Burkina Faso coup supporters attack participants in civilian government talks

The pro-coup demonstrators invaded the hotel and they attacked ex-opposition members as they arrived.

Italy rescues 4,700 migrants off Libyan coast

One woman was found dead in one of the boats.

Barack Obama

U.S. stands by Oct.18 as ‘adoption day’ for Iran deal

Sanctions would not be lifted until the International Atomic Energy Agency verifies that Iran had taken certain steps.

Palestinian warns of religious war as tension mounts with Israel over Al-Aqsa mosque

“Israel is the one which pushes everyone to a dangerous war.”

Reporter killed in third attack on Pakistani journalists in 24 hours

The motive for the attack on Mr. Alam in Karachi is unclear

Queen Elizabeth to become Britain’s longest serving monarch

Anti-monarchist group, Republic, said the Queen’s long reign was a reason for reform not celebration.

France begins reconnaissance missions over Syria

France is considering airstrikes against ISIS.

Omar Al-Bashir, Sudan President

ICC asks South Africa to explain failure to arrest Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir

South Africa says it will review its membership of the ICC.

Lufthansa pilots to go on strike Tuesday

Lufthansa pilots have walked off the job 12 times since April 2014 to protest the airline’s cost cutting measures.

Azerbaijan jails investigative journalist, Khadija Ismayilova, for exposing President’s family corruption

Khadija Ismayilova conviction comes just weeks after two prominent human rights activists, Leyla Yunus and her husband Arif Yunus, were also sentenced to lengthy prison terms.

Chief suspect in Bangkok bombing case arrested

The suspect is a foreigner.

Former TV reporter suspected in shooting deaths of US journalists

The suspect remains shot himself when accosted by police.

Indonesia Muslim Council wants man called “God” to change name

The council advises the man to add “servant” to his name if he must retain int.

France awards highest honour to men who thwarted train attack

Mr. Hollande hailed the four’s “incredible act of humanity”.

Death toll in British air show could be as high as 11 – London police

The police said it was not known why the pilot, said to be an experienced former Royal Air Force pilot, lost control of the craft.

Authorities piece together profile of Paris-bound train gunman

He claimed to have found his weapons, which included a Kalashnikov… abandoned in a suitcase in a park, the lawyer said.

Italian navy rescues 3,000 migrants in Mediterranean

Operations are continuing and it is still unclear where the people will be taken, a spokesman said.

3 people killed, 4 injured in U.S. shooting

The attack happened after a basketball game

Italian President Mattarella says terrorism can trigger World War 3

Mattarella also stressed the importance of welcoming those who seek refuge in Europe.

Crashed Indonesian plane ‘totally destroyed’ — Official

38 bodies have so far been recovered.

Bangkok bomb attack targeted at tourists – Thai defence minister

3kg of TNT had been used in the bomb.

Wreckage of missing Indonesian plane found

Bad weather frustrated initial search  for the missing plane.

 Plane carrying 54 people missing

The plane was en route to Oksibil in the south of the country and had 44 adult passengers, five children and infants, and five crew.

U.S. owes Cuba millions of dollars, Fidel Castro says

The former Cuban president said his country would not stop fighting for peace and the well-being of all humanity.

Julian Assange

Britain lodges formal protest with Ecuador over asylum to WikiLeaks founder

“The WikiLeaks founder fears he will be extradited to the U.S. where he could be tried for one of the largest information leaks in U.S. history.