SPECIAL REPORT: Inside the massive money laundering in Nigeria’s National Assembly

National assembly abuja building
National assembly

Nigeria’s lawmaking body, the National Assembly, is entangled in horrid abuse of the nation’s financial regulations, especially in its banking transactions, in the last six years, PREMIUM TIMES can authoritatively report.

Investigation by this newspaper, spanning weeks, revealed that between 2009 and 2015, the management arm of the federal legislature led by the Clerk, Salisu Maikasuwa, his predecessor, Yemi Ogunyomi, and their representatives, extensively violated the Money Laundering Act (2004, 2011) in banking transactions leading to the withdrawals of about N42 billion of public funds.

Some members of the lawmaking arms of the legislature – Senate and the House of Representatives – were also involved in the violation of an Act they laboured for months to enact.

Documents exclusively obtained by PREMIUM TIMES showed that the a huge chunk of the funds were withdrawn at different times in cash from Senate Accounts Numbers 321/212606/1/1/0 and 321/212606/1/1/3; House of Representatives Account Numbers 321/212606/1/1/1 and 321/212606/1/1/2; National Assembly Management Account Number 321/212603/1/1/0; as well as the National Assembly Service Wide vote Account 326/253550/1/1/0 and 326/253525/1/1/0, all domiciled in the Guarantee Trust Bank.

The withdrawals were made without recourse to the Money Laundering Act, 2011 and 2004.

Other huge withdrawals were also made from Account Number 1007323323 domiciled in the United Bank for Africa within the same period.

While a total of N26.69 billion involving 149 beneficiaries was drawn from the GTB accounts, N15.85 billion, involving 222 beneficiaries, was taken out of UBA.

The cash withdrawals, at times higher than what is allowed by law, were so frequent that from 2013, UBA began to place transaction charges on them.

Between October 3, 2013 and August 19, 2015, the bank realized a total of N83.87m from the charges imposed on the transactions.

But the GTB failed to apply charges as required by regulations, allowing the beneficiaries to make withdrawals against the law, records seen by PREMIUM TIMES show.

Insiders say the money paid as charges to the bank for excess cash withdrawals was never budgeted for by the National Assembly.

Part 1, Subsection 1 of the Money Laundering Act 2011 states that “No person or body corporate shall, except in a transaction through a financial institution, make or accept cash payment of a sum exceeding- (a) N5,000,000.00 or its equivalent, in the case of an individual; or (b)N10,000,000.00 or its equivalent in the case of a body corporate”.

It also states, “Any Financial Institution or Designated-Financial Institution that fails to comply with the above provision by making the appropriate compliance report to the regulatory authorities commits an offence and is liable on conviction to a fine of not less than N250,000:00 (Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira) for an individual and not more than N1,000,000 (One Million Naira) for a body corporate, for each day that the contravention continues unabated.”

The 2004 version of Act, repealed by the current one, states that “no person or corporation or organisation is allowed to make or accept cash payments of a sum in excess of N500,000.00 or its equivalent in the case of an individual, and N2,000,000.00 or its equivalent in the case of a corporation, unless such cash payment or acceptance is undertaken through a financial institution.”

According to the documents in the possession of this newspaper, the excessive cash withdrawals spanned the tenures of three Clerks to the National Assembly — Nasiru Arab, Yemi Ogunyomi and the incumbent, Mr. Maikasuwa — with the largest withdrawals made during the reign of the last two.

Mr. Arab was clerk from 2005 to October 2009 while Mr. Ogunyomi occupied that office between October 2009 and April 2010 both as acting and substantive clerk. Mr. Maikasuwa succeeded Mr. Ogunyomi, first in acting capacity, and later as substantive clerk from August 2011.

Between 2009 and 2015, Messrs Arab, Ogunyomi and Maikasuwa, listed as permanent secretary/clerk in the withdrawal documents, withdrew a total of N6.37 billion from GTB and UBA.

While the sum of N4.78 billion was withdrawn by both men from GTB between September 9, 2009 and August 14, 2015, a total of N1.59 billion was withdrawn from the UBA between January 1, 2011 and August 8, 2015 by Mr. Maikasuwa.

The documents show that a total of 61 transactions involving N222.95m were made by Mr. Ogunyomi in the GTB account between May 4 and December 20, 2010.

Within this period, the sums of N9.84m, N547,000, N494,000, N7.88m, N7.98m, N8.84m and N4m totalling N39.59 were withdrawn in cash on the same day, May 27, 2010, contrary to the money laundering law.

Other transactions include the sums of N1.97m, N7.06m and N2.20m totalling N11.24m on June 16, 2010; N4.39m, N4.64m and N4.56m totalling N13.59m on July 22, 2010; N4.59m, N4.83m, N4.04m, N4.24m, N4.24m, N4.80m, N4.59m totalling N31.33m on August 12, 2010; and N7.32 on October 5, 2010.

On five occasions, in one day (October 19, 2010), the same amount N4.95m, totalling N24.75m was withdrawn from the account; the sum of N23m on October 22, 2010 and N14m withdrawn on November 4, 2010.

Even when the 2011 Act was enacted, Mr. Maikasuwa simply continued the violation of the money laundering law from where his predecessor stopped.

In 2012 alone, the clerk withdrew a total of N124.14m in cash from GTB.

On a single day – May 17 – he withdrew the sums of N1.99m, N1.94m, 795,000.00, N1.64m, N4.10m, N4.80m and N4.90m, totalling N20.18m; N4.60m, N4.36m, N4.20m, N4.20m, N4.95m and N4.64m totalling N26.95m on May 21; and N4.90m, N4.14m, N4.10m, N4m, N4.2m and N4.40m totalling N25.81m withdrawn on May 23.

The following year, 2013, precisely on July 26, the permanent secretary/clerk made cash withdrawal 23 times totalling N102.76m; nine withdrawals totalling N39.28m; 34 withdrawals totalling N150m on November 6; nine withdrawals totalling N33m on November 11.

He made 12 withdrawals totalling N44m on February 14, 2014; 36 withdrawals totalling N146.78m on February 17, 2014; 47 withdrawals totalling N169.16m on May 14, 2014; nine withdrawals totalling N38.19m on May 15, 2014.

Between February and April 2015, Mr. Maikasuwa made transactions totalling N444.32m. He withdrew N33m on February 18; N56.82m on February 19; N50m on March 17; 16 withdrawals totalling N70m; 30 withddrawals totalling N126m on April 2; N26.28m on April 7; and N15m on April 15.

In the last four years, the clerk made 375 transactions totalling N1.59 billion through the UBA account, some of which also violated the provisions of the Act.

Some of the transactions were however done by cheque. For instance, he withdrew N6.6m on May 24, 2011 and N7.5m on a date not specified as against N5m allowed by law.

On June 7, 2012, Mr. Maikasuwa withdrew a total of N15.71m in four transactions; N15.2m in four transactions on June 11, 2012; N14m in three transactions on June 18, 2012; N15m in four transactions on June 27, 2012; N14.26m in three transactions on July 12, 2012; N21.05m in five transactions on August 15, 2012; and N22.95m in five transactions on August 29, 2012.

He also withdrew a total of N37.48m in eight transactions on December 5, 2014; N36.15m in eight transactions on December 8, 2014; N17.95m in four transactions on December 16, 2014.

In 2015, among the withdrawals made by the clerk in violation of the laundering laws include N17.05m in four transactions on August 1; N18.83m in five transactions on January 13; N21.49m in five transactions on February 17; N17.03m in four transactions on February 18; N14.45m in four transactions on February 25; and N14.78m in four transactions on March 3.

Mr. Maikasuwa also withdrew N23m in five transactions on May 15; N20.31m in five transactions on May 25; N30m in seven transactions on July 13; N33.50m in eight transactions on July 14; N15.16m in four transactions on August 4; N16m in four transactions on August 17; and N23.57m on August 18.

Another huge violator is one Bala Abdulahi, who apparently acted on the orders of the leadership of the management.

Mr. Abdulahi withdrew altogether N1.93 billion between February 2011 and April 2015 from the GTB alone. Some of the transactions include withdrawal of N40m in four instalments on February 17, 2011; N40m in four instalments on May 24, 2011; N40m in four instalments on May 26, 2011; and N152m in 16 instalments on July 9, 2013;

Other transactions he made were N44m withdrawn on December 12, 2013; N30m in six withdrawals on December 13, 2013; N93m in 17 withdrawals on October 2, 2014; N63m in 14 withdrawals on November 27, 2014; N34m in eight withdrawals on December 3, 2014; N29m in seven withdrawals on December 12, 2014; N36m in nine withdrawals on December 23, 2014; N32m in eight withdrawals on April 8, 2015 and N36m in eight withdrawals on April 9, 2015.

Of the 42 transactions totalling N2.55 billion which Siyaka Abdulwahab Sadiq made in the UBA account, some of them did not also comply with the Act.

They include N8m paid to him on February 14, 2011; N51m on May 21, 2012; and N250m on April 30, 2013.

Another violator, one Donald Esiet withdrew a total of N2.11 billion in 387 transactions from UBA between January 2011 and September 2014 on behalf of the permanent secretary/clerk.

Some of the withdrawals by Mr. Essiet and which exceeded the sealing provided by the Act include N8.4m on March 2, 2011; N9.2m on the same date; N9.5m on May 11, 2011; N7m on May 24, 2011; N9.1m on a date not specified; and N9.5m on December 1, 2011.

Others are N115m on May 5, 2014 (for office consumables) and N85.28m on a date not specified (for working materials);

The remaining 384 transactions undertaken by Mr. Esiet were either within the allowable N5m.

Between August 2010 and March 2015, Eunice Nnate, withdrew a total of N593.83m from GTB, on behalf of the permanent secretary/clerk.

For instance, on August18, 2014 alone, she withdrew N26.68m in eight transactions; N178.54m in 43 transactions on August 19, 2014; N17.38m on September 3, 2014; N90.53m on November 11, 2014; N30.70m on November 11, 2014; N13.54m on November 26, 2014; N67m on December 5, 2014; and N10.80m on December 16, 2014.

MacDonald Odibo, on his part, made cash withdrawals of N54.36m in 11 transactions from GTB on May 19, 2010; N50.45m in 12 transactions on August 4, 2010; N124m in 26 transactions on August 10, 2010; N121.01m in 27 transactions on August 11, 2010; N14.74m in three transactions on August 12, 2010; N125m in 26 transactions on August 24, 2010; and N12m in seven transactions on November 5, 2010.

On March 2, 2011, Mr. Odibo also made 22 withdrawals totalling N87.29m and eight withdrawals totalling N36m on March 7, 2012.
Ajigo D. Ene also made 202 transactions in the UBA account totalling N1.09 billion between April 2011 and August 2014, according to the documents in PREMIUM TIMES possession.

This beneficiary withdrew N7.26m cash on April 29, 2011; N9m by cheque on February 29, 2012; N6.5m on August 10, 2012; N8.52m on September 20, 2012; N6.73m on a date not specified; and N6.50m on February 26, 2014; and N6.97m on December 17, 2014.

The bank also paid Ene N65m on August 1, 2012; N8m on April 9, 2015; N7.71m on April 14, 2015; and N7.50m on June 11, 2015, all above what the Act stipulates.

Others listed in the documents as beneficiaries include the Clerk of the House of Representatives, Sani Omolori, who was paid N11m on August 8, 2014; Ishaq Jamilu Mohammed, N19m on December 23, 2014; Sani Atara, N10m on the same day; David Emmanuel Omgbadu, N10m on July 11, 2014; Matthew Sani Okureka, N10m on October 15, 2012; Soli Sada, N10m on November 11, 2013; Paul Benjamin who was paid a total of N26m on August 2, 2012; Usman Sule was paid a total of N20m on May 12, 2011; Salihu S. Sanda, N10m on May 18, 2012, N20m on July 30, 2012 and N10m on October 8, 2012.

Anthony Lawson was paid N10m on February 11, 2011, N10m on May 18, 2012 and N10m on July 30, 2012; Ademola Agunloye was paid N10m on five different days; and Gabriel Gregory, who was paid N10m each in 22 transactions, totalling N414.53m between February 2011 and April 2015.

Others who violated the Act in some of their transitions were Atiku Ibrahim who withdrew N973.66m from GTB; Olutoye H.O, N815.79m from GTB; Mohammed Bello Allahyidi, N689.21m from both the GTB and UBA; Dan Baki Nuhu, N646.32m from GTB; A.O Durojaiye, N580.82m from both GTB and UBA; Soli Sada N556.71m from GTB; Maawuya M.K. Sani, N540.43m from GTB and UBA; and Onyemgba Raymond, N507.46m from GTB.

One Audu Charles also withdrew N497.22 from GTB; Avruyude Michael N487.83m from GTB and UBA; and Anyaegbu Ashi N443.53m from GTB; Christopher Ashiekaa N345.98m from GTB; and John Udeh N338.38m from UBA.

Lawmakers listed as beneficiaries include Samson Osagie N10m and N1.8m on the same day (May 5, 2012) and N5.9m on March 5, 2013; and Adewuyi Tunde Razaq N10m on October 18, 2013; Senator Emmanuel Paulker (Bayelsa) was paid a total of N40m through the UBA in 2013; and Joshua Dariye (Plateau).

Other top withdrawals were made by Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, and 49 others who apparently were members of the Senate Committee on the Review of the 1999 Constitution.

According to the financial documents, the committee made two transfers from the UBA account – N1.75 billion on November 17, 2014 and N878.6m on February 2, 2015. This does not violate the Money Laundering Act but the purpose of the withdrawals remained unclear.

Also listed as beneficiaries but whose transactions did not violate the Act are Senators Ayogu Eze (Enugu), Enyinnaya Abaribe (Abia), Anthony Manzo, and Umaru Dahiru (Sokoto).

In the House, some beneficiaries include the current Speaker, Yakubu Dogara, former Majority Leader, Mulikat Adeola, Nkeiruka Onyejiocha, Chinyere Igwe, Eziuche Ubani, Umar Bature, Mohammed Sani Tahir, Ehiogie Idahosa-West.

The offices of the former Speaker, Aminu Tambuwal and his former deputy, Emeka Ihedioha were also beneficiaries. They were paid N25m and N8.4m, respectively from the GTB.

Mr. Maikasuwa could not be reached for comments on this story. Repeated calls to his mobile phone did not go through.

The Director of Information, Ishaku Dibal, declined comment, saying he was not aware of the transactions.

“I wouldn’t know as Director of Information,” Mr. Dibal told PREMIUM TIMES on phone on Wednesday.

The Director of Communications of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Ibrahim Mu’azu, told this newspaper Saturday that the bank never received any report of infraction by the National Assembly, especially because the federal legislature does not maintain any account with it.

Mr. Mu’azu added that if any commercial banks suspects that its customers had violated the law, it had an obligation to report to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

Critics of the National Assembly have consistently accused it of operating a closed budget.

For the critics, the legislature, as the institution representing the people, should subject itself to public scrutiny and transparency by operating an open budget.

The budget of the legislature is on first-line charge on the Federation Account.

Until 2015, when the budgetary allocation of the National Assembly was slashed to N115 billion due to public outcry, it received N150 billion every year from 2011.

Also, from that year, the National Assembly stopped providing breakdown of its expenditures.

Download some documents used for this story below.

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  • alabi olubunmi

    Nawa law breaking assembly. The banks have always been complicit in not only subverting the law but in aiding theft. When even the lawmakers break the law what does that say about such a society. Smh

    • Izon REDEEMER

      Tambuwal who was imposed on the House by the Yorubas led ACN, under the control of Tinubu NOW THE APES IN APC, has his name missing on the list—Was he not the Speaker of the House during the period under review? Who used his Fulani tribal marks like Buhari—- to align with the Yorubas in the South west–to steal the Nation blind in the socalled National Assembly? Tribalism again abi-?- Friends it is the truth¨! Nigeria a tribal society! Sadly any government agency, mistakenly placed under the uncaring–unthinking, greedy visionless rule of Fulanis—will always go astray in Nigeria—The story is the same from Sanusi Ex CBN Governor-now emir of Kano–to El rufai ati another Fulani at large, Ribadu ati Atiku—-finally certificate less–Alhaji Buhari———-Since 1960-it has been one wasteful life style to the other-by the Fulanis–Only for them to end up blaming Jonathan for our 55 years old woes! By hiring touts like Sagay, Soyinka Falana–Obj ati sharia Reporter and Premium Times ati Punch, to sing the song of fools! The only achievement of the Fulani in governance–is often to help change the Uniform of the Police, Customs and Immigrations—-Now Dambazua–a Fulani who stole the Nation blind in the army, made Minister of Internal affairs by Buhari—is currently planning to change the Uniform of Prison Officials–when Buhari keeps on telling us, 9ja is broke-That is the brain of the Fulani man for u—It does not go beyond stealing security votes from Dasuki–and blaming Jonathan for it–Then use their GESTAPO the DSS, to chase and haunt innocent souls in the creeks of the Niger delta–Separation is the answer–not the rule of the Fulanis ati Yoruba traitors-in Aso Rock!

  • APC4Life!

    But If only premium times would be patriotic enough to apply same ‘diligence’ in analysing Sai Baba’s 2016 budget, my co APC fans would be weeping and gnashing their teeth right now!
    Our change government intends to OUT SPEND jonathans regime in budgetary allocation to the President/V.P(State House Allocation), spend BILLIONS on BMW’s for yet to be specified purposes, allocating more resources to information ministry than Solid minerals and Agriculture, and much more!
    At a time of dwindling revenues??
    I am in SHOCK baba will allow this!!


    CORRUPTION & WASTAGE: Buhari And Jonathan, At A Glance. FACT IS FACT.

    1] Jonathan sold Petrol at N87 while Buhari is selling at average of N300 & above, yet Buhari supporters think Jonathan was more corrupt and wasteful.

    2] When Jonathan Budgeted N1bn for feeding in Aso-Rock in 2011, and N517m in 2015, APC cried wolf and now Buhari’s budget for same is N1.7billion. Yet Buharists are mute and still think GEJ was more corrupt and wasteful.

    3] Jonathan spent N1.4bn to service all presidential jets in one year while Buhari spends N6bn on same in 6month yet Buharists
    think GEJ was more corrupt and wasteful.

    4] Jonathan gave more funding to education while Buhari’s 2016
    budget favours Ministry of information more than education
    yet Buharists think GEJ was more corrupt/wasteful.

    5] Jonathan spent an average of N8million on each international
    trip while Buhari spends an average of N55million on each
    international trip, yet Buharists think GEJ was more corrupt and

    6] Jonathan created Over 5.8millon jobs in 5yrs while buhari has
    sacked over 2million workers in 8months. Check Federal
    Bureau of Statistics.

    7] Jonathan made Nigeria’s economy the best in Africa and No 1 investment destination & quadrupled our GDP in 4yrs while Buhari has dragged Nigeria’s economy down to 14th position in ranking in just 7months.

    8] Jonathan left Naira exchange rate @ N185 to $1 but Buhari with his Adama and Eve economics has destroyed the Naira in just 8 months which now sells at N315 to $1.

    9] It took Jonathan less than 2weeks to select his cabinet including foreign based technocrats while it took Buhari 6months to do same. Even with indicted people and no single economist among the 36 names.

    10] Buhari claimed that subsidy was fraud (Who is subsidizing who@) but buhari has spent N1.2trillion on fuel subsidy in the last 5 months and still no fuel while all Buharists have suddenly gone dumb.

    11] Buhari/APC accused Jonathan of corruption but have not been able to pin one stain on him, while Muhammadu Buhari himself followed the crowd that entered into the ‪#‎DasukiGate‬.

    12] Under Jonathan freedom and liberty of Nigerians was not determined by party affiliation, but today under Buhari his perceived enemies and political opponents are leveled with frivolous allegations of crimes and intimidated with either the EFCC or the DSS.

    13] Buhari does not have an Honorary WAEC but bags an
    illegal Honorary (Ph.D) from a university that have no PhD student and Not approved by NUC and yet Buharists respect his NEPA Bill more than GEJ’s PhD.

    14. Buhari used his secondary school principal’s recommendation letter to become Military Head of State and again used Court Affidavit to become President and no one reminded him that these are the height of corruption.
    He Refused to declare his assets public, suppressing the FOI and denied all his 81 election promises and stayed in the last 8 months blaming former leaders. Jonathan was in that position, he never complained or blamed anyone, but faced his work even when Buhari’s disgruntled brother ensured that Nigeria will know no peace

    • Uzoma John

      Wailing Wailer. Still wailing. You have no shame. Your paymaster, GEJ, took stealing to a different level never seen nor heard in the history of Nigeria. The reason stealing became free for all for NASS members. Anuohia!

    • Alpha

      As we fail to highlight this glaring heist on the Nigerian people by the GEJ administration, we are inadvertently supporting the worst crime ever committed against the nation.

      1. Under OBJ (1999-2007) crude price was between $30-$75 per barrel
      2. Militancy crippled Nigeria crude export between 2003-2007, oil lifting hovering
      between 1.2-1.4mpd,
      Yet that regime left close to $70billion in foreign reserve/excess crude account; exited Nigeria from the decades old Paris Club debts, executed most of the projects that succeeding regimes are laying claim of (let someone point where Yar’Adua or GEJ built any gas turbine?)

      Its time to call some people to account to Nigerians where the proceeds of the highest windfall in our history is kept!

  • arewethishopeless

    A big well done to PT for this detailed investigative report. This should make things easier for the Financial Crimes agencies. Quick wins …. Lets start with those retired now and work their way up ….

    Those currently in similar positions will now think twice before …

    • e_orpheus

      They should also slam the banks involved. Well aware of the money laundering act they still permitted these withdrawals. Come down heavy on the banks as a deterrent to other banks and then descend on the individuals involved as well.

      • Jujubeans

        Yes… In fact the control is the banks. Fine them heavily for these infractions and next time a senate clerk wants to withdraw money the bank will think twice.

      • Jujubeans

        Yes… In fact the control is the banks. Fine them heavily for these infractions and next time a senate clerk wants to withdraw money the bank will think twice.

  • michael

    Lol, trust me; non of these people they mention will go to jail, the case will just die like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Buhari government is just making noise to look like he is fighting corruption. if he he serious let him prosecute the said looters, but them in jail before telling us how much they steal and how they steal it. accused person is not guilty until court say so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Julius

      Put them in jail before telling us how much they stole and how they stole it ?. You kidding, right ?. Where do you think you are, Russia ? . If Buhari did that, you will be one of the first person ranting in here on how Buhari is a dictator. Be serious !

      • michael

        how can u publish people´s name as theives without court pronoucing them guilty. according to the law government should allow the court to decide if they are really guilty or not. what if the court say they are not guilty????????????

        • Julius

          How old are you and whats your level of education ? Please, think deeply before you answer those 2 questions. Thanks

  • Dele I

    A quick threat analysis on Nigeria has revealed that our internal enemies include: the CBN and the Finance
    Ministries, pension administrators, all the banks, NNPC and the Petroleum Ministry, mobile network providers especially the MTN and GLO, corrupt politicians, governors, ministers, DGs and other government officials, DISCOs that market
    darkness instead of ample electricity, inept law and regulation enforcement institutions, unreliable revenue collection agencies, authorities frustrating the well being of the citizens including those of the armed forces, false religious leaders, compromised traditional rulers, unrepresentative leaders, insurgents, kidnappers, armed robbers, treasury looters, importers of fake or substandard products (typically associated with Indian, Chinese and Lebanese nationals). These wicked people that we see today, we shall see them no more again. God will fight them, and Nigerians shall hold our peace.

  • Omotolaaraujo

    Only poor people go to jail in Nigeria.

    • Peter_Edo

      Dasuki is in Kuje as you type this… Akpolobemi is in custody… times are changing…

  • Rommel

    The whole project Nigeria is a fraud,I have asking what happened to the money realized from sale of crude oil under president Jonathan,I have been wondering what happened to the moocha,I have been wondering why Obasanjo with less than I million bpd of crude oil at $65 could exit Nigeria from debt and hand over $45 and 23 billion in excess crude account to late Umaru Yar’adua who himself left over $62 billion in forex account and about $20 in excess crude account,I am asking why president Jonathan under whom the country witnessed the highest oil boom in history,as a matter of fact,the man received more money than all previous administration put together including the colonial masters,yet no project can be pointed at today as a legacy of the Jonathan administration, on top of that,he left a debt with only a paltry $30 billion in forex reserves and $2 Bliion in excess crude allocation that is after receiving over $250 billion from crude oil sales so if we add the amount from crude oil sales + $32bln missing from the $62bln forex he inherited + the billions not accounted for from excess crude account,it is clear that we need to know what happened to all that money,where is the moocha? Dr. Jonathan, where is that moocha? everyone whose name was mentioned in this report should understand that they are owing us money and prison time.Criminals and lawless people cannot be making laws for us,we need mass resignations from them.

    • Alpha


      I have raised these points severally, always rejected by SR probably as it sounded favourable to OBJ whom they are bent on painting black by all means.

      As we fail to highlight this glaring heist on the Nigerian people by the GEJ administration, we are inadvertently supporting the worst crime ever committed against the nation.

      1. Under OBJ (1999-2007) crude price was between $30-$75 per barrel
      2. Militancy crippled Nigeria crude export between 2003-2007, oil lifting hovering
      between 1.2-1.4mpd,
      Yet that regime left close to $70billion in foreign reserve/excess crude account; exited Nigeria from the decades old Paris Club debts, executed most of the projects that succeeding regimes are laying claim of (let someone point where Yar’Adua or GEJ built any gas turbine?)

      Its time someone gathers the ball to call some people to account to Nigerians!

  • Tom Nwafor

    The painful thing about all this revelation is that many of us who have come to know it will soon develop high blood pressure and die as a result while the looters continue to preside over our affairs in Nigeria. Unless Premium times will assure us that it will help to convince the leadership of these country to bring all these people to book, it should please stop bringing out this type of information because it is not only mind-boggling but also very nauseating. I happen to know of a Senator who was an ordinary lawyer with just an office here at Ogui Road, Enugu before he joined the National Assembly but who can today buy up the whole of Enugu State, if not Nigeria, if he so desires. The major problem with Jonathan administration is weak leadership. A leader ought to be strong and courageous. This quality is lacking in Jonathan and that is why Corruption, acts of impunity and indiscipline became the order of the day during his reign. People were little afraid during Obasanjo’s rule but as soon as Jonathan took over, they saw opportunity to do whatever they liked. Unfortunately for Nigeria, That was the time we enjoyed oil boom once more. I agree that God ended Jonathan’s regime because things were getting out of hand, but I still maintain that Buhari and the men around him are not yet the answer. Buhari’s men do not have the moral authority to challenge the status-quo in which they themselves are part and parcel of. We,Nigerians need to pray harder. Satan is a very strongman and the only person who can bind him before releasing his captives is Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. If not, these crop of politicians have acquired enough wealth to perpetuate themselves in power Nigeria. And you know what that means? Already the Chairman of Buhari’s committee on anti-corruption, Itse Sagay has admitted that corruption is fighting them back in their effort to tackle the menace. Yes! It is money that speaks in Nigeria and will continue to speak for a long time to come. The little gain Buhari made in 1984/85 was revised immediately he left office. Year 2019 is already around the corner and I wonder how far we can go. IT IS SIMPLY TERRIBLE

    • True Nigerian

      Tom, Nigeria is a finished country unless we take a holistic measure against corruption. Whilst Premium Times is exposing the bigger criminals in politics, smaller criminals are also causing massive havoc at every facet of our communities.

      Since you seem to be from Enugu, let me give you an example that is closer to home. Are you aware that in Enugu State University of Science and Technology, lecturers who call themselves professors are charging final year students as much as N15,000 and N25,000.00 for what they call “project fee”? In some cases, it is as high as N40,000. According to these shameless pigs who call themselves Professors and lecturers, these monies are paid in order for the students to have their essay projects assessed by these horrific and wicked fellows that call themselves lecturers and professors. The students who are being charged these sums have already paid their school fees and worked hard to write their essay projects. But they are all compelled to pay these fees because they will either be given very low marks or failed unless they pay this money. The students I’ve spoken to have told me that in many cases, these lecturers actually ask the students whether they have paid the monies or not.

      Call any final year student in Management Sciences or Natural Sciences and ask them whether this is true or not. Sometimes, I am ashamed to call myself a Nigerian. There is no other country where professors are so shameless and so morally bankrupt that they would be openly collecting bribes to give marks and also openly fail students for not paying a corruptly instituted extortions. This country is really a pit, a latrine.

      Enugu state has a governor, a commissioner for education and an Attorney-General. This university also has a Vice-Chancellor and a Students Union. Yet these audacious crime by so-called lecturers and professors are being committed openly against poor and hard-working final year students of this university. And nobody is getting arrested or getting sacked.

      The institution where this thing is happening considers itself as a University. This university and its lecturers are also perpetrating this crime against students whose parents are earning a minimum wage of N18,000.00. I am also told that Enugu state is one of the poorest states in Nigeria. Furthermore, given that the university is a state university, I take it that a large portion of the students are indigenes of Enugu State and also mostly Igbo people. What it means is that most victims of the corruption impunity being perpetrated by those who want to be regarded as professors are actually poor citizens of Enugu and other Nigerians.

      This is how deep, dark, wicked, and impudent that corruption has become in Nigeria. Now, aren’t these lecturers the people that would help to train up the educated voters who will be bold enough to reject corruption at the national level? How is that possible, given what I have narrated above?

      Nigeria is on the way to death. It is only a matter of time. Buhari is fighting corruption in a very narrow sense of the word. The anti-corruption crusade that will save Nigeria will need to be holistic, brutal, more systematic and more widespread across the states and all public institutions. Our anti-corruption fight will kick off when lecturers in places like ESUT are being sent to jail at the same time that Saraki, Dasuki, Chimaroke Nnamani, and Ekweremadu are being sent to jail. Until we get to that point, there is no hope for this country. I will continue to feel sorry for any human being born as a Nigerian.

      If you ask me, I’d say Nigeria, in its current state, has no future. Nigeria is raising a generation of victims who are being corrupted by the reason of their victimisation. The students I’ve spoken to at ESUT feel angry about the extortion they are subjected to, but they think the lecturers are just trying to make a living. But the truth is the lecturers are committing crimes, serious crimes.

      The corruption being perpetrated in ESUT by so-called professors and lecturers is as destructive as the one that
      Saraki and his horrific co-travellers are perpetrating. Who will save Nigeria from impunity? That is the question. As you know, EFCC is not visiting ESUT to arrest and prosecute animals like the professors who are doing these things. Premium Times, Sahara and other media organisations are also not exposing the horrific crimes which some so-called professors and academic departments are committing against Nigerian students.

      • True Nigerian

        In some departments, this fee is called “Supervisor Appreciation fee”. I have been told authoritatively that students who do not pay these fees would hardly get a chance to see their project supervisors. And even if they ever see the supervisors, the supervisors would simply ask them to go and rewrite the project even before the animal looks at the project. What is that? That is mindless and impudent corruption by people who call themselves professors in the four walls of a University. Nigeria is the only country in the world where professors and senior academics would demean themselves and demean the students’ hard work in such a shameful horrible way, all because of greed money. These are academic staffs that earn between N300,000 and N500,000.00 a month.

        Why is EFCC and the Minister of Education not setting up a panel to fish out the criminals that call themselves Professors in universities like ESUT. And you say, we are fighting corruption.

        It is difficult not to hate Nigeria. Loving this country is extremely difficult, and that is why the country has no future.

      • Olisa Maduka

        I disagree, Nigeria has a bright future but we must all play our parts; what have you done personally to address this since you learnt of it; have you called the EFCC, have you notified any authority.
        You see, evil only thrives when good people do nothing; Nigerians are very good at adapting to situations rather than changing them. The rot in the system is so deep that the Federal Government alone cannot cleanse it, so everyone who wants things to change has to first look inward and find out what heshe can personally contribute to building a better Nigeria.
        I know what many people will say; they’ll say you can’t get everyone to do the right thing and that is true but fortunately you don’t need everyone, you only need the right people doing the right thing, because no matter what, even the smallest light will brighten up a dark room.

        • Jujubeans

          Well said! Remember when the beautiful spirit that was Dora Akunyili spoke up against the cabal that was holding nigeria to ransome following Yaradua’s demise? We all need to have courage and emulate her. Don’t leave it to prayer or God. Speak up!

        • Tom Nwafor

          You are right! We all have to contribute by exposing these corrupt practices wherever they rear their ugly heads including our universities. But until we see drastic actions taken against those already exposed, people will not believe in the seriousness of the fight against corruption and that will in turn discourage them from making efforts to expose more people.

      • Tom Nwafor

        My brother we have said somewhere else that corruption has become so endemic and so wide spread in Nigeria that it will take up to ten successive administrations waging a holistic war against it to make any reasonable impact. However we know that a journey of a thousand miles starts with a step. If Buhari and his group can lay a solid foundation in this fight, God may have mercy on Nigeria by putting others in power who may be determined to continue building on the structure. What is important is to have one or two high profile convictions in this fight and many people including the so-called professors will sit-up and know that it is no longer business as usual

    • Olisa Maduka

      Premium Times is doing what they can and that’s good but Nigerians are yet to act, we are the only ones who can put the National Assembly in order, we got them elected so it’s our responsibility to make sure they do their job properly.

    • Alpha

      “Buhari’s men do not have the moral authority to challenge the status-quo” I will add that not only moral authority but also they lack the integrity to confront the monster that stare us in all national facets.

    • Jujubeans

      Nwanem don’t despair. It is indeed terrible, sickening even but only WE are in charge of our destiny. We are not helpless…we can protest and cause civil disobedience and also vote them out at the next election. Chukwu di… But it is up to US.

    • Olufemi Jacob

      My Brother I am tired. This is sickening. How can we ever get out of this quagmire? What on God’s Earth is wrong with us Blacks?

  • Badru


  • Wild-waddy


    All Chairmen of EFCC will continue to be sacked and disgraced until the EFCC has some sense to be honest.
    Everybody in Nigeria knows the National Assembly is the headquarters of stealing and corruption in the country.
    Only the EFCC is useless not to know that fact. What the EFCC should do now is to announce SPECIAL PROBE.
    It will be a special probe of National Assembly from 1999-2015 using these vital information from Premium Times.

  • IZON Redeemer

    Tambuwal who was imposed on the House by the Yorubas led defunct ACN, under the control of Tinubu NOW CLONED INTO THE APES IN APC, has his name missing on the list-pREMIUM TIMES-was Tambuwal not the Speaker of the House during the period under your APC sponsored review? Who used his Fulani tribal marks like Buhari—- to align with the Yorubas in the South west–to steal the Nation blind in the socalled National Assembly? Tribalism again abi-?- Friends it is the truth¨! Nigeria is simply a tribal society period! Sadly any government agency, mistakenly placed under the uncaring–unthinking, greedy visionless rule of Fulanis—will always go astray in Nigeria—The story is the same from Sanusi Ex CBN Governor-now emir of Kano–to El rufai ati another Fulani at large, Ribadu ati Atiku—-finally certificate less–Alhaji Buhari———-Since 1960-it has been one wasteful life style to the other-by the Fulanis–Only for them to end up blaming Jonathan for our 55 years old woes! By hiring touts like Sagay, Soyinka Falana–Obj ati sharia Reporter and Premium Times ati Punch, to sing the song of fools! The only achievement of the Fulani in governance–is often to help change the Uniform of the Police, Customs and Immigrations—-Now Dambazua–a Fulani who stole the Nation blind in the army, made Minister of Internal affairs by Buhari—is currently planning to change the Uniform of Prison Officials–when Buhari keeps on telling us, 9ja is broke-That is the brain of the Fulani man for u—It does not go beyond stealing security votes from Dasuki–and blaming Jonathan for it–Then use their GESTAPO the DSS, to chase and haunt innocent souls in the creeks of the Niger delta–Separation is the answer–not the rule of the Fulanis ati Yoruba traitors-in Aso Rock! This the war against Ekweremadu again abi? animals

    • David Musaed

      you are nothing but an e-rat, how can you talk about party with this kind of revelation. The whole rep and senators are thieves, no party is innocent. And for your info M0r0n the speaker decamped to APC towards the end of his tenure. So talk with sense and stop using dash when you write ,it shows your level of education and also that you are a scammer

    • Burbank

      All those entire list of Nigeria’s biggest thieves and the only ones that concerns you is Tambuwal.

  • FreeNigeria

    Until we take a serious fight against corruption, this country will continue to free fall. Nigerian politicians are WORTHLESS THIEVES and deserve death sentence. There’s absolutely no adjective to describe their wickedness.



      • FreeNigeria

        Yes, they are all insane.

  • sammyctu ode


    • Olisa Maduka

      I agree with you; everyday Nigerians have to step up and put a little fire behind the NA so they can get up and get to the work they were elected to do.

  • Gugurus Ekpa

    These guys are just criminals. Do Nigerians even understand what a crime really is and do they care about crime? How Nigerians can stand behind criminals is something I shall never understand.

  • SAM .A

    Maikasuwa , is the treasurer of the bunch of legislooters Nigeria elected to the House and Senate .For the first time in the History of our nation ,in both APC and PDP we elected 6 years ago and recirculated to date the Aninis, Shina Rambos and Folorunsho Oyenusis to both houses ,Time for part time legislature. Nigerians should get ready to occupy the two houses of thieves in 2016.

  • olu_kay

    Brilliant investigative journalism Premium Times!We have been ruled since 1960 by thieves,so this comes as no surprise,the country is rotten to the bone.

    • dere2000millenium


      Without a doubt this is THE REPORT OF THE YEAR 2015.

      No newspaper or online news-site in Nigeria comes close to this.

      • Philip Anani

        dr. a.omisakin:

        Yes O! Only the thieves EXPOSED inside the National Assembly will benefit from obscurity,

        if this excellent story dis-appears according to the usual procedure of queuing the front page.

        That usual rule must give way this time. This report is too good to be taken away from front page.

  • Dr. Akin Omisakin (London)


    With all due respect this story ought to be preserved on the front page and throughout the 1st day of 2016.
    I have not seen as much professional reporting that is as accurate and as corroborated as this newsreport.
    The only way to honour the valiant and scholarly newsreporters who put this report together is to highlight it.
    It is also in the national interest to preserve this report on the front page for Nigerians to know these thieves.
    I appeal to your cerebral Editorial Board to consider this request in the interest of federal republic of Nigeria.

    • olu_kay

      This is their best investigative piece,every major newspaper should carry this story and Premium Times should continue to preserve story on the front page.

  • Burbank

    Great atrticle by Premium Times.
    Exposes like these helps shed some lights on the evils of NASS, especially the 3 Clerks and should provide enough ammo for EFCC and DSS to probe these fraudsters.

    • olu_kay

      Premium Times has done all the job required by EFCC and DSS,the suspects need to be charged to the courts. Also,I can see from the report Ekweremadu who Saraki was praising to high heavens a few days ago,withdrew more than a billion naira.

      • Burbank


  • olu_kay

    This is the reason those thieves in the National Assembly want to pass the social media bill,so investigative reports like this will never get out.

  • Dominic Jaja

    Thank you very much for this revelations. It is a starting point to something good for our collective future.
    How did we get here? That our lawmakers can become this lawless is very depressing.
    It is time we all start to demand for good governance as Nigerians.
    Where is the Nigerian Police, EFCC and ICPC and what are they going to do with these revelations?
    Nigerians demand immediate action from these law enforcement agencies to prove to Nigerians and the rest of the world that it is no longer business as usual.
    We have been fooled for too long….

  • Abiboss

    It is no surprise they tried to ban social media. They used public money as their ATM. Chop and chop National Assembly. How can they just withdraw money like that without CBN knowing? Where did they deposit the money after withdrawn? I can’t believe it that one person can withdraw over 1B naira at a go. The next thing we will hear is that it is witch hunt from the president. I don’t care who is the president as long the person is fighting against all these looters. It is no longer business as usual. EFCC, is over to you.

  • joe

    Dear e-rats, is it now clear enough to you people that corruption does not have a tribe? Look at the names, they are from every corners of this country. That is why we are telling you f**ls to stop defending a criminal because he is from your Village!!!!

  • Paul Young

    shame on you premiumtimes. your reporters were part of those criticising buhari for starting the anti corruption probe from jonathan’s regime. if its so easy to follow paper trail from 199 why didnt you do it? Please Mr president continue your probe on jonathan’s government. if done properly we will recover at least $5bn. i favor plea bargains and amnesty for the looters who voluntarily refund

    • Rufus

      foooool. if not now, when?… mediocre…

    • Rufus

      i wonder how many biafran idiots write good enlgish like you do. Its written, not spoken, ewu…… You think the world is about english? ask Chief Clifford, Nigeria’s ;arrest import of iron rod…… he cannot speak decent english or write his name. I dash you queens english……… nonsense….. dem dey catch tif, you dey hail tif. Make the tyre reach your neck abeg.

      • Paul Young

        when i said u were a mumu go to school earlier did you believe me? No. Anyway FYI (that means for your information by the way), i am a purely and totally an urhobo man, straight outta warri. Sorry to disappoint you but i am no biafran. pure, freeborn Nigerian

  • naijaProgress

    Look at the list of names, every major ethnic hausa, yoruba and Igbo are represented. But some demented idiots go come dey shout marginalization. Idiots. Pls president Buhari, if possible, just have all these looters publicly executed.

  • Rufus

    well done Premium times…… the yams these greats ate have been expensed…..

    • Paul Young

      you cant even speak proper english. abraka goat

  • well

    Good one! Corruption and the cost of running national assembly will reduce, if they are merged.

    • New Nigerian

      I advocate scrapping the senate and retaining only the house of representative

  • New Nigerian

    he national assembly has
    constituted itself into a roadblock for the execution of the change
    mandate. It need to change quickly as current attitude is not

    Today we learnt that Nigerian debt
    profile is $65.4 billion! according to Debt Management Office figures
    released today…in a period when 100s of billions of dollars in revenue
    was supposed to accrue to the government

    Some sobering facts –
    Some figures (Courtesy Naira Land and you
    can see the official links of published data at their website) with
    latest figures on debt profile just released by DMC …NIgeria now owes
    $65.4billion! –

    Inherited: $3.94 billion Dollars
    As At Now: $65.4 billion Dollars (latest figures release today by DMC)

    Inherited: $47. 7 billion (As At December 31st, 2009)
    Left it at: $38.2BILLION

    2. UMARU MUSA YAR ADUA (2007 – 2009)

    Inherited: $3,348.22 billion

    Left: $3.94 billion Dollars

    Inherited: $45.0 billion
    Grew To: $63 billion in September, 2008
    Left : $47. 7 billion (As at Dec 31st 2009 when Jonathan took over as “Overseer” )

    The reserve grew when the price of Crude Oil was $147 per barrel
    It Slided in Mid 2008 during the recession, when the crude price fell to $35 per barrel in 2009, till his death


    Inherited: $30 billion
    Cleared : $18 billion (He used his immense profile to broker debt forgiveness – a world record)
    Paid: $ 12 billion Dollars
    Left: $3,348.22bn-2007

    Inherited: $3.7 billion (1999)
    Left: $45.0 billion (2007)

    NB: As at 2003, Oil Price Per Barrel was $30 and it was at $90 when he left.

  • Mathew

    from the Federal Government of Nigeria issued to all the 36 states of
    the federation. We wish to inform the general public on the general
    grant of long and short term loans to both cooperate bodies and private
    individuals. This is as a result to ameliorate the current economic
    situation bedeviling the nation and her citizens. This is under the
    aegis of the federal government to give well meaning Nigerians
    the access to loans which is required to be paid back within the agreed
    stipulated time. People across all walks of life are benefiting from
    this scheme nation wide. You do not need a collateral damage to access
    this loans. Do you wish to be one of the benefactors of this loan grants
    from the Mohammadu Buhari administration, call Mr. Kassim Mathew on the
    following number 08089797451 for assistance. To procure your
    registration form you must meet the following requirement as stipulated
    by the federal government for eligibility. Must first be a citizen who
    have resided in the country for more than 10 cognate years. A valid
    national I.D card ranging from international passport, drivers’ license,
    permanent voters card (PVC), a prepaid light meter receipt which is
    very current and not later than two months, a business plan either
    registered or not, a valid resident address with proves that you have
    stayed for more than five years in the acclaimed location. If you meet
    this requirements, then call Mr Kassim Mathew on this mobile line
    08089797451. …….

  • Egbuhuzor Chinomso Collins

    Attempts by the executive or judicial arm to check the legislature will always fail because they are blackmailers. It is we ordinary Nigerians that will pursue this people one day with sticks and stones. Before then they should explain this fraud for heaven sake!

  • God win ooo

    Is something truly wrong with the black brain? Are we waiting for Aristotle or Plato to come and tell us that with this system of running democracy we can’t get out of recession? Why keeping the NASS? It is just useless especially at times like this. One of the major problem of this country is the NASS. It doesn’t matter whose brother is up there, what matters is the survival of our beloved country. PMB should urgently call for conference or a referendum let’s pass a vote and scrap the NASS. Must we imitate the white man always? Is it by force to run a NASS? Why can’t the black brains do things for themselves? Try it and if it works other nations will start to emulate us and it will be on record. Nigeria is in recession and she is still running expensive Government. What a shame. The whites that we are copying, especially USA and BRATAIN will be mocking us by now.