Blogger hacked to death, another seriously injured in Bangladesh

The blogger had covered secular issues including science, homosexuality, atheism, and free expression on his blog, Mukto-Mona

UN chief urges international community to implement de-colonisation processes

2015 marks the 55th anniversary of the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples

Indian police

Angry Indian bride marries guest after groom has seizure

Violence broke out after the 23-year-old bride, apparently angered that she did not know about her groom’s condition, said she would instead marry a guest.

Iraqi Town Near US Base Falls to ISIL

The attack on the al-Asad airbase was unsuccessful.

Muslims should not celebrate Valentine’s Day, Indonesian cleric says

: “This culture will destroy the morality of the young generation”.

Britain’s Muslim population rises 75 per cent – Report

According to the report, Muslims now make up 4.8 per cent of the population of England and Wales, with 8.1 per cent of school-age children.

Egypt court releases Al Jazeera journalists on bail

Trial of Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed, who had been detained for 411 days in Cairo jail, to resume on February 23.

UK adopts new anti-corruption plan

The plan involves preventive methods to stamp out bribery in private and public sectors.

Bulgarian spy ​vows to reveal Vatican secrets in book

Mr. Dimitrov claimed that he was working in the Vatican for Bulgaria’s secret service from 1974 to 1990.

UN Chief, Ban Ki-moon, phones Jonathan, Buhari, insists on credible elections

Timely preparations ‘imperative’ to credible, free, transparent elections in Nigeria, says UN chief, Ban Ki-moon

Islamic clerics denounce burning alive of Jordanian pilot by ISIS

“This weakens the popularity of Islamic State because we look at Islam as a religion of mercy and tolerance, even in the heat of battle, a prisoner of war is given good treatment”.

UN calls for more regional military operations against Boko Haram

UN says the insurgents now constitute a threat to local and international peace.

UN Security Council condemns continued attacks by Boko Haram

They underlined the need to bring perpetrators, organisers, financiers and sponsors of acts of terrorism to justice.

Iran offers to help fight Boko Haram

Iran says it’s willing to share its experiences on terrorist activities over the years in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and other parts of the Middle East

UN secures release of 3,000 child soldiers in South Sudan

UNICEF said it was trying to reunify the children with their families.

France arrests 5 terrorism suspects who recruit youths to fight with ISIS-Minister

The suspects are aged 26 to 44.

Journalist flees Argentina after reporting on prosecutor’s death

Pachter broke the news on January 18 that Alberto Nisman, a prosecutor investigating the 1994 terrorist attack on Jewish cultural center AMIA, had been found dead the night before he was to testify about the attack.

Map of Nigeria used to illustrate the story

Nigeria to ratify anti-Mercury convention in August

Nigeria has developed a work plan on the process of ratifying the convention.

Islamic State threatens to kill two Japanese hostages

The Islamic State militia wants 200 million dollars as ransom.

Cuba records another death of Ebola health worker

This is the second Cuban health staff helping the fight against the Ebola epidemic to die of Malaria in West Africa.

Al Jazeera Condemns Death Threat Against Bureau Chief in Yemen

“We hold the Yemen government, and Houthis who control Sanaa, responsible for the safety of our colleague Saeed.”

AirAsia search focuses on fuselage

AirAsia flight QZ8501 was en route from Surabaya to Singapore on December 28 when it crashed into the Java Sea killing all the 162 people on board.

EU condemns renewed terrorist attacks in Nigeria

Baga was recently seized by the terrorist sect Boko Haram.

Nigeria abstains from voting as UN blocks action on Palestinian statehood

Nigeria had earlier voiced support for the Palestinian cause.

AirAsia plane: 40 bodies recovered from sea

The AirAsia plane was carrying 162 people on board.