LETTER: UNIOSUN Crisis: Governor Aregbesola should please reopen our campus

Osun State Governor, Rauf Aregbesola

Dear editor, 

Sir, please avail us a chance to make our suffering known to the public. Below is an outcry of the Students of Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Osun State University, Ikire campus, on the indefinite closure of our campus by Osun State governor, Rauf Aregbesola. 

I am Afolabi Ismail. Thanks in anticipation of your support. 

With heavy heart full of grief and sorrow, we wish to inform nigerians of our protracted suffering and seek support towards reopening of our campus; Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Osun State University, Ikire.

Regrettably, the campus was on August 16, 2014 closed indefinitely by the Rauf Aregbesola-led Osun State government. To us, this was done to douse a violent protest by some students in the faculty. The protest erupted as a result of an unpleasant accident involving some touring students of the faculty on August 15, leading to the death of three persons including Wale Farawe, a lecturer who majored in History and International studies, and a student, Binuyo David.

The sudden crisis is nothing but an accident and as such, it requires drastic solution. But Governor Aregbesola seems to have turned deaf ears to our cries. Instead of seeing to the resolution of the crisis as a respected and unusual leader he is known for, Mr. Governor is busy celebrating second term victory.

If Governor Aregbesola was sincere when he said power is responsibility and that he would try his best possible to improve social, economy and political activities of this state, then it would cost him nothing to address our issues within 24 hours unless he deliberately chose to scuttle our future and leave the economy of Ikire community in jeopardy.

For time is of the essence to everyone’s life, we call on Aregbesola to reopen our campus without further delay. Also, we will like to make it clear that we are neither justifying the violent protest nor demanding for much but immediate reopening of our campus.

We are sick and tired of staying at home. The deed is done and there must be a way forward. Enough of this hullabaloo. We pray the governor to be lenient  and not go beyond psychology of punishment and correction, more so that the culprits who masterminded the violent protest have been identified and the damaged school properties have been renovated.

Our future is at stake and we can’t stand aside and watch. UNIOSUN is made up of six campuses. While Ikire campus was closed indefinitely by Aregbesola few weeks away from the completion of 2013/2014 academic session, and still remain closed, other campuses of the institution have completed the session and commenced the 2014/2015 academic session.

We detest this idea of generalising guilt, closing a whole campus for months because of an offence committed by few individuals is uncalled for and increasingly overbearing. Sadly, hundreds of final year students in the faculty are being delayed just as the new students are denied access to education unlike their mates in other campuses of the same university. We are now at a tight corner and wondering why Aregbesola is not moved by our predicament.


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  • hyperbole123

    why should he bother? abeg make e nor worry. na him chance

  • Outraged

    Why must he reach out to SS AND SE? He is a Nigerian president not SE or SS president.

  • Richard Wall

    Mr Paul Okolo must be living in cuckoo land. He claims that the 2015 presidential election must have been rigged; if not , why would an incumbent lose ? This is the most asinine statement I have had the displeasure of reading. Is he now saying that an incumbent , no matter how incompetent , must be reelected ? What about the will of the people ? What if they have had enough of said incumbent ?

    By the way , who is better placed to rig ? Is it the incumbent , who has a monopoly of the levers of power , or the challenger ? This postulation stands logic on its head.

    Why is Mr Okolo conflating the southeast with the South South ? I understand that misery loves company, but the igbos should bear their cross alone , since they have chosen to cry more than the bereaved ( the Ijaw ). If my memory serves me , the umbrella organisation of the Ijaw extended a hand of cooperation to PMB after he was declared the winner. Even the loudmouthed fat pig called Asari Dokubo has shut up. The only Ijaws compaining are tompolo and his confederates ; for the simple reason that they are being held to account. If PMB had chosen to ” see no evil , hear and evil and speak no evil ” in relation to tompolo , tompolo and his ilk would have shut up too.

    By the way, what informed the blind hatred of the igbos for PMB during the 2015 election ? After all ,PMB contested against the same jonathan in 2011 and yet we did not see the kind of vitriol directed against PMB that we witnessed before and after the 2015 elections.

    Was it because jonathan handed over his government to igbos from 2011 and allowed his government to become igbo-occupied territory ?

    PMB also contested against OBJ in 2003 and Yar’adua in 2007 ( both times with igbo running mates ), yet we never heard anyghing about the igbos hatred for PMB. When did igbos develop this hatred for PMB , and why ? It couldn’t have been because he participated in the civil war on the federal side against biafra. If it had been so , igbos would have raised that issue in 2003 , when PMB first contested for the presidency.

    The truth of the matter is that from 2003 till date, igbos have always voted for the ruling party at the federal level, regardless of the ethnicity of the presidential candidate. Exhibit one, they voted for OBJ instead of ojukwu in 2003 and they voted for Yar’adua instead of ojukwu , orji uzor kalu , kalu idika kalu , ike nwachukwu, etc, etc, in 2007.

    If jonathan had been impeached a few months to the elections and had decamped to APGA and been selected as its presidential candidate, and the same PMB they hate so much , had been the candidate of the pdp in 2015, they would have voted for PMB. The simple reason is because igbos dont like playing ” opposition”. Their so-called love for jonathan is not based on principle , it is based on mercantilist considerations.

    The bottom line is that PMB does not have to reach out to the igbos , PMB did not start out hating igbos ; if at all he hates them, they have given him more than enough reason to hate them with their unreasonable ” dog in a manger ” behaviour.

    PMB has no problem with the South South even though he did not get much votes there. Contrary to what some people think, the Ijaws are not the sole denizens of the South South. As a matter of fact, jonathan was such an Ijaw irredentist that he alienated the other ethnic groups e.g. the Itsekiri , Urhobo , etc.; exhibit one is the politics over the siting of the export processing zone in Delta state and the fact that his appointments were heavily skewed in favour of the Ijaw. If there had been free and fair elections in the South South, it is doubtful if jonathan would have won with the margin he did in non-Ijaw areas of the South South.

    If igbos want PMB to reconsider his stance towards them , they have to take the initiative . If I were in PMB’s shoes, I would refuse to even listen to them because it would just be an act of deception to gain advantage. The igbos can never let go of their hatred for him. More importantly, he does not need the votes of igbos in the event that he decides to contest in 2019. This fact was demonstrated conclusively in the 2015 elections.

  • New Nigerian

    This piece is about an urban legend. What Paul Okoro is asking here, Buhari actually did – he even wore the traditional dresses of the SS and SE. Paul alleges to rigging, the only rigging that was done in the SS and SE was done for Jonathan …it is only that it was not enough to turn the election in Jonathan’s favor that it was accepted, so that everyone can move on.

    So Paul should get with it!

    The only change that is required in the SS and SE is for the retrogressive forces, Oligarchs, holding the people down in this zones to remove their strangle hold and give peace, democracy & progress a chance (for the sakes of their people). As Nigerians, the stranglehold would be removed one way or another, whether they like it or not – as no one can hold down liberty, freedom and progress.