Presidential Media Chat: 15 questions for President Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan will this evening host a televised media chat with some Nigerian journalists during which he is expected to respond to questions on a number of topical national issues.

Aso Rock spokesperson, Reuben Abati, said in a statement the presidential media chat, to be aired live on major television and radio stations in the country, would begin at 7 p.m. Nigerian time.

The presidency promised in the past to entertain questions from Nigerians via telephone, although the phone failed to work  during those episodes of the programme.

Critics believe the phones were programmed not to work as a way of blocking citizens from asking the president embarrassing questions.

So, in case you are able to reach the president on the programme today, we suggest you put the questions below to him, in addition to others you might have.

We also urge the editors, who will interview the president, to consider asking him some of the questions suggested below.

Find the questions we raised for the June 24 edition of the Presidential Media Chat here.

1. Why has your government proved incapable of addressing the fuel scarcity problem across the country?

2. Why did you claim in your October 1 broadcast that Transparency International had endorsed your administration’s fight against corruption when the contrary is the case? Why did you also refuse to apologise to Nigerians after you realised you were wrong?

3. The Malabu oil deal dredges the shame of a nation directly to the corridors of the presidency. Why did you as President, without the National Assembly’s approval, authorize the transfer of $1.1bn from a Federation account into the account of Malabu Oil, a company with falsified registration details, and owned by a man convicted in France for money laundering?

4. Why has the President not ordered anti-corruption agencies to probe the Malabu scandal and if found guilty prosecute the persons that could have duped Nigeria?

5. What do you say to those who say your leadership of the country has been at best inept and ineffective, and that your administration has not been able to tackle any of our national challenges? (Corruption, electricity, broken infrastructure, unemployment etc).

6. You were severely criticised by Nigerians after you said on June 24 that you don’t give a damn whatever anyone thought about your refusal to publicly declare your assets. Is that still your position on this important matter, or are you reconsidering your stand?

7. As the leader of the PDP, which dominates the two chambers of the National Assembly, why has the party continued to allow lawmakers earn obscene but illegal allowances in the guise of office running cost?

8. The National Human Rights Commission has an important role to play in our country. But the work of that Commission is being hampered by the refusal of your administration to inaugurate the Board about a year after it was constituted. What is responsible for the delay in inaugurating the Board? Why has your administration reduced the commission to a toothless bulldog?

9. You hinted a few days ago that the deregulation of the petroleum industry is irreversible. It was suspended last January to enable government put in place the necessary conditions that would make it succeed. Does government think it has now done enough to contemplate the speculated plan to remove fuel subsidy and hike the price of petrol?

10. The Lagos-Ibadan federal highway has finally become one of our national shames, and a lot of Nigerians are dying on that road every day. The road was concessioned to Wale Babalakin’s Bi-Courtney three years ago but has been unable to fix it. When will your administration do the right thing and save the nation the daily carnage on that expressway? 

11. Your administration has come under criticism for setting up committees almost every week.  Why does the government set up panels and committees for tasks that can and should be performed by law enforcement and other regulatory agencies, and when you know that the reports of those committees won’t be implemented? We also like to know how many reports of government committees in various sectors are currently before the presidency and what the deadlines for their implementation are.

12. What is the reason for your reversal of the Transmission contract awarded to a Canadian firm, Manitoba. Was due process not followed in the award? If not, has anyone been sanctioned for violating due process?

13. Why have you insisted on retaining the petroleum minister, Diezani Alison-Madueke, despite her indictment  both by the House, Senate and even executive committees set up by your administration?

14. Why did your government honour Mike Adenuga with a GCON few weeks after the Finance Minister and Coordinating Minister for the Economy, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, mentioned his company, Conoil, as one of those guilty of fuel subsidy scam and responsible for fuel scarcity in the country?

15. Several reports, including one by the EFCC, indicted three former Presidents – Sani Abacha, Abdusalami Abubakar and Olusegun Obasanjo for sharing in the Halliburton bribery money along with some other top government officials. Abacha is dead and some officials have been arraigned in court. When is your administration arraigning Obasanjo , Abdulsalami and Gaius Obaseki, a former NNPC GMD, who couriered part of the bribe money to some beneficiaries?


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  • Musty

    He will NEVER answer this questions.

  • Kato

    Let’s pray he answers the questions, I hope call lines will be going through

  • Ibrahim bello

    He has no responds to these questions! Lets see…

  • Dan-Hausa

    I think he should not give a damn to answer the questions when asked.

  • Gudluck Jonas

    I don’t give a damn to questions from jonalists, they are so mean and irresponsible.

  • Michael Ijere

    You missed out the most important question, ‘You can see that many in Nigeria have refused to be productive because of the free monthly oil allocations,resorting to seking political control of oil only., when are we going to restructure the country through a Sovereign National Conference to stop this parasitic dependance and force each state to develop and dpend on its resources ,as clearly Nigeria is not working as presently constituted .,

  • bello masha

    He has nothing to say about this. Because he can’t defend himself

    • Ekpenyong

      are you doing well in what ever you are doing?

  • Nelson

    He has lost focus

    • Ekpenyong

      what would you do if you where handed power right here…

  • My own question is why did he shoot himself on the foot by removing Barth Nnaji from The PHCN sales. Is it not clear today that Sambo with his men has politically derailed the process?

    All energy experts in Nigeria lost out, while the men who destroyed Nigeria won all.

    Can he not call the Canadian Government to investigate if Makonju is actually involved in the Minetoba deal. If yes, he can get the company to extricate him and continue with the deal instead heeding the voice of the destroyers.

    As far as i am concerned, he should bury his shame and beg Nnaji to comme conclude the job. Can’t you see that PHCN staff are now at ease? Because they are back to status quo1

  • I believe you left the most important question out, what is he doing to tackle the security situation in Nigeria especially the Boko Haram issue in some parts of Northern Nigeria? No any meaningful development can be achieved in a country when there is no peace?

  • umar

    When is Mr. President ready to visit Borno and Yobe States to asses the level of destruction the crisis of Boko Haram affected the people

  • Ike Onwukanjo

    Mr President, according to information from from the House, in 2011, your government budgeted the sum of 400 billion Nairafor fuel subsidy but ended up spending well over 2 trillion Naira. My question is this sir, is where did your government get the extra unbudgeted money, and if didn’t your administration notify the House before disbursing such unbudgeted.

  • Ekpenyong

    without offering suggestions to the problems, these ACN or yoruba writer keeps asking questions that are of his personal benefits. – lagos ibadan express ,not knowing calabar itu express is in a bad shape. Oil subsidy money because hausas and yorubas benefited most from the loot leaving the NigerDelta oil industry and community undeveloped etc. i call these the 15 foolish questions.

  • Bolaji Longe

    Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt, altho’ personally I don’t expect much from him. Let’s ‘sit down look’.

  • akpos1

    Verily verily I say unto you, Nigeria is not a country but a continent. Everyone form every other nation in the continent only hopes and prays for that opportunity to steal the wealth of the SS & SE countries. From Tafawa belewa – Gowon-Murtala-OBJ-Shagari-Buhari-IBB-abacha-abdulsalami & Musa, all these poor peoples from the Northern countries of the continent have fed fat on the resources of the SS & SE peoples.

    It wasn’t corruption and it is still not corruption that is the problem with the continent. The problem is that there exists in no one, no past president, a patriotic feeling of belonging to a nation. Everyone is loyal to his country (which we love to call regions). This includes Great Jona himself. It is normal because Nigeria has never been a country.

    What country will have members of terrorists groups as federal lawmakers? Only in continent Nigeria.

    What country will have members of terrorists groups as army and police officers? Only in continent Nigeria.

    …The cowardly peoples from the Western part of Nigeria part of the continent allowed the Northern elements to govern in peace for 39 years while devastating the ecology of the SS & SE pples who produce the wealth of the nation. The Yoruba man could never plan a coup even though the seat of power was in Lagos. SHAME. Instead, it was the Bendel boys who stormed Obalende from the cementary & smoked IBB out of Dodan Barraks. The Yorubas were fast asleep from their night owambes. Idiots. You provided these pauper BH elements & the whole North the effrontery to insult the whole nations in the continent. Could Hausa Fulani have governed Nigeria from Enugu, PH, Benin or Warri for 39yrs? NO.

    The people of the SS & SE are ready to invoke the clause in the evil almagamation of 1914 by the stupid British & then form its own militaristic government along the pattern of nations like Israel.

    Long live the SS & SE

    the sourcere

    • Enemona

      I don’t think your analysis is correct. You mentioned that every leader is loyal to their region, nothing is farther from the truth. If leaders were loyal to their regions, we would have seen developments like the ones provided by Obafemi Awolow and even Ahmadu Bello in the various regions. It would have been correct if you had said leaders are loyal to their bellies and to themselves alone.

      If the president from the north you mentioned were loyal to their region, there won’t have been so much poverty and degradation in the north. If Jona was loyal to the SS, we should have seen a robust plan and action towards improving the lives of ordinary people of the SS.

      Just to remind you, no government in Nigeria has entirely been made up of north or south or west or of any particular region. It has always been a coalition of the willing. They’ve always been governments where other tribes have been involved. All major ethnic groups have been complicit; Obasanjo and Jonathan have shown that corruption knows no tribe in Nigeria, it thrives in the land. Our problem is our attitude, we have this excess love for wealth and we have lost our traditional values of selflessness, hard work, honesty, dignity etc for the lure of quick wealth. Mostly, the issue of ‘my-house-is-bigger-than-yours’ is also a big problem as that has turned our country into one big territory full of hustlers.

      Do not get me wrong, there are very good people in Nigeria; I mean very honest, hard working people and people of integrity. And every ethnic group has its own fair share of ‘good’ people. These set of people need to come together and chart a new cause for our fatherland. The poor people also need to begin to wake to see what our leaders are doing. We should stop believing our problems are caused by some other tribes or ethnic groups, that is a very lazy excuse. The ordinary people across the country, Hausa, Igbo or Yoruba have been at the receiving end of the brutality of our failed leadership. Don’t be deceived, our problems is seemed to be disguised in ethnicity but the truth is every tribe in Nigeria is as corrupt as the other as such we need a change of attitude.

    • segun


      Listen it seems this is the only thing you have to say when it come to serious issues. I have read your posts on this platform it seems you have recorded this statement somewhere. And when Nigerians are engaged in a serious conversation you run to where you put this statement and you cut and paste and send. But having said that listen to this: When Bankole the former speaker of house raided public funds did he do that on behalf of Nigerians who are Yorubas or the west? When James Ibori who even before he ran for Governor has a record with the British Police the Scotland Yard of the criminal act of shoplifting did James Ibori shoplift on behalf of Nigerians or Nigerians of the South South? And when james Ibori looted dry the Delta state treasury did he loot the public treasury on behalf of Delta people and peoples of South south? When the Bamangar Tukur Junior, the son of Bamangar Tukur, the PDP chairman took oil subsidy money to import oil and did not, in other words he stole, and he is being tried for it, did Tukur loot the money on behalf of Northerners or those you call Hausas? When the son of Alao Arisekola did the same, took oil money subsidy and did not do what he was supposed to do-in other words stole our money, did Arisekola junior steal money on behalf of Nigerians or Yorubas? When the Governor General of the Ijaw Nation Diepieye Alamieyeseigha stole public money and dressed like a woman to escape, did he raid public treasury on behalf of the people of South South, did he dress as a woman on behalf of the people of south south or he did this to advance his own personal and class fortunes? I am asking you to please answer with facts and reason and not with rhetorics which you have a right to. But do not confuse issues. Do not confuse Nigerians who are struggling everyday to build. Just say ‘Oh yes Bankole, the fdormer house speaker stole on behalf of west, Tukur stole on behalf of the North and James Ibori stole on behalf of the people of south south..” Okay Tell us what you think.

  • usman inuwa

    My question is that,let Mr president tell Nigerians the truth Mission behind Boko haram, considering that it only operate with goal of depopulating and distruction of youth, infrastructure and economy of northern Nigeria. If your government is serious about they should called onto the table of dialogue just like the case of Niger- delta militant, and it should done openly to all citizen of this great Nation Nigeria. Thank
    Moreover,Sen. Joseph Waku has alleged that GEJ is fuelling Boko Haram in the north to weaken the region in order to realise his 2015 presidential bid”

  • akpos1

    @Segun Oluwole.

    Now you listen! You kept saying “…stole our money” or “took oil money” . This is where you get it wrong. The correct thing to say is that: These people stole the money or the common wealth of the South South & South East countries.

    That fact must be driven home with guns if need be. You cannot attribute the natural wealth of a country or group of oil rich countries to an entire continent. If you get that right, then you will understand that what happens in my country i.e., The SS & SE, should not be your business. Thererfore, whether Ibori or alams steals, u shud not bother because they did not steal from ur cowardly West.

    Now, read this very carefully. We the SS & SE pples know the games played now & then in the continent. Where you dead or alive when the SS peoples summarily executed the local chiefs in PH who were at connivance with the illegal & invading Nigerian Govt to rape the people? Did you not hear of how the Nigerian govt reacted by killing Saro Wiwa because they wanted to deter the SS peoples from dealing with their collaborators.

    …anyway, I do not intend to educate you because for you Yoruba pple, Nigeria must be one regardless of the seeming incongruency & liability & parasitism of the entire Continent especially the Nothern countries.

    We, the SS pples hav long prepared, in a manner that would bemuse any of you. We know, as it was in the beginning, that “The violent taketh it by force”. We cannot feed 111 million North & West countries for life. Impossible.

    Secession is irrevocable. Do you think pple like Ogboru & Prof Mukoro, Orkar etc are not alive anymore?

    Long live the SS & SE

    • femi

      akpos, I have just some questions for you: President Jonathan is of Ijaw-that is he is from South South, but who are his fiercest defenders in the media based on their jobs?-They are Reuben Abati (Yoruba) and Doyin Okupe(Yoruba)-So if Nigerians charge President Jonathan of corruption, then his fiercest defenders who defend him are equally guilty. Now given your tribalist analysis, how do you reconcile the corrupt conclave of President Jonathan (Ijaw) Reuben Abati (Yoruba) and Doyin Okupe (Yoruba)? It seems based on this, your analysis is glaringly faulty. You need to re-think. Our problem in Nigeria IS NOT your so-called tribe or tribalism or whatever you want to call it. So please rethink and be more deep in your understanding. It is just an advise. Thank you.

  • Abubakar

    I think the beauty of democracy and discourse in democracy is to expand the discourse. Thus what you need to add are other questions. When you legitimately add other questions, that act of yours, of adding other questions are legitimate and correct. But they do not disqualify existing questions. See what I mean.? So add the Calabar Itu Express Road which the President MUST also attend to but WHICH HE HAS NOT ATTENDED TO. Please add it and search for more issues in the South South that president Jonathan OUGHT TO do but which he has NOT BEEN DOING. That is when you expand the democratic voice. So please do this and make things more healthy in a democratic manner.

  • Adesoji Adedapo

    This country called Nigeria every body know that it consist of different of many good tribe and few powerful bad leaders that was drawn from all the tribe i am not aware of any tribe in Nigeria that have not produce either federal legislator, minister member of executive council, ambassador, chairman of federal board,or member of federal parastatal so when my people was in any of those offices what does he/she done to my community, that is the question we suppose to be asking our self from there you we know that the problem of Nigeria is an individual greediness, our leaders are not sincere at all there are many country that are more populated than Nigeria who are still living in harmony, if we are talking of oil in the SS & SE remember that God gave other region many resource apart from oil, the problem is that our leaders are lazy they want quick money if not, Cocoa is still relevant in the whole world, rubber is very essential for some product in the world and many other resources, so why are we so rely on oil only. if not because we are thief and our government did not have any good agenda for us for example look at the statement that is coming out from the mouth of President is it embarrassing? many of us were there when he was making many promise during his campaign before general election in 2011. .

  • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

    they are very selfish bunch. they want niger delta money. thats all they care for.