          • Babajide

            Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa, I have called you out to state the basis of your claim since you need some education. When a claim is made in civil discourse you POINT TO THE CRITERIA OR DOCUMENT supporting your claim. I have given you my criterion. That is the English language dictionary. You have NOT given me yours. Anyone can claim one is the other, or the other is one, or one includes or excludes the other. All these are relevant only in the face of what we call CRITERIA in basic reasoning otherwise we read our political choices to things as you clearly are doing. Unfortunately, political choices are NARROW. They are NOT GLOBAL. A dictionary is GLOBAL and I have RELIED ON THAT in my argument. Of course I have my views -part of which is to get rid of President Jonathan’s corrupt Presidency and make Nigerian citizens proud again-just as you have yours which is to sustain Preisdent Jonathan’s corrupt Presidency and continue to shame Nigerian citizens locally and in the diaspora. BUT WHAT I HAVE RELIED ON IN THIS CONVERSATION IS NOT MY VIEWS BUT WHAT THE DICTIONARY SAYS. AND A DICTIONARY IS NOT A PRIVATE DOCUMENT. And we cannot hate the dictionary JUST BECAUSE IT IS NOT SUPPORTING OUR POLITICAL VIEWS TODAY. So Please read. I decided to go LECTURING you because you do not have even the basic humility in language. You have a history on this platform of simply opening your mouth talk and then think after. You even talk about “educating” people when you FAIL TO PAY ATTENTION TO A BASIC DOCUMENT -THE DICTIONARY -IN YOUR POSTS AND EDUCATE YOURSELF. And I am not surprised that you did not even check the dictionary for the meanings of clemency/pardon before running posts. I am not surprised because if a WHOLE PRESIDENT (PRESIDENT JONATHAN)COULD RUSH TO GIVE “PARDON” TO THOSE WHO HAVE ALREADY GOT IT JUST SO AS AS TO GIVE AN IMPRESSION OF ETHNIC BALANCING, (TO A CRIMINAL PARDONING OF A COMMON CRIMINAL LIKE ALAMIEYESEIGHA) WHAT WILL HIS(PRESIDENT JONATHAN’S APOLOGISTS) LIKE YOU NOT DO?. I REST MY CASE. But if you give any other illiterate post I will respond just for the education of innocent readers.

          • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

            Please read the Black’s law dictionary. I wont join your long wander.

          • Babajide

            kid mpitikwelu please Read “Legal Implications of Jonathan’s Pardon by Jiti Ogunye in Premiumtimes. I am so surprised you have not told us what Oga President Jonathan thinks about the summary of his illegalities and immoralities in that essay. You may also ask your minister of Justice -Mr. Adoke to respond to that. That essay has put to rest President Jonathan’s illegal and immoral act. Jiti Ogunye is a Lawyer. Please next read and think before you write and talk.

          • Ayemi

            Mpitikwelu, are you scared? I wonder why you called this a “longer wander?” It is just an intellectual engagement and involvement. Why are you running away? You see now that you are even soggier than your oga (Janathan) who asked you to standby for him in case an argument like this comes up. Na ugwu awusa, can you tell me the name of the university that awards you your first degree, if you had any at all? Just simple argument you can’t even engage yourself. This a complete shame if you don’t know ooo!!! just make I tell una o.

    • Bala

      so Mr. Afam I ahve simple questions for you based on this: (i) Did president Jonathan read this law? If no, what kind of president is he that he did not read and know the laws of the country he governs? (2) if yes, why did he have to rush a pardon for a criminal and a convict? Why not allow the law to take its course on its own?

  • TATA

    If a toilet cleaner is not doing well, sure you will sack him. Please Okupe alone and give the toilet user Tetracycline to reduce the shit…..

  • Doyin Okupe do you have conscience at all. When you drop dead and appear before God, what will you tell him???

    • Ide4u

      He does not believe in God.

  • igbiki

    Mr Jonathans Administration is always wobbling and fumbling running from pillar to post because of self inflicted injuries. If Mr Jonathan has decided to pardon Anamesenya and don’t give a damm, so be it.

    Agreed that Mr Anamesenya’s trivails had some political undertones,- afterall he had problems with OBJ and Ibori was not arrested or tried-, it’s a fact that he looted his state’s treasury.

    Mr Jonathan’s team should always stick to facts so that way their damage control tatics will have that way, just some modicum of results or something in that direction.

    Telling us the first lady is on holiday when she was almost dead, that Nigeria ranks behind the US in Trasparency’s lists, giving pardon to people already pardoned then defending it by telling us that 2006 to 2015 is 10 years etc makes their damage control work look like pouring petrol into a raging inferno.

  • fatrik Luu

    This is a little bit too hard….

  • u call that frantic defence months after the pardon was properly granted- U will only be justified in your watery assertions if Alams was the only thief pardoned by the Presidency among the 31-rogues that Ribadu alleged that stole their states blind-It would have been just that if Alams was not wrongly impeached-or had lawmakers locked up in the gulag of ribadu until they agreed to impeach the only Ijaw governor to go to Jail in Nigeria since our yeye regional freedom–Jonathan has no apologies to make to anybody-u just go about re-writing stories to attract people to your web-site like Sahara reporters and u call that journalism-its nothing but tribalism-9ja belong to Zik-Awo and Balewa mentality that has not gotten us anywhere-the same old divide and rule tatics of the fulanis from Mali and Akwette

  • u call that frantic defence months after the pardon was properly granted- U will only be justified in your watery assertions if Alams was the only thief pardoned by the Presidency among the 31-rogues that Ribadu alleged stole their states blind-It would have been justified again and again, if Alams was not wrongly impeached-or Ribadu did not have lawmakers from Baylesa state, locked up his gulag until they agreed to impeach the only Ijaw governor to go to Jail in Nigeria, since our yeye regional freedom-from the Brits Jonathan has no apologies to make to anybody-u just go about re-writing stories to attract people to your web-site like Sahara reporters often does! And u call that journalism-its nothing but tribalism-9ja belongs to Zik-Awo and Balewa mentality. That is what has gotten us to where we are today-the same old divide and rule tactics of that the Brits left for the Fulanis from Mali and Akwette to emulate