Jonathan prevails over Obasanjo as indicted Anenih is elected PDP BOT chair

Tony Anenih
Tony Anenih

President Goodluck Jonathan’s intensive maneuvering to take full control of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party yielded a huge dividend Monday night as the president’s anointed candidate, Tony Anenih, was “elected” chairman of the party’s Board of Trustees.

At the end of a late night meeting at the presidential villa, which stretched into the early hours of Tuesday, party leaders presented Mr. Anenih, a former Minister of Works, to journalists as having emerged BOT chair by consensus.

The Secretary of the BOT, Wali Jibril, broke the news of Mr. Anenih’s election  to journalists as President Jonathan and other top party chiefs walked away from the venue of the meeting.

“BOT met today and approved the report of Prof. Jerry Gana on streamlining the membership of the BOT,” he said. “Our new chairman of the BOT by the grace of God is Chief Tony Anenih.”

An elated Mr. Anenih spoke afterwards, saying, “I was elected today by consensus as the chairman of the BOT. I know I can make meaningful contributions to the progress of the party. As you know, the BOT is the conscience of the party. It’s a body of men and women who have seen it all and I am happy to be the chairman of that board.”

The election of the BOT chair was postponed a number of times after other challengers, including ex-Vice President Alex Ekwueme, former party chair Ahmadu Ali and former President of the Senate, Ken Nnamani, failed to step down for Mr. Anenih, who is Mr. Jonathan’s preferred candidate.

The election of the former works minister appears another political setback for former President Olusegun Obasanjo who had backed one of his loyalists, Mr. Ali, for the position.

That blow came less than two weeks after some of his core loyalists in the party’s National Working Committee, the South West zonal executive and the Ogun State chapter were removed from their posts.

Mr. Anenih, who will be 80 in August, was a former chairman of the BOT until 2007 when he was unceremoniously deposed after he fell out with Mr. Obasanjo who proceeded to mastermind an amendment to the party’s constitution reserving the BOT position for ex-presidents produced by the party.

That provision has now been reversed, clearing the way for Mr. Anenih and others to run after Mr. Obasanjo suddenly stepped down from the position.

Mr. Anenih has held party positions since 1981 when he was first elected chairman of the the defunct National Party of Nigeria in the then Bendel State. He went on to become chairman of the defunct Social Democratic Party between 1992 and 1993.

He was SDP national chairman when the late businessman cum politician, Moshood Abiola, won the 1993 presidential election. But as soon as the then Military President, Ibrahim Babangida annulled the election, and General Sani Abacha took over, Mr. Anenih abandoned the mandate Nigerians gave his party.

He began to root for Mr. Abacha and the military.

He was appointed Minister of Works by Mr. Obasanjo. Critics say his tenure is better remembered for ineptitude and corruption.

In October 2009, a senate ad-hoc committee on transportation, led by Heineken Lokpobiri, released a damning report detailing how Mr. Anenih allegedly mismanaged billions of naira meant for the rehabilitation and construction of Nigerian roads.

The report showed how, in 10 years (1999 to 2009), through multiple contract inflation frauds, connivance between contractors and government officials, some N645 billion was spent on 4,752 kilometres of road; shortchanging the government to the tune of N49 million on each kilometre of road worked on, amounting to approximately N233 billion.

The committee blamed Mr. Anenih and his successors in the ministry for the poor state of Nigerian highways during the period and called for their prosecution.

But high-level politicking then set in and the Senate indefinitely shelved the consideration of the report. Mr. Anenih has denied any wrongdoing.

In spite of the indictment, President Goodluck Jonathan proceeded to appoint Mr. Anenih as head of the Board of the Nigeria Ports Authority, a federal agency that oversees and operates the country’s ports, late last year.


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  • Due

    May this master rigger die before 2015 in Jesus Name. Amen. Nigeria must move forward like Edo State..

    • Bem Katungo

      It is only fools that are afraid of death. Death is something inevitable and it will come when it will. It is not a matter of an individual showing disrespect for elders by wishing them dead.

    • Due please pray for Anenih to live long to see how his pack of cards will crumble in 2015!

    • p town man

      Em no go die. Ɣõu̶̲̥̅̊ pray t̶̲̥̅̊ợ̣̣̇̇̇ grow your own. Bad belle

      • Enemona

        For those that want to hold Nigerians down, die they must!

        • p town man

          Mona, even if they put Ɣõu̶̲̥̅̊ in that position, Ɣõu̶̲̥̅̊ will sell a part of Nigeria.

          • Enemona

            Speak for yourself. Not everybody is dumb, greedy and wicked. We still have people with conscience in our country.

            For your information, I do not need excess wealth in my life. I would never want to impoverish those around me, it pains me to see people suffer. Also, putting country over self pays in the long run.

            I think you need to know that all I want in life has already been given to me by God. I do no need to steal from the country if I get there. We are brought up differently and we all have different views/approach to life. For you, everybody steals but for me, stealing is a matter of conscience and upbringing. I have been entrusted with several position and have been tempted several times but on each occasion, I have come out clean yet I’m not poor.

            Don’t compare me with the thieves you defend. We are different.

          • p town man

            Of course, I agree and i know there are good people in Nigeria and am not defending anybody. All i want us t̶̲̥̅̊ợ̣̣̇̇̇ understand is that none is perfect. We should respect our leaders and God will take care of them the way he please.

          • Xman

            This town man, if u care to know I live abroad with a good job job, good house and nice family. So if as Nigerians we all are thinking like u Nigeria will forever be worst, do u care to know why US, Canada, Britain and other western countries are what they are? It is because they have good leaders that cares about their citizenry, and good followers that would not give them excuse. If you are ok, with the way Nigeria is being run, I pray ur life and that of ur entire family be run the way they are running Nigeria, may be by then, we can be giving excuse for ur life, so continue respecting ur leaders so that God will take care of them the way he pleases, olosi

          • p town man

            Mr. Xman. Do you think the solution t̶̲̥̅̊ợ̣̣̇̇̇ Nigeria’s challenges lies in running aboard, getting a good job and good house over there? Am sure in the country were you are today the citizens made there leaders. So come home let’s try and make ours so that you can stop judging from afar.less i forget, i have a good job and house in Nigeria.

    • Easy

      For those who pray for the death of others, your prayers will mean your own death. The God that we serve does not listen to this type of prayer.

  • femi1_a

    Mr Fix it has got nothing to fix again. As he was disgraced in Edo he will be disgrace in 2015.

    • Orduen Samuel

      Things have rapidly changed and Edo will be captured by the PDP in the next elections. Believe it or not.

      • femi1_a

        Even if things have changed as you said, has it got to the extent of voting for a party where one man determines when you should sleep with your wife, eat and enjoy the infrastructures built with your tax? If you what Oshiomhole is doing is not good enough vote for another Lucky and you will be 10 times ‘lucky’.

        • Thanks my Brother.

        • p town man

          Has he ever told you will Ɣõu̶̲̥̅̊ shd sleep with your wife?

      • Good that you used the word capture!

  • Fatrik Luu

    Internal democracy within the PDP in action. I like this.

  • Mr. Myle

    Annenih is never tired. @79, what BOT thing does he have to offer for god sake again. recycling of same nonsense. This man is just an old ingrate. Edo state is Bigger that Annenih now. He better forget that and continue his BOT nonsense. Obasanjo is paying for all he has done too. This is Just the beginning. Nonsense PDP

  • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

    Jonathan had no hand in Anenih’s election. He did not even vote. All these reports are mere speculations.

    • segun

      haba, mpitikwelu!!! With this LIE, you have again shown your immoral hand.

      • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

        Segun, the last thing anyone can accuse me on this platform is lying. I rather give it to you raw than lie to you. Facts are facts. Ask any person who attended that election. At no time did Mr President canvassed for Anenih or any candidate. The President is above party politics.

        • segun

          mptikwelu why are you hiding behind a finger? Why do you dig your head in the sand like ostrich and on the basis of that conclude that no one sees you even if you falsely assume you do not see anyone. Okay you were there at the meeting or you have asked someone who was there. abi? So are you saying Oga President needs to be there before his candidate _Annenih is asked to be chairman of BOT? I think you should tell that to the marines. The point is after a president would have instructed his foot soldiers to do a thing -the usual dirty job-the president leaves for the foot soldiers to go to town. A good example is the work you do on this platform and other platforms for President Jonathan. He pays you, you do the job-sikena. A president does a lot of things-including hiring people like you to do jobs for him. So it is the same thing with Annenih. Isnt it a sick party that will go and exhume someone like Annenih to be chairperson of Ports Authority -the international gateway to our economy -and Chairman of BOT of a party when the BOT is said to be the “moral” voice of the party? So what we have is that your principal -President Jonathan has put an immoral voice as the BOT chairman of the “largest party” in Africa!!! It is the naija style and we understand, it is the reason Nigeria has gone down completely even among African countries. You and your party should go on with your immoralities, but at the right time, Nigerians will talk. So stop hiding behind one finger on this matter.

          • Enemona

            Well said my brother, well said!

          • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

            You choose what you believe but you are still wrong. I choose not to join Tinubu, the certificate forger and drug addict. Neither will I expose my country to the Sharia agenda of Buhari. Shikena.
            FOUR MORE YEARS.

          • segun

            Mpitikwelu, so we should expose our country to Annenih, President Jonathan the LIAR who LIED from both sides of his mouth on his wife’s health. Don’t you have shame at all? Is your pay from the presidency so huge that you cannot think at all?

          • Enemona

            You may choose whomever you so desire, that’s not a problem. But one thing the rest of us are saying is that we would not have four more years of lies and deceit, we don’t want four more years of darkness and underdevelopment, nor do we want four more years insecurity. This government needs to be disgraced out of Aso Rock come 2015 or even before.

            If we want this country to move forward, we must eschew what this government and the ones before it represent: Failure, incompetence, corruption and mismanagement.

  • Na wayo party we get oh.

  • Bem Katungo

    My disgust at some people is that, they tend to draw the name of the President into every decision in the land. it is very unfortunate that, some Nigerians, if not all Nigerians are not challenging their state governors the way they do against the president.

    We are in a federal system of government where power is shared among the three tiers of government. Also because of the principle of separation of powers and checks and balances, it is not possible for the President to be active partaker in every decision in the land.

    Anenih is a card carrying member of the party who is eligible to contest the election like every other person who might meet the qualification specified for the post.

    • p town man

      Ɣõu̶̲̥̅̊ have sAid it all •̸Ϟa̶̲̥̅̊ broda.

  • p town man

    I love politics. And i will play this game. Congratulations Mr fix it

  • rop

    when will some people know when to retire and enjoy the gift of being grandparent? the greedy can never be enough, i wonder why GEJ can not support someone younger instead of this old man with questionanble track record as Aso rock lobbyst. how long shall we be living in the shadows of these old people, by the time they deem it fit to retire, abeg, dem go don spoil the future of our own children, so don’t even start thinking about own own future because they are holding tight unto it right now.

  • rop

    Why can’t this man just go home and spent the rest of his life enjoying retirement with is grandchildren? what else does he want?

    • Fatrik Luu

      Did you tell Enahoro, Azikiwe, ojukwu etc to go and rest with enjoy retirement with their grandchildren. These people were committed to a better Nigeria till the last mnute. Anenih should not be an exception.

  • Prince Dominic

    As far as am concern dis mark d end of PDP reign in Nigeria as d party begins its final journey 2 mother earth

  • Philemon A.

    They say if you see a man dancing, a drummer must be somewhere close. There is so much dancing in the PDP. Yet some argue there is no drummer.