Presidential Media Chat: Rate President Jonathan and his interviewers

President Goodluck Jonathan
Former President Goodluck Jonathan's

Thank you very much for following today’s edition of the presidential media chat via our website and twitter handle.

Now that the programme is over, kindly help rate the performances of President Goodluck Jonathan and those of the journalists who interviewed him.

Leave your comments below this post.

Your comments should take cognizance  of the following questions:

What is your impression of President Jonathan’s answers to the questions he was asked?

How do you rate his eloquence?

What do you think of the performance of the journalists who interviewed Mr. President?

Did they ask the right questions. Which of them impressed you most?

Kindly leave your comments below. We will republish.


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  • Iam immpressed with his answer to the issue of Aviation, why things are not working the way it shd have been. On the area of our univrsity, he need to do more. We need to hear more about his wife and why he refuses to tell the nation about her whereabout. The woman from National Mirror did her best, All in all, it was nice, he shd be holding this talk regurlarly.

  • The interviewers seems to be afraid. They should have asked GEJ why he is dodging from answering why he said he is fighting corruption when his administration is rated as world 2nd most corrupt

    • Emekus2000

      uduchukwu you are so delusional. and if Gallup says Nigeria is perceived by its people to be very corrupt, takes away the fact jonathan is fightin corruption…lol…you morons talk as if the latest report is a referendum on jonathan 2 years in office. you forget corruption is endemic here, IBB insitutionalized it. The Halibuton mess was Obasanjo’s mess. wat do you say about prosecution of subsidy thieves

  • Musa Shehu

    But he didnt answer the corruption question relating to the subsidy scam”

    • Ahmed Alli

      Musa you are sounding like an illiterate hausa man. What question didnt he asnwer on corruption. as per subsidy. the guys are being prosecuted…Alli, Arisekola, Tukur and co are being tried, you idiot.

    • mahnud issa

      Mussa you are an illiterate. its either you watched the chat from a beer parlor , drunk or you simply stone deaf. how could you not understand that jonathans govt is the only admin that has soked out subsidy thieves…

  • Stlanre

    Very disappointed with the president on his reponse to the very few questions raised but most disapointed at the journalists that were part of the panel they did not raised cogent National issues like the Ribadu report for one lastly I must commend Martins Oloja for a job weldone he was the only journalist present at the chat

  • evuti

    The Guardian Man made my day… The President voice was shaking and not coherent.. Most there were real revelation it was the normal redention of self praise and expectation. No definitive answers and time line given on the Fuel queue, and the issue of Rule of Law is still business as Usual.

    • Moses2002

      Evuti, You guys are simply idiots. So you assuem even in America your questions wont be vetted..hehehehehehehe….the questions by the panel were vetted by Abati and co, so to assume they were unexpected questions and that his voice was shaking is complete madness

      • Denis_NG

        Why must you always call people names for not saying what you want to hear? Put forth a convincing counter-argument and stop your pedestrian analysis.

  • Abubakar

    Mr president clearly demonstrated in his responses that he either does not know what iit takes to be a president that is working, what is the true situation of things in the country or someone who is simply lying. A secondary school student will provide better answers compared to what the man said. As to the interviewers, I think I am dissapoited in them. It is iether they are afraid to ask him thought provoking questions or they are simply dafts.

  • abbey

    His address ɪ̣̝̇ƨ̣̣̣̇̇̇̇ excellent,it simplifies nigerian problem. †ђξ onus ɪ̣̝̇ƨ̣̣̣̇̇̇̇ now with †ђξ NOA,to clarify and to educate us more on d misconceptions.

  • ALEK

    The presidents’ responses were weak and childish! He claimed he was doing a lot but failed to provide facts or show results of all his ‘hardwork’ . Can the President please allow Nigerians to praise and STOP praising himself! No concrete answer on employment, instead he saying people should go and farm! Where is the land to farm? I was trained as a scientist! His answers were simply STUPID. The editor of Guardian asked him so pretty good questions. Where are the culprits of the Haliburton scandal?? All Mr.President could say was ‘You know the details’. What does that even mean? All the other journalists were just dissappointing! Almost like there were scared to ask the hard hitting questions!

  • Laitan

    The questions were quite reasonable particularly the ones from the lady and the Tunji guy. Unfortunately most times the answers did not meet the questions. On a percentile, I will score Mr Jonathan an abysmal 27%!

    • Oladele bayo

      Laitan, you must be deaf, watched it while at a driking joint(apparently) drunk, for you to say he didnt answer the questions. very idiotic conclusion. You crazy arm chair morons are part of the problems….

      • Laitan

        @Oladele Bayo, Quite sad and unfortunate to read comments like yours,symptomatic of the celebration of mediocrity and the embrace of mendacity that has gripped
        all facets of life in Nigeria, particularly its educational institutions, if as I imagine you are one of the products of its tired and debased rolling mills.
        Apparently, when there’s no argument in you, the only option for you was to
        scrape the bottom of the barrel betraying your pathetic upbringing, incivility
        and vacuity. What does name calling bring or add to the discuss? Ponder this.
        What you should have done to educate people like me was to highlight the answers
        to the direct questions like the Halliburton/Siemens Scandal or the brilliant
        question about the blatant corruption ravaging the country.
        By the way if you intend to convince others, can I commend the use of temperate
        language, an understanding of syntax and etymology, I hope that doesn’t prove an
        uphill task for you.

  • Martin Oloja of the Guardian showed he was in his element,what strikes me the most is how on earth in a nation of over achievers,GEJ is allowed to lead the over 160 million Nigerians? GEJ could nt even convince himself,It means we have failed as a nation collectively.

    • Madam you can contest the next election if you are not satisfied with GEJ perfomance.At least Jega is credible.

  • it is high time we go back to the drawing board, leaving asides politics of identity and allow issues to reign, somehow GEJ spoke the truth, tackle political corruptn cos if nt 4 political corruptn, he wld nt b leading the over 160 million Nigerians.

  • Aminu Nass

    Firstly, the journalists perform badly, they are just listeners maybe they are not watching the way BBC HARD-TALK are doing there talk. The Questions ask was not on the interest of Nigerians, Mr President keep saying he REASSURE Nigerian, while we have not seen anything good in the fast . I was been impressed with President by saying BOKOHARAM and KIDNAPPERS are the major challenges of Nigerian though he has not put CORRUPTION which is the Major challenge of Nigeria nowadays

  • A chat, just a chat; lets leave it at that.

  • kemi filani

    Well, I suspect a foul play because GEJ was so eloquent while giving his answers, he didn’t stammer @ all and that’s very unlike him. Also, he made some statements that were a bit annoying

  • Hovah

    Martins from Guardian was the best.
    The media chat wasn’t worth the time. Can u imagine yur president don’t full knowledge of the runnings of this country??? He kept on sayin go and investigate! It so poor

  • Ray Jonathan

    Nothing about the president interests me. Why should I expect anything from a man who can not even tar the road to his own state. I may be his brother but we need someone who can work the work not talk the talk.

  • Ashu M.

    I was not pleased with the response regarding Obama’s victory : it is not just enough for a black man to be elected president of America, what are d implications ? I heard Obama say when he gave his victory speech Obama said America would free itself from oil, Nigeria is d 2nd largest exporter to American. Dat means how workable is our diversification and not relying on crude revenue, b4 America free itself. We must b proactive as a nation.

  • Adesoji Adedapo

    Anyway i did not expect much from the president, the president answering question to me is rated below average and the interviewers too are trying to ignore some question that they know or think that the president will not have the correct answer to, but i am not surprise because that is the Nigeria system for long.

  • En

    Very disappointing chat!