EXCLUSIVE: How Liberian Govt Cleared Patrick Sawyer to Travel to Nigeria while under observation for Ebola

Liberian President, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf

The Liberian Government was aware that Patrick Sawyer, its citizen who brought the Ebola virus into Nigeria, had possibly contracted the virus from his late sister, yet cleared him to travel to Nigeria for a conference organised by the Economic Community of West African States [ECOWAS], PREMIUM TIMES can authoritatively report today.

Documents obtained by this newspaper showed that Mr. Sawyer’s employers, ArcelorMittal, an iron mining company, suspended him from work and isolated him after it became aware that he had contact with his sister who died of the virus on July 8.

The company also issued an internal memo to staff of the company informing them that Mr. Sawyer had been referred to the Liberian Health ministry for testing and close observation.

“A family member of an ArcelorMittal Liberia employee died on Tuesday, July 8th, in Monrovia due to a confirmed case of the Ebola virus,” the July 11 edition of Satellite, an internal newsletter of ArcelorMittal Liberia, said. “The employee had minimal contact with the victim, at the state where the virus was infectious.

“Doctors say the risk of potential transfer to any member of the ArcelorMittal staff or contractors is very low. The employee has submitted to the Ministry of Health for a medical examination for possible Ebola infection, and has also requested the Ministry of Health to make the result available to ArcelorMittal Liberia and its close affiliates.

“There is no evidence to suggest that the employee has been infected. Under the Ministry of Health guidelines, the employee is being monitored on a daily basis and will continue to do so for a period of 21 days. During this time the employee will be absent from work.”

The July 25 edition of the Satellite, which announced Mr. Sawyer’s death, reads:

“Patrick was last at the Buchanan site (of AncelorMittal) on 9th July when he informed us about the death of his sister. Having informed us of this news, Patrick was submitted to the Ministry of Health for a medical observation and isolation and requested not to return to work until he had passed through the incubation period. He has not been at the Buchanan site or in any ArcelorMittal office since that time.”

But despite being under isolation and observation for the deadly disease, the Liberian Government, through its Deputy Finance Minister For Fiscal Affairs, Sebastian Muah, cleared Mr. Sawyer to travel to Nigeria for an ECOWAS convention in Calabar.

The deputy minister personally admitted approving the trip in an online discussion forum, where some Liberian citizens raised questions about his action and competence.

Mr. Muah could not be reached for comments on Monday. His mobile telephone was switched off the numerous times PREMIUM TIMES called.

But the Liberian Minister of Information, Lewis Brown, admitted to this newspaper that his government knew Mr. Sawyer was possibly infected by the virus before he travelled to Nigeria.

“I can confirm to you that he was advised by the Chief Medical Officer at the Ministry of Health not to leave the country because he was under observation,” Mr. Brown said by telephone from Monrovia, the Liberian capital. “It was regrettable that he left the country while being observed.

“We felt he had a duty to his colleagues to tell them that he was under observation for the disease. We also felt he had a duty to our country and yours (Nigeria) not to leave Liberia so as not to endanger the lives of others.”

Asked why a Liberian government official approved Mr. Sawyer’s trip to Nigeria even when the administration was watching him for Ebola, Mr. Brown said he had no information that the Deputy Minister, Mr. Muah, okayed the journey.

He however explained that such an administrative slip was possible at the time Mr. Sawyer left Liberia for Nigeria because at that time, inter-agency cooperation among government departments was low.

“It’s possible the health ministry was monitoring him (Mr. Sawyer) but the finance ministry did not know,” Mr. Brown said. “It was a slip and we have learned from it regrettably.”

He said the Patrick Sawyer incident had now compelled Liberia to rework its procedures.

“Now the practice is to share the names of everyone under observation with all other agencies, including the airport, so they cannot leave the country,” the minister said.

“Before the Patrick Sawyer incident, we did not have that kind of cooperation. We were not locking people under observation down. We were only bringing them to the isolation centre after they showed signs of the disease.”

Liberian newspaper, The New Dawn, which saw the CCTV footage recorded at the James Spriggs Payne’s Airport, Monrovia, moments before Mr. Sawyer boarded an Asky Airline plane to Lagos on July 20, reported that he looked “terribly ill” and wore a “sad countenance“ like someone in severe pain.

Apparently overtaken by “excruciating pain,” he, at a point, laid flat on his stomach on the floor in the corridor of the airport.

The paper also reported the footage as capturing Mr. Sawyer sitting alone and avoiding bodily contacts with other passengers who came close to him at the boarding gate of the airport as he awaited his flight to Lagos.

Mr. Sawyer became severely ill on the plane and was taken to First Consultant Hospital, Obalende, from the Murtala Mohammed Airport in Lagos.

Reports of events before he travelled to Nigeria and soon after his death have now shown that top Liberian government officials were aware of his trip to Nigeria and appeared to have done nothing to stop him.

The reports have also shown that Mr. Sawyer did not escape from where he was quarantined as reported by some newspapers.

In fact, the actions of some Liberian officials suggested that they were more concerned with getting Mr. Sawyer to the convention venue in Calabar and cared very little about the health risk he posed.

After he died, First Consultant Hospital issued a statement saying it resisted immense pressure from Liberian officials to discharge Mr. Sawyer from the hospital to enable him to attend the convention in Calabar, with diplomats saying he had a key role to play at the convention.

Nigeria was free of Ebola until July 20 when Mr. Sawyer arrived.

He became terribly ill on his flight and was rushed to the First Consultant Hospital Obalende, Lagos, where he died on July 24.

Nigeria’s Health Minister, Onyebuchi Chukwu, said on Monday that although the Liberian government has apologized for the incidence, it was pertinent to note that Nigeria was free of Ebola Virus until its importation by the Liberian-American.

Mr. Sawyer’s action, he said, has placed unnecessary stress on Nigeria’s health system.


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  • True Nigerian

    Yet when madam Sirleaf gives credit to the countries that helped her country to return to normalcy, she will name all the countries on the face of the earth except Nigeria – the most important country that should be number one in that list. But when their citizen gets Ebola or any other deadly thing, they will quickly send him or her to come and spread his virus in Nigeria.

    Now, that one aside, what was Nigeria thinking when there was already a big outbreak in Liberia? Was that not the time we should have stopped all flights from the countries that have the virus?

    Meanwhile, the same drug that the US said would not be enough to give Nigeria has already been approved for Liberia. That is despite the fact that while Liberia already has hundreds of infected persons, Nigeria has only 10 (with a potential for a few more hundreds which could be prevented if just 10 – 50 people are treated immediately).

    Now, the refusal from the US is what you get when you have a corrupt President who would jet off into China in order to spite the Americans and their President Obama each time Obama reminds him that Corruption in Nigeria is problem for both Nigerians and American businesses.

    Nigerians, oya o! Deal with it! Get China to help you out against Ebola. three Americans and a few Europeans have been infected as they tried to come in and help Africans. US has sent at least 20 people to Lagos to help Nigeria. Has any Chinese doctor arrived Nigeria to help as a missionary on Ebola? Nigeria – a beautiful country with unthinking hopelessly corrupt leaders and unthinking followers.

    • Enemona

      You have raised very good points in your post. I do think this serum thing raises so many ethical issues that are not easy to resolve. It also exposes West African governments as irresponsible and incapable of leading its peoples.

      But, the US government has been very deceptive on this Ebola issue. Nobody ever knew about this drug in the first place until an American was infected and, in one stroke, the Spanish priest was treated. If America really meant well, like they always portray, they should have mentioned these ‘secretive drugs’ when Africans started dying in their hundreds but all we saw was the mainstream media showing bodies of suffering ‘black’ people. This clearly shows that America would pursue its interest brutishly and the values of humanity are not upheld in their dealings.

      This is a strong message to Nigerians especially. In the current scheme of things in the global arena, you lose out if you don’t put your house in order. We have all been portrayed as hopeless and inept, whether you are Yoruba, Ibo or Hausa does not matter in this case. It is time we all came together to ask for better governance to avoid this kind of global disgrace.

      I am hopeful that Nigeria can contain this virus until we stop it in its tracks. The Lagos state Health System (Govt) has done a splendid job but more needs to be done. The drug is just a curative measure but more important is the preventive measures we put in place in our public health system which will last and serve us better in the long term. Our government are slavishly corrupt and they will never change even if we all die for their obscene love for stealing but we have to demand good governance and this calls for all and sundry to come together irrespective of ethnicity and creed.

    • redeem

      Only APC would be able to tell us the type of brain some Nigerians are endowed–with——–in spite of the rubbish u just wrote—-that the US refused to give us the anti–ebola virus because it would find its way to china-MADNESS –Meaning the ebola virus was cloned by d US to kill Africans abi-?
      THE Liberia does not owe us any gratitude for betraying their leader Charles taylor via the hands of our former visionless president Obj–beyond that president jonathan was honored with the highest Liberian national-award-there are thousands if not millions of Nigerians operating in the economy of Liberia———Sawyer sneaked out of his country to attend a confab in 9ja–and if my guess is right–take advantage of the visit to see TB Joshua——–period———why do we have to blame Sirleaf who has apologized to Nigeria over the mess created by Sawyer for her–country–Liberia is a former American colony-ours is British—–U have more awooooof resources than Liberia————apart from that u also admitted that the US has sent experts to help us–wrong–cause methinks the Ebola virus was cloned for Africa by the West-so we do not need them–aid—-in that direction——-the most important lessons learnt in the ebola virus-lies in Africa introducing effective methods to monitor–aid agencies–and the type of lazy unthinking lecturers or professors ati PHARMACEUTICAL FIRMS we have in Nigeria—-We saw it happen in Libya where a nurse infested patience with the HIV/Aids virus-Our concern should be on most especially our awooooof loving doctors trained with the oil resources of the niger delta- ppl—————who instead of aiding government with their research work would rather go on strike—-or even assist them Western nations spread the virus for a fee———Not minding the awoooof oil revenue—they have been stealing from us-strikes- often embarked upon via the prompting of the janjaweeds in APC–must end———do we have a department where we can study the movement of tropical diseases–in Nigeria?——-The ebola rubbish can be likened unto what happened in the just concluded elections in osun state–In one breath APC is saying government sent in security to help rig the elections for—PDP agents——that Jonathan had designed a manual for rigging elections–Lai Mohamed–later claims he disguised himself to enable him teach electorates how to cast their votes—then his planned arrest—all these lies were told as just to confuse the nation———while—–APC rigged Omisore out———–Ghana also has the ebola virus——-but are not blaming the government or making as much noise as we Nigerians seems to be making————with doctors who did not give a hoot to our plight——whether patients died or stayed alive————-what else do u expect from such—environment—the Chinese are merchants like the yankees—out to milk africa dry——99.9 percent of the imported juice we drink can be produced right here in Nigeria—————that is why we yearn for resource control–or fiscal federalism–instead what the fulanis gave us was BOKO HARAM—VIA THE JANJAWEEDS IN APC———–

      • redeem

        2————–We saw it happen in Libya where a nurse infested patience with the HIV/Aids virus-Our concern should be on most especially our awooooof loving doctors trained with the oil resources of the niger delta- ppl—————who instead of aiding government with their research work would rather go on strike—-or even assist them Western nations spread the virus for a fee———Not minding the awoooof oil revenue—they have been stealing from us-strikes- often embarked upon via the prompting of the janjaweeds in APC–must end———do we have a department where we can study the movement of tropical diseases–in Nigeria?——-The ebola rubbish can be likened unto what happened in the just concluded elections in osun state–In one breath APC is saying government sent in security to help rig the elections for—PDP agents——that Jonathan had designed a manual for rigging elections–Lai Mohamed–later claims he disguised himself to enable him teach electorates how to cast their votes—then his planned arrest—all these lies were told as just to confuse the nation———while—–APC rigged Omisore out———–Ghana also has the ebola virus——-but are not blaming the government or making as much noise as we Nigerians seems to be making————with doctors who did not give a hoot to our plight——whether patients died or stayed alive————-what else do u expect from such—environment—the Chinese are merchants like the yankees—out to milk africa dry——99.9 percent of the imported juice we drink can be produced right here in Nigeria—————that is why we yearn for resource control–or fiscal federalism–instead what the fulanis gave us was BOKO HARAM—VIA THE JANJAWEEDS IN APC———–

        • Costco

          All a pile of rubbish, may sorry will be sufficient for you when your whole family dies of Ebola. What about the nursing mother that just went to first medical after having her baby just for a check up and is now infected with the virus? whats going to happen to the baby thats possibly infected as well?? “Sorry solves everything” what a load of horse sh***t. From all you have wrote and your reasoning you are a first class African id**T

          • redeem

            @ wahala what are u talking about here–what has the yankees and the chinese go to do with the ebola – Monkey did u see ghana blame any for the ebola virus in their country—————–

        • Onike24

          I really think that you are with the greatest respect mentally unstable. Please see a Psychiatrist, and perhaps you could start talking therapy, because you are mostly incoherent . I do not mean to be disrespectful.

          • redeem

            look @ wahala–those to be checked are yr tribes men——–in Liberia- ati—–the republic of Benin–which is not blaming Liberia–she is going about testing Nigerians all over their country while u foolishly play the blame game–how prepared would the nation have been prior to the outbreak of the ebola sickness— in Nigeria-

        • Enemona

          You have just two things in your brain; PDP and APC. That, to me, is a waste!

          • redeem

            why would it not be a waste———————-since my name is not emeke offor

    • Wähala

      Ebolami Jona Dumbo is an evil jinx on Nigeria, every imaginable bad thing has happened under his corrupt and drunken leadership. You’ve said it all, I will just add that West African countries should have and share a database with all the names of those infected and under observation on it. That way, individual countries can takes steps preventing people with the virus from entering their countries… the Liberians acted very irresponsibly. I would close their embassy in Nigeria and send those slaves back to Barbados. Animals!

      • Denis_NG

        The only problem I have with your statement is referring to a people as “slaves”. That is unwarranted as we are all Afriicans and of black race.

        • Wähala

          How can you have problems with my calling a slave a slave? Are the Aborigines of our riverine swamps like Briggs, Brown, Goodluck, Godswill, GoDoWell etc, not slave names… ex-or-current?
          Biko, comot for road make I go drink odeku for mama Bisi platz… I don’t care about your problem!

          • redeem

            happily they do not chew human meat like yr ibo tribes men———————–so what is in a name–or indulge in human sacrife like the yorubas————————————

          • Wähala

            Aborigines! They’re the only cannibals we have in Nigeria…
            The only people ever hanged for roasting and eating four chiefs are Ken Saro-Wiwa et al…
            The Yoruba are light years ahead of your near-naked kalaka kin… DRUNKARDS!

        • redeem

          @wahala–sadly the human meat chewing cannibalist mind set in the ibo man is what is troubling yr soul–that is why the river state have never been able to make any progress-because of the presence of the average Ibo man–what do they need the ibo man in their midst for——–when I am not in yr place—why should u come to my area————-the Ijaw tribe has never been conquered by any tribe–in the region–only fools like Amaechi ati Dickson would allow an ibo into their states–left for me alone I will kick every Ibo out of the niger delta—————how many Rivers people do u see in yr enclaves—show us the number of rivers people aho built houses in the south east–after the biafran–war—who the hell are u an Ibo talk when an ijaw man is talking——-what is in u that i should envy–is it the fraud–the drugs u sell——-the human ritual–u use yr parents for————–any zone that does not welcome strangers—such as the south east—is not fit to be part of the human family–Nigerians are scared of mixing with yr tribe in the southeast–because of the fear that they will be eaten up by yr cannibalistic tribes men———-animals

      • redeem

        very useless Ibo man–the first person to die of the ebola disease is an Ibo man from enugu state –whose remains were flown from liberia to Nigeria.—The Ebola virus started in the Congo———and not the west african sub –region—————–which disease have u been able to find a cure for in africa———–apart from yr usual regional lies–which sadly for us has no cure—–

        • Wähala

          Mr. Patrick Sawyer sounds more like an Aborigne’s name than Okechukwu Maduka…
          Only Aborigine ex-slaves are as sadistic in conduct as what Sawyer exhibited with the connivance of the ingrate Liberian Govt. led by Sirleaf whatever! who forgot to mention Nigeria in her gratuitous speech in Washington not too long ago. Clowns… like Dumbo!

          • redeem

            even the drug the spanish priest took from the USA/did not cure him-He is dead————all of us would have been answering Ibo names——-if we were to be Ibo slaves–How do u own slaves when Ibos do not even know where they hail from in the world————today u are jews–the next day—–Egyptians———-how did some of the yorubas arrive the south west from the slave ship that brought them—–from sierra leone——go and study the name of yorubas–like williams–and co———-that ibos give their people native names does not make them freeborns———-u must be an osu——that is why u are not sure of where u hail from in Mbaise–animal

  • Island man

    Liberia,history will judge your Country over this ruthless and careless thing Liberia has done to almighty Nigeria. To worsen it all,we have a very corrupt and heartly leaders #Jona, We are still fighting BK endlessly,now its Ebola. This is not the Nigeria our fore fathers fought and die for, God help us, amen.

    • redeem

      May God forgive yr tribe in the south east—————-over yr senseless comment–ghana is not blaming their president for the outbreak of the ebola disease–its only in Nigeria that we have the janjaweeds in APC–send their errand boys like ibo man wahala to sing the praise of APC–over a sickness that no nation has control over————–

  • Sincerely Yours

    Going by all what has been reported, I have a feeling that the actions of the Liberian officials had ulterior motives. I might be wrong, but I doubt it. How can you know all of these, and yet allowed this sick person to come into another country. It could have been worse. What if sawyer had arrived at Calabar, had sex with some girls. The resultant effects is best not imagined. The disease would have spread like wild fire. The girls will pass it on to their boyfriends, and families. Those one will pass it on to their other girlfriends and families, and so on. It would not have been easy to contain as it is being done in Lagos. Liberia owes us big time.

  • Psalm 35

    This is very sad, terribly sad. Jonathan should act at the highest diplomatic level by summoning the Liberian Ambassador giving him a dress down and then withdrawing his letter of credence and suspending all diplomatic relationship with them so that these people can understand an apology is not enough for this deliberate wickedness. The Govt must not be lethargic and must consider banning all flight from that Country and impose sanctions on all it govt officials directly responsible for the release of this ebola terrorist.

    • redeem

      did u go beyond yr secondary school—–why should jonathan summon the liberian diplomats————-do those who visit TB Joshua first write to Jonathan–those who would suffer from the rubbish u posted are the ibo traders in liberia my friend—————-

      • Psalm 35

        I find it hard to condescend to your gutter. Go educate yourself on how Governments register their displeasure at the highest level with other countries. As for TB Joshua and Ibo traders, you are talking nonsense in the truth sense and definition of the word.

      • Sincerely Yours

        Is that all you care about, your ibo brothers trading in liberia. Did you not read that the liberian authorities insisted on the hospital releasing sawyer to continue on his trip to Calabar, even when they knew he had the virus. I agree wholeheartedly with @psalm_35:disqus. They should be summoned to explain themselves.

  • Costco


    1. Summon the Liberian Ambassador to explain his country’s gross negligence

    2. Ban (not suspend) all flights from or en route from Liberia until the Aviation Agency in Liberia has proven it has the capacity to screen passengers diligently
    3. Given the fact Liberia has pubilcly admitted their negligence with video evidence, the Govt should start looking at prosecuting and punishing the Liberian Government by way of sanctions for endangering the lives of 170 MILLION people
    4. prosecute the Airline for criminal negligence in its home country for allowing an obviously violently sick person Check in and disembark upon arrival in Lagos.
    5. Seize and confiscate all the airlines assets in Nigeria including planes and sue them in their home jurisdiction.
    6. Get the list of the heads of Asky Airline heads and go after them individually, look for ways to lock them up or at the very least make them financially bankrupt.
    7. Get the list of the heads of the Airport Agencies in Liberia, especially the unit that saw that video and allowed the Sawyer to board the plane, go after them individually and press criminal charges or civil charges.

    8. SETUP AN INQUIRY AS TO WHY THIS MAN WAS NOT QUARANTINED AT THE AIRPORT GIVEN HIS PASSPORT AND HIS TERRIBLE HEALTH CONDITION and make the persons responsible for sending the patient to an unprepared hospital in the heart of this Country’s commercial captial with 21million people loose thier jobs at the very least if not locked up criminal negligence. We want to see them crying and entering a cell on NTA not local govt office commissioning!!!


    Lets hope they take some of these actions, unfortunately we have a group of unserious enjoyment enjoyment jolly jolly people at the helm of affairs who say corruption is not the main problem of our people so there you go, make your vote count Feb 2015! we need people that will fight for this country not these jok3ers.

    • Onike24

      The Liberian President has already apologised to Jonathan, that diplomatically is enough. If it was not sawyer it would have been someone else, we were not vigilant, what did the Ministry of health do? i remember the Minister sitting next to Labaran Maku when he said that we had vaccines and cure for Ebola, and the Minister said nothing to contradict the Lie.

      • Costco

        Tell that to the people loosing loved ones

        • Onike24

          Tell what? That Johnson Sirleaf apologized? Or that we were woefully unprepared? I only pointed out that in international diplomacy once the head of a soverign state apologizes it has to be enough. I did not start diplomatic convention, and make no mistake I am heart broken for the baby and mother that went for a vaccine and came home possibly infected with Ebola. I am not defending the indefensible but again it’s should be about what lessons are we going to learn from this? My take away on this has been that the Lagos state Goverment was responsive and proactive, we need to hold our executive responsible, where is the minister of health? Is he holding daily briefings? What is the level of public awareness?

          • redeem

            u are sick period—————–if a man with HIV/aids from Nigeria sneaks into India in search of a cure for his ailment-then Jonathan will go down on his knees to say sorry to india abi–u must be mad—animal

          • Onike24

            Sir, I cannot join issues with one whose mental health is without a doubt questionable

          • HAMZA

            HIV is not as infectious as Ebola. Use your head my friend and wake up from your slumber.

    • NigerBoy

      9. Nigerian Government should resign from their posts for not taking appropriate measures to check Epidermal disease entering Nigeria. Even after knowing the flight was coming from Liberia. I know cause Ebola or not, you cannot enter London feeling sick.

      10. Slap yourself for voting for the present government that allowed this, or if you did not vote. For not carrying out a revolution

  • Nigeria will be sweet again!

    • NigerBoy

      Wondering when it was sweet before


    Liberians are going round now denying the man saying he is from Freetown Sierra Leone. A Liberian Diplomat. May God have mercy on us. These people are very stubborn, they eat monkeys, porcupine, gorillas, bats, snakes, possum and pigs as bush meat. Is it a wonder they act just like the creatures they eat. Gross negligence can result in war. This kind of nonchalant behavior should not be tolerated. No matter what you say to Liberians, they will never listen, they are always right. And they hate Nigerians with a passion. Yet Nigeria is the only African nation which gave $3.5m to the 3 countries, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia when these problems started in February. Now see how they are paying the country back with evil. If this was a deliberate act, God will visit them for the iniquity up to the 4th generation. It also shows that they have not learnt anything from the 14 years of war that just ended.

    • Enemona

      Please do not generalize. Many Liberians are pissed with their countryman and feel very sorry for what happened and here you are muddling the issues. Everybody is sad but we do not need to make this any more difficult for ourselves as Africans, if anything, this is the more reason we need to bond together as black people to resolve our common problems.

    • Maxmarvin Sao Scott

      I don’t know how you came to your conclusion that Liberians behave as animals and that they hate Nigeria with a passion. Me and many other Nigerians have lived and worked in Liberia. There are vibrant communities of Nigerians in Liberia and they live there free of any problems. If anything, I thing Liberians adore Nigeria and respect and appreciate Nigerian for the role it has played in their country. This is an unfortunate situation that the Liberian leader have even apologized for. I can’t understand the hateful messages emanating from some quarters in Nigeria against Liberians because of the actions of one person.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    The fault lies with Nigerian-immigration and custom and exercise officials who were derelict with their duties and should hacve prevent Sawyer-an American citizen from gaining entry into Nigeria.Heads should roll in the Lagos immigration dept and custom dept at Murtala Muhammed international airport,Ikeja,Lagos.They have failed Nigeria on their duties.

    • Dan Fulani

      What is difference between Ebola and Ebele?

      • redeem

        it mean Ibo names

      • HAMZA

        The difference ‘ola’ and ‘ele’

      • Es3

        Since you are already degenerated!

        Probably it is the same difference between Fulani and Maitatsine, Boko Haram, etc???!

      • Okey

        Sure, what you wish others will befall you. That is karmic imperative.

  • Okey

    It is hard to say anything ill against the dead. But I must say Patrick Sawyer’s provides exception. That was a man who secretly harbored intense hatred against Nigeria and Nigerians, hallmark of citizens of nations we had made incalculable sacrifices to rescue – South Africa, Liberia, etc. Sawyer was a terribly wicked man who, from all evidence emanating from Liberia, set out to destroy Nigerians. I never imagined that somebody who bore a Christian name could embark on a suicide mission to a country and people he hated so intensely. There is no difference between Patrick Sawyer and the ISIS killers of Iraq. Sure, on judgment day, Sawyer will not be quarantined from fellow murderers (since he willfully, wickedly refused quarantine on Earth). They all will be meted with the murderers penalty.

  • Enemona

    This is a wake-up call for African leaders. We must know that the fate of the countries on the continent are tied together, if we fail, we will fail together.

    Our people and leaders have all started fire-fighting, nobody is even thinking of the whys and hows of these issues. We were told Ebola was transmitted from bats to humans and we all took it hook,line and sinker. Have African leaders made any plans to investigate this beyond what the west feeds us? Have we asked why it is Africa always (or, at least most often)?

    The world powers, since USSR, have been involved in biological and chemical arms race and a lot of ‘hot’ germs have been engineered in labs as a result. This is the reason America has poured so much funds in understanding dangerous viruses with the aim of having solutions in the event that they are used as weapons, this is the result of ZMAPP and many vaccines. The US military funds the most virus research on planet. They have also, in turn, engineered various forms of dangerous viruses that can be directed towards some specific targets. This coupled with the hot competition between US and China in the scramble for Africa’s resources calls for serious action on the part of Africa’s leaders. We must not take things at face value, we must be ready to dig deep and defend ourselves. That means funding research and educating the populace.

    It is also quite curious that AU, ECOWAS etc have not come out with a position on this deadly Ebola outbreak, their silence is so loud. Very irresponsible government; after the meeting with Obama, they went back to their usual business of looting, not even any concerted effort to combat the disease.

  • Gimbiya

    The word “””irresponsible” comes to mind.
    But this is the case we know about. What about our other borders? Are those driving into the country being screened?
    I hope this will not distract out government from the risk posed by Boko Haram who has killed more people in the Northern part of Nigeria during the first quarter of this year than Ebola has killed in the whole of West Africa in twice as many months.

  • Dr Patrick Kolawole Awosan

    If Nigeria has a capable,competent and proactive leader in Mr Ebele Jonathan,before the advent of Ebola-deadly virus spread,Nigeria should have sever diplomatic tie with Liberia,Guinea and Sierra Leone to stop the spread of Ebola to Nigeria.Even if it require cutting of relationship with other countries to prevent spread of the contaminant-deadly virus-Ebola,any patriotic Nigeria president would resort to any action to protect his citizenry.
    But unfortunately on Jonathan watch,things would have gotten to a head and serious damages have been inflicted as Ebola virus spreads in Nigeria now.Flights from Liberia and other nations where Ebola virus has been reported must be cancelled forthwith.

    • Es3

      Many times, you end up convincing me that you either post before you think or that you don’t bother to exercise that faculty at all???

      Jonathan should have severed relationship with Liberia even before Sawyer’s visit to Nigeria with ebola, over what???!


    We should take war to the doors of Liberia. They simply hate Nigeria. They added Ebola to our Boko Haram wahala. Liberia is like BH.

  • Es3

    After someone would say that it was wrong for Jonathan to refer to Mr. Sawyer’s actions (with obvious collaboration of his country of birth) that put Nigerians in harms way as madness?!!!

  • Dr Patrick Kolawole Awosan

    Es3 & Ilk: Are ethnic/religious bigots constantly roving this forum to attack posters of comments that criticized the leadership-stature-lacking, clueless,ineffective,incapable,corrupt-ridden and incompetent president Ebele Jonathan,whose term in office as Nigeria president is a complete waste of space.
    Whether you nuisance like it or not under democratic-dispensation every bonafide Nigerian has the inalienable right
    to criticize whoever is in Nigeria government.If you hate my comments you may jump into the River Niger so as for democratic culture to gain strength to develop .

  • Sonia UF

    This is the time to unite not divide.Not accuse each other,mistakes happened.The real problem here is Ebola.Unite to survive,then you can iron out things.Peace to you all and be more punctilious.

  • nuruddeen

    Sawyer and Liberian government colluded to endanger Nigeria & Nigerians


    Education and due diligence is definitely what we need during this challenge facing us and not rhetoric hatred but what Patrick Sawyer did was evil and backed by Mr. Sebastian Muah, the former Deputy Finance Minister for Budget
    Here is the reply he gave
    “A friend is dead, I DO NOT OWE YOU any explanation on your monday night quarter backing. POS was a public health practitioner if you MUST KNOW. The Uganda doctor was a MEDICAL DOCTOR if you again MUST KNOW. They are no longer. So the freaking issue is not why he lied or didn’t lie to travel. But how we address the freaking disease. IF you don’t have jack to say in that direction then frankly shut up on the subject.”

    How can someone in his right mind give such a response. Dr Ameyo Adedavoh is dead because of Patrick Sawyer, 3 other health workers are dead. One ECOWAS protocol official is dead. All just because of him in Nigeria. May their souls rest in peace for saving Nigeria with their lives. What do we know about others who helped him off the airplane and at his stop over. He knew he was sick. He knew he had direct contact yet he lied to all the Liberia officials and the ECOWAS officials in Nigeria. What was the intent of this man’s heart? He urinated on the health workers and tried to leave the hospital. WHY? WHY? WHY?


    Justina Ejelonu, the Nurse who treated Patrick Sawyer. May your soul rest in peace. May your spirit be received by the Lord your creator. You never knew death was lurking even in your spirited response on social media “I never contacted his fluids.i checked his Vitals,helped him with his food.(he was too weak)…..i basically touched where his hands touched and dats d only contact.not directly wt his fluids.@a stage,he yanked off his infusion and we had blood everywhere on his bed…..but d ward maids took care of that and changed his linens with great precaution. every patient is treated as high risk …..if it were airborne,by now wahala for dey. I still thank God.”

  • OmoLasgidi

    Food for thought! Too advanced for the petty and shallow minds of the political leadership to grasp – May God help us!

  • Tiiye

    There are people who mobilize to fight these battles having been empowered by global and local agents of central banks, their usury, politics religion and other enterprises of the occult conspirators. Good luck to them. Nevertheless, there is a mind/personality who has already prevailed; and is now alive, active and working in the midst of these quandaries of humanity. He did not prevail as an agent of the usury central banks, politics, and religion. He prevailed as the suffering servant of the Everlasting Father. Those who learn to faithfully partake in Him will indeed enjoy His ever-flowing river of light, love and life.