APC picks governorship candidates nationwide – LIVE UPDATES

The All Progressives Congress, APC, is conducting its primary election nationwide to elect the party’s governorship candidates in the 2015 election.

PREMIUM TIMES reporters have been dispatched to the various election centres to provide live updates of situations as they occur.

Already, the fate of Governors Ibikunle Amosun of Ogun state, Abiola Ajimobi of Oyo, Abdulfatah Ahmed of Kwara, and Tanko Almakura of Nasarawa and Abdulaziz Yari of Zamfara state are already known as they are reported to be sole candidates of the party in their states.

The primary elections in those states is expected to be mere formality.

Lagos State

It is a different ball game in Lagos state where there are 12 candidates seeking to be selected as the party’s flag bearers. Reports from Onikan Stadium, venue of the primary say all the candidates are already at the venue and the election might commence anytime soon

In Kaduna, feelers suggest former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Nasir El-Rufai may emerge the APC candidate. He however need to beat Salihu Lukman, Haruna Kajuru, Shamsuddeen Abdullahi and Isah Ashiru in the election starting any moment from now at the trade fair complex.

In Kano, the deputy to Governor Rabiu Kwankwaso, Umar Ganduje, is expected to emerge after being anointed by the caucus of the party. Nevertheless, Mr. Ganduje will slug it out with Senator Ibrahim Gaya, Rep. Kawu Sumaila, Salisu Takai, Abba Yusuf and Rabiu Bichi.

Our reporter in Kano however said journalists are still scrambling to find out the venue of the primary election.

In Sokoto, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal is expected to win, he is facing Bello Gada, Lawal Bashir and Yushau Kebbi.

Live Updates from Across the State



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  • favourtalk

    May the best candidate wins for betterment of the nation. We need the continuation of the changes that APC brought the nation. We need the good development in Abuja in feb 2015 also

    • emmanuel

      Betterment you said? APC is the most expensive government on Earth. not even the USA spend N616,000.00 for One Kilometer Aeterial Road.

      unprecedented fraud in the name of Lagos is working.

      God forbid APC. stomach infrastructure has been flowing since last week monday in Lagos and today is the first show.

      • Omo Olokoaroti

        You are an enemy of progress! Please come out with your facts and figures on any allegation to be regarded meaningful.

        • waternogetenemy

          @ omo. If we continue to hide from the truth this country will not move forward and all this so called politicians and god father’s will continue to get rich while the masses get poorer. I don’t blame the people following them, it’s just because of the povery level that they sell their future on cheap. Both APC and PDP don’t have the interest of the masses at heart. I can’t see anything good coming from all this politicians.

          • Troublesome

            Accepted that both APC and PDP doesnt have interest of the masses at heart. Now, u dont have any option than to choose between the two of them, so u have to choose the better one. So which one will you go for?

          • waternogetenemy

            @ troublesome u can’t know which is better by what you are told. You can only know the true nature of a slave when he becomes a master himself. Look @ d real situation there is no option on ground all you have is wolves in human skin waiting to tear the masses and country apart

          • Troublesome

            U are gonna vote in 2015 or not? If yes, u are presented with candidate from both parties and u will gonna vote for one, which one will u vote for? That is my question.

          • waternogetenemy

            I will hold my vote because my voting or not they already have their ways of fixing result. So let’s stop stressing ourselves with the so called voting it’s all a game.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            This is as good as burying your head in the sand and wishing the problem would disappear, friend.

            Evil only thrives when good people do nothing.

            We all have to be part of the change we desire.

          • waternogetenemy

            @ kay the masses yes wants change but in ur own honest opinion do u see anyone among all this politicans from both parties or any other one that truly wants this change we are all calling for? If yes tell us so we can bring our head out of d sand to fight for the change. Tinubu is close to winning another 4yrs in Lagos. Nigerian open your eyes and mind let’s be honest to ourselves if not others.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Bruv, I believe my avatar answers your question.

            At this point in our nation’s history, a disciplined leader is required to address the myriad of problems confronting us and I don’t think they come better disciplined than GMB.

            Sure, it can be argued that he is not the best Nigeria can produce, and be acceptable generally across the board, but can you point at an acceptable one on the horizon and let us examine the possibilities?

          • Aninta

            Does that mean you wont vote? If you must vote you must pick among the bad ones a better bad one.

          • Aninta

            Thats a view point many Nigerians miss. At a point in life, one has to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea. No matter how closely related they are, they are bound to have a small difference that will make one come on top. I asked a friend who he will vote between GEJ and GMD he said both are bad options. He has to exercise his fundamental right and choose between the two available bad candidates.

      • Abimbola

        You cant just come up with baseless accusations and ignore all the revealing truths of the fact that APC government is the only one really working wherever they exist.

        There is the evidence everywhere and I’d rather stay under a working government than one with no evidence of work done

      • Ahmad

        Chronic liar.

  • Newsbreak

    APC Lagos primary: poor planning…many hitches

    Too many hitches from bad planning. Accreditation of delegates in Lagos
    occurred 4 hours after schedule. By 3.00pm only Epe delegates have voted,
    and statutory delegates followed, but 19 local governments are yet to vote.
    With this poor pace, the voting process might run till 6.00pm before all votes
    are cast, counted and declared. Epe delegates who’ve voted said there are
    actually 13 names of aspirants on the ballot – not 12, as reported by the media.

    • Concerned Naija

      There is irregularity in the voting. Tinubu is rigging it for Ambode. It became clear even before the vote started as the processes for accreditation was biased only to delegate that are to vote for Ambode. Almost all the other aspirants have vexed and left the venue at this mockery of democracy. Lagos APC is risking it all as the other Aspirants will simply adopt siddon look approach to the election and lets see how a carrier civil servant imposition will contest against a Jimi Agbaje or Obanikoro. I SMH.

      • Ay Pointblank

        Continue SMH until your neck breaks! I wonder what people really want? In the first instance, Tinubu has right to prefer any of the candidates. Secondly, only one candidates of the 13 will win. From the report we heard, there’s nothing to indicate any irregularities and they can all go to hell

        • warawara

          Are you a dictator in your house, if yes…..pity your family.

  • Jacsey1

    Is there no one contesting from South-South and South-East?

    • Nwa Aba {Biafran}

      They are not in Nigeria

    • Abbakar Abdul

      they park themselves in pdp na

  • Goke Aruna

    Comment on issues? is the road working, how long does it take the goverment to deliver it….? which is better 47billion on Ogbomoso – Oyo road by FGN (48 – 50km road).

  • Ay Pointblank

    It’s heartwarming that APC (especially in Lagos) has adopted the voting option to pick its candidate in a transparent manner. Report has it that 10 of the contestants have stormed out of the venue! I laugh. Let all of them decamp to PDP tomorrow. They will be the ones to lose … Idiots!!!

  • chukzee

    What is happening in Imo? No primaries?

  • Ojukwu Chukwudi

    Premium times what of Borno?

    • Otile

      Don’t you see the fighting going on there to recapture the territory from Islamists.

  • Otile

    People should not ask why there are no serious primaries in SE SS. There is an unwritten law that bars Igbo and most SS people from occupying important positions plus the presidency. For now we can do with whoever they allow to rule us. Not long ago the rulers east of the Niger were all Northern or Southwestern military or civilian governors. At the end of their regimes they looted the people silly.

    As events happen our people from SE SS begin to uncover the deceit of the Union. Hopefully the future generation will decide to end the deceit and liberate their two countries and then control their own future. No illiterate Fulani man can save our people.

    • Simon Templar

      You people decided to carve yourselves out and aligning with the shoeless one. Luckily, for the issues of personal interests and greed,the igbos shall never unite or be at the helm of affairs. Just stick to your 419,prostitution, armed robbery and drug trafficking.

      • Nwa Aba {Biafran}

        have you heard of political killing in the east? NO

        no Igbo life worth wasting for political reasons

        Igbo nation will never Pledge Allegiance to a Thief like Tinubu

        we are self made inventors manufacturers importers technocrats traders

        Igbo are more united than any other region in Nigeria

        no Igbo person standing against GEJ

        not MAGIC
        united we stand

    • Aninta

      If you noticed, there were peaceful primaries by APC in most states except Akwa Ibom and i don’t find it strange. Look at the primaries in the north, peaceful, individual, closely contested primaries and no Godfather-ism as popularized in the south. In the North,the popular candidate wins and thats the end of it. Isn’t that called democracy? Do you want northerners to come and conduct primaries in the SE and SS. You have constantly isolated yourselves with pride while forgetting to do the basic thing democracy requires, POLITICKING.

  • eduetok

    Hahahahaha! Two captains in one ship:Umana and Udoedeghe=confusion.

  • Davies

    Senator Gbenga Bareehu Ashafa goofs in public

    Why did Senator Bareehu Ashafa representing Lagos East tell Channels television at the venue of the voting
    that there are 13 aspirants on the ballot paper? I ask this because you report Bola Tinubu as saying there are
    twelve aspirants. Senator Ashafa has better be right otherwise his reckless statement would impugn this election.

  • Kikimole

    MAGNUS ABE how far now. The end of the road. You deserve everything Amaechi the new emperor dished out to you and others. Rotimi has learnt the rope fast. He does not believe in level playing ground or free fair primary. Others have learnt their lesson.

  • Gbosa


    The ten (10) aspirants who threw in the towel in the middle of this fight were knocked out.
    They should have taken the good advice of Premium Times contributors here who warned.
    Premium Times should have reached at least one of these defeated aspirants for interview.
    Why did they all walk out? Was the handwriting on the wall clearer to them on polling day?

    Brilliant analysts here had yesterday warned these dilettante aspirants to stop wasting their time.
    But they thought they could come in and run over the APC party national executives who’re united.
    When did Supo Shasore run away and why was Ganiyu Solomon the only one now left with Ambode?
    Seems there’s a deal in APC to have an Ambode-Solomon ticket. Is that why Ganiyu Solomon waited?

    • Seachange 2015

      “I am of the firm belief and conviction that there will be no election in 2015.
      I am of the firm belief that this house of cards will collapse before 2015.
      Under Jonathan’s leadership, Nigeria as a whole has become a titanic ship
      on sail to hit the iceberg and sink”.

      ……………Pastor Tunde Bakare

      (January 20, 2013)


      Gbosa, there is nothing wrong in one seeking to exercise his rights. It is not over ambitious on their part to seek elective positions, more so, that of the governorship seat. But I strongly sense that the outcome of the primaries was know even before its commencement. Which goes to say that, the party machinery is tilted to favour Ambode. Suffice to say that there is not an equal level praying ground for all the aspirants. Apologies to Tinubu!


    Ambode is the man to beat here. I hope the PDP will take a queue from APC by allowing for primaries to take place in deciding who represents them. Lagos should take the lead in restructuring and repositioning true democracy by doing the needful. Kudos to the leadership of APC.

    • Preco01

      Thanks for your observation, let the clueless eat their hearts out

    • Ade

      Dogs are eating crumbs from their master table. The fall of emperor Tinubu has come.


        Please, isnt Ambode Tinubu’s man?

      • Omo Olokoaroti

        Your wish will never come to past!

  • A Aminu

    Popular choice Aminu Waziri Tambuwal wins primary election in sokoto. Victory for credible candidate the PDP fears the most. Vacancy in Sokoto Government House just filled. It is a relay race for Wamakko to give Tambuwal the relay batten.
    Congratulations Aminu Waziri for a victory well deserved.


      Good for Tambuwal! But let him not bite the fingers that fed him through his political ascendency. Staying loyal is very critical in politics even when the pendulum does not swing to ones favour. Political loyalty is a critical determinant of futuristic positions.

  • Deyemi Zachaeus

    Re: Femi Hamza and Supo Shasore

    Femi Hamza and Supo Shasore are un-wise to allow Raji Fashola use their un-ripe heads to break a coconut.
    They’ll both be deemed treacherous as enemies in APC – along with Raji Fashola who sent them on fool’s errand.
    The duo’s choice now is to run away from APC first thing tomorrow. They cannot operate easily within APC again.
    Their sin is not to run in the primary but to be voluntarily used by Raji Fashola for a coup to dethrone Bola Tinubu.
    Inside the APC, the punishment for coup is standard double dose of ostracism, plus, deadly financial strangulation.

    • Ms. Vivian

      @ Deyemi,

      But if APC is not an immoral party how come its members are tied to Bola Tinubu like in a cult?
      This is not what a political party should be. This is just like a one-man dictatorship in Lagos state.

      • David Ola Majekodunmi


        Before they fell out on this succession matter, the second highest fraud takes place
        between Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Raji Fashola in Lagos state. So far, Lagos’ debt
        has quintupled from $611 million dollars in 2007, to $3.7 billion by mid-2014. The
        debt went up in September by one billion dollars World Bank loan on the back of
        ₦87.5 billion loan in previous November when Raji Fashola issued bonds to borrow
        at 14.5% interest rate.

        Raji Fashola took out ₦35 billion in cash from those bond receipts and handed it over
        to Bola Tinubu through the instrumentality of (a) Lekki Concession Company, (b) ARM company,
        and, (c) Hitech company
        ; all in a bogus “buy-back deal” of a supposed concession right on the
        15-kilometre Lekki Expressway.

        In total, a sum of ₦571, 594 billion was got as federal allocation from May 2007 under
        Raji Fashola. Another ₦1.52 trillion was got in the same period as internally generated
        revenue. But despite these oodles of cash, Lagos state has no enduring physical asset to show
        for the $40 billion dollars Lagos state received in total as revenues from May 1999 to date.

        Instead, at the current exchange rate of 180 Naira to one United states dollar, Alhaji Raji Fashola has recklessly burnt up Lagos finances. For every one billion Naira of Lagos state’s $3.7billion-dollar debt today, Lagos state now has to look for extra 25 billion Naira in repayment. At 180 Naira
        to a dollar today, Lagos government will have to repay ₦180 billion for every one billion dollar loan.

        That means an extra 25 billion Naira on every one billion dollar loan (minus compound interest).
        That also means that if just two (2) billion dollars of the gross 3.7 billion dollars Lagos debt today
        consist of commercial bank loans, Lagos debt automatically increased by a whopping 50 billion
        Naira last week Tuesday – excluding compound interest repayments.

        • Preco01

          You are busy, yes I can see you are very busy

    • Ade

      Tinubu reign is coming to an end. The beginning to the end of is empire has come. The blood of funsho Williams is crying out

    • OBZ

      the beginning of the end for the party in Lagos. There is going to be too much division in the party. PDP may just be lucky come 2015

  • Abubakar sfada

    Sokoto, wammakko rigged the election Aminu tambuwal win, wammakko Allah wil nt allow U to see happiness during the general election 2015, sokoto people interest is faruku malami yabo, wammakku cheated him an people of sokoto, Allah wil nt forgive U wammakku, seens U denies people choice , all our vote is going for pdp 2015

    • Omar

      Abubakar u are only entitled 2 yr own opinion

  • GB, Lagos

    Human being should learn not to bite the fingers that feeds them. Nobody knew governor Fashola from Adam until he was introduced by the same Bola Ahmed Tinubu that he is not confronting. Its so sad the he now thinks that he is popular within the party to the extent that he can face the same people that worked for the to build the party. The struggle to biuld a strong, virile and formidable party is not a child’s play, hence dogged and strong leaders like Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu should be commended. At a point, he was the only surviving Governor within the party and stood his ground against intimidation and oppression by the Obasonjo regime. He maintained that there should be equity and fair play in our politics by insisting that a christian should be the next governor of the state, a position which had been occupied by muslim since 1999. He himself being a muslim. I give it to him.

    • johnny

      Tinubu is a great politician, I give that to him any day. But someone, somewhere also brought Tinubu out at some point, where is that person? Fashola has not done anything particularly wrong. He should have a say who succeeds him, nothing is wrong with that. It is all in the interest of preserving his little legacies.
      Take note friend, where there is no level playing field as a result of the activities of God-Fatherism, it is the ordinary people that will continue to get short changed. The only consolation remains that having billionaire all to yourself and family alone, when other have nowhere to put their heads,does not make one person more human than the other and does not give more meaning to life itself.
      Tinubu or Fashola or a Mushin area boy, ALL of them breath in oxygen and breath out carbon dioxide, the quantum of which none of them have control of. So there is ONLY one GOD and no human should attempt the put him or herself in the position of GOD. Until the electorate starts to think right, we are not going anywhere in this country.

  • Otunba Olu Awosanmi

    Democracy is fast taking roots in Nigeria, of course, it could be slower in some regions compared to others, what is clear however is that our country’s democracy is fast evolving, who would have though that APC of all parties would have had primaries as recent as 2011, but things are now fast changing, APC is learning fast and I hope they allow this spirit to continue, of the lots of contestants, there seems to be only a single emergency democrat, Umana O Umana who imported thuggery into the Akwa Ibom primaries, you wont blame him knowing where he is coming from, moreover, only demonstrated craze like him could confront the blood monger like Godswill Akpabio! Congratulations APC Flag Bearers! Congratulations to all APC Governorship Aspirants!! Congratulations Good People of Nigeria!!!


    From all indications APC IS d Home of PDP bastard children n this shows how desperate d APC is for Umana Okon Umana to defect from PDP Friday n win APC Guber ticket on Thursday, from Sokoto to Rivers, from Benue to Kano d story is the same.

  • ojo


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