Five killed in Plateau morning attack

Special Task Force [Photo:]

At least five persons were killed on Monday morning in Barkin Ladi Local Government Area of Plateau State.

Three of the dead were killed on their farms when gunmen attacked them. The attack caught the attention of  officials of the Special Task Force, STF,  who stormed the area. A gun battle ensued between the Task Force and the gunmen, leading to the death of two of the gunmen, the STF said. Four of the attackers were also arrested.

The STF spokesperson, Salisu Mustapha, confirmed the incident in a press statement on Monday in Jos.

“On the 11th February 2013, at about 8:00 a.m., unknown gunmen attacked and killed three persons while in their farms around Kassa Village in Barkinladi LGA.

“STF personnel swiftly moved to the scene but on sighting the troops, the gunmen opened fire on them; this led to a gun duel that resulted into the killing of two of the attackers,” Mr. Mustapha explained.

 “STF personnel also arrested four of the gunmen who were injured in the process and recovered three AK 47 rifles, 1 locally made rifle and 45 rounds of 7.63mm [special] and 31 cartridges,” he added.

Mr. Mustapha also said that twenty three cows belonging to Fulani herdsmen were allegedly attacked and killed, nine were wounded and five are still missing in two villages of Ropp and Kubel, also in Barkin Ladi Local Government.

He said three suspects have been arrested in connection with the cattle incident.

The spokesperson said investigations are ongoing to apprehend other suspects still at large.


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  • Joe Odiboh

    Even in the war on terror, great leaders such as former President
    George Bush Jr. and other world leaders with their democracy have
    proved in their wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that war is never
    solutions to everlasting peace, or solutions to acts of terrorism.

    When destruction begets destruction in the wars of power tussle, we
    can rightly say that when two elephants fight, it is the grass that
    suffers most, the poor innocent grass. This poor innocent grass is the
    poor innocent souls who get caught as victims of circumstance in these

    Terrorism is an act of ignorance and emptiness, sadness, and madness;
    it is a way of human revolt against the institutions of man, against
    injustice and inequality of life in society. It is a way of advocating
    worse demonic evil to a world order that in it-self is a system of
    evil breed.

    Terrorism is an advocacy of doom or apocalypse. It is not an Islamic
    or religious agenda. It is a fundamental anger and hate that brews in
    the hearts of men against those aspects of life that have never been
    truly fair to humanity. It is a war by humans against humanity. It is
    a war for the extermination of the human race.

    Even for those aspects of life that are good and fair like going to
    school to acquire knowledge and education, gender equality, the work
    of UNICEF in providing vaccines and health needs for children, babies
    and pregnant mothers; it is sad that sadists who are enemies of
    humanity will act out of ignorance to kill and destroy anything good
    in humanity because they have lost faith in life. It is madness to see
    terrorists targeting schools, churches, health workers, or any aspect
    of life that gives joy and hope to the common man.

    People who have lost all hopes and dreams in life are the ones who
    become terrorists because they are tormenting from within their hearts
    and souls, possessed by demons, burning with desires of the Satan
    because the body of death is full of the creatures of death.

    Anything that can make a man or a woman to take his or her own life,
    and take other innocent people along with them, is something that
    requires scientific and psychological research and analysis, and not
    wars to resolve.

    How can you kill people who have volunteered to die? These are people
    who want to die, who love to die, and who wish to die. By killing
    them, you fulfill their hopes and dreams because they are bodies of
    death full of the creatures of death. They don’t want to live because
    they are tired of the kind of life we live here on earth.

    So what we need do is to beg them to live, teach them the value of
    life, and help them to live good life, a better life for all. Let us
    teach them the beauty of human life, all the good things of life, and
    why it is good to help save other lives, and not kill people. Love,
    conquers all things where wars have failed.

    I believe this is where the show of love, goodwill, and the need to
    help one another comes into play in the life of all mankind in our
    fight against terrorism. Once they understand the powers of love and
    life, they will refuse to kill themselves; instead they will embrace
    their lives, love their lives and love others.

    Even Islamic faith preaches universal love and we all know that people
    in the Islamic faith practice the power of giving and charity more
    than the Christians. Moslems are more charitable and prayerful than
    Christians worldwide.

    So acts of wickedness or terrorism is not a religious issue but a
    human issue of certain wicked souls trying to deceive others and gain
    cheap popularity and follower-ship by using religion as a means to
    achieve their evil and ignorant intentions.

    Any man that indoctrinates a youth, a child, and teaches him or her
    how to die as a suicide bomber does not love that youth or child.
    Anyone who teaches and preaches hatred and death to humanity is an
    enemy of life.

    Such people should set themselves on fire if they are tired of life
    and die quietly, alone, and see if death is a thing of beauty and joy.
    They should not kill innocent souls because by killing innocent souls,
    they act as cowards. Any terrorist that targets people and innocent
    souls is the greatest coward on the face of the earth. If they are no
    cowards, they must bomb and blast themselves alone as heroes to make a
    point on earth regarding their unhappiness.

    We must remember that everyone wishes to go to heaven or paradise, but
    nobody wants to die. In a case where people wants to die in the name
    of terrorism or religious faith and belief, it is better to show them
    the heaven or paradise right here on earth so that they can embrace
    life fully and use it for a good cause, and not for terrorist acts and

    If you beg them to live, and teach them the value of human life, and
    make them to live this kind of good life, a better life for all right
    here on earth, perhaps they will not be willing to die. It is very
    difficult to see someone with a very good and fulfilling life wishing
    to die. Instead, they run from death or anything that threatens their
    lives because they love life and do not wish to lose it or all that
    they have and their families.

    By refusing to die, they will not be planning or plotting against
    anyone anymore. In that case, the incidence of terror will be
    effectively reduced to its barest minimum or eliminated for the good
    of society. Love, without a good and fulfilling life is a useless
    love, a dead love.

    Democracy and love are two things that were supposed to go hand in
    hand. If there is love, the leaders of the world must do unto their
    citizens exactly as they do unto themselves and their families as
    leaders of the people. Freedom means freedom from want, freedom to a
    good life, and freedom to self-determination.

    If a leader is doing great and living a good life while in power, it
    is equally good to share this great and good life also with your
    people so that they too can have a good life as normal people and be
    happy in the society as you do while in power. In this way, we can say
    it is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

    But if you eat alone while the people are hungry and suffering and you
    expect peace, joy and fulfillment, such a leadership that is deaf,
    dumb and blind to the plight of its people is like a carton full of

    It is a failed government that has let the people down. It is a
    government of themselves, for themselves, and by themselves; and not
    for the people, of the people and by the people. If you eat alone as a
    leader, you will die a lonely death on that day of reckoning without a
    name in history.

    The saddest example of the democracy in the UN is that NATO were quick
    to react and enforce a no-fly zone in Libya and help destroy President
    Col. Gaddafi because they regarded him as a terrorist, and many world
    leaders did not like his face and arrogance. Yet we know there are
    worse leaders than Gaddafi on earth who are highly honored today in
    society, far worse than terrorists.

    When it came to the case of President Assad of Syria, the world
    refused to act same way they did with Gaddafi. China and Russia were
    being blamed for stopping UN action in Syria.

    Even so, we know that there are many countries and people who condemn
    China and Russia, but down deep in their hearts they are very happy to
    see the crises in Syria escalate to abominable proportion.

    They are enjoying the war, waiting patiently to take over the
    contracts for the reconstruction of all that were destroyed in the
    conflict. War or rebellion is big business to countries and
    multinational corporations.

    This is where the billions of dollars are securely guaranteed in good
    business. The more Syria is destroyed, the better for good business
    and construction firms who are like vultures waiting for the carcass
    in Syria.

    This is why some countries are in full support of the Free Syrian Army
    and sponsoring them with arms and ammunitions so that when President
    Assad has fallen from grace to grass, the new role players will give
    them the contracts and business of the reconstruction process, same
    way they benefited in Iraq and Libya crude oil business. This is the
    politics of selfishness and benefits in most human transactions in
    world conflicts.

    This is why China and Russia is blocking any UN resolution for
    military action and intervention in the Syrian crises, because they
    too have much to gain and understood this politics of human

    China and Russia understood the injustice and unfairness in the UN,
    and in the world, because both nations are masters of injustice. I
    believe both countries are more honest in the UN because they are
    tired of pretending to live in a world order that is in fact built on
    the foundation of hypocrisy.

    Both China and Russia do not like the word “freedom or democracy”
    because they practice the opposite in their society and decided to act
    against the UN using their veto power, knowing that nothing was fair
    or just in this wicked world.

    This is why the world is enjoying the pleasures of being entertained
    by the Syrian crises in the Aljazeera News, and all other media and
    cable news networks knowing that all our news media on earth are in
    love with destruction and death as a means of business and livelihood.

    The Syrian crises are of immense benefit also all the media all over
    the world. It is a readymade source of news feed, so the more it lasts
    the better for the press. In this case, the foolishness of war, is of
    benefit to others who are wise enough to fuel the flame of war and
    keep Babylon burning.

    This is why there is no good news anymore on earth in our news
    bulletins. Bad news sells faster and better than good news. Nobody is
    even interested in good news because there is not much good anymore in
    the face of the earth.

    As the press ignores good news and good people and chase after bad
    news and bad things in people’s lives to sell for profits to the
    media, people turn bad, society turn bad, leadership turn bad,
    religion turn bad, and everything in life instinctively turn bad for
    the bad of society.

    Afghanistan and Pakistan have turned bad in other to stay in the news.
    Good people such as Princess Diana and many other celebrities were
    sourced for the bad aspects in their lives and chased to death by the
    cameras of paparazzi.

    A religious group such as Moslem brotherhood in Egypt have become a
    political body like many others in search of leadership to be in the
    news whereby destroying the institutions of freedom and democracy.
    Israel is threatening fire and brimstone in the name of self defense
    while Iran and it’s allied is threatening to bring the world to an

    This kind of injustice and inequality in how the world behaves is
    what creates suicide bombers and terrorists. This is the injustice and
    inequality in the world that makes the world unjust, divided and

    The UN was quick to enforce a no-fly zone in Libya, but could not do
    the same thing in Syria to save human lives. All these and the
    problems of the earth is what creates acts of terrorism which we as
    humans have created for our children knowingly or in ignorance.

    This kind of injustice and unfairness in the UN and all over the world
    are the powers of limitations in freedom and democracy that is biased,
    ambiguous, and built on lies and deceit.

    Knowingly or unknowingly, we allow innocent children, babies, and
    mothers to die through decisions we make as world leaders, without
    regards to the innocent souls caught in the cross fires that claim
    their lives.

    What have we done with justice in the lives of all the innocent souls
    who are victims of all human exploitations and wars which we created
    in our human wants and needs? It is so sad to see people clapping and
    cheering at murderers, warlords and war- mongers, simply because they
    are world leaders.

    As clappers, we act as hypocrites who clap in fear for those we see
    to be above us. We clap for them because we want them to see us
    clapping, and the more you clap and cheer them up, the more they grow
    wings and take the world for a ride, me and you. So, who is fooling
    whom? It is like clapping for someone who does not know or care
    whether you exist, or whether you lived or died.

    One bad thing about human nature is that everyone knows the truth,
    what is right or wrong; but we are all keeping quiet because of the
    powers of interest groups, what some have to gain or lose in any
    process or dialogue. This kind of selfish interest is what shapes our
    mentalities in taking action to do things that are morally just, or
    ignore things we know are very wrong in human lives, remain silent and
    let injustice prevail.

    We all know man have good plans with paper work, and evil intentions
    in dealings. Most people use and abuse the good plans in punishment of
    others. As men, we have never been truly just or righteousness in our
    thoughts, words, and in our deeds. We all know in our hearts that true
    justice have never been free and fair in the lives of most people on

    It has always been a smokescreen to satisfy our human desires, wants
    and needs, and what people wish in the lives of other people. It has
    always played the role of power tussle, oppression and repression, as
    well as victimization. It is used as a means of satisfaction of
    personal ego or revenge.

    Democracy, authoritarianism, freedom, and justice are nothing but
    terms and conditions, which have never been a product of fair play or
    gratification hence the world is in great turmoil today, full of civil
    disturbance and death.

    This is because the path we have chosen in life to follow is that of
    evil, far from the path of righteousness. The path we have chosen is
    what defines the crises we are all having all over the world. It is
    what defines the character of society and what we are as a people. The
    problems or nature of a society or a nation, defines the character of
    the people in that society or nation. Africa is what it is today
    because of what they are as a people.

    In a situation where man is the judge of man which is necessary, and
    man is the leader and ruler of man in making decisions and creating
    white paper laws and rules as resolutions and agreements for the rule
    of law and service delivery; it is agreeable therefore that whatever
    agreements are made in crises resolutions, accepted and agreed to by
    both parties, some one out there must play the fool and accept defeat
    in other to reach an agreement, or for the rule of law to take place.
    There is always a victim in every human transaction in life.

    These laws, rules, regulations, resolutions and agreements often turn
    around to further hunt us and compound the problems of man because the
    wisdom of Solomon was not applied in good faith in resolving the
    issues and problems that confront us as a people. When, goodwill turns
    ill there is no moral justifications for certain actions or agreements
    which breeds sorrow tears and blood.

    The pain of accepting certain rules and agreements in other to find
    lasting peace and progress, knowing that such agreements in truth were
    not reached in fairness, in truth, and in justice; any reconciliation
    effort reached in such a negative situation or accepted under duress
    without much choice is sure to remain as injustice in the hearts of
    men. It is sure to boomerang or bounce back.

    This is the complex situation in South Africa, a situation of
    injustice of unfairness, which still prevails in the hearts of men
    despite the freedom and democracy, despite peace, truth and
    reconciliation efforts, which has not in any way truly reconciled the
    ways and means of livelihood in the lives of the African people.