Police arrest Senator Yerima over comments on radio

Senator Ahmad Yerima

The police on Saturday arrested former Governor of Zamfara, Sen. Sani Yerima over alleged “inciting’’ comments on a live radio programme run by Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN), Kaduna.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the Commissioner of Police in the state, Olufemi Adenaike , led policemen in six hilux vehicles to surround the radio station and arrest the senator immediately after the Hausa programme, Hannu Da Yawa, at about 12:30 p.m.

Though Mr. Yerima was allowed to drive in his car to the state Police Command Headquarter, his car was sandwitched by the police vehicles.

After over two-hour long interrogation of the senator, the police commissioner told newsmen that Mr. Yerima was not under arrest.

“The senator was not under arrest, all we did was to find out what he said that they were going to go on a peaceful demonstration. I am satisfied with what he said and he is free to go.’’

Mr. Adenaike blamed journalists for blowing the matter “out of proportion’’, saying that his concern was the peace and security of Kaduna State.

“I am highly disappointed in you journalists, in the sense that nothing is happeniing and you are blowing it out of proportion.’’

In his comment, Mr. Yerima said the police was uncomfortable with his call for a peaceful protest, “should in case we meet all the legal requiremets and INEC refuse to register APC”.

“We will mobilise people, just like what happened in Egypt, we will sit there day and night, until INEC changes its decision.”

He said that protests are part of democracy, but “I am not calling for the peaceful protest now, I am just sounding a word of caution”.

NAN reports that the radio programme had focussed on the merger of Yerima’s All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP), the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) and the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA).

During the programme, Yerima had said that the new party, All Progressives Congress (APC), would meet all conditions for registration by the Independent Nationa Electoral Commission (INEC).

Responding to a question by a caller on what they would do if the party was not registered, the senator said leaders of the party, including Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, Bola Tinubu, Ibrahim Shekarau and others, would stage a peaceful protest to ensure that INEC “do the right thing.”

“We have no doubt that the party will be registered, we are going to fulfil all the constitutional and legal provisions for it to be registered, and we have no fear whatsoever that INEC would abide by the statutory conditions for the APC to be registered.’’

He said that leaders of the political parties involved in the merger would meet on March 27, to adopt the constitution and manifesto of the new party, after which it would be sent to state congresses and the national convention for ratification.

Mr. Yerima described the emergence of the APC as a good omen for the political development of the country, adding that “it is important to have two strong parties in the polity so as to give Nigerians alternative choice during election’’.

“Nigeria and its interest is paramount in this effort, and we are doing everything possibele to ensure that our efforts are not scuttled either by INEC or from within.’’

He acknowledged that already, there were efforts to scuttle the merger from within and outside the party, but said thta measures had been taken to ensure the success of the merger plan.



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  • Tunde Oyekunle Oyeleke

    So they are monitoring every talks and move that a senator can be “arrested” for interrogation immediately after after the conclusion of the programme. Inever know that Nigeria Police can this be efficient.

    • Dan maikoko

      When it concerns the president and his power ofcourse they are efficient. When you go to bed today make preparations for your security, it will be suicide to expect them to react with the same efficiency in your defense when you are attacked by robbers, kidnappers or Boko haram.

  • Lanre

    If this is the party that Tinubu and Aregbesola, Fayemi, Amosun and Fashola expect me to support, they are wasting their time. Yerima and I do not share the same ideals in life. What am I doing with a paedophile? What am I doing with someone who has no respect for the constitution? A message for the current Yoruba Leaders. Am I an avowed Awoist that has always supported the ACN. “E le tawa soko eru” (You cannot sell us into slavery). “E lo ronu dada o” (Go and think of whatever it is you are planning). Yorubas are no fools and we will resist colonialism in whatever form. A word is enough for the wise.

    Also, Mr. Adenaike I will be praying for you. With all these Boko Haram and Terrorist Sympathisers as Leaders in the North, you can never be too sure. God will protect you, my Yoruba brother.

    • Babajide

      Lanre, If you are the same Lanre whose posts I read here sometime, I would say I understand the challenges you have to deal with. I would rather operate on the basis of certain democratic and liberal principles. Ideologically,like Awolowo, I will be to the left of the spectrum defending basic principles of equity, justice, egalitarianism, plural, modern and inclusive society, the right of each Nigerian citizen to hold his/her views without taking other peoples’ rights away, a gender sensitive policies based on equity and justice of the two genders, a morally upright society FREE OF CORRUPTION , social policies which include education and health, development of the rural areas like Awolowo enjoined us to do. Let me tell you straight up and down that I support the APC. I do not want to hide my views or screen them off. I want to state them upfront. I am in FULL support of ANY democratic means used to stop four more years for the irreversibly CORRUPT PDP and President Jonathan’s administration. So I have the following questions for you: Yerimah said if APC is not registered, APC will engage in PEACEFUL PROTEST. Please Lanre, INFORM YOUR READERS any other thing Yerimah said. So my questions are: What is wrong with a PEACEFUL PROTEST if APC is not registered? What do you want any political party to do if it meets the requirement for registration and INEC refuses to register it? What do you want Nigerians to do if INEC resorts to undemocratic actions? Why do people praise the Arab spring in Egypt only to want to siddon look in Nigeria? If you are the same Lanre, then I am not surprised for I see that sometimes you write from purely a parochial standpoint, and that is always shocking to me. I put it to you very bluntly but very gently, the world has passed the stage of ethnic republics. I will NOT favor your type of ethnic republic. My opposition to you and other ethnic republic advocates will be based on reasoned and rational argument. You have right to your position but I think you are wrong. The present task is a pan-Nigerian task, it is a pan -African task to get rid of this thing, this CORRUPT MACHINE called PDP which is dragging us back 100 years.We have had PDP for at least 13 years, I cannot see ANY progress. The rest of the African countries are MOVING, yet we stand still. So you need to tell me exactly what Yerimah said in that interview that warrants and justify your position. He said PEACEFUL PROTEST, and NOTHING MORE. Finally, I ask : were you present during the June 12 struggle? What did we use? We used PEACEFUL PROTEST. I will NOT WAIT AND SEE MY VOTE TAKING AWAY THIS TIME. I am going to STOP it with PEACEFUL PROTEST AND , LEGAL AND LWAFUL CONSTITUTIONAL MEANS. But I WILL NOT SIDDON LOOK ANY MORE. You can if you want. It is your choice. If you are the same Lanre that usually responds to Dr. Aribisala’s essays, you are free to vote PDP , that is your choice, and I grant you your choice. It is a democracy. And that is what we want. You vote this way, I vote that way. There is nothing wrong with that. Actually, I welcome it. So you should vote PDP, and vote for four more years of CORRUPTION. But for some of us , We are NO LONGER going to “siddon look” and wait for another PDP four more years. We will vote out PDP, and vote out CORRUPTION in OUR LAND, OUR COUNTRY NIGERIA SO THAT WE JOIN OTHER AFRICAN COUNTRIES WHICH ARE CONDUCTING THEIR DEVELOPMENT WITH THE URGENCY IT DESERVES IN THE 20TH CENTURY. Lanre, your comment is nothing but a vote for PDP, and you have a right to it, stick with it. In other words you, LANRE are SAYING FOUR MORE YEARS OF CORRUPTION. But we Nigerians are saying NO MORE YEARS OF CORRUPTION. And this is a pan _Nigerian task, it is pan -African task. It is NOT someone’s ethnic task. Thank you

      • Lanre

        It looks like you guys cannot tolerate dissent. State your opinion and move on. No. You want to tell someone else how to think. This is my last and final response to you. Until Premium Times bans my IP address because I am posting nonsense, I will express myself. If you don’t like it, don’t read. I do not owe you or your father or anyone else an explanation or apology. Now GET LOST!

        • Babajide

          “GET LOST”? Dr. Lanre! Your language of “Get Lost” sounds like mpitikwelu_na_Awusa_Ugwu’s language. Anyway both of you will fall in the same category. But this is the point. In the spirit of civil debate and conversation on an important matter I have challenged you to show Nigerians any other thing Mr. Yerimah said beside saying that he and his colleagues will proceed on a PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATION if INEC violates our constitution and the rights of Nigerian citizens to assemble under a political party of their choice. . Now you talk about not tolerating dissent. These are your words “It looks like you guys cannot tolerate dissent” When you criticize others what does that mean? Are you tolerating dissent? Your claim is that your act of critiquing others constitutes an expression of an opinion. I agree with you on that. Now, but how is that different from what I am doing when I comment on your views? If yours does not constitute intolerance of dissent, how does mine constitute intolerance of dissent.? Answer Dr. lanre. I think you lost the conversation and the logic in the argument hence your uncouth language that your interlocutor should “GET LOST” That is not right. I think you need to accept that you were wrong in objecting to a citizen’s position on PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATION. Demonstration is morally legitimate so far as it is not violent. In a democracy, we all need to accept this, and it is not too intellectually difficult to see the legitimacy and correctness of this position.

    • kandi

      There is a village where the oil was discovered in 1956 in Bayelsa
      state. As I talk to you, there is no water, no electricity, no roads, no
      better hospital in that place today. Where is our conscience? Where are
      the leaders of this community? Why are they not benefitting from the
      derivation funds? Now in the 21st century somebody is asking us to bring
      10 percent for host communities! We are not being honest. When we
      failed to implement the provisions of the constitution and looking for
      cheap way out and people of like minds say no to this. I have many
      friends from the south-south; I cherished my relationship with them, but
      when the truth comes, we should speak it out. The situation in which
      one state out of 36 states of the federation will get allocation that a
      whole zone with six or seven states will get does not make for equitable
      society…….. Senator Abdullahi Adamu

  • joshimiri

    President Jonathan is the last man standing from
    the Class of 1999. An already extraordinary personal history might be eclipsed
    by the one that beckons, but which might be ominous for the future prospects of
    the Nigerian people. By 2015, Jonathan will have been Deputy Governor for 6½
    years, Governor for 1½ years, Vice President for 3 years and President for 5
    years. He will have exercised executive power at both the state and federal
    levels for a consecutive period of 16 years – a record of individual domination
    of power without a historical parallel since independent Nigeria was proclaimed
    in 1960. If he prevails in the impending political hotwire of 2015, he will, by
    2019, have done so for 20 years. He will have passed, by some distance, the
    stage at which, by historical evidence, the absolute corruptive influence of
    power amongst African leaders begins to manifest, followed by the onset of the
    demigod impulse and paralysis in the arena of policy delivery. His power and
    influence over the events of 2015 will be nearly determinative because he will
    draw on an unprecedented wealth of iterative experience of the PDP-type
    politics. But this knowledge should not make cowards of us.

    • Dan maikoko

      He was in fact paralysed by Turai yaraduwa and he is yet to gain the use of his physical and mental faculties. He is like a chaffe in the wind blown here and there by the real powers behind the throne. They heap the blame on on him while they empty the treasury. The battle in 2015 will be between the powers that hold Nigeria hostage since independence and the Nigerian people. Jonathan like most Nigerians is just a spectator.

  • hamza

    Lanre or whatever it is u call ur name. U are as backward minded as a giraffe who choses to eat from inside a well than from the trees above. What has the senator said wrong? Talking about paedophile since his religion permits him so let it be. The constitution is a man made document whereas religion is different or do u take the constitutio created by mortals superior than ur religion? Surely not! Let us be realistic his social lyf, religion or ethnicity shud not come into play when sm1 says the truth sentiments aside.i would support any alternative there is to the pdp truth be said the pdp is not willing to better the lives of nigerians. Sentiments aside an alternative 2 d pdp is d only answer. Weda u lke it or not there are tens of worst ppl in d pdp than in all the other parties combined. THINK!

    • Wole

      We live in a country where the constitution is greater than any religion. The constitution is supreme. That is just the fact. Nigeria is not a religious state. Two options lie to those who don’t like that fact, change the constitution making it subservient to religion or leave the country and live your life elsewhere.

  • Ken

    So Yerima is in bed with the so-called progressives in ACN…I dey laugh o.

  • 77Akemini


  • olumide

    A̶̲̥̅♏ ₪o† suprise that Yerima Ȋ̝̊§ part δf APC because T̶̲̥̅̊h̶̲̥̅̊e̶̲̥̅̊ party Ȋ̝̊§ made up δf blood sucking people A̶̲̥̅̊₪d̶̲̥̅̊ frudulent human beings that their programs Α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ ₪o† people oriented. Fools

  • Status Quo

    Foreign intrigue is at the heart of Nigeria’s problems! Like Boko Haram and it’s saudi support! Nigeria is going to have to prepare itself for a comng Armegeddon for foreign interests are interested only in our oil and will do anything to divide and conquer this country! Nigerian duplicity isn’t helping but truly our main focus needs to be on getting MI6 and other terrorist cells out of this country operating ‘undercover’. We all know who they are and where they are; put them on a plane and warn them never to come back!