EXCLUSIVE: Despite cash crunch, public outcry, Saraki takes delivery of new N330million exotic cars

The Senate President, Bukola Saraki, has taken delivery of new exotic cars purchased by the National Assembly management for his official use, brushing aside widespread criticisms against such lavish spending at a time of national economic crisis.

PREMIUM TIMES had exclusively reported that the Nigerian legislative body proposed to splash about N4.7 billion on at least 400 vehicles for leaders and members of the Senate and House of Representatives.

Among the proposed vehicles were 10 top-of-the-range cars for Mr. Saraki and his official convoy.

Our market survey showed the vehicles cost N329, 515,625 – more than the budgetary allocations for many government schools.

The report triggered a firestorm of reaction from Nigerians, including President Muhammadu Buhari and former President Olusegun Obasanjo, who urged the National Assembly to shelve the plan.

Mr. Buhari said he had rejected a proposal for new vehicles to be purchased for him as part of 2016 budget expenditure.

“I turned down a N400 million bill for cars for the presidency, because the vehicles I am using are good enough for the next 10 years,” the president said during his first media chat.

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo also wrote members of the National Assembly asking them to jettison the plan to buy official vehicles.

“Whatever name it is disguised as, it is unnecessary and insensitive,” Mr. Obasanjo said. “A pool of a few cars for each Chamber will suffice for any Committee Chairman or members for any specific duty. The waste that has gone into cars, furniture, housing renovation in the past was mind-boggling and these were veritable sources of waste and corruption. That was why they were abolished. Bringing them back is inimical to the interest of Nigeria and Nigerians.”

But PREMIUM TIMES can report today that the National Assembly management ignored such concerns and, finalised procurement processes for the vehicles, and indeed took delivery of them for Mr. Saraki.

At least four of the 10 vehicles meant for Mr. Saraki have already been delivered by Lanre Shittu motors and the lawmaker has since put them to use.

Officials briefed about the matter told this newspaper that procurement process for the purchase of vehicles for the senate president was concluded since December.

However, like Mr. Saraki, the tenders board agreed the purchases be made in batches due to paucity of funds, our sources said.

Stressing what the Senate spokesperson, Aliyu Sabi, had earlier said, the source said procuring new vehicles for Mr. Saraki became a “matter of priority” because “the current cars are old and already developing faults”.

PREMIUM TIMES obtained tender documents for the 10 cars Mr. Saraki requested.

In the document, the National Assembly sought to purchase a 2016 model Mercedes Benz S550, four 2016 Toyota Prado jeeps, four 2016 Toyota Hilux SS (Auto) as well as a 2016 model Toyota Hiace Bus.


PREMIUM TIMES’ independent market evaluation showed the cars cost as follows: 1Nos.Mercedes Benz S550 (N49, 020,625); 4nos. Toyota Prado (N149, 650,000); 4nos Toyota Hilux SS (N102, 407,500) and 1Nos. Toyota Hiace Bus (N28, 437,500).

At N250 to the dollar, PREMIUM TIMES estimated the total cost of the purchase at N329, 515,625.

The four cars delivered yet, and confirmed by this paper, are three Toyota Prado SUVs and one Mercedes Benz S500.

[Pictures inset]

120 cars for Senators

PREMIUM TIMES also confirmed that the procurement processes for the purchase of 120 Toyota Land Cruisers for the remaining 119 Senators were also concluded last December.

The tenders board also agreed to shelve the plan temporarily due to “paucity of funds.”

A source said senators however continued to pressure the Committee on Senate Services, which in turn put pressure on the National Assembly management to immediately conclude the procurement.

An estimated N4.7billion would have been spent by the time the acquisition of cars for Mr. Saraki and his 108 colleagues are completed.

A cocktail of illegalities
As we reported in an earlier story, the acquisition of cars for senators is a violation of the monetisation policy of the federal government.

Under the policy, no new vehicles should be purchased by any agency of government for use by officials.

Rather, public officers and political office holders are to receive 250 per cent of their annual basic salary as motor vehicle loan, which translates to N5.07 million for each senator.

Our sources at the National Assembly said the Senators got these loans before also proceeding to acquire these new Toyota Land Cruisers.

Also, the President of the Senate is said to have inherited the vehicles used by his predecessor, and Senate insiders say “he really does not need new cars as the one he uses are in top condition”.

But even if he needs new cars, the number being acquired for him is in excess of what the law provides.

According to the Revenue Mobilisation, Allocation and Fiscal Commission, the Senate President is entitled to a maximum of six vehicles, and not 10 as being bought for him.

He is entitled to two official cars, one pilot car, one protocol/press car, one ambulance and one security car.

Members of the two chambers of the national assembly are renown for their taste for exotic vehicles even after receiving monetary pay in lieu of official vehicles based on the provisions of the law.

The Senate had in the last legislative session bought Toyota Prado Jeeps for each Senator at the cost of over N1.3 billion, coming after both chambers had also bought Toyota Camry, for Senators and Peugeot vehicles for members of the House of Representatives.

The allegedly shady deal involved in the purchase of the Peugeot vehicles formed part of the charges against then Speaker Dimeji Bankole when he was taken to court after completing his term.

What N4.7billion can do
If deployed towards enhancing healthcare delivery, N4.7 billion can be used in building 235 primary health care centres across Nigeria (enough for at least 6 health care centres in each state) at the cost of N20 million each.

The money, N4.7 billion, can also provide over 470,000 children with insecticide-treated mosquito nets at N10,000 each, saving them from the scourge of malaria which today kills more than 300,000 Nigerian children under the age of five annually and responsible for 11 per cent of maternal mortality cases yearly, according to experts at the Malaria Action Programme for States (MAPS).

Still on healthcare, over 10 million Nigerian kids could get complete malaria treatment dosage, at N460 if the N4.7 billion was directed to this life-saving purpose.

If that money is spent on boosting yield of farm produce, the amount can cover the cost of procurement of about 626,667 bags of fertilizers for Nigerian farmers at N7,500 each.

The money –N4.7 billion – can also offset a six-month wage bill of 40,000 minimum wage workers presently owed salary payment by some state governments seeking bailout from the federal government.

In order to provide conducive learning environment in schools, 470,000 sets of school furniture, comprising table and chair at N10,000 each, can be procured at the cost of N4.7 billion. Yet kids sit on bare floors to study in many schools across the country while the parliamentarians gets N4.7 billion to buy cars.

In the housing sector, at N7million per piece, the country can provide 671 additional cheap housing for citizens; and provide 51 thousand households with potable water at N92,000 per household connection.



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  • Spoken word

    Brainless fools

    • Rommel

      Not brainless my brother,they got brains but have chosen wrong priorities,it’s left for us to determine how to handle these kinds of situations

      • Angry Niaja

        #Enough is Enough

    • Iskacountryman

      apc na enjoyment…saraki is apc…therefore saraki na enjoyment…i lke it…

  • uche


  • Omooba

    The madness will never end.

    • Reymeline

      Only if we want it ends. Student Union, NLC and other Civil organization should hold emergency meeting – we need to shut down the National Assembly. Without that we will be shouting for nothing on web.

  • Angry Niaja

    This outrageous, Nigerians arise, lets drum up support to protest on the the street, what is labour and all the civil organisations doing, they’re all mute. Enough is Enough

  • Rommel

    Disturbing that such trivialities could be considered priorities to these people

    • MilitaryPolice01

      Okay it is now trivialities abi and not corruption, are you not going to blame Jonathan? una worry

      • Rommel

        If it were under president Jonathan,one unit of these vehicles would have cost over 200 Million Nigeria

        • MilitaryPolice01

          now i know you are much into comedy but why not lets laught its weekend hehehehehe

    • Iskacountryman

      the nsa bought such a car for buhari…same supplier…

  • The truth will set you free

    I heard this story yesterday but it was claimed that Buhari ordered them. LMAO so much hate for Buhari

  • Rollingdollar

    Forget National Assembly, we already know there are many shady characters there, Premium times should continue to shine their search light on Aso Rock, that is where the real looters are rolling. How much to change light bulb and tyre inside Aso Rock? Na you sabi.

    • Iskacountryman

      when was this car budgeted for?…someone is setting saraki up…

  • Damilola

    From the news of yestd on Maduekwe, to this very one PT is showing some kind of blatant ignorant bias of d simple truth. I wonder if they now think we don’t read from other sources or that we’re all charlatans suffering from Amnesia. Buhari slammed the NASS, claiming he rejected 400billion Naira worth of vehicles, but why don’t you reiterate to us that the same man is billed to welcome 3,6300,000,000 naira worth of BMW? Why the deliberate distortion of fact? Or is it a news that the money 360-108 NASS members proposed for their jamboree is a change compared to what the presidency has proposed for same purpose including the costs of changing tires, jerk, caution lights among other car tools and materials ?? Why picking on the Senate, while making reference of order to the Lord of Yam eaters? You guys are smarter than this abah. Or u want us to stone these yam eaters while their mother in Aso is pampered or what? Is this the new trend of fact distortions your Chairman had ordered? We can’t all be fooled here, but definitely u have ur audience.

    • Daniel

      Whose money is being wasted? You don’t know your right.

      • Damilola

        If my money is being wasted by the gluttons in powers and a media platform cos of their boss personal politics is feeding me with biased update, I think my right asks me to speak up. You can’t insult our collective intelligence and just go away with it like dt. The NASS has done theirs now, soon we’re expecting that of the deity in Aso Rock, still d supposed news failed to reiterate that, instead they’re trumpeting the old man propaganda of rejecting 400m, while in reality he has accepted three billion six hundred and thirty million Naira for same car jamboree. Who is fooling who? The report seems more of a personal matter than information report. They’ve all agreed to squander our money, why pick on one, ignoring d other, while u could strike all of them in a single report like dis, probably to save us from the pit. Should we wait till Buhari get receipt of his before we start talking about it? Of what use will it be then? 4billion Naira with a little change of less than 300million Naira no be small money my broda someti could be done with that to revamp this dead economy and that is aside ones to be used on tires, and the likes.
        So the right u’re referring to has to be d manipulation of thought and display of sycophancy which I don’t have the currency to purchase.

        • Daniel

          My greatest worry is the equalization of crime in this country. A thief is caught, then someone says ‘Is he the only one?’ So because he is not the only one he should be left alone?

          If I may ask : who stopped Jonathan from probing Yar dua and Obasanjo? He had no evidence or no balls? The presidency is not a tea party. He mismanaged his chance and so should take whatever humiliation he gets.

          I lose nothing because I see no enduring legacy from them.

    • Iskacountryman

      who approved the payment?…from which years budget?

      • Damilola

        My brother go get urself a download copy of the budget or rather get the summary from papers to have a clue. Meanwhile, on who approved it: if the presidency is making a case for their medical centre which as well strikes ones imagination and the national Liar- Lia Mohamed, proclaiming the bugdet was never padded among other events, we don’t need a CIA to hint us the delivery of the vehicles is just a matter of days. Of which the manner the presidency has been diplomatic on the NASS purchase, so have they replicated on the part of the bugdet that entitles the fiesta to Baba Gaskia. U will discover is outrageous feeding is not even meant to be questioned by this group of thieves. If the dollar has reason to inflate the prices, why must it be we, the masses that must solver it and cover for the loss?

        • Iskacountryman

          i am not your brother…and do you pay taxes?

          • Damilola

            Lmfaooooooo haaaaahhaaaa…aiit den… deal with it.

  • MilitaryPolice01

    Thank you Premium Times for breaking this down and your investigative journalism. Those on twitter should please share this link with Saraki,I understand he is very active there….tufiakwa

  • luvnaija

    I want one of does cars. Kai.
    I wish CCT takes possession and auction it. I’ll be 1st in line

  • Layo

    This says it all. Now I understand why the house is against TSA, it won’t be easy to just dip their leprosy infested hand into the TSA. This people are heartless.

  • Ochlab

    What are we going to do about this people?

    • ed

      Go after them and take back your country.

  • joe

    As long as no “heavyweight”, especially the ones in the Parliament has been jailed, or publicly lynched by ordinary Nigerians, this kind of looting will continue.Give me one single reason why born-kleptomaniacs should stop stealing,if there are absolutely no consequences or repercusions for their actions?? We are are talking about a group of mindless, unscrupulous people whose fathers also stole public money until they died (And did so without being caught, not mentioning being jailed). We are talking about people that have stolen so much, they are rich enough to buy all the judges and almost all the Senior Advocates in the country and at the same time throw some crumbs to the internet lowllives and vermins like @Damilola:disqus to defend them and rationalize their actions and launder the ir image for them on the internet and social media. Infact in Nigeria, holding public office is more than winning lottery everyday for 4 years!! I tell you what, let Buhari send a few of them to jail, or a few of them get lynched to death by a mob of angry Nigerians, the rest will run for cover! And that is when we will start seeing real changes in Nigerian politics. Until then, we can all continue to pray and do nothing as we are currently doing.

    • Sword of Damocles

      Wundebar! “Because Power would have returned to the people”

      wonderful insight, i have been trying to tell my people that your statement above….. is the “whole ball a wax” Another expression is ” breaking chains” , so our children can LIVE in the pursuit of freedom & happiness, Creator- Ordained.. As you can see this fight is not for the weak of heart. Oppressors are not in the habit of ceding power willingly. I am grateful to PT for making this a “comparative news story, by investigating what 4.7billion Naira could have purchased for the average Nigerians in different sectors, if we did not have people in the 8th Senate who have a DEEP disdain for the Nigerian Masses. This Act(the purchase) by this Senate is a profound and crystal-clear demonstration of the UTTER contempt which the 8th Senate, under the nefarious leadership of Bukola Saraki holds the suffering Nigerian Masses. God save the FRN.

  • musa aliyu

    We’re just wasting Buhari’s tine with a half – truth “change ” slogan. We are doomed with these money-thirsty goons in power. Mtchewwwww!

  • Ashibogu

    This Aliyu Sabi no sabi anything at all! The behavior of NASS will make people not to pay their taxes which invariably compound the woes of Government in terms of revenue generation.

  • wode

    Most of these guys still have blood of PDP running in their veins. All the talks about change have different meaning to them.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Why is Premium Times so fixated on Saraki? Sometime this week, a false report was carried by this same medium that Saraki went to beg Tinubu in the VP’s office. What guarantee is there that this story is false, too? I am taking it with a pinch of salt.

    • Daniel

      If it is true, that is the more reason why he should go to jail. Those senators can buy themselves those cars without resorting to state coffers.

      Is this really the time for wasteful spending? Is Mercedes Benz or four wheel drive our problem? They are truly hardened and unrepentant criminals. Buhari is the best antidote. Sai Baba!

      • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

        Buhari the certificate forger and perjurer? Na wah for you O!

        • Daniel

          That is PDP. See no evil, hear no evil. Saraki is being smart in your opinion. Certainly the politicians cannot repent having carved out a large army of irrational supporters amongst the young.

  • Daniel

    Old habits die hard. They are unrepentant criminals…

  • Artful ºDodger

    If not these and stealing, why else does a Nigeria become a politician? Here Mercedes are police vehicles and Taxis just as much as they are exotic and something to aspire for to the Nigerian!

  • Sir Louis

    We should blame the system of government and of course the callous people at the helm of affairs for this. When it was revealed that the National Assembly was budgeting billions for vehicles, and we complained, some Nigerian commentators reminded us that the Legislature is an independent arm of government and that purchasing new vehicles for each batch of National Assembly is normal! even in a situation of dire economic straits, general unemployment and grinding poverty. If behaviours like this continues, the nation would see salvation, hardly.

  • Konkolo

    Some of our moronic leaders just don’t get it. I weep for this country. Then when his tenure is up in four years (if he makes it to that time) this same expensive vehicles would be carted away and new ones procured for a new senate president. Our nation is cursed with very bad leaders and helpless noisy followers.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 9ja is finsihed under buhari

    Buhari is a curse————-to the Nation—–Again is Saraki the leader of APC? He is just following the fake policies of the Apes in APC period-If he Saraki can not adhere to the teaching of his wasteful master Buhari, then whose ideas will he believe in–or listen to-Is it that of Tompolo?-In their hate filled hearts—–? The Apes in Apc know themselves—There is nothing hidden b4 them–meaning they are all thieves–Is the VP not justifying the 3b Government is going to spend on the Aso Rock clinic? Which he again admitted in a church service at Redeem that the 3b was meant for the commoners–Which dirty and unkept Gwari woman will they attend to in that Aso Rock Clinic?

    • Ade Omowest

      Deri Orbuka, These your write-ups is becoming monotonous to read. Change style and not your name Izon man.

  • Wetin Naija

    Why not buy the made in Nigeria vehicles. We must encourage manufacturing in Nigeria.

    • 9ja needs a new leader

      Buhari to a Fulani to buy a vehicle made by an Ibo man in Onitsha or encourage his Yorubas friends to do same? Was Buhari not the person who killed the Motor industry during his first outing over 30 years–ago-?-Is he not doing same after Jonathan helped revive it now? Are companies not leaving Nigeria for Togo and Niger Republic where Buhari hails from among other Nations in the West African sub region?

      • Artful ºDodger

        Moron! You mother must be very proud of you for growing up an illiterate and ignorant f00l. Next time allow common sense rather than hypocrisy to do your thinking for you before you post!


          Keep quiet you nincompoop,Buhari is chasing businesses across the border as we speak and his policies are destroying jobs and creating hunger and social ills which may soon mutate to other forms of disdain.


    If with Corruption:under Jonathan • Dollar was 180 and without Corruption under the Luciferic rule of Buhari, Dollar is now 425 • Rice was N8,500 and without corruption it is now N12,500 • Pampers was N1,450 and without corruption it is now N1,850 • Petrol was N87 and available; without corruption it is now N120 and scarce • Garri was N250, without corruption it is now N500 • Transportation was N500 Lagos – Ibadan, without corruption it is now N800 • Poor Electricity, tariff was not increased during corruption, now about 40% tariff increase without corruption but worst power supply • Presidency Food was N1billion, but without corruption it is now N2billion • Presidential Jets maintenance was N600/ year, now N2.5billion in just 4 months without corruption • Aso Rock Clinic maintenance was N500million, now N3.9billion without corruption. • Vice President was paid N75million for reading just books; without corruption the Vice President will be paid N430million • We didn’t pay rent in Aso Rock; without corruption we will be paying a rent of N350million to an invisible landlord. • Rats never ate our budgets, but rats now snuggle fictitious unimaginable figures into our budgets without corruption Brother and Sisters, you will agree with me that one way or the other, we need corruption in this country via Jonathan -before APC kills Nigeria with their own brand of packaging corruption! Open your brains, not all dogs are straight! # For under Jonathan” the Hips of our women never told us lies–He had respect for the Rule Of law–But now it is total disregard for court orders-The armed forces now send their personnel to be detained by Efcc—–The Nigerian Bar Association ati the Judiciary are being treated like motor park touts—-by Buhari via Efcc—-what a country– what a shame-

    • Abdul

      I thought a barrel of crude oil was $140 under Jonathan while a barrel is $30 under Buhari. Jonathan meet $56billion foreign reserve in 2010 and down it to $29billion in 2015, he did not save a dime from the oil windfall, he also mismanaged what was handed over to him.


    Dear Editor,

    S.A.N title on criminal trial as lawyers’ badge of disgrace

    Nigeria’s law profession may die soon. The newspapers say INTERPOL alert
    might be issued to arrest and deport ADOKE MUHAMED (S.A.N) who’ll soon be
    declared a fugitive for hiding in Holland and refusing to come home and testify on
    what he got as kick-back from the one billion dollars he helped laundered into
    an overseas account at JP Morgan for sharing out between five co-conspirators
    after the illegal sale and conversion of OPL 245 oil bloc in Nigeria.

    Please spare time to help Nigerian lawyers recover their profession
    from the dumps. Without much justification, the lawyers sought to create
    privileges and cut their profession into two. They then gave a Body of Benchers
    100% discretion to name anyone they like as Senior Advocate of Nigeria without
    the Body of Benchers ever following any lawyer to court to see a lawyer argue
    the law in court. So, the whole S.A.N thing is objectively arbitrary and prone to
    corruption in consequence.

    The result is a raft of public disgrace the despicable S.A.N chieftaincy title has
    brought to Nigeria’s legal profession. All infamous crimes have been committed
    by the so-called S.A.Ns. They have been found to bribe Judges and defeat the
    whole purpose of a court of law. In fact, as it is, lawyers go to court nowadays
    with grave doubts, not just on what the law of a case is – that itself having been
    much mutilated by sloppiness of bribes-infested Judges; but in doubt also on
    whether the S.A.N on the other side has bribed the Judge, so as to render
    opposing advocacy meaningless.

    • 9ja is finished under buhari

      Sagay who foolishly used his tribal sentiments to urge Efcc to declare him Adoke wanted because of the oil blocks allocated to Etete by Abacha–is an Itsekiri man—Etete is Ijaw—Adoke is not wanted in Nigeria because of the fight between Fulanis and Tiv farmers-in Benue ati Plateau state-Like Tompolo every cat knows why the Itsekiris want Tompolo dead—Because of his Ijaw Tribal Marks-Now Sagay thinks he knows better than the Italians and the british who walked away from the case—the thing again is why is it that the oil wells allocated to Danjuma by late Abacha is not in dispute–But that of Ijaw man Etete is———–Maybe———because of his Ijaw tribal marks-abi? Just maybe–animals

      • OCHU



  • Ade Omowest

    What do we expect from Senate Chamber populated by ex-governors (States looters), a drug baron (from a state in the S/W), loud mouthed noise makers (from Kogi and Bayelsa) etc headed by a slippery asset declaration form forger with a deputy facing a senate rules forgery case? This 8thth senate is doomed until saraki is legally removed.

    • ftshyngle@aol.com

      My brother:

      To my mind, the solution to Nigeria is a physical fight between the official thieves and the people
      of the country as the victims. The S.A.N lawyers fight on the side of official thieves for a commission.
      The S.A.Ns are a part of the problem and must be dealt with and vanquished in the national interest.

      Nigeria is a crime scene. Stealing is the main activity going on the country. Beggary is the
      next prevalent activity. This sort of situation offends the senses. It is not a situation resolvable by economic conference that BUHARI is said to be planning. Those stealing the country’s funds consider it their fundamental human right. No good argument can convince them to stop stealing. They are not pilfering but virtually taking away the entire treasury. The sullen faces of millions of Nigerians now turned into beggars do not stir the conscience of the country’s official thieves, who are also un-moved for having destroyed the lives of 30 million un-employed youths.

      • Oserentin A.




        • YK

          Are you kidding me? Tell me it is a lie because this parrot has been boasting of paying salaries of his workers as at when due.

    • YK

      Lol even if it involves being removed illegally by people outrage I don’t mind

  • simple!


    For as long as Nigerians allow their government officials to do anything so long will stealing escalate

    to completely ruin whatever is left of the already wrecked and stolen country now gasping for breath;

    as totally choked by official theft in the name of having been elected to personally own the treasury.

  • Tunsj

    When will these crazy stuffs stop?

    • band olu

      It will stop when our politicians realize that they are in office to serve & not for their own benefit….

      • Tunsj


  • Man_Enough

    Saraki can never change. He has sold his soul to the devil.

  • Abdul

    This is where a protest is needed, i think we also need to start stoning this people, i cant believe that Saraki and the NASS would take Nigerians for granted like this. It is the more reason why this Saraki need to go. He is a stiff necked crook who cant be bothered. Nigerians can die for all he cares, as long as only him is alive, he doesnt give a sh*t

    • YK

      They will continue to take us for ride in as much as we choose to rant only on social media. I have said it that we need a serious revolution that will maim these vagabonds once and for all to have peace.


    Bukola Saraki is unfit for public office,he is a corrupt, selfish and insensitive piece of sh-t. Saraki MUST be disgraced out of the corridors of power.

    Meanwhile our locally manufactured Innoson SUVs which can compete anywhere in the world is left unpatronized as the hypocrites in the senate shout on Nigerians to buy “MADE IN NIGERIA”.

    • tundemash

      Hmmmm ….. TAWANDA, how come you are proposing a “witch-hunt” of Saraki now ? Keep using your drugs, just maybe you might be saved.


        What drugs do you keep on about ,oh’ brainless one ?

  • Say the truth

    Thanks for exposing these rogues. Bukola does not even give a dam.. After all he was a true progressive and a heroe of democracy when he led his colleagues in ‘New PDP’ to join APC. “When Saraki was looting SGBN,Trade bank,Kwara State funds and collected N11 billion loan from defunct Intercontinental Bank for his private company Skytrade and Joy Petroleum which he never paid back is’nt that an act of selfishness or did he share his loot with the masses” Mesujamba and Melaye love sleek cars and they will get them.

    • George

      And your saint Tinubu inherited his own wealth from his unknown parents. Only Saraki own is called loots why your Tinubu OWN IS WHAT????

  • joe

    I think if a million-man march is organized against the senate in march , it will not only be successful, Buhari government would welcome or even approve of it. Buhari has been looking for means of curtailing the senators’ squandermania But because of the separation of power, coupled with the fact that the senate president himself is the Lawrence Anini of our time and his personal Bodyguard (also a senator) is DINO RAMBO, Buhari cannot easily do anything there. On the other hand,if we Nigerians moved against them we might get even federal government’s Support!!.

    • objective

      I strongly support your proposal. I think we should immediately take steps.

    • George

      Why we start asking Fashola to return the WELL money first in Lagos before we move to Abuja the Senate seat.

  • Gugurus Ekpa

    Do you hear the wailers making noise about this? If Buhari did such a thing, you can imagine the way the wailers would be talking about him. If Nigerians are not going to protest about this purchase then they deserve the sufferings they are currently enduring.

    • band olu

      And d only way we can protest since they have already bought d cars is any time we see them in d cars we should all ”Kigbe OLE”….

  • Logically speaking

    I knew all that buy naija to grow the Naira campaign was a big deception. God help us.

  • Scatter

    Obnoxious and outrageous! It’s about time this dodgy chap of a Saraki is sent packing out of the NASS to go do what he claims to do best — buying and selling rice!

    • George

      Saraki to be send out and replace by your Tinubuluri wife Remi keep dreaming

      • Scatter

        Yes, why not? Remi Tinubu is an elected Senator, not like your dodgy Bukola Saraki who stole and forged his way to the Senate in the 2015 elections. Karma will catch up with him soon enough. Don’t say I didn’t tell you.

        Meanwhile, please, go and resit your Primary School Leaving Certificate exam in English before you next try to engage me. It’s good advice, and it’s free!

  • Reymeline

    GREATEST NIGERIAN PEOPLE – WE NEED TO SHUT DOWN NATIONAL ASSEMBLY – Emergency meeting is required for Student Union, NLC and other Civil organization to Shut down National Assembly forever othewise, the practice will continue for ever.

    • George

      Shut your mouth up first shut down the ASO ROCK that still maintaining over ten jets he once told Nigerians its wicked for previous governments to do so.

      Your baby Buhari still keeping those ten jets and no one has suggested again they sold out to finance the Buhari mismanaged economic yet shouting about just a car the Senate president is fully entitled to. Nigerians God will judge all with this double judgements.

      This is what you must know 100 of Tinubu cannot remove Saraki.

      • I hope you will be alive to sees how Saraki will be disgraced,his time is up!.

      • Reymeline

        “OC Shut your mouth up” that is how you are brought up to be insulting pple. The issue is beyond Saraki – the system should stop. Tell the whole World since he has been traveling, he did not use more than one. Sometimes GEJ will travel with 3, 4 or 5 with useless entourage. Let be objective in our criticism to make Nigeria Great.

  • sagat

    Corruption at the highest level. How many cars and houses do these people need? if the president of the U.S.A travels in one car and stays in one house who are these thieves to justify these excesses? The judgement of the Lord is coming quick and fast in 2016 and all these corrupt leaders will be removed and disgraced from office. Nigerians please repent and seek the face of the Lord before it is too late.

  • Ayodeji Ajimisinmi

    We obviously have very selfish and insensitive ‘leaders’ in the senate. Priority is placed on vanity and lavish spending despite the numerous challenges we are faced in this country. the clearly do not have our interest at heart. I thought they endorsed and embraced IVM (Innonson motors), such a shame. They are a bunch of liars and gluttons. What an incompetent lot!

  • MammanJiyaVatsa

    Saraki Must go !