EDITORIAL: The Moral Stench of Confirming Musiliu Obanikoro as Minister

It is quite unfortunate that despite the overwhelming public outrage over his alleged key role in the Ekiti election rigging scandal, the Nigerian Senate has gone ahead to approve the appointment of Musiliu Obanikoro for a cabinet post. The approval followed repeated deferment and the protests of a section of the Senate – comprising senators from Mr. Obanikoro’s home state, Lagos, and the opposition All Progressive Congress (APC). 

That nauseating act by the Senate demonstrates a wanton disregard for propriety of conduct in public office and sends out all the wrong signals about the importance of ethical conducts in our country. The upper legislative chamber’s worship at the altar of blind support for unethical conduct by a government minister and party loyalty has dragged it into the stench of moral compromise. The Senate brushed aside our collective sense of indignation as a people, shocked as we have been, by the revelations of the rigging tape that undermines the legitimacy of our political system. 

PREMIUM TIMES considers this inappropriate confirmation of Mr. Obanikoro as, certainly, a tragic moment for parliamentary oversight and democratic accountability in Nigeria of today. It is clear that the Senate has refused to avail itself of global best practices in legislative ethics and morality. Our previously expressed consternation at the President’s recklessness in proposing Mr. Obanikoro as minister at such an inauspicious period and horror at the Senate’s willingness to  consider the nomination have been now been confirmed to be right. 

In clearing Senator Obanikoro – in line with the esprit de corps that prevents him from being grilled over his alleged transgression as a public official – some of our lawmakers have proven themselves, again, as largely constituting the greatest hazard to the entrenchment of an accountable democratic culture in Nigeria. 

The government’s refusal to investigate and prosecute the claim of official misconduct proffered against Mr. Obanikoro and the confirmed travesty of the Senate can be seen to confirm a tradition of government in which it feels no accountability or obligation to the people. The Senate and the President, who proposed the appointment of Mr. Obanikoro are telling Nigerians that they have no fear of consequences for their action. Their attitude, sadly, is that “hell will not fall” no matter how badly the people are violated. 

PREMIUM TIMES condemns in the strongest possible terms the Presidency and the Senate for taking their penchant for impunity a step too far. This act clearly exhibits a tacit support for criminality. The moral stench oozing out of these willful actions – involving the deplorable shielding of a crime suspect and grand conspiracy at rewarding a government agent with impunity – is bound to consume the leadership of the Senate for its invidious role in the debacle. Mr. Obanikoro has become a minister with an ethical albatross on his neck. President Goodluck Jonathan is the puppeteer in the entire charade; and his government welcomes one more person lacking in integrity and character.

A patriotic government of men and women of unassailable integrity would have acted otherwise by instituting a hearing into the Ekiti election rigging affair and addressing the public’s concern without attempting to promote impunity. However, this is another manifestation of the pervasive absurdities permeating our national landscape and defining public life. Surely, this ought not to be one of the manifest habits of the legislature, which should be a bulwark against the routine degradation of the Nigerian experience. Our lawless and shameless lawmakers have failed the country once again, and there is no doubt that they will remain on the wrong side of history for a long time.


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  • Jerry Marok

    GEJ’s government has specialized in romancing, enticing, pardoning and recruiting rogues, drug peddlers, thieves, 419ers/scammers and shady characters into his party and government. A government that feels no moral burden and responsibility to its people does not deserve a reelection. Government is not just about making budgets, stealing and/or spending money. Government also attempts to set reasonable moral high grounds and milestones which the citizenry seek to uphold and sustain for the good of society. Lawlessness, immorality, impunity and gangsterism are not virtues, so governments must strive to avoid them. Little wonder the Nigerian Society is sinking more and more into perversion. Lord Jesus please help us out.

    • Dan Arewa

      You forgot to mention Boko Haram financiers among those that are being either recruited or protected by this government.

  • Bidemi Lukman

    Obanikoro has to be confirmed a minister for a good job done in Ekiti. A replica of such job is expected in March 28.

    GEJ and Mark would definatley turn deaf ear to the yearning of the citizen being blind by their desire to have power by all means.

    I personally would not blame GEJ, Mark or the sanators but would blame Nigerians who, after all attrocities committed by these people, would still vote for them.

    Under mornal circumstances, Mark, GEJ and all those senators that confirmed Obanikoro would never be re-elected

  • Shehu Monguno

    Talking about morality, APC Senator Ngige who was removed by a competent court of law for rigging and stealing an election in Anambra state have no business in the Senate chambers. Also talking about morality APC Senator Ndume who is facing trial for terrorism financing and APC Senator Bukola Saraki who has a case in court for fraud also have no business been in the Senate chamber

    • Abubakar S.

      Point of correction, Ali Ndume is a PDP senator!

      • Shehu Monguno


  • Moniboss Omaliko

    The Nigeria Senate is not a kangroo court to base its decisions on unproven allegations. The public outrage refereed to in this Editorial is like mob action which might not be justified in the long run. It could be aroused and manipulated by well marshaled pernicious propaganda. Musiliu Obanikoro has not been convicted of any offence and is, therefore entitled to be cleared by the Senate for ministerial appointment. All the shindy and hoopla by APC and their media outfits are mere heat without light. Because APC is notorious for telling lies, the Nigeria public no longer takes them serious. Finally i must say that the MORAL STENCH is from this Editorial which is not only unjustifiably partisan but also an inelegant display of YELLOW JOURNALISM.

    • eddy

      I shake my head for u and u generations… u r a shame to urself, ur family, tur society and Nigeria.

    • Lemmuel Odjay

      That is the reason why you do not approve such a person for any public post. You say to him, “comrade Obanikori, we would have loved to confirm your appointment. But we would, in preference to the rule of law stand down your approval until it is proven that you had no hand in any odious thing re Ekitigate.” That puts the pressure on everyone, including Obanikoro himself, to proceed further with the matter. If his accusers fail to go to court, Obanikoro would feel compelled to drag them to court if only to clear his name in order to gain the Senate’s approval for the ministerial job. None of the two options was taken, yet you went ahead to clear him at the senate. That itself makes the senate a kangaroo court

    • Tunsj

      So you are telling us that the moral stench is from the editorial because they are telling the truth?. The people to blame are the Senators that confirmed him and stop beating around the bush.

  • Bidemi Lukman

    Funny enough, this is GEJ who is promising to fight corruption with Technology.

    I have never seen an inconsistent and serial liar like GEJ. On Ekitigate, he initially said he would not investigate it because it was fabricated.

    Later, he said he asked DSS why they are not investigating Ekitigte but was told the whitsleblower is no where to be found to confirm the recording.

    DId GEJ need to be told that the whitsleblower is in exile as a reuslt of treat to his life? Is he not aware the Captain’s junior brother was arrested and tortured by Army for five months as reported?

    Did GEJ need to be told that saem technoloy he wanted to use in fighting corruption could be used to investigate the authenticity of the Ekiti recording?

  • Public Commentator

    This editorial is not complete without mentioning the role of DAVID MARK in this shameless show of public impunity. His name must be mentioned here and he must be isolated as the man trying to subvert our democratic process at all cost. He is the man who believes he has more wisdom than 170 million people, always coming up with different dirty schemes to short change the people — “don’t rock the boat” “don’t rock the boat” at the expense of what??.

    • kinsly

      David Mark has been the greatest crook since the end of the civil war. He was involved in the ‘Abandoned Property’ scheme against the Ibos in Rivers state; after the civil war. He covers all fraud in Government.

  • BlackieUmukoro

    Another ranting from APC premium arm. There are many senators undergoing criminal prosecution in the law courts, making laws in that senate, what has premium said about that. Maybe they forgot that until one is proven guilty, he is innocent ? This is not the era retroactive actions please

  • eddy

    I state again… DAVID MARK IS CRIMINAL!!!

    • kinsly

      He’s been a criminal for a very long time.

  • Abia_Man

    Until the country is restructured along the basis of regional autonomy and fiscal federalism, Anini can become president for all I care. Hypocrisy of this paper is sickening.

  • The question of media responsibility attracts a very easy answer most political pundits claim: the responsibility of the journalist, or any decent person, is to tell the truth–nothing but the truth. Not in PT sha-ati this age of the Internet and its social media, where anyone can, from nowhere, proclaim to be a reporter or a publisher, and the traditional meaning of the media now carries a rather narrow meaning–to those who yearn for a limited change–that the drug convicts promised them–via the brain of certificate forgers like Buhari.

    There are three aspects that come with the moral imperative expected of decent journalism, or intellectual responsibility in general; telling the truth as best as one can, reporting on things that matter, and targeting the right audience. It is not easy to comprehensively define each of these three key aspects, and the dimensions of each of them since the inception of party politics in Nigeria-In Osun state there were cases of rigging which was supervised for APC by Captian Sagir–the APC mole in the Army-
    It is often hard to abide by the responsibility to try and adhere to the truth. Apart from the recklessness of lousy journalism being practiced by PT 4 APC. In PT where reporters are trained by APC to report fiction and gross gossip as fact and where they have are often constrained to tell d truth.

    The truth can be glaringly obvious, yet the journalist in PT ati sharia reporters will decide to bury it-in accordance and obedience to Buhari’s decree 4 —Maybe -the murder of Dele Giwa to figure out how dire the cost of truth can become for those who eat from the same blood stained pot with Tinubu and Buhari————tell us more about the rigging machine of APC in Osun state————

    • progress

      God does not endorse corrupt leaders and olumba olumba worshippers!


  • kwazulu

    Of course, Obanikoro will be sacked by May 29th, as for Jonathan and the wife, the earlier they start making plans for abscondment, the better for them. Senator Mark should get ready for his own comeuppance too.

    • Tunsj

      Well said. Jonathan, a guy with a PhD without any thesis, is planning to proceed to South Africa or Morocco after the election. I do not think that the good people in Etuoke want him back.

  • the truth

    This is a paid write up. For God sake let us investigate before running into conclusion. This young man is innocent until found guilty. I appreciate most forumites who reason like this. The media is so biased that they only shine their touch on a certain political party while letting the other party slide. In as much as their are some people who are neither pdp or apc supporters, the light should be beamed on both parties.

    • udemeobong

      What do you want to investigate. The Audio that the whole world has heard of? Or you don´t know the rules apllied to public holders? What are talking about investigation and who is going to do it. The president that is busy lying and supporting lies, spending our nation´s monies to buy dead brains to vote for him? or David mark that knew fully well that it is unconstitutional to approve someone that has such issue to clear? I mean, this is our problem: A collective effort to stand and oppose what is bad!!! There must be people who keep arguing. I hate that:

  • Maitama Tambari

    The d-day surely will come for a protest vote on David Mark when CHANGE comes on 28th of March, God Willing. PDP will continue to embarrass Nigeria, in the Presidency and the Senate, as long as PDP is in Government. Come 28th of March, Nigerians should do the necessary right thing to CHANGE them. WE BELIEVE CHANGE! YES WE CAN IN NIGERIA. ALI MUST GO. YES JONATHAN MUST GO.

  • Lanre

    Premium Times. It is high time you use the intellectual prowess that you appear to possess on your editorial board to champion the restructuring of Nigeria. The restructuring into at least six regions as a prelude to the emergence of independent states. I want to see a fully independent, democratic Yorubaland in my lifetime. Lagbara Edumare (By The Grace of God). As a Yoruba man, I know Obanikoro cannot lead a ward in Lagos State. Someone who could not even win the “ordinary” primaries of his political party for the gubernatorial ticket.There was a reason for a military coup in 1966. In 1983, there was another justification. Today, with the benefit of hindsight and after June 12, 1993 I have come to the conclusion that Nigeria is unworkable. Nigeria is not made for incurable optimists. Obanikoro cannot present himself in Yorubaland. We still have some dignity and self-respect. Something clearly lacking in Nigeria. The land ruled by rogues, thugs and criminals.

  • warry

    Is it really true that the black man is incapable of applying rules? Now concerning Obanikoro,when has an allegation become truth until proven otherwise? Why was the same rule not applied in the cases of Tambuwal and defectors? Why was the earlier tape aliedging that the military authorities and the president never spent a penny on fighting Boko Haram, not also applied to fire the CDS,NSA,Service chiefs and President?

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Premium Times should do an editorial on why senile, illiterate certificate forger, perjurer and coup plotter Buhari is good/not good as a Presidential candidate instead of flogging a dead horse over a useless audio tape that is a non-issue.

    • Funso

      ọmọ àlè.

      • SBA

        Indeed he is one

    • Samadani

      The wind of change is blowing all the way. The broom will sweep out all those who stood against the progress of Naija. Come march, 28, Naija will seize to be a pseudo-Banana-republic and failed state which Dumbo, the clueless is dragging us into.

  • Jossy J

    Why can’t we just make things clear in other to differentiate the bad eggs from the good apc senators that stood against this charade. David Mark should be mostly be held accountable for this, he has again betrayed Nigerians for his selfish gains as usual. Pls publish the names of the pdp senators that seat back to confirm Obanikoro as minister, or atleast publish the names of the APC senators that worked out in protest for history and reference purpose. These pdp senators will regret their actions in the future

  • Salisu Dan-Gombe


    • Investigator


      • Aladelegan

        But wait O! Has any voter in Ekiti State protested that election as rigged?
        Nobody in Ekiti has said so. Ehn ehn, why is Premium Times crying more
        than the bereaved when Premium Times Office is not even in Ekiti state?

        • Funso

          omo ale.

    • Tunsj

      You sound ridiculous and stop behaving like a 2-year old.

  • Eze1

    He will play his part in rigging election again

  • The question of media responsibility often attracts ready made answers from those who eat from the same blood stained pot of Tinubu–in APC———–Unaware the responsibility of the journalist, or any decent person, is to tell the truth–nothing but the truth. Not in PT sha-Mostly at this age of the Internet and the social media, where anyone can, from nowhere, proclaim to be a reporter or a publisher. The traditional meaning of the media now carries a rather narrow meaning–to those who yearn for a limited change–in the drug infested party–led by Tinubu-and the certificate forging spirit of Buhari. The moral imperative expected of decent journalism, or intellectual responsibility in general; telling the truth as best as one can, reporting on things that matter, and targeting the right audience in no longer the case in PT. The ethics of journalism has been thrown to the dogs—Nothing on the rigging of elections that took place in Osun state and which was supervised for APC by Captian Sagir–the APC mole in the Army-
    Apart from the recklessness of lousy journalism being practiced by PT 4 APC–where reporters are trained by Liar Mohamed to report fiction and gross gossip as fact and where they have are often constrained to tell d truth BECAUSE OF THE EXPECTED PAY CHEQUE FROM TINUBU.

    The truth can be glaringly obvious, yet the journalist in PT ati sharia reporters will decide to bury it-for fear of Buhari’s decree 4 -Which he has promised to re-enact-if elected——That is why we hear Nothing on the rigging machine of APC in Osun state———-from PT-ati sharia reporters and Punch——–brother–me —that is why—–I cry for my country Nigeria–what a shame————happily God Endorsed–Jonathan—GEJ–SO CRY NO MORE-4 9JA

    • Samadani

      Good and fair reportage from AIT and NTA diar is God ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  • Ken

    Mere allegations are not enough to stop the screening of a minister. What has this said about the many allegations on Tinubu? The press wants to kill that video, unfortunately, it is on Youtube

  • SAM .A

    It is TIME to scrap this Senate altogether , it has been a breeding ground for corruption and impunity , all their legislation has never benefited a poor man on the street,rather it has made individual senators excessively rich and become a thin god. They dragged their feet to confirm the 18,000 minimum wage, but fixed their renumeration with thunder speed.
    They are indeed a drag on a nation, a leaking pocket on our commonwealth . We need a unicameral house like Senegal , these senate particularly the PDP pigs who approved Koro has just robber stamped that corruption & stealing are twin sisters.

  • Repeater Station

    APC can never win any state in Southern Nigeria

    The Yoruba Muslims in coalition with Hausa/Fulani Muslims comprising the APC party
    have just one devious objective: i.e; to create confusion and mayhem in the lead up to
    the 2015 election in the evil hope that the mayhem they shall have themselves created
    will project image of serious instability to foreign countries to enable APC apparatchiks
    then get a hearing on the formation of appointed persons as an INTERIM GOVERNMENT.
    President Jonathan must NEVER allow this evil ploy to work, having had hints of it now via
    shibboleths; such as “dog-and-baboon will soak in blood” & “parallel government”.
    APC can NEVER win a free and fair election in any of the 17 states in southern Nigeria.
    The 300 years’ documented history of southern Nigeria forbids APC’s type of evil Islamism.

    • Lemmuel Odjay

      My brother, I’d advise that we try all within our means to de-emphasize tribalism and religion from the grave issues confronting us. These issues predate the APC by decades. They are about a style of governance that leaves the country worse off while a few of our brothers and sisters in the name of politics broke into our storehouse and loot every valuable thing they could find. Then they throw the rest of us corns (our corns) to keep us quiet. The bottom line of this is the unkempt, empty shells called hospitals they have designed for us to to go die in (they and their families fly abroad whenever they fall ill); You know as much as I do that they have deliberately re-designed our universities as cult training centers and no more. It’s an easy thing to achieve. Why should they bother, when their children are all schooling abroad? They are busy planning for their future by having our children attend those ramshackled schools where nothing but drugs and bloodletting takes place, while theirs attend well organized and posh schools made possible by yours and my money. Because their children, armed with better education and experience would come back to virtually “take over” from them and continue in devious newer ways to lord it over the rest of us. The cycle continues. Why should they bother spend your stolen money in providing good roads when they themselves do not travel anywhere by road? You could go and crash on them and be done with as far as they care. They have series of 24-hour alternative sources of power installed in their homes with state of the arts water plants that purifies the water they drink and use for other chores, leaving the rest of us to bother about the many evils lurking in our dark streets and forced to drink health-threatening “pure” water. I could go on and on, brother. These and many more, are the issues before us requiring our urgent attention. They want to divide us by introducing those old demons called religion and tribalism as to draw our attention away from the real issues. They have been adopting such devious schemes against us since the 60’s. The difference now is that Nigerians have discovered the scheme for what it is: divide and rule. Don’t fall for it, and insist that the real issues threatening our existence be always discussed. This new quest is not about Buhari or Jonathan, which is also what they do not want you to appreciate. It is about a people who have since 1960 till date been trampled upon and left to die off slowly to make way for their super “tribe”, spurn out of their own loins, to rule forever. Their is nothing in this idea that has to do with tongue or creed. The issue is about Change which time had come. Would it be violent or peaceful? That is left to them to decide. I suggest you open your eyes wide and think or you’d become another casualty, like our parents before us who fell for their lies. Did you think they care?

  • Jerry Marok

    Wary that is the point. Impunity, lawlessness and self serving governance will not take us anywhere. We must set both legal and moral standards and keep by them. This present government appears incapable of that. Herein lies the problem.

  • Kitunde

    There is no ethical control mechanism in this goverment,lest we forget,They don’t know what corruption is-so how can they understand that, what they are doing is reprehensible, uncivilised and criminal?

  • Lemmuel Odjay

    In true democracies where proper processes are followed, the Senate would have told Obanikoro something like this: “Comrade Obanikoro, we would have loved to confirm you for the post but in keeping with best practices and in fairness to all we would like you to go to court and come back with a Clean certificate…” That places all, especially Obanikoro under pressure to want to seek justice and in the process create a sane, law abiding society. If Obanikoro had gone to court, perhaps that would have provided the accuser, wherever he may be, the impetus to ask for state protection in order to appear in court to plead his cause, knowing that failure would bother on a case of perjury against them. Imagine that the accuser appears suddenly in court after the Senate had confirmed Obanikoro and he had become a minister under the executive. Would he and the executive agree to be present in court if the accuser’s case had merit? Should the accuser win, would Obanikoro himself accept to quit office and be led to jail? The Senate’s decision would have exposed it as a sham and a disgrace. We would be experiencing another serious case of impunity displayed by government at the executive level which is likely to put the Nigerian judicial system in bad light. The simple thing that would have been done as to avoid all the trouble was for the Senate to have stood down Obanikoro’s confirmation until he is able to get clearance from the courts at the end of the case. In its haste and for reasons best known to it, the Senate has made itself as well as the country a laughing stock by going ahead to confirm. This is a scenario reminiscent of banana republics. I think this is one of the salient points Premium Times tried to highlight. Under true democracy, both accuser and the accused must be given fair and equal opportunities. Obanikoro should have waited because he had become an accused in a moral case. Since the Senate represents themselves and any good offerer, the people could go to hell as far as it cared. We are in love with democracy only when it is in our own interest. That’s another good reason why we are failing at governance…

  • Dazmillion

    People keep arguing that Jonathan is dumb, has no mind his own and is easily manipulated. No I beg to differ. Every criminal surrounding the president is a product of Jonathan’s criminal mind and disposition. Jonathan loves criminals, he even married one.

  • boliatepa

    Who is David Mark? I think this is a critical question. He was not only a coup plotter, but also one of the Babangida boys, the anti-democracy elements who scuttled June 12. Has he changed? Can you trust him? Is he not the same dirty rotten scoundrel as IBB? How come he is even a senator, not to say the senate president? How did he get there?

    • Samadani

      That happened in 2007 general election if you can remember. He was defeated squarely at the polls by ANPP’s young Alhaji but was rigged in David Mark’ s favor. Young Alhaji challenged the results at the election tribunal, but the elders of Idoma land intervened stating that Mr Mark had already emerged as senate president so the cheated should take as they are overwhelmed by one of them as senate president. When asked about the pending case in the tribunal by a journalist, David Mark responded by saying the case has been settled traditionally. Those are at the helm of affairs in Naija. Chei! Chei! Diar is God oooooooooooh.

  • Etomi

    The Moral Stench of Presenting a Perjured Certificate Forger, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, As APC’s Presidential Candidate!!!!

  • NwaIgbo

    The stench has been on for a very long time.
    Remember the Boss refused to declare his assets as its is none of our business. Remember their math says 16 is greater than 19.
    Remember they denied the kidnapping of the Chiboks girls who are still in captivity.
    Recollect the $93 million illicit arms deals in South Africa has been swept under the rung.
    Where is the $20 billion missing?
    The king of Morocco smelled the stench, remember.
    Obanikoro has been confirmed by the “senate”
    Fuel Subsidy scam is not resolved etc; etc
    My greatest fear is come March 28 when the wind of change will sweep then out and away, the demon possessed cabals will not accept the electoral verdict. They will try June 12 and Gbagbo calculus.
    Will we allow them again this time?

  • Tony

    You can imagine APC’s hypocrisy and double standard. They frown at the confirmation of Obanikoro as a minister based on Ekitigate but, they are pushing for and supporting a Buhari presidency even when he overthrew a democratically elected government. If Obanikoro raped democracy, Buhari murdered democracy.In my own opinion, Buhari is even more culpable than Obanikoro

  • Tatafo

    This editorial has shown the clear ignorance of this online stable. When journalists refuse to be educated on the workings of the National Assembly, then they are likely to pass on their ignorance to their audience, as is the case here.
    And what is the overwhelming public opinion against Obanikoro? Opinion generated on the pages of this kind of media outlet that is ignorant, that did not bother to find out what the preponderance of opinion was in the Senate?
    So, did the majority win in the Senate or not? Yes, they did. Was Obanikoro guilty of what he was accused of, either in a court of law or public opinion? No, he was not. No scientific method was employed to gather public opinion, and until that is done, the emotions of bought over journalists is nothing but what it is: Hogwash!
    Please forget the aid you are getting to run down systems in the country and do proper investigative journalism, not this embarrassment that endears you to feeble and fickle minded Nigerians. Until you do that and base your reports and editorials on them, forget this business. This style of guerrilla journalism may have worked in the days of yore, but today it is extinct. Go do your homework, please!

  • Ab

    “Corruption in elections defrauds the citizen of his right and imposes upon him a galling wrong and insult. Instead of a representative, it basely obtrudes a voice which will misrepresent him. Every honorable mind shrinks from contact with such baseness, and such treason to civil rights and social order. Now it has become too patent to be denied, that …….. the honesty and purity of elections are invaded. Fraud, violence and corruption have been resorted …..to augment the polls, and men have sat and spoken and voted in parliament, who had neither moral nor legal right to be there. This is a fact, which every good citizen must deplore, and against which every honest mind must protest. It is a fact which proclaims disregard of all law, human and divine. It shows too clearly a disordered civil condition, and a debased state of public sentiment, which demands instant attention from every citizen who has at heart the proper welfare of this land. For verily if we go on from year to year, heedlessly to ” plow iniquity and sow wickedness, we shall reap the same/”

    Excerpt From: Cordner, John, 1816-1894. “Righteousness exalteth a nation; a discourse concerning the relation of morality to national wellbeing.”

  • Chief Igho O’tega

    If PT does not know the meaning of the phrase ‘moral stench’, shouldn’t it make recourse to the dictionary, ask for help or seek interpretation from those @ Charlatans’ house who own the language? How does confirmation of Obanikoro translate to a ‘moral stench’? …may PT answer these questions?

    1. Was it not ‘moral stench’ that monies were embezzled or if u like (to use Fela’s terminology) ‘misappropriated’ @ ITT and then having the 2 key actors in that pioneering case of public service fraud become a President and the other almost getting to presidency? …Wouldn’t that brazen financial mismanagement ant theft of millions @ ITT suffice to term the candidacy of the Saints MKO & OBJ as ‘moral stench’? ….and when Jona n very game and reminds ‘you’ in a most clever statement that “Corruption is not stealing”, you become dazed and are unable to understand his parable bcos you have forgotten from where rain water began to get you drenched.

    2. Shouldn’t the neglect by past Governments of Oloibiri in Ogoni land and elsewhere in the Niger Delta, with respect to refusal to compel US, UK & Dutch oil companies to clean up the Niger Delta constitute more of a moral stench than Obanikoro’s appointment?

    3. Shouldn’t the fact that 57yrs after crude oil discovered in and exported from Oloibiri, that the town has no portable water, air port, sea port, beach etc emit more moral stench than Obanikoro’s appointment?

    4. Shouldn’t the fact that Nigeria has been run by Northerners for 39 yrs out of 54 yrs since 1960 and their resolve to bomb, destroy and make governance impossible for Jonathan emit more moral stench than Obanikoro’s appointment?

    5. Shouldn’t the fact that he who declared that he would spill blood shud he loose election is permitted to go scot free and being supported by media houses like PT constitute more rancid moral stench?

    The actual moral stench is that someone like me from Ethiope East is considered as of the same nationality with those Fulanis @ Benue state, with affiliation to Daura who believe like their Maigida, that they have the license to kill and spill blood of Dogs & Baboons. This is the moral stench.

  • Okey

    I am one such person that insists on holding politicians up to their claimed standard. I am also one who insists that ours should not be of “One Nation, Two Moralities” (apologies to Shaka Momodu). How do I mean ? We seem suddenly to have relapsed into inexplicable amnesia with regard to the political contest for occupation of the office of the Governor of Ekiti State. We seem to have forgotten even our present history in that regard. But I refuse to be duped by by APC media and propaganda machine that Ayo Fayose’s second coming is not one of its kind. Certainly, it is one of its kind.

    Now, let’s for the purpose of argument hold that the allegation against Obanikoro and co. is true, is it not another Ekitigate – the SECOND Ekitigate, properly speaking ? Then, which Ekitigate is the anti-Obanikoro now referring to ? Is it the one that brought in Kayode Fayemi – through the Salamic judgments – which facts were revealed and displayed by Engr. Segun Oni himself and which call logs are there with the relevant GSM service provider and which judgment has remained a dent not only on the image of the judiciary but in the mind of anybody with conscience ? Or, is it the one that brought in Fayose allegedly through Army intervention – the SECOND Ekitigate ?

    Where were these anti-Obanikoro puritans at the time of FIRST Ekitigate ? Should we act only on one and go to sleep on the other ? And which immorality or illegality will they choose to condemn ? Which immorality or illegality will they condone ? Their feign of ignorance on the FIRST Ekitigate whilst running amok on the SECOND presents the highest degree of dishonesty to be associated with decent human beings.

    If there is SECOND Ekitigate (Fayose’s), there IS equally FIRST Ekitigate (Kayode Fayemi’s). We cannot pretend lack of knowledge of the FIRST. To do so is to confirm that our own dishonesty is more grievous and more deleterious to the Nigerian society than that of the participants in the First and Second Ekitigate gates. I insist we must visit both with our “righteous anger.” While we look and listen to tapes of the SECOND, we MUST equally read the call logs and listen to the voices in the FIRST. Otherwise, we are all grand 419ers in this matter.

  • Omotolaaraujo

    Minister of Election Rigging.

  • the_adviser

    Society deserves the politicians they get and voted for.