Governors’ Forum in disarray as PDP, Jonathan move against Amaechi

Governor Rotimi Amaechi

The Nigeria Governors’ Forum descended into chaos early this morning with President Goodluck Jonathan and the national leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party masterminding the formation of a splinter group within the group.

At the end of  what seems an emergency meeting  attended by Mr. Jonathan, the PDP National Chairman, Bamanga Tukur and governors elected on the platform of the party, the Akwa Ibom State governor, Godswill Akpabio, was presented to journalists as the chairman of a newly formed PDP Governors’ Forum.

Sources familiar with the intrigues that threw up the new group and Mr. Akpabio say the move was a last gasp effort by Mr. Jonathan and Mr. Tukur to dilute the perceived growing political influence of Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi, who was elected chairman of the NGF in June 2011 for an initial two-year term.

He could re-contest after the expiration of his tenure.

Since 1999 when the NGF was formed, and until last night, whoever led the NGF had always served as coordinator of an informal association of PDP governors.

But the presidency and the top brass of the PDP had of late become uncomfortable with Mr. Amaechi who is believed to be leading a massive opposition against Mr. Tukur and the president. He is also believed to be using his post to strategically position himself as vice-presidential candidate of the party in the coming election.

Mr. Tukur has been holding on to his position with a hair’s breadth after governors and some elements within the National Working Committee launched a plot to oust him.

With the development this morning, the party would most likely not back Mr. Amaechi for a second term of office when his tenure expires in few months.

Instead, Mr. Akpabio might be presented as the party’s candidate for the position.

But Mr. Tukur told journalists  the formation of the PDP Governors Forum was “out of necessity”.

Mr. Akpabio also said his election was part of the plot by the PDP to restrategise, and that there was no plan to remove Mr. Amaechi from office.

“There was never a discussion to remove him “The tenure will end by April, though he has the right to re-contest,” Mr. Akpabio said. “There will be no crack. Other parties are also meeting. There will be no crack. It will strengthen the forum,” he said.

With the plot to hijack the PDP bloc from his grip, Mr. Amaechi is now turning to his sympathetic colleagues to ensure  the presidency is not allowed to foist a chairman on the group.

The Rivers State Governor, who attended the meeting and reportedly opposed the formation of the PDP Governors Forum, is said to enjoy the support of opposition governors and some of his colleagues within the PDP.

Those believed to be opposed to him are Seriake Dickson (Bayelsa) Godswill Akpabio (Akwa Ibom), Theodore Orji (Abia), Gabriel Suswam (Benue), , Ibrahim Shema (Katsina), Isa Yuguda (Bauchi),) and Acting Governor Garba Umar (Taraba).

There are suggestions that the ruling party is wooing Anambra Governor Peter Obi (All Progressives Grand Alliance) to cross over to the party.

He is currently the deputy chairman of the NGF and the PDP, sources said, might support him to become chairman if he crosses over to the party before the expiration of Mr. Amaechi’s tenure.



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  • Sahfeeyah

    Polintrigues and Politricks aka distractions. Didn’t Bamanga Tukur recently hail Amaechi as the best PDP Governor? Can’t believe the old man is a bloody liar! No apologies @Raji Tukur..I am truly disappointed that the man we campaigned for to be president when I was in secondary school has turned out to be a liar. Why did he hail Amaechi at all? To psyche him or what? Politics or lies? Amaechi must be doing something right 4 GEJ &his fellow thieves to gang up against him, and for that alone, he has my support. Bunch of shameless old and young thieving clowns!

    • concernednigerian

      @ Sahfeeyah. I do not know how your support will help Amaechi but I am sure he will appreciate your lone voice in the wilderness. The fact that Amaechi is not getting support from the South-South and South-East Governors save the maverick Okorocha says a lot. Amaechi was said to be a debt collector for Odili’s clinic. others said he was ‘chief vegetable cutter’ in Madam Odili’s kitchen and that was the route he took to getting involved in Politics when the Ijaws recognised Odili as a ‘diaspora Ijaw’ they could do business with and made him a Governor, a miscalculation they are regretting to this day. The Ijaws thought they could hide under Odili’s Igbo name to lord it over the other ethnic groups in Rivers State since it was the Ijaws that fought politically and militarily for the realisation of Rivers State. Their calculation was that after Odili’s rule, they could tell the other ethnic groups that upland Rivers had ruled and take over power, meaning oscillation of power between ‘diaspora Ijaw’ and ‘authentic indigenous Ijaw’ in Rivers State. Marshall Harry, Dikibo, Ada-George, Alabo Graham Douglas, Chief A K Horsfall and the creme de la creme of the ancient Ijaw War Canoe Houses of the old city states lent their support to this scheme for as long as the national Ijaw leadership endorsed the plot. That was how Chief Edwin Clarke was lobbied to lend his support. Our Igbo brothers should be soft in their criticism of Chief Edwin Clarke. He was an innocent party in the scheme. In fulfilment of this calculation, they inaugurated Asari Dokubo and Ateke Tom to use militant muscle to rig Odili into office only for them to realise that Odili was a ‘circumscribed Ijaw’ whose Ijawness was only in terms of wearing Ijaw attire and no more. His people had been with the Igbo for more than a century and he was born Igbo, schooled in Igbo, married Igbo, age mates and play mated all Igbo, hence Odili could not cut himself off from his people no matter how much he wanted to. In addition, Odili looked up to his people for support for his hidden Presidential agenda. That was the beginning of the disagreement between Ijaws and Odili for which Odili as a Governor had the upper hand. He used Ateke Tom to run Asari Dokubo out of town. With Ijaw militant power decimated, he turned to Ijaw political leadership. Without much support from the Ijaws any more, Odili had to bring into government the debt collectors and ‘vegetable cutters’ as his trusted ‘verandah boys’ and relied politically on the upland Rivers people that would have been the victims of the Ijaw scheme. In any case the Marshall Harry’s and the Dikibos did not live long to tell their own side of the story. Only God knows how they met their waterloo. Others fled to Abuja and Lagos. Amaechi as a Debt Collector meant he never had the time to cultivate and develop the social skills to navigate through competing interests as an impartial figure head, hence he polarises every gathering he is involved in. Have you ever heard the names of the Deputy Governor and Speaker of the House of Assebly in Rivers State? Amaechi is the ‘Emperor’ and all in all in Rivers State. Debt collection involves display of aggression and uncompromising attitude hence you will be out of business within the twinkle of an eye. Otherwise would a man who had class not resigned from this so called chairmanship of the Governors forum? Is being a Governor of Rivers State – a state he might not have had any natural affinity with not enough?

      • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

        Another Igbo hater. If your slutty wife ran off with another man. You blame the Igbo. If you fail to perform in the bed. You blame the Igbo. Get a life, imp.

        • Due

          Igbos are not good people. They are not trustworthy, very deceitful, fraudulent and genetically criminally minded. Their criminal exploits is known globally.

          • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa


          • rop

            @Due,yes ooooo, on spot, hit the nail on the head, good fearless man

        • concernednigerian

          Sir Mpitikwelu. Igbo played no role in the intrigues that threw up Odili and by default the Amaechis’ of this world. It was an Ijaw scheme that went wrong. Odili’s people were originally Ijaws who because of farmland had moved upland. Socialisation as expected took place as has always been the case where minority groups are surrounded by more numerous tribes. The Ijaw origin of Odili’s community is not in doubt. You misread the thrust of my output. God forbid that I should be a hater of the Igbo. If you scratch deeper, would you not find some igboness in my veins?Whatever disagreement there was in the old eastern Nigeria has been resolved by the election of Jonathan and you must believe my sincerity. It was Chief Mbazuluike Amaechi – the boy is good – that has united the people of the old Eastern Nigeria and we shall not relapse into antagonism any more. You witnessed the role of Governor Akpabio on events leading to Ojukwu’s funeral. Even your own numerous output point to the fact that you have sympathy for the people of the old Eastern Nigeria as a whole and other minorities of the country. Why must I be less disposed?

    • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

      typical hater like you. Tukur is now a liar because he has the maturity to say something nice about Amechi, even if he disagrees with him. Is that how your brain works? I know you have a tiny chitin face but is that the size of your brain also? FOUR MORE YEARS?

    • Due

      Foolishness has no cure. It’s worst for any president over 40yrs of age.

  • Mr. Myle

    Once you are fake, everything about you become fake… Why is The GEJs and the Father of that Oil Subsidy thief Bamanga trying to cover off their mess by creating another nonsences PDP governors forum just to get comfort in their very unpopular government. some of these PDP governors are messed up. Shema, Yuguda, Orji, The former House of reps Thief Suswam and co. You shall all bury yourelves in shame. Rotimi wouldnt bother I guess. With that or not all the Above mentioned drunkards wld not get any where. Nigerians are waiting for them. @Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa:disqus Four years More,hahahhahaha

  • Oh Amaechi, this is the beginning of your downfall, you wicked and evil man, Ibori’s ordeal will be better than yours. This is my prayer everyday. You will not enjoy your stolen money.

  • George Benedict

    We should all learn 2 accept defeat,yes gov Ameachi is d braviest politician of r time..