One feared killed in Kano religious crisis; church, shops destroyed

Normalcy has returned to the town.

At least one person may have been killed in a religious violence in Bichi town of Kano State, Thursday. A church was burnt and several shops believed to belong to Igbo traders were also destroyed in the violence.

There are however conflicting reports as to the cause of the violence.

A resident of Bichi, Muntari Ahmadu, told PREMIUM TIMES that a disagreement over a non Muslim’s right to wear a shirt with an Arabic inscription, believed to be blasphemous to Prophet Muhammed, sparked the religious riot.

The riots, which were quickly quelled by police, started at about noon on Thursday.

Mr. Ahmadu said a group of Muslim young adults mobbed an Igbo Christian boy to death for wearing a shirt with Arabic inscriptions that the Muslims believed to be blasphemous. He said the Muslim group accosted the victim on the street and demanded that he pull off and hand over the blasphemous shirt.

The boy refused; arguments followed and the group lynched the victim.

His lynching drew a crowd of other young Muslim adults in the area who subsequently staged a riot destroying a church and some shops belonging to the Igbo traders within the community.

The Kano State Police Commissioner, Ibrahim Idris, gave a slightly different account of the incident.

He said the riot was a case of “misinformation.”

“Rumours went round that someone blasphemed the Prophet and there was a breakdown of law and order,” Mr. Idris said.

According to the police commissioner, a Christian tailor mispronounced the name of a dress while chatting with his Muslim neighbours in Hausa, changing the likely meaning to ‘the Prophet has come to the market.”

He denied that anyone was killed.

The Associated Press, AP, however reported that at least four people died from the attack.

“Four Igbos were killed in the attacks. One of them was thrown into a ditch near my house,” one resident told AP.

Another resident told AP that he saw four dead bodies “hacked with machetes by the rioters”.

Normalcy has since returned to the town but movement of motorcycles remain suspended, by police order, Thursday night.


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  • Dan-Hausa

    Don’t worry Inyamiri, the matter is under investigation and do hope that it wasn’t true a blasphemy; the culprits will be brought to justice.

    • Femi

      May you and your child molester that you call prophet rot in hell.

    • Femi

      May you and your child molester that you call prophet rot in hell.

    • Nwa Biafra

      Yeah dan hausa, good observation.. that’s why my inyanmiri soldiers in JTF are slaughtering your men like malu and raping your wives in maidugiri…how about that?

    • irreligious

      na today? how many times? u people are busy under-developing the north without knowing it

  • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

    A vile race created only to wipe out the Nigerian people. This is their only stock in trade. Everyone of them is a murderer. When was the last time you heard about Hausas killed in Lagos, PH or Enugu? The evil muslim hausas can not help themselves from shedding innocent blood. How long are we going to let this continue? Why are we in a nation that want us exterminated?

    • Dan-Hausa

      Oh! by your statement that means hausas they were killed before.

      • nawao

        all of u are the same every where JUST TERRORISTS. while ibo families were busy protecting Abokis in the south, they are butchering the Ibos in the N

        • Dan-Hausa

          What of the African Christians? you didn’t mention them or they lack the sanguine to wipe out the African Muslims?

  • Amos

    It is only the Muslims that would kill another person for either wearing a piece of cloth or mispronouncing a word. It shows the evil nature of the people and their religion. There is one thing that puzzles me here. The reporting does not seem to take a moral stance about the fact that it is wrong to kill a person extra-judiciously for the spurious reasons that have been advanced. The law enforcement agents clear s off and ‘normalcy’ returns.

    But what is normality in this context? Is it the fact that once again, the brutes have carried out their jungle justice to their satisfaction? Is it to say that the ‘bloody Christians’ have been suitably
    intimidated? Or is it just an assertion of the state of terminal religious sickness of the Muslims? As Nigerians, we must be seen to condemn what is palpably wrong. This is the only way that those inclined to carry out jungle justice would be deterred. The biggest problem in the North is that when it
    comes to Islam, anyone who claims to act in its defense is nurtured and encouraged, regardless of how evil and unspeakable their crimes have been. No one condemns, not the elders, not government officials and not the Mullahs. They see no evil and hear no evil … nothing wrong. It is the very antithesis of civil society. A society that is fast aping Sodom and Gomorrah.