APC Governors venture into Boko Haram’s den, in ridicule of Jonathan, PDP

APC Governors
APC governors

Eight Governors of the APC’s 10 were at the meeting in Borno, North Eastern Nigeria.

Eight governors from the major opposition parties met on Thursday at the Government House, Maiduguri, Borno State where they continued discussion on the formation of the All Progressives Congress, APC.

They also discussed the prevailing insecurity bedeviling Borno and Yobe States, both governed by the All Nigeria Peoples Party.

Maiduguri is the hotbed of the Boko Haram insurgency and the governors appear to have ventured into the city to shame President Goodluck Jonathan who is yet to make a state visit to the Borno State capital.

The governors met in the troubled city in spite of reports of explosions in a part of the metropolis.

Eight out of the ten governors who met earlier in Lagos were present in Maiduguri. While Yobe Governor, Ibrahim Geidam, was represented by his deputy, Abubakar Aliyu; Governors Abiola Ajimobi of Oyo and Abdulaziz Yari of Zamfara were absent.

Unconfirmed reports say Mr. Yari was actually in Maiduguri but had to return to Gusau , the Zamfara State capital, because his deputy lost his father.

Rauf Aregbesola of Osun, who briefed the media after the meeting, reiterated what he called “the irrevocable determination of the governors to the emergence of the APC.”

He also expressed the solidarity and support of his colleagues to the government and people of Borno and Yobe States over the insurgency that has been bedeviling the two states. He commended Governors Kashim Shettima and Ibrahim Geidam for their efforts in containing the insurgency.

Mr. Aregbesola also announced the decision of the governors to donate N100 million each to the two states.

He added that one of the decisions taken by the governors at the meeting is a tour of all states of the federation to sensitize Nigerians on what the APC stands for and seek their support.

“We wish to inform Nigerians that we would soon embark on a national outreach and sensitisation activities. We call on all Nigerians to support our efforts to rescue our country from a visionless leadership,” he said.


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  • The Realist.

    Nonsense….We all know that boko Haram is politically motivated…so if they are sympathetic towards APC it then means that sponsors of this notorious group are within APC….Boko Haram don’t even know what they are agitating for cos if truly they hate western education then they shouild be fighting with swords,spears and bows and arrows…These governors would have held this meeting with the tightest security possible…Who is fooling who?…Pls this so called Another Political cancer(APC) should go and tell us what is in their manifesto instead of making themselves look like circus clowns.

    • Tobibs

      Errant idiot….

    • Ide4u

      Tell ur foolish GEJ to go to Maiduguri with the entire armed forces if that is what it will take. He cannot continue to be the president of only a section of the country. You should be applauding these governors who have the determination that fear cannot stop them from moving this country forward while GEJ remain holed at Aso Rock

    • Fatrik Luu

      You are right my brother

      • kunle

        but why is President Jonathan afraid of a simple visit by common APC governors to a problem area? Why is PDP afraid of a common visit to an area to solve problem? Is governance no longer problem solving? Or is President Jonathan afraid that a simple example is calling to question his governing credentials? Why are you people scared? ah ha ha!

    • adams

      So it is circus clowns to bring hope, development, to be the vessel of peace and love? If this is the PDP vision, and President Jonathan’s vision the more reason we need an alternative. I am just shocked that you are so used to hopelessness and backwardness , you cannot see light and progress when one come calling. I am shocked. But it is good for we know the PDP problem is deeper than we think. It is a problem of poor vision and lack of it.

      • The Realist.

        Mr.Adams…U are the one that is too blind to see anything…Is the same bunch of corrupt,inept and visionless politicians that have come together to form APC…taking a bitter wine and putting it in a bottle labelled as “sweet” does not in anyway change the bitterness of the wine albinitio…Open ur eyes and see that these guys don’t actually mean well for u..Our mesiah is yet to come…They are donating 100M naira each of who’s money?…Personal or state money?…meanwhile their own state needs all the money it can get to be able tp achieve basic ameninitis…which they have not been able to provide for their people…Bunch of hypocrates they all are..

        • adams

          oh baby realist the money is from Nigerian citizens who live in APC states. So what is wrong with that? What does it mean to build bridges. I like your comments and posts for paradoxical reasons? You know why? We Nigerians have said all along that there must be a reason President Jonathan is “governing” the way he is “governing” . We Nigerians said that there must be a reason this President does not act, does not work, does not desire unity, sees corruption but fails to act, allows Mrs Diezani-Alison Madueke for purely personal family reasons to stay in that position after monumental corruption has been revealed in her ministry. We have wondered why President Jonathan acts ONLY when his private and personal interests are under threat. he does not care to act for Nigerian citizens, common tax payers, poor people. So since we Nigerians now have an alternative, you are jittery. I have simple questions for you Mr. Realist: what is wrong in building bridges? What is wrong if I live in a state X and my governor uses my money in state X to help Nigerian citizens in state Z? What is wrong in taking peace, love, unity to Borno and Yobe states? I think those are better than using my money to bring prostitutes into the country under silly things called bringing in “celebrities,” giving my money to fellow citizens in ANY state in Nigeria for development purposes is better using my money to bring in Beyonce like President Jonathan did when he gave Bayelsa money to Nduka Obaigbena. You see what I am saying Mr. Realist. I want my money to go to Yobe and Borno states. I do nt want my money to go to Beyonce or Kardasha-or what is that one called again. Forward on APC, Nigeria has seen thru the tricks of PDP and President Jonathan. God bless Nigeria, God Bless APC. God bless Nogerian citizens.

        • Xman

          Realist, I quite see and agree with some of ur points. But lets look at it from this perspective, two Devils wants power, believe me, there would be competition between these two devils as to being good, and when the war starts between them, both of them are riggers, a time will come that both of them will be clamoring for non rigged election believe they (each of them) are credible enough to win an election if it is not rigged it. This is political maturity. My brother, they would in no time start competing for goodness between themselves, that is if they are equally stronger, as in non is stronger than the other, but my fear is if APC wins, there would be exodus from PDP to APC and that would make APC another PDP. But if that does not happen, Nigerians will be better for it.

    • Dan mai koko

      The statement from the realist is more serious than most Nigerians know. The statement that boko haram is politically motivated has cost hundreds of thousands of lives and limbs. Its unfortunate that for the first time in Nigerias history a president was allowed to be elected who does not know anything outside his village. This mistake has cost us lives and may ultimately cost us the nation. For anybody to say that Boko Haram is north versus GEJ even when prominent northern Imams and emirs have been attacked or killed by the same group is the height of folly. Only people with no brain can think like this. Let those who want to know now that boko haram started with violence during Yaraduwa’s regime. They have a fatwa (death sentence) on Yaraduwa before he died. They have been killing prominent Imams from the north that oppose them since 2007 long before Jonathan has a dream of becoming president.

  • angryniger

    GEJ IS A COWARD, politically motivated or not, as dangerous as Afganistan is, OBama, and David Cameron have both visited it on several ocassions, GEJ is a lilly livered, timid individual and not fit to lead a local government talk less a country, he is scared of his wife and cannot control her, so how can he govern a nation of over 170 million? I do not care who becomes the president as long as the person can rule and lead well. GEJ has proved over and over again, that he lack intergrity, and not honest, in 2011 he lied and said he was not aware of his party PDP’s zoning agreement, he also said on air during his campaign that he would only spend on term in office, i do not have anything about his right to change his mind, what i disagree with is to now come out and deny this, also the issue about madam lazarina patience jonathan, who they claimed was not sick, and then come out with thanksgiving party costing millions. GEJ has told us to many lies, in other climes, this are impeachable offences.

    • Fatrik Luu

      My brother, GEJ is not as bad as you are trying to paint him. I dont know what you, as an individual has done in your family, village or even alma mata to help the people.You also seem not to know government and governance works in a society like ours. We should support GEJ in his drive to Transform the country.

      You make it look as if Mr. President has not done anything since he came on board. and that is not a fair comment. Nigeria belongs to all of us and it is not only GEJ that can fix it.

      • AbdurRahman

        what has he done since becoming president, name it? I’m a Nigerian in Nigeria, more Nigerian than you

      • Enemona

        I’m yet to see any transformation… when will he begin this transformation? All I see is corruption and ineptitude. May be he should transform himself and the crooks around him first.

      • Xman

        How is GEJ transforming the country? By leaving corrupt offcials and citizens to go unpunished? Oil Subsidy scam what has he done? Halliburton scandal, what has he done? Food Budget, more than N1B, is that transformation? Malabu Scandal, wht is he done? Tony Anenih who was indicted on corrupt charges, he appoints him as BoT chairman, is that the kind of transformation u are talking about? By travelling or his wife travelling abroad for medical treatment, is that what u call transformation? My brother abi na sister, please wake up if u are sleeping, Jonathan is not transforming any, na stealing he come do

  • segun

    Thank you Nigeria. Thank you APC. God Bless Nigeria. God in his infinite mercies will bless you all in APC. We Nigerians know we have challenges. We will NOT run away from our challenges. We will overcome them. May God in HIS INFINITE MERCIES continue to shower HIS LOVE AND BLESSINGS on you ALL in APC and on ALL Nigerians of different faiths and ethnicities in these trying moments. YOU ARE ONE BEFORE ME, BEFORE MY EYES says my God. Hence we we will struggle together to BE GREAT again. This is HOPE. HOPE is coming. Aleluyah!!! God Bless us all this fine morning. mI love this picture. I just love the picture I am seeing. I am just elated to see this happen again in the Nigeria I love so much to which I have given a lot , to which I am ready to give more if we get it right. And we shall get it right again by the special blessings of out God during this Christian Lenten season. I am just happy that you APC governors visited Borno state during this christian lent season.It is important that this is happening during our christian fasting /Lent period. Spiritually, it means WE ARE ONE. AND WE WILL BE ONE FOREVER-Christian, Muslim, Orisa, non-muslim, non-christian. We will be ONE because WE ARE ONE Nigeria. May God bless you for doing so. This means a lot to me. It should mean a lot to we Nigerians who say WE ARE ONE DESPITE THE DELIBERATE ATTEMPT BY OUR GOVERNING ELITES TO USE ETHNICITY AND RELIGION TO DIVIDE US. God Bless Nigeria. God Bless Africa. Emi ni tire notooto, Nigeria, emi ni tire nitooto Afirika- meaning I am yours truly Nigeria, I am yours truly Africa. From this moment on we MUST not look back. I am FOR THIS.

  • tualey

    If they like let them go to Mali or Afghanistan for their meeting, who cares. All these while they have been in this country, they did not visit Bornu but they are going there now, as if they care for them. That was how CPC drafted Buhari to National Stadium to watch Nigerian match during last year campaign time and some naive individuals then said that he is patriotic. Now since after then have you seen Buhari even in a football field in his village? All these grandstanding and deception won’t help APC. Most of the APC governors are from the north what have they done to uplift the standard of living in their various states? How many state governors have created jobs more than Jonathan? Which governor from the north was able to probe almajiri menace in the north? Jonathan was the first president to look into almajiri issue and built schools to take care of them while northern governors were using them as thugs. No northern governor proposed policy on education that will reduce illiteracy in that region. Anybody who is trying to dump the problem of the north on Jonathan is being mischievous. I don’t have the details why Jonathan have not visited Bornu and I know that he did not visit Abia state when it was the hotbed of kidnappers. When Niger Delta was boiling Yardua did not visit the creek, rather it was Jonathan that went to the creek to talk to the militants to lay down their guns and they listened to him, that was how peace was achieved. The APC goernors should convince us by going to Boko Haram hide out to ask them to lay down their gun, then probably they will get the votes of Bornu people not my vote. But for them to sneak into maiduguri and think it will buy them goodwill is foolishness, how I wish that Boko haram will locate where they are bomb them all out of existence.

    • Emeka

      tualey, I like your response. It shows ONE THING. What is that thing.? IT SHOWS THE APC GOVERNORS HAVE DONE THE RIGHT THING FOR VISITING BORNO STATE. APC governors, thank you for making this work. Thank you for rekindling our hope in Nigeria. We will support you for doing this. God bless you.

      • Easy

        What about the man who put the hope of the nation in doubt with his pronouncements which inflamed his dutiful supporters into a frenzy of murder and mayhem? That man is your leader – Buhari.

    • Mohammed

      i agree with u. the move is political. we cant be fooled. and they have sympathisers amongst those who went.

      • Abiodun

        I do not agree with Mohammed and tualey. The visit of the APC governor is CORRECT. This is what we want in Nigeria of TODAY. APC governors, I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for making this work. Mohammed and tualey, though you have a right to your cynicism, we are democrats, we will concede to you your right to say anything, but we Nigerians want a better Nigeria. And APC governors are moving gradually in that direction. They are responding to our yearnings from BELOW, they are being TRUE leaders. We Nigerians should support this and DEMAND more of this APC gestures. Thank you APC governors. May God Bless you. May HE continue to endow you with DIVINE wisdom to solve our problems which are NOT intractable and insolvable but which have been made to look so. We are democrats, we are progressives, therefore we will join hands regardless of ethnicity and religion to build Nigeria, to build Africa. Go on sohun APC-meaning MOVE ON APC! ONE NIGERIA NOW AND EVER!!!

    • Otitoju Adamolekun

      tualey, the APC governors will not go to Mali or Afghanistan because they are not citizens of those countries. But if they go, they will only go there to share with them how to build united and peaceful countries without firing bullets, as the APC governors are doing gently and quietly. They will go there as the APC governors are doing to share with them that it is possible to build a country with empathy,, help, development, equity, love, kindness , forgiveness, fondness , sharing together, etc as the APC governors are doing sincerely and lovingly. But more importantly, the APC governors in my opinion are showing what true statemanship and leadership is-leadership and statesmanship ARE NOT SIDDON LOOK-it is engagement and being on the streets solving problems. APC governors are saying like our dear Obafemi Awolowo of blessed memory that “I will not siddon look and play Emperor Nero, while my dear and loving country burns and gradually die, rather, I will be on the streets with my trousers packed up, with my wrappa folded, solving problems, making mistakes, correcting ourselves, loving one another, helping one another, encouraging one another, pulling one another up when the other falls, telling one another to keep moving for our future is greater than our today etc” That is the true spirit of development Awolowo taught us, to be on the streets solving problems and not complaining, hence the APC lgovernors and leaders are doing that. So I support them, and I wish them well for Nigeria.

  • Mohammed

    U messed up ur story with the “ridicle” angle. its a shame Tukur. and the gullibles are jumpin on it. only a retard will say GEJ is afraid to visit Maiduguri. Afraid of what. u forget he can go with all the commands in Nigeria…of all 3 arms. it is just silly. yes GEJ shd hav visited, why he hasnt i dont know but to say APC ridicled him or he is afraid is just idiotic, if u ask me.

    • ahmadu

      mohammed, why dont you leave us with our “gullibility”.? If our “gullibility makes Nigeria WORK, and more UNITED, more PROSPEROUS, MORE JUST, more equitable, more PEACEFUL so that foreigners and non-Nigerians can begin to visit our dear country again, why wont we want that kind of “gullibility”? So please leave us in our “gullibility” for it makes Nigeria work and it will GROW Nigeria once again. Thank you APC governors. This is what personally I have been looking for. You made my day APC governors.

  • Bem Katungu

    Instead of uniting to help the President to resolve the security challenge in the country, the 10 governors are busy trying to score useless political goals. I’m sure the money they donated will be used to arm some idiots to continue doing what they are doing……

    Are they governors to be fighting the Presidency?

    • Babajide

      The president has not asked the APC governors for help. And if surely President Jonathan is interested in what the APC governors are doing president Jonathan should say so openly and call them for help. So do not blame the APC governors for being statesmanlike and going out to work. And more importantly how does bringing hope, help, succour, peace, compassion, empathy to the land, to our country like the APC governors are doing amount to “fighting the presidency”? Those who queue at Aso Rock for oil money and crumbs from the presidency should continue to do so. It is their right. Those who want to work to rebuild Nigeria like the APC governors are doing should please go ahead with a huge sense of urgency. We really do not have time anymore. the world is leaving us behind, and we want to move, and we shall move by the special grace and blessing of God. This country will be great again-Believe, I believe. I do from my heart.

      • Enemona

        I believe too. We shall come out of the woods. Peace and progress shall come to this country.

    • Dan maikoko

      Its only Jonathan as president in the history of the world that needs the help or encouragement of the opposition to solve any problem. The opposition are not mandated either by the electorate or the constitution to help the president in any way outside the law. A president is not supposed to be helpless. A president is not supposed to be so moronic that he cant innitiate anything or solve any problem unless others help.

  • Fatrik Luu

    The meeting was simply an infamous one. I don’t think the 10 governors have to be operating a parallel system that will jeopardise the interest of the majority.

    • Abubakar Sokoto

      the APC governors are citizens of this great country-Nigeria. They want peace, development, progress for our dear country. I think their steps are in the right direction. When bridges collapse, what do you do to make common folks who do not have great means pass? You re-build the bridges. That is what the APC governors are doing. If someone does not do it, and others are ready to re-build the bridges, we should encourage them. So the APC governors are re-building collapsed bridges. And they should be supported. I support them with prayers and love.

  • Dauda

    Must GEJ be forced to go to Maiduguri, does his going reduce the wanton and purposeful destruction of lives and properties by the sect? You could clearly see APC seeks cheap political scores to undermine the PDP party and GEJ administration. There going to Brno is of their free will and has nothing to do with GEJ.

    • damilare

      Dauda, you are over exposing your principal President Jonathan. So talking peace, love, development in Nigerian states that are challenged means in your eye and President Jonathan’s eye undermining GEJ administration. How can peace, love, kindness , money for development which APC governors took to Borno state undermine? How can peace and love undermine? Look are you out of your mind? Actually, this position says a lot about President Jonathan’s mindset and the mindset of the PDP. I think you guys should start packing your load in Aso Rock. Haba! How can peace, love and kindness, empathy “undermine”? I just do not understand. Something must be wrong with this president and his supporters.

  • My friend in the first place you do not insult your President, well this i think has to do with home training. What can you as a person show that you have been able to do for your community? BOKO HARAM is an instrument of politicking. This is even a clear note to Nigerians that Boko Haram is ruining in consonant with some group of people who they take orders from. Jonathan is not stupid he has a drown down program. Has he gone to all the States of the federation and did not go to Borno that you call him a Caward for not going to Borno State? If you have personal issues with GEJ say it out

  • Tunde

    APC is seeking support from Boko Haram to win election in Nigeria. If the sects begins to operate in the south know that your leaders have signed an agreement with them to be used for operation in the next election.

    • Otitoju Adamolekun

      Tunde, do not worry. Obafemi Awolowo asked us to always build bridges across Nigeria for peace, education, developement, progress and progressive Nigeria and Africa. We shall build those bridges. I know some people want to give the black man bad names, they want us to remain inferior forever, they want us to be to the world as if we cannot even govern a civilised modern state. But they are mistaken. We will build Nigeria by the special grace of God. APC has done the right thing. God bless them, God bless APC governors, GOd bless ALL Nigeruan citizens

  • Easy

    Birds of a feather flock together. Clearly the chief Boko Haram activist is their leader, so why does it surprise anyone that they are meeting to plan the next phase in their campaign against Nigerians? The binding duty of the Press now is to find out what they are up to.

    • Emeka

      Easy, President Jonathan;s supporters have suddenly woken up to started talking about “Nigerians”. I thought before they only said “forward on to Republic of SS and SE”! That was the campaign of President Jonathan’s supporters on online platforms, and we know them. So please do not talk about “Nigerians” since you do not believe in that concept. Stick with the disunity you and the the President have caused among Nigerians. At the appropriate time, we Nigerians will give the united answer and united voice that will send the jingoists packing. So when the APC governors take peace, love, sincerity of purpose, kindness, money for development, milk of unity in diversity, milk of empathy, brotherhood, civility and culture which we Africans are known for to a troubled part pf Nigeria-Borno and Yobe-which our President neglected- so the APC governors are planning with Boko Haram. is that what you are saying? Does it this not SPEAK VOLUMES why president Jonathan can openly and brazenly appoint a common thief like Mr Annenih as Board of Ports Authority and chairman of PDP BOT, and cannot do anything about Boko Haram? Does it not show that our President’s body language is “leave them alone, let them kill themselves, when they bomb themsleves to death they will stop… all I am concerned with is four more years?” Is this not why all of you are suprised at the APC gesture which sent a positive signal to the world that this thing called Boko Haram is solvable after all? Is it not because President Jonathan’s hyprocrisy and dubiousness on Boko Haram will be exposed by the kind, nationalistic , patriotic and lovable gesture of APC governors that all of you -President supporters -are angry about APC kind gestures? Does this not mean that President Jonathan has something to hide for doing nothing? Shouldnt President Jonathan commend APC for helping him bring peace to the land and call them to ask “how did you do it?” “teach me how you did it?” Instead of commending a kind gesture you lambast it because it exposed you. Too bad that in your mind bringing peace, love, kindness, patriotism to a Nigerian state by Nigerians is arming Boko Haram, too bad President Jonathan , too bad President Jonathan’s suppoters. But we Nigerians will patriotically overcome this rot from President Jonathan and his supporters.

      • Easy

        I think that you are mistaking me for someone else. I am a true Nigeria who hates indigene-ship, and what successive military juntas including Buhari’s have done to the country. My proudest moments at the University in Europe were when we were discussing Wole Soyinka and Chinua Achebe’s literary exploits. To tag me as anything else is the worse form of pigeon holing.

        Talking about known thieves, where does Buhari come in your list? Personally I would put him up there alongside our worse looters. When he was in charge at the NNPC, during OBJ’s military dictatorship, he looted us blind. During Shagari’s Presidency, when he saw that the trail as getting close to him, he promptly carried out a coup of his own. This meant the continuation of his looting, nepotism and religious fanaticism. Please do no pretend to be unaware of his past which is a reflection of what he is still capable of, given power.

        • Emeka

          You have not answered a simple question: How does the fact that a decision of a group of Nigerian governors under the aegis of APC to extend love, warmth, funding to a state that is clearly challenged amount to “they are meeting to plan the next phase in their campaign against Nigerians?” And the subtext of your post is Boko Haram . Therefore these patriotic and nationalistic governors who pulled resources together to help a struggling state are in your words are patnering with Boko Harm to “… to plan the next phase in their campaign against Nigerians?” Those are your words. And the tribalists that support President Jonathan despite an abysmal failure in governance fall into your line of argument. They have all the while told us how SS and SE will secede. They have told us “Forward to republic of SS and SE” and they also argue that the APC governors act of taking succour, peace, kindness and funding (no matter how small it is) and love to Borno and Yobe states is undermining President Jonathan. How can peace and love undermine someone if that person is doing the right thing. This is why you fall into that category of Preident Jonathan’s tribalist praise singers. But they can go on. Nigeria will outlive them by the special grace of God. That is my answer to your post. Thanks.

          • Easy

            The subtext of my argument is indeed Boko Haram. In Borno state, those that are not in support of the dastardly clan of killers are targeted at every turn. The chief Boko Haramist is your leader so they governors would feel relaxed in the knowledge that they are amongst fiends. Let me ask you, do you know how many Churches have been bombed by these fanatics, urged on by their mad mullahs and clandestine elite supporters? Now, I am not suggesting that you are one of them, but you supping with the devil and you need a long spoon.

            Further, throwing “Forward to republic of SS and SE” in my face is just a little beneath you. I have commented on matters of interest on many national newspapers, and I defy you to point out to me where this has been my position. It is wise to call a spade a spade, but to call a tiger a spade is just foolish. Getting hot under the collar while throwing unfounded accusations of tribalism, simply suggests to me that you are not interested in establishing the truth.

            So these governors have gone to Borno to bring peace and security to our land? If it is in their gift to do so, the only question I have is what took them so long?

          • Emeka

            Mr. Easy, I am putting it to you that the main slogan of President Jonathan’s supporters is ‘Forward on to Republic of SS, and Republic of SE, and Four More Years”. They do not see themselves as Nigerians, they see themselves as non-Nigerians. And that is fine. I do not have any problem with that if that is their choice. Moreover, they interprete a gesture of unity to Borno state by APC governors as “undermining President Jonathan”!!! I shuddered and said “My God” How can giving money for development, taking unity in diversity, taking love and peace to a troubled Nigerian state amount to undermining President Jonathan? What does that claim mean logically to you? It means logically President Jonathan prefers the status quo-which is “let Borno and Yobe states bleed to death, which means let Nigeria bleed to death ..I do not care… let them kill themselves… I do not care… “-you see what I mean? So when you come in to ask exactly similar questions as the likes of mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa, Afam and the coterie of President Jonathan online campaigners and supporters ask, what do you expect? When you take exactly the same position as the President Jonathan apologists, then you fall into that category. Now to show you the agenda of President Jonathan and his apologists, you ask “”.. what took them this long…” By them you mean APC governors. Right? But APC is new my brother. How can APC that is just two weeks old go to Born state and Yobe state last year? And on another note that a new party is already making such big and positive waves means a lot to we Nigerians. Now to ask “what they have been doing for so long…” when you know they are new betrays your prejudice, hidden agenda and your character as President Jonathan’s do-nothing online apologist and spokesperson. My question is: how can people oppose a gesture that is capable of opening up the possibility of ending what is gradually killing our country? Your opposition to such kind, united , peaceful gesture shows your agenda and that of the president which is that “Borno and Yobe can burn to hell, I do not care.” But we Nigerians care and we shall solve this problem.

          • Easy

            The fact remains that tarring everyone with the same name is at best unfortunate. mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa, is fine Nigerian and I follow his comment with a great deal of interest. It pains me deeply to see you use his name in such pejorative terms. Please tell me where this gentleman has erred in your eyes other than to support the efforts of the president. As an Igboman, I respect his ability to rise above pettiness and produce interesting and informative comments. Equally Emeka, I respect your choice to be part of this new formation, But there is no need to make false claims about him. You only need to look at the title of this article to see that it is not favorable to the President. Is it now a crime to point this out? Across some other papers, the story has a common theme, suggesting that they have achieved a great result by being there and labeling the President weak, thus ignoring his democratic credentials. The solution to the problem of Boko Haram has to be organic. This means that the people of the areas who give them succor have to see that it is counterproductive to do so, while the state endeavors to provide security, educate the youth and improve infrastructure as much as possible. You must be aware of the latest in the long line of ceasefires that have been announced by this and that faction of the sect, even though the killings continue unchecked. The fact that the real face of the organisation has now categorically disowned the peace moves shows that they were after all playing games.

            While APC is a new political formation, the members are not new human beings or new Nigerians, not least the governors. They are seasoned politicains with raps longer than my years in this world. So the question “what took them so long?” is completely in order.

  • Kelvin Adegbenga

    They are the sponsor of the BH (N200Million Cash Donation), so why won’t they go and see the performance of their BH Group?

    • bademasi

      Dont you think it is better that Nigerians from one state support Nigerians from another state with with their money rather Nigerian money to prostitutes and sluts like President Jonathan did when he gave Bayelsa’s money to Nduka Obaigbena to give to Beyonce and other sluts? Answer kelvin Adegbenga. Which one will you prefer: to give our money to fellow Nigerians or to give it to some International Hollywood prostitutes like the then Governor of Bayelsa state now President Jonathan did? The ball is in your court

      • Kelvin Adegbenga

        Why didn’t they donate the money since about 18 months ago? That money was to win the support of Boko Haram not to disrupt their selfish meeting in Borno State. Please proof that President Jonathan gave money to “Hollywood sluts and prostitutes” when he was a Governor of Bayelsa. I work with FACTS and FIGURES! Waiting to see your facts and figures and the source!

    • ayodeji babawale

      adegbenga, you are being challenged to make a choice between (a) a Nigerian state helping and supporting another NIgerian state with finance and money like the APC governors have done and (b) a Nigerian state(Bayelsa state) under the then Bayelsa state Governor Jonathan (now president) giving money of a Nigerian state(Bayelsa) to Hollywood sluts and prostitutes through giving the money to Nduka Obaigbena. You are being asked to CATEGORICALLY MAKE A CHOICE on this platform to Nigerians.

      • Kelvin Adegbenga

        Why didn’t they donate the money since about 18 months ago? That money was to win the support of Boko Haram not to disrupt their selfish meeting in Borno State. Please proof that President Jonathan gave money to “Hollywood sluts and prostitutes” when he was a Governor of Bayelsa.I work with FACTS and FIGURES! Waiting to see your facts and figures and the source!

  • Olumide

    APC Α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥. Bunch δf claws . Most δf these APC members that Α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ keeping blind eyes on wat GEJ has done shld leave their comfort zone A̶̲̥̅̊₪d̶̲̥̅̊ travel on federal roads. E.g. Ore benin rd, Ibadan-Oyo- Ilorin rd. Etc. Railway, NEPA . APC Α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ association δf failures that will continue T̶̲̥̅Ơ̴͡ fail

  • Nigerian

    The courage and the enthusiasm of the Governors should be welcomed and appreciated by every right thinking Nigerian. This is era of democracy and the progressive governors Judiciously challenged Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces (hehehehe) on something he failed to do. GEJ is a failure.

  • muyiwa

    Tancy, Do not pretend. You are a supporter of President Jonathan and his ineptitude that has brought our country to her knees in the comity of nations. So do not twist the argument. Please travel abroad, and you will see that Nigerians are buts of jokes among other Africans and citizens of other non-nations. To add insult to injury, we do not even trust ourselves abroad and we display that distrust openly so much so that the first thing a non-Nigerian will ask a Nigerian abroad is : are you from this ethnic or that ethnic group? I have lived abroad for donkey years, this is the first time (under President Jonathan that this will happen-we had always seen ourselves as one). It was not like that before my brother. That kind of dis-unity started under President Jonathan’s administration. I am NOT for insulting anyone. But I reject completely President Jonathan’s administration for bringing too much shame to Nigerians both at home and abroad. For example, when a president LIED so badly about his wife’s health condition to Nigerians home and abroad, to Nigerian kids and youths, what do you expect other countries to think of us? How do you want them to see us? And when the same wife of President-Mrs Jonathan and her aides – LIED with both sides of their mouths on the same issue, how do expect citizens of other countries to respect us? They say “oh your Nigerian president and his wife can not even say the truth on a simple matter, how can we expect you to say the truth… your President and wife are 419… they LIED to you, if they LIED to you, it is logical to assume that you will LIE to us as a Nigerian.” That is not an ethnic issue , rather it is an ETHICAL issue, and it is a serious matter. But unfortunately some of President Jonathan’ supporters cannot see this serious ETHICAL issue because they have to support President Jonathan for purely ethnic and immoral reason. And finally, let me tell you this and repeat it. I reject president Jonathan’s administration for bring Nigerians to complete damnation and shame among citizens of other nations, for causing so much disunity among us. Finally, please tell supporters of President Jonathan NOT to insult others when campaigning for him. If they do (and since they insult others on behalf of President Jonathan), they have morally given President Jonathan’s critics the moral license to do same.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    President Ebele Jonathan is coward,wimp,moron,clueless,ineptitude,incapable and lacking leadership stature.Jonathan is scare of Boko Haram militants but care only for his own personal life while innocent Nigerian students were abducted/killed.
    President Ebele Jonathan is not Nigeria president because,he does not possess what Nigerian leader requires.Corrupt-ridden,clueless,ineptitude and incapable president Ebele Jonathan.

  • Mare

    Birds of the same feather flock together. One is not surprised, BH must surely welcome their members. The question is what has their visit achieved or have they brought back our girls? This shows the hypocrisy in APC who continue to politize the abduction of these little girls but not ready to help for their rescue.