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  • Bigtin

    Code of Conduct Bureau ….oya over to you!

    • Rumournaire

      There are many criminals but it is practically impossible to try everyone on the same day. So, keep your cool and just watch things unfold. CCB already has a few cases it is working on.

  • Rollingdollar

    Forget this one. With that name, Buhari will let it pass, and EFCC will look the other way. We know the kind of names they are looking for. #irresponsiblegovernment.

    • David Adeniran

      Dasuki is a familiar name too?

      • Factsay

        he overthrew Buhari in military coup, Buhari is paying him back

        • Julius

          You are a liar. Dasuki did not overthrew him. IBB did. Moron, get your fact straight .

          • Factsay

            zoo bingo.
            Dasuki was in IBB team. Goto ur dad to learn history

          • Julius

            Moron, he was sent by IBB with 2 others to arrest Buhari. Again, IBB overthrew Buhari. Dumb ass !

          • emmanuel

            Dont we all know it was IBB’s team? if he said he overthrew Buhari, does it mean he single handedly do it or arranged the coup himself? Who made the first radio broadcast, was it IBB?
            You are just like your Yaradua former NNPC GMD brother, low IQ!

          • Julius

            Dumb ass, I hope and pray that you lay off the crack pipe. Its affecting your reasoning and life. So, that dude is my brother now ? smdh !

          • Factsay

            Dumbo thanks for confirming

  • David Adeniran

    All these people are rogues and they deserve FIRING SQUAD! There is so much hunger and frustration in the land from the North to the South and yet these bastards are so heartless they all they do is to STEAL AND DESTROY!

  • Ademola

    Can you imagine the guile of the man? He claimed that he didn’t know it was an offence to hold and operate a foreign bank account? So what? Is ignorance in law acceptable defence?

  • Factsay

    Even Buhari broke same Law. Look at his assets and you will see when he bought them

    • Rumournaire

      Can you be specific? Don’t try to blunt the seriousness of crime by throwing mud around without facts, with a view to suggesting that “everyone does it”.

      • emmanuel


  • sassoki

    Abubakar Lawal Yar’Adua must be arrested

    There are two many crimes involved here. Abubakar Lawal Yar’Adua minimizes it all as just mere “embarrassment”.

    It is not mere “embarrassment”. It is crime of money-laundering with intent, punishable with 14 years imprisonment.

  • TrueNja

    “Honestly, I was not aware,” he said. “Go ahead and embarrass me.” This is not an embarrassment. A former GMD of NNPC saying he didn’t aware CCB rules. It’s obvious, you’re half illiterate. True, Nigeria is a fantastically corrupt country,

  • emmanuel

    We have heard all of these Panama stories you bring out one by one. We cannot be distracted from Foolani herdsmend genocide which Nigerians decided to reverse. If you like, tell us how the Commissioner of Petroleum stole our $2.8 billion in 1977.
    If Buhari decide to go on rampage with the Fayose bold step, then it is time to cut down the tall trees!



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  • Rommel

    So this is how the man dismisses it,that they are embarrassing him by making public his corrupt practices,you know what? David Cameron was right after all,Nigeria is indeed fantastically corrupt.


    We need to force our legislators to create a law that anyone found guilty stealing more than 5 million of our money to be executed in less than 3 months after being found guilty. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

    • emmanuel

      At Buhari’s rate, na only enemy go die, while the Fashola and Ameachi of this World leave. So, Umar can decide to kill some peole and let others leave? Nigeria is still fantastically corrupt.
      So liar Mohammed who went to steal N13 million from NBC should die too or El-Rufai at FCT and BPE?
      We will only support you if there are not Emir of Gwandu suitcases of Dollars whilst there was ban on FX around

      • Tonnero

        No worry yourself. When your papa becomes president, he can try those who are left and, if found guilty, they will also be dealt with. For now, focus on those who are being tried and whether they are guilty or not.

    • IZON Redeemer

      Another Fulani mumu fro Niger Republic–on the loose with his Muzo Muzo thoughts again for Buhari


        When otuoke jonathan, mama patience, Denzani, Iweala, and Pius Anyim are executed, you biafraud will keep quiet

  • fowl Yash don open again

    ICIJ of which Premium Times is a member, operates with what they body often terms as an independent network of nearly 200 investigative journalists in more than 65 countries paid with money from the activities of the CIA.. They work together on issues of global significance such as the Panama Papers. Iften designed to bring the individual involved down and their governments-This time they are working to dent the imagage of all those who may have had a dealing with the past government of Jonathan. Sometimes they go to members with an idea for a project-such as this one–with funds from the CIA. The the Panama Papers investigation, ICIJ members Bastian Obermayer and Frederik Obermaier from the German newspaper Süeddeutsche Zeitung shared the files they had obtained with ICIJ. The German newspaper is know to be on the pay roll of the CIA for long. So how were they able to obtain information on the Northern Nigeria Petroleum Company–NNPC for the CIA? Besides, how did Premium Times, become involved in this syndicate under the control of the CIA in Africa-?–Not a single USA citizen was caught in any of the Panama Papers leak–The only one name invlved in the matter is an African American Woman-Tina Turner who now livess in Switzerland———————————————-There are no thieve in the US abi?

    • Tonnero

      Interesting that you never said any of the things published is false/

  • Akin

    He did not know it was wrong, but he hid the transaction! Yes a thief had to steal secretly, but he did not know it was wrong. if he did not know it was wrong, why did he hide it?

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  • Otunba

    He is one of the “Born to Rule” of our time. He remains untouchable as long as the Hausa Fulanis are in the saddle in Nigeria. Nigeria, as a Nation, should close shop; the rot is too much!

    • HAMZA

      ……….you are damned wrong and totally ignorant and hypocritical! When you talk of blue blood, this particular Yar’adua is nowhere close to Dasuki that is being tried by the present Nigerian authorities. And mark you, this Yar’ adua is in no way related to the popular Yar’aduas you know!!!

      • Otunba

        Dasuki wouldn’t have found himself in the current situation, if NOT because of Paa Buhari’s vindictiveness! I do not know how old you are, but from this your reaction, I can guess you do not know much about the issue you want to drag yourself into. I hardly react to anybody’s counter reactions here; mentioning Dasuki’s case pushed me, as it shows that you do not really get the fact of the matter right.

  • Alhajivinco

    All that is talked about here is that he did not know it was wrong. Prresuming that it was right why has no one asked where he got that kind of money from?

  • amazing2012

    …and go to katsina and see beggers on the street ! Satanic psycho-thieves ! (Apology to English, I could not find any right word to describe Nigeria’s rats !).

  • Simon Templar

    Man bought it out of his legitimate earnings. So what’s the fuss?

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