President Jonathan lied in Independence anniversary broadcast

President Goodluck Jonathan
Former President Goodluck Jonathan's

President Goodluck Jonathan lied to the world in his Independence Day anniversary speech about gains his administration has made in the fight against corruption, a PREMIUM TIMES investigation has revealed.

In what appears to be a major credibility stunt, President Jonathan read a speech in which he scored his government high on all sides.

In order to make his good performance appear holistic, the president included in his speech that global corruption watchdog, Transparency International, has endorsed and praised his administration’s war against corruption.

Mr. Jonathan’s words: “…the fight against the scourge of corruption is a top priority of our administration.

“We are fighting corruption in all facets of our economy, and we are succeeding. We have put an end to several decades of endemic corruption associated with fertilizer and tractor procurement and distribution.  We have exposed decades of scam in the management of pensions and fuel subsidy, and ensured that the culprits are being brought to book,” he added.

To give his claims international credibility, the presidents then said: “In its latest report, Transparency International (TI) noted that Nigeria is the second most improved country in the effort to curb corruption.”

The lie
PREMIUM TIMES contacted Transparency International seeking a copy of its latest report which the President referred to in his speech.

The group replied promptly disowning Mr. Jonathan and saying it had no such report.

“Transparency International does not have a recent rating or report that places Nigeria as the second most improved country in the fight against corruption,” the group said in an email to this newspaper.

The group said its most recent indexing of Nigeria’s corruption activities was in the 2011 Corruption Perceptions Index, which measured perceived level of public sector corruption in the country.

In that index, Nigeria scored 2.4 on a scale where 0 means highly corrupt and 10 means very clean. It was ranked 143 out of 183 countries.

That rating was actually a dip in performance for Nigeria as the country was rated 134 out of 183 countries the previous year, 2010.

The president’s spokesperson would not comment for this story. The Special Adviser on Media, Reuben Abati as well as the Special Assistant on Public Affairs, Doyin Okupe, did not answer or return calls.

They also did not reply text messages sent to their telephones.

Corruption cases Jonathan ignores

Since resuming office in 2010, President Jonathan is believed not to have shown vigour in the fight against corruption – including corruption involving past and current actors in his administration. The tipping point in the president’s profile, regarding reluctance in promoting transparency, came when, in his last media chat, he scoffed at a question on why he had not publicly declared his asset. On live television, the president snapped “I don’t give a damn!”

The petroleum minister, Diezani Madueke, a close ally of the president, has heaps of established corruption allegations against her, but none has been investigated by Mr. Jonathan’s administration; while she still remains in office as one of the favorite ministers.

In August 2011, President Goodluck Jonathan secretly ordered the payment of $155 million to Malabu oil, a firm owned by an ex-convict and former petroleum minister, Dan Etete. Not only was the payment done without the knowledge of the Finance Minister, as revealed by PREMIUM TIMES, Malabu transferred the money into dubious accounts including that owned by a man with links to Mr. Jonathan. Both the Senate and the House of Representatives have agreed to investigate the Malabu scandal.

Two members of the President’s cabinet, Godsday Orubebe and Stella Oduah, illegally registered an NGO, Neighbour to Neighbour, on whose board they sit, and which they then used in campaigning for the President’s election; in contravention of CAC registration guidelines and the CAMA Act. The presidency has kept mum on this.

There have been several cases of visitors to the Presidential Villa being given huge sums of money after their visits. The Save Nigeria Group was offered $30 thousand, and the Northern elders N20 million; both groups rejected the cash gifts given to them by the presidency.

There are also mounts of corruption cases involving government officials, politicians and ‘friends of the government’ that have been lingering for years while perpetrators roam free.



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  • maburuk

    not the first lie…………………

  • Innocent

    Happy Independence anniversary Nigeria!

  • FreeKick

    PT, the problem is you guys underestimate our president. It depends on the branch of Transparency International you contacted. One is headed by bro reuben…

    • Hickey

      And for crying out loud, PT stop this disgraceful snooping… get a drink, or sorry a life, and forget Aso and its rock!

  • Mode

    White lie!



  • Name muhammad

    P.D.P Adminstrtion are full of lies and disapointment, vry unfurl

  • Favour Afolabi

    Premium Times should make the email public!

  • bashir

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 2 bad

  • Waziri

    What a disgrace! Nigeria again !almost everything negative, courtesy of one leader or the other

  • Alfdu

    What is corruption? You should sincerely check yourself within your responsibilities are you not corrupt? Do you do what is expected of you? For all have sinned……………………

    • UJI

      What has this got to do with the conversation here. So because everybody is corrupt we should now not speak out when our President lies?

    • Enemona

      So therefore, we should remain corrupt and not condemn it. Your logic or lack of it is disturbing.

  • Alfdu

    Even in our holy books there are records of leaders who lied to get away with it. So what?

    • Enemona

      alfdu, so this is how you interpret your holy book. Your point is that the holy book allows leaders’ lies, as such, we should allow it. Its normal, right? Let’s say we follow your doctrine, then there should be no law or criminal justice and nobody should be rebuked or punished for any misdemeanor, right?

      Have you heard of the Hobbesian state? That’s what you’re are advocating, you should find yourself one and live there forever because that’s where you fit, the 21st century is far too sophisticated for people like you and the corrupt leaders that you defend. My God, when did Nigerian education system go this bad that it produces so many people with such warped logic?

  • Guest

    jonathan has done his best in some areas…BUT CORRUPTION; HE HAS EVEN STARTED FIGHTING THAT. So yes…it was a FAT LIE

  • jonathan has done his best in some areas…BUT CORRUPTION; HE HAS NOT EVEN STARTED FIGHTING THAT. So yes…it was a FAT LIE

  • Chris Onyishi

    even if TI rates us first in the war against corruption, does it change
    I have always said that when a government starts measuring
    itself by what outsiders, instead of
    her citizens, perceive of it then that government is simply showing how
    myopic its outlook on governance is. Must TI rate us for me to know
    that the recent report on the petroleum subsidy report is being swept
    under the carpet?

    TI rate us for me to know that as we speak neither CBN governor,
    Economic Team coordinator and Finance Minister, Petroleum Minister nor
    the NNPC and DPPRA know how many liters of petrol they are paying for as
    being consumed by Nigerians on daily basis.

    We are observing a government that has set up committee of lairs.
    Transport, Arc. Mike Onolememen, was once telling everybody who cared
    how it has never
    been so good about Nigerian roads. But everybody knows
    the truth about the state of our roads.

    He too could quote on agency
    or the other as saying that Nigeria ranks second to Japan on road
    network. I have come to realize that mischief is the other name for PDP
    controlled federal government in Nigeria

  • Engr. Garkuwa K. Gizaki

    Ogala Emmaniel, It is really unfortunate if that is how journalism is practiced in your organization. Calling your leader in such an uncivilized manner shows you lacked home training and you do not have respect for elders including parents. Tell us the person you contacted at the Transparency International that disowned Jonathan. We are tired of the junk journalism the Nigerian journalists are feeding us with. Stop using your organization to be discrediting our leaders. You people at that organization seem to be the paid agents of the oppositions that do not see anything good in the Government of President Jonathan. Be rest assured that you will account for the misinformation you are feeding us with simply because somebody somewhere is polishing your dining table.
    Please stop insulting our dear President from putting right what the agents that are paying you to cover what they did to Nigeria decades ago. You and them should not worry. It is sooner than latter that the wickedness they did to Nigerians would be exposed in broad day light by President Jonathan.

  • Dan Kasa

    This is a classic case of improper advice to Mr President. It’s extremely embarrassing not only to GEJ but to Nigeria as a whole. Whoever smuggled this lie into the president’s speech must not go unpunished. And it is a bitter lesson for Mr President. My advice is for him to re-trace his steps, be a man of himself & not someone’s captive. He stands a better chance of succeeding in his transformation agenda if sheds the unnecessary weight of the retinue of self-serving advisers most of whom are of highly questionable character.

    • Enemona

      Jona’s problem is not the advisers, it’s his personality. Have you forgotten the adage “show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are”? The kind of advisers you pick is highly dependent on the kind of person you are and the kind of government you want to run. Jona feigns humility, gentility and Godliness in his bid to get acceptance from Nigerians but deep inside he’s a seriously corrupt individual. Remember, your real character is the one you show when nobody is watching.

      Another point is: was it the same set of advisers that helped him to loot Bayelsa? If true, how come he’s stuck with these corrupt advisers all the time? There’s something curious about his protection/defence of Diezani, the prime minister? You know “birds of feather flock together”. He’s corrupt, simple!

    • Harris

      Advice?! Gimme a break. He did nothing about corruption and he saw an accolade sticking out for doing nothing yet grabbed at it?! Even Odili would have checked that fact before laying cheap claims over success they never labored for. Serves them right, we caught them where it hurts.
      You may now all return to ur national prayers! 364days to go!

    • Ujuh

      Dan, did you say ‘improper advice to Mr president’? Which planet does he live in. Or is he blind, deaf, dumb and without nose that he cannot see, hear and perceive the stench of corruption all over the country? This actually shows that he is not in control of this out of touch administration.

  • Omokannle

    What do you expect from a president that budgeted N1 Billion for food for a year, struggled with the payment of the minimum wage and want the citizens to swallow bitter pills produced by the mismanagement of the country resources and wealth.

  • ikenna

    What do you expect from a govt who ruled out 2billon to build a preisdental party hall which was not in the budget or what do u expect from a country as big as nigeria who’s president refuse to declear it asset it very clear this country is what it is