Boko Haram: CAN disagrees with Sultan over amnesty plea

Pastor Oritsejafor
President of CAN, Ayo Oritsejafor.

The Nigerian Christian association disagreed with the Islamic leader on Boko Haram.

The Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, on Wednesday rejected the suggestion by the Sultan of Sokoto,  Sa’ad Abubakar, that members of the Boko Haram sect be offered amnesty.

This is contained in a statement issued and signed in Abuja by the CAN General Secretary, Musa Asake.

The association said it wondered the kind of amnesty proposed by the monarch and advised the Federal Government to reject such suggestion.

It, however, welcomed the idea of a stakeholders’ meeting to genuinely discuss the issues that concern the development of the country.

“We wonder the kind of amnesty contemplated by the Sultan, this is why we are puzzled.

“We therefore say categorically that we reject any offer of amnesty for members of the Boko Haram sect.

“We ask government to do same. One group of people cannot continue to pay the price for one Nigeria. We must sit together as brothers and discuss issues,’’ the statement added.

It stated that the reasons given by the Sultan for the offer of amnesty was not tenable and should not be accepted.

The association argued that the sect had not clearly stated its grievance with government or other elements of the state and hence was not qualified to be offered amnesty.

“We wonder what the Sultan meant by injustice in relation to the activities of the Boko Haram sect when members of the group are a bunch of fundamentalists who have killed, maimed, deformed Christians”, the statement read.

It said that for the talk about amnesty to hold water, the militant group must first of all renounce their extreme ideology and embrace the cease fire plan.

CAN added that President Goodluck Jonathan should first of all give the sect members a deadline within which they should organise a cease fire before any talk about amnesty would be considered.

The Sultan of Sokoto had called on government to offer total amnesty to members of the sect as part of the search for peace and security in the north.



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  • Abubakar Mohammed

    Are u not in this country went sect attack the emir of kano, maiduguri, jarman katagun (killed), n how many christain were caught wif explosive n guns. Have u forgen a female chirstain was been caught in church while she one 2 set d church ablaze. How many muslim were kill by this group. All d christain that were been caught what ve d action has take place with them. N u re saying d target is only on christain. Is a shamful statement by u as a leader of a respectful religion.Amnesty has been give 2 d millitant who destroy d economy of this nation. What is wrong with the same thing will be give 2 d sect.

    • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

      The difference is that the militants never committed mass murder against Nigerians. In fact most Nigerians sympathised with their cause. Boko Haram demands that we all worship Allah or die. How do you negotiate with such lunacy?

      • momodu

        Point of correction. Allah is an Arabic word for God. If you read Bible written Arabic or other languages with Arabic dominance like Hausa you will noticed that God is Allah. I am not supporting any compulsion on religion but correcting your statement. Note: Boko Haram has killed >20 times more Muslims than Christians.

  • Dan maikoko

    CAN is also offering amnesty for boko haram if they will renounce their “fundamentalists ideology”! So what is all the fuss about? Can we all see why the Catholics left the CAN? They promised fire and brimstone if BH continue to kill Christians so far what have they done? Now amnesty is suggested and they are out grandstanding. CAN has dabbled into politics and corruption and its therefore irrelevant just like the “President”.

  • William Mancha

    I read the comment with great amazement how could any sane fellow suggest an amnesty to the people who have no single logical reason for killing the people they see as threats to their cult? bringing this word amnesty into this matter shows that Nigerians do not understand English language. I am seeing the truthful signs of the breaking up of this country if these ANIMALS will be set free after sending so many innocent Nigerian Christians to their untimely graves. CAN or whatever you call yourself, you should note that discussing anything like amnesty with the terrorists and their sponsors is a sign of betrayal and weakness of your association. Terrorists should be brought to book. No compromise or negotiation with them in any disguise .

  • Ter

    the Sultan has gone mad, he should be interrogated, these people cannot be trusted, northern elders and leaders have a veiled sympathy for boko haram.

  • Danvista

    Amnesty for Boko Haram?ABSOLUTELY NO WAY!Any direct,or indirect suggestion of amnesty from any quarters for this blood-letting monsters,is profoundly naive and disgusting.It is also an unprovoked assault on our collective intelligence.Amnesty on what basis,if one may ask?How so soon have we forgotten the innocent and law abiding men,women,children and elderlies who have fallen to the bullets and explosives of Boko Haram in churches,market places,schools,on the streets,and in the very peace of their homes!How would they be feeling in their graves that the very people who gruesomely dispatched them to their untimely graves have now been pardoned,rehabilited and,perhaps,compensated?Under such senario,can we as a society,in good conscience,say that we’ve secured justice for those victims?Under no circumstances should these terrorist be given a soft-landing.The battle to rid our society of these blood-thirsty monsters should continue with undiminished intensity.There should be no respite for them,nor a place to hide.All those providing them with safe haven should be made to suffer the same fate as the terrorists.One by one they will all definitely be hunted down,smoked out of their holes,and served the justice they deserve.Overwhelming majority of Nigerians are absolutely opposed to any kind of amnesty for Boko Haram.Whoever is suggesting amnesty as a solution for ending this unprovoked insurgency is totally on his own.

    • Samaila

      If amnesty was given to Oritsejiofor who was drug kingpin trafficking in cocaine and although he still sniffs it he was made the president of Nigerian Christians then why not? May be the Oritsejiofor is beginning to experience the withdrawal syndrome. I pity Nigerian Christians. Chei!!!!