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Kutigi’s peace moves succeed as ‎National Conference ends‎ without rancour

Kutigi’s peace moves succeed as ‎National Conference ends‎ without rancour

The conference adopted its resolutions. The National Conference, which began on March 17, came to an end on Thursday morning. The series of meetings the Confab chairman, Idris Kutigi, held with zonal leaders on Wednesday paid off as the delegates agreed on a position on the controversial draft constitution. The confab ended with a minor

CONFAB: National Conference prepares new constitution for Nigeria

The delegates to the Nigeria National conference 2014 were on Monday given copies of the conference report and a new draft constitution seeking to replace the existing one. The Confab went on break on July 14 to enable the secretariat produce the draft copy of the conference report. Then, the Chairman informed delegates that they

PRESS RELEASE: Retired Federal Permanent Secretaries applauds National Conference outcome

Chairman of the National Conference and retired Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Idris Kutigi, has continued to receive solidarity messages over the success of the Conference whose reports are expected in less than two weeks.

States creation: Triumph of compromise – Raymond Mordi

It is business-as-usual at the National Conference, with the proposal for the creation of 18 states.  The development puts a question mark on the commitment of the delegates because their proposal is not in tune with the reality that necessitated the conference, writes Deputy Political Editor RAYMOND MORDI.