SPECIAL REPORT: How the Onitsha massacre of pro-Biafra supporters was coordinated — SSS operative

A week after the slaying of pro-Biafra demonstrators in Onitsha, details of how the mass killing was coordinated by security forces have emerged.

PREMIUM TIMES has obtained an insider account by a whistleblower, who is an operative of the State Security Service.

The same whistleblower had reached out and provided vital information to two human rights organization, the Amnesty International and the Intersociety for Civil Liberties & Rule of Law.

Blowing the whistle

The operative, who was part of the security joint operation but is now disturbed by the manner soldiers “refused to play by the rule”, contacted a trusted human rights activist.

The identity of the whistleblower is being concealed so he is not punished by the authorities. His recorded narrative is however in the possession of this newspaper.

The whistleblower stated that the operation started with medium use of force on the night of May 29.

The following morning, the joint task force moved from the Onitsha Army Barracks to the rally venue on Nkpor-Umuoji Road only to find a crowd of pro-Biafra supporters who had been battered the night before by invading soldiers in the premises of St Edmunds Catholic Primary School.

The crowd, joined by newcomers, was by now in a resistance mood.

At that point the JTF retreated to Onitsha Military Barracks. The retreat infuriated Cantonment Commander, Issah M. Abdullahi, a colonel, who ordered them back to clear the venue and roads of all “miscreants.”

With this firm directive, the JTF, dominated by soldiers and led by Major C.O. Ibrahim of the Nigerian Military Police, stormed the streets and the event venue.

The rest is history. The whistleblower said that while other members of the JTF were minimizing the use of force, soldiers recklessly opened fire at crowds, shooting at close range, and “wasting people indiscriminately.”

Passersby and people in their homes and shops were not spared of stray bullets, the SSS operative said.

He said it got to a point where injured pro-Biafra supporters, seeing the countless bodies of their colleagues on the ground, opened their arms wide, advanced towards the soldiers screaming that they too should be killed.

Three military trucks were used to cart away heaps of dead bodies.

According to the whistleblower, there are two cemeteries inside the Onitsha Army Barracks. Though reserved for fallen soldiers, victims of the massacre were buried in the cemetery close to Yahweh Church, inside the barracks.

The whistleblower added that in the evening of the same day when everyone thought the dust had settled, JTF operatives invaded the Nnewi Teaching Hospital and to the fury of nurses, abducted 12 gunshot victims and seven of their relations looking after them.

The 19, including women, were brought before the Commissioner of Police, Hosea Karma. He claimed that the commissioner accused the 19 of threatening the security of the state.

He would however order that the wounded men be returned to the hospital while their family members be taken away by SARS for interrogation. Human rights activists familiar with police tactics in Nigeria say that interrogation by SARS is a euphemism for torture.

Continuing his narrative, the whistleblower said that on June 2, two days after the massacre, soldiers stormed the Nnewi hospital and arrested eight of the 12 critical injured men the commissioner had earlier sent back to hospital.

Their whereabouts remain unknown.

PREMIUM TIMES separately gathered that on June 3, five men with serious bullet wounds were transferred by soldiers from Onitsha Army Barracks to the State CID and dumped inside a cell without any medical attention.

We are unable to ascertain if the five men were among the eight abducted from Nnewi Teaching Hospital the day before. The name of one of the abducted men is given as Ugoo K.C.

As the news spread that soldiers had invaded the Nnewi Teaching Hospital, gunshot victims in other hospitals begged their relations to move them to other states.

Among those moved to Abia State were Chidi Nwigwe, Uchenna Odaa, Ezeaka Ejike, Chima Anamuasonye, Nwaowe John, Ifeanyi C. Azubuike and Ugochukwu Nnamu. Those moved to Enugu included Ifeanyi Ogumma and Arinze Aja.

Since the whistleblower’s account, human rights groups have worked their contacts in the various security outfits to check out the story.

A security source, another SSS source and a military police source individually confirmed that a mass burial occurred in the afternoon of Wednesday, June 1 in a military cemetery, near Yahweh Church, inside the Onitsha Military Barracks.

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The military police source added that a total of 15 graves were prepared with some taking as many as 10 bodies while some contained only five.

To hell and back: an escapee experience

‘To hell and back’ is the only way to summarize the experience of Henry Ibebuike Enekwe, the 32-year old electrical engineer who was abducted by soldiers on his way to Enugu.

News of Mr. Enekwe’s abduction was widely circulated by the human rights coalition called the Southeast Based Coalition of Human Rights Organizations.

Recounting his ordeal, Mr. Enekwe, who is not an IPOB member, said he was on his way to Enugu from Onitsha to seal an electrical-installation contract with a Lagos-based businessman. In the morning of the D-Day, May 30, 2016, he was abducted by soldiers and taken to the Onitsha Military Cantonment.

“I live at Nkpor-Agu. The greatest shock of my live was witnessing the killing of three young men returning from early-morning mass in front of the street leading to St Edmunds Catholic Church Nkpor-Agu (Early-morning mass is a daily ritual for Catholic communities). I was arrested and thrown inside a military truck. I think the three young men panicked when they saw the soldiers waving their guns and barking. They attempted to run and right before my very eyes, the soldiers fired at them one after the other. They picked up their corpses and threw them like logs of wood into the same truck I was sitting inside. The soldiers moved from that street to another, arresting people and throwing them inside the same truck and killing others and picking up their bodies. They were acting like hunters on a hunting expedition.

“When we got to the barracks, I saw heaps of bodies on the ground. Those still breathing were dumped together with the dead. Another military vehicle brought in a new set of corpses. Later in the evening, all the corpses were taken in the direction of a nursery and primary school inside the barracks. I never saw anything again because we were taken into a cell,” Mr. Enekwe recounted.

While in captivity, Mr. Enekwe said he and other detainees were tortured every morning by soldiers.

“The soldiers call it morning tea. They force us to lie on a long bench and flog you with koboko (horsewhip) till you begin to bleed. When blood comes out, they pour water on wounds and continue to flog you to bring out more blood. As they flogged us, they rain curses on our mothers, our fathers and our tribes,” Mr. Enekwe recalled.

In a little office filled with sympathizers, among them a PREMIUM TIMES reporter, Mr. Enekwe told human rights activists that in the night of  Wednesday June 1, about 8.30pm, soldiers guarding his cell crudely announced to the detainees: “We don give your brothers mass burial today and if you people mess up, you will join them and nothing will happen.”

The engineer further added that in the early hours of June 3, about 1.30am, soldiers came to his cell and moved some detainees, including six groaning with gunshot wounds. They were never returned to the cell till June 4, when he regained his freedom.

Mr. Enekwe said he was lucky to have come out of military detention alive. His rescue was made possible by family contacts within the SSS. It could not be confirmed but someone in the Ebonyi State Directorate of the SSS is believed to have contacted a senior SSS colleague in Anambra. He was told that his SSS savior came six times to the Onitsha military barracks but was each time told Mr. Enekwe was not in their custody.

Inefficient Human Right Desk

In February this year, the Nigerian Army announced the establishment of what it called the Army Human Right Desk. The Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Tukur Buratai, represented at the commissioning by the Chief of Civil-Military Affairs (CCMA), Rogers Nicholas, had said the establishment of the desk office was borne out of the increasing interest of the local and international human rights bodies on what the army was doing in the North East and other parts of the country.

He had added that the human right desk was facilitated by the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) and the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), assuring that the Nigerian Army under his leadership would investigate all cases of human rights complaints brought before it.

That has not happened. The litmus test was the invasion by soldiers same month of a prayer meeting inside the National High School Aba and the shooting dead of 22 unarmed pro-Biafra sympathizers whose bodies were later dumped in a borrow pit. The Army announced it had dispatched an investigation team to Aba but almost four months after, the outcome of the  military investigation is yet to be made public.

Massacre on Heroes Day

PREMIUM TIMES gathered that May 30 every year is set aside since 1966 for remembrance of fallen heroes of Igbo Ethnic nationality. In 2014 and 2015 the day was marked in Enugu and Aba and by Igbo diaspora in Europe, America, Canada and some countries of Africa. Programme of events include lectures, church services and solemn procession. There are no street protests or armed activities.

It was further gathered that Onitsha was chosen for this year’s celebration. An expanse of land along Nkpor-Umuoji Road, close to ALO Aluminum Industry Ltd, was chosen as venue. The land belongs to a cooperative run by a traders’ association which had acquired same for the building of residential houses by its members.

We put most of the photographs gathered during investigations for this story in this link because they are too gory to be displayed without warning. Click on this link to view them. (Warning: Images are gory)

The leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) showed this newspaper a copy of a notification letter addressed to and sent to the Anambra State Commissioner of Police, Hosea Karma, requesting security protection at the venue.

The letter dated May 23, 2016 was signed on May 24, 2016 by Uchenna Asiegbu of the IOPB’s Directorate of State. A security source said the letter became the “working document” for counter-strategies against the Heroes Day celebration.

In the night of May 29, the eve of the anniversary, blockades were mounted on all roads leading into Onitsha by soldiers, some of whom were said to have come from 82 Division Enugu. The sealed roads were Onitsha-Owerri Expressway to stop IPOB/MASSOB supporters coming in from Imo, Abia, Port Harcourt and Akwa Ibom States; the Asaba-Onitsha Expressway to prevent travelers coming in from Lagos, Edo and northern part of the country; and the Onitsha-Enugu Expressway to contain those arriving from Enugu, Ebonyi, Cross Rivers, Benue and Kogi States.

Innocent travellers and IPOB sympathizers alike were allegedly pulled out of buses, verbally attacked, flogged with horsewhip and hit with the butt of the gun.

At the Delta end of the Niger Bridge, some passengers were shot at, arrested and taken away. Some night travellers, who were neither IPOB/MASSOB members nor aware of anything called Heroes Day were equally beaten up by soldiers.

Not a few, including women and teenagers, had to run into the bush and remained there all night.

The whistleblower told a trusted human rights campaigner that to the chagrin of anti-riot policemen and operatives of the SSS, rampaging soldiers “hijacked the security operation” kicking passengers, ordering them to lie face down on the dirt, shooting indiscriminately and mouthing ethnic slurs.

Meanwhile IPOB/MASSOB supporters who had entered Onitsha before the blockades made their way to the venue of the Heroes Day celebration. In their hundreds they camped out in a primary school close to St. Edmunds Catholic Church at Nkpor-Agu. The pro-Biafra supporters said that minutes before 2am when most of them were sound asleep, soldiers invaded the school, shooting into the crowd. Those who could run did so but that did not stop the bullets hitting them from behind. The exact number of people killed in the primary school or left with bullet wounds is difficult to tell as most of the victims had arrived from different states and did not particularly know one another.

Survivors said the dead and some of the wounded were taken away in military trucks. Those arrested were packed into the same trucks carrying the dead and taken to the Onitsha Military Barracks.

The D-Day

In the morning of May 30, the D-Day, news of the killings of sleeping men at the school near St. Edmund Catholic Church had been heard in Onitsha, Asaba and different parts of the South East.

In Onitsha, dozens of trucks and vans filled with soldiers in combat gears raced down major roads and streets. Any gathering of three or more people was at risk of being fired upon.

Shootings were recorded at hotspots in Onitsha and environs including Nkpor Junction, Eke-Nkpor –Umuoji road, Afor-Nkpor to Onitsha-Enugu Expressway, Flyover Bridge by New Parts Market, Ojoto- Umuoji road, Ifite-Dunu, Ogbunike and Ogidi.

Following the blockade of every road leading to the event venue, the pro-Biafra leaders resorted to using mobile phones to coordinate their members. Thousands soon assembled simultaneously at three strategic spots: the Asaba-Abraka Junction by BridgeHead in Delta State, Ifite-Dunu and Ojoto/Umuoji. From these different spots, the three different crowds began to match into Onitsha with the open-air venue as destination.

Not everyone made it to the Heroes Day venue. Way before sunset, 14 critically injured citizens were writhing on the floor of the Nnewi Teaching Hospital, 15 at the Multicare Hospital in Nkpor and nine at St Mary’s Hospital, Nnewi.

Several private hospitals, including the Crown Hospital and St Michael Hospitals in Nkpor were equally recipients of gunshot emergencies. Same for medical facilities in Asaba and Okija.

The Acting Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) of Delta State, Charles Muka, had in a statement said that five members of the pro-Biafra group were killed by military officers after confrontations along the Asaba-Onitsha Expressway.

But that was only in Delta State. In the push from Delta into Anambra, two policemen were pushed into the River Niger. One drowned, the other was rescued. A Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) was stabbed to death in Onitsha. His name was given as Genesis Akagha. He was from Umu Ororonjo in Owerri Municipal, Imo State.

Family members told PREMIUM TIMES that the late Mr. Akagha was just transferred to Sapele in Delta State and was to resume at his new post the same week he was killed.

Victims’ identities

IPOB and the human rights organization, the Intersociety, said no less than 29 civilians were killed in Asaba alone. The Asaba victims included Ichoku Ndu, Ebere Obidike, Nwabueze Uzonna, Okey Roland, Chukwudi Ifenna, Isaac Uzochukwu, Eberima Aguh, Henry Gideon,  Efion Apani, Abuchi Obi, Ozoemena Chukwuma, Lotenna Ifeajuna, Ifebuchi Okenwa, Wisdom Omota, Ejike Abunchukwu,  Ozobu Ogbonna, Emeka Madueke, Paschal Gideon, Afam Onyeburu, Izu Onwubiewe, Okey Agubata, Celestine Nnamdi, Obieke Lotenna, Nwabueze Oti, Chijioke Ozoro, Nwadike Chibuzo, Azuka Ifeake, Chioma Nkemjika and Obiora Okonkwo.

PREMIUM TIMES also gathered that in addition to the Asaba casualties, killings recorded elsewhere in Onitsha and environs were as high as 90 deaths. Intersociety claims a death toll of over 120.

The names of some of the victims were given as Obi Nkemakonam, Ubani Nwenneakonam, Nwuzo Friday, Ilo Friday, Olisama Chukwuemeka, Awah Sopuruchi, Okoye Chinedu, Ezeilo Chuka, Onyeduna Ifesinachi, Nnamani Sunday, Chinonso Amadi, Tagbo Chibuzo, Anyanwu Chika, Egbe Johnson, Osukwe Ijeoma, Nkechukwu Ikechukwu, Kenneth Eni, Orjichukwu Chigozie, Solomon Izundu, Ebili Edward, Gabriel Onyedikachi, Ilo Ozoemena, Nwauju Charles, Onuoha Chidozie, Onyemaechi Nwaezeoma, Innocent Obodoekwe, Ifeanyi Azubuike, Adigwe Chukwudi, Ogochukwu Mbam, Obiosa Chukwueme, Ugochukwu Samuel, Onuoha Chigozie, Maduka Egwela, John Onuchukwu, Maduabuchi Onwukanjo, Izuchukwu Nwaogba, Nnamdi Okonkwo, Ibekwe Okechukwu, Felix Odianwu, Okafor Moses Madukasi and Egwu Joseph.

Like Tiananmen Square

Security operation of May 30 in Onitsha has variously been compared to the Tiananmen Square Massacre in China, in 1989.  IPOB alleges ethnic cleansing and genocide.

Heads of the different security units involved in the Heroes Day operations included Col Isah M. Abdullahi who is the Onitsha Military Cantonment Commander; Commissioner of Police, Hosea Karma; Major C.O. Ibrahim of the Nigerian Military Police at Onitsha Army Barracks; Deputy Commissioner of Police J.B. Kokomo, who is the deputy commissioner in charge of operations in the Anambra State Police Command; DCP Makama, Second–in-command, Anambra State Police Command;  Assistant Commissioner of Police H. Ezekiel who is the Onitsha Area Commander;  Superintendent of Police Rabiu Garba, the DPO of Fegge Police Station; Superintendent of Police, Mark Ijaradu of Inland Town police unit; CSP Kayode Olabanji of Okpoko police station.

Officers of the Ogidi Police unit also participated in the security operations but PREMIUM TIMES was unable to confirm the identity of the Head of the unit.

Aside those killed or critically wounded, dozens of others have gone missing. Family members said they initially thought their missing relatives were among the over 100 people arrested and held in various detention facilities including the Onitsha Army Barracks, the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) at Awkuzu, the Nigerian Prisons in Onitsha and the State CID at Awka.

They have gone from one detention centre to another; visited hospitals and mortuaries yet cannot find their loved ones. Following the Heroes Day rally, soldiers and SARS operatives have routinely invaded homes at midnight, abducting men from their beds. One of them is Chikezie Nwodo, a native of Enugu State.

Human rights organizations working in the South East said that before the rally, over 600 people were documented to have been arrested, tortured and being held without trial in prisons in different parts of the country.

We put most of the photographs gathered during investigations for this story in this link because they are too gory to be displayed without warning. Click on this link to view them. (Warning: Images are gory)


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    When the same army, the same government killed about 1000 IMN members in Zaria, exactly six months a day today, Nigerians fell to rise against state murder, choosing to as usual, treat the massacre as a non issue. The import of that apathy to 1000 Nigerians killed without any public outcry is what we are reaping today. Nigerian security are merciless and follow no rule. They are above the rule and can kill as they did in Zaria and now in Onitsha . Will they continue to kill? Yes, they will. Because Nigerians are divided, confused and lacking in unity and the murderous army are bolstered by a disunited nation. If they kill in the north, those in south will say ‘na dem sabi’ and if they kill in the south, those in the north will say ‘na dem sabi’ So they kill at will because they cannot be faced by an angry Nigeria. My take is that as long as Nigerians refuse to see the murder of any Nigerian as collective pain, the more Nigerians will be mercilessly killed by the security agents. May God safe Nigerians from the Nigerian army.

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      I agree with you, but this case is specific enough not to be ambiguous. The commandant should be courtmartialed immediately.

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    • eze

      @Abu Jawad, if you did not speak up or condemn the mass killing of members of Islamic Movement of Nigeria, I personally did. The media was awash with condemnations of the military by Nigerians of different ethnic, religious, political, social and economic backgrounds. Your perspective cannot provide excuse for the killings in the south east

    • Olaola

      Well, stated.

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    Good investigative journalism. Thank you Premium Times for standing fearless while informing the public on the both the good and bad of those in authority. The next step is to press for accountability.

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    Left and right, up and down, all the whistle blower could see was bodies of these poor villagers withot brains because the zombie soldiers eat only the brain leaving the body to waste away.

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    I’m sure some people were killed but the numbers have been inflated to get more sympathy. If 120 people were killed then where are the pictures of the dead? Where are the families of the dead? 120 is a lot of people to be killed and not to have a serious uproar from their families. By now the families of those that are missing should be in front of the Army barracks everyday asking for the bodies of their loved ones.
    Killing one innocent percent is crime in itself hence there’s no need to inflate the numbers, when you do that, you simply loose credibility.
    When this same Army killed many civilians in Baga in 2013, I said it was wrong. I was called all kinds of names such as “Boko Haram member” just for saying killing of innocent civilians was wrong. I also said that today it’s Baga people, tomorrow it could be your own people. I was told to shut up and that the Baga people deserve it since they didn’t point out the Boko haram members among them. In only about 2 to 3 years, now the shoe is on the other feet.
    The problem with Africans and Nigerians in particular is that we are so short sighted. We only think of now and now. Even a corrupt politician is only thinking of himself and now, now. he does not think of tomorrow and the consequences of his actions in the future.


      You should ask the zoo army and police where are the dead bodies….since base on the report,the soldiers took away all the dead bodies and gave them mass burial..That’s not enough,they went to the hospital and still took away those injured and kill and mass graved them..So direct your question to Buhari and the governor of the state…

      • Olaola

        So based on your assertions, shouldn’t the families assemble in front of the Army barracks everyday until the bodies are released to them. Shouldn’t the pictures of the dead and missing be plastered all over the internet and television? Killing one person is wrong as he has stated but no need for inflating the figures.
        We all know that the Nigerian Army is very crude and barbaric when it comes to dealing with civilians. Today is SE, tomorrow it could be the SW, we don’t support killing of innocent civilians, if the law is been broken then they should be arrested and tried but not shot like dogs. There’s no excuse for that.

        • growthengine

          So the families should assemble and get wiped out. People assembled and got killed. People moved freely for their daily bread and got killed. What are you talking about. The force is disproportionate. They are out to shed blood in the east.

        • Akatikpo

          Shut up your mouth. Everything stated in that report is the truth. No embellishment whatsoever. It is unfortunate that you try to justify evil. The other members of the JTF who had conscience were against the activities of the Army. The Army boys acted under clear instructions from above. June 12 was celebrated with marches and processions. I didn’t hear that anybody was shot. Mind what you defend. This is a well investigated report with facts and figures.



    • Olaola

      You have made a very important observation. The myopic thinking of a typical African is the biggest problem we have. We only think of today and what serves me best now. We forget tomorrow. A white politician/person is thinking that if he steals money meant for schools, then there are probable certain repercussions ; he might get arrested and jailed. But more importantly some will think that if the current generations are not well educated, they might come for him and his family in the future. hence they are always thinking of not just today but tomorrow. In Africa the opposite is the case, people only think of what benefits and serves them good right now.

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      You are just a bastard!

      • Profy

        The whistle-blower did not see police that was thrown into the River. The whistle-blower did not see the army that was killed abi. OK am also a whistle blower from reliable source in the Army… Police was thrown into a river while an Army was killed. Sahara Reporter over to u.

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          Thank you Ojare.

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            Your reward will be that the evil you wish & support onto others especially the Igbos will given back to you in equal measure.

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            Your curses have no abode with me as I harbour no hatred for any Ethnic group.
            The curse returns to it’s place of origin – which is with you.


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          Exactly…and no one will say anything about that…a house boat was stormed the military guards killed…but hey no comment…no one will remember that one…military lives matter too…policemen lives too also matter.
          but an eye for eye will get us all killed – we must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools

        • onyema22ohaka

          This kind of evil by Buhari that you are supporting will be visited to you & yours in the most horrific manner.

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      The only name you need to know is that of Mohammedu Buhari. He is the head of the serpent. The buck stops at his desk.

  • arambe

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  • Political ninja

    And they said no one was killed! Igbos at times talk too much…..boko haram is less than 5000 in personel strength but they reck havoc! Let only 20000 form a zionist group and pick up arm and this country will be ungovernable…….do it our way, do it the ijaw nation way.

  • Gary

    I am shocked beyond words that in 2016, again under the leadership of Muhammadu Buhari, the Nigerisn Army has become an instrument of terror and repression against the Nigerian people. Who shall deliver us from this self-inflicted plague?
    May God bless this whistle-blower for heeding his conscience and thank you PT for the courage of standing up for the truth. Hope you know that makes you a target now. It’s back to the trenches for journalism in Nigeria. God help us.

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    Why all these killings? Most of the soldiers carrying out the executions are northerners. Are the killings based on hatred or what?

    • 2packed

      No it’s the same strategy used in the north east. they will first send unfriendly & unfamiliar personnel to the hostile ground, after mission has been accomplished they will send your brothers to the east. when this happened in the north, you will recall people shouting & requesting that the troops should be pulled out. they were mostly soldiers with ethnic origin from the south generally, so they brutally cracked down on any perceived threat in the populace. people felt better knowing that they harbored sympathizers to the insurgents than having anything to do with the military. but eventually when “go no go”, people started forming vigilante groups to mark out the insurgents & their sympathizers, and that was when the insurgents declared every other person outside their fold an enemy (both Muslims & Christians). so kindly advice your people to push for referendum through the parliament.

  • Wisdom Essien

    Where are the Governors of these states? Where are the Attorney Generals of these states? If FG controlled security forces go on a killing spree against your citizens and residents one expects that you hold the FG accountable and that has nothing to do with supporting a secessionist agenda . Nigerian simply doesn’t work!!! Sad.

    • Dazmillion

      You read my mind, where are the state officials who should be asking relevant questions. This is not an Ibo thing, the same killings by security forces are happening all over the country. Nigeria is sick.

  • Emmanuel

    Am neither a security operative nor ws i present during d crisis in Onitsha &Asaba, bt ds report to me luks baised and not balanced. It appears PT is particularly sympathetic to d IPOB & MASSOB agitators. It is vry unfortunate dt lives were lost needlessly in d confrontations, but giving us a one-sided account of wht happened would only worsen d current problem. D IPOB/MASSOB members could not hv bn all right or wrong in their agitations, and neither can w entirely blamed d security forces 4 wht happened dt day. Pls, for d sake of ds nation & its people, let us be more professional, and less sensational, in our reportage of issues like ds.

    • Akatikpo

      In the SW, there were rallies yesterday to celebrate June 12, why did the military not stop it or shoot the marchers. There is no difference in that march and that of IPOB.

    • Ochon


  • T-Rex

    I weep for Igbo land! Why are the South East political leaders so cowardly still dining with the killers of their sins and daughters?

  • Raymond Alfred

    It so sad that is happening at these modern era, we are practicing DEMOCRACY in land, but fortunately or unfortunately the democracy has become a military government practicing in disguised of democracy in Nigeria as a nation to reckon with….Another issue bogging me in my heart is these, there is no human right in these country that are sincerely ready to be honest and willing to stand and fight for the right and lively hood of those that are being victimized by government in the central, state and local government area ,why because they have lost their core value, pride, dignity and above all their job ethics as the voice of the people because obviously our judiciary are not helping the masses in any way…So hence is just God only that safe the poor masses from the hands of our leaders who uses all weapons at their disposal to fight and silent poor….

  • Leonard Orji Offor

    What Nigeria is having just now is the most evil dictatorship,that is far worser than that of Abacha of 1994 to 1998, the Buhari you have in Nigeria today have an agenda which he have come to accomplish. And it is to use the power of presidency to favour the northerners and to carry out ethnic cleansing and genocide in southern Nigeria. If any one look at what is happening right now you will see that it is a deliberate killings by the Northerner in the military just because of hates, and its surprised me that such a thing will take a place in East and Oha na eze, are just watching our people being killed by this hausa fundamentalists.

    • Oh!

      far worser than?
      Whore did you attend school?

      • Abdullahi

        You are still proud of the white man’s language? THe European that identifies you as ape like your dp?

      • soutynews

        You need to correct yourself before you can correct him. “Whore”

  • God help us

    IPOB should prepare like Avengers and proceed to north for retaliation and stop wasting people’s life with peaceful rally.

    • logmein2nite

      Or west.

  • Otile

    Shame on buhari the terrorist.

  • blueeyedkitten

    PT, you want to incite nigerians ko? so you now want us to believe this story coming from an anonymous source?

    • Akatikpo

      It is the truth. You cannot bury the truth.

    • logmein2nite

      Imbecile. Since you don’t believe PT what did you come here to do?

      • blueeyedkitten

        you high?

      • 2packed

        yes some of the pictures are doctored, I can see a civilian JTF member beside the mass grave in an open area which looks more of the north east.

  • McAlfred Uta

    The ICC Fatou Bensouda should be availed this record for future prosecution. As for Obiano Willie, and other saboteurs, he is superintending over a state in which all Head of security Agencies are from the North and in Anambra to Kill indigenes. For how long will IPOB and MASSOB continue peaceful agitations when only violent ones get attention in Nigeria? And to think that after these killings Ken Nnamani led other APC nonentities to Aso Villa just like Ugwuanyi did after Ukpabi Nimbo massacre by the same people. As it is the reasons for NDA, MEND, MASSOB and IPOB to attract sympathy is being manufactured with ease and only time will tell if agitations can be curtailed or not.

  • Wetin Naija

    The shooting of innocent civilians by the Nigeria soldiers were planned by some politicians probably some Northern elites. This present Nigeria administration only understand force and not peaceful protest. If the administration cannot investigate the killing of unarmed peaceful protesters than something is wrong

    • 2packed

      Must everything be north??abeg we still dey lick our wound. leave us alone, go & educate your people, Only a mad man does the same thing over & over and expects a different result.

  • Akatikpo

    Now I know that Premium Times is a highly reputable news medium. This is investigative journalism at its best. To say that this kind of atrocity is happening at this age in Nigeria is incredulous. To say that it is happening in a democracy is unimaginable.

    • Sandra

      This has been laid bare for the investigators at the ICC. It willl certainly help in the decision to charge Buhari for crimes against humanity at the ICC. Enough evidence there to secure an indictment !!!

      • dareolu1

        It willl certainly help in the decision to charge Buhari for crimes against humanity at the ICC………………Under GEJ, something worse happen in Borno, Bama exclusively, he is walking about receiving awards today…..truth that hurts, we are still responsible for our destiny as a people, if you choose ‘Violent’ conduct above Civil argument as a intellectuals then what else do you expect to be the result…….time to grow up as a people, our Leaders cannot cover for all our blunders even if they are willing, I hope Nigerian citizens will start to learn the beauty of decency……regards!

  • Otile

    Nobody should be surprised by these massacres. As some scholar wrote in another blog: By default, all non-Muslims have being sentenced to death by sharia law. You cannot reject Islam and be innocent. It is a matter of when is your turn to die for rejecting Islam and terror-prophet Muhammad(punishment be upon him) Islam is number one killer disease for non-Muslims. We must eradicate this disease called Islam. No matter the cost!

    • Umar Dendi

      So you are still around?
      Me thought you are still nursing your wounds at Otueke!
      Keep Juggling my brother, Keep it up, maybe in a few decades your children will discover all your sadistic comments and wonder just how much of a Jack*** you are!

      • Otile

        Umaru Dendi boy,

        We thought you went to lesser hajj.
        We did not know you were on assignment at your al-Qeada cell.
        How do you feel being an al-Qaeda agent?

        Wayo Allah

        • Umar Dendi

          Shege ya dawo!
          I don’t suppose we’ll get any left overs from the creek lad’s campaign, right?
          No Wahala.
          I heard you spent all of it in the tavern besides your hore house!
          How does it feel being a deprived biafran?

          • ndababa

            It hurt then inside inside

    • ndababa

      Sorry is your name

    • 2packed


  • Cleartruth

    Ipob as a matter of urgency must stop peaceful protests and organise themselves into a strong fighting force like the avengers and take on the army on a gorilla warfare. Enough of these killing of our people. This is the time to defend ourselves since the world is looking the other way while buhari the terrorist is massacring our people.

    • William Norris

      Wrong solution.

      The IPOB and MASSOB must organize themselves into a LEGAL political party and strive to get votes and win elections.

      They can put AUTONOMY on their platform, that is completely legal.

      When they win elections the world will take them seriously. For now they’re engaged in futility.

  • ojays

    I believe the story, but am amazed at the quietness of Ohaneze Ndigbo. How on earth can this happen and they kept quiet. Are they afraid and of who?
    This genocide has got to stop otherwise these guys will take up arms for self defence. They will not be guilty.
    The other Nigerian news media are also keeping quiet is this a conspiracy of some sort?
    The international media too. Are we waiting for a Rwandan experience before reacting?
    Let Nigeria govt know that there’s limit to which situation becomes intolerable aftermath of which none can predict.
    I sympathise with brothers across the Niger.

  • MC

    So this is how Buhari and Tukur organised the genocide of armless men??? Blood, blood , blood everywhere! May these souls rest in peace. These state sponsored genocides remind one of that of Rwanda and the one perpetrated by Hitler against the Jews. Every soul that participated in this carnage shall never evade the justice of man and gods! Buhari, Tukur except you fish out and accordingly punish these perpetrators, the Universe shall make your days miserable even beyond this realm. How bestial can the black man be!?

    • William Norris

      Nothing will happen to those who did this crime.

      Nothing at all because the Black African is a coward.

      • MC

        Come on Will, would they engage the army while unarmed?

        • William Norris

          The Army committed a crime. No doubt about that.

          There also no doubt that the government will do NOTHING to those that committed the crime.

          That’s all I’m saying. This is Nigeria and the reasons for these things all come down to tribe. The federal government today is Fulani controlled and as such killing an Igbo for them is a good days work.

          That’s reality.

          • MC

            Well Will you’re so right. What I wonder is why the West has been so silent on these atrocities.

          • Kotoyeyin

            What will the west do about your stupidity

          • 2packed

            helpme ask am abeg!

          • 2packed

            the address of the barracks was stated.carry Gun go find the Awusa/Fooolani Officer. Mr. Jungle Justice. come back & gist us when you are done. mumu

  • ayobamiba

    Let me once again lend my voice to this Biafra episode ,one as an agent of the truth and light and two as a servant of righteousness. I want to warn my friends and brothers in the Lord, ibos ,to please take heed to my words as one who truly loves and cherishes them.I love ibos sincerely because they are children of God worshipping God Almighty according to the light of the ‘way’, I love them because they seems to be the only one amongst the three dominant tribes that sincerely loved and believed in Nigeria not for what Nigeria will give to them but by what they give to Nigeria. Ibos are the only one amongst the three dominant tribes that believed in justice ,equity and fairness, they don’t strive to cheat others but they don’t want to be cheated.ibos are the only one amongst the three dominant tribes that believed in live and let’s live,ibos are the only one that are not always preoccupied with what others are doing . friends and brothers ibos ,you are like Joseph amongst the 12 sons of Jacob,your brethren in Nigeria hated you simply because of Gods gift and grace amongst you. they hated you because you seems to know no bounds nor limitations, you are the one that have the capacities amongst others to turn desert into swamp,you are the one that have the grace to turn the swamp into paradise.infact the shout of the king is amongst you and God have marvellously blessed you.your problem is that you are too ignorant of the evil,malicious and highly crafted devices of those that hate you ,and you keep on playing into their hands at every turn.the Hausa Fulani Islamic north hated you because you are the most formidable obstacle they have against their Islamic conquest of Nigeria, they see you as too straight and too unbending and want to use every means at their disposal to vanquish you. the yorubas hated you because they see you as the only formidable obstacle they have against their cunning crafty plan to completely take over the economic and bureaucracy of Nigeria and they loath you in their secret as a very dominant, strong and too courageous rivalry that they have in Nigeria. The south south people hated you because they were falsely indoctrinated by Hausa/Fulani and yorubas that you have an agenda to conquere them and take over their oil wealth and that’s why they live in perpetual suspicion of you.the truth is that majority of Nigerians sees you with the eyes of dread,envy,jealousy,suspicion and hate . just like the sons of Jacob saw the star of Joseph and hated him without a cause.
    Now what must you do in the midst of all these hostilities,you must go back to God ,your Chukwu Okike Abiama , in whom you trusted ,just as Joseph put his trust in Him,even when he was betrayed into the hands of Egyptians .The only sin of Joseph against his brethren on that day of betrayal was that he came to seek their welfare.Take note that if Joseph have decided to openly,physically and freshly confront his haters,they would have jointly destroyed him,and he would not have fulfilled his purpose upon the earth. He waited like a lamb for his appointed time ,and at Gods own time and season ,his haters came Bowing down before him with tears.Take this lesson ibos,take this lesson ipob ,take this lesson ,u can’t prevail by physically confronting the malicious ,malignant ,ferocious, damnable ,highly crafted conspiracy of your haters in Nigeria because they are much more in numbers than you and their backers are much more terrible. Now please don’t play anymore ,your myopic and ill informed games into the evil grip of your enemies. Stop every form of protests,stop every form of physical confrontation with them,stop every kinds of bursts of anger,resort to prayers and stand still so you can see the salvation of God.if what you desire most is a sovereign nation, you shall have it if you wrestle with your Chukwu Abiama in unrelenting prayers without recourse to violence, hate ,self help. Take your time now and build back your bridge of brotherhood and fraternities with the south south ,middle belt and Yoruba .u must come low to get high up.please don’t give occasions to those that seek your lives to have it on a platter of gold.the evil conspiracy against you is too thick please don’t play into the hands of your haters.if you desire sovereignty, it shall come through the efforts of others even those who hate you shall work it out for you at a time you least expected it to happen. May God bless you if you heed my heart felt loving admonitions. My heart bleeds for your sons and daughters that have been wasted by these conspirators but God shall fight for you .please hold your peace.

    • regan

      Thank you for thi sincere piece. You had me shed a tear while reading it.

      Thanks you brother.

    • FrankNero ФРАНКЛИНУ Ufomadu

      There is nothing like Ibo
      If you don’t know how to call Igbo, just keep your comment.
      Why using that abusive word “”Ibo”?

      • 2packed


    • Epsilon_Delta

      Yeah, you love IBOS not Igbos!

    • Sharp Sharp

      I am not Igbo ! However I admire them a lot

  • Major Gideon Okar

    Major Gideon G. Okar: WHY WE STRUCK !

    How many more lives have been lost to the Hausa-Fulani butchery since our execution in 1990? Obviously they run into their tens of thousands. We knew this would happen and that was what we wanted to prevent. Because of the possibility of failure we wanted to leave the message which some termed unacceptable and others, premature.

    Nigerians can be forgiven for failure to understand the necessity of excising those states in 1990. But now, how many millions of lives, how much destruction of property, infrastructure and places of worship will it take to convince skeptics that excision is the only way to stop it.

    We, that laid down our lives to save you:
    Major Gideon Orkar, Captain Empere, Captain Dakolo, Capt Nonju, Lt. Akogun, Lt. CN Odey, Lt. Cyril Ozualor, Lt. NEO Deji, 2/Lt AB Umukoro, 2/Lt EJ Ejesuku, SSgt Julius Itua, Sgt Martins Ademokhai, Sgt. Pius Ilegar and over a hundred others.

    • Kotoyeyin

      Unfortunately you failed to remember that you were stabbed by your fellow southerner Maj.Gen Ike Nwachukwu

  • Gwamna

    All the top security positions are held by northerners in an Igbo State!!!!! But How many Northern states would allow the posting of Igbo officers and men to head all the top security posts in their states????

    • dareolu1

      Actually people of Northern origin are much in Military compare to any other tribe, they have affinity for it just as Igbo’s are majorly Businessmen and women in other parts of the country they go to, it’s their affinity…….so some of this things are normal…..we all have our affinities and it should only make us be beneficial to one another and not otherwise……

      • Gwamna

        Big lie~~~ Don’t write that shit here next time!

        • dareolu1

          explain the lie for the world to hear……………that according to STATISTICS the Military is not composed of more Northerners or what…….pls indicate the truth hear so we can benefit something tangible from you, would be expecting your reply…………thanks in advance

          • Gwamna

            It’s not about arguing the number of personnel or men in the force! You can not tell me that the Ibo’s/Igbo’s can not produce 7 or 8 officers who will be suitable for the post of commissioner of police spot or commander of a military establishment! Have you ever asked what are the requirements for such positions??????? Is it by educational background, Aptitude tests, courses attended, to sideline the people of South East origin or born to rule mentality!

          • dareolu1

            You need help sir, so you mean it is the Security Bodies & Agencies fault that they get lesser people of South Eastern origin putting in for employment into Military & Security units compared to those in the North……..Mr. Man, everyone in life have their own desires and aspiration, don’t die of this Victimization wailing that has come over most of you, the fact that almost 90% of Bureau De Change Operators in Nigeria are of Northern extinct does not make Igbos dullards or weaklings, everyone has their own desires and interest, it is not a must we must be equal in everything, such is normal in life
            ……slowly slowly abeg, this MARGINALIZATION nonsense is not even making some of you reason properly again, I’m beginning to fear we are in serious psychological trouble in this country as we speak…….no sense, no reasoning again….only sentiments and emotions……may God help us!!!!

          • Gwamna

            You get time well well..,, just see all u wrote! Hahaha everyone knows the southeastern peeps are denied FG applications. Simple! Keep the explanations pls.

          • dareolu1

            You get time well well..,, just see all u wrote! Hahaha everyone knows the southeastern peeps are denied FG applications……………..laugh at yourself, reasoning is making statements that can be proved with records and are valid not hearsay based on what you see………….how many Yoruba’s do you see in the force, they are very few, they always have other interests……………..life is about interests, stop insinuating nonsense……………………..you all watch Premiership yet you can’t reason, in US the major sport is Basketball and NFL yet they were given’ birth’ to by Great Britain, but in Britain Football is the main interest……………….you Africans should not kill yourselves with hatred, life is more beautiful when you can see above hate….imbibe it for your own good, regards!

  • fishhook

    These deaths are totally uncalled for and avoidable. It is unfortunate that most of the youths agitating for Biafra never witnessed a war and its malcontents. Whenever a group of people rise in rebellion and confront armed security they can expect a major crack down that may end violently. The states and local government areas were demarcated to spread governance to the grassroots and give all ethnic groups a share at the center. The Igbos are not marginalized. Even if they were sending unarmed youths into rebellion is not the answer. What Nigeria needs is good governance and accountability by elected and public servants. But this is not what the people are fighting for. They are fighting the wrong fight by demanding secession rather than accountability and service from their geographical representatives and leaders.

    • regan

      If i may ask, is it by force to be one? If I’m no longer interested in a union, can you force me to stay?

      The easterners want to leave, we hate nigeria and all that she represents!

      • Kotoyeyin

        You will go court to get out of a union not by disrupting the peace of your community always be reasonable

      • 2packed

        Just start by;
        1. calling home all ur people from other parts of the country back to the east.
        2. peacefully, (I repeat!!) peacefully recall all the present representatives you have at the center.
        3. Elect people that would represent your interest of forming biafra in the Upper & Lower chamber of the national Assembly.
        4. lobby for separation with respect to other regions (No Insults, cursing, hate etc)
        Any deviation is futile. this is 2016 you cannot force your way out of a country.

      • Mo’

        Tell the person that united you together that you want divorce like we always have in court marriage.

    • Shola

      Did I expect you not to justify the killings? Obviously no!

  • fishhook

    I am 63 years old. I witnessed Nigeria’s civil war. I have lived in east, west, north and Niger delta parts of Nigeria. Violence does nit solve any problem and social problems that are cumulative are never solved overnight. What the Igbos are experiencing is not peculiar. Boko Haram started with mild protest over the police arresting and attacking motor cyclists on a funeral procession in which some sect members had failed to wear crash helmets. Police used hard bullets to break the subsequent protest. Things escalated to police stations being set on fire and sect members freed by force. Boko Haram and Biafra are not different from the resistance and struggles of the Odua Peoples Congress or the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta. Each movement advocated for separatism and needless violence occurred. It is normal in Nigeria for youthful exuberance to confront authorities. Whether as student unions ir ethnic groups the consequences are usually the same. Bloodshed, massacres and mass graves. Biafra was youthful exuberance. It ended badly. The OPC uprisings were moderated by Yoruba Elders and bloodshed was minimised. One untold example that could have resulted in mass protest and violent call for secession but which never happened was the Onshore Offshore Dichotomy. It was so bad that some states like Ondo, Akwa Ibom and Cross River were completely deprived of Oil revenue. Akwa Ibom resorted to prayers, fasting and court redress. Things eventually were resolved without violence. Biafra resurgence is the wrong direction to go. Igbo Youths must listen to and work with their elders. All of this agitation will abate when the Igbos produce the next President. Violence as exhibited by IPOB, Boko Haram and MEND will result in waste of life and disruption of peaceful development. The Nigerian police is not armed, trained or equipped for crowd control. Whenever crowds overwhelm the police the military will be called in. The military is only trained to us hard bullets. They have no detention cells fir large crowds do they will shoot and jill any crowd that fails to disperse. The police and the army belong to us and we must understand their limitations and methods. Agitation for secession is a diversion from the legitimate demands for good governance and accountability. Youths need leadership and polish even when they must agitate.

  • fishhook

    There is no country in the world where any crowd confronts their army without being crushed. The army is not trained to arrest crowds. They are trained to shoot, kill and conquer resistance. Civilians must disperse whenever the military is called out . For the army, throwing a stone or firing a shot at them means a battle has been declared. They will exercise maximum use of force. Nigerians need to understand this. Until Nigeria’s police formations are enlarged, equipped and trained for crowd controls, the army will continue to be part of security apparatus and bloodshed will be inevitable. This is Nigeria’s reality.

    • IIsonke Charles

      You are an ignorant, blood thirsty black vampire. Armies according to the international convention on use of force, don’t gun down unarmed civilian. You only use force as a last resort for self defence.
      If you are a Nigerian Military man hiding to post this, then let me inform you that such ideology is archaic and you need to go for psychiatric evaluation then discharged from service.

      • Kotoyeyin

        You can never shot at cop in the US and go unharm, stop that crap! I watched your propaganda Video on saharareporters what I could see shooting to disperse the crowd was canisters and I can tell you that at every violent rally/protest against trup canisters were shot at protesters and more over, if you are pulled over by US police, just mere incompliance with officer instruction could trigger their guns not to talk of carrying out fire arms during a protest or rally organised to disrupt peace of a nation…Stop being a partisan and be patriot for once…Yibos should go and learn from Sudan to know how they will champion their cause not by violent-protest they always stage which they always claim it’s a peaceful protest…

      • 2packed

        was the civilian population throwing stones, shooting or engaged in battle cry? just Imagine what would have happened in Paris if a group of Arabs were to start gathering & shouting Allahu Akbar or throwing stones at the Military personnel let alone throwing officers into the river or shooting at them.

      • dareolu1

        After the Brussels attack, armies were drafted in…….pls what are you talking about, we Nigerians are intellectually challenged, another Group, the EL Zacksazzy group did same thing and the result was the same, something similar happened in South Africa years ago when Striking Miners faced the policemen with swords and whatever and tragedy happened, over 90 of them died…..that was even a police force…….you can’t be engaging an army who are trained to kill with insults and some useless weapons pls what do you expect …..what are some of you just talking about…..we s citizens ourselves need to learn how to behave, we are disgusting enough attitude wise talk less of our Military…….we’re not doing ourselves any good whatsoever as far as this issue is concerned!!!

    • Nigerians are now paying for the wickedness of their leaders. Watch out the state of decay and divine judgement.

  • Nwade Chudi

    Where is the drinking and womanizing governor of Anambra state. He is an accomplice in this heineous crime against humanity committed by those we paid to protect us. This happened under his watch , he has to resign from his governship seat .He is not fit be on that seat. Adieu, gallant sons and daughters of the land of rising sun. .

  • ndababa

    This pt just want give igbos more pain and trauma and they succeeded in doing that. Some by their comments can’t stop bleeding unnecessarily

  • Excisionist

    – Wednesday June 1, about 8.30pm, soldiers guarding his cell crudely announced to the detainees: “We don give your brothers mass burial today and if you people mess up, you will join them and nothing will happen.”

    The commanding Officer (CO ) responsible for this atrocity, Col. Issah M. Abdullahi deserves to be punished.
    He should be punished by either
    a. the Nigerian Army or
    b. The NASS or
    c. Buhari’s government or
    d. the ICC or

    e. the Freedom fighters of the south East and South South.
    Since it is unlikely that a-d will happen, the freedom fighters should track his movement and those of his immediate and extended family and make him regret his action. Col. Issah M. Abdullahi should be captured alive and given his kind of “morning tea”.It may take one week, one year or ten years but he and his relatives must pay for this horrible action The same thing should happen to the commander of the Nigerian Navy around Onitsha area

    The actions of soldiers depend on the quality of their commanding officer. Soldiers who kill civilians and gloat about it show how morally deprived their commanding officer is. They can be forgiven but not that officer. By not punishing him, Buhari is taking instability in Nigeria to another level

    • 2packed

      the loss of lives in so unfortunate, same thing happened in the north east for years, 14years old were dragged right from their parents home never to return. the separationist movement is akin to a terror group, depravation & poor governance is not peculiar to any part of the country. go to the north east and see the state of affairs. what should this people demand from the Nigerian State?. prior to the insurgency, government presence was very little or absent in many LGA’s which made It easy for the terrorist to take over. IPOB & MASSOB are bunch of criminal gangs that needs to be placed under constant check!!! at all cost, Tracking an officer discharging his duty & meting out jungle justice will only make things worse believe me. Nigeria is greater than all us.

      • Excisionist

        No group in Nigeria can be compared with Islamic terrorists who have attacked police, army, immigration and destroyed government establishments, who have killed, maimed raped innocent men, children and women, who have razed schools, towns and villages, rubbed and enslaved thousands and caused a great deal of misery all because they want to force that region and Nigeria to convert to Islam.

        It is most dishonest of you to make a comparison between them and peaceful unarmed civilians. It shows how morally depraved you Mohammedans are. You should cover your face in shame.

        It is good that you got the message: Col. Issah M. Abdullahi and his like will no longer get away with atrocities like this. This new phase in the struggle is the consequence of years of impunity by Mohammedans.

      • Danjuma

        I cannot agree less with some suggestion that Col. Issah M. Abdullahi and his like are Boko Haram in Nigerian army

      • Sharp Sharp

        Your Nigeria is gone ! The process is irreversible

  • ed

    The level of wickedness on display here by this report is mind blowing. Followed closely by Nigeria support of the mindless killing of Igbo’s for a peaceful protest.
    Why are we going to churches and mosques with wicked heart towards our fellow humans.
    President Buhari’s regime is responsible for the mass massacre of the innocent Igbo’s civilians by the Hausa / Fulani’s terrorist in Nigeria armed forces.
    President Obama is selling him more attack helicopters to kill more Niger Delta, Igbo’s , and Yoruba’s Christian at every opportunity.
    Thank God for the people that brought the fact out in to our view.
    President Buhari is releasing Boko Haram that were blowing churches and mosques. Beheadered tens of thousands of people.
    At the same time killing with questions innocent people.
    As Yorubaman I’m sorry for the lost of my fellow citizens of this hopelessly wicked and corruption infeasted nation.

  • Imiava Tendency

    Since the unfortunate events of that day. I have waited in vain to hear the voice of the governors of the South East, especially those within whose domain the mindless killings took place. Where is Obiano, Okorocha, and the rest of them? What of the leaders of thought in the entire region, none to be counted? Where are the lawyers, the human rights groups in the region? You mean killings of this magnitude will happen in Igbo land at the behest of the federal government and not a single whimper from any of their leaders? Is this the first time Igbos will hold the Remembrance Day, what led to the army turning the place into a killing field? Is this how Igbos will continue to be killed in a systematic ethnic cleansing manner and not a single voice heard from their supposed state governments?

    The other time, A whole community as rampaged by Fulani herdsmen in Enugu state. The state governor was shown at the scene of one of the many gory sights weeping. The next day, he was seen laughing heartily before the’mighty’ Buhari. I would have thought that as the bereaved, the president would have been the one visiting Enugu state people and commiserating with them. No this is the killing of Igbos, the governor was simply ordered to Aso Villa and instructed not to “blow the thing out of proportion” A seventy four year old Igbo woman was beheaded in Kano and what do we hear, the husband who withnessed the gory sight will face a hurriedly prepared press conference to tell a stunned world that his wife was not actually beheaded, “she was only beheaded”!!!

    Well, for the rest of Nigeria, it may be convenient to look the other way, pretend it never happened, feign ignorance, say “we warned them but they won’t listen” ” serve them right” etc, etc. It may be convenient to go on spilling the blood of the Igbos in Nigeia simply because there is no one to speak out for them, not even the Falanas, the Soyinkas, the Sagays, the Shehu Sanis etc, who all have conveniently gone deaf and dumb, Time will come when justice and truth will overwhelm the forces of evil.

  • Olusola

    Well I am sorry for the needless loss of lives. I will hope we can resolve this situation before it is late.

  • Alhajivinco

    Is that not the problem? The Igbo cry about marginalization and about how they must produce the next President. Yet, oh, how cowardly their leaders are!