National Conference 101 – Understanding the basics

Do you have basic questions about the Nigerian National Conference? This short video answers all the frequently asked questions about the conference, from what is a national conference to how it functions, to how much will be spent on it and more. Everything you need to know. If there is any other question about the National Conference you want answered, leave a comment and we will answer them in the next episode.

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  • Abdullahi B Shuwa

    I want to commend the idea of 65yrs retirement age of civil servants

  • the national conference is another of those drain pipes. it’s not backed by the constitution, the modus operandi of selecting the conference delegates is heavily flawed, the issues that are to be addressed by the conference can well be addressed by the national legislature if the peoples representatives are truly representative of the wishes and aspirations of the people they are supposed to be representing. It is dead on arrival but is a contraption to further siphone the national wealth into the pockets of some lumpen elites who purport to be representing the people when indeed they are a self-serving part of the problem.

    What we need is to tidy up our electoral process, have a robust civil society that holds public officers to account, build strong institutions, have a vibrant judiciary and governance base on the rule of law. the ethnic and regional segregation that is carried to the conference make the conference dead on arrival. Poor Naija!

    By the way, can the conference not ask for confederation, parliamentary system of government, annulment of the 1999 constitution or outright balkanization of Nigeria?

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