INVESTIGATION: Jonathan, Alison-Madueke, Tunde Ayeni, named in fraudulent oil contracts that cost Nigeria billions

Jonathan and clique

PREMIUM TIMES has uncovered one of the most fraudulent crude oil deals carried out by the administration of Goodluck Jonathan, which saw cronies of the president pocket billions of naira through a domestic crude oil transportation contract that violated Nigeria’s procurement and economic regulations.

Our estimates indicate that the contracts, which the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation has now admitted were unnecessarily exorbitant and inappropriately awarded, cost Nigeria hundreds of billions.

Although the companies involved claimed they transported 65.5 million barrels of crude oil in the process, the true value of service they offered to pocket that amount remains unclear even to the state oil company, insiders say.

The deal, later disguised as security contract and channeled through the NNPC, saw two companies belonging to Idahosa Okunbor and Tunde Ayeni rack up billions of naira to purportedly transport crude oil from Escravos to Warri refinery, and Bonny Island to Port Harcourt refinery, by ship, since 2011.

The deal involved the transportation of close to five million barrels of crude oil, monthly, from drilling terminals to the refineries using ships, and circumventing direct linking pipelines, at the cost of at least N1,131.74 ($5.68 USD) per barrel of crude.

The cost of this contract is several times higher than it takes to transport crude oil through the more efficient pipelines which PPMC, a subsidiary of the NNPC operates. The cost of transporting a barrel of crude through the pipeline is as low as 5.97 naira.

Although, awarding the firms the job to transport crude oil by ships was a very expensive alternative, the administration pressed on, ignoring the fact that it increased the cost of transporting only a fraction of locally refined crude oil by several billions of naira monthly and was economically unjustifiable.

Nigeria crude oil pipeline distribution map
Nigeria crude oil pipeline distribution map. Source:

While the contract lasted, the NNPC, at the same time, transported crude through a national pipeline that originated from Escravos and landed in Warri Refinery before proceeding to Kaduna Refinery.

The Escravos-Warri Refinery arm of the project was conceived in 2010, shortly after Goodluck Jonathan became president. The contract kicked off properly in January 2011 and NNPC insiders say it was explained to the few who knew about it back then as a way of circumventing vandalized pipelines to keep Nigeria’s refineries amply fed with crude oil.

At inception, the contract was never advertised and no competitive bidding was done, a clear violation of Nigeria’s procurement law. Rather than advertise the job as required by law, the NNPC only invited 13 companies to participate in a private bid. There is no evidence that the NNPC obtained certificate of no objection from the Bureau of Public Procurement clearing it for such selective, secret bidding.

Cheaper options were neglected. Two companies, PPP Fluid Mechanics and Ocean Marine Securities, OMS, were awarded the job based on what our sources described as presidential and ministerial discretion. While PPP FM, which handled the crude transportation, was selected through the secret bidding process, OMS was merely arbitrarily invited and handed the lucrative security aspect of the deal. There was no bidding of any kind.

Chairman of OMS, Idahosa Okunbor, told PREMIUM TIMES the NNPC directly approached his firm to provide security coverage for the crude oil transportation because of its longstanding ‘sterling reputation in maritime security’.

PPP Fluid Mechanics got the contract after offering to transport the crude using Very Large Crude Carriers – super tankers – used in transporting crude oil. OMS got the contract to provide security for the 22.2km (12 nautical miles) journey, despite every other waterways and pipeline security arrangement that existed at the time, including the Nigerian navy which patrols the country’s waterways.

The two companies initially got N5.4 billion payment by NNPC, for a three-month trial, documents sighted by PREMIUM TIMES show. While N3.43 billion went to the transportation logistics, OMS got at least N1.97 billion.

“This brazen case of impropriety has, till date, been sustained by a tight web of secrecy,” one of our sources said.

“I do not have details” of the contract, NNPC spokesman, Ohi Alegbe, told PREMIUM TIMES more than one month after receiving our inquiries, and weeks after he later announced the corporation was canceling the contract.

Paying the cabal

Idahosa Wells Okunbo
Idahosa Wells Okunbo

This contract was conceptualized and executed in a classical mafioso style.

After the then Petroleum Minister, Deziani Alison-Madueke, in 2010, got the then President Jonathan to approve the deal, the NNPC secretly invited bids from international shipping contractors. PPP FM, managed by two Israelis at the time, was handpicked for the logistics part of the job. OMS, managed by Messrs. Okunbor and Ayeni, was invited to handle the security aspect.

There are no records of OMS ever bidding for the contract. Insiders, who spoke to PREMIUM TIMES, also claim OMS never bidded.

They were selected by a board led by Mrs. Madueke, which also had NNPC Group Managing Director at the time, Austin Oniwon, and eight others, including Yinka Omorogbe, the legal adviser to the corporation.

Mrs. Omorogbe, a professor of law, later denied the OMS deal was ever discussed at NNPC board meetings during her tenure.

The two contracts were initially explained as three-month trials to circumvent crude theft from pipelines that were believed to be under serious threat from militants and oil thieves in the Niger Delta. They, however, lasted till August 2015, almost five years later.

How they escaped public scrutiny for the period they lasted is what is likely to shock many Nigerians.

Contract documents indicating the contract was supposed to last only three months were issued on December 2, 2010. Shipping began the following month – January 2011 – after PPP FM provided one mother vessel and three smaller shuttle vessels.

Contract documents seen by PREMIUM TIMES showed the first cost of the transportation contract for the trial period was N3.46 billion ($17.4 million) for the transportation. Mr. Okunbor, the chairman of OMS admitted the security component cost N21.9 million ($110,000) daily, and N1.97 billion ($9.9) for the three months trial.

But the cost of the deal quickly skyrocketed after the three-month trial period ended in March 2011, after it it underwent three price reviews.

Shortly after the project began, Messrs. Okunbor and Ayeni sought to own the entire project, and initiated a takeover of PPP FM.

Eight months later, they completed the takeover and PPP FM’s founders, the Israelis, were kicked out. It is not clear whether the Israelis were merely used as fronts in the beginning. But Mr. Okunbor claimed his company paid them off.

The exit of the Israelis paved the way for one of the bloodiest financial hemorrhages Nigeria suffered during the Jonathan administration, and was perhaps still suffered till July 2015 when NNPC called it off after becoming aware this newspaper was investigating the deal.

With the Israelis out of the way, and believing the deal was now secret, the NNPC and Messrs Okunbor and Ayeni began series of re-negotiations that jacked up the cost of the deal. Three price reviews were done as the project progressed.

First in April 2011. The cost of transporting each barrel of crude was re-negotiated from initial $2.6 to $3.87 on the premise that the initial Israeli owners of PPP FM had, out of desperation, underestimated the resources needed to execute the contract. The security cost remained at $110,000 per day, Mr. Okunbor claims.

Nine months into the new contract, the cost was renegotiated again. This time, the cost was raised to $4.28 per barrel and NNPC agreed to pay a “Take or Pay” value of 1.485 million barrels per month. NNPC agreed to pay PPP FM the cost of transporting 1.485 million barrels of crude in a case where, for whatever reason, it failed to utilise their services.

The last contract, according to Mr. Okunbor, was signed in February 2014 and saw the cost go up to $5.68 per barrel at 4.77 million barrels per month. That was the prevailing rate when the contract was terminated in September 2015.

In August 2014, the former petroleum minister admitted to an oil and gas audience in the U.S. that NNPC was spending an average of $7.52 per barrel to transport crude oil locally to refineries by ship, her estimates remarkable higher than Mr. Okunbor’s.

She was silent on the security costs. But multiple sources confirmed to PREMIUM TIMES the security cost was exorbitant too.

In four years, the NNPC shelled out hundreds of billions to the two companies owned by Messrs. Okunbor and Ayeni for the Escravos-Warri arm of the deal alone.

These sums were paid despite the oil corporation reporting that it kept pumping crude oil from Escravos to Warri refinery through the pipeline, concurrently with the shipping deal.

Recently, during the opening of the renovated Port Harcourt Refinery, Mr. Okunbor confirmed to Thisday that his company did not even ship the total amount projected by the contract. But they got paid even while not shipping crude.

“Currently, we lift 950,000 barrels to the Warri refinery twice a month,” Mr. Okunbor told Thisday. The projected amount was 2.2 million barrels, apparently 300 thousand barrels higher than total actual shipment admitted by Mr. Okunbor and his partners.

While the deal was expected to supply Warri Refinery with 105.6 million barrels of crude, NNPC records show that the refinery only received 61.2 million barrels, combined. At least half of what was expected by ship alone was not delivered.

Warri Refinery Crude Oil Inflow Chart. Data Source: NNPC
Warri Refinery Crude Oil Inflow. Data Source: NNPC

The Port Harcourt Refinery Deal

After running the Escravos-Warri Refinery deal successfully and secretly for two years, the NNPC opened the Bonny Island – Port Harcourt refinery route under the same covers. The Bonny Island – Port Harcourt refinery route was to transport 3.12 million barrels of crude oil monthly, with the same contractors, PPP FM and OMS.

Again, there were no competitive bidding before Mr. Ayeni and his partners were handed the contracts.

With the Bonny – Port Harcourt Refinery route added to the portfolio, Messrs. Okunbor and Ayeni were charged with transporting 4.77 million barrels of crude oil to the two refineries, at the cost of $5.68 per barrel, via ships, monthly.

At that rate, Mr. Okunbor said the NNPC paid his companies N5.4 billion ($$27.3 million USD) monthly on both fronts.

That final contract, signed in February 2014, was terminated by the NNPC in July.

Like in the Warri Refinery case, Messrs. Okunbor and Ayeni did not deliver the full amount of crude expected of the contract.

“Currently, we lift… approximately 1.6 million barrels twice a month to the Port Harcourt refinery using our VLCC,” Mr. Okunbor told Thisday in July.

Port Harcourt Refinery Crude Oil Inflow Chart
Port Harcourt Refinery Crude Oil Inflow. Data Source: NNPc

Cocktail of illegalities

These local crude oil transportation deals Messrs. Okunbor and Ayeni held until July were fraught with fraud, illegalities and irregularities, experts in the oil industry say.

Those familiar with the deal said the NNPC board, in the first place, had no businesses approving the initial contract in December 2010 because the cost exceeded their approval limit of N5 million, allowed by its laws, and $20 million US dollars allowed by Nigeria’s procurement laws.

The initial amount for the trial phase of this contract is not within the approval limits of NNPC board (below $20 million) as Messrs Okunbo and Ayeni would like the public to believe. It is $27.3 million. This is split into $17.4 million for the transportation and $9.9 for security.

When Messrs Okunbor and Ayeni got the contract to ship for three months after the trial period, the price per barrel was raised to $3.87 per barrel. At that rate, ($3.87 for 2.2million barrels per month for three months), the renewal was worth $35.4 million ($25.5 million for transportation and $9.9 for security). That was certainly above the NNPC board approval limit.

Nine months after the first contract review, cost was further jacked up to $4.28 per barrel and NNPC agreed to pay a Take or Pay value of 1.485 million barrels per month, the total contract value for three months was $38.1 million ($28.2 million for transportation and $9.9million for security). That was still above the approval limit of the NNPC board.

The final contract, which was signed in February 2014, had the cost of $5.68 per barrel at 4.77 million barrels per month. That contract lasted till July 2015, and cost the nation at least $81.3 million.

The decision to extend the contract beyond three months was the second major step in a cascade of fraudulent activities that defined the contract.

In 2013, the NNPC attempted to regularize these illegal crude oil transportation contracts. In October that year, it published an invitation to tender bids for the two crude oil transportation contracts in major Nigerian dailies.

Days later, just as many shipping companies were putting final touches to their bids, the corporation withdrew the call through another newspaper publication.

The state oil company did not give any reason for the withdrawal of the call for bids. But top NNPC sources told PREMIUM TIMES a directive demanding the withdrawal came from the presidency describing the project as a “security contract”.

Despite the only official explanation for the exorbitant contract being the drive to keep the refineries amply supplied with crude oil in the face of ‘failing pipelines’, both the Warri and Port Harcourt refineries received crude oil volumes far less than the contract was expected to deliver.

Between January 2011 and December 2014, the Warri Refinery received crude supplies above two million barrels in six months only, NNPC crude distribution data shows.

In at least three months of 2014, the Warri Refinery did not receive a drop of crude supply. The Warri refinery received an average of 1.2 million barrels of crude oil monthly in those four years.

Port Harcourt refinery never received crude supply up to the full amount expected of the illegal contract while it lasted. In fact, NNPC data did not show any significant leap in supply after the transportation contract was initiated in 2013.

Within the period, the Port Harcourt refinery did not receive a drop of crude oil in three months. It received an average of 536 thousand barrels of crude monthly, at least 2 million barrels less than the contract was expected to deliver.

The NNPC data of crude received monthly by the refineries, obtained by PREMIUM TIMES, showed that in the last four years, the refineries rarely received crude oil close to the volumes awarded for shipment alone from both Messrs. Okunbor and Ayeni, not to talk of pipeline sources that fed the refineries.

Mr. Okunbor admitted to PREMIUM TIMES his company did not deliver the total expected volume. He blamed NNPC for frustrating the deal by refusing to give them crude despite paying out huge sums as monthly Take or Pay – amount paid by NNPC whether PPP FM’s services were used or not, especially when it is NNPC’s fault.

Satellite images obtained by PREMIUM TIMES showed that in some instances, no security boats escorted the ships deployed by PPP FM to transport the crude from production terminals to refinery jetties. Yet, NNPC purportedly paid billions of naira for the security escorts.

“Some of the vessels involved also sat anchored offshore the Niger Delta—presumably at a significant cost to the nation—for long periods when NNPC was not sending crude to the refineries at all,” a recent report by Natural Resources Governance Institute said.

Besides being economically unjustifiable, many industry experts PREMIUM TIMES contacted for comment for this story were shocked by its details and ramifications.

“What happened to the crude oil received by these contractors in the months the refineries were down? Why did the refineries not receive full volumes of crude oil lifted by these contractors?” one expert asked.

Mr. Okunbor explained that the NNPC was not interested in making the refineries work. He said the NNPC stopped giving his firm crude to supply to the refineries in November 2014. He claimed crude supply to his vessels only resumed after Muhammadu Buhari was declared winner of the recent presidential elections.

“No one was committed to making the refineries work,” he said. “We lived on fixed cost for seven months.”

Follow the money

Tunde Ayeni
Tunde Ayeni

Tunde Ayeni, one of the owners of the contracting firm in this deal is a long-standing ally of former governor of Bayelsa State, Depreiye Alamieyeseigha, and former President Goodluck Jonathan.

Mr. Jonathan succeeded Mr. Alamieyeseigha as governor of oil-rich Bayelsa state after the latter was removed from office in 2005 following a money laundering scandal. Since his release from prison, Mr. Alamieyeseigha has remained active on the political scene.

Mr. Ayeni, a lawyer, gained notoriety following the corruption trial that brought down Mr. Alamieyeseigha as Bayelsa governor. He was briefly arrested by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission over the matter and later mentioned in court documents as admitting helping Mr. Alamieyeseigha to execute some deals.

The EFCC has since cleared Mr. Ayeni of complicity in the Alamieyseigha saga. In two letters sighted by PREMIUM TIMES, the anti-graft agency admitted Mr. Ayeni was detained and questioned over some transactions during the Alamieyseigha case, but was cleared of all liabilities.

Mr. Ayeni has since then remained one of Nigeria’s most ambitious businessmen, investing heavily in almost all key sectors of the Nigerian economy – oil and gas, telecoms and power. He’s currently the chairman of Skye Bank and was awarded Commander of the Order of Niger (CON) – a national recognition – by the Jonathan administration.

In the build up to the 2015 general elections, Mr. Ayeni chaired a fundraising dinner organised by Mr. Jonathan’s party, the Peoples Democratic Party, and made a shocking donation of N2 billion ostensibly to fund the president’s re-election. He explained that half of the donation was raised by himself and an anonymous partner while the other half was raised by himself and other anonymous friends.

Mr. Ayeni, whose law firm, Legal Resources Alliance, doubles as the company secretary to PPP FM, turned away PREMIUM TIMES reporters, who visited to request his comments for this story, from his 38 Birao Street, Wuse II, Abuja office.

The NNPC also declined to comment. After weeks of promises and excuses to respond to the website’s inquiry, the state oil company tried to preempt our investigation by announcing it was calling off the illegal contracts.

In the statement announcing the cancellation, the corporation admitted the contractors were inappropriately engaged and that the contract costs were exorbitant. It however did not say whether it planned to recover monies paid to the contractors even while not transporting crude.

The corporation’s spokesperson, Ohi Alegbe, declined to provide further details. He told PREMIUM TIMES the corporation had no details of the contracts beyond the announcement cancelling the deals.

EDITOR’S NOTE: After this story was published, the owners of PPP FM, Tunde Ayeni and Idahosa Okunbor agreed to meet reporters. Their side of the story has now been included as update.


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    We all know Tunde Ayeni is a dirty deals man.Just hope he doesn’t bring Skye Bank down with him

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      Happily no Ijaw man benefitted from the fake APC and CIA contrived oil deals–Buhari will be chasing shadows while the Nigerian economy burns–let him ask the Fulanis who own my oil wells to return them to the South south–And he should stop fooling Nigerians with these fake APC induced lies——–Nigerians want results–on how he is running the economy down—-not for Buhari to sponsor these alawada stories–Investigate his certificate–and house scandal–ati his ever growing bank accounts—as well as the way obj -handled the oil sector as oil Minister for 6 years—Sadly this is junk journalism—period

      • Höly Wähala

        Are Jo Dumbo and Diezani from Igala Kingdom? The Aborigines are “wetbacks” as I’ve always called them to you and the evidence of their criminality will soon be fully disclosed by the tough Igbo man at NNPC… No more business as usual with “Bayelsa Crude” which your thieving relatives used to pocket billions of our common wealth. Very soon Nigerians will be calling for Dumbo to be hanged higher than Saro…
        Upside down!

        • Bigzy

          You are an agent of deceit and lies. You paint such graphic pictures with very little evidence. It is the hallmark of your contribution in this forum. I can understand why you are calling for the hanging of good people, afterall, it is in your blood to brutalise, kill and maim with impunity. The day of reckoning will come for your type.

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        Na you sabi.

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    Some Nigerians are evil sha.

  • burning spear

    This is where the concept and law of trust comes into play. The Online Free Dictionary defines trust as, “A relationship created at the direction of an individual, in which one or more persons hold the individual’s property subject to certain duties to use and protect it for the benefit of others.” A trust is created by a settlor. The party who holds the property (in this case, an oil block) is a trustee and the people who benefits from the trust are the beneficiaries, at least that is how a trust is expected to operate since the assets and resources, including oil blocks, belongs to the state. With the certainty that all oil blocks are owned by the state and the people, it is clear that no individual in government has the right to give out an oil block to anyone without ensuring that the interests of the people and the state are protected and that the state derive full benefits from the trust, and that the trustee is only paid his fees or paid for the services rendered.

    In essence, oil blocks cannot be allocated to individuals in the way it was and still being done in Nigeria today. The story of how Theophilus Yakubu Danjuma, former Minister of Defence, got his oil block is well known to Nigerians. Danjuma himself told the world that General Sani Abacha dashed him the oil block with the intent of keeping him quiet and buying his support during the June 12 logjam. Abacha failed in his duty as a settlor and Danjuma took what did not belong to him, essentially a stolen property; what he did not work for or sweat for. Three other people who got oil blocks practically abused their positions to secure the blocks: Umaru Yar’Ardua was president when he stole an oil block from the people, Atiku Abubakar was vice president when he snatched an oil block for himself, and Rilwan Lukman also committed a crime when he stole an oil block from the state while he was petroleum minister. Former petroleum minister Mr. Dan Etete also committed a crime when he stole an oil block from the state – it does not matter what these people paid for the oil blocks, if they paid anything at all. The other people on the list used their connections to the corridor of power and/or willingness to front for people in power to steal oil blocks from the people.

    I was not surprised when a friend and commentator pointed out that what happened in relation to oil blocks in Nigeria was a “criminal appropriation of public wealth” by a few fraudulent individuals. He noted that Nigeria is the only oil nation where the citizenry benefits nothing from the state’s oil wealth and resources – no free education, no basic medical care, no social services, nothing. He pointed out that the likelihood that Animal Rights Campaigners in the West will protest and demand a better housing and treatment if cats and dogs are made to reside in a place like Makoko or Ajegunle, but that in Nigeria nobody sees anything wrong in the horrible living conditions of the majority of our people. He observed that nothing is accruing to the people despite our huge oil resources, rather a few are benefitting from what is rightfully the wealth of the majority.

    One question needs to be addressed here: What power has a cabinet, a president, or oil minister to award an oil block to anyone? The Nigerian people are the beneficial owners of all oil blocks and the oil blocks can only be managed on their behalf by the trustee – the government in this case, while the beneficial owners must gain absolute and complete benefits from their oil blocks. The trustee should not and must not be allowed to profit beyond the legal arrangement agreed to in the trust. Oil blocks ought to be managed solely by an arrangement reached following a due process of allocation such as the arrangements Nigeria has with Shell, Mobil, Chevron, Texaco, Agip and a few others, which are Joint Ventures (JVs) with the government and people of Nigeria. A joint venture agreement was reached between the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), the Royal Dutch/Shell, EPNL and Agip with a 55%-30%-10%-5% ownership structure while Shell operates and manages the joint venture. The joint venture between NNPC and Mobil is a 60%-40% arrangement that is managed by Mobil on behalf of the venture. The joint venture between NNPC and Chevron is also a 60%-40% arrangement. These joint ventures protect the interests of the people and the parties concerned contribute to the funds used in managing the venture based on the ownership structure. Each joint venture operates under a Joint Operating Agreement (JOA) with the NNPC and a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Federal Government of Nigeria. The JOA set out all obligations, plans and expenditure, management, accounting procedures, scheduling and oil lifting procedures, and necessary guidelines. The JOA and MOU are specific to joint development of jointly held oil prospecting licences or oil mining leases (OMLs).

    JOAs and MOUs are extremely complex but they ensure that the interests of the state and its people as beneficiaries of the oil wealth are fully protected. In so doing, the people are expected to rip maximum benefit from the arrangement. But when individuals in government began to abuse their position and failed in their duty to the state and the people, then you find oil blocks being criminally stolen from the state and dashed to individuals. The president, vice president, or petroleum minister is a trustee and he/she should never profit from the property and/or assets of the state. The conflict of interest laws are to protect the assets and resources of the state from any abuse, but Nigeria being a criminal enterprise with hugely corrupt national executive and legislature makes this very impossible. Even the president did not declare his assets before taking office despite the law requiring asset declaration of all office holders!

    The oil blocks in the hands of these individuals should revert to the state and the people. The same joint venture process should be a standard and enhanced process for managing the oil blocks and oil wealth of the nation, and indigenous oil companies should be free to bid for oil blocks like any other multinational oil companies. The oil blocks in the hands of T.Y Danjuma, Umaru YAr’Ardua, Alhaji Indimi, Rilwan Lukman, Emeka Offor, Mike Adenuga and others should be taken away from them. They should all be prosecuted and be made to make restitution for what they have already taken out of the oil blocks. Everyone of them should be prosecuted and appropriate charges should be brought against each one of them. Those of them who obtained oil blocks while holding public offices should be punished accordingly for offences relating to conflict of interest, abuse of office, misuse of authority, failure to follow due process, inappropriate and criminal behavior to the detriment of the interests of the nation and the people.

    Until that time when those who hold positions of trust are held accountable for their failure to adhere to and observe fiduciary duties required of them, there is the certainty that the abuse exhibited in stealing oil blocks will continue and a nation as a criminal enterprise will persist. Everyone involved in the criminal appropriation of oil blocks deserves severe punishment and jail term.

  • burning spear

    By Babs Ajayi

    The roubling revelation about the sharing of oil blocks among a few in Nigeria came to public notice recently. It is not that the news item is not already in the public place, but the issue is that no one has ever openly identified all the people involved, the oil blocks they got, some of the revenues being generated, and spread of the ownership among the geographical regions of the nation the way Senator Ita Enang did. The people’s oil blocks are in the hands of the following:

    Umaru Yar’Ardua, late former president
    Atiku Abubakar, former vice president
    Theophilus Yakubu Danjuma, former Minister of Defence
    Ado Bayero, Emir of Kano
    Rilwan Lukman, former Petroleum Minister
    Alhaji Aminu Dantata
    Col Sani Bello
    Alhaji Indimi
    Alhaji Mai Deribe
    Mallam Sanusi Lamido
    Alhaji Saleh Gambo, former Inspector General of Police
    Mr. Emeka Offor
    Mr. Mike Adenuga
    Mr. Yinka Folawiyo

    Unfortunately, Senator Enang and his co-travelers from the South are more concerned about the tilting of ownership in favour of the North than about far more troubling and pertinent issues such as the process of allocation and how these few men got what belonged to the people and the nation. How did these few people who have the oil blocks got them? Did they bid for the oil blocks? Was there an open tender? How is it possible for individuals to get an oil block belong to the people of Nigeria, resources that are held in trust on their behalf by the government without due process, without ensuring that the interests of the people are well protected and that it is the people who rip the benefits of the resources? The Land Use Decree (LUD)vested the ownership of lands rich in mineral and natural resources in the federal government and the government control and manage these resources on behalf of the people, in trust. Since LUD allows the federal government to take away any land where natural resources are found and exploit it for the total and full benefits of the nation and its people, it becomes a criminal offence, a failure in fiduciary duties for anyone in government to give out the resource-rich land to any individual without due process, such as an open bid. The government then has a duty to ensure that the state secure the maximum benefits possible from the bid and protect the interests of the state and the people.

    • Bigzy

      How did all the oil blocks end up in Northern hands? This is the biggest ever fraud perpetrated on Nigeria by a few. They do not see it as such but are quick to jump on the bandwagon of accusing others with scant evidence. I say, physician, heal thy self.

      • tundemash

        Well your Dumbo was there fopr 6 years and privy to that info, can u find out from him ?

        • Bigzy

          As usual, you are trying to divert attention from the issue I have raised. Was Obj not there for longer? Is he not a Southerner? Did he find out? Your anti-party towards Jonathan will see you to an early grave.

          Just because the issue has not come to the fore until recently, it does not make it any less vexing. The fact that you are trying to make this a party political issue says a lot about you. Shame on you.

          • tundemash

            It is in your warped ethnic mentality that OBJ is different from Dumbo Jo. They are both members of the biggest looting party in Africa that pauperised your mind for 16 years !
            OBJ ruled for 8 years, Dumbo ruled for 6 years, give us an account of how many oil blocks was issued under them and to whom ?

          • Bigzy

            You are as previous as ever. Since his falling out with Jonathan, Obj has effectively been an APC member. To buttress this point, Buhari has given him assignments. You are the one with the warped mind al-right! If you argue that Obj is still a member of the PDP, you may as well argue that Amaechi is also a PDP member. Of course, you would be lying.

            Having neglected my argument that our oil blocks are disproportionately in the hands of the Northern cabal, who paid nothing for them. I will like to highlight the issue to you once again. I never argued that Obj ‘dashed’ them the blocks. Perhaps you hate reading so much that you go straight to reply without digesting the facts presented. This is a pity because it does not make for a smooth flowing debate.

          • tundemash

            Mor0n ….. Dumbo was their for 6 years , did he not award oil blocks or his his Presidency different from those who awarded oil blocks ? Why did Dumbo not correct the anomaly you suddenly saw once your he-goat lost election?
            You can rant from now till eternity, you remain just a noisy neighbour!

          • Bigzy

            Noisy neighbour ehh? A bit like Buhari sees his prospective Ministers! The trouble in trying to have a meaningful debate with an !mbecile like you is that one keeps going over the same ground, because of your inability to assimilate simple facts. M0r0n, did I not say that the fact came to light under the Administration of Jonathan through the media? You are averse to reading, and when you try to, you put 2 and 2 together and come up with a 100. Pitiful TundeMess!

  • Höly Wähala

    The story of Dr. Dumbo will be more famous than that of Ali Baba and the 40 thieves if truthfully told. From his first signature as President which he used to lift the Malabu settlement (OPL 245) and used his proceeds of corruption to buy half our Aviation Village in Abuja… to his use of Boko Haram to siphon public funds in the name of fighting terrorism, and numerous unscrupulous and shady deals with spurious characters of all shades… Dr. Dumbo should be stripped of his loot and sent to a special jail: Mortuary! Yes, the man should be jailed in a cemetary next to the thousands of innocent Nigerians who lost their lives due to his incompetence, greed and abject his disdain for Nigerians. Only a thorough-bred evil person would steal more than his entire State can spend if that lloot were applied to develope Otuoke which has no clean drinking water, no electricity, no roads and virtually a jungle-state. Yet, Diezani and dumbo call it home. Shameless looters indeed, Animals!

    • UOU

      Joe igbokwe, You are going mad ooo, watch it. Can you re-read what you just wrote about a human being like you, full of lies, hate and deceit? Try to read it again tomorrow or say next week or two, if you don’t regret it then you are soul-iess

      • Wähala

        Fcuk-off! I’m no Joe Igbokwe…

      • tundemash

        Mor0n …. are those beasts human beings ?

        • UOU

          Animal, what makes you a human being? perhaps your helpless poor condition is driving you crazy, mutum banza

          • tundemash

            Mor0n .. was the story about me or about the beast that have stolen your future ? Just as you are a political thug for them so will your children be prostitutes and maiguard for the children of Denzianis, Ayenis and Jonathans. Mugu that can’t see beyond ethnicity.

          • UOU

            With your janjaweed kind of thoughts and words, it is no more unplacable where you belong, to the gutters. Your satanism plus stupidity of your tribe is already setting your head on fire, no wonder it is now brazen you never had any family ties nor trainings. One after another, your people are already committing suicide from the maltreatment of your slave masters, the born to rule. I am from a humble tribe where we don’t give a damn on government patronage, my parents worked so hard and achieved success to train me so good minus government hand outs and I’m doing exactly same to my beloved God given and blessed children who are already making giant strides. Failures and sudden demise (from your innate envy and jealousy) will be your portion for mentioning my children here because you are a scattered human being with no capacity to make children at all. You are a soul-less animal who know nothing of your parents, it is enough punishment for your miserable life. Else for those downtrodden cybercafes you people operate in hideouts within lagos how would you perpetuate your bigot against a great people. Monkey

          • tundemash

            Creek rat, your looting masters have stopped using the “janjaweed” word they gave u since they lost on March 28th to prove it was just a propaganda to hoodwinks mor0ns like you and yet u are still hooked on that cheap PDP propaganda drug till now ?

          • UOU

            The only word I can see you learned from the street is Moron yet you can’t even spell it correctly, always adding zero instead. Perhaps, a day is coming you will also use Moron on yourself, once you do not find someone anymore to call Moron. Your non formal education has brought you all manners of ills but I advice you visit your frustrations and anger on your tribe who chose the easy way of life SLAVERY also your slave masters who have continued to lord it over you people with impunity

          • tundemash

            let me know what other name u are called at the amnesty camp !

          • UOU

            You had no parents to have guided or take care of your manners talk less spending for your education so as a social challenge I leave you with your usual attitude. As I write this, I am reading all your comments today, in PT, vanguard, punch, on almost every issue and you did not disappoint me, your response to everyone starts and ends with name calling moron, hopelessly spelt. If I may ask, what do you want everyone to call you in return even those who never retaliated with insults and abuses?choose for yourself, a name befitting your down trodden person and antecedent, mmeeeeeeeeee

          • tundemash

            Mor0n, instead of ranting, just let me know what u are called at the amnesty camp !

          • UOU

            Dirty pig, thank filthy lagos cyber cafe else you will never be in a position to keep my shoe, animal

          • tundemash

            Creek rat , u claimed to have been following my posts and u still think i’m in a filthy lagos cyber cafe ? Typical d@ft Jonathanian, you did not disappoint with your reasoning !
            Meanwhile, how many posts will take you to tell me your amnesty camp name ?

          • UOU

            Shameless coward from a dying tribe, your hypocrisy is taking you people to your demise, shortly it will happen, the beginning is almost here, monkey come chop banana

          • tundemash

            Yeah right …. that dying tribe bought into the fake “i couldn’t afford shoes story ” in 2011 and that same dying tribe made sure the apostle of yam and goat story is shifted back to the zoo he was plucked from so your lamentation and frustration is understandable. Keep reading from that book of LAMENTATIONS you are in since March 28th ! Ode !

          • UOU

            You only consolation is to hate, envy and jealousy the great Igbo, a tribe built on justice and steadfastness, strongest in character and action. Igbos will look you in the eyes and tell you what time it is, the truth and nothing less, they will never cover their face with basket even if you are a masquerade, No. We did not create ourselves, God did, we are a race that is destined for larger and greater fortune, staying in this space is only an interim setback. We don’t need your slimy, coward, hypocrite and mischief tribe to race on anything because we are competing with the world, long time ago since after the holocaust biafra war, we joined the committee of free minded, progressing and scientific earth. Take a cursory trip abroad, it is all Igbos doing great things for humanity, in medicine, politics, security, science, technology etc, you can’t stop such legendary and massive gift of resilient and hard work plus absolute trust in the almighty God. It is a mass movement, your tribe with their badly damaged ego can only wish but your devilish wish will scatter your personality as it is doing now and eventually your slave mentality will take you back 100 times. We are marching on, reaching milestones on daily bases

          • tundemash

            Mor0n .. some of my best mates are igbo and no where do i hate them. Your problem is the loss of the March 28th elelction and since that day, your world has been upside down !!!!

          • UOU

            Thunder scatter your life, pretender and scavenger, some of your best mates are Igbo yet you address Igbos as a whole with disdain, anu mpama. Jonathan gave you people the best name, “rascals”. Certainly the assumed election open plenty opportunities for us

  • Dr Quack

    This is sad, really sad to say the least. And some ppl still support him till this day :'(


    On TY Danjuma’s holier-than-thou life, Babs Ajayi writes:

    No Nigerian soldier living or dead has been more devious and hypocritical than the retired general Theophilus Yakubu Danjuma. A master coup plotter and leader of military juntas for nearly three decades in Nigeria, TY Danjuma is the master opportunist and gifted grabber, the very pedantic soul with a price measured in stolen oil block


    So, this midget knows God too!

    Nasir El-rufai is one of biggest scams in in the political history of Nigeria. Earlier today, Boko haram struck at the IDP camp in Yola, Adamawa state, killing so many Nigerians – mostly children.

    I am overwhelmed with sadness, just as I am livid with rage at the hypocrisy of APC members in relation to their ‘change’ mantra on the constant boko haram attacks in the country.

    Under Jonathan, every bomb blast used to be accompanied by statements from the El-Rufai, APC and its members condemning the government and never the bombers. We were told to look up to Jonathan for protection.

    But suddenly that has Changed. APC and El-tufa I are now asking us to look up to Allah! Not Buhari. No longer the federal government. Just ‘Allah’!

    • ig

      why are diverting the topic, oh my God what set of people do we have in this country?

  • Outraged


    • Segun Abiodun 1

      You are a complete Id#ot to add Okonjo Iweala to the list.
      Where in the story did it mention her name?
      The two primary people involved are Tunde Ayeni a Yoruba by ethnicity and idahosa Okunbo an Edo by ethnicity.
      Okonjo Iweala had nothing to do with the award of this contract.
      However Apes like you are always ready to jump around like the primate that you are making all sorts of noise.
      I would make arrangements for your pick up back to the Zoo where you belong.
      Always remember that This forum is for Humans not Apes and we humans are yet to develop a common language with your kind.
      So Go back to your cage in the zoo .
      It is not yet your feeding time.
      Your bananas would be served shortly
      Ha ha ha lol

  • SAM .A

    Thank you Premium Times , we need more of this investigative journalism , it will be instrumental to clean up the augean stable left by Jonathan and his cronies . The have all built their future estate in Kirikiri not in those palaces built with looted and pludered money.

  • Nwa _ Africa

    Corruption is Nigeria politicians and Nigeria politicians are corruption……………………Look at the criminal Ayeni already meeting Buhari and he will use him as his font and the cheese game continue…………………..

    • Maria

      At least igbo was not mentioned here hence you are so happy… I understand your gladness…These looters must be nailed no matter who they are… there should be no sacred cow.

      • Nwa _ Africa

        Please stop this as I do not care if Igbo is involved or not………………….Let them answer their charges and let Nigeria move forward for once……………………

        • Maria

          lol! We are on this same page on this.

          • Nwa _ Africa

            That is the reason when I stand on the truth my people started attacking me you will join them to castigate me as if I have no right to have a different opinion for theirs………………….

          • Maria

            Well… you behave like a bigot that is why I attack you… I know we both want a better Nigeria.

  • Maria

    Let them be sentenced to life imprisonment plus 1000 years.

  • Debekeme

    if you still support Jonathan just because hes a Southern Christian then you share in the responsibility for horror of his leadership.

    May God not allow Buhari to be corrupted or distracted by these wealthy men who have ruined Nigeria. He must confront them all and bring them to account.

    You have no idea how difficult it is to fight a group of internationally well connected crooks n who are Billionaires in every currency. Look at Sakari! Look at Ayeni! Look at Dasuki! Look at all those criminals we call Senators? Do you know what it is to fight these men?

    Buhari needs a mind and heart of steel. He must not bend, compromise or show compassion. God hep him.

    Some hate Buhari more than they love Nigeria. Almighty God will touch your hearts and bring you all back to your senses. When all of you Buhari haters grow old and die it is your children that will be here alive in Nigeria. Your hate for Buhari is not what will feed your children.

    Pray for your President and pray that he changes Nigeria for you, me , Christians, Muslims, Northerners and Southerns. Stop hating!

    • J.Galt

      look at Tinubu, Look at fashola! look at sen. ndume!…

      • J.Galt

        add el-rufai in there too !

        • ig

          You just read an oil fruadulent deals that involves some individuals and you are mentioning Tinubu etc. where they mentioned in the article? or did Fashola in oil deals? My friend you can’t distract Nigerians from knowing the truth so stop fooling yourself like an illetrate

          • BURNING SPEAR


          • ig

            Olishe Matuh why are you trying to divert the subject? They have not indicted Tinubu or OBJ so why are you killing yourself over this? And take note,this topic is not all about Tinubu or OBJ,please learn how to read and make proper comment

          • J.Galt

            sharap there. i know ur type. turn an obvious blind eye to the rot in ur backyard and criticize your neighbour across the street. Please learn to spell before you call someone an illiterate. mumu

        • Segun Abiodun 1

          i completely agree
          El rufia claims he is worth 90 Billion Naira.
          Money stolen directly from the treasury of the FCT.
          Over 40 billion Naira disappeared during the sale of Federal Government Houses in the FCT when he was the FCT minister
          He used Jimmy Lawal a certified crook to siphon this huge amount of Money from the said sale.
          Further El rufia is the largest Single land owner in the FCT. Using all sorts of fraudulent arrangements El rufia holds thousands of hectares of prime FCT land. Most of them are held by proxy.
          The thief also owns vast estates in the FCT. This was done using the Abuja property development company as his own private enterprise. Indeed that office was only staffed by El rufia’s direct relatives.
          Anybody who would like to investigate el rufia must start with his uncle – Idi Othman.
          Nasir is a brilliant thief . Everyone should cast their memory to the time he was at BPE.
          This fellow through fraudulent arrangements sold Nitel to pentascope – remember
          He also managed to get shares in most of the public assets sold.
          He currently owns huge shares in Onado. His strategy was to work with people who guaranteed his interest before a sale was made to the interested party.
          People should not forget other corrupt arrangements that el rufia was involved in
          Remember that he bought the Vice Presidents guest house at a time he was handling the sale of Federal Government houses in the FCT
          He also allocated land to every member of his family at the time. Even his 2 year old son at that time got land allocated to him.
          In summary El Rufia is one of the biggest criminals that we have in Nigeria today.
          If Buhari does nothing about this thief who has managed to steal 90 billion Naira of taxpayer money then we would know that his entire corruption drive is both selective and fraudulent . Directed at only at his political opponents.
          He is a master of using the courts to hid his criminal activity.
          This Fulani is a certified crook.

    • MwaMba5

      You are wise!

  • dovieuwejeya

    I don’t believe this report. We all know that the refineries have not been giving Nigeria any refined products hence the recourse to importation and the regime of subsidies that have cost the treasury countless trillions of Naira.So where did the crude go to?Are you saying they took both the crude and supposed refined products?And also took money for security when all the time militants did not allow crude to be delivered to the refineries?I must be living in another planet.

    • Dazmillion

      Yes they did

    • ig

      Point of correction, if you said the militant never allowed crude to be delivered, then why did Jonathan award pipeline security contracts worth billions to those crooks and still went ahead using vessels to deliver crude with extra security contract running billions of dollars just for escorting those vessels. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN THIS COUNTRY? CAN SOMEBODY TELL ME ,I HOPE I DON’T BREAK MY COMPUTER READING ALL THIS FRAUDULENT NEWS

  • Dazmillion

    Jonathan is a criminal, pure and simple

  • Gerald Okoduwa

    Instead of N5.97 per barrel, N3,063.00 per barrel was used to transport five million barrels of crude oil to the refineries every month! Were we locally refining five million barrels per month? If so, why were we still importing fuel with a subsidy of one trillion naira every year during the same period? The mere fact that five GMDs were sacked at NNPC during the five-year period while one minister presided over all the deals in an unbroken tenure has already indicted former President Jonathan and Allison-Madueke as hand-in-hand culprits in this obvious loot. This is incredibly scandalous. These four culprits do not deserve to walk free in our land. They must be made to return the loot and spend the rest of their lives in jail.

    • ig

      Sorry you did’t mentioned the oil pipeline security awarded and why did they award those contracts they when knew oil was not going to pump through those pipelines. my God this Nigeria is dead

  • djay

    Little wonder Mr Ayeni donated 2 billion USD though I wasn’t surprised.

    • J.Galt

      2 billion NAIRA not dollars you bloody illiterate!

  • Romberg

    Every news about Nigeria is about theft, greed and suspicion. No wonder the country is rated as the worst place to be born and to give birth, the worst place to be raised, the very worst place to be educated, the worst place to do business and the worst place to die and the buried.

    What a shame!

  • ig

    Jesus christ.

    • Tunsj

      You are right. Jesus Christ.

  • Tunsj

    Excellent reporting as usual. I have said it many times that Premium Times is the best in Investigative Journalism and no other newspaper in Nigeria can come close. These rogues have destroyed Nigeria and they have to pay for it. I’m waiting for Jonathan’s supporters and the trolls to dispute this.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      This is just one reason, but more than big enough, for me to supportthe call for the death sentence to be handed to these treasury looters.

      Not a single one of them should be spared.

      • Tunsj

        I couldn’t agree more. President Buhari MUST go after them. Have a great week my brother.

    • Peter_Edo

      Captain Hosa spent $1million for his daughters wedding in Benin , then spent $5mill for the same wedding in london. No wonder he could afford it as he was making about $1 mill per day on this deal.

  • ig

    I said it, Jonathan is nothing but an evil. I could see the way he increased petrol from 65n to 120n later 97n without considering the poor masses. This guy is worse than that devil we all know in the bible

  • Gbadebo Olayinka

    Well am not surprise anyway if this is true then the antigraft agency should swing into action,more so the media has to be careful weigh the way they channelled their message Jonathan’s name was not directly tagged to this allegation but rather it was presume to have happened under his watch which is different from the acclaimed that Jonathan was involved in oil theft,I pray the media will not scatter this country

    • ig

      Bros nothing happens in your house without you knowing. You are the head of the house and you know when light goes off

    • paull philly

      gbadebo, if you read carefully and intelligently you would have seen that they said there was no single public bidding regards the said contract for others to compete.
      you also read it was a selective bidding, which is against the procurement act, in Nigerian law. and for your information such kind of contract cant be executed in that region without no backing from presidency. so wake up and shine your eyes. all this is not new to some of us who work around the government corridor. we knew such things happens. so is not new. baba buhari should just make sure he get them to refund this $Billions of dollars back to the government purse. that’s all am after, if not hummmmm. make I no talk

      • Gbadebo Olayinka

        Yeah though its interesting to know there are more to these than what we hear or read but we really need to be careful on how we criminalise the man called Jonathan not undermining the fact several spells and delvishbacts had been construed by some biggotsbwho have led us in time past and are still alive today,these are the men who control the president not what you guys fink abeg

        • paull philly

          Is a free world. Mr man. You can believe what you want to believe. After investigation and all the probe every one will see the truth

  • Peter

    Premium Tmes at it again. What makes the deal fraudulent when, for example, your investigation was able to determine the cost but cannot determine the quantum of services for which you arrived at the total cost of N509.3 billion. Gossip journalism, if I may call it.

  • J.Galt

    Where in this report is President GEJ culpability in these contracts proved???

  • Bigzy

    I am always weary when Nigerians start making estimates because it is like Abrakadabra. Before you know it, they are talking trillions. This is journalism at its worse. There is no evidence of irregularity or culpability for that matter.

  • Kitunde

    I am still stunned…in a state of shock. can people really steal this much? How much can you eat?? (i mean Literally)


    Tell us about OBJ, Abdulsalam, IBB, Buhari, Atiku, Late Rilwani Lukman, Sanusi Lamiso Sanusi version of their stealing. Why are people after Jonathan. Jonathan is not the only thief we have in Nigeria. 85% Nigeria stole monies is in the hand of Northerners. Jonathan is the owner of the oil. Very soon Nigerians will see the oil again.

    If it were the Northerners that owns the oil, Nobody from the South will smell one gallon. Please allow Jonathan to have peace. We have a lot of thieves in Nigeria that steal more than Jonathan as you people say.

    • Akiika

      You need psychological evaluation! Does it matter what tribe the thief comes from?…are you really concerned about what people have been denied because of these large scale corruption? Come on guys, stop displaying this crass stupidity! Were you cursed with Jonathan?

    • amazing2012

      Allow thief to have peace ?

  • Chris1408

    These guys are worse than animals. Their quest for wealth is unparalleled. They need to be treated like animals in the wild.

  • Chidozie

    Wow!! I supported GEJ but boy… this guy dealt with Nigeria for sure. What’s more surprising though is that the criminals are all of yoruba/edo/bayelsa origin, yet Ibos are blamed for GEJ’s profligacy. Now we know the real criminals

    • Akiika

      wow! there must be tribal twist to it! you do well.

    • kamal

      Not all igbos are corrupt n not all igbos joined in the band wagon of the thieves, but most igbos have sympathy for d corrupt govt of d lunatic. Dats y d r caught in d middle of d cross fire.

    • PolyGon2013

      Ibos were smart enough to cover their tracks. As you can see, did you read about any Yorba defending them? If an ibo is mentioned now, you all will be crying that it is igbo hatred. You ibos support impunity, once it your own people that is involved.

      • Chidozie

        …just speaking the truth. No matter how uncomfortable it may be. Just me… sorry



  • bib

    That is PDPignomics for you. Self first! Self second! Self third! Then you may consider the people!

  • amazing2012

    Shame to christian lead government !

    • Malik Isah

      your comment is very irresponsible – who said anything about a christian led govt here.

      • amazing2012

        It is observed for the past 8 years whenever a Muslim commit an offense that have nothing to do with his faith, the Christians will associate the crime directly with his/her religion and keep insulting the religion and all those that were associated to it.
        Whenever a Christian commit crime, Christians will deny him and level him as agonistic, lunatic, sick and all sorts of names, technically trying to exonerate their faiths. But when a Muslim commits the same crime is regarded to be teaching of his religion.
        Christians believed that it is only by hiding their shameful acts/ truth, telling lies and blackmailing other religions that their faith will grow. As such Christians never mind to have all sinners as members, they go after quantity not quality. Islam go after quality/practice not large quantity of members (sinners).
        Christians never mind to find out truth on anything provided it goes in line with their collective mindset !
        To be fair and just, for equality and equity any crime committed by any Christian will equally be associated to his or her faith.
        So far I was able to sin/crime committed by the two faiths at the ratio of 7/3 with Muslims having the lowest number 3 !!

        • kamal

          Am not down wit ur comments, there r good christains dat do not go with d doctrines u mentioned. GEJ’s leadership foolishness has nothing to do with his faith. He is just a myopic senseless and clueless thief.

          • Malik Isah

            Thanks kamal

        • Malik Isah

          Amazing 2012, Your idea of justice is not the same as that of prophet Muhammad Saw. Why would yu want to behave like them, what about showing good example ad a way of positive response?

          • amazing2012

            Ok I see please kindly tell me how justice stand in Islam especially in regard to what I just said above.

          • Malik Isah

            if you are a Muslim, i will assume that you should have read the Hadith and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad SAW to know and copy his ways of dealing with such issues. believe you me, he suffered more than these insults in the hands of the unbelievers and he responded with goodness only. he never descended to their low level.

          • amazing2012

            Give me a reference or shut up !

          • Malik Isah

            Shut up? Did I read you right? And you are a Muslim? It is people like you that give us bad names, once again go and read the sunnah and hadith of Prophet Muhammad SAW. It is your duty to read and learn for proper guidance. A rightly guided Muslim will follow the footsteps of Raul Allah SAW. YOU can only be guided when you have knowledge

          • amazing2012

            Bad name ? So you think there is anything you can do to make Christians see good in you ! You have been deceived !
            “Walan tardha ankal yahudu wa lan Nasara hattatta bi’a millatahu ”
            I need quotes not non point conviction.

          • Malik Isah

            Another mistake yu are writing for the public next time you translate. That is what most of yu do ignorantly. The Prophet SAW did not do anything for anyone to like him , he simply did what is right. Leave your ego and preconceived ideas and go and learn more about Islam. One is required to do only what is right at all times

          • amazing2012

            It is not a mistake but deliberate to confirm how ignorant you are. I refused to translate and give the reference for you to prove you know it or not.
            Gradually you are becoming vanguard to sinners and unfaithfulness and you will wake up with those you protect and pretend to love.

          • Malik Isah

            Oh, we are competing now on who can translate, more reason to refer you to your books. You are one of those who think recitation of verses is for show
            You are too ignorant to know that even if I do not know what you have written all I need do is copy and paste on Google. You are centuries behind brother. Pls check it out yourself .

    • PolyGon2013

      It has nothing to do WI Christianity.

  • Akiika

    I don’t want to hear it, if they cannot be prosecuted, then STFU!
    I am tired of reading fraud in the media that the authority don’t have the effrontery to make arrest.

  • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

    If these allegations are proven to be true, then we do not see this as corruption or stealing. This is pure imbecility at the highest level! A thief and corrupt individual will only embark on an operation if he feels there’s a chance he can get away with it! This is like a burglar that broke into a house to steal. After seeing all the precious things in the house, he changes his mind and decides he will steal the whole house itself!

    What possessed them to think they can get away with this? Granted they must have felt investing a fraction of the loot into Jonathan’s re-election efforts will get him re-elected, but even then……how do they intend to make this disappear?
    He would have only been able to hold back the investigations for another four years. After then, what?

    Anyways, Metuh did say they were experts at transferring wealth from the public to private pockets! Obviously, they neglected the second and more crucial part of their supposed expertise- getting away with the loot!

    May God help us!

  • Sam

    Another media hatchet job. Only the gullible and unintelligent will swallow this. The sponsors want a piece of the action, but do not have the requisite capacity to compete. You cannot use the media to drive these guys off their sweat. Using your closeness to achieve business advantage within the ambit of the law is not a crime. All over the world business men benefit when a friendly party is in power. Please show me the crime in this so called investigative report that bandies figures without letting us know what it cost to run a VLCC daily using international standards. Premium my foot.

  • Guguru

    This is an excellent report with many many fine details. They even used satellite imagery to confirm their claims. Jonathan wa essentially the king of thieves. There is no other credible way to describe his leadership.

    • Fuzio

      Take them to court and get a conviction. That is what responsible governments do instead of trying them on the pages of pro-government newspapers.

      • PolyGon2013

        That is the plan. They the public to know before we take them to court. And if any of them is found guilty, we will put them in jail.

        • Guguru


          Well said.

      • tundemash

        Premium Times to take them to court or what exactly are u talking about ?
        DId NNPC or govt. tak to PremiumTimes? is this not an investigation by PremimTimes on its own ?
        Once a jonathanian, always clueless..

  • Fuzio

    Take them to court and get a conviction. Trying them on the pages of pro-government newspaper is pure propaganda and amount to blackmail.

    • tundemash

      Premium Times to take them to court or what exactly are u talking about ?
      DId NNPC or govt. tak to PremiumTimes? is this not an investigation by PremimTimes on its own ?
      Once a jonathanian, always clueless.

      • Big Apple

        You are a dumbo.

        • tundemash

          Mor0n .. just explain to us how PT is supposed to take them to court.


    Buhari’s Aide, Femi Adesina says:
    1. FGN is already talking to Boko Haram yet
    2. FGN needs to be sure they are the real Boko Haram yet
    3. FGN has already rejected the Boko Haram’s Offer of “Exchange the Bomber for Chibok Girls”

    What is the relationship between this government and lying? Nigerians deserve better. JUST LIES– LIES– ALL DESIGNED TO DECEIVE GULLIBLE Nigerians–BUHARI WOULD SOON ENTER THE GUINNESS BOOK PF RECORD AS THE BIGGEST LAIR IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE

    • ig

      But not as worse as PDP

    • Big Apple

      Thanks for this post..


    mt igbenosa, mt african beauty , mt crete, ran the deal till 2015-09-04


    The troubling revelation about the sharing of oil blocks among a few in Nigeria came to public notice recently. It is not that the news item is not already in the public place, but the issue is that no one has ever openly identified all the people involved, the oil blocks they got, some of the revenues being generated, and spread of the ownership among the geographical regions of the nation the way Senator Ita Enang did. The people’s oil blocks are in the hands of the following:

    Umaru Yar’Ardua, late former president
    Atiku Abubakar, former vice president
    Theophilus Yakubu Danjuma, former Minister of Defence
    Ado Bayero, Emir of Kano
    Rilwan Lukman, former Petroleum Minister
    Alhaji Aminu Dantata
    Col Sani Bello
    Alhaji Indimi
    Alhaji Mai Deribe
    Mallam Sanusi Lamido
    Alhaji Saleh Gambo, former Inspector General of Police
    Mr. Emeka Offor
    Mr. Mike Adenuga
    Mr. Yinka Folawiyo

    Unfortunately, Senator Enang and his co-travelers from the South are more concerned about the tilting of ownership in favour of the North than about far more troubling and pertinent issues such as the process of allocation and how these few men got what belonged to the people and the nation. How did these few people who have the oil blocks got them? Did they bid for the oil blocks? Was there an open tender? How is it possible for individuals to get an oil block belong to the people of Nigeria, resources that are held in trust on their behalf by the government without due process, without ensuring that the interests of the people are well protected and that it is the people who rip the benefits of the resources? The Land Use Decree (LUD)vested the ownership of lands rich in mineral and natural resources in the federal government and the government control and manage these resources on behalf of the people, in trust. Since LUD allows the federal government to take away any land where natural resources are found and exploit it for the total and full benefits of the nation and its people, it becomes a criminal offence, a failure in fiduciary duties for anyone in government to give out the resource-rich land to any individual without due process, such as an open bid. The government then has a duty to ensure that the state secure the maximum benefits possible from the bid and protect the interests of the state and the people.

    • kamal

      Lunatic, as usual. Olodo

    • ig

      Why trying to divert the current topic Mr Olishe Matuh?

      • anwari

        Cant yoy guess? It’ because his god jonathan has been been further disgraced.

        • ig


  • Etomi

    I am intrigued by the determination to destroy GEJ in the media…

    But I am worried that APC’s governorship flag-bearers in Bayelsa and Kogi States, Tinipre Sylva and Prince Audud are accused persons still standing trial for stealing billions of naira belonging to their states…

    If Buhari is really sincere with his much touted anti-corruption campaign, the likes of Sylva and Audu ought nt to be his party’s candidates for the forth-coming governorship elections in those states….

    • ig

      Sorry my friend Buhari is not the one giving governorship ticket and beside if you have strong evidence against them quickly rush to the efcc for their arrest immediately because that money belongs to Nigerians not for them

      • share Idea

        does he need to supply new evidence when they are already standing trials?

      • Etomi

        Ok granted it is his party APC that gives the governorship ticket or flag to the aspirants, I’d actually thought that Buhari is the leader of his party…and his so-called body-language would also impact the party.

        I also learned that what hitherto had delayed his appointment of ministers is that the old man has been traversing the length and breath of Nigeria shopping for angelic Nigerians to fill the post of ministers in his government…

        I also learned that Prince Audu has promised his state that should he be elected governor, he would return the over N12 billion he admittedly stole from the state….

        I don’t have to furnish EFCC with any evidence, before the agency would live up to its statutory responsibility of ensuring that persons of shady character are not foisted on the country yet again and by a party touting it was out to send the corrupt to jail….

        Anyway Buhari’s enthusiast would never cease to make excuses for him!!

  • Onike24

    Does this mean, these people “diverted” the crude, and then got the nigerian people to pay them for it? I am in complete shock!

  • international games

    Nonsense. Obasanjo was Oil minister for 8 Years. You people did not find one missing barrel of oil. Abi? No wonder Al Jazeera said Nigerian journalists are for hire. These journalists will never find anything wrong with Tinubu, Fashola, or Obasanjo for corruption. We all know what all three have in common.

    • PolyGon2013

      Create your own news outlets and them write about OBJ or whoever you like.

      • ig


    • ig

      Please kindly answer this questions correctly,when OBJ was there,

      (1) How much was a liter of petrol and how much was it under Jonathan?
      (2) How much was our foreign reserved and how much was it under Jonathan?
      (3) How much was our excess crude account?
      (4) How much did we owe world bank and how much was deficit own under Jonathan.

      If you can give appropriate answer and break down compared to your so called thief ex president Jonathan regime then people will stop criticizing his regime. Stop being foolish,Nigerians are no more dump like you think

    • Big Apple

      Nice post bro.

  • TKBaba

    Jonathan should be re-elected for another 4 years in office.

    Vanity upon vanity…

  • friends today enemies tomorrow

    Nigerian Military claims of success over Boko Haram must be viewed with caution if not skepticism – US Diplomat

    Folks, the so many lies of Buhari’s administration stink to the highest heaven

    The International Community does not take Nigeria seriously anymore

    Former US Ambassador to Nigeria, John Campbell, has said that talks of victories by Nigerian troops against Boko Haram, must be taken with caution, even skepticism, especially with the difficulty in accessing the conflict zone by the media and members of the diplomatic community.

    The diplomat noted also that in response to military action, the sect has displayed an ability to evolve new strategies of warfare such as using young girls as suicide bombers.

    “The credibility of security service statements is not high. It is hard to confirm the Nigerian military’s claims of success as it is difficult for foreigners, including the diplomatic community and the media, to access the areas where Boko Haram traditionally operates in Nigeria,” Campbell stated.

    Campbel observed that the military had in the past made exaggerated claims about its victories over the insurgency group.

    “Military claims of success must be viewed with caution if not skepticism. Throughout the struggle between Boko Haram and the Nigerian state, beginning with the former’s re-emergence in 2011, security service spokesmen have made exaggerated claims of success.”

    Recently, the military said several members of the sect have surrendered but Campbell, writing in the blog Africa in Transition, said the recent bomb attack at the Malkohi internally displaced persons camp in Yola, Adamaw state, showed that Boko Haram still poses serious security risk, despite its inability to take control of any territory again.

    “Military spokesmen claim that large numbers of Boko Haram operatives are surrendering. They also cite military capture of Boko Haram arms, food, and even narcotics. On the other hand, Boko Haram terrorism continues, as documented by the Council on Foreign Relations’ Nigeria Security Tracker,” the former ambassador wrote.

    Since President Muhammadu Buhari gave a marching order to service chiefs to end Boko Haram in three months, the military has frequently churned out statements of victories recorded against the group and the only information available even to the media comes from the defense spokespersons, with no way of verifying such claims.

    • Buhari4Ever

      Deri Orbuka, the article is about fraud in the oil sector perpetrated by GEJ and his concubine Diezani. Address the issues raised in the article and stop your usual rubbish of unnecessary distraction

      • Big Apple

        What distraction? Your Buhari is the greatest distractor.

  • PolyGon2013

    Jail all of them. CHANGE has come.

    • let buhari confess his sins

      to Katsina state abi—Buhari should be sent to prison he is a thief

  • Public Inquiry

    Premium Times Editor:

    Query For President Buhari:

    Please answer this one question. This fraud went on from the year 2010, right?
    It was assisted by President Jonathan and Dizeani Allison-Madueke, right again?
    Now, the NNPC spokesman says here that at no time did NNPC have contract details.
    So, NNPC paid ₦ 6.7 billion monthly to a shipper without any signed obligation to do so.
    And further a co-joined service firm got a tranche totalling ₦15.3 billion monthly, right?
    Yet, Nigerians believe there was a government in Nigeria between the years 2010-2015?
    That said, why did this fraud survive a further three months counting from May 29th, 2015?
    Has Buhari answered that query for slumbering whilst ₦45b was then stolen under his watch?

    • Kole E. Onitiri


    • Ade

      Buhari never say no one can still under his administration but he promised that such thief will always be exposed and bring to book. Gone are the days that the stealing would be perpetrated and sweep under the carpet. By the time Buhari finishes his four years, people, including you, apologist of corrupt leaders, will think more than twice before you steal people’s money.

      • burning spear

        buhari himself is a thief—a hardcore rogue–forget about these fake news stories——-how can Nigerians trust a man who collected money from Amaechi? Lied about owning a house in Abuja–Again and Again lied about having only one million Naira in his account now it has grown to 30m—–only a mad man will trust Buhari–who are the owners of the oil blocks in Nigeria–if Jonathan wanted to make money–is it via the use of oil vessels to steal money—the new Inka Ibo man in charge of NNPC is a mental case–a 419ner— of the highest order like Buhari

        • Big Apple

          Thanks for this post bro.


    The real people stealing Nigeria blind have never being Igbos,yes that is absolutely true yet they paint us in bad colours and marginalise us.

    • Ola

      You Igbo painted yourselves in bad colors and marginalized yourselves by your ethnic chauvinism and tribalism that cover your sense of good reasoning.


        The real issue is that the discrimination will ultimately disrupt your own life because there is no justification for such unwritten policy

        • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

          ……this is precisely the type of ill-will and bad wishes your mind engages in which pushes you to continue marginalizing yourselves.

          You want others lives to be disrupted so you will not participate in anything that has a chance of making things better.

          Because you will not participate in making things better, you feel marginalized when things happen without you.

          Because you feel marginalized that things are happening without your participation, you wish even harder that others lives are disrupted…….and the whole self defeating circle repeats itself continuously, each time concentrating its negative effects on no one but yourselves!

          The funny thing is that for such an industrious people, you can not see what you are doing to yourselves. You blame everyone and everything but yourselves!

    • sam

      Why don’t you stop putting tribal sentiment in all your comments.


        Because we are at the receiving end of an unwritten policy of marginalisation and institutional discrimination……to us on the east side,it is a major issue !!

        • Dan Arewa

          May be you are the only of the three major ethnic groups who couldn’t play real and decisive roles in politics. Just look back few months ago. May be it is because your common goal remain the same …. ‘BIAFRA’ which happened to be the biggest disappointment of yours since independence. It also seems to me that your clock handle is going counterclockwise, but, you already got drowned in the swamp of hatred which blocks your senses from realizing things.


            We happen to be more progressive than those who have held on to political power for decades.

          • FEMI OWOEYE

            So what’s your point then? People like you create hatred for the entire tribe called Igbo. Lots of downtrodden Igbos, Hausas, Yorubas, Niger-Deltans and more remain under bondage of political wolves, because of foot soldiers like you. Unfortunately, you succeed in setting the rest of the country against that single tribe over the deeds of few oily fingers like you. I’ve come across a number of quite decent and civilized Igbo indigene in Nigeria and Europe. I was recently defrauded by an Igbo tyre seller in Lagos. But I know better.
            My Igbo friend in Europe as well as Victor and others, who were my mates in Unilag in the late 80s won’t do such a thing. There are many 419 Yorubas in Ekiti State, Oyo State and Lagos. From my experience, the Hausa-Fulanis are more trust-worthy. Certain Asians are as bad. There was a white Briton, who nicked £1 from thousands of bank accounts for about ten years before he was caught. This thing is universal. A white British driver, who was supposed to drive a van full of goods to the port for export to Nigeria opened the van on the way, stole 50 inch flat screen tv, changed the lock and the crime was not discovered until it reached custom in Lagos. See?
            What point am I making? We are Nigerians. Political thieves, including few who have been beating drum of Biafra WAR on behalf of majority of Ibos, who they have looted since independence, have succeeded in slicing dividing knife through Nigeria. And some are stupidly falling for it.
            There should really be no war between tribes in Nigeria. Instead, the war should be between majority of Nigerians, notwithstanding tribe and religion, against the few looters, who sometime present themselves as saints and heroes, Obasanjo for instance. Think about this? Mr. Incommunicado.
            You claim to be successful. Many Igbos are not! What you benefited from the last 16 years of FG government did not reach majority of Igbos, and other tribes. I believe the likes of you are being paid by your masters to do this anti-Igbo propaganda. But, write this down: “By this time next year, 2016, every sane Nigerian would have known whether there has been positive change or not. And if it’s all media hype, as being insinuated now, of course APC government and Buhari would be voted out for a neutral political party, which will definitely not PDP. Nigerian youths are getting wiser. It’s internet age. There is a limit at which any ruler can deceive Nigerians now, after that 16 years in darkness. Take it or leave it.


            Your useless tutorial is completely off point. The Arewa Mallam above tried to talk down my people and I refused to stay down…you are so biased that you ignored his comment but chose to jump on me,next time be more even handed in your comments.

            I wish to emphatically state that the SE on a collective basis is beating the AREWA in all developmental indices today despite the usurpation of political power through coups and other wise for the last half century, I have no apologies to offer .

          • FEMI OWOEYE

            But your statements are full of : “Marginalise US”. You and who? What about millions of Nigerians, who suffer misrule in other tribes, including Hausas? Go and read Nigerian pre-independence history. You’ll know that East and West got self-rule status before 1960. North did not, because they didn’t want it. It was your two selfish leaders, Azikiwe and Awolowo, who pressurized the North to join Nigeria, hoping to use them to win elections and rule Nigeria, which they never achieved. Unfortunately for them, North won majority in the election and, in accordance with British system of government, majority forms the government, which was while Tafawa Balewa became Prime Minister. That was the origin of all these problems. We have been ruled by the same set of people and their followers, who have stayed in power by recycling themselves since independence. What I’m saying is that you should delete off your mind this virus-infested statement: “They marginalize us”. That’s not true, if “us” means only Igbo. Majority of Nigerians suffer from misrule. Stop piling the blames on Hausa-Fulani. The battle can only be won, when we all identify our common enemy, not continuously allowing the wicked to push one tribe against the other. All of us, I mean over 160 million Nigerians, have few common enemies, whose population is not up to One million. The same enemies pitched common Nigerians against others, leading to Biafra war. And you still dance to the tune of the same evil drummers? If you are not one of them or agent, stop preaching tribal hatred. My message is simple. And the wise understands it.

      • Tunsj

        He won’t. He loves injecting tribal sentiment in everything.

  • burning spear

    El Rufai shuts down 2 churches, Seminary, church hospital – Vanguard Newspapers, September 16, 2015

    Governor Nasir El Rufai of Kaduna State has orderd the immediate closure of two churches, a seminary and a church-owned hospitals and secondary school all in Saminaka, Lere Local Government Area of Kaduna State.

    He said the closure was to avoid the eruption of violence among factions of the congregations whose leaderships’ positions he described as, “principally to preserve their personal interests with little concern for the common good, and the peace and security of Kaduna State”.

    A statement on behalf of the governor sign by his spokesman, Samuel Aruwan Wednesday in Kaduna named the affected bodies as: Theological Seminary of Northern Nigeria, (TSNN), Shalom Comprehensive College, Assemblies of God Church, AGC, Nmbare all in Saminaka. The rest are: Assemblies of God Church (Jerusalem) and AGC Evangelist Hospital, also in Saminaka:

    • Joel

      Nobody will fall into your antics. Go ahead!

      • Newsbreak

        Facts & Figures

        “Nigeria’s foreign exchange reserves have fallen by $940 million (N185 billion),

        a 2.97% from what was obtainable in August, the Central Bank has confirmed.

        The reserves now stand at $30.69 billion – a short fall from $31.63 billion on the

        figures from a month earlier – and 22.42 percent less than it was in September 2014.”

        …..The Cable

        • Big Apple

          What happened, why is it falling again under Mr integrity after too much mouth of blocking leakages by his effort according yeye central bank governor who is afraid to do his job under Buhari. Very soon now, South Africa will overtake us again as Africas largest economy. JP Morgan just recently removed Nigerias bond from their emerging market bond indexes. That is what you get when you elect a meat-head President with fake school certificate and F in maths in that certificate.

    • Mosaku 147

      We have passed there please.Next?

  • Timothy Adubi


    This noise is too much O. Haba! Everyday is one thief or the other.
    The best thing now is to stop the noise, arrest Goodluck Jonathan,
    arrest Dizeani Madueke, arrest Adoke Mohammed, and then, arrest
    Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala together with Raji Babatunde Fashola in Lagos.
    These five [5] criminals can account for 50% of Nigeria’s stolen money.

    • Big Apple

      Dumb head

      • Mosaku 147

        If he mentioned Fashola alone,he would have been a wise head to you. Oponu ode.

  • i-priest

    Mrs Ngozi Nkonjo-Iweala, who read Town Planning, a mere branch of Geography, started stealing, with her brothers and relatives, way back since OBJ days. She laundered so much money, and being Igbo, escaped OBJ’s eagle eye for so long until OBJ caught her and her brother in a hyperinflated contract of over US $40 million, then sacked her.

    Dumbo Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan, who is married to an Igbo woman named Dame Patience, to spite OBJ who singlehandedly made him the president of the Republic, quickly re-employed her. It was in this 2nd Thieving Missionary Journey that Nkonjo-Iweala, aka Wahala, now sat down with the biggest pots and biggest spoons to gorge herself FAT, WITH EYES PROTRUDING, inviting her surgeon doctor and accursed children to dine on the commonwealth’s billions and trillions.

    When they could no longer bear the pricking of their collective concience, they then decided to build an accursed hospital, more expensive than The King Fahd’s Hospital of Saudi Arabia, in Abuja, with the most expensive medical equipment the world has seen, where her surgeon husband and son would be the PERPETUAL MEDICAL DIRECTORS, the only problem is IF YOU LOVE YOUR LIFE AND THE LIVES OF YOUR LOVED ONES, DO NOT GO THERE FOR TREATMENT: THEY HAVE MADE COVENANT WITH SATAN TO GIVE LIVES OF CERTAIN PERCENTAGE OF THEIR RICH PATIENTS AS RITUAL SACRIFICES TO CONTINUALLY OIL THE WHEELS OF THEIR CORRUPTED MONEY AND SO THEY COULD LIVE EVEN LONGER ALSO ON THE BLOOD OF MORE NIGERIANS.



    ALLELUIA ! !

    • tutu


      • Pause

        hahaha….best response….

    • Mosaku 147


    • Segun Abiodun 1

      How do you know Okonjo Iweala’s husband has made a pact with Satan?
      Are you a member of the cult that he belongs to?
      You also seem to suffer from inferiority complex
      Okonjo Iweala read town Planning and so what?
      What did the brain dead Buhari study? What university did he attend- the Fulani University at Daura – ha ha ha
      What degree did he earn BSC in cattle rearing- ha ha ha lol
      What did you read?
      Almajari studies – ha ha ha lol
      Illiterates casting aspersions on well read individuals.
      Okonjo Iweala holds a Bachelors degree in Economics from Harvard University a Masters degree and PHD in Economics from MIT. Two of the best Universities in the world. So eat your heart out.
      You would never measure up to this woman educationally.
      NOI is one of two Nigerians to receive an honorary doctorate degree from the famous Yale University.
      What honorary degree does your illiterate father have?
      Ha ha ha ha lol
      Certainly Okonjo Iweala is not an El Rufia who offers a blood sacrifice of a family member to the devil every year to remain in power. Neither is she an Oby Ezekwasili who is ever ready to sell her body to ex- presidents in order to remain relevant in the political space.
      Ha ha ha ha lol
      I also wonder why you have not filed a petition to the EFCC about NOIs corrupt activities since you know so much. You should be a good citizen and provide them evidence of her corrupt activities so that she can be arrested Immediately and charged to court.
      If you fail to do so then what it means is that you are either fabricating all these stories or that you are a pathological liar who is not redeemable.
      Certainly you are the One who’s entire clan would die suddenly.
      My advice to your lazy ass is to get an education and be gainfully employed.
      Your envy would take you no where.



  • Jaja

    President Jonathan named! And so what? So was that useless MKO Abiola who was named with Obasvnjo in the ITT fraud that pioneered 7 digit corruption in Nigeria. So was Thiiiief Obasanjo named in the Haliburton bribery scandal…and so was Thiiief Badamosi Babangida named in the gulf war oil scandal wherein $12.7b disappeared with no trace…and so was ‘saint’ Bokohari named in the notorious N2b suitcase fraud. People wey go die by hanging plenty no be small.

    No wonder, my friend Fela sang the song:
    “Which president we get him never steal?” …”Dem go hold president Shagari, dem say president Shagari him steal, shebi na Shagari alone dem go hold, what about the other presidents?…”

    A country where someone like a below mediocre and an academic inferior like Bokohari emerges as president is doomed. Incompetence for sale. But the Oloyes believe in miracles. Nonsense!

    • Big Apple

      Thanks for this post bro.

      • Alex

        But he is doing far better than your dumbo Jumbo who had no guts to give mere instructions. Now we see the emergence of Treasury Singgle Account, TSA to end in sight for Boko Haram, etc.

    • visionary.

      I assume you went to school. Why is your sentence construction upside down.

  • dudu

    Premium Times I say well done for this investigative journalism.

    • share Idea

      I thought PT said before now that PH and Warri refineries were not working before Buhari came on board, why then is this media drama of transporting crude to a non working refinery. Please come up with another lie. Nigeria we hail thee

      • dudu

        I don’t even know where to start from in responding to your post. But let me just say that you must be a criminal to defend this indefensible heist and I truly hope that your sponsors if they are not nailed to the cross, be kept behind bars for a long time to serve as a deterrence to others and to restore Nigeria’s integrity before the comity of nations.

        • share Idea

          Since 29th of May, I have been waiting for your clueless messiah to charge the supposed looters to court but he likes media conviction.

          I pity your type and your propagandist leader.

          • Pause

            Keep it up, bro. Do b bothered by a Yariba slave or an Islamist.

      • Big Apple

        Thanks for this insight. PMB and his APC advisers especially Gov Adam Shiomole are gradually failing. Intelligent Nigerians like you and I know that PMB and his APC party seem to be confused and have no other excuse than media lynching GEJ with his former ministers. Shame on them.

        • Mosaku 147

          You would simple have said intelligent mumu’s like @Big Apple and @share idea.

          • Big Apple

            When you can not tell b/w black & white. It clearly shows that you are a Meat-Head. Keep on ranting that will take you to no where. Your hatred for GEJ, the best President Nigeria has ever had will one day stuck in b/w your throat.

      • Saydo Shan

        That is what exposes the fraud the more for U to appreciate. Well, commonsense is not common after all.

  • Latest News

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  • the_adviser

    Crude Oil belongs to Niger Delta. The minerals found in the North belong to the North, Opal, bauxite, gold, lead, silver and other minerals are not reflected in money remitted to federation account.

    • tundemash

      So how does that explain this fraud ?

      • Pause

        zombie….it belongs to his people….one does not defraud himself or herself

        • Dan Arewa

          A typical Naijadelta brain/thinking. A real dumbo. So according to you, even if naijadelta is a country of itself separate from Nigeria, these people have right to loot this money while the remaining population suffers from acute shortage of good drinking water, good roads, good healthcare!

          • Patriotique

            Dan Arewa, it’s not proper to generalise people. Make you point and don’t generalise. God bless Nigeria

        • tundemash

          Dunce …. it belongs to his people and yet those his people have no pipe-borne water to drink nor hospitals to go to while your looting master use same money to go to German hospitals when they cough?

        • Jerry Jacobs

          it means everyday mining goes on in the north yet no remitting is done to the federation acct. is that one not fraud also why
          not make noise about it also? that is the question

  • taiwo

    This looks like…big authority stealing.

  • Libra

    “The cost of this contract is several times higher than it takes to transport crude oil through the more efficient pipelines which PPMC, a subsidiary of the NNPC operates. The cost of transporting a barrel of crude through the pipeline is as low as N5.97”

    Premium Times wishes for Nigerians to believe that the decision to transport crude to refineries with vessels was purely for fraudulent gains. And as such deliberately omitted the very important fact that the continous vandalisation of the pipelines led to the the emergency arrange of using vessels. The NNPC GMD has already spoken extesively about this as a constraint and why NNPC still engages in the practice which invariably leads to the escalation of cost.
    Proper investiagtive journalism bares just the fact and avoid too much sensationalism procured through dubious editorial

    • Saydo Shan

      Let us concede to U that Crude Oil was moved to the refineries by tankers. Were the refineries running under GEJ’S administration? Were they in production? Why do U wan’t to defend outright fraud, outright stealing?

      • Libra

        I am sorry if it came across as a defense for fraud. I do not care really who is being investigated or even prosecuted as long as every action or inaction is measured with the same balance of integrity, fairness and forthrightness.
        This is the bedrock of development. Once we can be sure that what Mr A calls white is actually white and not grey; then we can confidently say QED and face other matters. But in Nigeria I constantly see a lot of half truth and concealment and sensationalism in the press.
        Instead of Just reporting the refusal of NNPC to collaborate the story and going ahead with it nevertheless, PM should have tried to find out why. Since the new leadership of the NNPC has been openly critical of such fraudulent transactions in the past.
        The important need to catch the big thieves does not outweigh the need for a national rebirth on integrity and forthrightness. The latter begets the for or make it easier.

        • Saydo Shan

          I can appreciate where U r coming from.

    • GbemigaO

      U have been told that the refinerie were not working due to repairs and you are writing bullshit !

  • redeem

    Buhari is Fulani Yet Fulani herdsmen killed 9 in Tiv community In Taraba.

    Over 1,100 Nigerians have been slaughtered by Fulani herdsmen and the President has not commiserated with the victims or condemning the Herdsmen as they started the killing spree since he won the election. –

    • Dr.kay

      Relevance of that to the issue at stake? Stop sniffing that stuff it makes your reasoning cloudy and off the mark



  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Senseless story. Next………..

    • Dr.kay

      Omo ale


    I dont know why APC will not concentrate on how they claim they want to move nigeria forward instead of using GEJ who has done so much for NIGERIANS IN HIS OWN WAY to buy time they are talking about fraud they should point one person from APC that is not a fraudster is it senate president , tinubu or PMB himseif Nigerian are not decieve by the game you are trying to play dont use GEJ to buy time

  • ednanweike

    why is APC always looking for how to tarnish the image of our humble and loyal ex president of Nigeria, to me GEJ was the best president we had over time, he ruled in his own way and also tried his best also for Nigeria, I think PMB should face his own government and govern them well without “CORRUPTION” if he can and leave GEJ’s government alone

    • Saydo Shan

      Did u post this after having some heavy doses from a Palm Wine pub under a tree?

    • GbemigaO

      I think you are smoking janjaweed !

  • bela

    for how long will this continue? When will this administration focus on developing the country’s economy? If probing is now the other of the day, let us start from ourselves first as individuals, as a family, as a group and above all, as a party. All the governors who left pdp for apc should start probing themselves before efcc gets to them. former Presidents and governors should do the same. #myopinion.

    • Dr.kay

      Idyot this is part of developing the economy , this mr mumu is the first wave of change , if you not comfortable , do an Andrew and checkout .

    • Kusua

      What’s your point.

  • Ananas_Yolawa

    And these idiots (Jonabomb and his online illiterates) will be shouting “He is not a thief” !


      please if you don’t have anything reasonable to say just shout up your mouth thank you

  • MushinSpeaks

    I think it will be unfair to not have try GEJ…lets put politics aside please…

  • Nicholas Kekei

    Before you know it if those involved are to be tried same Nigerian masses will start shouting victimization, persecution. God wont help Nigerian until we Nigerians decides to help ourselves. shi ke na !

  • Garden-City Boy

    The can be no end to the baseless, vacuous propaganda of the APC Insurgents. They lied their way to the elections, and sticking to their barrages of monumental lies and deceit even after winning the presidency. APC has huge credibility issues that has turned off Nigerians. This bogus, mendacious approach can never win credibility for the JANJAWEED party.

    • Sir Demo

      ” . . . This bogus, mendacious approach can never win credibility for the JANJAWEED party.” Win credibility with who? The wailers? PMB or APC never DO NOT NEED and should not sought Wailers and looters acceptance! The nation has moved on WITHOUT your types, THE MOST UNDESIRABLE EVIL ELEMENTS, enemies of everything good.

    • Festus

      Your so called Janja whatever Party is making progress in Nigeria!! Unless of course, you are blind or deaf and dumb!! Continue to brood over nothing!!


    CONTACT ON WHATSAPP +79626603838 OR CALL 08035775932


    Don’t forget to probe Obasanjo’s Oil land allocations, privatization of Nigeria’s Properties and all the Northern Boys who stole Nigeria Blind and stashed the Money overseas.

  • ojays

    The security agencies should pick up the investigation from here and let the indicted face music.

  • Lawal Sanni

    Buy the 3x (cement) at a promo price of 1100 naira per bag and a bag of
    rice for 4500 naira per bag directly from the factory,Call the sales
    manager (Shehu Abubakar) 0n 08139771767 for purchase and delivery…

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    FGN led by president Muhammadu Buhari must ensure that the former president Ebele Jonathan,his oil minister Diezani Alison Madueke,finance minister Dr Ngozi Okonjo Iweala,Tunde Ayeni and Idahosa Wells all should be held responsible for looting Nigerian nation treasuries,their properties and bank accounts should all be confiscated and seized in order to recover all stolen public funds from them.

  • GbemigaO

    If these people are not arrested and prosecuted for this monumental fraud, we are wasting time fighting corruption in this country. Emergency billionaires just popping up over the country and just because of quick and illegal deals . What a broken country !