Oshiomhole rejects Maku’s multi-million naira proposal to sponsor “Good Governance Tour”

Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State

Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State has rejected a multi-million naira proposal by Minister of Information Labaran Maku asking him to bankroll the so-called “Good Governance Tour” he is leading around the country.

Speaking at a seminar on tax laws in the state on Benin on Tuesday, Mr. Oshiomhole said he was not prepared to waste the state’s limited resources on an unnecessary  project conceived and promoted by the federal government.

“It is not proper to use Edo State tax payers’ money to finance a Federal Government programme,” the governor said. “If they pay me a courtesy visit, I will receive them, but I don’t have a dime to spend on them because I do not need them to come to tell Edo people how I built roads and schools. My achievement speaks for me.”

He revealed that Mr. Maku’s team had sent in a proposal requesting him to provide accommodation, feeding and logistics for over 120 delegates when they visit the state next week. He said he opposed the proposal when it was tabled for discussion at a Governors’ Forum meeting sometime ago.

“Whenever Edo State government officials travel to Abuja for official duties, the state takes responsibility and not the Federal Government,” Mr. Oshiomhole said.

Mr. Maku has been travelling around the country with a team of about 120 people, saying he was inspecting projects undertaken by state and federal governments.

Many see the tour as a jamboree packaged to corner public funds. But Mr. Maku has explained that the tour was conceived to showcase good governance by states and the federal government.


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  • This Maku of a man I have never liked. We do not want such leaders anymore in NIGERIA who have refused to understand that NIGERIANS have moved on and we are no more people you just force things down our GULLET. Let them use our tax payers money to improve the life of NIGERIANS. PLEASE MAKU USE ALL THESE MONIES AND FOCUS ON ELECTRICITY, NOT HOSTING OF 120 PEOPLE GOING ABOUT INSPECTING WHAT OTHER OFFICERS HAVE BEEN ABLE TO PROVIDE FOR THEIR PEOPLE.

    • Daddy

      Please do not bring hatred into this issue. Know that hatred breeds murder and murder is a crime against God and humanity.

  • angryniger

    Maku is a fraud, the government he represents is a fraud, so he is travelling around with a 120 man delegation and he expects to be housed and fed, if we investigate further, this man is collecting estacode as well. Is it a wonder that they kill and maime in order to get into position. If a government is performing, they do not need to go on jamborees to tell us, it will be evident for all to see, GEJ and his government are the greatest fraud that has been inflicted on Nigeria. PEOPLE SHOULD COME OUT AND STONE THEM WITH ROTTEN EGGS, TOMATOES ETC. THEY ARE ALL THIEVES. I also do not and cannot understand all the governors that consistently take out paid adverts on TV etc telling us on their performance, this is another waste of money which could be put to good use. Nigerians are not fools we know who is serving the people. Ole, Barawo government. Kudos to Governor Oshiomole for his stance against the wastage

  • Comrade Oshomhole will never change!!!

    • Enemona

      Yes, he will never change. People with integrity don’t flip flop. At least he does not go to pastors and churches to kneel and then go behind closed doors to loot.

  • Akin Bamidele

    This is an escapist attempt by Oshiomhole. I love the man no doubt but he missed the point totally.

    First, there is nothing wrong with the idea of a federal minister of Information undertaking a tour of projects across the federation to evaluate performance and get a feedback from the people.
    It’s part of his primary responsibility. That is what he is appointed to do. He is supposed to bridge the communication gap between the Government and the people.

    Secondly, I have watched Maku’s tour on TV. The citizens forum component is a wonderful idea that helps the citizens to exchange views and ask pertinent questions about governance in their state.
    It’s not all about showcasing dividends of democracy as Oshiomhole erroneously portrayed, but it transcends to giving an Account to the people on costs of projects and other salient issues publicly.

    I even recommend that we should be having such citizens forum regularly. It will deepened our democracy and promote accountability in governance. That is the practice in the united states.

    • segun

      Akin Bamidele, I am just wondering if we need a tour of the country to know the following (i) that there is no power supply for ALL Nigerians, (ii) that the hospitals are not there in any medically and technologically sound sense other wise Mrs Jonathan and others will not be wasting our money to travel abroad for health reasons, and President Jonathan will not have been LYING so shamelessly about it. So as a tax payer I should believe a LIAR just because he is a president? (iii) the the elites send their children to neighboring west african countries for their children’s education, (iv) that the roads are not there,(v) that we graduate students from our universities but that they have no jobs -unfortunately the class to which Mr Maku belongs has the responsibility to fix these things. I am NOT interested in Mr. Maku’s visit. The Governor of Edo state is right. Let Mr. Maku go to Edo state and others for their tour, but let them fix what I have just itemised without a tour. Okay Mr. Akin Bamidele.? Enough of this hyporcrisy. I am just wondering if you need a tour to know the condition of Lagos-Ibadam- road or Lagos-benin Road. If they are tired in Abjuja and they want to relax, they should NOT spit salt on our injuries again by calling their relaxation trip a so-called tour of Good Governance. let those who need publicity pay for it. I am not interested-The Edo state Governor is right-Full Stop. And the Nigerian people are right that Good Governance SPEAKS for itself once you do it.

  • Frank Maduale

    The last time I checked, the National Governors forum and Fg agreed to carry out this tour so why is Gov Oshiomhole complaining? I recall vividly that Gov. Peter Obi of Anambra addressed the press after their meeting and sounded convincing that
    besides, the National Assembly approved the budget for each state to be 1m and this is reasonably fair given the huge size of the delegation which includes mostly journalists from different media firms and representatives of civil society groups.

    • Enemona

      The cost is 1m you say? It’s enough to build water pipes into some villages in Edo, so I support the governor’s stand. We need action not showmanship. We are tired of these senseless propaganda, we need good governance which cannot be brought about by tours, if Nigeria is getting better, you and I don’t need Maku to tell us.

      We all know that the problem with Nigeria is our elites’ uncontrollable appetite for corruption. I am waiting for that government that would sincerely fight corruption and we will begin to see progress. But for now, Maku should enjoy his charade!

      • Frank Maduale

        1m can be used to provide pipeborne water? So the ministry of information now provides pipes for water? What is then the job of Ministry of water resources?

        You must appreciate that government is division of labour. Every minister has its own role. Maku’s role is to inform Nigerians about govt activities and nothing else serves this interest better than this National Good Governance tour,

        My question to all those who oppose this tour is this, what other programme do you consider neccessary for the discharge of information by the information ministry?

        According to Maku, this is a pragmatic approach to information dissemination. It is a break away from the old order of sitting down in Abuja and speaking about govt projects which the people don’t see.

        Anybody who does not like this move of Maku to show evidence of projects live and direct is a hater of proof.

        • Enemona

          C’mon man, you don’t seem to understand the concept of alternative uses. I did not mean that Maku should spend the 1m on provision of pipe-borne water. What I meant is that instead of spending that amount on ‘hosting’ the ‘tour’, the state governments can use it more wisely.

          The so-called tour adds no value and it makes no difference in the life of Nigerians. If the sum budgeted every year was put to proper use and not drained into private pockets, Maku and his boss won’t need this kind of propaganda, we would all feel, i mention again, ‘feel’ the impacts of their activities. Nigerians are just too quick to give kudos for any little success, even the mediocre ones. If the fed government had even done a very little bit, Nigerians would be the ones selling their actions, no need for any extra adverts like Maku’s, remember people like Oshiomhole and Fashola? They were not so stellar but they did ‘something’ and the people appreciated them for that little. It would have been same if Jonathan and his team had put the funds available to them to proper use instead of wasting it on their own ‘personal projects’.

          Like the Yorubas would say ‘Oju lomo ohun to yo nu’. We all know good performance when we see one, we do not need extra selling. A good product sells itself. The fact that they’re advertising means they have little to show!

  • Jeff Arobam

    Somebody should please tell Oshiomhole not to be scared over Maku’s tour. It is not WAEC or JAMB external examiners so there is nothing to be afraid of over his performance.
    The tour is just to inspect completed projects and ascertain the challenges militating against the ongoing ones. I say this because I have followed the tour on NTA and seen Maku lambasts contractors handling projects for FG on site. It’s not a jamboree as some people say.
    I have also seen citizens express their opinion over issues they feel strongly about during the Citizens town hall meetings in each state.
    It’s usually a no holds barred session as citizens are allowed to ask Maku or the state governor any question they deem fit. That is good for democracy and more beneficial than the old culture of wasting money on rebranding project and sloganeering ” GOOD PEOPLE. GREAT NATION”

    Maku deserves some commendation for spearheading this initiative rather than sitting down in Abuja and be talking about projects that he hasnt visited. I believe FG has the resources to bankroll the tour with or without State support.

    • Emeka

      Jeff, If it is about Good Governance I think PRACTICE and TRUTH are the best tools to showcase GOOD GOVERNANCE and respect for citizens. President Jonathan LIED to Nigerian citizens about his wife’s stay in Germany. And ALL the media men in President Jonathan’s government queued behind President Jonathan’s LIES. Based on that I can no longer TRUST a government headed by President Jonathan. And it follows that if I can no longer trust President’s government, it follows that I can no longer trust any minister President Jonathan employs. They are all LIARS. They can relax around the country travelling with our money, but please they should NOT pretend that they are doing good governance after their boss LIED so shamelessly and none of them controverted him.


    FG should take the financial burden not state government. If that is the case, I think the Tour is a welcome development.
    However, for Maku and his team to ask the state government to take the financial burden, I think it’s totally wrong.

  • Jeff Arobam

    The furore over this issue is uncalled for. With due respect, Comrade Adams is just trying to seek cheap popularity.

    Maku did not approach him for funds to sponsor the good governance tour. It is the usual hospitality of a host to the tour team which largely consist of pressmen that is required of him. He has the right to say no (as he just did) and the Ministry will host them selves and inspect federal government projects in the state.

    Again, it’s most absurd to hear people argue against the necessity of a good governance tour in this clime. If the ministry of Information does not go round enlightening people about activities of govt at all levels, what else will they do?

    That is the major role of the ministry in Nigeria. they are also to reorientate people. Maku is a visionary leader and the best minister of information ever for this initiative.

    • Efe1

      Do you need light to find what you can see? Please, maku should go sit down.

    • alabi

      Look Mr. Jeff Arobam, This is what people are saying if you do not know. They are saying that (i) if my roads are good, I do not need a megaphone to tell me they are good. (ii) If my hospitals are working and ministers, senators and wives of presidents are not travelling abroad for “medical treatment” I do not not need a megaphone to tell me. (iii) if our universities are good and our children are NOT DYING IN FOREIGN EMBASSIES where they are pushed around, asked to queue, insulted, spat at, I do not need a searchlight to let me see how good the universities are. Do you understand this? It is not written in Greek. So if Mr. Maku wants to go around to enjoy himself, why not? he should do so. isnt this the way our elites waste our money? But please do not call this nonsense Good Governance tour. You do not find this kind of Maku Good Governance Tour in advanced democracies where the wives of our presidents go to get “medical treatment” . Do you? So Mr. jeff Arobam , these are the issues. let us get serious if wewant a better society. Let us do the right things and people will SEE.

  • 100%Naija

    If one may ask an obvious question, is it not the people that these projects are meant to serve and benefit? So, why not ask the beneficiaries of these projects! Some of the international agencies do these on a fairly regular basis without any noise or begging for money to tour! The FG also has a project monitoring unit that go around at least annually to do same. So the other question is, what is the purpose of these visits? It is clear that the intent and the outcome of these inspections are merely to set the context for 2015. Do the states need an FG team to come and showcase their projects, and for who? This is another silly and wasteful exercise that these jobless politicians and lazy civil servants cook up to enrich their pockets and feed their bellies with tax payers money! A number of schools have no decent libraries or books, and with several hospitals and clinics lacking drugs, there are more than enough projects dying for attention. I beg let’s find something else to talk about! Yeye politicians .. they will never learn … the days of these ones are numbered!